Philadelphia Experiment (Rainbow Project): see Montauk (Phoenix) Project


“Pleiadeans”: Collective designation for a heterogeneity of “channeled” sources all of which, by the very employment of this particular term, display a common desire to ingratiate themselves with their audience as the “good guys”. This seems to be the only thing such sources share in common. The worst of the lot has to be the Ashtar/Hatton communication (qv), discharging through a rapid-rotation roster of chewed-and-thrown-away channels since the ‘50s.


Rather than explain why these self-contradictory wolves clothed with kneejerk pietisms earn the Channeled Wretchedness Award (or CWRAW, as in “to stick in the...”), let’s simply say that, in the Ashtar case, if these communications aren’t self-evidently a brand of snakeoil pandering to the frail-ego factor of their typical target audience, well then perhaps you are just the glorious Light Worker they’re looking for.


The Meier Pleiadeans, in comparison, appear better on first introduction—again, until you begin to read what they actually have to communicate to and through Meier, who isn’t really a “channel” so much as an easy pickup...


Those of the readership boasting a faculty of assessment no more prodigious than that of “common sense”, may find many a reason on that front alone to question either the veracity, intent, powers of translation or the simple intelligence of these flying Meier-onies; those with subtler facility in assessing the esoterica of such subjects as they profess to expound, are sure to have reason for rapid recourse to “coitus interruptus” with respect to these beguilingly-comely versions of the Pleiadeans Peracletus.


(Fred Bell claims to be a “contacteé" channeler of the same Pleiadean forces linked with Meier, though the latter have professed sole troth to Billy. However, disregarding the Meier-Pleiadean disclaimer [since then whole veracity-quotient is exactly what is in question to begin with], and assessing Bell’s claim solely by comparison of the respective content-values in the presentations of each, we may reasonably side with Fred on this one and acknowledge a general similitude of quality from source to source, suggesting that indeed there’s more than one for whom They Toll—and how fortunate we all are, as beneficiaries of this badinage from both continents!)


The Marciniak (qv) Pleiadeans or the Flying Fatuosi as they’re affectionately known to Southern Crown, are in many respects the most eloquent of an ineloquent breed.


Their “rap” is rather different from the others, and they strain it through a vocal wha-wha that does nothing if not bid for attention; nor do they seem particularly pernicious in any given area—but they’re hopelessly dysfunctional, rather as absurd as Meier’s missionaries, when addressing the Natives as to how best to go around improving their backward and savage lot.


We find for example that, as exponents of the “You Create Your Own Reality” canard (qv. YCYOR, not “canard”) they enwrap their enraptured audience with exactly the rap we’ve all been waiting to hear:

“If it looks like it is too much work, something is telling you it is not the way.” Bringers of the Dawn, p. 122.

If that isn’t plain enough, they give formal instruction on achieving Everything-You-Ever-Wanted without so much as a token appearance from “the sweat of thy brow”:

“Say to yourself, ‘I am effortlessly intending that this come about.’” op. cit, p. 123.

All one need say in response to something like this is: “try it”. Formulate, decree, forget about it.

We’re willing to wager that, if your new age command-to-the-cosmos was something on the order of “air shall be supplied through my nostrils in the next few moments”, why, you’ve no doubt experienced an unexpected miracle approaching 100% achievement-probability. If however your command was something on the order of “I will receive a million dollars deposited to my account in the next couple days”, we confidently predict the probability-curve has precipitously plunged to nil.


So where’s the Amazing Randi when you really need him? (For a closer philosophical inspection of these “ideas”, see The Big Spin.)


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Pleroma: Ancient gnostic term, associated with the Simoneans but not originating with Simon Magus (qv), meaning a universal value or state of resolution. It is commonly interpreted by occultists to mean a type of ultimate oblivion or mutually cancelling vacuum, like conventional notions of “nirvana”. As revived to its original Simonean meaning by Southern Crown, “pleroma” signifies the common denominator of universal resolution figuring mathematically as One and spiritually as Zero, which is not however a state of oblivion or simple blankness but a plenum intensity of Void-being, “collapsing” either to a Line (the susumna, physically the cerebrospinal channel) or a point (the Coordinate point or causal radix of the “heart”) but in either case never necessarily erasing the terms of manifestation but rather reconciling and uniting their poles in an underlying/pre-existent Unity.


Prana: geometrized energy-patterns coded into and informing the etheric-physical field, the astral-etheric field, the astral and mental fields etc. “Prana” is the generic Hindu term, used here in preference of others owing to its familiarity even in the West, corresponding roughly to what has otherwise been known as vril, orgone, wakkan, od or odic force, azoth, subtle energy and magnetic fluid; depending on the given plane, state or density in which the prana occurs, it may take on various forms and serve differing functions according to ideotypal, psychic, psycho-emotional or vital requirements. It is not the same as the ether but encodes infrastructure patterns of ether, which, according to “angle-of-propagation” and overall waveform of the latter tend to align, organize and preferentially orient the geometric sub-components of enfolded prana-stetes (thus exfolding them with reference to the guiding ideotype of the cognitive grid network imparting etheric “angle” in the first place).


Through the resultant guideline of perspectival coordinates they “migrate” to strategic ontological “positions” undergirding stress-tensor states of subatomic field patterns and magnetogravitic, phase-space topologies. Snchpranic infrastructures are themselves without “size” or “physical” position (i.e. with respect to atomic coordinates to the limits of indeterminacy) though their ontological “angles” and “edges” orient relative size and respective position of point-fields by gauge adjustments according to compensatory symmetries required of the—given—perspective. The pranic patterns themselves are reiterative and holonomic. Therefore while they may “appear” to reside strictly “within” the coordinative limits of the overall field geometry (as with E8 x E8 gauge groups) either when evidentially reconstituted or occultly “perceived”, they are arbitrarily “expansive” to an indeterminate degree and range beyond those apparent micro-boundaries.


Qabala: Literally “Received”. Esoteric teaching associated with Hebrew mysticism but not exclusive to Jewish custody (there is a non-Hebrew “universal” Qabalism and even a “Christian” Qabalism etc., all nonetheless based on the primary Hebrew/Chaldean letter-number correspondences and basic Sephirothic symbols).

In Renaissance times, the Qabalists became known as “they who Know Grace”—obviously making MT, by that fact alone, the premier Qabalist since he “knows Grace” perfectly well.

The Table of Correspondences principally used in the Southern Crown Teaching (derived basically from the turn-of-the-century Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) is given here, as well as in “Motto in the Lotto”.

