The Vision

Excerpt: MT Notebook August 1983: "Arrived in Los Angeles today from Oregon.

Afternoon Traveling down Figueroa Boulevard J driving, AAA front seat, MT back seat.

Approximately 2:43 p.m., MT had one of his infrequent Fire Visions, i.e. Sakti burns up the whole reality-framework momentarily and replaces it completely with waking image of another reality, physically as tangible as the first but more "dreamlike", visionary. With this sudden Vision of replacement-reality, MT still "riding in backseat of car" but it is nocturnal scene. "We " seem to be winding along a road which is psychically impressed as—very emphatically—Topanga Canyon Boulevard. Large manicured houses recessed from street, indicative of the area.


Streetlamps are burning, give impression of glowing fireflies. As we move through the "turn", the curving vista gives out upon scene where focus of observation passes numerous children in Halloween costumes floating dreamily along the sidewalk, little groups breaking off down a drive or walkway, some standing on porches...As the view moves through its curving angle, one of these recessed porches (past colonnades of overhanging foliage) catches the attention; sitting at the edge of this porch is a carved, lit pumpkin, a glowing Jack-o '-lantern.


Communicated instantly through the Vision is that this Jack-o '-lantern is God Conveyed along with the impression, unmistakably, is that it's not only "god-in-the-abstract", but Meher Baba in particular. The vision is very brief, probably doesn't take more than two seconds of real time, though it's leisurely-enough "in context". Image-reality disappears, replaced without transition by "waking reality" of F. Boulevard

MT subsequently expressed this vision to Southern Crown students, later in the decade, without comment.


The meaning of the above Vision (August 1983) is now made clear to one and all. This Introduction to Matrix IV is being penned only a few days after the Great California Fire of '93, which was started by an arsonist in Calabasas and ended half a mile from the doorstep of AAA and MT.


The decisive break-boundary of the fire, where the firefighters made their dramatic "last stand" before the blaze leaped into the Pacific Palisades and threatened the whole Santa Monica area, was announced over international airwaves as... Topanga Canyon Boulevard. The fire was begun a day after Halloween but was preceded by adjacent (set) fires that blazed just before and during Halloween. The massive and greater fire considered here, was lit in Calabasas.

Calabasas is Spanish for "pumpkin" (thus the Vision of a Jack-o'-lantern, or Pumpkin with a flame in it). In the Vision, that pumpkin was intuitively recognized as God, and not just god-in-the-abstract but Meher Baba in particular. For those who may not know, Meher Baba, the Iranian-born Spiritual Master and proclaimed Avatar of the Age (died 1969), lived in India in a place called The Pumpkin.


Meher Baba is renowned for having gone into permanent silence early in his teaching work, communicating only through a letter-board thereafter; he'd announced he would break his silence only when the world reached its ultimate/eleventh hour crisis, at which time he promised to speak the Word that would redeem the world.


It is assumed by the dubious that he failed to break his silence and speak that Word owing to his physical death in '69 which, according to observers, was unaccompanied by speech. Instead, he wrote the number 31 on his board. It's presumed, even by his loyalest followers, that this written number was a predictive referral to his date of death. Yet, as we observe in the MT piece Motto-in-the-Lotto, if this were all the "31" signified, the Avatar of the Age would have departed with a gesture placing him approximately on a par with the Amazing Kreskin.


We suggest, in the above article, that 31 is indeed a "Word" in the sense that "number" signifies vibration, and 31 is a particularly powerful vibration. Therefore at the very least it's a Key, and indicates the Initiation of a Process which, while not so obvious and literal as an overt enunciation on the lips of a "particular person" may nonetheless be interpreted as a true fulfillment of the Promise in a larger and more subtle sense.


Thus a reassessment of what it means for the "Avatar of the Age" to "break silence" and "speak a Word", seems very much in order. At this late juncture in the historical climax of the whole Earth-sphere, it seems imperative to abandon childish understandings in favor of a real sophistication especially toward appreciating what an avataric presence really is and means, how it should be properly identified and received, and why its function is of greatest significance to the planet as a whole and each person in particular...

Wait a minute! Wait a minute, MT! We thought this was an Introduction to a Matrix book! What's all this about fires and avatars and words! We expected to hear about reptiles from Draco, secret scalar technologies, Nazis under the polar caps and other edifying stuff!?


Isn't this another book by that wonderful Val Valerian, who has tirelessly alerted us over the years, in his periodical Leading Edge and those unprecedented Matrix volumes, to a whole alternative universe of hidden knowledge and activity exploited by the international power elite at the expense of the world populace?


Isn't this another book by that same V.V. who has blown the whistle on the most outrageous "secret stuff' about the hidden government, covert space-alien pacts, Illuminati conspiracies, germ-warfare pogroms conducted against the citizenry and brainwave manipulation through FCC airspace?


If we wanted "guru" stuff, we'd go to Ram Dass! So bring on the bioscience, regale us with Clinton clones, tell us more about the grey abductions in twilight and the implant in uncle Albert's sinus!

Yes, this is a Matrix book by the great V.V... but it isn't another Matrix Book. After all, what would you want with just another Matrix Book!? Weren't the last three, about 1,000 pages apiece packing enough information on the secret science, alternative technologies, alien civilizations and shadow governments to keep you busy in mat zone a while? Don't tell MT you've read it all, understood the whole thing perfectly well and expect to pass on to more-of-the-same...


Should the reader have approached this volume in glowing anticipation of the same fare as has formerly been dished in Matrixidal abundance through the previous three, one would begin to suspect literary Bulimia. Only a binge-and-purge cycle could account for any such further craving after a repast already served in such colossal proportions as to keep a speed-reading Farouk fed for a millennium! Instead, the astute reader should be making best use of the earlier volumes through frequent recourse and continuous study, especially since the format of each largely takes the tone of presentation rather than interpretive conclusion; those volumes, volcanically over-boiling with an aggregated mass of rare and non-ordinary materials, were not given as—nor were they conceived in—the spirit of a definitive viewpoint.


As the MT introduction to Volume III proposed, they constitute the generation of an adequate paradigm, i.e. they suggest the sufficient outline of a Pattern capable of accommodating the kinds of reality yielding progressively unignorable evidence to contemporary sensibility yet commonly screened from acceptance, concession or acknowledgment according to profile of the receding paradigm.

Indeed in the previous introduction it was suggested that, only with Leading Edge/Matrix and Southern Crown/Thunderbird materials had a paradigm been adequately prepared proportional to the true cosmic scale of everyone's oncoming Reality, so that only there (in those Sources) would really be found a sufficient Pattern able to account for the anomaly of every negative and positive thing, pelting—or soon to pelt—the exposed epidermis of everyone with unfamiliar Hailing frequencies. The real question wasn't, then, Quo Vadis Paradigm? (since such had already been accomplished) but rather what to make of the seemingly monstrous Pattern emerging, like Godzilla from Tokyo Bay, out of the contemporary Matrix?

Thus this present Matrix volume really serves the function conducted by the previous three; but that function is largely an educative function, a means of suggestion and guidance through the Lighting of dark passages and the opening of sealed doorways otherwise largely unknown to the general public.

