by Zen Gardner
December 03, 2017

from BornOutsideTheBox Website

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The idea of illusion is often bandied about somewhat flippantly in this day and age but it's something well worth exploring in terms of our human condition of conscious, as well as not so conscious, awareness.

  • There are very many levels of so-called illusion.


  • There are the manufactured ones regarding hierarchy, manipulated economics, social and media control and the like, that affect us socially as well as energetically.

  • And then there are those embedded illusions in age old psycho/bio/genetic and spiritual programming that appear to be fundamental to our apparent physical existence, from whatever sources they're derived.

Most of all it's the self generated illusions we conjure up for whatever reasons.


Not hard to do in a world full of other self-generated illusions to justify our own, big and small.

Never mind who's to "blame" regarding any of this, we're saddled with what we have and what "is". Let's start there. Not an easy ride here in these respects but apparently we're up to it.

All of that is in direct as well as indirect contraposition to who we really are. The more complicated the illusion the more time we spend trying to figure it out, and thereby unwittingly remain in it.


One of life's many fundamental conundrums.

  • So what is it in us that seems to be so fascinated by these complex illusions?


  • Are we in fact keeping them functional and energized by our participation, as well as our own false sense of self, and is it true that they really have no life of their own?

An interesting and potentially extremely powerful concept...


If true, that would mean our personal disengagement with these mechanisms would free us at least individually, despite the fact that others may perpetrate the overall hoax by their participation.


However, what if a critical mass of human participants withdrew their energizing of this projection? Something many of us think about, having the good of all dear to our hearts.

The big question remains:

How many would dare to make this leap, especially considering it clearly requires a certain death to the cloaked false self and its convincing story and its many attachments?


Illusion, the Matrix, and the Tech Advance

Those various versions, dimensions or levels of these clearly false realities seem to intersect, but they don't really meet anywhere.


They don't have organically organized substance or natural relationships - as in directly derived from Source. They're a manipulated, mutant outgrowth.


There is a profound difference on many levels.

They all just are, whatever has manifested for us to deal with. They don't necessarily have any "reasonable" relationship, they just mess with each other - all converging in our mixed up, unclear perception - which is where they virtually exist due to our engagement with them.


The "real thing" within us that is observing all of this lives independent of all of these influences - which is where our "higher self" operates from, if you want to call it that.


Consciousness is as clean a term and concept I think we can use which is why I've stayed with it so far.

It's distinctly observational. That sacred eternal space "we" inhabit - our true being inherently connected with everything that exists, is distinctly separate from these many superficial layers of manifestation yet is aware of them all.

We are observing these things, more or less, while having our interaction with whatever wave, thought or energetic forms that seem to appear around and within us.


This is independent of whether tech is involved. But tech has really stepped up the game in recent years, on purpose of its own energetic right to manifest, making it appear more tangible and real than ever. Ironically all while it is nothing of the sort, except again via our participation.


Our inherent power is magnificently independent of these things, but this has been ignored, deliberately covered up, and forgotten.

Many of us are remembering now, as if awaking from a dream. Slowly this reality is coming into focus. It's time to trust our intuition and never mind the old markers.


The shift has happened and is continuing to unfold.


Flow with it however it is manifesting in our lives is my understanding.



Belief Systems Determine Our Reality

This experience is constantly evolving and will continue to for eternity.


There's no set goal or endgame, it just is and is ever creating and expanding, with energies attracting resonant energies and repelling opposites. It's just as we see galaxies and solar systems form and then dissipate in the macro.


Darkness has its role, as does light, similar to magnetic polarity. One can't exist without the other and they work synergistically.

Without this contrast on the 3-D level we wouldn't learn or grow. It's a dance, a test of sorts, a learning platform, and a game - all at once apparently.

Our tendency is to try and nail down issues - seeming truths and systems that seem stable in this ever-changing and evolving existence.


Rather than let go into the fact that life is basically constant change, we seek control in order to eliminate uncomfortable variables that come our way. Settled science is a good example in the mental framework, while religions are a huge manifestation on the social and philosophical level.


But really our lives are our religions, our way of life, the reflection of what it is we've come to believe or subscribe to. Religions and belief systems are like popsicle sticks we hope will hold the goo together.

It really doesn't need anything to hold anything, as there isn't anything to hold together.

That may sound scary to some but nature makes that obvious. There is form and apparent structure to it, just as we have spines and skeletons and all the amazing attachments, but ultimately everything is amazing forms of cooperative energy, with the expansive Universe hanging out there in space just fine to illustrate the point.


All life, organic, inorganic and other realms as well, is replete with amazing forms of living energy.


We can break it down to electromagnetic energy, wave forms and plasma, and even deeper concepts such as ether and prana or the Tao etc., including other dimensional aspects, but again it's running itself just fine.


There is no control except what we might call the Divine Isness, the free form generating Source, something we'll never understand nor be able to label or define.

In my view we have to accept that we'll never know or fully understand in that sense and we have to let that go. Not an easy task in this dualistic, mind-dominated dimension where mind compels us along some linear accomplishment-oriented track like a relentless conveyor belt.

That's why these god forms have such power over people's minds.


It's that hunger for holding on to something, to worship or blame, some external structure, when all we need to do is let go. We're already there - we each are It.


