April 21, 2023

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As I announced in an earlier article (1) I intend to see for myself what Megan Rose has been doing for the last 15 months.


I took a video that was published on April 21, 2023 in which Megan Rose (2) was interviewed by Tyler Kiwana and Aaron Kuhn from the Journey to Truth youtube-channel. (3)


Let's hope that somehow we can form a bridge between her and Elena Danaan, these two beautiful ladies that once were called the 'Cosmic Girls'.


I intend to treat both of them with the utmost respect.



Brains (7)





The main bone of contention between Elena Danaan and Megan Rose is their position on a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, called Val Nek.


According to Elena he was released from duty in this sector of the Galaxy after Megan got compromised and he is no longer in contact with Megan. (8)

According to Megan she still is in contact with the real Val Nek.

Since I want to have a neutral position on this I chose to not speak about Val Nek, but Val Nec...

When I use Val Nec it means that I am not choosing sides:

it could be the real Val Nek, as Megan says, but it could also be someone else...

I want to study Megan's words with an open mind and like I said in the beginning, to use my own discernment.


So let's start off with an interesting topic!




During the interview Megan Rose was asked what her position was on brain implants. (10)

Wouldn't it be something that belonged to a dark transhumanism agenda...?

Megan answered that if humanity would indeed evolve into a multi-planetary society it would have implications:

what if you would want to communicate with your friends or family on Earth?

You can't use your cell-phone for that, because, where's the Wi-Fi...?


An implant is also very useful when you want to connect to the spaceship you are driving. (9)

Just like Elena Danaan (5) she argues that this higher-density brain implant technology can be considered as a tool and is not something 'bad' by definition. It all depends on who uses it (the excerpt is 4 minutes and talks about all kinds of related aspects):



Megan Rose

talks about the use of implants

in the Galactic Federation of Worlds (3)


Full video HERE...

In the above fragment Megan Rose also refers to,

the envoy program (6) and that certain envoys were given higher-density brain implants, not designed to function as a communication device, but as a device that could create higher-density frequencies.

The reason for this was to,

assist the brain of these envoys to more easily tune into these higher density frequencies, for it turned out to be quite a challenge for certain envoys to raise their awareness in the direction of their original other-planetary higher density.

These implants could help in reconnecting with their own higher aspect.

Megan also says that because these implants are of a higher density, they cannot be seen on something like a MRI-scan. This would have exposed quite a lot of people from the Secret Space Program if it were otherwise.

What do you think?


Would you like a high-density implant for yourself?


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(10) Tyler refers to a video Megan Rose had made on this topic. You can watch it yourself at Neuralink and Alien Implants