Let others, then, continue to feign Commanding their X-files from backlogs of old Vince-and-Gladys-Gaddis material, let others continue down the initial Matrix lead already chiseled along the mineshaft and posted with flambeau, for that's the only way they may proceed—along paths already well marked-out by the real pioneers. A thousand thousand writers will now tread the level plateau carved by incisive machete-slash of the Leading Edge and overflown by the colossal Thunderbird, for that's the only trajectory they're capable of negotiating: the one already blazed, and satisfactorily planed to a safer horizontally where the far-less bold and agile may find nonetheless the foothold of a profitable niche.

It is, after all, these Legions of come-lately-with-infinitely-less (who, sniffing a whole New World of potential exploitation opened by the true Psychic Magellans begin trickling in like ants toward picnic leftovers and then swarm the field in a scavenging free-for-all) that the general public would tend to follow... for the larger reading public, subliminally freed in the latitude of allowable Vision by those initial Clearings conducted by the pioneers, inclines "naturally"—as function of collective inertia—along the line of least resistance as well, which is exactly the "horizontal" plane traced out by the push already imparted: "inertia" is, after all, the tendency of an object placed in motion to remain in the line of that motion unless otherwise deflected by some countervailing force.

Thus the inertial tendency of a public set on a particular "scent" is to follow all the literal exemplifications and versions of that scent, accommodatingly furnished by late-arriving literati hacking aromatic blubber off the carcass of a Leviathan already landed. The natural tendency of the public left to itself, is to continue picking over carrion packaged and suitably marked-up by hacks in the literary abattoir, wholly absorbed in the "new stuff" and generally unable to distinguish spoor of the first fresh kill from literary tailings dragged to the market by vultures. The perennial public tendency is to nosh happily at the new lunch-wagon, linger forever at the next watering-hole— getting minutely and greedily "into it", inspecting and appraising the fascinating "stuff" as with a jeweler's eyepiece, conversing and discussing and debating endlessly over progressively more lifeless minutiae.

It's easiest, of course, to perceive the presence of the folk-folly in "others"—so the alternative-energies maven will express exasperation at the chronic question-mark of the UFO-buff, endlessly iterated (in punctuation of every fuzzy 8mm strip or wobbly out-of-focus video) within his characteristic ring-pass-not as "could there be?" "and if so, how?" while the abductee-group remains nonplussed at the cold distancing evinced as the limit-of-participation by the average alternative-energies advocate... And each within the comfort of his enclosure, willing to amass the respective types of "evidences" and anecdotes forever.

Yet it's obvious, by sheer enormity of the zone out of which these identity-specialties tend to proliferate on the horizontal plane, that the View as a Whole opens on an emergent non-ordinary reality progressively unimpeachable precisely in proportion as the psychic émigrés settle their niches in the New Territory. As opposed to the general inert absorption in incidental minutiae of the landscape, the actual Presence of that emergent reality begs for a means of mapping it Once opened, a new territory must be charted. Therefore while the folks on the dock necessarily chatter about the existence of that New Land, and speculate extravagantly as to its nature—all the more since shared ignorance allows unfettered flight—the original voyagers who first raised the cry remain mindful of its immediate demand.

After all, the entire Matrix of exposure regarding the shadow government, hidden technologies, alternative worlds, beings from the stars and interior dimensions reveals the functional existence of an Unknown Universe, that Revelation does not convey, as its primary importance, so much the alarming intelligence of your secret betrayal and ongoing exploitation, as the greater Knowledge of your continual existence in parallel with a Non-ordinary/Unknown Reality the nature of which leaks into, impinges upon and affects everything belonging to the blindered byways of the "known".

While the mass is ever preoccupied, then, with anecdote and incident "about" that alternate universe, apparently content to tell "tales of things unseen", those original Explorers sufficiently astute in the first place to detect that Presence beyond the mapped-out boundary-line of the "known" (just beyond the misty limit of the meridional comfort-zone) conserve the clarity-of-intent that drew them there; they maintain the steadiness of Eye to recognize that the current challenge presented by the fact of that larger Reality, takes its bearings in the Question as to how to map such reality, how to make this formidable New World Territory familiar, turn the Unknown to the knowable (to permissible limits); in the ongoing steadiness of that opened Eye, the very formidability of the proposed task provokes the further necessary question Who is there to do it?

Who will give sure knowledge, understanding, wisdom and true insight regarding these things that are merely anecdotal to the mass of 3rd-stage (i.e. Earth) consciousness?

Is it the "space-aliens" we find inhabiting this Territory, who will do it? Is it the multiple-channeled sources beaming in of late, from zones-unknown? Many there are who jump to the affirmative willy-nilly when these "solutions" are proposed: after all, they "reason" (using the term lightly, of course)—these beings are from that Unknown Land, therefore they ought to be best qualified to tell us about it, describe its features, teach us its rules and laws, equip us to travel freely in its field...

However, there are those already Light-enough on their own to understand these "sources" present precisely the terms and unfamiliar magnitudes that are in question to begin with.

  • How can one accept "tutelage " albeit very tentatively, from the lion whose lair you would negotiate?

  • How wise is it to unquestioningly accept riding-instructions from the very, wild roan you would ride?

  • Then what's the alternative, MT?

Surely we feel more "comfortable" getting our steering from someone who's here on the life raft right along with us over these dark waters, rather than getting our instructions from something "indeterminate" swimming alongside the boat; but how may we be taught about those Deeps themselves, by someone with whom we share the familiarity of the raft?, since he is, precisely, on the raft and is therefore a "3rd stage" earth-focused form of consciousness just like ourselves! What would such flesh-folk know of the briny deep?

However, the flaw in the perception here is precisely the leveling idea that everyone "sharing the life raft with you", i.e. decidedly "incarnate" in the flesh body of 3rd density-style Earth consciousness, is ipso facto a specimen of 3rd-density consciousness alone—that is, on a par with yourself and therefore no more qualified to teach the Deep Ways than you are.


This flaw in perception has led to two, equally invalid forms of "reasoning":

(1) The commonality of the shared incarnate state makes everyone automatically a democratic equal in terms of right, or authority, to expound upon the mystifying things; thus there are those (usually found today on the New Age circuit or advertising in Whole Life) who presume themselves adequate to the task of explaining, peddling or pontificating on the Mysteries by default, since to them there appears no one sharing a "birthday suit" less blindered than themselves (i.e. it's "safe to say", for who is there to say "nay"?)

(2) No one sharing a flesh vehicle with-and-including yourself is qualified to teach Mysteries of the Higher (an angle which is, equally, of democratic comfort). Indeed the modern trend is to encourage such enforced egalitarianism in the form of "anti-cultism"; the thrust of this popular conflagration is governmentally fired, and fanned by the compliant media. Governmental arson in this case is easy to understand; the power elite does not want the competition of real Teachers or Teachings, plain and simple. If the government wants you to "find out" about the Non-ordinary reality with which it's had commerce for years, it will introduce and condition you to it its way; and a dose of Thallium dessert to anyone who sees it differently.

Disabused or "deprogramed" of the notion that any embodied being may brief you on the Greater Wisdom (except perhaps a special-case, past-tense-only exception such as "Jesus"— who of course was very popular with the government of his day), you are left wide open to be "introduced" to extra planetary or transdimensional denizens selectively approved behind the scenes, and represented as your providential "saviors" from all that sudden welter of woes fatefully unsolvable within your failing familiar context (i.e. just those "woes" ensured in their insolubility by a power elite polluting your living-space and then legislating your last-line-of-defense nutrients out from under you: welcome to 4th density, slave-state style).

