The Ego of Helpfulness

"But you know, Michael," the Colonel said after a thoughtful pause, "this brings me back again to the initial business about distinguishing or differentiating the 'positive' and 'negative'—the way in which the higher densities and worlds are supposed to factor out, you know?"

"Such as?"

"Well, the whole categorical thing about 'service-to-self, 'service-to-others' to begin with. Yes, I know we seem to be able to distinguish them best according to their extreme cases; but beyond that, maybe more as a functional matter than a philosophical matter, they seem to lend themselves to just those kinds of abstractions and categorical requirements that are so convincingly descriptive of the negative hypothesis altogether!"

"In what way?"

"In every way! When you think about the concrete implications, a pigeonhole such as 'service-to-others' just seems to promote the kind of vague abstraction that fosters an airy-fairy 'do-gooder" mentality. It's a behavioral straitjacket, like anything else. Why is the 'do-gooder' mentality innately superior? Judging from all the people I know who've been inspired by that sort of theoretical guideline, it just generates a species of compulsive doing, you know, an obsession or overriding drive toward 'works' goaded by nebulous ideals or cloying values like 'the betterment of Man'. Worst of all, it seems the quintessential promotion of dead-abstract mentality since those who subscribe to it do so in the psychological spirit of a sort of tradeoff, they obviously don't find anything intrinsically meritorious or valuable in the things they do, since it all takes the—at least implicit— form of a highly-visible 'sacrifice', a spiritual contract or blatant 'deal-with-god'; it amounts ultimately to an idea similar to the accumulation of 'lists', inventories of deeds done and works performed which when piled up to heaven are supposed to comprise the soul's guarantee of a personal 'stairway'.

"There's always a self-righteous and really fatuous air of 'reward' clinging to such a person's anions and orientation; he seems to be doing it almost always in implicit anticipation of acknowledgment, for the sake of validation—and the overweening pride involved here is that he not only seems to expect acknowledgment or validation from his peers, but ultimately the meritorious sanction and guarantee of God. That's why when I hear, as I often do now in the 'New Age' framework, that the criterion for graduating to the higher-dimensional degrees of Soul development belonging to the '4th density' has to do with the percentage-requirements hovering around the category of 'service-to-others', I can't help but feel it's the same old religious song-and-dance that used to pull people into line around the cliché of 'good-deeds', only tricked out with even-more-tantalizing door-prizes and meretricious jackpots of 'psychic powers', unlimited 'seership', 'Divinely-sanctioned' authority..."

"As a sage observational description of the working world, you couldn't be more on target," MT laughed. "As a practical matter, though, any form of spiritual criterion, standard or guideline is always subject to interpretation according to the conventional keys. Even though a viable spiritual principle is meant to illuminate those chronic, psychic equations so that they may be recognized for what they are, and replaced with an informed function more compatible with real Conscious value, any such principle by itself is always acutely-vulnerable to easy appropriation through the conditioned response-pattern so as to convert it fortissimo to the familiarly comfortable coinage of ego-validation.

"Though any true spiritual guideline is meant to coach the psyche away from its symbolic substitutions and empty ideals, it is at the same time ambiguously subject to just such interpretive shears. In practice, it always seems as if the most promising philosophical premise is snipped and trimmed to the delimiting dimensions and paltry proportions of the ego-mind's readymade measures, rather than furnishing the proper measure against which the mind may accurately assess its real room for growth.

"So on the basis of the abstract 'criterion' of service-to-others, it's always possible to grow the 'ego of helpfulness'. Very many people have the ego of helpfulness—and of course to 'external inspection', to the socially evaluative eye, the effects which proceed from such orientation seem enough; the results often seem eminent justification of the attitude. What's never perceived with the checklist of the standard psychological pattern, is the tremendous internal imbalance, the swollen disproportion of psychic parts which has taken place at behest of the common ego-interpretation. As you've correctly observed, all that's really taken place in the true or 'internal', subtle framework of the being is a massive, almost cripplingly dysfunctional distortion in the ratios-of-balance characterizing the current alignments of the centers; and that distortion, classically, is permitted and encouraged by the primacy of categorial abstraction characterizing the criteria which have been allowed to dominate and in fact to describe, the ego-function...