Pretty counter intuitive to everything this world system tells us and the multi-level reinforcement of it, but that's closer to what our reality truly is than this constant trying to understand, hold on to, control and fix paradigm.

I know, this is a lot of work to just realize we need to live in the Now. Quite humorous actually. But again, acceptance and a deep form of surrender is apparently the key.

It's similar to knowing we are not our bodies, nor our minds. This amorphous other self is beyond all of that. Just hearing yourself think tells you that, or observing yourself observing, or being aware when you're more aware.


It's in plain sight, but we don't know how to translate that knowing into our 3-D existence.


It really doesn't need to be worked on or even perceived fully, it just is already. That's why truly detached observation is so liberating. At that point there's an inherent acceptance of what is - not trying to understand, control or break free of anything.

Translated into our personal lives, until we fully and truly honestly accept ourselves and our personal as well as interactive condition as it is, we can't move on.


When we do the seeming barriers just melt away.



The Solution is Simple - Take One Step At A Time

Unplug from the Matrix at every level and it's non-existent in our lives. Simple, but not always easy...


It's our very own energy that keeps illusions pumping and morphing according to whatever latest illusion we're willing to empower through "belief".


Believe comes from the Greek word pistevo - to "drink in".


Belief is simply entertaining extraneous ideas as if true and thus empowering them. Fear works the same way, when there really is absolutely nothing to fear. A very powerful illusion.

It's quite profound if you think about it and shows from whence our problems derive.

It's all the same when it comes to illusions of any sort, no matter how "real" they may appear.


Tech is simply another manifested modulation web, designed and brought into being by its participants essentially, not just the initiating forces, whatever or whomever they may be.


Many attempts have been made for humanity's full spectrum dominance, and many efforts have failed. That's what people forget.


This one clearly has legs, at least right now in this span of illusory time, but not without a lot of promotion and of course more importantly eager participation. If if you stand back and look at it consciously, it can't fully succeed in the light of the enormity of creation, no matter its pervasiveness in some small realm of manifestation.

Look at what appears to possibly be devastation on other planets in our solar system. They could very well be similar attempts, all of which ended in self-destruction.


So be it, the Universe is doing just fine, and those who participated in all of that, like our previous civilizations, are the wiser for it, seeing we are eternal beings. The learning and growth goes on, we just don't fully see the other dimensions of existence involved.

Not all of us. Some do, to various degrees. Intuitively I think we all know there's much more than meets the eye.

The magnificent irony is that just one being getting through their crude mesh blows the whole plan. The tech manifestation is really a gift, an illustration of what the sages have said about maya, or the illusion of the 3-D world, for millennia.


It's a crude illustration and learning tool, if we can see it.


The Matrix movie alluded to this - that we each are the ONE.

The fake Matrix is like another fully illusory, self-purported law of fake, control-seeking lower dimensional "physics", but with its own exception. In fact many of them. Because it's clearly fake and so many have broken free from it. In other words, it's not a law of any sort, contrary to its assumptive assertions.


It's thereby inherently and immediately debunked. It's blown from the get-go for anyone paying attention.

A perfect illustration of illusion...



Distractions, Secondary Sources, and the Deeper Purpose of Illusions

There are so many explanations for everything.


It's up to each of us to wend our way through this energetic maze as begets our purpose and growth. That's our personal reality, like fractal mini-theaters within ever bigger illusory projection theaters, such as shallow society and all its spin-offs.


Never go by anyone else's interpretation, including anything said here.


There may be something to glean that resonates but each of our experiences is wholly our own. No one else's, no collective to lean on, yet at the same time we synergistically influence each other.

This is all the deeper purpose as I see it - like plants on a forest floor simply growing through life, despite all the microbiological "explanations" - really just descriptions in order to feel in control.


People speak authoritatively about what's going on, on many, many levels, and it's getting more complex, detailed and "out there" by the day.


We have to be careful about what we're buying into, yet at the same time there is wonderful pioneering being done that much can be learned from. A maze of influences. All of which lead us eventually to heart knowing.


The reality is, there's nothing out there that we don't already know at some level within us.

While we should go by our personal experience we often don't. We're often shopping for answers that fit some previous belief system or hunger for comfort and a sense of security. Again, illusion induced thinking.

It's tricky stuff, but that metastasizing ball of wax is the bait apparently.


Maybe it's the apple our race allegorically bit into? The fact that we're aware of all this blows that one to bits too.



Do We Really Want to Real-Eyes?

It's always way more obvious than we'd like to think or believe.


Perhaps the realization of how duped we've been is causing an egoic reaction that shuts that down. All of that is fear based.


There really is nothing to fear:

that's the impulse that needs to be clearly identified at every level, as well as anger at the seeming injustice of it all and that deep sense of abandonment we all face.

All fully recognized and accepted for what they are, and which will subsequently be let go of.


But not until we embrace it honestly. Not as good or right, but seeing it for what it is, honestly, without contest or reactivity or even a desire to let it go. Unconditionally.

Again, counter-intuitive, yet attachment free.

A carrot is a carrot. That might sound cryptic but it really isn't. True reality, as it is said, is as plain as the nose on our face.

Enjoy the ride, that's our first priority. When we're in an excited and joyous mode and following our individual passions things are much, much clearer. It's meant to be that way for much simpler and easier, as well as happier navigation.

As the saying goes, life is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be enjoyed.

Clarity follows...