Shakespeare, William: Pseudonym of the Mahachohan, European Renaissance Era. Other such pseudonyms were “Christopher Marlowe”, “Valentine Andrea” (from “Verulam” and “Albans”) author of the Rosicrucian Manifestos the Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis, “Geoffrey Whitney” and “Cyd Hamet Benengeli” (“Cid” meaning Lord, “Hamet” referring either to “Hamlet” or “Dashiell Hammett”, leaving it to the discretion of the reader as to which, and “Ben Engeli” meaning Son of England.)


The first part of Book Two, Chapter One of The History of Don Quixote of the Mancha states plainly:

“The history of Don Quixote of the Mancha written by Cyd Hamet Benengeli, an Arabical Historiographer.”

Second Part, Chapter Two:

“Well, said Sancho, I will tell you..that the author’s name of this History is Cid Hamet Beregena.”


“Sancho, said Don Quixote, you are out in the Moor’s surname, which is Cid Hamet Benengeli, and Cid in the Arabic signifieth Lord.”

Lord Bacon, Son of England Yours Truly. See The MotherBookfor full exposition of the “Shakespere Illusion”.


Note by Hebrew Qabala (and Hebrew figures into this, as “Ben” is Hebrew for “Son”) Cyd Hamet Benengeli equals 628. In 777 we find 628 is the value of Light, A:V:R: spelled in full with Vau as VA. When Vau is figured as VV, A:V:R: or Light = 633. 633 plus 33 (Bacon’s simple numerological signature in the old English alphabet of 24 letters, from which the Masonic 33 degrees derives) = 666, the number of the magical Square of Tiphereth, the Son or Sun on the Tree of Life. The “Son of England” is the Light or Sun of England.


Note also that the first value of Light/Cyd Hamet Benengeli, 628, is 38 less than 666. 38 is the value of ChL, to “fall”, and also “to wait”. (See Bacon biographies.) But “to wait” is also ChKH, value 33, meaning “angle” or “fishhook” as well. Fishhook is the symbol ascribed to Tzaddi, which Thelemites will identify immediately as figuring prominently into proofs of Liber Al, the Book of the Law (qv). For full exposition of these deliberate encoded connections see The Mother Book.



Simon Magus: Name of Samaritan manifestation of the Mahachohan (qv), contemporary of the eponymous founder of “Christianity”. Third incarnation of the One Personality of the present world period. By Justinus Martyr, Irenaeus and the Clementine Recognitions, amongst many other pietists, voted the Premier Heretic and Antichrist. Founder of Gnosticism. (See Mahachohan.)



Rueckert, Carla: Along with Elkins and McCarty, the channeler of the Rα material. Carla is included here as exception proving the rule re “channeling” (qv). Her account of the process by which the LL Research group conducted the “Ra workings” (in Channeler’s Handbook, see MT review of same) should be used as a standard with which to evaluate the quotient of occult care surrounding every other instance of channeling.


In comparison one will find virtually all other channelings—with exception of Roberts Seth material—to have been conducted under conditions no better than for those of turn of the century seance or tabletapping, and to have been undertaken initially under no less frivolous inspiration (see the hilarious account of J.Z. Knight’s “epiphany” that kicked off the “Ramtha” channelings; this furnishes a yardstick for fatuity as sublime in its way as the Ra “workings” are models of meritoriousness).

With this sole exception of the LL Research group and Rueckert as key channeler, one may obtain an otherwise hard to obtain idea of what’s really involved in such new age “pastimes”. Owing to the intelligence and care with which the contact was made (and meticulously sustained) till its critical impasse, the material issuing therefrom is uncommonly elevated, uniquely reflects a 6th density source and has earned Carla the Southern Crown honor of “all time greatest channeler”.

Unlike the flippant atmosphere surrounding most other channelings, the entire “Ra” ambience comports a critical edge commensurate with the critical character of the communication; it’s from this source primarily, after all, that we learn of the Negative hierarchy and of the Orion presence which otherwise is beautified, rationalized, denied or left languishing in the abandoned scaffolding of extant theosophical volumes. All “new age” knowledge of the Negative hierarchy owes its (largely unacknowledged) debt to this single Source; and aside from private (student initiate) Southern Crown material predating publication of the Ra workings, no authentic Word or initiated insight into such themes has substantially dented the virgin seal of new age souls too delicate in dreams of light ever to conceive such unpleasantness on their own.


As tangible result of the subtle (and indeed, perilous) character clinging to Events in the Rα channeling, Carla’s health and even life has remained continuously in jeopardy. (Episodes in the material itself recount actual attacks from the Orions upon Carla’s exteriorized soul body etc.) Owing to Carla’s particular spiritual orientation necessarily brought to bear as an element to be integrated into the ritual of elements required for balances in the Rα working (to wit, her devoutly Christian orientation) a psychological factor tilting tendency toward “martyrdom” entered in augmentation of the general skein of complications wound ‘round such attacks, serving overall to impart additional susceptibility to the “Orion Crusaders’” Bad Intentions.


(Lest anyone suppose this observation lists to the left of “personal interpretation”, it’s co signed by Carla herself with reference to the very title of a wow channeled book early issued by LL Research, i.e. The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater.)


Indeed so moribund and “martyred” did her condition become at one point in the late’ 80s that MT, actually fearing for her life, undertook a radical long distance initiatory therapy in which, by subjecting Carla to an uninterrupted stream of abuse, ridicule, mockery and denigration, he sought to shock her out of her all but imperceptible fading away, in ignition of her latently righteous indignation thereby driving the squatters rights demons straight out of her. And, since “God hath no fury” like a sweet Southern Belle who believes her honor’s been besmirched, Carla reports she’s feeling better now.


Southern Crown: Official name of Initiatory Group/Mystery School of which AAA/MT are the presiding Adepti. The name derives from the constellation Corona Australis (Südliche Krone) located near the Archer’s waist on the Milky Way’s edge. The constellation name seems to come from a reference of Germanicus in Phainomena where he speaks of the Corona sine honore, a comparison to the Northern Crown having a contrastively great tradition behind it. Gratius adds that ancient authors knew it as the Centaur’s Crown (centaurs having been depicted as wearing starry crowns).


