In doing the research for this book, my superiors in the military became aware of my interest and activities involving UFOs. As a result, some members of my chain of command attempted to force my retirement from military service. As one official report on my situation put it, my superiors tried to get rid of me "through the use of pressure, intimidation, or insinuation."

My command also ordered me to undergo a mental health evaluation at Fort Bliss, Texas, because I was writing Freedom of Information Act requests concerning UFOs and talking to the media.


My diagnosis was based upon interviews and testing, and reflected that I was,

"fully alert and oriented. Thinking was clear and coherently expressed. No psychotic processes noted.... Memory intact...[my] mental status was found to be within normal limits. Problems appear to be related to situational stress manifested by interpersonal and occupational difficulties."

The report further stated:

"It appears the command may have overreacted to the newspaper article on UFOs [after the subject was interviewed by a reporter]." Finally, their report stated that my superiors felt I was "an 'embarrassment' to command."

After the psychiatric report, my case got kicked all the way up to the Army Inspector General's Office. In the final analysis, I was cleared of any wrongdoing, reinstated in my job, and I chose to remain on active duty with the United States Army.

An official investigation was made into this entire sordid affair which resulted in three members of my command being relieved of duty and reassigned for, among other things, their part in trying to force my retirement. I eventually retired from the Army in January 1990. However, this was my decision and retirement was not forced upon me.

With everything that was happening to me, I could have easily ended up getting kicked out of the Army, and then I probably would never have written this book. However, with the support of many friends and family members, I was able to overcome all of the hardships put before me and to prevail.

I wish to express my love and appreciation to my loving wife, Hanh, and my children, George, Julia, Robert, and John, who all stood beside me and were willing to undergo any hardship, no matter what the cost, to assist in my fight against the unjust actions taken by members of the military chain of command against me.

I also wish to express my thanks to Ralph Heick, who stood beside me in my time of need and supported me as a true friend and companion in my darkest hour. Further, I wish to express my appreciation to Major Earl A. Peterson, Captain Kenneth C. Ross, and Captain Michael V. Jernigan for their support, at the risk of their careers, in defending my right as a member of the armed services to express my personal viewpoints as a private citizen.

And I would especially like to express my appreciation to Larry W. Bryant of CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrets), whose support gave me the courage and spirit to dare to fight back and write this book.

While there exist many others who supported me—too many to name here—you all know who you are and I wish to express my thanks to you as well.
And lastly, I would like to thank my super agent Bill Birnes, my thoughtful editors at S.P.I. Books, Isaac Mozeson and Ian Shapolsky, and the editorial staff at S.P.I., including Jay Bond, Robin Souza, and Donn Teal.


Without you all this book would still be just a work-in-progress instead of an important document that can be used to change our country's existing flawed systems for dealing with the UFO phenomena.

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This book should not exist. Why do I say this?


Simply put, according to the U.S. Air Force, there is no government interest in the subject of UFOs. If this were truly the case, then the documents that make up the bulk of this book should have never been created by the various agencies of the U.S. Government. Furthermore, I myself could not have been assigned by the U.S. Army to the investigation of UFO debris for more than 22 years.

When I first wrote this book, it was my desire to provide the public with documented proof, with government records that clearly show that something we commonly refer to as UFOs actually exists. While many records have been declassified and released to the public, many other relevant records remain classified in the interests of national security. Even the documents I could not obtain, therefore, prove that UFOs represent a vital national security issue.

Parts of this book were included in a report I submitted to the U.S. Congress in the hope of getting a congressional hearing into two little-known military operations codenamed Project Moondust and Operation Blue Fly. You will learn in the chapters to come that the U.S. Air Force even lies to members of Congress to conceal the activities of these two missions. Recently, the Air Force has rehashed these old lies into a report called "The Roswell Report: Case Closed," conveniently timed to discredit the fiftieth anniversary commemoration of the Roswell Incident and, by extension, the belief in UFOs by the majority of the American people.

The Air Force states that no records exist—classified or otherwise—on these two missions. However, since December 13,1994, the Air Force has not been able to explain why it still has classified documents on these nonexistent missions. (I can prove that they have at least such documents.)

On December 13, 1994,1 filed an appeal for the release of the above-mentioned documents. As of June 1997, the U.S. Air Force has not responded to that appeal. They have yet to figure out a way to deny these records without admitting they knowingly lied to members of Congress about the existence of these same records.

As for me, I continue my search for answers to some of the many questions raised by the one truth I have come to know about all of this: MAN IS NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE.

Clifford E. Stone
Roswell, New Mexico

June 25, 1997

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Author's Introduction

The U.S. government, and specifically the Air Force's Declassification and Review team, released a preemptive attack on the 50th anniversary UFO activities in Roswell, NM on June 24, 1997. The Air Force timed the release of this previously prepared 1996 report in an attempt to strategically deflate what they fear is becoming a popular movement. If the government claims that UFOs don't exist, why should it bother to put the time and effort into creating a 231-page report that unsuccessfully attempts to disprove every bit of evidence supporting the likely scenario of a UFO crash at Roswell in 1947?

