by Michelle Walling
November 21, 20160
from Dreamcatcher Website

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The Earth human existence has been studied by many Extraterrestrial races because of its unique ability for souls to co-create while existing within a physical body.

Those who found this capability a little too fascinating hi-jacked this earthly experience and embedded a different software program than was originally intended.

As we begin to figure out how to delete that program, we need to be reminded that there are many other programs to choose from and now is the time to begin to think about the existence you want to create.

In order to continue to control this human experience, the races of extraterrestrials who were running the planet for a very long time used predictive modeling.

They studied human behavior for thousands of years but most recently updated the program inserted in this Matrix we exist in tied to the last 100 years.

This enabled them to control the human experience by trapping human souls within a program that made them forget who they were and why they were incarnated into a human body.

As we begin to move into another area of the Milky Way Galaxy that has allowed for more photonic light to help our soul awaken to who we are, we have learned that we can create a new reality other than the one that we have been trapped in.

It is like throwing a wrench in the engine to stop the hard drive that is patterning this reality. When humans start to react differently to the programming, the computer gets a virus in it and does not work properly.

There was probably a way for the beings monitoring humans to keep up with the changes in human evolution and re-program the Matrix to compensate, however with the rapid acceleration of awakened people it is has become too much for them to keep up.


Realities, possibilities, and time-lines

are shifting so fast

that even the super computer

that monitors this

is not able to keep up with it.

This is truly how humanity is shaping the future, based on the actions of the now through awakened individuals with vast ideas of how they would like to change this reality.

This is evidenced in the confusion and chaos on the planet at this time, as realities are being shattered and humans are left in shock and emotional turmoil.

In order to contribute to the future of humanity that you would like to experience, it is imperative to be aware of your thoughts, actions, and words. When you change yourself, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibrational Resonance will eventually move you to a new reality.

This is the way physical incarnation was supposed to operate before it was overlayed, and in order to discard that overlay we have to think and act unpredictably in order to dissolve that overlay.

We also need to be emotionally balanced when things happen to those who we have agreed to experience this current reality with, and to support those who we wish to continue to exist with and move away from those that we no longer align with.

This includes using discernment from being swayed to what others may try to tell you about the future. Do not stop fighting for your freedom now based on those who say we have already won the war.

That in itself is confusing because yes, we won the war in the future and humans have come back from the future to tell us this.

However, we are still fighting the battle in the now and we also have the opportunity to have the best possible outcome with the most people affected by what we do in the now.

Many races of extraterrestrials would like for you to be in their new reality program. They may have a "claim" to the human body because our DNA is influenced by several races of other beings.

It is up to you as to whether you choose one of their programs that fits you or whether you decide to create your own collectively with like minded individuals.

Either decision is acceptable based on your soul family’s agreements as well as your individual purpose on the planet at this time.

If you are like me, you can choose to travel the different programs and be a part of as many possibilities as possible, retaining the freedom to move to whichever program suits your needs at the time.

Those who have had contact with their future selves have had various outcomes shown to them.

Here are some of the futures that have been shared with me - The New Earth:


  • Existing in a collective consciousness where everything runs perfectly - all are blissfully happy and connected with one another but things are a little too perfect.

    We all exist as one in some kind of symbiotic off world experience and we all agree on everything.

    This is a true Utopia where all the lion sleeps with the lamb. There may be slow spiritual advancement in a future like this one, but it may be a place to visit in order for some much needed rest and relaxation.


  • Existing in a cyborg like civilization where our body parts can be manufactured in order to make us really good worker bees.

    We live in futuristic, secured high rise cities where there is no need for a car- there are speed trains and chutes and ladders to get us to where we need to go, including work.

    Everything in our lives is computerized and technologically advanced, including replicators for what little food we still eat. The faces of people seem emotionless but content as there is no strife to exist and everyone’s needs are met.

    Humans can live for a much longer time due to the cyborg and replication technology advancements. Crime is almost non existent.