Classic poets refer to it as Bacchus’ Crown, lyricizing the Reveler/Revealer had thrust it into the heavens on behalf of Semele, his Mother. Owing to its radiatory configuration, it’s often associated with the Bunch of Arrows emanating from the Archer’s hand; in this connection it suggests a wheel, and therefore is also known as Rota Ixionis (Ixion was associated with the centaur Pholos). The Arabs knew it as Al Kubbah, literally “the Tortoise” (by which it’s also known to the Chinese) but with a secondary meaning of Woman’s Tent or “traveling apartment”; thus it is Al Hiba, the Tent, and Al Udha al Na‘am, the Ostrich’s Nest (referring to what’s now the nearby Eagle).

It is also Al Fakkah, The Dish. For the significance of “Tortoise” etc. see The Mother Book. The reference to the Mother in “Semele” and the “Woman’s Tent” is plain. Also this “tent”, being a “traveling apartment”, irresistibly suggests a motel; MT is an acceptable abbreviation for Motel, which latter frequently sport “the best” or AAA rating. MT was born in San Luis Obispo, birthplace of the motel.

The Nest/Eagle association is plainly appropriate to the Order’s symbolism as origin of the Mother current. The Name particularly suits the initiatory order of Southern Crown since it’s less conspicuous than its “Northern counterpart” (“without honor”, i.e. largely uncelebrated), yet it’s assigned 49 stars (7x7) thus far outnumbering those attributed to Corona Borealis. Its association with Sagittarius is apt, since the Order of Southern Crown was founded exactly a year to the day before the planetoid Chiron was discovered; in that earlier year and on that day MT received a single, distinct Inner verbal communication enunciating the very name Chiron.


Researching it, the first mention of Chiron he encountered was in a book by Jung, where the spelling was rendered Chieron; (it’s seldom if ever rendered this way, as he subsequently found). Doing a Greek Qabala on the name based on the above spelling, he arrived at a particular formula which is also the exact number of the visible subdivisions or “tiles” on the Cube Cephas. On this Magickal Formula, the Order of Southern Crown was founded.


Spacetime/Timespace (excerpted from “Channeling, UFOs and the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World”, Through the Looking Glass, the Time/Space of Our Space/Time):’s necessary to note the distinction which Ra makes between the orders of space/time and of time/space (all the densities from Ra’s Perspective downward are organized in these complementary ways). Although the Rα material doesn’t detail the significance of these organizations beyond certain preliminary points, they are cited as categories of consideration because of what they necessarily imply.

We may understand “space/time”, first of all, in the terms we’re familiar with. We occupy the system of our space/time as a vehicle, (or axial, mind body locus) through which the coordinates of that system necessarily arrange all features according to the requirements of situationality. We’re located, vehicularly, at and as a particular juncture of time and space, so that values of “near” and “far” acquire functional importance. In this context, our limitations are our opportunities; what’s filtered through the bottleneck of space/time becomes the focus of our concern, and the material of our resourcefulness in operating through finitizing faculties. Because our condition is one of centrist perspective and therefore discriminative navigation, the order of space/time comprises the context in which progress is possible through situational doing. We learn by acting through defining conditions, from which an order of consequence develops whereby to gauge all Adjustment.

We may have heard that at death the limits of the localized body dissolve, and we move through a lighter material into conjunction with a display of space and time that’s comparatively plastic. It’s here that, in the unity of a presiding Light, we may review all the features belonging to our personal past without regard for the usual measure of sequence, or apportionment of priorities.

Everything appears equally available, in the manner of a deck of cards fanned out in panoramic display or as simultaneous images shining in a reflective flotilla of bubbles. Here there is no “rootedness” at an enclosing, defining space/time juncture similar to that which was experienced in physical life. The “vehicle” (or axial locus) of the mind body being which may be identified as operating in the new state, gives no impression of imploding on a contained self sense but rather has more the feeling of an acceleration constantly surpassing itself, expanding through Space of starry nerve clusters in a range embracing the soul record to the finest part of the life last lived. This is the complementary field of time/space belonging to the inker planes of 3rd density existence. The ticks of time are indeed spatially exhibited, in a kind of interior hall of records where a life review may be conducted and all the “masked” elements unveiled for a kind of global consideration.

This is an interval in the pattern of soul progression, usually conducted as a kind of protracted sleep and dreamstate wherein experience may be assimilated, distilled, and the various steps of “dissociation” rehearsed whereby the heart is ferried—on the implacable subconscious current—through the underworld ordeal of a purifying dis-identification from every attachment and lingering fixation of form—summing in the Amenta of the psyche’s recuperative rest what must eventually take place as a volitional work of conscious understanding in the context of space/time limit.

This time/space framework of the inner planes is inferentially sealed up, self enclosed for purposes of such soul examination; for here the most important determinations must be made as to what the soul has within it, and this process necessarily goes on without disturbance. Such a state is a kind of clearinghouse for the assignation of souls, each according to the quality distilled in the process of “becoming” the sum total of what, viewed in the complementary space/time frame, is spread out piecemeal as a sequentially shifting pattern.


From this time/space antechamber, where the soul aligns progressively with the non local character of compositional coordinates subtending all “local” clusters of physical existence, the distillate of psychic focus comprising the latent personality expression may be transferred to the space/time framework most consistent with its net value; these worlds of space/time organization may indeed, beyond the admixed education of 3rd density, polarize to the emphatically positive or decisively negative. The complementary time/space frameworks of the “inner planes” of each succeeding density, function very much on the same principle of review, analysis, attunement, adjustment according to sum volitional inclination, and further assignment of space/time fields in which the relative “localization” of vehicularized consciousness furnishes conditions of real, developmental furtherance and learning.

The “division” between the contractile, self enfolded space/time vehicle and its expansive (self surpassing) time/space counterpart seems much more solid/impermeable in 3rd density framework owing to the general screening device of that realm, in which the interior order of things is specifically rotated at mutually filtering angles to the physical field of expression. It’s for this reason there’s no direct knowledge of or recognition re an “afterlife”, for the most part, at the 3rd stage level of consciousness—all such matters being confined to speculation, rumor and culturally modified myth. In the higher densities the “division” between given space/time and time/space organizations at each level is less severe; there’s a permeability between the two orders in the higher densities, greater or lesser depending on refinement of the density.


Each higher density has a space/time framework wherein the soul “contractually” aligns with a nest of embodying vehicles, through which the compound focal patterns of specific level identification produce an incarnating eversion of the currents organizing the locus of cross correlation and perceptual synthesis. This “invagination” of participating planes of the current field (through ideoform lockin of the focal coordinate line) fixes the streams of multidimensional/patterning geometries into a stabilizing structural hold, concentrating a coherent convergence of space/time “points” so as to formulate a real position of true situationality.

