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The Mysterious Signal thought to be coming from HAARP on 3390 KHz, sent in from Chris in Clearwater, Florida. (02/20/01) an extract from the Art Bell radio show


Part I

During my work for the X-Factor Foundation I have met lots of peoples. Most of them are very sincere and honest folks. Also I meet the occasional weirdo as everyone doing UFO research will confirm.

After doing a lecture about the Belgian UFO wave 1989-1991 in Aachen , Germany a man (about 40 years old , athletically build speaking English with an American accent ) started a conversation with me.

Well , you all know how it works after a lecture you will have a fast drink and you will mix up with the audience.

So this man started talking to me .

"Hi Ivan so we meet again" he said .

Now I meet a lot of guys so we could well have met , although I could not remember him at all.

"I told you then that I would travel trough time and space again some day to bring you the final warning." he spoke with a emotional tone.

Oh God not another one of those loonies I taught.

"It is almost time Ivan they are already approaching our solar system."

This guy probably saw my reaction and took on a defensive attitude.

"I am not a crazy sob, can't you remember me? I traveled trough time and space an instance ago. I met you one evening in the basement of your house when you were playing there aged 15 years. You were pretty scared then. I told you I would come back and told you to remember me "

Now I was shocked. How could this be ?


How could he know something from my youth I have never told anyone about .It was true one evening when I was about 15 years 'young' I really met a 'ghost' playing in the basement of my parents house. I recall that I was approached by a ghost like entity surrounded with a green light aura . it was indeed speaking to me but I sprinted away to our living room looking for the presence of my parents. I did think a lot about this incident until it faded out of my memory.


How on earth could this man know this?

The 'time traveler' spoke again,

"Ivan they are almost here and time is running out. Did you know they have started communications with some earth governments? They are very hectically communicating .Please tell them not to believe this beings, they are evil in every way. I escaped from the future and will not return .They will make us our slaves."


"But why me?" I asked him .


"You don't have any knowledge of the future, I have" he replied, as he went on he told me: "I will return to you one other time and place, you will need me then for now I will give you one clue it is 3390. Remember it, until we meet again."

He walked away and I have not seem him since .

Now let me tell you a bit more about me. I have not seen one UFO in my live. I have never been abducted.

For almost ten years I have been involved in investigating the UFO phenomena. I have a solid reputation and would not jeopardize it with some weird story to attract attention .No way, I prefer working away from the spotlights .Writing this I already know that this is the end of my good name and reputation in a job which has become an important part of my life.

But I am telling you the truth which I as a devoted Christian will swear on the holy Bible if necessary. I also would not object to any test with a polygram or lie detector. It is the truth and nothing but the truth .

This really happened to me. I would not have written this article if I had not heard the Art Bell radio show on the HAARP broadcasting. And Guys believe it or not this mysterious transmission is on the 3390 KHZ frequency.

Just go to the Artbell site and listen to it .

Sincerely ,
Ivan Van Mieghem

Part II

Dear Friends,

When I was writing this article (A time traveler's warning about HAARP) I still was a bit overwhelmed by the radio broadcast of Coast to Coast AM of 02/19/2001 concerning the HAARP signal. Your reaction on this article was enormous . So I am going to provide you with more details of this incident .

The meeting in Aachen with the 'time traveler' 12/15/2000 on a Friday evening around 21h30 GMT.

As I told you I could remember the event which he referred to when I was 15 Years old, what I remember is seeing a ghostlike figure completely surrounded by a Green Light like aura . I can not remember or it/him spoke to me. As I recall this encounter I can only remember an intense feeling of fear. Which of course could be normal for the child I then was. Now perhaps this means something to you reading this.You might have clue about that green light. But guys I did never tell anyone about this experience not even my parents.

So how could that ' time traveler ' know ? Maybe he just guessed it although the changes on that are limited.