The lie in the above litany of conventional wisdoms is exposed in the significant knowledge that beings of constitutionally "higher" density-correspondence or rapport do share, and have to some extent always shared, your fleshly estate; and they've done so for two interlocked reasons. Since beings from 4th to 6th density have shared and do share the incarnate 3rd density condition with you, the reasons for their doing so vary in proportionate priority according to the effective density-correlation of the given being.


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The Rays And Offices

The 4th-to-5th density beings elect to share the 3rd density condition first of all because the unique, inertial resistance of screened 3rd-density limit acts as an intensified catalytic agent for progressively-transcendent awakening. The rationale is that "3rd density" acts like a low-set springboard; the higher the dive onto the board (i.e. from the beginning, mid- or late 4th density etc.) the greater the repercussive spring and consequently the higher return loft. Thus 3rd density acts as an initiatory expediter for taking degrees of awakened consciousness beyond those presently enjoyed at the "higher"—but less catalytic—levels.

The "secondary" motivation for 4th-to-5th density beings is that of serving the awakening of the 3rd density beings amongst whom they'd take incarnation, as the very means of accelerating their own knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

For the comparatively few 6th density beings electing to take 3rd-density incarnation, the principal motivation is that of teaching/awakening 3rd density beings, of expediting the further initiations of incarnate "4th" and "5th" density beings, and secondarily of serving the acceleration of their own "advance" to the degree of Oversold consciousness (which begins at mid-6th density).


And although it's fair to say that many of these (constitutionally) higher-density beings "descend" originally from either space-time or time-space loci similar or identical to the ones from which saucer-folk beam and channel-entities broadcast, respectively, it must be noted as a cautionary fact that for those pledged by long-term initiatory "contract" to repeated 3rd density incarnations, there's proportionately less correspondence of exclusive affinity/identity with those higher density contexts in themselves.

Owing to the commitment of their initiatory "pledge", such higher density beings routinely incarnating in 3rd density develop the useful viewpoint of a "dual empathy" in keeping with conciliatory requirements of their given Office. This "dual empathy" is more or less pronounced, more or less balanced between high and low densities as a teaching function according to which Office it is they represent.

The Offices of which we speak are three in number. Those familiar with the "theosophical" material of Alice Bailey will recognize the recitation of Offices, and, for what it's worth, may note MT concurs on the validity of those Posts as cited therein.

  • The first Office is the cosmic Crown of the Manu, an universal-avataric function correlated with the Ray of Will.


  • The second Office is that of the Bodhisattva (definitionally exemplified by Jesus and Buddha, historically) correlated with the Ray of Love/Wisdom.


  • The third Office is that of Mahachohan, correlated with the Ray of Ceremonial Magick (i.e. the Ray of Intelligent Activity), associated with the Akashic dimension-of-being and the Principal of Mother.

"Mother" has, historically, remained unembodied in terms of an avataric representation until now, so that the Office has (again, historically) been filled exclusively by a male ambassador to the Post Mahachohan remains to this day the designation of the male counterpart to the Ray of Intelligent Activity; "Mother" is proper title for the female embodiment of that Ray—and only that female embodiment technically qualifies for the designation, since she alone fulfills a specific mind/body function with respect to requirements of the Office.


The latter Office is indeed the most deeply "terrestrialized" of the Offices; its sacred representatives or Incarnations take embodiment more fully than the representatives of the other two. Thus one may expect that the quotient of "shared empathy" between higher and lower densities is greatest of all in the Persons of the Mahachohan and the Mother, and that the fulfillment of their particular Offices has very much to do with this quality of shared empathy. (More on the three theosophical Offices in Excerpt-"Introduction to the Mother Book").

Although there are usually one or (at the most) two complete and authentic embodiments of each—or any—Office at any one time on the "earth-plane", all incarnations into 3rd density projected from the higher densities whether 4th, 5th or 6th take place under the auspice of one of those three Rays.

For example, though the Mahachohan and the Mother are embodied at this time thus completely filling the Office, numbers of other beings from 4th, 5th and 6th density presently take embodiment under implicit aegis of their Office and therefore serve, with or without awakened knowledge as such (in any given case) in the form of functionaries on behalf of the Ray of Intelligent Activity. They are, as it were, "Mother's little helpers".

Thus from 4th, 5th and 6th densities do indeed come (in hierarchic order) authentic teachers, adepts, masters and avatars pertaining variously to the Offices of Manu, Bodhisattva and Mahachohan. The Mahachohan is, for example, Master of the adepts for the Ray of Intelligent Activity, or the Ceremonial Magick Ray (see Treatise on Cosmic Fire, A. Bailey).

It is given that the Bodhisattva (Love/Wisdom) "learns" from the Manu (Will), and the Mahachohan/Mother (Intelligent Activity) "learns" from the Bodhisattva.


Thus their respective Offices tend to manifest historically in an overlapping succession of phases mirroring this hierarchy. Each brings the Change initiated by the Manu at that time, deeper and with progressive indelibility into the "physical" sphere, toward eventually expediting a wholesale 4th density transition of that sphere.

The aforementioned Meher Baba of Puna, India, fulfilled the modern Office of Manu for the present aeonic transition. This is an "assertion" which, nonetheless, we shall demonstrate in the body of our text (e.g. Motto-in-the-Lotto) to a degree sufficiently suggestive for those prepared to identify the characteristic marks and signatures. In fulfillment of that Office, he prepared the Way for the complementary modem embodiments of the Bodhisattva function; Baba died in 1969, and those contemporary Heart-functionaries began almost immediately thereafter, in the early '70s, to perform their teaching work.


One such functionary was murdered; the other is at the present time decommissioned—but neither eventuality transpired until sufficient ground was prepared for advent of the final functionaries of the Triune Spiritual Offices, the Mahachohan and the (first time, awakened) embodiment of the Mother. Events relative to the respective outcomes of the Bodhisattva emissaries were concluded by the end of the 1980s; activation of the Office of Mahachohan, the Ray of Ceremonial Magick (or Intelligent Activity) and advent of the planetary Mother occurred in overlap at approximately the same time (late '80s, early '90s).


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Why The Crown Of False Knowledge Always Dreads This Word

Do you dread this word? Do you hate to hear it, and had hoped to hear another? (Perhaps, how the artificial satellite of reptoid-bearing horrors is fast approaching, how giant natural and/or manmade cataclysms are soon to shake and change the shape of our map forever? hmmm?) The depth of your aversion may therefore be taken as a fairly accurate measure of the extent to which you've been "programed" (or deprogramed, as the case may be) to accept everything but the intimate truth of what's really been going on all along. Ask yourself why this gentle information ought to bother you so terribly... Why is it so much easier to accept the idea that help and knowledge and love and salvation are somehow coming from "elsewhere", from a safely (?) removed dimension?


Is it because the apparent distance implied in the constitutional "difference" between you and a space-being or you and a channeled source, imparts a comforting kind of buffer! as if it were an operative fact that, coming from Elsewhere "they" just stick their heads into this plane long enough to impersonally impart some information (that we may grab and drag to a private comer in the manner of a mutt worrying its bone) and then withdraw so as not to bother us further, like a visiting neighbor we can tolerate for an afternoon as long as he brings the schnapps?

