by Morag
October 15, 2017
from Awakening5dHealing Website

Spanish version





We are cosmic surfers riding waves of love vibrations in dark seas of destruction.


We are transforming from the inside out. We are being released from chains of oppression, chains of fear and carnage. A global purge of negative energy is well underway.


The secrets and lies our world is knitted in are unraveling, truth will out. As our world goes through a cosmic spin wash the stains, the dirt, the grime is loosened, cleared, cleansed and released. We witness this.


We can play our part as active citizens for equality and peace. We can raise our own vibration through peaceful lifestyle choices, exorcising stress and fear from our lives. We can anchor our light to Gaia by embracing and integrating high frequency triggers of our mind body soul system.


We can protect ourselves with mantras, language harnessed as a tool for energetic light healing and protection.

Despite myths, legends, visionaries and the current geopolitical climate predicting apocalyptic times, we can change everything. It's all to play for. Gaia transforms into something greater than she was, and we can to.


Timelines are up for grabs. There is no set tomorrow, no set in stone paths that must be trodden.


We are learning to manifest. As our DNA is activated and we come online with higher planes of dimensional existence we learn our true power is as co creators of our own world.

This cosmic waiting room is full of glitches, as the Matrix decommissions around us. Our 3d reality twists and turns with devious intent to prevent or distort disclosure. Our mind body soul systems transform.


We can centre ourselves. We can find inner peace, stillness and beauty in gratitude and with grace. We can heal ourselves and those around us with focused intention, mantras, energy work and meditation. We can manifest the world we want.


Through unified consciousness this is possible.


We are deep in this war for our hearts minds and bodies. We are deep in this cosmic transmutation of dark to light. We are transforming on a cellular level. We are bound to notice a few changes!

Upgrades require energy and time to process. For most of us the option of resting, of taking ourselves off line while we upgrade is not an option.


So how do we navigate this transformation and still function with our heads above water?


The Matrix creates a lot of drama and stress. These are two key algorithms of control. To cause us constant anxiety and to keep us in a vibratory field of fear. Kept low on the universal frequency spectrum we are prevented from accessing spaces of inner stillness and peace.


Static energy can damage our systems causing blockages and clogging. Further lowering our vibration. Add to this the bubbles of truth leaking to the surface, the greed, competition and depravity of those at the top of the pyramid and how they have rolled this out, groomed us from birth.


Harsh truths can knock anyone's belief in a better world.

The dirt has to come out in the wash. We need a clean slate. We need rational politics, compassionate corporations and non existent military to recreate a calmer society.


This is a momentous task, utterly overwhelming if we see 7 billion people, borders, boundaries, divisions and war. So we go inwards again.


We reset our balance, center our system, realign and as we do this we remember change comes from within. One step and one person at a time.


We are learning like children that we can own our own mind, our body, our lives and our world. One small step at a time.


We breathe out fear and we inhale love. We protect ourselves with mantras, prayer and meditation. We seek guidance from our higher self through stillness and self care.


This is a great, big, scary time to be alive.


We are here at the birth of a new reality, a new civilization and a new world. We can be instrumental in this birth as co creators of a new earth, manifesting one peaceful, centered, love filled soul at a time.


Be calm, be safe, be love beautiful people...