"So although what the personality is 'doing' may seem to others quite meritorious, it in fact establishes no net improvement. The personality has nor purchased its way to a higher-density position on the basis of what it has 'done', or the 'positive' effects which may have emanated from its anions. This, incidentally, takes care of the classic question re the manifest 'ambiguity' of results, i.e. how often 'positive' effects seem to come from deliberately negative actions, and vice versa—there is no credit extended, or spiritual consideration registered, for 'actions' in themselves whether technically 'positive' or 'negative', whether bearing sweet or bitter fruit etc."

"Then you mean... even Mother Teresa..."

"That's not the criterion. It just isn't. After all, how do you 'weigh' the effect? Certainly her care and kindness promote a kind of good will, a 'spiritual' example - and at the same time encourage a grossly unbalanced, doctrinaire attitude toward sexuality, population regulation, the 'expectations' of 'Divine being' while inferentially promoting a personality cultism of grotesque egoity—after all, since there are manifestly few 'MTs' of her particular type and calling, what overweening pride authorizes such a soul to state that all those 'born unwanted into the world' should just be 'brought to her'...! Oh hell yes..."

"I see what you mean. But then, what happened to our 'service-to-others' category anyway?"

"It's still there, and it's still important; but as usual the importance that really attaches to it is chronically misperceived at the sluggish, 3rd-density level. In keeping with the predictable modus operandi of this level, 'service-to-others' is taken to be some key of recitation given to the ego whereby it may 'correctly' display the 'answer' that will act to promote it; it's grasped as the chief clue as to how the ego may best 'show off,' how it may draw attention to itself and so be perceived in the 'winning' light—just like conventional school, you know, always looking for the catechistic recital that will objectively 'prove' the ego's worth as an exterior display of Rewardable Effort.

"The ego's always looking for the thing it can do in order to achieve some imaginary minimal percentage in the 'required' expenditure of energy. It may not possess subtle insight; it may not have ever generated an independent ambition or innate-born curiosity with respect to its own being sufficient to have achieved any of the philosophical acumen characteristic of those 'different' ones, the baffling oddities in our human-history; it may not bear much more than a perplexed relation to those occasional teachings of occasional, 'elevated' personalities or extraordinary sources that come along to furnish the real indicators and directional arrows toward Freedom, toward Conscious resolution with Whole-being value—but, by god, ego certainly knows what it can do, ego certainly understands where it does habitually thrive and therefore where it may best stand in the 'spiritual' spotlight to Shine according to its comprehension: ego always 'accepts' Divine tutelage best where that counsel may seem to intersect the interpretive juncture ceding an 'equivalency' in terms of busy-work—you know, like the high school teacher occasionally taking pity on the slow student who'd never be able to pass according to the criterion of competency in grammar and so allowing him arbitrary makeup based on sheer numbers of book reports submitted by the end of the quarter... ego's always expecting there to be some such 'teacher' hanging out at the spiritual entrance gate who'll surely identify and take into consideration where ego's special competency lies (i.e., in object-verification, exterior validation of correspondent 'attributes' etc.), and mercifully revise the requirements for matriculation according to such accessible merits.

"But there is no such teacher hanging out at the spiritual entrance-gatesthat's ego's perennial fantasy, that's ego's insistent conceit and balming self-assurance maintained in the face of every kind of contrary counsel: i.e. there's a merciful Lord who'll 'let me in' if I've done good - and, of course, believed in his specially-dispensating Reality! Therefore the criterion of 'service-to-others' is never taken for what it really is; rather, it's turned around so as to make a salvatory virtue out of precisely what's perennially holding the ego back from any progress, preventing any transformative insight that would serve to unlock from the chronic level of mind-body integration committed to the surface glamour of 3rd-density objective entrapment.''

"Well what is the real significance of the 'service to others' category, then?"

"Simple. 'Service to others' as well as 'service to self' are categories imparted for purposes of classification; they establish the respective frameworks in which any sort of higher density progress is going to take place, if it is to take place at all. These categories just give one the criterion, the lines of orientation tending to determine the preponderant ratios between one's respective Advisers, while still functioning on the 3rd-density probationary level. The more the subject is inclined, behaviorally, toward one axial category or another, the more consistent the particular emphasis obtaining in the functional ratios of 'positive' and 'negative' (higher-dimensional) help, counsel and guidance.