Are you that sold on the dream of "egalitarianism" that you will only tolerate total inequality in the political, social and economic arenas but reserve as your last bastion (in defense of your sovereign purchase on the plan) the indeterminable equivalence of everything and everyone in the zones of spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical acumen? Do you hold out as final defense of your "inalienable right", the right to remain on an objective par with anyone packing a reproductive organ (by the insistent reduction of all reality-interpretation, submitted no matter from whom, to the status of "opinion") so that you may secretly affirm your impregnable superiority on the subjective side?

Then ask yourself how you'd treat the same precious pearl of egalitarianism, were you to approach a professor of the higher calculus with a little knowledge of long division under your belt...

  • Would you insist his mastery of the calculus was just an "opinion", on equal footing with your finger-counting?

  • If despite yourself you recognized his superior knowledge, would you seek to extract it by keeping up the bluff in his very face that such knowledge in no way made you different (as if you could be a rocket scientist just as easily as he), but that you'd be happy to "share" your respective accomplishments between you?

  • Are you that conditioned to saving face owing to your actual uncertainty, you'd insist you have a sculpture very much like that of Mount Rushmore at home on your living-room mantle?

  • Who gave you this compulsive orientation—do you know?

Yes, we can find within that "motivation" toward arbitrary, autonomous self-authority both honorable and dishonorable components, both factors justified by the psychological facts of existence and not-so justified. One has a justifiable wish not to be exploited in the real vulnerability and contingency of one's "not knowing" (a chronic condition of not-knowing that, regardless every learned assertion of certitude, swamps from all bewildering sides of existence with the inexorability of sleep).


One has an earnest desire that this worrisome state of existential ignorance clinging despite every daylight denial, not serve as treacherous occasion for the displacement of one's potential power in trust of "another", pretending to have one's best interests at heart and a superior grasp of the secrets of life while surreptitiously claiming advantage through just such trusting submission.


To the end of securing these justifiable concerns, however, the soul seals itself in the premature hermeticism of the "culturally approved", first impressed as psychic Monitor in introjection of the parental superego (a remis aufreud ) and personified thereafter by social authority of every kind. One either emulates the sovereignty of that authority in identification with its peremptory stature, or submits to it uncritically for the implicit approbation it awards. In either case, one has fatally swapped one's personal plague of ignorance for a crown of False Knowledge.

One submits at an early age (therefore an age very vulnerable in terms even of simple mechanical forms of "not knowing") to the cult of enculturation; and, feeling the internal betrayal ever after in refractory persistence of that nervous contingency before life's imponderables, one learns to protest all the louder against anything which curls into a question-mark so as to lay the wound of doubt in the well-armored side.

Thus in a very real sense "you" are your government before ever the government gets its indoctrinating hooks more deeply embedded; for one always invites that reactive conditioning by one's enculturated readiness to accept all The pseudo-answers of society—any society, actually. We have said above that people anoint themselves, from childhood, with the Crown of False Knowledge all-too-readily conferred by the mossback social norm.


With a little inspection,

  • Isn't it self-evidently a crown of False Knowledge?

  • Doesn't it secure your bluff sovereignty and fake insularity from the existential uncertainty of being, with a "knowledge" borrowing all its strength against the condition of uncritical acceptance?

  • Isn't this what makes it in fact so vexingly fragile despite all its counsel poured into the porch of your children's ear?

  • So that indeed its "unimpeachability" has to be patrolled and enforced, and you must shout its indubitability into the wind?

  • Isn't it self-evidently a Crown of False Knowledge since all the "answers" of its allowable identification patterns fall woefully short of accounting for, or even addressing, the authentic questions-of-be-ing?

  • —i.e. questions generated by the very fact of your apparently-contingent existence?

  • Isn't this crown of False Knowledge an introjected norm self-evidently designed for the knee-jerk obedience of crowd control, while counterfeiting the coin of real answers (that ought to be negotiable in any dimension-of-being) in terms of eternal postponements purchased through "faith", "belief, trust or confidence in the stability of established power?

Therefore you're taught that you "already know it", and that inferentially it's a sacrilegious insult against your knowledge-reinforced ego-being altogether should something arise to impugn that presupposition. Despite all your cherished sense of "individuality", you have to ask yourself: on what is that "individuality" based altogether? Whether "society's darling" or "daring rebel against society", then, you remain—problematically—culture's child, its "good boy" or "girl". Whether seated at the bar or behind bars, you're a member-in-good-standing in the cult of culture: for, whatever your stance, you "already know it".


Whether judge behind the bench or criminal in the docket, then, both would heartily concur and come to temporary fellowship in driving the true teacher out the door, pelting the adept with rotten apples and stoning the Master all the way back to his Temple... For the only real affront to the psyche of this 3rd-density demesne is the teacher or adept of a truly higher density of development able, to one degree or another depending on initiatic alignment, to furnish true answers in replacement of the crippling prematurity of the false—on condition that the psyche indigenous to this domain experimentally drop its rabid hold upon its little dog-biscuits of pseudo-knowledge long enough to test the teachings from a viewpoint of real participation.

Indeed, that is what you're being challenged to do here. You're being cordially invited, by VV and MT too, to participate in this non-ordinary knowledge—not just to look, pick-and-choose as if attending a rummage and then move on to the nearest channeled testament to your sense of personal sovereignty (secured only by stopping things in place, and ratifying your culturally-instilled omniscience with the ego balm of "understandings" you already have, as if the Aardvark channeling from Ray-el were your Aunt Martha with a head-cold).

Come now, ladies and gentlemen...

  • Do you always want to settle on the stuff that's easy and already palatable because it presses all the right keys of the psychic vocabulary you already have?

  • Will you ever only look for the things that confirm you where you are, that ostensibly just ratify "your own" inner knowing (i.e. that "deep intuitive" suspicion of your sublime self-sovereignty which really only holds if you ask it no relevant questions)?

  • What, really, do you do with a living higher-density Presence assuming the function of true spiritual tutelage from a fully incarnate vantage, face-to-face in 3rd density, uniquely featuring that dual sympathy alluded to earlier (only obtained through the loving commitment of an authentically higher-density consciousness toward sharing the condition of chronic embodiment in 3rd)?

  • What do you do?

The traditional answer is, you first worship it uncritically if you recognize something non-ordinary in its presence; next, you bridle and have second thoughts when such authentic presence demands, by its very nature, a real change based on the exercise of personal volition with deference toward all those things not yet mastered according to modest self-admission (rather than persistence in the subtle reflected glory of "star" worship, compulsively seeking the endless addition of adherents in order to effect an infinite reinforcement and continual self-assurance against the persisting creak of unrepaired contingency).

Receiving no palliation (when your effort at substituting the easy slavishness of "following" for the persistent requirement of loving work in Will is constantly rebuffed), you take such second thoughts over to the nearest deprogrammer governmentally encouraged to support dawning doubts with simple-minded "criteria for determining a cult" etc.; you then perceive accordingly that, yes, "my" teacher checks off unfavorably against the list—he "made me" doubt the social order, estranged me from the values of my family, presented a viewpoint that required adaptation in place of the old, presented "exercises" that made me "see things differently" conceptually and perceptually...Aha. Welcome back to the cult of the norm. That is how things are done here, traditionally.

