by Christina Sarich
July 29, 2016

from WakigTimes Website

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Human beings were first indisputably known to use tools in Africa more than 2.5 million years ago, a sign of elevated consciousness.


Tool using is heralded as a crucial step in the development of our species. Now, in this time of huge energy influxes into the Universe, we see even animals developing a more refined consciousness.


Julian Huxley, a luminary of biology, believed the evolutionary arrival of humans was so profound an event in Earth's history that he designated the geological period when it occurred the "Psychozoic Era".


We see ourselves as unique in the natural world, sometimes forgetting there are other sentient creatures who are on a path to greater consciousness as well.


Footage of animals learning to use tools provides evidence of this evolutionary shift happening to all of us on earth, not just the human race. We are all awakening together.


Writers of stories and poems have often compared the crow to a person; they are renowned for their craftiness and intelligence already. It should come as no surprise, then that this black bird is the first to show signs of an advancing consciousness.


Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have caught New Calendonian crows carrying two items at once using a stick - a feat normally only seen in the human race.


First one crow slipped a wooden stick into a metal nut and flew away, and just a few days later another crow conducted a similar behavior, carrying a large wooden ball with a stick.






Ivo Jacobs, the lead researchers in the study (A Novel Tool-Use Mode in Animals - New Caledonian Crows Insert Tools to Transport Objects) said,

"This is typically seen as a hallmark of complex cognitive abilities."

These cognitive-raising acts are not relegated to the birds though.


An Orangutan named 'Rocky' has just learned how to imitate human speech and use it in a conversational context. Comparing the sounds that the ginger ape made to thousands of recorded sounds from captive and wild orangutans, scientists learned that eight-year-old Rocky was making the first attempt at human speech (Vocal Fold Control Beyond the Species-specific Repertoire in an Orang-utan).


The lead researcher, Adriano Lameria, from the University of Durha commented that,

"This opens up the potential for us to learn more about the vocal capacities of early hominids that lived before the split between the orangutan and human lineages to see how the vocal system evolved towards full-blown speech in humans."

More importantly, this shows a radical shift in the abilities of sentient creatures.






This research supports the notion that every sentient creature on the planet (and likely the Universe) is eventually getting an upgrade. 


As we move through these challenging times, we can lose sight of the fact that an ever-increasing level of energetic momentum is supporting our own movement out of lower-level consciousness.


While those on the political stage continue to war, collaboration is a new norm. We are becoming more compassionate.


As we outgrow old relationships, new ones emerge to support us at a higher level of consciousness. Imagine poor Rocky trying to converse with the other apes after learning multiple human languages.


We, too will learn new ways to communicate with others.


Even our modes of transportation are dying, but we can celebrate the uncoupling of the US dollar to the petro-banking, usury-based system, and embrace new technologies that will give us clean fuels and what before would have seemed to be outrageous ways to move both here on earth and in the skies above.


Soon, we'll be talking to the animals, and sharing tool-building skills with the birds.


All of us are in it together, growing toward a more expanded understanding of what it means to be alive.