The process is much the same throughout the densities. The extreme turning inside out comprising the physical 3rd density frame of focus is represented in familiar terms by the polarized lock-in of kundalini, the energy coils of which seem to settle the multidimensional twists of composing current fields in inverse order of descent around each other; this in effect nucleates the subtle, radiant psychic ethers reflecting the given (operative) Typologies so that mind and idea seem to occupy a position of faint interiority with respect to the fixed “physical” envelope of structural consistency and inertial repetition, into which those psychic coordinates are aligned. In the condition of 4th density, such incarnative focal lockin formulates a functional specification of time and place in the same general manner, producing a kind of “materialization” of the Astral field into a similar situational centrism.


There exists the same type of vehicular contingency which makes “travel” in the Astral 4th density fields of space/time a matter of actual space ships (albeit of the biomechanical type described in last month’s issue, consistent with the psychic level at which materia is generally organized in such a framework); whereas we’re familiar, if only by hearsay, with the flotational mode wholly free of any mechanical vehicular requirement in the context of Astral or inner plane, 3rd density time/space frameworks.


This accounts for the apparent discrepancy, i.e. the difference between what we hear in terms of the “Robert Monroe” style of inner plane astral travel conducted strictly in the soul vehicle, and those reports of astral like entities certainly functioning from the plane of a “psychic” milieu nonetheless requiring physical/mechanical vehicles of some type to convey them from place to place: the non mechanical flights of astral transport through unencumbered agency of the soul vehicle in general belong to orders of time/space, which have a specific and very different function from space/time in any given density; conversely, those modes of travel through astral, astral etheric or etheric physical fields manifestly requiring a kind of mechanical or “hardware” vehicle, belong to space/time orders of organization. Either type of vehicle, proceeding from space/time or time/space frameworks, may intrude upon familiar space/time physical reality.

In the higher densities the frameworks of space/time and time/space are equally discrete, since they serve separate purposes; yet the more translucent modes of organization belonging to those densities allow a permeability which makes the fields and informing patterns of time/space more readily accessible to the vehicularized “localism” of incarnative, space/time agency. Thus to 4th density “embodied” entities, the whole history of a life system is akashically available even though in practical terms they’re functioning at a particular cross section in the span of that history. Similarly, in 5th density the totality of cosmic patterns comprising the infrastructure of all times and places is theoretically available, even though the “incarnative” pattern of the particular space/time agent functions from the perspective of a situational locus immediately responsive to certain worlds, space/time frames and patterns.

In every case, the juncture of “meeting” between the Positive and Negative realms and/or the Positive and Negative Beings is generally reserved for the space/time frameworks of any given density, since the lime/space frames (serving another function) are largely self sealed as the soul’s “isolation tank”, where it may take stock—as it were—of the potential moves of further progress through its chosen polarity.

This accounts for some of the channeled information we receive to the effect that the Negative is just a chimera, a “projection of our own subconscious fears and primal doubts” etc.; the other sources of such information are Negative propaganda, proceeding from the Negative planes themselves.

Valerian, Val: Gargantuan like editor/author for the alternative information periodical Leading Edge, the groundbreaking Matrix volumes etc. In the year of Our Lord ‘93, said to have suffered mightily under Puntious Pilate, was crucified by the Mahachohan on the Mount of Microprosopus (called “the Impatient Face”), and Arose in 12 months carrying in tact the Sacred Tablets of Malak Ta’us (qv). One Gospel account claims that on this Occasion he was heard to mutter beneath his breath: “Nevermore; I swear, nevermore”.


“You Create Your Own Reality”: Tertiary distortion of the Free will factor in the Law of Confusion (see Rα material)—characteristic expression and philosophical promulgation of a certain life wave type, having no single group composition but a general membership identity across various star fields, galaxies, planes, dimensions, densities and degrees of space and time; does not indicate “positive” or “negative” identity of the communicant giving rise to the expression in any given case.

YCYOR has become the provisional new age shibboleth, owing to the extent to which extradimensional and celestial intelligences committed to its ideals and implications have concentrated a collective focus into this zone of the space-time continuum during Earth transition to 4th density.

Understanding the reason for such “synchronous” convergence of emissaries with emphasis on this particular type from far flung regions both of space and time, depends on an understanding of the spiritual time axis (see essay III of T Bird Meets The Phoenix). Along the spiritual time axis, coordination is evinced not in linear mechanical terms of uniform clock measurement but in qualitative congruencies of comparative states.


Thus we may envision a multidimensional universe of “wheels within wheels”, that is cycles within Cycles, and though a given epicycle may be merely a minute fraction of the parent Cycle in terms of temporal “duration” on the quantitative plane, the only factor of significance on the qualitative axis of spiritual development is the respective stage in the rotating parallelisms of the cycles.


Therefore, that which makes two “moments” in space and time compatible in terms of communication and intercourse isn’t their “physical propinquity” (a very relative and plastic measure) but coincidence in cycles.


Regardless, then, whether an extra galactic civilization is aeons in our “past” or light years in our “future” judged by “local” laws of the lightcone, its availability to us (and us to it) depends on the stage or degree of cycle through which each is respectively passing. The transition stage between 4th and 5th densities taking place in an extragalactic civilization comparatively in our “future”, is much more “propinquitous” or smoothly adjacent to our present state and condition of being since by synchrony we’re passing through a connate phase of our own “lesser” cycle, i.e. passing between 3rd and 4th density.


It’s therefore the synchrony in cyclic time which sees these otherwise far-flung civilizations and emissaries of “remote” galactic regions right at our doorstep, all—apparently—so “suddenly” interested in us and what “we” as a planetary populace are up to, as if boatloads from virtually every country around the world were suddenly to appear on U.S. shores without prior conference, spontaneously “interested” from each individual angle in what those wild Americans were doing.

Thus the general strength or comparative constitutional “titre” of those beings bearing standards of YCYOR converging upon this Transitional time and place, is attributable to the common circumstance that each is at the “moment” of his own transitional phase and finds something of mutual interest (relative to his own respective transit) at this 3rd density Earth locus.

(We therefore needn’t presume some strange “simultaneity” of behaviors on the part of virtually every being in the spacetime spectrum; as with Einsteinian physics in the “local” case, “simultaneity” is a relative concept depending on the coordinative framework. In this case the coordinate framework doesn’t depend on the quantitative propagation of lightsignals, but rather on the congruency or typal harmony of phase.


Thus each planetary or star-being whom we may find “presently” converging, by some simultaneity of impulse, upon our planetary doorstep, has in his own framework passed through a measure of “time” perfectly indigenous to native requirements for which any other framework would be comparatively remote and confined to its own concerns; each in his own “temporal” context eventually arrives at a transition state between the present density-of-being and the next.