"If the 3rd density personality may be cartooned as a vacillating psyche with mixed motives and inclinations, we can visualize that personality as a fellow with higher-dimensional 'angel' sitting on one shoulder whispering in the ear, and higher-dimensional 'devil' sitting on the other shoulder whispering in the opposite ear; depending on whether the cartoon subject is inclining more to the 'positive' or 'negative' interpretation of reality, the 'service to self or 'service to others' category, there will be more or less call for one over the other, and consequently more or less of either in evidence at any given time as 'guide' or subtle/invisible guardian. At a certain fateful threshold in the operative proportion or 'percentage' of orientation, of course, an invisible boundary-line has been passed and the personality has effectually 'committed' to one type of alignment or the other with reference to further progress and learning-modes of the 'higher', postgraduate densities.

"The subject is thereafter 'typed', stamped according to his aggregate tendency and 'processed' into further patterns of alignment and integration according to the divergent requirements of each Model, positive or negative. This fateful, threshold crossing into a decisive higher-dimensional zone of potential functioning either positive or negative, knocks one or the other 'adviser' right off the shoulder leaving only one as higher-density counselor and ongoing 'guide' according to the Path inferentially 'chosen'. And all of this, in its formative stages especially, may not even be particularly noticeable or consciously marked at all by the subject in question!"

"Ah. I begin to see why it's a shame the ego fails to value those classificatory headings for their own merit rather than the ego's self-preserving interpretation."


"And why is that?"

"It seems obvious that they're given as a kind of grace, for the ego's Soul sake rather than for its performance-standards. They're categories that should be silently accepted and evaluated by the ego, used as internal measuring-stick for the soul's own counsel rather than loudly shined as exterior 'proof of validation. It seems they're just meant to help the subject steer, to clearly decide where it wants its further soul-development to take place, in what arena. Otherwise, it could easily sense the onset of a higher form of integration and functioning, but not be at all dear as to what framework it was being integrated into—or that there was a clear distinction, that there was a choice to be made at that cross-roads juncture rather than just a technical alignment, and that as far as the soul and its own feeling-nature were concerned there was a great deal of difference between the two poles of higher-dimensional development positive-or-negative—the difference between-"


"Heaven and hell?"


"Yes. Heaven and hell.

"Say, wait a minute, Michael. If 'service to self /'service to others' is just the classificatory guide to threading the soul into alignment with one side of the vertical (transdimensional) axis or the other, then what is the actual criterion for moving into the higher density framework in the first place, either positive or negative?"

"It all comes down to this—you aren't measured according to your works, but weighed on the basis of your balance."



"Balance. 'Balance' signifies the degree of real conscious equipoise through which you're practically functioning. That equipoise furnishes the basis of any form of true conscious insight that may be obtained, whether in the positive or negative sense."

"That's strange... you never think of the 'negative' as having any relation to 'balance' at all—you always think of it as being constitutionally imbalanced..."

"The 'positive' and the 'negative' must be equally balanced around their own, respective poles. They may seem imbalanced with respect to one another, but within their own frameworks they must achieve and maintain a kind of functional balance. That which imbalances, to either side of the ledger, is gross attachment, one-to-one ego/identification with a particular object or objective. If 'serene dispassion' characterizes that positive type of balance to be achieved as antidote to such disturbing potential, we may say that cold objectivity characterizes the negative style of balance.

"There are obviously still objects and objectives in either case; but both, respective forms of orientation serve to prevent or forestall the collapse of integral harmony (required to maintain higher-density alignment positive-or-negative) through the allure of the Temptress 'Lust-of-Result'. That's how both positive and negative higher-density frameworks circumvent the enervating forms of rage, or distracting subplots of 'personal revenge' that characterize 3rd density-style attachment to results, outcomes and desired effects."

"So... what was that again?... 'You aren't measured according to your works, but weighed on the basis of your balance'..."

"Motto of Maat, the Egyptian MT (sporting dual As in the middle, eh?)"

"Ah yes—the Vulture-goddess of Justice, I believe, who weighed hearts in the Hall of the Dead with...a feather."