Socrates was forced to drink the hemlock, for much less than is presented in this book. It should be only self-evident to any reader finding this volume in his hands, that the conventional "criteria" for avoiding your hypnotic takeover and brainwashing covers everything whatsoever and therefore covers nothing. Those "criteria" for "determining a cult" are just a way of enforcing the cultural norm, suitable to personality types that are grossly analytic already.


While "keeping vigilance" against any teaching that potentially "alienates you from your family's values" may certainly "save you" from some sinister mountebank with a copy of "Hypnosis-Made-Easy" in his back pocket and a basilisk eye on your bankbook, it also efficiently insulates you against any real teacher or teaching of a higher stage than your straitjacketed 3rd!

For any authentic Teaching must first disabuse you of persistently wearing the Crown of False Knowledge conferred by enculturation, and thus generally precious to your parents; it's precisely that Crown, remember, which is originally fashioned as uncritical substitute to fill up and mask those inner-subjective gaps where chronically unanswered/existential concerns, vital concerns of the deep being centered on the Who, What, Why and Wherefore of one's Life, are left to languish.

But what languishes, rots; the False Crown of cultural "knowledge" (not any particular "piece" of objective knowledge but simply the uncritical certitude that "I already know", whether "religious" or "secular" in content) is never enough in any case, since the unacknowledged gangrene-of-the-soul that inevitably sets in demands something more, from an intrinsic dimension of one's own greater being.


Society has to "save you" from false and true teachers. Indeed it will only "save you" from those false teachers that threaten the innate falsity of its Teaching. It won't save you from its kind of false teacher. And it will certainly never equip you with the means of identifying the true.


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Beamship Collision Course With The Real Mother's Ship

"But wait, MT", we hear another common objection...We may not "already know" in the way we think we do, in terms of culturally supplied "answers"—but don't we already know in our souls? Aren't we already, in our intrinsic Being a sufficient connection to the greater Reality so that ultimately we only have the sovereignty of our own intuitive Authority, secured by that connection, as a sufficiency to warrant our confidence and our self-reliant Awakening? What need of "another" altogether, when it comes to this particular topic of Knowledge? since, unlike the higher calculus, the Questions of Existence are rooted in our own innate Being?

Well, "how have you done so far"? (don't tell MT... tell yourself; that's the only chance of your being honest with yourself). Have "Bashar" or the "Pleiadeans" really given you anything more than an ego-rush at the enforcement of "inner knowings" as to your solipsistic command of the cosmos? Where are you left when the pep-talk enthusiasm dies down? The nature of this "reality" is a little more refractory than that.


Yes, Truth ultimately comes in the god-being of your own innate Self; but before that, It comes in the form of "other", and necessarily so. This is the Way your cosmic and spiritual education is Logoically given; you implicitly strain forward out of the "sovereignty" of your inner self, to catch the assurances of "others" such as Krishnamurthi or Ramtha as to the validity of that sovereignty. Why?

That very motion (no matter how minute) to check and confirm, betrays a lack of confidence. And rightly so. For it is chronically the lower case "self, the standardized ego-self (by the conventions of identity) which seeks affirmation of its self-insular sovereignty, the assurance of its imperious autonomy as a "reality creator", as "captain of its soul" etc.

Yet it's precisely that "lower case" or ego-self which exists by virtue of the Crown of False Knowledge. It is not that Soul which "already knows", but the fatuous function of the enculturated norm which "already knows" as a general way of insulating itself from the larger intuition of the soul. It is the illusionary sovereign of an insular self-enclosure, which, far from commanding automatic knowledge of the Greater Reality, seals itself off and locks itself away from the greater Reality precisely in proportion as it touts uncritical acceptance in "knowledge" of its imaginary-subject identity.

Truth first comes in the form of "Other" because this ego-self is not "already awake", not already alive to its greater reality. It's closed to the greater reality, which necessarily then appears as an "otherness" to it Indeed its tendency is to insulate itself from exactly the inexorable "erosion" of this "Otherness", or the Greater Reality.


Truth must first come in the form of Other, for it's precisely this "other"—otherwise complementing and "completing" the partiality of the ego-subject—which the ego-self infinitely fears and resists at the same time it seeks self-ratification from the field of other (since it feels the chronic incompletion of its own subjective "sovereignty"). Only "Other" can take the ego-subject out of or Beyond itself, as a requirement of its aligning with and locking into the Total Being constituting the true ground of its Intuitive Unity.

Thus you must always take the teaching-function of your Awakening first from "another". Despite the glib Krishnamurthiization of this century's lazier "seekers", the state of your "innate Knowing" starts out crippled by a real malalignment of your mind/body coordinates (through which the totality is functionally focused and processed), based on the encoiled cultural norm of the ego-self that "already knows". And Logos Already Knows This.

That's why It always provides for you, but in Its Way not "yours", through the functions and functionaries of the Triune Spiritual Offices: Manu, Bodhisattva and Mahachohan. It Always sends someone to Be With You. And Its only "requirement" on your part, to comply with your Awakening to the Whole, lies not in some Knowledge or great Whole-being awareness you just don't automatically have (no matter how wounding this may be to your ego) but simply in your recognition, your grateful non-reluctant acknowledgment and your authentic love. The teacher, adept or master doesn't demand this respect and love from you. Your own soul demands it of you, as a condition of getting out of your loveless insularity and bleak self-insistence that the brass you display as the only metal you can retrieve on "your own" recognizance, is really Gold.

This, however, is already too much as far as the culture and its governmental instrument are ever concerned—for they're forever jealous of 'their own" (insistent-but-vulnerable) self-sovereignty, and therefore peremptorily claim a monopoly on your love. That's all that's ever really gone on here. That's the whole story of this dimension—and you haven't even got past the Introduction!

Then who are the real teachers, adepts and masters? Teachers, adepts and masters have collaborated in the composition of this book. Actually, you've known them for some time but didn't know you knew them.

Then what's a teacher? what's an adept? what's a master?


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The Teacher

First of all, a teacher in the strict sense (remember to MT these are formal not casual categories) is one whose cumulative developmental background over the incarnate arc roughly corresponds already to a minimum early 4th density. He's already bowled a passing frame, so to speak, and is back here in the 3rd basically to "pick up the spare".


Such teachers generally incarnate, whether "aware" of it or not, in supplemental accompaniment of the work of adepts and masters. Theirs is not so much a secondary function in that sense, as a work of primary importance in itself whereby the fructifying spirit (seeded by the contemporary "squadron" of adepts, avatars etc.) is nourished and extravagantly expanded, in real works that enter into and profoundly affect the cultures-of-the-world at large.


Such beings are ''teachers" not in the sense of pedants or—necessarily—as formal instructors but in the sense of great lovers, whose uncommon adroitness in the art of caressing and bringing Life to little climaxes of inspiration serves in the long run to accelerate the general perception. They teach as a spontaneous function of their gargantuan creativity then; they naturally lead the lights of intelligence moving down the darkened corridors of 3rd density on behalf of the whole, as expression of their superior magnetic coherence gently but persuasively entraining the "leading edge" of that remaining mass which is at all self-moved toward higher states of creative integrity.


They may be "recognized" in their day or they may not; they may be acknowledged by their peers or they may suffer neglect in their lifetimes. Yet their influence is inexorable over the longer haul, so far ahead in many cases that it simply takes the grinding passage of time beyond their own little lifespans to fill-in a sufficient number of cultural blanks for others to catch up.