Then the meeting in December with this 'time traveler'. After he left (I did not see him leave) I started to ask some peoples which were present in the conference room about him. However no one seems to have noticed him and since most of the audience were German I guess an American (apparently ) should get noticed. Now he asked me to remember the 3390 number as it was a clue. He spoke of 'them' are coming, and of communications which had begun .

Now I am going to tell you something new he told me that evening. It does not mean anything to me and it seems to be completely irrelevant. You guys might have a clue. When he was warning me about the communications he told me it started all a long time ago and was related to and I quote now 'Saint Augustine' now I am quite sure that this where his exact words. But he was whispering and there was lots of noise so I could have misunderstood him. If this makes any sense to you please contact me

I know one thing for sure: he will come back and there is an anomalous HAARP broadcast going on.

Maybe you can clarify this mystery for me, I can't .

I even believe that there is no such Saint as Saint Agustin.



Part III

Dear Friends,

I want to thank all of you which have responded to the 'San Agustin' info the time traveler revealed (ref: A time traveler' s warning about HAARP, Part II) as you might have noticed I have put the Audio of the HAARP broadcast on our website. Maybe some tech. wizards can go in a little deeper to its meaning.

I want to thank Dan from the UFOZONE, Werner, Blu, Fernando and many others for helping me on this issue.

To summarize the event:

The 'time traveler' told me he wanted to warn me about something reaching our Solar System in the present.

He went back to my youth to prove his time travel capabilities in the present. He told me that there was a very hectic communication going on between Earthly Governments and 'them'. He gave me as a clue the 3390 number. Which I found out a few days ago is the frequency of a mysterious HAARP broadcast.


Also he told me that it was all being initiated a long time ago and it had to do something which I understood or was pronounced as 'San Agustin'. Since I had no clue on what ever that meant I asked for some help from our members and site visitors using the internet medium .

This has again revealed amazing facts and the story is getting weirder .

This new data , surely if you look at the symbolic value , combined sets the 'San Agustin' in a brand new light.

  1. There was a Saint Augustine, who lived 354-430AD. He became a bishop and was instrumental in spreading Roman Catholicism in Africa. He was a key figure in a time of massive change - a time which could be seen to bridge the old "Roman" empire with the Catholic church of the middle ages. He played a founding and pivotal role in the development of the orthodoxy of the RC church.

  2. Mr. Stanton T. Friedman claims in his book 'Crash at Corona' a second UFO crashed ,around the same time as the now famous Roswell crash in 1947, in the plains of San Agustin near Corona - New Mexico. In his book he proves almost without doubt that the event and cover up did happen .


    He (Stanton T. Friedman source a guy named J. Anderson) also claims that a living Alien Being was captured by the US military which came to the crash site. Mr. Friedman (one must admit that his work is almost of scientific value) is convinced that this has really happened.

So lets make a temporally conclusion regarding our 'time traveler's warning and message .

We live in a time of massive change. Something or some one is approaching our Solar system .And they are not silent or we are sending some kind of interplanetary SOS message. It could well be related to an UFO crash back in 1947. And I will be warned again some time in the future by this 'time traveler' .

Now you may wonder why I am still skeptical about my 'time traveler'. Mostly that is because I do not believe that time travel is possible for a complex living being .

But if there is no such a thing as time travel who could know these unrevealed personal details from my youth. And who could tell me the exact frequency of the HAARP broadcast in December 2000.

He promised me that he will return so next time guys I will be prepared. Meanwhile I will dig into this event deeper and I will inform you on any new developments.

Thanks for all your support, help and reactions .

Sincerely ,
Ivan Van Mieghem

Part IV

Since the initial article about the 'time traveler' things are developing at a dazzling rate. As I taught of having a calm Sunday Afternoon, destiny decided otherwise.

I got a phone call from a young mother in Breda, Holland (The Netherlands).

She was reading the articles about our 'time traveler' when she got the shock of a lifetime.

"It was like I was struck by lighting reading these articles" she told me over the phone .

Her seven years old daughter which I will refer to as J. was having strange dreams the last months J. was telling her mom about visits of Holy Men or Angels.