"She might be heard saying, more often than not," AAA smiled, "you have the ego of helpfulness—but not the Soul of Listening. You're always running off to 'do the good deed' so as to score Brownie points—but you never stop to Listen to what's really been Said."

"You know, Michael," the Colonel said, "I've just had a thought here. As I understand it, those who 'graduate' to the higher densities of soul-development in the service-to others framework, while technically free of the need to return to the schoolhouse of masked, 3rd-density level, nonetheless often do as a function of the service-to-others orientation..."

"Yes, that's right. The higher-density personality, functioning within the multidimensional context corresponding to his actual level, may form a kind of compact with others of that and higher levels to return once or occasionally to a 3rd-stage state so as to supplement the indirect education provided by camouflage mechanisms of that framework, with the incomparable factor of face-to-face tutelage by an incarnate agency.

"This form of 'educational' help is always considered the most potent, universally effective and valuable; it's cherished above all others in the higher densities, even above the educational forms of 'channeling' or temporary, vehicular intersection in adaptive 'travel' from homebase to the stepped-down density of 'Earth'. Of course, since it's so cherished in the higher densities it tends to be the least appreciated and, indeed, often the most despised form of Instruction on 'Earth'."

"Why's that?"

"Contempt for commonality, Colonel. The very factor of commonality that makes such teaching so unique and valuable, i.e. sharing the same plane and framework of practical focus as the 'student' souls, is at the same time the veil of normalcy which—in so masked a dimension—often serves to thoroughly obscure the merit of the Incarnate teacher with those objective standards and criteria of appearance that comprise the mindless sine qua non of physical 'englamorment'."

"You mean, nobody sees anything extraordinary in the flesh-born being, there's nothing to particularly distinguish him—or her— no glowing auras or obvious halos, no rays of otherworldly energy emanating from their fingertips..."

"Well, there may be, there could be any of those things but the point is, the student-souls of this density would never know it because they hadn't developed the faculties themselves whereby to see such things; of course they suppose themselves automatically deserving of any such disclosure gratis, either as if it's constitutionally owed them or as though an obligation of 'God as God' is to offer proofs of divinity up front when claiming the privilege of 'special' appearance.

"Even if there are one or two who typically 'have' such powers, virtually by karmic accident, the ego belonging to such beings never allows proper perception or interpretation in any case, and indeed—in practice—most often becomes affronted and wildly agitated in the presence of any such Integrity beyond its own so that it actually manages to manufacture a symbol-system of interposing properties grossly the projection of the ego-subject's own quality, and serving to deflect or obscure Reception to what's really There.

"In fact, that very difficulty involved in proper apprehension and receptivity becomes part of the learning-framework of this density. It comes to serve as the principal lesson as to what the 3rd density state of consciousness is all about, because involved in that one situation may be found all the puzzles, koans and mind-locks revolving around object-valuation, the antipathy between thinking and feeling, knowledge and understanding and the central paradox that haunts all considerations of time and eternity, 'sacred' and 'profane', the 'ordinary' and 'extraordinary' etc. The living Teacher of a truly higher-dimensional correspondence manages automatically to embody, and draw forward, the interior crisis of all 'corporeal' conditions, succeeds in aggravating their implicit presence to the degree of the unavoidable just by the natural expression of that Value proper to his Being. In his awakened state he's an affront to sleep.

"But even the sleep-state dreams; and it dreams on the basis of the available material, the prevailing real conditions of its nocturnal environment. Thus the sleep-state dreams the being of the Awakened one who's really present, there in the room, but through the interpretive medium of the dream-mind or ego-psyche the slumbering subject makes up models and idols of rationalization to account for the peculiar characteristics otherwise known—in the intuitive substrate of the dreaming being—to belong to a Consciousness completely awake. The process of dreaming tends to covet its state; and, as inbuilt action of its own device, perceives the things reflected into it in such a way as to preserve the artifice of its narrow self-adjustment, interpreting every impression in service to prolonging the dream."

"Isn't it true though," the Colonel said, "at least the way I understand it, that in 'compensation' for the opaque resistance typically accorded the higher 'spiritual tutors' who come to this plane, there is the massed support of all the hierarchy functioning through the in feeding octave of densities with whom the incarnating 'helper' had—as you said—first of all arranged a compact..."

