by Iam Saums
July 15, 2016
from IAmSaums Website

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"Until we choose

our own experience of life,

we will never truly live."


Common Thread

There are over six billion unique interpretations of life in the three-dimensional construct we experience as reality.


Although human beings have the popular inclination to gravitate toward a common one to which we are bound, our true vision and nature is remarkably multiplicity.


We inevitably subject ourselves to inner and peripheral conditioning to toe the line of reality. We become social echoes for an engineered existence that is distorted, elusive, obscure and unconscious.


Our desire for social amusement, comfort, identity, purpose and security significantly outweighs our quest to fulfill our being, creativity, destiny, love and truth.



Foundation of Illusion

We are programmed to believe that our intelligence is the sole benefactor of our survival.


Our insatiable fascination with ourselves and our place in the world distracts us from all that is sacred. Eventually, we exchange our passion to live with an addiction to buy.


Our genuine experiences that empower and enrich us are superseded by virtual events recorded on a sales receipt. The measure of our fulfillment is in the quantity of our entertainment instead of the quality of our experience.


Society turns on a worthless dime, promising a wealth of abundance, happiness and meaning, though rarely ever delivers.



Wired for Reason

We are multi-dimensional beings with eternal possibilities and infinite potential.


Our indoctrination into the complex principles and structures of the standard reality conditions, hypnotizes and manipulates us into the human imprisonment of instinct, reaction and survival.


We are akin to a clipper ship with unfastened sails, bouncing upon the social seas of happenstance. Our body and brain is our hardware and our software is a two-dimensional program of instinct and intellect.


We are dependent upon and obliviously tethered to knowledge and logic, conditioned to be simulations in a paradigm of thought, threat and fear.



Playing the Angles

All of us are brainwashed and spellbound by the multi-faceted filters of our own perceptions.


We are frequently presented with opportunities to choose how we behold our experience of life. Most of us view the world through an elaborate tapestry of our analysis, fears, judgments, and wants.


Rarely do we observe the world as it truly is.


We see it the way we would like it to be. We live from these personal fantasies and push the agendas of our positions in the pursuit of making the common reality ever more comfortable, compliant or convenient to our own desires.


We engage with an illusion of what is instead of its authenticity.




The World We Enable

Our personal power is in our,

  • creativity

  • compassion

  • consciousness

  • love

  • transformation

Yet, we express it most often with our,

  • drama

  • judgment

  • opinion

  • outrage

It isn't that we are purely oblivious to our truth and purpose.


We are products of the societal ethics to which we eagerly acquiesce. It seems easier to abandon our own unique experience, existence and perception as an inauthentic and noble sacrifice instead of claiming and living the life only we were meant.


We are so powerful as human beings.


Yet, we commit to killing our lives everyday with our denial, disinterest, doubt and obedience to the enslavement of reality.

"Lay down your right.

Lay down your wrong.

Lay down the lie.

To which you belong."



The Human God

The human invention of God we accept and are expected to believe is primarily one of judgment, vengeance and wrath.


It is the fear beyond the myth that captivates our allegiance. The intoxication of this false power seduces us into emulation and imitation. Though we often fail to see the most glaring truth of this "divine" influence.


The raw power of our unattended ego imposes an experience and perception of cynicism, resignation and ridicule for anything that is not of our own clever design.


We adopt a defense of disapproval, drama, opinion and rumor rather than be present to the possibilities of acceptance, compassion and understanding.



Vital Signs

The medical field identifies the vitality of our existence by taking our pulse, analyzing our response to stimuli, observing our breath in different areas of our body and listening to our heart.


When we meet these basic criteria, we are given a label of heath and an acknowledgment of life.


Yet, the true measurement of living is found in our potential, expression and willingness to make a difference. The true meaning of life is to serve others as much or more than ourselves for the sake of service.


When we choose to exercise this opportunity, we instantly transform our experience into one of community, purpose and possibility.



In Purpose

Most of us live our lives in the absence of purpose.


We have a tendency to throw havoc to the wind and see what returns to us. More often than not very little does, at least to our desire. Unfortunately, purpose isn't primarily exercised let alone existent in our society.


The very nature of reality does not support or sustain the extraordinary. Our personal focus depends solely upon the what, how and why of our experience. These are the crucial elements of our potential to empower our lives.


When we bring purpose to every facet of our experience, we express creativity, consciousness, enlightenment and transformation.



The Truth of False Power

Each one of us has our own unique experience of life defined by our choices, the focus of our energy, the perception(s) we embrace and the destiny we fulfill.


There is no one else in this world that could or should degrade, discredit, judge or question the authenticity, intent, meaning, and worth of our experiences. All who do simply endeavor to conceal or protect their own fears, inadequacies, insecurities and weaknesses.


We have been raised in a social environment of defense that is of great peril to the coincidental targets of our expression.


The force of the false power we project upon others ultimately diminishes the truth of our own.



Being Our Experience

There is nothing more significant in our life than who we are being.


In a reality where being-ness has been swept under the proverbial rug of contemporary society, it is truly the only saving grace for the present and future of all.


Who we are being creates, expresses and sustains the quality of our commitment. Our vision, empowerment, purpose and stand inspires how we truly live our lives.


Of us it requires our creativity, confidence, courage and trust to manifest our greatest experience.


Only through us will the power of our experience transcend the boundaries of reality and society and transform the world...


"The greatest experiences

we will ever have

are the ones

we choose to create."