"I just taught it was a product of my daughter's imagination and to calm her down I asked her to make a drawing of her dream .When I saw it I just knew I had to contact you right away. It is almost like she made this drawing to illustrate your event. At first I was very skeptical concerning this story but now ....!!"

So what the heck I taught and since Breda is not even a hour away from Antwerp by car, I asked her or I could come over and see it. I also was very amazed to see the drawing, what was so special about it is the relation between a signal from Earth (HAARP?) an angel or Saint and ...... just look over it by yourselves.


I scanned it in (I had to adjust the size for web loading purposes )

Here is the original drawing from J.

This is the drawing with our comments


Now no one can't ignore the similarities between this drawing and our 'time traveler' or should we call him Angel by now??

I guarantee you that this are sincere and honest folks.

Also I had the change to interview J. briefly and children well you know when they tell a lie. J. told me that this was her favorite drawing .She has made it 'some time ago' .It took me a bit of trouble in convincing her to hand it over to me so 'all children could see it'.

"Have you also had a visit of my guardian Angel?" J. asked me.

My answer was simple and meaningful:

"YES" I said.

Update on St. Augustine.

Saint Augustine

St. Augustine suggested that maybe time is measured in the mind. It is not an event itself that is measured, but instead, the impression that it leaves on the mind.

The mind expects the future... which becomes the present... which the mind attends... and then becomes the past... which the mind remembers.

The future and past do not exist, but in the mind there is an expectation of the future and a remembrance of the past. The present then would have no duration and still the mind's attention is always there.

So it is not the future that is long. but a long expectation of the future. Likewise, it is not the past that was long... but a long remembrance of the past.

As the 'time traveler' incident unfolds, its getting weirder and weirder. We now discovered that St. Augustine was reflecting a lot about time and time travel.

We will keep you informed .


Stay tuned!



Part V

I've been getting some great feedback concerning our 'time traveler'. To me it is proven without reasonable doubt that this weird event was linked religiously . The clues are to clear to ignore this fact . In our search to the meaning of our ' time traveler's' message I have been getting some real quality feedback from several anonymous sources which I will give you on this update .


By now you all now that I have a Roman Catholic background. I believe in our Lord but I must confess that I have been ignoring my study of the Holy Bible. An error which I will correct starting now !!

It must be clear that the event with the 'time traveler' has dramatically changed my life.

Would I be wrong to call the 'time traveler' an Angel by now? Please share your ideas with me: email.

According to our 'time traveler's' clue about Saint Augustine we remember the warning that we are living in a time of massive change .

Could it be that God has reached the same conclusion as he did in Noah's time? Or are we living in the end times as revealed to us by John (Johannes) in his Revelations?

'The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.'

Gen 6:11

If we are truly living in the end of times then we can better find out all about the warning which was made to me. Remember they all called Noah a nut case until ... the rain started falling .

So anyhow here is some of the feedback we received .

Regarding the time traveler. The beings he referred to are most likely the "Nephilim".

These are 36 million interplanetary "thugs" who are currently en route in large ships to our solar system. I think the best comparison would be with the Psychos of "Battlefield - Earth". Large brutes, who are keen on lying, wealth, and violence.

You can check your bible for some short references to this tribe, and I also recommend the following site/page which has some details: The Truth About the Jews...

This will give you some background info. There's also a lot of information on this site regarding the topic of time, and multidimensional reality. You might find it interesting.

The problem with these "Nephilim" is that they are under the command of even more vicious, and clever, ET's, called the Orion Consortium. Basically, the Consortium will most likely offer their "assistance" to the Earth governments to help fight the Nephilim. However, once the Nephilim are "fought off" it is likely that the Consortium will be heralded as the "saviors", and that they will be asked to help this "miserable little planet" evolve.

They'll probably give lots of neat toys to the military and such. The end result is, however, that mankind will be made slaves of the Consortium. And the trick is that we will never have noticed it, because it will be a kind of voluntary enslavement.