"In principle, you can certainly say that the incarnating teacher on the 'positive' spiritual side has the cooperation of the Whole behind him, in terms of the beneficent intelligences working on his behalf 'behind the scenes' from the vantage of the deeper leverages of psychic and creative influence (through which every attempt is made to optimize the effectiveness of those patterns serving to coordinate the Earth-plane experiences forming 'round the Presence of the teacher). It's hard to look at this as any sort of compensation for the resistance of Earth-plane intelligence, though, since that resistance is—at its core—both a function and product of will, of deep internal preference or psychic selection rather than the expression of a strictly mechanical flaw that can be offset by mechanical means.

"And while it's true that such a psychic orientation is conditioned (given optimum opportunity for framing its volitional prerogative through technical filters and cognitive screens which maximize the potential for distortive determinations in the first place), once set it has a strictly conscious inertia or momentum of its own; once certain, willed predispositions arise from a maximally-encouraging soil, they exhibit a heartiness that partakes of their specific character and so tends to prevail over the sum of conditioning factors no matter how they may change. Consciousness comes to rely on such willed predispositions or prejudicial habit-patterns of the 'screened' dimension as a refuge of familiarity, a stable reference of Identity precisely in the midst of what could otherwise be bewilderingly changing conditions."

"So the fact that the given 'spiritual teacher' of the positive type has more or less the whole of the positive hierarchy behind him, in the technical sense of magically intensifying the coordinate alignments of those patterns through which he functions, is nonetheless not the equivalent of a real compensation for the typical inertia and resistance accorded that teaching-presence through the Volitional' orientation indicative of the opaque Earth-medium itself."

"I think it's fair to say that. The incarnate teacher has only one fundamental purpose, and that is to transform consciousness, to awaken consciousness. No trick in the book, so to speak, that can be brought to bear towards technical furtherance of that aim as a teaching device or demonstration, can ever be considered the equivalent of affecting any such change. The free-will variable at the heart of this consciousness-transformation reserves the inalienable right of its bullheaded blindness to call a Heart a Club, and to insist that Everest is an anthill if you but back far enough away from it. In other words, magnitude of sheer magical effect within the conventionally 'permissible' context of the blindered dimension in question, is no guarantor of a capitulation or ceding from the indigenous psychic stance; since the free-will variable—functioning from the premise of its locally-distortive framework—can and docs exercise the volitional 'right' to dismiss the evidence of a subtle syllogism as well as the public disappearance of Mount Rushmore, that irreducible prerogative is the absolute leveler. There's no degrees of relative efficacy obtaining (as in some mechanical or algebraic formula) between the intensity of 'persuasion' exerted by the Non-ordinary patterning of circumstances through the Teaching-presence, and the independent determinant of will—no matter how conditioned by distortion—of the ego-subject toward whom the teaching demonstration is directed. There's just no such equation at all; and yet they do bear a relation to one another.

The teaching demonstration, and the Presence of the teacher altogether, is given on behalf of the free-will variable. So they bear an indeterminate relation to one another. In other words, it's a relation which, while its effects and interactions can be estimated by a process similar to statistical averaging, can't be determined beforehand in any absolute way. This is why the true spiritual teacher on the positive side of the density-divide has much the more difficult task, in this sense, than his negative counterpart; for the positively-aligned teacher isn't just attempting to influence or induce a behavioral modification; he's trying to effect the infinitely more subtle, elusive and difficult work of awakening consciousness—i.e. persuading its volitional fulcrum on the basis of its own innate merit beyond all the conditioning that would counsel otherwise, and keep its determinations statistically 'locked-in'.

The negative 'teacher', on the other hand, while certainly attempting to affect a polarization of consciousness in alignment with the negative higher-density orientation, is precisely most effective in his work by the indirect or surreptitious method of behavioral modification, i.e. causing that polarization-preference of probationary consciousness to take place imperceptibly as silent effect of the sum direction emerging from its cumulative behaviors. Thus the negative 'teacher' slyly induces reactive behaviors, intensifying the most negative lines of tendency through aggravating indigenous fears and magnifying them into preemptive determinants; the subject-candidate to negative polarization finds himself well on the way to total negative-interpretation of existence (through the tacit, collective thrust of implemented behaviors) before consciousness need pivot on its volitional fulcrum and assume such 'philosophy' as an overriding Intent, a direct desideration of its own.

