by Toltec Warrior

April 23, 2023

from ToltecWarrior Website

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It's religion fundamentally that has gone astray:

you can put the world's catastrophe down to many things, but in the final analysis, the fault lies with religion, not politics or any other organizational structure...

The reason I say this is because I believe or I have retrieved through my manipulation of perception, that the world is lost primarily due to the body of religion having been separated from the head:

the priesthood has been decapitated...

What I am talking about is the Old Religion :

the one of SPIRIT and of TRUTH...

These shamans of this old religion, have been abused.

They are all locked up within themselves or locked up in mental hospitals - medicated, lobotomized, silenced and governed...

So still we remain leaderless and without direction...

It takes a great deal of effort to break free from the programming enforced upon you from childhood.

To be free of all this construct is to almost build an entirely new person.


A reconstruction of yourself, from the broken pieces of your total SELF


A jigsaw to put back together; the ashes of the burnt phoenix...

However - it is not impossible!

There is a path directed before you:

the path to conquering the self; silencing the mind, and closing the distraction of the internal dialogue.

It is all these things. It is RECAPITULATION of past experience - and yet it can be none of them...

But, it is still, silently holding on to the faith that exists within yourself,

the faith you have in yourself, in your own energy, your own experience, your own birth and your own death!

Look up to what governs yourself in truth...!