It's not that such real teachers don't also learn; they are, on the contrary, constantly learning, and they learn—know it or not—through cultivated psychic antennae attuned to the basic spiritual numen being first of all focused through the translucent lens of adep-perception. They may not—usually do not—have formal connection to or knowledge of the spiritual masters and adepts contemporaneously seeded around the globe at any given time with them; such teachers, owing to the blindering darkness of the 3rd density condition, might consciously belittle the very idea of "spiritual adepts" etc. Yet they're functionaries of those adepts and masters whether or not they know it, pledged by pre-incarnative agreement to further the fertilizing Spirit of the Time brought forward in direct/down-pouring abundance by those masters.

Therefore the true teacher (in this strict/formal sense) is constantly learning basically as a means of employing the quickening catalyst of 3rd-density condition in acceleration of his ongoing density-correspondence at the soul level. A teacher technically corresponding to early 4th density (upon first taking the particular life of 3rd density incarnation as which he becomes subsequently known) may at the completion of that corporeal span have so magnified the integral sum of accessible qualities as further "opening of the lotus petals of the heart" that he's effectually matriculated, and passes after exhaustion of bodily life to a higher 4th density demesne. Such a teacher "learns" just like everyone then, but in an uncommon way, a way frankly beyond the available potential of the mass-conscious mind correlated strictly to 3rd density.

Such a teacher has an omnivorous appetite for learning; his learning is an awesome spectacle to the rest His heroic "learning" is the colossal feast of some Pantagruel, and the materials of that feast are always being passed and processed through a mighty transmogrification within his being, alchemically transmuted in the full-tilt alembic of his soul so that what is "learned" flows out the athanor as lambent Vision, Hailing to the rest and setting the Learning Standard for the time and times to come.

Amongst those we may legitimately cite as teachers are, in this century, lights such as Tesla, Einstein, Picasso, Dali, Joyce, Stravinsky, Freud, Jung, Reich, Rife, Isha and H. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and Jack Kerouac. (These are named because well known—they hardly exhaust the list)


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The Adept

Adepts are those whose cumulative background by incarnation has fitted them to a (technical) mid-4th density correspondence or higher, some even pressing experientially upon the 5th. An adept is one developed to a sufficient degree of mind/body integration as to have minimum command upon certain "inner" or esoteric powers; according to the tradition in which he develops or expresses, such non-ordinary faculty may be a manifestation of one or a number of chakras in combination, and may take the characteristic form of facility with "astral travel", spirit summoning, manifestation of "siddhi" ("supernormal" power of the type demonstrated by snow-melting monk or levitating acolyte, the qi phenomena of the martial arts adept) etc.


The adept has developed sufficient control of certain vehicles or combinations of vehicles, centers or a synthesis of centers as to be able to invoke the non-ordinary state at will. He's thus enabled to make use of powers, faculties, energies, "inner" subtle organs and magnetic life-fields unknown or technically unavailable to others.

Just as the "teacher" of our first definition brings a real creative power forward which influences the operative—3rd—density either directly (by its persuasion of minds) or more subtly (through quickening of the "biomorphic field" with superior ideoform coherence), the adept serves as a kind of intensifying "node" in the network of subtle energies undergirding the globe; in giving expression to one or more types of such subtle force (through characteristic exercise of control over same) he acts as a kind of nonlinear convergence-locus through which amplified energies issue, consequently influencing overall acceleration of the plane. The implicit intensity of his integral presence may be compared to a gravitational field, which conformally bends and thereby accelerates whatever is drawn under its influence.

Owing to his capacity or his training for tapping the field of such subtle power, the adept generally has a minimal grasp of many of the principles involved in the enlarged framework. Though he may be thus familiar with those immediate principles involved in the given art (e.g. astral traveling), or may be more generally familiar with principles of the overall infrastructure, his adeptship is located in the specific control he exercises with respect to certain subtle functions or faculties.


The hallmark of the adept is his practical expertise in generating the particular power or rousing the particular force (or set of forces) with which he's identified. He's marked by the ability to draw on the non-ordinary at will.


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The Master

Master is the designation for one whose cumulative background, incarnationally or otherwise, has fitted him to a minimum 5th density correspondence. Many "criteria" have been given for the qualification—or identification—of a Master; it has been stipulated through one tradition or another that a "master" must be he who's completed a certain minimum curriculum, performed or passed through certain formal threshold rites, who has met the requirements of "knowledge" in the ladder of lower grades etc.


Yet the characteristic of the Master has no such outward measure or objective guarantor at all. A Master is one whose value of mind/body integration and quotient of stable coherence is minimally such as to establish him in a constancy of non-ordinary being. He is one enjoying uninterrupted continuity in integral congruence with the Ground of Being, to greater or lesser degree. This is the minimal requisite for "Master"—for a Master is, constitutionally, one Who's "crossed the abyss" dividing the "slumbering" states of consciousness from the Awakened state of consciousness. The master is one who enjoys indelible Identity with, through, in and as spiritized Void-being, to greater or lesser intensity of all-consuming Equivalency.

He is one whose every thought, feeling, mood, emotion and behavior is tacitly referenced toward Void-being, automatically oriented with respect to Void-being, discharges as celebratory expression or intended symbol-form of Void-being, and is constitutionally ordered as the distributive largesse of Void-being. He is, as the traditions say, dyed fast in the color of Reality. His "practice" is ecstatic intensification in the alignment of that Presence, through a kind of unhesitating devotional willingness that can only come from living the Reality of that Presence rather than merely anticipating it.

This distinguishes the Master from the adept, as a state of Being. Whereas the adept may produce or invoke or attain to qualities of void-being, may cut various "angles" into void-being at will by virtue of his subtle knowledge regarding the fulcra of control, the Master is established in Void-being. Being thus gyroscopically related to and balanced in the ground of Reality, the Master uniquely uses that condition itself as the skeleton key to Existence.


His steady-state Presence in-and-as Void-being allows him automatically to turn the tumblers on the various locks guarding the Principles of Life. Whereas the adept, by virtue of his practical knowledge of subtle states and energies inhering in void-being Ground may be acquainted with certain occult principles or non-ordinary laws, the Master is a Master of the Principles of Creative Existence altogether.

Thus the Master may or may not exhibit subtle powers, extraordinary agencies, command the visible allegiance of colossal allies or elementals... the Master is not descriptively distinguished or identified by any such phenomenal proofs or presentations. According to the specific function served by the given master, he may display a Siddhi or supernormal spiritual power—but in such case he does so toward distinctly different purpose than that of the adept; he does so as a Teaching demonstration of First Principles; he does so as a Master of the Laws of Life, and may make those laws known toward the general edification and raising of consciousness.


He may produce effect and phenomena by his Word; but in such case he does so not according to the requirements of the devas, elementals or subtle intelligences involved in conducting the effect (as does the adept), but on the contrary as an Instruction and Education to those servitor powers themselves as well as to the run of adepti—whose level, state, grade and orientation are such as to require the (periodic) gyroscopic influence and rebalancing guidance Intelligently directed from the Ground of Being (see Motto-in-the-Lotto, as well as section on Liber Al in MT's The Mother Book).