"In this sense, the negative 'graduate' just ratifies what has been implicitly accepted already, he puts his 'conscious' stamp on a 'fait accompli' that has effectively characterized his orientation for some time.

"You can see it, for example, when the higher-density negative 'alien' presences encourage the paranoid and bellicose tendency of the military mentality to the degree that it's pressured to enact all its logical conclusions, driven to force-eject the deepest implications of its long-time premises into a kind of 'purity' of action unmixed by benign considerations. At the point where such magnification-of-tendency takes place most comprehensively and with greatest internal consistency, the consciousness in question has all-but-created an airtight, self-fulfilling prophecy (insofar as the deepening uniformity and integrity of its actions has aligned a responsive model of conformably mirroring reality confirming its assessment to the degree of Conscious ratification, full-fledged philosophical endorsement of the formally Negative premise as most-accurate standard of the Way Things Are)."

"This brings me to the premise of my original thought," the Colonel interjected. "I was asking about those higher-density beings within the service-to-others framework, who need not return to the lower probationary densities but who sometimes do... and I was speculating about that possibility as an understandable function of the service-to-others framework—you know, that kind of 'backward' birth is done with maximal cooperation of the multidimensional selves and beings of the 'higher' levels who remain at their stations in order to organize and influence the lower-dimensional patterns toward which the teacher-soul is temporarily moving; all the interacting densities and levels exhibit Beings who act in concert in order to accomplish the kinds of transformation that redound to the service and benefit of the whole."


"Well, it occurred to me that the higher-density negative beings must occasionally take 'backward' or lower incarnations as well, you know, apparently retrogressive 'births' in the earlier densities that are technically beneath their present level of attainment."


"I think some such thing must be what's implied in the idea of the 'Anti-Christ'; a being of some optimum 'evil' that must correspond to the higher negative densities yet who takes birth in the physical dimension and appears as a man. Now, it's relatively easy to conceive, in the service-to-others framework, what might stand to be accomplished by some such 'retrogressive' incarnation; that kind of thing seems almost intrinsically a sacrifice, since a higher-density being enjoying privileged levels of Light and Consciousness etc. deliberately takes it upon himself to temporarily forfeit all such supernal pleasures, powers and faculties for what, by all accounts, is a contrastively restrictive and tortuous form of compressed corporeal existence. On top of that, from what I gather, such a formidable 'setback' is liable to be more than just temporary, since any such incarnating consciousness even proceeding from a point-of-origin in the higher densities must take on the indigenous 'veil of forget fullness' when assuming the physical integument of the lower worlds. And although the deeper spark of awareness remains as a latent impression of the soul-being linking it with the higher worlds from which it voluntarily came, it's formally obscured by the scrambled patterns of biogenetic and transdimensional coordinates comprising the nests of 'centers' compounding the molecular 'locks' of the physical, fetal structure.

"It's been said that even if the abstract prefiguration of the general, patterning complex of 'dream-symbol' events for the embodied Teacher is optimized, furnished a favored edge beforehand by the 'planning committees' of the higher densities with Whom the Teacher has arranged his Compact, there's still no guarantee accompanying those patterns; for when the abstract elements of those optimized patterns begin to take form in the actual unfolding of the events they intend to condition, they do so on the basis of innumerable overlapping and interacting probability-variables only some of which could have originally been taken into account by the 'planning boards' of the higher densities, some of which indeed upsurge on the basis of minute multiplications making cumulative, unanticipated impact and some simply generated in the first place by powers, processes and influences in service to factors other than those strictly governed by the positive planning boards—i.e. those of purely negative agency.