The "powers that be" in the Military and Intelligence agencies are not concerned with more Heaven's Gate-type victims, as they claim, but rather in quieting the charges of deliberate government cover-ups. So how did they deflect all that mistrust of the government? With another elaborate cover-up, of course.

"The Roswell Report: Case Closed" includes such convenient government explanations as balloon-dropped life-sized crash dummies, badly burned crash victims of a military plane, and round hovercraft, all of which must have been mistaken by hysterical civilian witnesses for alien corpses and flying saucers.

To briefly counter this clumsy deflection:

  1. All the crucial sightings of dead, live and burnt aliens describe child-sized figures that were half the size of the government's crash dummies explanation. (The dummies were generally 5'4" to 6' in height.)

  2. The datings of the Air Force incidents and exercises are up to a decade after Roswell's reports.

  3. The slow hovercraft never got higher than several yards, while flying saucer reports by civilians and scores of Air Force pilots involve high altitude crafts with unprecedented speed and maneuverability.

Most important, all these attempts to "close" the Roswell case don't put a dent in the many decades of UFO data collected by civilians and military personnel—like myself—around the nation and world.

For many years now the American Intelligence Community has been charged with the alleged cover-up of UFO data and not releasing this information to the American public or to members of Congress. Worse than not releasing UFO information to Congress is the verifiable fact that the Intelligence Community regularly lied to Congress about this sensitive subject.

Congress serves as a weighty factor in our democracy's system of checks and balances. Our various Congressional Committees serve as significant watchdogs to oversee those government agencies entrusted with our national security. Because we have our U.S. Constitution and our Congress, we cannot have an all-powerful secret police force that is typical of autocratic nations. While various types of information must be protected (classified) and kept from the public in the legitimate interests of national security, we can never accept that such information may not be discreetly revealed to the relevant Congressional Committee in a closed executive session.

Over the years, Congress has held many open hearings on the subject of UFOs, but there has never been any mention of any executive sessions held on the subject. These hearings have always been based on the Project Blue Book files, with no mention of any other agencies' involvement. This is more than deceptive, since, as you shall read further on, Blue Book was conceived as a government smoke screen to keep the American people from the true depth and scope of its government's work on UFOs.

With the enactment of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of 1974, documents were released alluding to more than a passive interest by the U.S. Military in UFOs. Exposing Blue Book for what it was, it then became clear that many government agencies other than merely the U.S. Air Force were involved in UFO work. These released documents were once classified and heavily censored. Also, there are strong indications that the Congress was never made aware of the existence of these documents, their classified nature, or even the other agencies' involvement in UFOs.

Not restricted to dramatic UFO events in the 1940s and '50s, many of these documents deal with incidents in the 1970s, '80s, and '90s. They also reflect a concern that UFOs are something real, not theoretical, and that they involve technologies far in advance of our own. If this is truly the case, it means that the Air Force purposely lied to the U.S. Congress and the American people about UFOs' not existing and not posing a potential threat to our security.

I am of the firm belief that Congress should hold a hearing on the involvement of various U.S. intelligence agencies concerning their past and present interest in UFO phenomena. This would not be held to determine, for example, whether discovered UFO debris is composed of materials not found on Earth, but rather to determine if information is being illegally kept from Congress and how we may guarantee that proper channels of information are kept open in the future.

The primary intent of this book is not to provide the American people and members of Congress with reliable documentary evidence of interplanetary spacecraft, even though I would question the reasoning powers of a reader who continues to doubt the reality of UFOs, given the documentation provided in this book. My main goal is to prove through documented evidence that many different government agencies are involved in serious UFO investigation—even though this fact has been expressly denied. In addition, this documentation clearly shows a high level of national security interest, often classified Top Secret; yet the appropriate members of Congress are not being kept informed about significant developments relating to the safety of their constituents.

Our nation is not a banana republic ruled by a military junta. Congress must protect its own rights and powers, as well as the trust placed in it by the American People. Our senators and representatives who serve in the most significant committees overseeing our national security must be well informed of the activities of all other governmental agencies. We don't want our leaders to find out crucial information about UFOs when it is too late to do anything about this phenomenon. I'm a proud career soldier, but I don't want information of global importance restricted only to military minds.

While it is understood that some information must be kept out of the public domain to insure legitimate national security interests, no justification must ever be accepted for the exclusion of the U.S. Congress.

Planet Earth may have some serious decisions to make in the immediate future, and we'd better make sure that the leaders of its mightiest nation are involved in a manner that befits our world's primary democracy.

Don't just read this book. Act on it.


Make certain that the few (key officers in the Air Force) do not bully the many (our nation's leading senators and congressmen), creating convenient Warren Commission-type reports, such as "The Roswell Report - Case Closed," keeping us in the dark when our skies are lit with vital questions.

