by Zen Gardner
May 05, 2017

from BornOutsideTheBox Website

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Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint.

His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits.

His book "You Are The Awakening"

has met rave reviews.






It's just getting interesting here on planet earth.


Now's when Truth breaks through, Gaia shrugs and the Universe humbles our puny paradigms to bring the point home.

What groundless, truthless and ruthless insanity we're witnessing. Think of the fear based mindset behind almost every action and reaction, the craving for safety and security and self preservation. Besides survival being an imposed false goalpost in the human psyche, people don't see the power of death as their friend and companion.

Humanity is so caught up in linear duality it's remarkable. Their hearts know better but they won't stop to listen.

This Yahweh and Co.'s creepy hierarchical control plan has almost fizzled out now, yet humanity sustains it. Hence the death throes and psychopathic vibes by which people are whipped around.


If they haven't done the true self work they'll be thrown under the bus. You can't do anything about that except individually. People can't hear any longer. They're set in their socially engineered and self-preservation powered ways.

Yet it all enigmatically works for good.


Or should I say can...



"Man did not weave the web of life;

he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web,

he does to himself."

Chief Seattle



Awareness Starts at Home

Everything is energy and vibration. Everything recycles, nothing is ever lost.


The play out of this evil contagion is part of the whole, yet our conscious response is intrinsically part of the vibrational fabric.

  • Paradoxical?


  • Or cause and effect?


  • Or both?

For some "reason" perhaps we're simply here to experience, witness, participate actively or passively, and learn from it.


We can and are able to do what we can do, or not do what we don't. The majesty of choice is always there and our indomitable infinite spirits are just fine and always will be.


  • Did or do we respond to the call to consciously participate?


  • Did we respond to the foundational inner knowledge of natural law and help mitigate needless suffering, or just get by while describing the scenery, saying something needs to be done?

What's remarkable is how simply living consciously is; truly disengaging from the system and contributing our energy to the creative change process.


From there real activism is born...

It's ultimately a happy yet conflicted class time to the awake, and do enjoy your truth learning to whatever degree in whatever manner. This is, if you've started to pay attention.


I hope people are learning the fundamental that there's absolutely nothing better than being in and working with truth in the form of space and nature.


Keeping spaces in our lives is vital, and learning to speak to and listen to nature and its rhythms. They're our best teachers. We have so much clutter blocking our true higher selves and have a multitude of things that attempt to keep us from truly seeing.

That's the challenge. And the ongoing reward...


"Our destiny is never something that occurs without our participation.


We, and only we, are the creators and the keepers of our own destiny. The future is always being made up of the present moment.


This means that our future is always changing and that our destiny can drastically change course at any moment in time - that is, if we choose to take charge of it."

Danielle Benvenuto


Cycles to Learn From, or Crippling Perception Perimeters?

I'm getting tired of hearing about cycles, big and little, whatever trends they may or may not indicate, considering we know nothing about real history and that this whole game we're witnessing is completely manipulated.

How potentially disempowering...! Like astrology can be to some people.


They're supposed to be tools, not crutches. What is free will for then, if we live in this fatalist, determinist mindset? There can't be both the inclination towards cycles and freewill at the same time, and one not affecting the other. That might sound way out there but think about it.


Which one is in charge? It's a question that plagues every human heart at one level or another.

When the question becomes,

"Do we even make a difference?",

...then we know the crippling has taken effect.


We've lost our sovereign state, never mind potential warrior status.

So if any one of us doesn't snap out of this machine-like cycle to nowhere, we all suffer. How's that for personal responsibility? Each of us are either promoting violence and violating others' rights, or mitigating those affronts on humanity.

Because that's what it all comes down to.

More information and partial wake ups are bullshit at this stage if we're not willing to go all the way and let go of anything and everything to help break the spell, and all those who aren't are part of the problem...


Sound absolute? It is. And anyone who complains about those "conditions" is deliberately sound asleep or not human.

That's why this information avalanche is in place and all this ego and pride-bolstering so called knowledge increase. It feeds the self serving beast - the false self that individually and collectively helped and is helping to create this mess.

And the problem rolls on.

  • Fatalism?


  • Or is it time for true humans to truly awaken into living, day to day awareness and responsibility?




Let Go - What You're Holding On to Isn't Real

Get free. Let the paradigms and cherished beliefs crumble.


It's time to get radical if you truly care. That's where we'll find our way. It's already here and always has been. True awakening is a destructive process, and a continual one. Then we'll find our footing in real, raw truth where taking responsibility becomes a natural course of action.

Is that something to fear?

That depends on what you're holding on to, and how, if you can even discern that at this point. The ego and the accumulated mind parasites on humanity will fight that tooth and tong.

More importantly,

what and who is doing the holding on?

That's the root of the problem for each of us. And our collective condition. It's all fear based. All of it. We're so quick to judge others and "the masses" for operating in fear. It's time to take a deeper look.

Let go and do everyone a favor. You might just be "the one" to break the cycle.

Think Neo. The call awaits the willing...


Humanity's condition depends on it...


"A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war,

wide-awake, with fear, with respect,

and with absolute assurance.

Going to knowledge or going to war

in any other manner is a mistake,

and whoever makes it

will live to regret his steps."

Don Juan Matus