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These pages will give you a very condensed and simplified summary of what Michael Topper try to teach us. You'll find various topics in seemingly no specific order, although I'll try to advance from the simple to the complex material.




Many of you have probably heard that our planet is about to advance from "3rd density" to "4th density". So what is this "density" about? Density in our special context doesn't stand for inertia or opacity in the normal physical sense, but "Density" corresponds with subtlety, especially in its psychic sense (i.e. perceptual or cognitive subtlety).


"Third density" (the one we are presently experiencing) tells you that things (objects) are fixed and solid; 4th density allows us to perceive such "solidity" as an energetic kind of fluid/kaleidoscopic "coagulation"; 5th density allows us to behold all things, whether apparently "solid" or not, as coordinative fields of geometrized light networks; 6th density tends toward direct knowledge of such light-composites as self-luminous idea, and therefore as -themselves- ideoform patterns of the permissive cognitive grid-network.

As you can see from the "UFOS, Channeling, and the positive and negative Realms of this World" texts, living and conscious beings exist in all dimensions, either positively or negatively oriented.

Each such density level carries as its chief importance a reigning quotient of allowable insight, or intuition, with respect to reality as a whole; this quotient correlates with the compositional quality cited above.

One thing remarkable and noteworthy about this "density" concept, is, that the difference between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" in higher densities becomes ever larger. The "Good Guys" in higher densities are supposed to be really extremely benevolent, whereupon the "bad guys" in higher densities are true personifications of cosmic evil itself, with ultimately one evil hierophant (known as Satan) on the top. Bad guys in higher densities prefer consciously (and have freely chosen to prefer) to play dominion and enslavement-based "games", and they tend to organize themselves in a military hierarchy with a very strict pecking-order.

We will need this concept of "densities" and what is going on there, to fight against some distortive and misleading New-Age paradigms currently running amok in the New Age society.

Why You Don't Create Your Own Reality

an antidote to fatuous New Age paradigms

A paradigm that is currently running amok through the New Age community, and which is depriving them of their last bit of common sense, is better known as "You Create Your Own Reality" (short: YCYOR). This insidious half-truth is usually placed into a very misleading context and is never completely true.

Let us just look at some basic facts that we can derive "if" YCYOR would be completely true:

1.) Every war victim, or rape victim, etc. must have "wanted" to draw whatever misfortune upon itself, since that victim "created his own reality".

Common sense tells us here, that this is nonsense, and that not all war victims, etc. ever wanted to happen that war to them. For me, common sense simply wins, and cuts a long discussion short.

2.) We would live in a solipsistic universe wherein we could do whatever we wanted without further consequences.


But pretty much obviously, we do not live in such an utopian universe, and no, even on higher densities, there is no such universe.

What makes the YCYOR evangelist fatuous (rather than a demonstrable God of the most egregious solipsism) is precisely the fact that all such "personal decreeing", "positive thinking" and confident imagining takes place in an inevitable context. There are implications! There are repercussions ! No one decrees in a personal or private, solipsistic vacuum. There is a variegated World of myriad "pulls" and "claims" coexisting along with the private desires and designs of the given ego-subject.

But "so what?" we hear the die-hard "reality-creator" claim—"don't we remain untouched by those 'co-existents' as long as we keep secure in the confidence of our own private deservedness, our own authoritative affirmations and specific commissions of positive thought-reinforcement?"

Report To The Commissioner

No. Man does not live by "commission" alone. This is why you do not create your own reality, but merely generate reality-hypotheses or scenarios which are continuously reflected and tested against the Whole; and the Whole, being inseparable from the Potential of your own innate-global Being, is constituted by the explicit and implicit alike, by that which is produced through active or positive commission and that which results from the gaps, blind-spots and vacuums of interpretive omission. All the lines, potential and actual, exist within one's being and are inevitably calculated into the total account! This is what it means when we say there's a context in which all our desire-formulation and "decreeing" takes place.

