by Rachel Horton White

04 June, 2017
from WakeUpWorld Website






  • Have you ever noticed that our own lives are reflected in nature?


  • That we are actually so connected to our Earth that all that exists within it can be viewed as the macrocosm of our personal development as souls?

While connecting with the Earth the other day, literally putting my hands in the soil, I had a flash of insight about what I'd been experiencing internally…

During the process of pulling up small roots to make room for a vegetable garden in our backyard, I noticed that these entrails would often lead to bigger, more intricate and twisted roots deep in the dirt.


They would wind around each other sometimes in tangled webs, with each sinew leading to another in some deeper, unknown part of the soil. I would break one off, knowing that a piece of another was still stuck in the soil - something I would have to deal with later.


But at least I had gotten a good section of it out and taken care of the task at hand.

In this excavation, I was reminded of the work I've been doing to release some stuck energy. I'd been learning about cord-cutting, the energetic separation of ties that bind us to other people and objects in our lives.


These are connections established when people interact emotionally.


When based in love, the cord is vibrant, healthy one. When based in conflict or fear (or co-dependency), the cord is darker and heavier, like an unwanted root that needs to be pulled out or cut.

As with an invasive weed, if we just cut off the base with shears, we take care of it for the time being. But there will still be more work to do - more self-defeating beliefs will still pop up later.


Instead, we can take some time, digging in deep to find the source of that root, clearing the dirt around it and creating some space to find the extent of it. And then, when all that is done, we gently pull the root up until it comes out once and for all.

But, we must spend some time examining what we no longer want to carry with us to begin the process of intentionally separating from what is dragging us down.

In my own life, I have been cutting a lot of my own rooted, unhealthy cords. Not just cords to other people, but cords to my own past. To beliefs that I have been carrying with me for a long time. What I like to call false stories.


I have come to understand that some of these stories were connected to other lifetimes - lifetimes of being an intuitive, a "witch" even. In a past life regression visualization, I saw myself being persecuted. I was weird, scary, or maybe just too mysterious.


So that translates to my fear of being out in the open with my true self, a fear of "being seen," in my current reality.

I have been told for many years that I can and should become a psychic, or even a medium. But I was scared of that too, frightened of what it would entail. I have experienced some darkness from the world of Spirit, when I was in a negative emotional space as a teenager, and I was afraid of what might come in - like opening Pandora's box.


And while I have learned to operate only in Divine light, which protects me at all times, those fears still emerge at times.

Having worked on my root excavation over and over, I have come to believe that I can truly help people with my intuitive gifts. So I am opening to this potential in myself. It started first in my dreams, when I would visit with deceased acquaintances or loved ones who ask me to communicate a message to a living friend.


I knew that my spirit was connecting with theirs, so I would do their bidding and help provide some comfort by conveying this information to their relative/friend.

But actually connect with spirits in my waking life? No way. That was for psychic mediums with crystal balls...


I didn't have that ability, and besides, I might be laughed at or might start having spirits following me around all of the time (sounds kind of creepy, right?).

Thankfully, I've had a revelation in recent days.


That I need to overcome these fears so I can come into who I really am and who I have been in many lifetimes. And that is that, like the owl (my spirit animal) with its eyes seeing clearly in the dark of night, I have a way of seeing into people's souls, through illusions and into truth.


I can help them look into the uncomfortable and hidden areas that they need to see, places that their Ego selves may prevent them from accessing in everyday life. They can begin to understand what incredible potential and power lies deep within them.


They can access their true beings so their inner light can shine and help heal a world that badly needs it.






So how does this all connect with Nature?


Nature is my teacher.


Nature is helping me heal myself so I can bring the lessons I've learned, and the teachings from the Spirit world and from the Earth, to those that need to hear.

  • When I dig in the dirt, I forget about my worries. I am making the soil ready for my baby seedlings to thrive.


  • When I dig in the dirt, I feel more connected with the Earth. I notice that the truth about being human is similar to the all that exists in Nature.


  • When I dig in the dirt, I learn about myself and what I want to uncover.

If we look closer at the natural state of our world, we can see how the laws of Nature also apply to the inner workings of our lives, to our personal growth.


Abundance, for instance, is a universal property that should also come naturally to us humans, for water flows freely and leaves grow abundantly.


Money is a form of energy, but is only one form of abundance. If we can let our attachment to a piece of paper go, we can understand that abundance comes in many forms:

  • friends

  • good health

  • food

  • ...yes, even money too

But change doesn't happen overnight, in spite of our modern society's addiction to the quick-fix solution ("Isn't there something I can take for that?").


Plants don't grow overnight either - a seed is planted, and it needs sun, water, and soil to grow.


When making transformations in our lives, we need to practice patience and make sure the right ingredients are there for our own growth (like gratitude, trust, learning lessons and taking risks).


If something didn't work, we don't just give up and never try to grow anything again - no, maybe we need more sun this time, or better soil. Or more support from friends, or more mind-nourishment (meditation).

As part of our paradigm shift into an age of unity, no longer in an age of separation, we are learning to re-establish our connection with the Earth, with Nature.


We can learn from the natural rhythms of Nature. And not just for our own nourishment and safety. We can learn from the Earth, from the wisdom and qualities of animals here to teach us about ourselves as humans.


We can learn from the natural laws and properties of Nature and similarly apply those to our own soul evolution.


Personal growth over time is like a leaf carried by the current of the flowing river. Sometimes the leaf gets stuck in an eddy, but the hand of the Divine usually helps it out as long as it doesn't fight the current.


Like digging up the entirety of roots deeply entrenched in soil, we can work through our stuck beliefs to allow the vegetables and flowers of our lives to fully blossom and grow.

It is when we intentionally re-connect with the Earth, when we trust in the Earth and in the lessons it has to teach us, that our own healing unfolds.


And then our expansion into our full, limitless potential can truly begin...