by Jack Hellner
June 05, 2023

from AmericanThinker Website




For decades we have been getting predictions

 that humans and our use of natural resources

are destroying the oceans and species

at a rapid rate...




Humans are destroying our oceans

at an unprecedented rate.

Eighty percent of fisheries

are overfished or outright collapsing.

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic

inhabit our oceans.

The coral reefs are dying,

jeopardizing the stability

of one million species

that rely on the reefs for habitat.

Aug 25, 2022


But the predictions aren't coming true...






Here is a story that we don't see on the nightly news or from the UN, educators, entertainers,

...or anyone pushing the radical green agenda to destroy our economy.

In 2022, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) reported the highest levels of coral cover across two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) in over 36 years.


After recent massive bleaching events impacted nearly 90% of Australia's corals, it seems that anyone could see this news as a victory.


So, why aren't scientists celebrating?


The Australian Great Barrier Reef has made a rapid recovery and it did it cyclically and naturally.


We did not stop using coal, oil, cars, or anything else we are told caused the damage. We did not stop breathing out CO2 and we didn't bury all the carbon.


Species are not only NOT being destroyed rapidly by humans and our use of natural resources.


Scientists are actually finding many more new species than the number that they have identified as going extinct, so,

why don't they tell the truth?

The answer is,

because it doesn't support their destructive agenda and the truth would not allow the government to infect the public and get them to capitulate...

A new analysis of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, a vast mineral-rich area in the Pacific Ocean, estimates there are some 5,000 sea animals completely new to science there.


The research published Thursday in the journal Current Biology is the latest sign that underwater extraction may come at a cost to a diverse array of life we are only beginning to understand.

"This study really highlights how off the charts this section of our planet and this section of our ocean is in terms of how much new life there is down there," said Douglas McCauley, an ocean science professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara who was not involved in the study.


In the last 500 years, human activity is known to have forced 869 species to extinction, not thousands per year as we are told; it is less than two per year, which would scare no one.



why have the predictions on everything about the climate been so wrong...?

Because they are made up, instead of being based on actual scientific data.


Why do scientists go along?

Follow the money...


If they disagree with the agenda, their grants will be cut off and they will get fired...

Government policies should be based on facts, not predictions or desires. People should always do their own research because almost everything they read or hear is based on an agenda, not facts.


Instead of the media seeking to inform the public, most of them seek to indoctrinate the public...