This is a Deity-centered reality, not an ego-centered reality. Only the totality of the soul-nature is in touch with the Totality of Spirit-being. Anything else necessarily involves a partial perspective, a conceptual self-estimation producing inevitable blindspots, negatively-recessed lacunae as well as "positive" outlines to be filled in obligingly by experience. What you have selectively omitted from "your reality", is manifested as well! Gaps in thinking and experience which develop one "side" at the expense of the other, or which temporarily prevent a latent potential of certain centers or combinations of centers from being realized, do not simply "pass by" as a domain of non-experience. They aren't just quietly tucked away as surplus "potential" with which you're not obliged to have any relation.

On the contrary, such gaps show up; they manifest in the unstoppable/inexplicable erosion of all those things you've materialized as expression of "personal preference".

The MATRIX, Topper Style
in a nutshell

To even try to start explaining, you have to understand (or believe, for that simplified matter in this special case) that what you know about "thinking" is most likely wholly untrue, or at least very defective.

Most people feel that they think with their brain, and nothing else is involved. This is the first, and biggest illusion. Topper explains, or try to explain, that thinking is a function of your multidimensional "whole", your "whole" being/field, not just tiny fragments of it.

How can we understand this ?

We can understand this when we consider people who have the exceptionally rare faculty of aura-reading and who can see chakras. The better ones of them could probably tell you they can see your thoughts "arising", and they're not kidding - it's taken to be literal. They see something like a sea of astral stuff swimming in your stomach. Your intent wanders around and picks up some of the astral particles from that area, brings it up the spine to the brain, and "then" you think of it as "your" thought. In other words these astral particles that make up your thought are not exclusively hovering around your brain. They most likely come from "any place" of your body, and when you notice them, you're seeing the end product of a long process already.

A long process, that is to say, which involves a lot of filtering. What we're being faced here with is a complex system of chakras that "filter out" certain "frequencies" as it were, and "filters IN" certain other frequencies. This is equal to "locking out" something that our body actually has the possibility of recognizing.

Topper goes into incredible details when it comes to describing the various energy streams inside our body that actually shape what part of the "whole" reality we "can" perceive, and what part we can not perceive.

He identified the most important of the details as the Kundalini. This energy, which is encoiled at the base of the spine, turns inside-out some "energies" (let's keep it simple) so that we tend to "lock in" our "biomechanical features" of "sweat and brow" and tend to "lock out" the perception of spirits, ghosts, telekinesis and "higher psychic stuff".

That locking-out serves a purpose however. The most important purpose is to actually identify us "only" with the body. The fixation of identity to the "rigid" form of the body, combined with the lack of psychic perception forces us to push forward our development ourselves, independent of "psychic" powers. Topper mentions there "was" an edenic state of "adam and eve in paradise". You can compare this state with what you probably know about sorcerers of the "Carlos Castaneda" type, where no barrier is too hard to pierce and no distance to great to seal.

That edenic scenario was unsatisfactory, in some way, because it didn't supply sufficient pressure to provoke development - to be more precise, the development of choice. Whatever "paradise" must have been, it was definitely like a limitless unity that sustained all the creatures, thus in effect nullifying the need for any choice.

"Development" in such a context proves to be agonizingly slow, if at all.

Thus, to raise the "desire" of one's consciousness past the easy venue of paradise, there was a sort of "adversarial" factor incorporated in the dimension known as the "world you know".

The "locking-in" was achieved by subtraction of certain energy-values from overt recognition into the kundalini nucleus.

"It's as if selected features of the whole briny deep were washed ashore and stranded, there, at low tide, so as to filter them from their teeming context".

The "descent" of the "serpent-force" proffers a kind of temptation. The nature of such a "temptation" is precisely to accept the part for the whole (remember what I've told you about "thoughts arising only in the brain?"), to focus down upon an instrumentally-restricted field of perception through stylistically delimiting coordinates and "lock in" the whole value of consciousness (through which any such field complexly polarizes) to an objectively triangulated "model" of the totality.

How does the illusion - produced by the kundalini - feel like?

"The mental and noetic - or ideative - character of being seems internalized and invisible, insubstantial and purely "subjective", while the resistive inertia and opacity of "physicalized" existence seems self-evidently real and objective, descriptively exterior, and "up front".