This is owing to the fact that the adept's practical relation to void-being is tunnel-like. The adept moves back and forth through Void-being obliquely as it were, oriented through the trajectory of linear purpose or target accomplishment The adept moves toward climax or denouement, which (ideally) would be definitive Resolution with the Ground of Being. He looks upon that Resolution as abiding in actual planes, states, fields or adjacent universes asymptotically just "beyond" the limit of his current expertise in opening the chakra-doors of the dimensions. Thus he "passes through" the corridors of Void-being, and those void-corridors "pass around" him, as he Captain-Kirks some beam-ship or light-body toward beckoning galaxy clusters and glowing chakra-constellations of his own higher Denouement

Thus there may be both "adepts" and authentic "spiritual masters" in any of the traditions, occupying seats in any of the esoteric disciplines. The "kundalini-adept" (often wrongly called Master) may raise or lower the Sakti to the Crown/sahasrara at Will, moving up and down in awareness like a thermometer. The Master of yoga is the living expression of the Sahasrara, and shines its light steadily through all he says, does and is. The zen adept has learned to coax the subtle glimpse of satori at will. The Zen Master is the Presence through which any such satori is given at all.

Third stage (i.e. density) consciousness is always seeking some means of measuring, some sure method or yardstick for evaluating the authentic presence of "adept" or "master", as if there was a check-sheet somewhere against which the required traits could be marked off. Third stage consciousness, characteristically, wants "objective assurances"—and since Reality expresses in part by objective means, it isn't unreasonable that 3rd density should be given its objective criteria to the limit of that mode (see A Modest Proposal).

Thus MT immediately modifies the conventional wisdom of many traditions that strenuously insist upon the strict inexistence of such objective measurement (thereby generating a gnashing of teeth among many); at the same time however, the qualifying phrase should be noted: "to the limit of that mode". The fact of the matter is, teachers, adepts and especially spiritual Masters may manifest any way they will. The only sure mode of detection in any given case lies in the requirement for sober cultivation of a higher intuitive faculty in the mind making the Inquiry, of course, this visits a certain obligation upon 3rd stage consciousness, converting its demand into a mandate with somewhat arduous implications! Yet that's how it works, and how it's supposed to work.

Especially in the case of the Master (of whatever degree, density grade or corresponding function) there's nothing left in terms of concept or cognition, belief or "orientation" to qualify his expression at all, or somehow limit it before the fact The Spiritual Master, owing to the critical magnitude of Awakening he necessarily represents, always serves a kind of cosmic or spiritual Junction; such Awakening never really takes place as an abstract incident. It Echoes down all the halls of Infinity, gathers the impressions of every faculty and is given as an Offering to the Whole. As such an offering, it invites to serve and fulfill some function appearing by requirement of that Whole.

Yet the Master isn't restricted by that function. It is his Creative Means. The Master above all others, above everything, has no fixed mode whereby to appear and therefore by which he may easily be "identified".

The desire for such easy identification is just a trait of slumbering 3rd density consciousness in any case.

Though the Realization of the authentic Masters is necessarily Identical in nature, to a far deeper degree even than for the host of adepti, confusion comes for 3rd stage consciousness— scouting for petty "consistencies"—precisely in the existential uniqueness and immediacy of the Master Presence. That Presence represents not only the Heart of Void but the Summit of Individuation. Void-being, after all, has assumed the master-personality heart/mind/and soul, so that there's ipso facto no concept, belief, expectation, prejudice or passion that takes precedence for that Consciousness over Void-being Itself.

And Void-being is free—free even or especially in context of the particular Function it incarnates in Service to the Whole.
The Master Presence therefore always tricks the expectation. Where the "last" identified Master apparently set a precedent so that we might know the next, the next when he comes along inevitably confounds the expectation, and altogether belies the whole notion of consistent external traits or identifiable signs. His Mastership is, inevitably, discovered "anew" (or no) by his contemporaries as a function of his uniqueness, precisely as expression of the wholly unprecedented character of his Advent. As Master of the very Principles of existence, he's obliged by no local "law", rule of thumb or indigenous roadmap.


Thus while the mass of present-day/3rd stage consciousness awaits the "exteriorization of the hierarchy", the millennial "return of the Masters" and "immanentization of the eschaton", the Masters slip in to no particular notice... indeed are greeted, if at all, with rude dismissals for not appearing per expectation, and by theosophical hall-monitors admonishing them to move along so as not to block the view of all those incoming angels!

(This is literally the case: V.V. has recently related to MT the incident of a self-styled "adeptus" who by mail solemnly counseled how they both should stay especially alert now since—inferentially, by "insider tip" exclusive to such cognoscenti as himself—even greater and greater Masters of the Hierarchy were due to descend and "reveal themselves any day"...He added as a little fillip how VV could make use in Leading Edge of certain of his "Order's" materials if he wished, but "please don't identify" him or his order in any way! no doubt since he didn't want the purity of his own heavenly connection sullied by association...)

Of course we may recognize in all this the usual, dull-as-lead 3rd-stage ploy for preserving its own—imagined—sovereignty and maintaining its de facto spiritual leadership in absentia of the "real thing" by chronically deflecting attention toward the inexistent future tense, where Hope may spring eternal with the gratifying certainty it will never be fulfilled.

But the adepts are unobliged, and the Masters absolutely free to do as they Will. They manifest as they may, and give Sign of their Presence that inevitably evades the eye of conventional expectation so that such eye may remain 'neath shuttered lid, undisturbed in its clearly preferred slumberland (where 3rd stage dream still dictates the terms).

What use for "even more" masters to come, when the ones who are here remain largely unnoticed, mistaken for something less, are overlooked or even, outright abused? The "Hierarchy"—or whatever part of it had planned to come—is already here. Surprised? Then look some more—not through the eye that calculates but through the heart that feels. The real Masters give their unique "evidences" in connective expression from heart to heart, first of all, so that the means to recognize may first be awakened within; in this way those with the imperious "criteria", the preformed-itemized demands and expectations may never know them—which is all to the good.

Thus one spiritual master may come for all those destined to be with him (or Her, to be sure!) by way of stirring some restless desire for Mexican cuisine, only so that the prospective devotees may come to locate him as proprietor of a taco stand! Another may indeed advertise in Whole-life right along with every possible poseur (a Master is restricted in his manifestation in no way, remember, even the most meretricious).

As for MT, he gives Demonstration through His Greatest Magick Trick for those who may perceive it now, in the form of himself withdrawing the Excalibur from the Stone where long ago he placed it; in these urgent times, one can't rely on the sonship of some Arthur to take it out—as well we know, the servants have abused and murdered that sonship while the Father was apparently absent from the estate, about other Business—thus The Merlin Returns in Person to retrieve the blade from out of the Spell he himself cast over it (that it might sit pat over the years proof against every pretender). Would you believe again in old Merlin? knowing it must be him who first cast the sacred Spell and none other since only he, and demonstrably so can lift that Sword from out its cryptic encasement before one-and-all?

Consult then The Mother Book especially the segment on Liber Al vel Legis, The Book of the Law; and in preparation read both "Motto-in-the-Lotto" and "The Big Spin" in this Matrix IV volume. Then see for yourself who really returns on behalf of the Whole.


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The Avatar

In order to understand what an avatar is, it’s first necessary to understand the much discussed matter of correlation between "densities" and "stages" of spiritual development. For a definition of "densities", see "MT Dictionary" this volume; suffice here to say that "density" in metaphysical terms doesn’t correspond to conventional definitions of inertia, viscosity, opacity etc.


