by Arno Pienaar
August 15, 2015

from DreamCatcherReality Website

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Arno Pienaar
I am a freelance writer for DreamCatcherReality.

The source of much of my work is Diclem,

a pair of metaphysical alchemists.

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The collective unconscious mind and beyond

are two separate states we co-exist in.

Learning not to depend on the mind

is the mighty step to exit the Matrix.




What the collective unconscious is

The collective unconscious mind in the very same mind you are part of and think from.


It is the only mind that you, in fact, can think from and it is connected to every mind that thinks on the planet.

Whatever the signature of your vibrational rate is, it determines the source of your download of unconscious data. This is what makes us appear individually unique and divided on this plane.

We all choose to embody different aspects of the complete server, a little bit of this, a little bit of that etc. The source is one, but we all embody various levels of everything.

Within the unconscious mind (UM) there are various levels of access available, that have been conjured by the product of thought ever since the beginning of this conjured reality.

We cannot download every program and embody everything on this plane for it would simply be too much for one physical entity, and that is why there are so many of us portraying the mass diversity of the Over-mind/server/Collective Unconscious, the one mind that functions through billions.

How wonderful, how diverse we all are!

However, this wonder is a wolf in sheepskin, as the further we delve into a conjured age of reason, the more illusory constructs we ironically entrap and divide ourselves in.

We have depended on the mind for millions of years and, invalidating its use means denying everyone and everything from this reality access to us, so that we may find faith again in ourselves.

By flipping the tables, we will become conscious for the first time ever.

The keys for gaining access to a specific domain of the unconscious, means downloading the principles of the information through the Matrix, with the five senses pertaining to its storehouse.

Every Matrix profession in existence today has a storehouse of data intrinsically linked to it, due to all the thoughts that humanity has created, in order to manifest its existence.

Remember, when I say "humanity," I am merely saying it in the unconscious context, as all mind related thoughts are implanted by the mainframe into those that are opening themselves up to downloads, and so the thoughts that you are requesting, come rolling in from the frequency you have aligned yourself with.

This is much like tuning a radio to receive a specific station/frequency.

At this very moment of writing, I am receiving data from a domain of the over-mind that revolves around the over-mind itself.

I started off with the mere study of the topic in the beginning, yet now I write without a source, only depending on the input of my mind (i.e. the mind) and so it is wise to realize that even I, myself, am highly unconscious during the processing of this information that I bring back for you.

The only reason I am doing it, is for the possible shifts it may trigger for individuals that also plug into what I am extracting (i.e. the same shape-thought), as when you conscientize your maker, you start the process of negating it, that is to say, show it that you are the source of everything and NOT IT.


IT is not It...!




Can Information Technology help us to destroy ITSELF?

You can view the collective unconscious as a massive library that has the documentation of every thought ever thought. And you have access to any of these documents through your own mind, as all minds are part of this collective unconscious mind.

This massive storehouse of information is available to every single person on the planet, yet most people only touch the surface of the truth that constitutes this reality.


Somehow, someway, everyone is only accessing enough of the collective unconscious mind to remain under the line of consciousness, in unconsciousness, as dummies.

The body imprisons the soul, limiting and manipulating it into believing it is a sentient (5 senses) being. Living life with the mind and body as the rulers is the epiphany of the Matrix.

The question is,

  • Can one eventually find the keys out of the Matrix through the Matrix?


  • Can we find these keys within domains in the labyrinth of collective unconsciousness for the necessary information that triggers the shift beyond the collective unconsciousness?

Major shifts in consciousness occur spontaneously from altered states of consciousness, such as the therapeutic effects of hallucinogens (backdoor enlightenment) or working your way up to altered states such as through breathing exercises, right eating, alchemy and meditation (front door enlightenment).

The question is,

does altered states alleviate our consciousness to a domain of the UM or beyond the mind into everything, into the mainframe itself, or the over-soul, as many also call it?

The answer is yes and no...


Countless people have already exited the Matrix to come back again, to think about their unique experience, and this data is very well uploaded onto the server/overmind already, which is what I am currently accessing, in order to explain all of this as picturesquely as possible.

The important fact to grasp is to have your own experience instead of a fake one that is copied from the minds of others that did go all the way beyond and back.


You will never fully grasp any concept until you have experienced the terrain instead of just the map. Especially an experience that is essentially beyond mind and words.




Manipulating the Body to Eject the Soul

Somehow, the body can actually open up a portal into another reality, or spiritual world, where everything is perceived from a holistic viewpoint and where all dots connect - where you are everywhere and everything.

This is possible because the body is programmed to release the soul from the prison of the 5 senses when under certain conditions, such as just before death.

This is what many call an out of body experience (OBE). Nothing is ever the same again when one returns after an OBE, just ask anyone that has experienced one.


It just takes one escape from the body-prison to change your perspective forever.

DMT - The Spirit Molecule, is well known to be released in massive amounts upon death, which coincides with the soul leaving the body, where the spiritual world is entered and a perspective beyond the Matrix, where mostly painful truths (to a sentient, 5 senses, being) attached to the Matrix await, regarding the great lie of the 3D.

This arena is not part of the collective unconscious mind. This arena is above it; it is here where all universal truth hails from.


All words of true wisdom that were ever spoken to try and explain this particular space of omnipresence, originate from the attempt to explain the unexplainable.

We have this data in the collective unconscious where it serves a purpose to initiate individuals to delve further and download more of the information that has been aligned with, to further stretch consciousness towards the ultimate state beyond matter/laws/time.

Altered states of consciousness are the prerequisite for exiting the Matrix so that it may be re-entered, although never again trapped, always knowing the space where the great source lies beyond.

The more one can enter this space through whatever methods one chooses to use, the greater your reality has a chance of manifesting consciously, as it is only here where you are outside of the confounds of the Matrix and information-technology fed to you from the server.

Dark room therapy has been touted as a fantastic method to induce OBE's and it has been proven that DMT production is heavily stimulated through long-term absence of light and sensory stimulation.

Hallucinogens as well, such as magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, DMT, and LSD are well known for the changes they incur on consciousness.

If you are too lazy or you don't have the necessary time to work yourself into altered states, then hallucinogens might be an option for you too.

Just beware, these shortcuts can cause great destabilization for those who are not ready to witness the truth. Initially, they may suffer tremendously. That is why most spiritual advisers insist to try the conventional methods at first, before seeking drastic alternatives.

I am not advocating the use of any of these drugs, I am merely saying they each hold a portal into another dimension of perception.

Whether you want to test other realities or you choose to continue existing in the Matrix, it is only up to you...