This transition-state itself is the factor automatically coupling him by resonant synchrony to that connate phase in the respective cycles through which all other entities [regardless spacetime location or density-degree] must pass. It’s not necessary to contemplate some fantastic “acceleration” or “slowing up” of respective cycles to get them to coincide or “agree” with one particular framework such as “ours”; each coincides perfectly, by virtue of commonality or similitude of phase, regardless how “long” or “short” the respective times each endured toward the transitional moment.)

This explained, we may understand the presence of a peculiar preponderance of professed “reality creators” at our doorstep as function of this qualitative congruence. Since the operative factor is qualitative, we must ask what psychic correspondence exists between our consciousness-type and the type drawn to us, that so many should find their phasic jump to the next-highest density somehow concerned with a factor to be found here, at the lowest density-transition belonging to self-reflective consciousness altogether, and technically behind them—i.e. in their relative “past”—while at the same time “coincidentally” brandishing the same philosophical Flag regardless the “positive” or “negative” background, the spatioternporal distances separating them, the “current” density level respectively occupied etc.

Indeed, contemplating this single question gives the game away. Why all such “civilizations” or social/memory/complexes would beam au rebours toward us in concentrated tutelage while ostensibly seeking a forward advance upon their own next-highest density, is easily understood in noting that any such “higher density” beings must necessarily be—in some sense—our “own” future selves, or probable versions of what “we” are careering toward becoming.


They “return” to us in absorptive contemplation at the brink of their own phasic transition, much in the way we study our own psychic background and key episodes in our past (on the “psychiatric couch” or otherwise) when assaying a forward move out of a current psychological impasse. This infers that all such beings are in some way at a psychological (i.e. mind/body) impasse, and are “returning” here to 3rd density and our transition-point as by compulsion.


Just as those who obsessively brood over their past (in the implicit hopes of “breaking through” the blockage felt to have formed there) tend to bring with them on that psychic forage all the same bag and baggage originally packed “back then” and lugged thereafter, so the “spacebrothers” and entities from far-flung “futures” of higher density life return to this their “past” 3rd-density juncture—literally or by satisfactory correspondence— inevitably bearing the load of what burdens their own pending transition; and they bring it with them in much the same way the psychological self-examiner obsessively clings to the a posteriori impactions he’s determined to undo.


Just as the psychiatric patient is grossly identified with the very features undergirding his neurosis, so the backtracking spacebeings are grossly identified with the props supporting their own problems of transition. Indeed just as the subcon-sciousness of those continuing knots in the psychiatric case supply the type of difficulty confronted by 3rd-stage psyche in its desire to progress and transcend, so the necessary consciousness of the concepts germane to the higher-density states furnishes a resistance-factor enormous in its own way for those seeking synchronous progress on the succeeding turn of the cosmic cycle.


The degree of self-conscious consolidation as which such entities have introjected—and lived by—the philosophic formulation summed in YCYOR, imparts its own quality of persuasion only secured all-the-more owing to the extent to which it preempts the value of Identity. It has to be understood that, emanating from higher-dimensional consciousness some such statement as YCYOR isn’t just a theory to be tested or applied; it’s a proclamation of Who They Are. Such proclamation carries psychic weight, owing to the fact that its relative “truth value” is formulated at densities-of-being bearing some necessarily-direct relation to essential cosmic principles and values.


This is indeed why we insist, in our various critiques of YCYOR (see Bashar Book Review etc.) that the implicit if subliminal “appeal” of such a shibboleth has to do with its emanation from some tangent-to-Being forming more acute angle to the Conscious Axis than that ordinarily styled at the 3rd-stage level. Its original forging in more focused Light of Consciousness gives it a “quasi-validity”, apparently accounting for and co-opting the assistance of certain essential principles-of-being—up to a point. It is of course that limiting “point” which has been reached, by the forms of consciousness from which we hear and who strain to link the sum momentum of our motion to their own.


As with the tenacity of the ordinary psychic complex, then, the collective “effort” of the space-beings (regardless individual motives or orientations) is that of bringing to bear all the force of the problematic conclusion itself upon those “past” events having given rise to it in the first place, as if to persuade such events to take their formative point of departure more seriously at the outset—indeed to furnish the participants in such events a less ambiguous, more forcefully-formulated and emphatic model to begin with so as to “cut to the chase”, delete the amount of time “originally” required to consolidate the position and so streamline its entry into the 4th-density phase, thus inferentially imparting that much more momentum of initial consolidation to their own coupled phase-transition (i.e. to 5th, as in the Sassani case, 5th and 6th in the case of the Pleiadeans etc.).

We may now see why they all apparently come “here” (i.e. why there’s such a preponderant proportion in the representation of YCYOR to the face of this plane, a circumstance which is naively taken to bespeak the authenticity of the idea itself—as if mere “consensus” in the higher-density frameworks were any more reason to embrace some notion than it is here). This preponderant proportion of YCYOR proponents is precisely a mirroring effect demonstrating the half truth or “quasi-validity” of the principle itself. If it’s a mirroring effect, this obviously means we’re having mirrored back to us, in amplified and developed form, some seed-tendency we’re “presently” manifesting.


These beings and their ideas are reflections of what “we” might become, a probable version or versions of some nascent direction we’re collectively imparting to our current momentum. By the same token, the fact we may now clearly identify the problematic character of the “inspiration” bringing them collectively here from their respective backgrounds, shows us why this mirroring effect is only manifestation of a half truth, not the exemplification of its ultimate superiority.

While it’s true they mirror some present tendency of ours and were attracted here for precisely that reason, it’s also evident they manifest such “tendency” to us from an Angle that suffers some deficiency. (The Pleiadeans of Marciniak proclaim they’re here precisely to try to change the “future” from which they come wherein they’re renegades to a totalitarian empire; the Sassani of “Bashar” overtly try to induce us to endure our space-alien abduction by their grey cousins, and even to like it, for the implicit purpose of promoting their own density-maximization as “future” products of the cross-breed.)


Therefore it’s only-too-apparent they don’t come from a “reality they’ve created”, to show us how to do likewise.


Marciniak’s Reality Creating Pleiadeans are manifestly bracketed by a reality that’s excruciating to them. Rather, they come from “realities” that are provisional models of the presupposition YCYOR, wherein the projected patterns of “their own” desideration are necessarily reflected, compared, weighed, evaluated, balanced against and ruled upon by the Whole-being Standard of Reality. (For extensive discussion of these ideas see Bashar review, Motto in the Lotto and The Big Spin.)