"So when it comes right down to it, there's always a very deep factor of creative indeterminacy residing at the heart of even the most carefully tailored patterns. And that means there's always a potential for the 'best laid plans' to go awry. I've heard in fact that quite often there are higher-density incarnations that take place in this world, which ultimately/at/ to take advantage of the timed opportunities and encoded 'swings of the gate' when they come around as supernally-planned, so that—as you would say—the irreducible prerogative of the 'unpredictable free-will variable' in conjunction with assorted, adversarial influences has served in such case to produce a real setback in consciousness, a real collapse to an identity-equation with an altogether lower order of existence. And in this sense, it seems that the higher-density being who takes embodiment here with the intent to wake up in this context for whatever reason, is genuinely jeopardizing all the 'ground' that he's gained through higher-density advancement on the 'roll of the die', so to speak; he's taking a real gamble, with very high stakes, and has something quite definite and precious to lose.

"And even if you take into consideration that 'all the King's horses and all the King's men' of the higher densities are going to try very bard to put this Humpty-Dumpty back together, retread an optimum patterning potential (given the newly issued karmic currents being generated by the 'fallen soul' in its recidivist opacity), the original fateful rule of the 'free-will variable' prevails in all cases; when all is said and done, what's lost is lost and any 'recovery' depends on precisely the one factor that can never be determined with certainty, and therefore never 'coded' into the patterns beforehand (though it's function can be taken into consideration by the patterns, no?). So the 'gamble' of the incarnating teacher is a real risk, and much more can be lost in terms of the whole than is accounted for by merely personal measurement. Theoretically, a Buddha of the higher densities can be lost, a Christ or Krishna, a Lao-Tsu can take an unceremonious nose-dive into the tarpit with the best of intentions, and then there's no way to know when that irreplaceably precious Consciousness can be recovered again!"

"Well, even incarnations taking their points-of-departure from higher 5th and 6th density levels are given variable priorities—even in the higher positive framework some are considered more essential, or critically 'central', than others and are accorded correspondingly greater values of supervisorial Attention; but of course, you are right, Colonel. Even those with the highest 'priority' are taking the same risks, and ultimately depend upon precisely the most unpredictable of variables.

"Then I begin to see what your question is," MT laughed. "If higher-density positive beings are taking such an all-or-nothing gamble by incarnating, they're at least doing so for understandable stakes, as a gesture obviously compatible with the seemingly-sacrificial character of the process—but whatever could motivate a higher-density negative being to take such an indeterminately risky leap into the treacherous backwaters of 'lower manifestation'? Surely the negatively-polarized soul has no affinity whatsoever with anything so formally 'sacrificial'—perhaps the negative-style of consciousness could presume to profit from a pseudo-incarnation, as with the hokey 'walk-in' phenomenon where no real consciousness is lost at all, no Veil of the lower densities is assumed but the 'inhabiting' consciousness of the required body is simply displaced, by persuasive or—if possible—forcible expropriation. But what could possibly be the percentage for the negative being in actually submitting to the full-scale, uncompromised process of amnesic incarnation necessarily engaged by one-and-all when coming through the portals of physical-womb birth?"

"Yes; that is the question. It apparently happens; but why? What does the negative-polarized soul have to gain that is so important and otherwise unobtainable that it would take the greatest of all risks? It seems that the negative-being is above all canny, it seems he'd play the safest odds, and never take a bet that wasn't totally stacked in his favor."

"And so it is. You're right, Colonel. The negative being won't do anything in that sense that isn't guaranteed beforehand, and that certainly includes the 'riskiest' of all ventures: that of 'taking birth'. Again, he will do it, very rarely—but at climactic moments of optimum potential polarization of consciousness positive or negative as we have now with our world-situation, there is more incentive for direct wholesale Gain than at any other time, so that the 'risk' factor is deemed acceptable by virtue of extraordinary circumstance; at the same time, the negative being hedges the bet by using certain potential that's available to him as service-to-self polarization, which is not comparably available to the positively-polarized being."

"What's that?"

"Well, whereas the positive higher-density being has to 'wake up' to his actual level of realization in the physical framework on his 'own' merits, unaided and strictly according to his latent intuitive capacity to seize upon the timed, coded potential 'built-in' to his incarnation, the negative higher density being—playing by a different rule-book, with different tactical objectives—may stack the deck in his favor beforehand through his multidimensional, planning-level consciousness, by placing 'plants' or confederates in strategic physical-plane positions. These confederates may themselves have such deliberate 'facilitators' implanted on their behalf to awaken them to their roles at the proper time, or they may have been originally installed through circumventing the straightforward 'amnesiac' route of literal physical birth by appropriating bodies as "walk-ins', adapting a cover identity molded into a similitude of Earth-physiognomy from which frequent interdimensional 'refreshment breaks' could be taken unobtrusively etc. In any case, their calculatedly-positioned presence would ensure that the rearing and development of the incarnated 'antichrist' would be silently supervised, at a discreet distance perhaps but nonetheless with continuous surveillance until such prearranged or optimally-propitious time as was considered ripe to intercede and directly Wake him to his predestined role, revive the memory and consciousness of just who and what he is and what his intended purpose in that incarnation must necessarily be."