Indeed "density" in the metaphysical sense correlates positively to degree of perceptual or cognitive subtlety; it refers to the quotient of formal limitation integrated through coordinates of the (variable) cognitive grid-network, determining the available intensity of total energy-information coded for a given volume (see also Channeling, UFOs etc., subheading "I Am Your Density").

  • 3rd (the one you’re presently experiencing) tends to tell us things are fixed and solid

  • 4th density allows us to perceive such "solidity" as an energetic kind of fluid/kaleidoscopic "coagulation"

  • 5th density allows us to behold all things whether apparently "solid" or not, as coordinative fields of geometrized light networks

  • 6th, tends toward direct knowledge of such light-composites as self-luminous idea etc. and therefore as themselves ideoform patterns of the permissive cognitive grid-network

Each such density level carries as its chief importance a reigning quotient of allowable insight or intuition with respect to reality as a whole; this quotient correlates with the compositional quality cited above. The stages of spiritual development are given in the context of 3rd density embodiment, each successive stage above 3rd (ordinary mind) corresponding to its numerically parallel density.


This means that authentic initiation to the higher stages, in 3rd density context, succeeds at each step in realigning the focused mind/body coordinates of the subject so as to allow into the (formerly-screened) 3rd density framework the class of insight/intuition indicative of the numerically parallel density.


Depending on the type, class or "school" of initiation these coordinative realignments may re-link the respective densities in such a way as to permit direct perception-interaction as with "subtle" faculties, and/or direct insight-knowledge participating in the available essence of the opened density. This correlation between stage and density holds until we get to the question of a 7th stage of lnitiatic awakening, and the corresponding 7th density.

While there are authentic masters of a 7th stage awakening, these are extremely rare (far more so than schools and traditions perennially claim) and may properly be considered avatars. Moreover, these 7th stage Initiates do not correspond in themselves to 7th density, and this is where the otherwise perfect correlation of stages and densities "breaks down".

The reason for this, is that 7th density does not properly "incarnate" a personality-expression or divine "representative" from its own level, since 7th density isn’t so much a successive step in the octaval hierarchy and thus "higher" and "removed" as it is the Immanence of Logoic Divinity within everything. A 7th stage being (i.e. a Master of authentic 7th stage initiation appearing in 3rd-density context) is recruited by the totality of 7th density Godhead from the ranks of Personality-expressions thoroughly integrated with and as Oversold consciousness of 6th density (in terms of Initiatory Qabalism, all "doers" are recruited from the sphere of Primum Mobile or the Sephirah of Chokmah. The zodiacal symbolization of this sphere may thus be thoroughly understood with reference to Southern Crown Dictionary, subheading Breath-soul).

Seventh density is properly "Beyond" either "I" or "we", and so incarnates a Sublime Function of Its overall Process on behalf of the Whole by recruiting from the "nearest-adjacent" density that does supply the necessary "I’s" and "We’s" for individuated incarnation.


(One may ask: if 7th density represents in some sense the Totality of Godhead, why doesn’t It just manufacture the necessary "I-ness" out of itself to incarnate amongst the multitudes? The answer is, of course, that It does precisely that. That’s what 6th density Oversoul consciousness and Its ancillary personality-expressions is.)

Properly understood, this description supplies adequate resolution to the perennial contention between those who look upon Kether, crown of Macroprosopus, Seventh density etc. as the necessary origin of Avataric expressions incarnating "below", and those who insist that, once merging with Kether/7th density, such One "goes forth no more again".

The 7th stage Initiate then, is a Master who’s also inevitably an Avatar, and is one recruited out of 6th density by 7th density Godhead-totality to serve a specific Universal function in and through the "lower" worlds on behalf of the Whole. Such a 6th density, projective expression from Oversoul consciousness recruited as Avatar for a "time" and "place" is therefore ever the Minister of Hoor-pa-kraat, the Lord of Silence who "goes not out at all".

(It should be evident from all the foregoing that an Adept may also be considered or function as a "teacher", whereas a teacher in himself isn’t an Adept; that a Master may also refer to himself or be referred to as an "adept", but that an adept in and of himself is not a Master; it should be evident that an Avatar is also and at the same time automatically a Master, while a Master in himself is not automatically an Avatar.)

This, then, is the first piece of verboten information brought to you courtesy of Matrix IV; for the knowledge of the truth regarding teachers, adepts, masters and avatars is far more subversive than spilled information regarding "secret government pacts with spacealiens", the longtime furtive use of alternative energies by the phantom power structure or even the existence of such power-structure itself. Indeed, we may here submit that unexpected tolerance for the continued existence of such publicly-indispensable media as the earlier Matrix volumes and Leading Edge etc. might well be attributable to the inevitable shift in attention toward that power structure which the "freeing" of our information has caused.


Once the chagrin of exposure has passed, it’s perfectly plausible that the "power structure" smugly dotes on the attention after all, how intolerable that its highjinks in pulling the wool over your eyes has gone on for so long without receipt of proper credit from the victimized consciousnesses in question! Far better it may now be, to have attention turned no matter how ruefully to the shadow government perpetrators (which exacerbated attention, regardless how angered, still constitutes inadvertent tribute) than to have it roused to Awareness of the real Truth of your existence!

For the primary Reality is that of the Spiritual truth, the Spiritual facts, and the Spiritual purpose of your existence here altogether; it doesn’t lie basically in the regrettable "fact" of governmental duplicity, some pending takeover by the Antichrist and his kin, or in knowledge of invisible air-pollution by armadas of beings from elsewhere. No, the truly dangerous knowledge is presented in this Book; and, as we’ve argued, uniquely in this Book. Your previous Matrix volumes should be kept and consulted as treasures, as significant mountains of non-ordinary information extracted at great difficulty on your behalf. They should be considered essential supplementation allowing you to become powerfully knowledgeable about the real paradigm surrounding the circumstance of the true planetary Teaching.

In this Book you’ll find the true planetary Teaching.

You’ll find it embedded in very many contents and Contents contained herein; and God Willing (as She’s wont to Be) you’ll find it in this our Magnum Organum, which features among many other things an introductory preview of MT’s greatest Magick Trick. (Every authentic spiritual teaching worth its Salt has to have a Shapeshifter in the sideshow.)

At last word there was even to be inclusion of (self-evidently) third-stage originated materials, as W’s magnanimous overview bow to democratic sponsorship of all densities and heart/mind coefficients. These materials furnish the reader with a multitude of interesting contents as well, much "food for thought" (of varying digestible degrees)... and if such third-stage stuff evidences the mistaking of a Sphere passing through its own flat plane for a circle so that narrow associations, reductive syntheses and solutions of low titer are sometimes apparent in the results, the net is never less than entertaining since W’s presentations are at the same time uniquely adventurous, never dull for non-dull readers (the West’s equivalent to the "non-dual" Vedas?) and always stand as champion of the public’s right to free choice amongst the range of relevant options.

With an occasional landmine and puzzlebook-text exception, then, to amuse and keep you on your toes, this volume is the collaboration of teachers, adepts and masters, irritatingly real to one and all, and fulfilling of an Avataric function i.e. a function born to living embodiment on your behalf, of, by and for the spirit of the very mind/body vehicle you bear, in perfect empathetic attunement with its real requirements owing to the state of commonality shared with and for the sake of "every sentient being". 


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