Why are they attracted here, then?


Precisely because, as a collective tendency of consciousness we’ve already got a “start” on the ego-model of “personal reality creation”. We’re already implicitly-presumed little reality creators in the solipsistic sanctuaries of our brains. That is nothing more than the overt articulation of the tacit, working “scientific” hypothesis of our day.

Our own unexamined presumptions are just embedded and “writ large” in the presumptions undergirding YCYOR—for the question which such an hypothesis really asks of itself (against its Whole-being Ground) as it declares its validity is: “Who is this ‘You’ ”and “Your”? The “you” that “creates” by doing, acting, performing etc., is manifestly a constituted agent; “you” arises precisely through and in expression of the coordinative qualities triangulating the given, variable-pattern instrument as which will is enabled to modulate its focus, and so impart particular emphasis.

The question circling around the free-will variable has to do with emphasis, not arbitrary latitude.

First of all we must understand the principle of this “freedom” within “will”, otherwise the most nescient new ager arguing “arbitrary latitude” in flagrant disdain of any personal examination of the themes involved, is vulnerable to the first obvious blow to the conventions of the premise (having never occurred to him, of course, previous to his own ingenuous parroting).


Will isn’t free because it “arises in a vacuum without innate values”; even should will arise in a vacuum (i.e. the Buddhist nibbana, the vaunted state of void-mind etc.) that vacuum isn’t without implicit values setting conditions to the states in which any “prerogative” may manifest. It is the pre-existence of such values even down to the irreducible vacuum, which secures the very quality identifiable as “freedom of will” and at the same time gives us the only set of operative qualifications under which “freedom” is at all meaningful.

The easiest way to understand it, is in contemplation of an area of blank page. Label it “vacuum”. Make a line (a line is the minimal indication of the principle of Will, since it establishes emphasis by both presence and directionality [inclination or axial orientation]). Since this “line” occurs on the background “vacuum” of the page, we have no right to ascribe static values to its angle of orientation.


The blankness of the vacuum gives us no external reference, no orienting coordinates of “longitude” and “latitude” etc. We may rotate the page 360°, and our arbitrarily deposited line will obligingly rotate through every angle to its initial position. It will, in other words, out of its single stroke generate a theoretically inexhaustible set of radii inscribing the plane of a complete circle.

Since the lengths of “the line” can be extended infinitely, we may say this is a circle having a circumference which is nowhere. The common “point” around which the line was necessarily rotated, has no specific “place” at which it acquires independent reality as a particular “size” or specific location etc. Thus it is “everywhere”.


(This is why, geometrically, the point is non-dimensional—the locus at which the radii theoretically converge form an abstract or “ideal” point which may be regressed to the “infinitely small” without being definitively determined. Point is irreducible in the sense of an ontological presence without extensionality, not in the sense of having specific dimension, size or position.)

Let’s assume the vacuum through which these states inexorably arise, is the equivalent of consciousness (in the fullest spiritual sense of that illimitable Totality which enjoys such perfect consistency and self-continuity with itself in uninterrupted congruence with its own wholeness that it is, ipso facto, aware of Itself as such whole-continuity, thus securing its unqualified self-congruence by that very coming-to-itself).


This “vacuum” or Void which is consciousness-absolute may be considered the total absence of all conditions or the total presence of all conditions. In either case no particular is differentiated, thus conserving its voidness. The positing of any particular within its all-permissive potential, generates the complementarity-symmetry of mutual inversions organized around the holohedral features of any such particular; this is what’s meant by the “implicit values setting conditions to the states in which any ‘prerogative’ may manifest”.


Note that such conditions don’t place a qualification upon consciousness; their sum is still zero (i.e. they share a mutual convergence-locus or common denominator at the—indeterminate—void-point juncture, where every qualification is cancelled of its individual emphasis while conserving characteristics of its comparative presence in angular aspect with all else).


Consciousness is conserved as the all-accommodating presence through which such radial distributions of “coordinative trajectories” are enabled, and may be “located” in terms of the superposed circular pattern either at the infinite extreme of expansion or contraction, i.e. as the transcendent factor of infinite radial extension or the zero-sum factor of infinite mutual convergence. Both are implied and required by the Void-totality of consciousness-absolute.

The qualifying radial extensions, theoretically of infinite “density” in the subtle gradation from one to the other, may be considered modulations of the qualities (Gunam, in Sanskrit terminology). It is through variable coordinative alignments and filtrate organizations in the angular relationships of “diameter” and “radii” with respect to an ideally-delineated “circumference”, that the perceptual grid-networks “screening” any given universe of coinvolved/highlight qualities are drawn into functional relief.


The answer as to how this “miracle of creation” is accomplished in consciousness, when consciousness in itself is definitionally so full and complete as to be unequatable with delimiting instruments, is given in the coincident location suggested above between the convergence locus or common denominator of all radii of the “qualities”, and the conserved void-presence indicative of Consciousness. Consciousness, “enabled” to appear across its own potential qualities through the void-point locus connate by “value” with its own nature, takes the form of Will.


Will, as the Hadit-point, “fits” consciousness as it were through the void-locus, into specific congruence with the lineaform extensions comprising its plenum of manifestable potential.

Slipping consciousness into congruent alignment with its extensible qualities through the common-denominator locus, the Hadit-point may function as central instrument of a variable modulation emphasis, since all lines lead mutually to it.

Thus consciousness “translates” in terms of the pattern, as Will. It employs the agency of those saturate extensions, through coincidence with their common-denominator locus, in stressing selective “keys” simultaneously raising while comparatively lowering overlapping qualities in relative relief and recess thus modulating the operative interaction of states to a complex identity-profile. Will sets up waves in the (equipotential) Symmetry of the potentiating pattern; it plays these variable flux-states like piano keys, generating harmonics of ripple, repercussion and resonance-interference conforming to the “score” written as ideotype for a particular perceptual grid. Will’s operation is therefore that of emphasis, not arbitrary latitude.

The “qualities” resident in the combinative potential derived from infinite density-gradation between adjacent radii (distributed through the Circle) possess thereby a kind of eternal pre-existence, owing to the All-accommodation of Absolute-being. They’re drawn into relief, or comparatively recessed, so as to generate, reinforce or modify the cognitive grid giving form to any world.


