by Louie Schwartzberg
January 26, 2017

from GratitudeRevealed Website


Louie Schwartzberg loves fungi.


He respects fungi even more.


Through his lens he has witnessed the miraculous and healing nature of mycelium first hand, and this has lead him to connect with the greatest fungi scientists, explorers, doctors, artists, healers and fungi enthusiasts of the world.


"Mother Trees" is the film trailer we showed to you last year, but seems increasingly relevant and vital to see and share today, so here it is for you.

If you know of anyone who feels disconnected, or who might need to be uplifted with some hope and beauty, please share this with them. It might just provide the very comfort they need right now.

We are beyond thrilled to be progressing with the film production for Fantastic Fungi, the feature film. This will aim to be completed this year.


We hope that you see the natural connection between nature, fungi's role in protecting it, the power greater than ourselves which provides us with this magical mycelium, and arms the earth with exactly what it needs to protect itself and us, and the sense of community and connection to all things.