by Gregg Prescott
January 18, 2021
from In5D Website







Governments are collapsing all around us.

Here in the United States, check points are set up while barbed wire is being placed all around Washington DC...

The freemason motto at the 33rd degree is,

"Ordo ab Chao", which means "Order out of Chaos".

That's exactly what's happening right now but,

what's happening in the galactics, to our spiritual evolution, and in higher dimensional levels...?

We are all familiar with the alchemy saying,

"As above, so below".

If ALL OF THIS is happening down here on Mother Earth,

What is happening in the galactics?


What is happening to our DNA?


What is happening in higher levels of dimension?

We can all sense and feel that we are on the precipice of something magnanimous, but,

is that feeling for what's happening here on our planet or is it possible that we're sensing something much greater on higher levels of consciousness and existence?

As the world population increases, so does our involvement in technological advancements.

What used to take weeks, months or even years now takes weeks, days or even hours...




Is it any coincidence that there is a "Great Awakening" map (which also includes 5D Earth) coinciding with the Great Awakening and our shift in consciousness?




These days have been prophesied by many.

We are on the eve of a spiritual evolution that cannot be compared with anything that is going on politically.

This Star Trek episode called "Transfigurations" is the closest I've seen to what we are about to experience:




So, don't get too caught up in the political side of things.

Stay centered and grounded.


Keep working on raising your vibration.


Do nice things for other people.


Envision the world YOU want to live in.

We are about to see unprecedented changes to all world governments.

On higher spiritual levels, we are also going to see unprecedented changes...

Be careful not to place too much energy in this 3rd dimensional experience because,

"energy flows where attention goes"...

While the potential changes here on this planet will be exciting, the ones you'll experience in this dimensional shift will completely blow away anything you've ever experience on a 3rd dimensional existence!