Even so, one could presume an arbitrary latitude of emphasis owing to the thetic infinity of gradation, if the resultant qualities could number “meaning” among their synthetic attributes (i.e. if “sweetness of personality” oozed out of a chocolate candybar along with its characteristic flavor, or “furtive rottenness of soul” came attached like captions in a silent-movie morality play when biting into a wormy apple).


Our theoretical “reality creator” could then exercise a truly imperious and absolute power; “meaning”, that which ultimately imparts the significance for any world, state or form of consciousness thereby giving the Rule both in principle and Person (i.e. answering specifically “Who” and “What” is at the bottom of it all), would be placed entirely in the hands of an independent intelligence of purely arbitrary decision and latitude, whether we call it “latitude of choice”—as in “productivity ex nihilo”—or “latitude of emphasis” as in “infinite smorgasbord”. Intelligence could—in effect—walk around the circle of infinitely-graded radii and pull out “meaning” from the categorical slot of any potential quality, and never have to return to starting point.


The circle of radii with their potential combinative qualities would never “circumscribe” such an intelligence, or ever give thought to limit since any given “entry” into the potential of a radius would constitute an inexhaustible tangent for exploitation. Like an eternal infant, the “reality creator” could get lost in the nursery of any given entrance-point to the elementa of radii, picking one after another “meaning” along with the quality to which whim might be attracted in order to Authorize another universe.

If “meanings” inhered by one-to-one equivalency in the qualities (represented by the graduated radii), “meaning” would be a species in the sets-of-opposites along with color, sound, shape, dimension etc., and the assumption of “reality creators” would be justified: “meanings” could only be charged with equal and opposite values that were equivalently arbitrary, and mutually negating. “You” could then “create” by consciously deciding what meaning you wished to pull out of the plenum of meanings, assigning just that value as interpretive fiat of the whole. “You” could decide to live in a world with oranges but not apples.


If the elemental ratios constituting “oranges” gave rise in themselves to a property called happiness, and the meaning sorrow derived from the elemental ratios composing “apples”, this kind of garden-weeding version of Reality Creating would be viable; and, as absurd as it sounds stated this way, this is precisely the kind of cognitive error made frequently in any case, as when efforts are made to scourge and “purify” the race through Eugenics, or exterminate a whole people so as to delete “vice” from the world.

Yet we don’t feel the utter arbitrariness of the meanings which experience seems to engender. We can’t pull them out of the manifest qualities like whimsically picking strawberries, and we can’t pluck them from our minds like interchangeable counters conjured from mist. Experience persists in apparently recommending meanings without foisting them as simple ciphers for a given quality, as if there was something more substantial to the whole than the idea of “arbitrary impositions” would allow.

Meanings aren’t inherences of the polarized “qualities”.


They are not projections or superpositions from an “independent” consciousness (which would then have no instrumentality through which to differentiate and apply “meanings”). Meanings, after all, require a kind of gestalt elicitation; they are expressions of a compound cognitive grid-network, regardless whether or not that fact exhausts their descriptive significance. They express the relationship between resultant ratios of emphasis constituting the relief field of the “cognized world”, and the Whole-being consciousness through which the qualities of that world upsurge.


Though the ratios-of-emphasis are variable as products of Will (i.e. the determinative impulses issued across trajectories through the indeterminate Void-locus), they uniformly arise within the framework of a constant (i.e. the whole-being value of Consciousness). All such ratios, constituting the very (perceptual and cognitive) essence of the qualities, are generated in implicit comparative reference to that Whole-being standard.

Thus, the “qualities” aren’t fixed entities or independent states of set/static meaning derived from the pre-existent plenum of Absolute, but variable resultants of the interactions driven by “determinative indeterminacy” of the free-will operator functioning through their elemental extensions. They are thus effects of the relationship between (whole-being) consciousness and its pre-existent potential; insofar as they are qualities at all no matter the range of variability exhibited by their compound character, they potentiate a halo of meaning (not reducible to any of their attributes) right along with their experiential values.


Meaning arises in the relation between Whole-being value, and the comparative qualities engendered from the pre-existent plenum of Its background potential.

We may refer again to the volitional means of raising a given, experiential venue into being (as function of a stylized gestalt or grid-network patterning elemental ratios of the ideotype). A radius or specialized combination of radii must be drawn into relief (emphasized, stressed by trajectory-of-attention “pushing off” from enabling triangulation of the coordinative potential belonging to the whole “circle”); this proportionately recesses other radii so as to generate the contrastive stress-ratios comprising the sine qua non of perception and cognition.


Such differential stress, the simplest component for producing any given “reality-framework”, immediately breaks the equivalency resident in the infinite equipotentiality of all radii in themselves. Breaking the (infinite) equivalency by juxtaposed contrast spontaneously finitizes the participating terms. It establishes an angular relation amongst coordinate radii. This restrictive finitization may be felt to generate a kind of “meaning” already, as it acquires its finite quality in contrast to the infinite equipotentiality of the circularly-distributed radii as a whole.

The stress engendering such meaning can’t, however, be abolished or “set right” by simple return of the respective radii to their infinite equipotential extensiveness, for this would eliminate the quality (and thus the Creation) through which it arose in the first place. This would constitute a simple and immediate lapse, so that “meaning” and “creation” never got off the ground.

Rather, the proportion in the particular ratio generating the quality, composed necessarily of unequal “sections”, immediately calls into being its implicit mirror of counterbalancing proportions (giving a ratio complementary to the first). Corresponding proportions in the radii “across the way”, on the opposite side of the circle, are automatically drawn upon. This equilibrates and thus “cancels” the finitude of tilings abstractly, on a global scale, without negating the respective components of the see-saw equation—while focus may remain preferentially pressed upon a particular pole of the global structure.

“Meaning”, then, obviously doesn’t inhere by one-to-one equivalency in the given quality (which arises as an angle or combinative ratio of elemental components “finitizing” the theoretically-infinite gradation obtaining between radii). Such a quality doesn‘t exhaust the requirement involved in creative potential, as we’ve seen; it generates a stress with respect to the zero-sum whole. The halo of meanings that may arise around any such quality is generated by the relationship of the quality with respect to the Whole; it doesn’t inhere in the quality itself (therefore “meaning”, while participating in the range of opposites, doesn’t collapse into simple equivalency with the range of opposites—as if “love” were just equivalent in significant charge to “hate” so that they merely cancel each other).


We can’t understand the Superior Reality informing our processes, ever exempting us from the hell of arbitrary “reality creation”, unless we understand the perdurable values of Being, the Ontological constants to which we owe allegiance and relative to which we can never stand, “over against”, as their precedent fabricators and imperious “endowers”.