"You mean, pretty much just as it was portrayed in the Omen series, with the sinister governess 'overseeing' Damien's development, and the military figure at the academy who's planted there to help him along in his incipient self-awareness."

"Exactly. It works very much like that, in fact."

"But wait; if the facilitators of this 'antichrist' personality don't necessarily have to literally take birth in order to be functionally present for the occasion, why isn't that equally true of the 'antichrist'-being himself? Why does he have to suffer even the minimum danger involved in the amnesic lapse by which he physically comes to birth? What's the real advantage of such a self-blinding womb birth...? And furthermore, since these are all self-serving, negative entities we're talking about here, what's to prevent the very 'facilitators' who have to know about the actual presence and whereabouts of this infant antichrist, from taking advantage of his momentary incarnate vulnerability before he 'grows' into his self-recognized power again— what prevents them from slaying him or soul-imprisoning him in his rendered infant form so as to advance themselves up to the higher-dimensional position he's seemingly vacated temporarily?"

"First of all, a higher-dimensional portion of this personality-presence doesn't incarnate—the individualized version of what is Oversold consciousness on the 'positive' side, doesn't embody in the lower dimensions with the soul-projection but rather supervises from Above by continuously adjusting 'karmic' currents and thought-patterns etc. That negative, individualized multidimensional Persona 'stands guard' over its projected-incarnating aspect, and has the power hierarchically to undo any of those lesser servitors appointed to take care of the Incarnation. At the same time, those minions and servitors participate in the process and cooperate not merely from fear of Luciferian reprisal toward apostasy or failure, but out of anticipation for reciprocal gains in terms of advancing their power, status and overall position once the antichrist-character succeeds in his massive negative harvest. They expect to profit by the superior power this incarnate antichrist is ultimately able to bring to bear on the whole business of 'turning the planet negative'—capturing it and as much of its soul-field as possible, as a negative resource to add as a plum to the Empire.

"As for the advantage to the 'antichrist' character himself, of suffering the temporary lapse involved in literal birth or incarnation regardless how much his oversoul-surrogate has hedged the bet and sewed it 'round with demon guardians. Don't forget, this incarnation, this 'slipping-in' through the dark portal of birth takes place amidst a certain proportion of positively-integrated Earth-souls, or amongst those of at least potentially positive service; and amongst these there are certain having 'powers' of their own, forms of far-seeing psychism or even higher types of spirit-intuition which might be capable of detecting the proximal presence of intentional malevolence with the trigger-response of an electric eye. It therefore serves this antichrist best if, until he's brought to the point-of-no-return in fully recovering knowledge of his Identity and undercover 'mission', he himself is 'innocently' unaware of that identity so that he may go through childhood, puberty and carry adulthood without 'setting off psychic alarms', as it were. You see?"

"Yes, it makes sense. If he isn't aware of his own nature and mission, he won't be prematurely creating the thought-forms and 'signs' that alert possible, propinquitous sensitives to his presence. His 'supervising' servitors on the other hand, should already have sufficient psychic capacity and higher-dimensional, magical powers themselves to shield both their own presence and activity and that of their unknowing, unholy 'charge'."

"Right. So while the ludicrous 'Jeanie Dixons' and 'Ruth Montgomerys' are prattling inanely about the 'birth of the antichrist' here, and his 'activity', there, the real antichrist slips right in, unheralded and unnoticed like an anonymous lamb, right into the midst of the flock just ripe for shearing precisely because it's in the meantime mesmerized by sideshow distractions such as the know-nothing hit-and-miss 'Dixons' of the world."

"That's right, we invented you, Quaid; the perfect mole. It was the only way to fool the psychics."


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