All this and more, because we identify "so strong" with the "fact" that we are only "the body" we know - in Topper's words - we have "committed the force of identity in that delimited form, on delimiting terms".

Removing these old identifications however, is not everything that has to be done. The current "energy-currents" running through our body play a huge part too in that falsifying identity-equation - thus, they have to be modified.

They can be modified, we're being informed, by yogic exercises of breathing, especially when these yogic exercises grow into a daily routine of habit - because habit is exactly the "stuff" that can form (impress on) the "wax-seal-like" kundalini.

So there: Before you're off changing belief filters, you have to change the intensification in your breathing-patterns, at least habitually, to pass through the "veil" and out of the "matrix".

It is only then and there, that you can - and may - ask the question "who you really are", because only there your Higher Self can answer it. This does involve work (to align your energy systems) - "non-following" like Krishnamurti doesn't do, since "complete relaxation" is, for normal 3rd density beings, a authorization for "sleep".

"Rather than settling into non-oscillatory alignment with Whole-being value, the force of 3rd density consciousness simply relinquishes "any effort whatsoever" to hold it and, like molasses, flows compulsively back into its ordinary forms of regular, imbalanced and highly inertial identity-commitments."

The only solution are proper exercises of yogic breathing with intent and will, before even asking the crucial question "Who I Am" :

"Thus, thinking must continue in "accompaniment" of an intensified form of awareness, but through a medium of cognition coordinatively aligned in such a way as to furnish a denser/richer field of potentiated Being-value."

This - hopefully - explains well enough what's wrong with us as well as what we can do about it: Hyperventilate, with several "relaxing" breaths in between, for prolonged times, and make it a habit, until the kundalini wax seal spontaneously erupts higher-psychic impulses; then, and only then, try to hold this "new" and "unknown" state of being. Maybe with some extra breaths till your chakras drop off.

Every seeker somewhat has to ask the question: What is God?

Let's just grant the theorem that a God indeed, exists, it's heyday and say it's for granted that He really exists, then we necessarily have to ask the question:

"What conditions must be met - what properties must It have - to speak of IT as being God?".

In other words: What are God's attributes?

One thing is clear: There can be only one God. Thus, we have arrived at God's most easily noticeable attribute: Oneness. Oneness with God is what every seeker seeks. When we posit there can only be one God, we're being faced with a sort of absolutism: i.e. we can easily derive:

"God must be an absolute".

This should be also pretty apparent, since obviously, God cannot simply "fade away", "die", or whatever else. It is that which was, which is, and which always will be. This also means, it can't be something limited.

We already can sum up our theorem about God:

It is One (never-ending) Infinity - beyond Time and Space but most likely regulating such agencies.

One little attribute is still missing, but we can easily derive it from the fact that millions of people are praying to God every day. If prayer is somehow to work, and communication with God is really possible, then we can logically deduct that God is an intelligent entity.

Thus we arrive at Topper's definition of God, which coincides with the RA material: One Intelligent Infinity.

Whatever God is, it is limitless, absolute, and intelligent.

Further attributes that we can logically conclude are: It is self-congruent with itself to the infinite degree ; and - if it has an identity - it is self-ident to itself to the infinite degree.

Now we ask: What object is it, that is infinite, self-conformant, and self-congruent plus self-ident with itself to the infinite degree? And intelligent?

Pretty soon our list of possible objects is exhausted and we arrive at the only possibility: Void.

Only Void can answer the question that it is infinite and self-conformant to the infinite degree.

So... ah.... have we suddenly plunged into nihilism? Doom and destruction?

No... we haven't... yet. And we won't, at all!

But to explain that I'll have to strain your attention span a little bit, for it might quite take a while. If we consult, for example, particle physicists on the matter of void i.e. zero-point energy, we are being informed that even the most empty vacuum seems to contain something! That something is labeled "hypothetical particles" or "zero-point energy" sometimes (depending on your physical background) but, anyhow, no matter how empty a vacuum is, it still contains hypothetical but measurable virtual particles. Zero-Point engineers like Thomas Bearden even know that these "hypothetical" particles can be transformed in order to power and drive a free-energy device.