As an example of the difference between “meaning” and “quality”, and their mutual relationship to the whole: let us consider a particular object of perception; let’s contemplate a lemon. (Arduous readers will note our persistent use of this one item in illustrating a universe of implication, cf. Bashar review etc. “Lemon”, LMVN, is a Jupiterian fruit first of all - number value 126, cf. “Motto in the Lotto”; and its power to get the imagination watering in anticipation of the glands makes it a particularly vivid gift for indelibly exemplifying the whole genre.) “Lemon” is a perception elicited through a delimited range of “elemental ratios” (considered as the atomic composition of the fruit, the molecular pattern of your sense-receptors etc.).


As such, it establishes a particular style of finitizing stress with respect to the whole. It represents the whole as “sour”. “Sourness” in itself is a quality. But what is its meaning? Is it strictly repellent in terms of meaning? If it had but a single meaning for its given quality, we could say “meaning” and “quality” were equivalent. However, owing to the perception “lemon” being a quality definitionally generated through a specific range in elemental alignments, we find the variable play in ratios-of-adjustment between experiencer/experience (together composing the total quality) eliciting certain ambiguity as far as the reflexive meaning of the perception is concerned.

According to the age or growth-conditions of the fruit, the mood or electrolyte balance of the “eater” etc., the quality experienced through-and-as-lemon may be sweetly-sour, tart, gastrically distressing, quenching, exhilarating, attractive or repellent. We don’t arbitrarily assign these responses to the experience. They’re a function of the whole being, and the aggregate ratios-of-function obtaining through coordinative constituents of the whole being.


Therefore “lemon” may represent that whole in a variety of contingent ways, each conserving the general sense and integrity of “lemon”. The quality “lemon” gives rise to variable meanings, but all such meanings reference the stress-state generated by that quality, to the whole. “Sourness” may therefore have negative or positive meaning for us, under any given set of prevailing conditions or compositional ratios permissive of the experience.


The “meaning” doesn’t inhere in the quality (the fruit, its sourness etc.); it arises in reference of that quality to the whole. Therefore the “positiveness” or “negativeness” of a sour lemon may arise as contingent expression of variable conditions and 550 ratios-of-alignment governing the given experience. But the “positive” and “negative” values themselves aren’t arbitrary and equivalent meanings! They refer to a real wholeness-of-being.


They give us the current index of correspondence between the compositional elements and governing ratios of our being, and the presiding Whole-being value (the Circle) through which they arise. A “negative” response symbolizes something immediate, in terms of the given quality; it’s not that the lemon “is negative”—it gives us an evaluative index of self-symbolizing states, portraying—affectively—a certain potential in degree of congruency or inharmony relative to Whole-being value.

The range allowed into existence through any given quality may seem to be perfectly self-cancelling (i.e. since “lemon” seems to range in potential value from “positive” to “negative” it may appear to negate its own possible uniqueness, relative to all else which equally covers the range and so seems to self-cancel). But the way in which it covers and accounts for that range remains finite, and therefore remains both comparative and unique.


What is “positive”, symbolizes our relation to whole-being value in a general way. The “positive” experience of an exhilarating spray of lemon, symbolizes our relation to whole-being value in a specific way, as a suggestive or “instructive” mode (purification; conversion of the acidic, by “digestion”, to the equilibratively alkaline etc.).


Note that “positive” and “negative” aren’t arbitrarily interchangeable and equivalent. They give preferential values with respect to whole-being. This is why “love” isn’t just a member of the pairs of opposites, arbitrarily equivalent to “hate”. Love corresponds to Whole-being positively, “hate” corresponds negatively to Whole-being. No capricious “reality creators” allowed here!

This limits the range of emphasis to a latitude less than arbitrary. Meanings are made essential to the ratios-of-relationship established against Whole-being Standard (visualizable as the total Circle with indeterminately extensive radii, indefinitely minute point, and illimitable background Void). In keeping with the spirit of freedom ascribed to Void-being, arbitrary meanings can be assigned any given value or quality—i.e. you can christen a rock as “God’s Bounty” and send it away hi a Care Package; but any such meaning is accountable to the organic derivation of meanings drawn from the relationship characterized above. Freedom is thus perfectly conserved through any given context; yet responsibility and consequence aren’t thereby negated or overthrown.


Deficiencies of operative meaning with respect to the Reality of Whole-being, are a real component of existence. They require compensation, active or passive, as Service to and in implicit homage toward an eternally greater Being than can be embossed or embellished by “reality creator”, upper-or-lower case. You can’t create your “own reality”, even given perfect freedom (or precisely owing to perfect freedom)—for the very nature of that zero-factor freedom involves an invariable supply-side of ontological preconditions in support, maintenance, conservation and honor of the Reality represented in that Freedom.

Thus the “you” and “your” addressed by the hortatory “reality-creating” expositor from elsewhere (or from “here”), is necessarily the “you” that creates by doing, acting, performing—therefore such a “you” is manifestly a constituted agent, arising precisely through and in expression of the coordinative qualities triangulating the given, variable-pattern instrument as which Will is enabled to modulate its focus, and so impart particular emphasis.


Such an emphasis may stress the comparative trajectory or axial alignment flowing out along pattern-extensors from the common locus; or it may settle upon a stabilized attention with respect to that locus itself.

One road leads along the contingent vector-coordinates of the creation, in irresolvable displacement from infinite Self-congruence with its ground; the other abruptly terminates as any kind of “road” at all, and leaves nothing left over except the infinite Self-congruence pertinent to the Identity of Its ground.

“But what about God! What about God!” we hear our frustrated “reality creators” calling out in one last monumental challenge, on behalf of the Flounder found flipping its death-gasp on the Greater Beach:

“Perhaps limited 3rd density consciousness hasn’t the ‘right’ to proclaim it ‘creates its own reality’, but what about the higher densities under direct correspondence with or even equivalent to God-being. Surely even MT would allow God to ‘create His Own Reality’.”

No. The same applies to Her as to everyone else. It’s just that She is Aware of the Rule, and so makes most direct and efficient use of It Indeed, She gives the Rule, taken straight out of the Opulence of Her own Being, that we may follow it and prosper in Beloved Bliss thereby. AMAEND.


Zoroaster: Name of Iranian manifestation of the Mahachohan (qv), second incarnation of the One Personality of the present world period, circa 630-553 B.C. Denounced as The  Arch-heretic in the Clementine Recognitions, 4th century A.D. (See Mahachohan.)


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