  • Existing in a collective consciousness where the individuals make up the whole but each individual retains their own thoughts and has the ability to go start a thought pattern of experience that others can be a part of if they wish.

    They can go have an experience and come back to join the collective consciousness to download the experience with the rest. All communication is telepathic and everyone understands everyone else at the same time.

    This existence might be on a ship or out in space somewhere as everything seems to be fluid, imaginative, and non planet based.


  • Existing on Earth in a "city of light" that may actually be floating, where you have to resonate with the frequency of that particular city in order to enter the gates.

    People "work" on councils or in the gardens, or wherever they choose to contribute to society. There are malls and stores with comfort items including new trends of clothing- updated robes of various colors and fabrics.

    There are lectures and arts like concerts and plays. In one particular city the humans are heart based therefore they have individualism and seem to be similar to what we are like now but without extreme fear-based emotions.


In another particular city some people are still working through fear and as they progress they have the ability to visit other cities as their vibration increases.

All travel between cities is done by anti gravity crafts or similar technology. Travel within cities is done by floating disc people movers and moving walkways and elevators.

Those in the higher vibrational cities have learned to manifest and heal and have shared this skill so that no one has to be sick or hungry. This is a separated society in that everyone who is of a similar vibration can choose to live together.


Tours to visit the planet are available daily so that people can enjoy Mother Nature without leaving a footprint.

Some people who have learned a high level of stewardship with the planet have "vacation" homes outside of the city where they can rest in solitude before returning to their jobs in the city as galactic ambassadors to other human civilizations in the Universe.

Tours to other planets in the Universe are also available for those of a similar vibration of the people on those planets via quantum spaceship travel.


As you read through these many different possibilities, there may be one that resonates with you more than others. There will be people who love technology so much that they may want to be engulfed in it and will venture off toward the cyborg time-line.

There are people who may want to rest in "heaven" and choose the collective utopia. There will also be those that wish to live with others of a similar vibration in a city of light that is welcomed in the Federations of the Universe.

There are many other possibilities, of course, because there are many co-creators on the planet at this time.

For example, many people wish for a "New Earth" where the Earth is cleansed and pristine once again, and full of brilliant color. The best of the best time-line jumpers and creators are here for this great awakening to their abilities.

There are many levels of awakening and there will be many levels of outcome as the planet begins to vibrate at a frequency that will take us out of this current reality through the freedom of imaginative creation.

A friend of mine said that she has seen almost infinite versions of Earth, even versions where those who do not advance go down once again with a planet cleansing.

The key is realizing that when we shatter the program that has kept us in a box, we will be able to move our consciousness to any one of these infinite creations. Some will even be able to shift back and forth or exist in many versions at once.

One thing is for sure:

this reality will change...

Have you thought about what your ideal physical experience would be like?

Now is the time to think these thoughts and to hold on to them in your heart where you can become a part of the collective consciousness human experience that is just perfect for your soul’s experience.

The possibilities are endless in this Matrix 'reality' because the creator of this reality is of an infinite existence. The one thing that many humans have not realized is that collectively, we are the programmers of this Matrix...

We have had manifestation of the negative polarity of human thought and we got stuck for a relatively long while in a part of its denseness and slowness. We are now recognizing that clearing our own thoughts to a positive polarity will change the reality that we want to experience.

The human incarnation is a way to experience existence through a body that has software embedded within the eyes and five senses. The software program is being re-written by each and every one of us.

Sharing your ideas with others will allow for co-creation with your ideal society.


The sixth sense is the creative spark that each one of us carries. The level of accessibility and collective experience of the soul will determine the power of this creative ability which is sought after across the Universe.

In future Earth, humans will be able to co-exist with many other races of humans from other planets.

"Safe Cities of Light" will be open for other advanced races of humans to come to our planet to give lectures and share their arts with us.

Earth humans will be able to travel to other planets to study and bring back philosophies and innovations beyond our imagination, as well as share the stories of what it was like to rise from the ashes of a prison planet through joining together with like minded people with love and determination to be free willed sovereign souls once again.

What does your future look like?