Tesla freaks will also nod in knowledge what I'm talking about.

Thus, we are being faced with a Void, that is not a simple nothingness, but "there's something". It is filled with Consciousness no matter how "empty" from the 3rd-dimensional state of view.

Remember the good old classic way to meditate? *EMPTY* your mind! And suddenly out of the emptiness there is not a nothingness but, as a seasoned meditationer (monk) might tell you, a fullness!

In Topper's words: "The void is not a simple nothingness, but a plenum intensity".

So, we're being faced with the fact, -paradox sounding as it might be- that it's precisely the void in the middle of everything that is not only "driving" these free-energy machines, but the rest of the universe on top of it. Ah!

When we ask how this may be, we can only explain that the only "trick" an unlimited being can do, is precisely to discover the "curious possibility" of limitation.

The only thing an "unqualified absolute" can do - is: qualify!

So, the first idea of unlimited, intelligent infinity was the discovering of limitation. This is how the "big bang" started.

Can we picture this scenario?

We can. The infinite space can be likened to the Void - it's God-mind, being intelligent, echoing forward the words "I am". However, it dawns to intelligent infinity that there is the possibility of a point - an infinitely small dot, thus, because of being infinitely small, "smearing" over the whole infinity. Oops!


Whatever God thinks, it's immediately there. And now, the point is echoing - through it's "smearing" all over the place - the words: "I am not", since, being infinitely small, a point sums up everything about the self-referencing paradox in the style of "This sentence is false“.

The point succeeds in emulating the infinite homogeneity and congruence of the infinite intelligence, but on delimited terms; — terms that cannot be resolved by normal "cartesian“ logic.

Thus, God's motto is: "Infinite self-congruence and self-consistence even under all conditions".

Lucifer, the point: "Infinite self-congruence and self-consistence on delimited terms".

Since the point, Lucifer, succeeds in emulating the infinite self-consistence and congruence of intelligent infinity, his claims are valid (on delimited terms, however). This is how he borrows everything (everything that is limited, that is) from the Void. But since it's borrowed, it'll have to return to the owner somehow.

This is how, despite we have a very large universe, everything and everyone that is limited has to die, i.e., has to face limitation: Stars, star systems, planets, plants, and humans.

Even Time itself is limited and moves in a circular (to be precise: spiral) motion.

The universe, thus, appears to be the result of a mind war, of the two "adversaries":

"Infinite congruence... even under all conditions", and "infinite congruence.... on limited terms".

If that is all too sad, we haven't yet asked another question: Could there exist a state wherein the "two" statements are blending into "one"?

If there's a state like that, then it's like "Infinite congruence... not only on limited terms but sustained and approved by infinity as well".

Yes, we posit the existence of a state like that in here - it's better known as "nirvana", or, more properly "samadhi" perhaps, and this state has got everything to do with the sacred Phi ratio. For, if such a state exists, then surely the "greater" (God-mind, affirmative) would allow and accommodate the "lesser" (denial). Such a beautiful state can only yield to oneness - infinite oneness - when, on limited mathematical terms :

a/b = 1:1.6180339 = b/(a+b)

Thus, Phi ratio, no matter how "large" or "small" the values for A and B are, yields to infinite oneness, i.e. infinity itself.

With respect to the proportional relation of "sympathetical" and "parasympathetical" nerve-systems, this gives us the optimum ratio between the "two" nerve systems - an optimum that is beyond either incessant flux (maximum sympathetical nerve system activation) or static equilibrium of sensory current withdrawal (maximum parasympathetical nerve system activation). It gives the Symmetric void resolution of polarized identity factors. Not only that, but you find the Phi ratio all over in living systems such as plants, animals and in the human form.

Phi ratio is what ultimately gives life, i.e. drags the life-force from the void into delimited forms, thus borrowing everything from Void-mind.

I hopefully did leave you with something to contemplate about.