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Introduction by Stanton T. Friedman

June 19, 1997

Fredericton, NB, Canada

As a nuclear physicist with a strong interest in flying saucers since 1958, and having lectured on the subject "Flying Saucers ARE Real" since 1967 in fifty states, nine provinces, and ten foreign countries, I have met many people who claim to be "UFO researchers." Often what they mean is that they are interested enough to have read several books, many newspaper articles, and seen a few TV shows on the topic. Usually, they have not seriously researched all aspects of the UFO phenomena and have made no objective attempt to evaluate what they have read, seen, or heard.

Most so-called documentaries on television are very short on documentation and very long on unsubstantiated opinion. Both sides of the discussion often seem to take the same approach:

"Don't bother me with the facts; my mind is made up." Debunkers also seem to abide by another rule: "What the public doesn't know, I won't tell them."

Sergeant Clifford Stone (ret.), in contrast, has spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and money documenting the role of the U.S. Government with regard to the investigation of flying saucers. Stone risked his military career by trying to dig out the facts about highly classified USAF projects such as Moon Dust and Blue Fly. This truly dedicated researcher demonstrates throughout this book that the government agencies responding to his requests often gave contradictory testimonies. There clearly seems to be a certain level of incompetence demonstrated by those who responded to his requests under the Freedom of Information Act. More importantly, there is also a definite indication of intentional misrepresentation by official government agency spokesmen.

It is outrageous to consider that a serving member of our military forces is not enticed to exercise his rights as an U.S. citizen. To the best of my knowledge, the Freedom of Information Act and the various executive orders used to control dissemination, storage, declassification, etc., of government documents are not restricted to either civilians or die military. As an officer in the Armed Forces, SFC Stone's primary duty was the defense of this nation's citizens. Wasn't it his duty to do everything possible to inform members of Congress about visitations by aliens? This is especially important in view of the constant stance of government agencies who maintain that UFOs are not a threat to the security of the United States.

Sergeant Stone provides ample evidence of the willingness of our government agencies to lie to its citizens. Even worse, he demonstrates that lies are even told to members of Congress, such as New Mexico's Senator Bingaman.

As Clifford Stone lives in Roswell, New Mexico, he presents a number of documents dealing with the USAF's efforts to cover up the facts about the recovery of a crashed flying saucer near Roswell in July 1947. He includes the complete texts of the report on Roswell by the General Accounting Office and of the Air Force's attempted preemptive strike against the Federal Accounting Office. He points out the Air Force's deceptive and nasty tricks, such as leaving out a crucial phrase from an FBI memo and conveniently omitting a very important quote from the Roswell newspaper article about the crash.

Stone also documents from military sources the fact that Project Blue Book was not even the primary USAF group that concurred with investigation of flying saucer reports. The author describes and criticizes the activities of the other agencies that censored out reports which were often too sensitive to be included in Project Blue Book.

I am frequently surprised that most citizens aren't aware that the U.S. Government maintains special teams ready to retrieve components from interstellar objects that inadvertently crash on Earth. The vast technical resources we maintain for surveillance of the upper and lower atmosphere, including radar and orbital satellites, can trace those rare pieces of Russian (or old Soviet) payloads falling out of orbit and/or crashed flying saucers.

There is obviously a need to provide security as quickly as possible when a highly classified aircraft, such as a U2, goes down. When a strategic airborne or ground-based vehicle has an accident, a prompt response is necessary to seal off the crash site and to report the significant details. To recover classified components such as code books, sophisticated electronics, or nuclear warheads are obvious necessities.

It should further be noted that our primary sky and ground surveillance systems all produce data that is immediately classified rather that distributed to the news media. Every year our military and intelligence community agencies, such as the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, the Air Defense Command, and others all detect and monitor flights of "uncorrected targets."

Here is a very provocative quote from a November 1961 USAF document from this book:

These three peacetime projects [UFO Investigation, Project Moon Dust, and Project Blue Fly] all involved a potential for employment of qualified field intelligence personnel on a quick-reaction basis to recover or perform field exploitation of unidentified flying objects, or known Soviet Bloc aerospace vehicles, weapons systems and or residual components of technical equipment.

This quote certainly indicates that there would have been standard procedures written for personnel carrying out these functions such as are described in "Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual SOM1-1 Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal," which is revealed in my own book, Top Secret/Majic.

Sergeant Stone is to be congratulated for providing a multitude of government documents, many never before published, for interested readers to evaluate on their own. Some will be especially shocking for those who think U.S. government agencies cannot keep secrets. The unwillingness of agencies to often say no more than "we cannot confirm nor deny" gives a clear indication of high security, and certainly establishes the sensitive nature of matters relating to Unidentified Flying Objects...long after the closure of Project Blue Book.

One can only hope that major media organizations such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Sixty Minutes, 20/20, etc., will read this book and expend the same energy blowing the lid off this cosmic Watergate as they did concerning the political one.

The newly established (1995) Executive Order 12958 makes it much more difficult for military and intelligence organizations to keep any files classified for more than twenty-five years. The rule now is "If in doubt, declassify," rather than the reverse philosophy from our Cold War days. The government should justify maintaining Top Secret security status for UFO documents after so many years.

With the efforts of hard working, truth-seeking researchers like Clifford Stone, there is a chance that the truth will finally come out by the end of the century.

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