by Rhoda Wilson
February 07, 2023
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In an article a couple of weeks ago,

the World Economic Forum ("WEF")

detailed a recently discovered part of the brain

that monitors for infections and inflammation.


This was published in a paper on 5 January.


By 26 January, WEF seems to

have already decided

how they could use it to their advantage...

WEF' s article begins:

"Researchers have discovered a previously unknown part of brain anatomy that acts as both a protective barrier and platform from which immune cells monitor the brain for infection and inflammation."

Immediately after the sentence above, one of WEF' s videos from 2016 was embedded, see below, describing the manipulation of immune system genes found in the brain.


Lisa Boulanger, an American neuroscientist and associate professor at Princeton University, explained:

"These immune genes actually have two different roles.

One in the immune system.


One in the nervous system...

We've developed a small molecule that we believe targets only the neuronal functions of these proteins."



World Economic Forum:

Repurposing the Immune System

to Meet Therapeutic Need in the Brain,

Lisa Boulanger,
8 August 2016.


Further reading:

Same immune-system proteins may first giveth, then taketh away motor control - Brain, Behavior, and Immunity

Princeton Research

11 April 2016

WEF' s article then goes on to describe the new discovery. 


In the middle of detailing the newly discovered part of the brain, WEF embedded a video of a session from Davos 2023, hosted by Atlantic's CEO Nicholas Thompson, about brain transparency - which is WEF speak for computers reading our minds...


In the video below Nita Farahany from Duke University School of Law,

"throws light on what the world of brain transparency would look like," according to WEF.



Ready For Brain Transparency?

World Economic Forum, Davos 2023,

19 January 2023


Just like Klaus Schwab, Thompson and Farahany are decidedly creepy...

It seems WEF collects creepy people. 


Perhaps we've misunderstood why so much security is required for WEF's annual gathering in Davos - maybe it' s to keep them in, rather than keep us out...

WEF doesn't explain their reason for linking them, or how they are linked, leaving us to guess.


But, in short, WEF is directly linking three things:

  • the newly discovered "platform from which immune cells monitor the brain"

  • manipulating the immune system genes found in the brain

  • using computers to read our minds...

Below, Tessa Lena sums up her thoughts on WEF' s article:




Researchers discover a...

Previously Unknown part of the Brain

-   Says the World Economic Forum   -

by Tessa Lena

February 03, 2023

from Tessa Website




Photo by Ramón Salinero




I keep saying it - to some people' s great surprise - but scientists seem to constantly be discovering new organs of the human body, new anatomical structures, new functionalities, etc.


And yet, some of them - and their sponsors - keep simultaneously boasting that they can just program us like animated meat bags.


To that effect, please see this very real Biden Executive Order:



The White House:

Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology

and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a

Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American

12 September 2022



The latest discovery about the brain seems to be important enough for the World Economic Forum to write it up on its website.


To sum it up, scientists have discovered a previously unknown anatomical structure that,

"segregates and helps control the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in and around the brain...


The Subarachnoidal LYmphatic-like Membrane (SLYM) is vital to preventing outside immune cells from entering the brain."

Here is the original study they cite:

The central nervous system is lined by meninges, classically known as dura, arachnoid, and pia mater.


We show the existence of a fourth meningeal layer that compartmentalizes the subarachnoid space in the mouse and human brain, designated the subarachnoid lymphatic-like membrane (SLYM).


SLYM is morpho- and immunophenotypically similar to the mesothelial membrane lining of peripheral organs and body cavities, and it encases blood vessels and harbours immune cells.


Functionally, the close apposition of SLYM with the endothelial lining of the meningeal venous sinus permits direct exchange of small solutes between cerebrospinal fluid and venous blood, thus representing the mouse equivalent of the arachnoid granulations.


The functional characterization of SLYM provides fundamental insights into brain immune barriers and fluid transport.

A mesothelium divides the subarachnoid space into functional compartments

Science, 5 January 2023

The World Economic Forum article explains the discovery in great detail, and then - without missing a beat - places this new discovery straight back into their rotten narrative about computers precisely reading our minds.


I guess, never mind the fact that up until just recently, the scientists seemingly didn't even know about this new part. Doesn't matter.


Reading our minds it is...!


Igor Chudov' s article does a great job of highlighting their "brain data sharing" hubris:



Are You Ready for "Brain Transparency" and AI Reading your Mind?

Igor Chudov - February 01, 2023



Also - on a side note - the WEF article cites the theory on Alzheimer' s disease that has been recently shown to be based on scientific fraud.


Our overlords - or maybe their interns - are a little sloppy.


But they want to program us anyway...