by Nick Polizzi
August 02, 2018
from TheSacredScience Website







The ancient Kahuna prayer below stopped me in my tracks on a recent journey into the jungles of Hawaii.

These words are particularly potent right NOW - in an era where it has become so easy to get distracted by our phones, computers and TVs.


Our senses are overloaded with constant information - from text message threads, to scary headlines on social media, to the droning voices of news pundits…

The following prayer gives us easy instructions on how to sift through all the chatter, letting in only that which illuminates our path to deeper wisdom and purpose.

I hope this gift from the ancients of Hawaii lights you up as it did for me!

Take all that I say,
And toss away
Without a thought
All that does not
Strike within You
A Recognition.

For You do not learn

Wisdom and Love.

You only encounter
Catalysts to remember it.

For it is all
Within Yourself...

Stay curious...