The only way to avoid this is to know about it. If we know about these schemes, we have a chance to see through them once they are set in motion. So, what I'm saying is not that the above will necessarily happen, but if it does, you will know what's behind it all.

I hope this will be of some assistance to you.


Good luck.


Some ideas about time

Regarding time.


Consider a movie. It is a series of frames that are played in sequence. As you watch it "time" passes. However, all frames exist at all times. You just don't see them all at once. It's your way of perceiving it that makes it seem like there's a sequential structure to them. But, you could just as well first play the last five minutes, then hop to the middle, and then go to the beginning. Or whatever.


The entire movie is always there, you're just focusing on different pieces at different "times". This is an approximation of what "time" really is.


That we see it as sequential is merely a limitation on our current perception, and not fact. Just as animals have less sense of time than we, there are higher ways of perceiving time than what we currently understand. It is entirely possible to perceive the entire movie concurrently, if your perceptional awareness is good enough. Just as the first word of the universe has been spoken, so has the last one.


However, the above would imply extreme determinism. The script is written, and there's no way to change it. And that's not correct either, so the above is only half the story. In fact, it is quite possible to not only change the future, but also the past. From a higher time perception point of view there's no difference between past, now, and future "now" is merely a point of focus. Add to this parallel realities and multi-dimensional personalities and souls, and things get tricky. But the above should give you some hint at what to look for.

I cannot explain this any further, because I don't understand it myself any further. But just as we can grasp that there's a difference between how we and animals perceive time, we can extrapolate how it would be possible for higher levels of perception to exist that differs from our current one in similarly extreme ways.

This should explain the apparent paradox of someone from the "future" coming "back" to change the "now" so that the future is changed. There is no "time", hence no future, hence no past, hence no paradox.

With thanks to the anonymous source for his / her feedback.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated ! You can react using our feedback form or by email

Thanks you all

Ivan Van Mieghem

Part 6

Dear Friends ,

As the mysterious HAARP broadcast continues we have been trying to dig a little bit deeper into the 'Saint Augustin(e)" clue our "Messenger -Time traveler" left behind . Until he ever shows up again he would expect us to find his message and to act upon it . The significance of the Saint Augustine clue seems to be crucial. As we already discovered Saint Augustine was crucial to the Church in a time of massive change. The clue could also direct us to an alleged UFO crash in the plains of San Agustin, NM.

It was not so easy to get some reliable information around this subject because as it seems now Mr. Stanton Friedman's key witness was a pulling a hoax (G. Anderson) . Though mainstream ufologists agree that there was a crash. They were able to find honest and sincere witnesses. So I will give you the details of the San Agustin crash.

What I find also intriguing is the HAARP broadcast frequency 3,39 Mhz. Now what is strange are the numbers. 3 + 3 = 6 and 9-3 =6. Now a Ham radio friend was able to pick up the signal at 3393 khz or 3,93 Mhz.


Now it gets even stranger!


3393 khz

3+3=6   9-3=6   3+3=6



Now I don't like to much numbers 6 in a mysterious HAARP broadcast do you?

I would appreciate Ham Radio amateurs to send me some reception reports about the 3393 Khz broadcast. If this gets confirmed by several independent Ham Radio guys then I believe we have discovered a major break through in this incident.


You can email me:


Plains of San Agustin

The Roswell incident seemed just to involve debris from a craft of some sort, as no main part of the craft/bodies could be found on the Brazel ranch. This led to speculation that the main part of the craft had managed to travel on before coming to rest. The Plains of San Agustin crash became one of the main candidates for this location.

The craft came down in an area west of Socorro, New Mexico, known as the Plains of San Agustin, where witnesses discovered a strange metallic object but also dead bodies.

The first witness on the scene was Grady 'Barney' Barnett, who told some friends that in early July 1947 he had encountered a metallic, disc-shaped 'aircraft' about 25-30 feet in diameter. While he was examining it a small group of people arrived, who said that they were from an archaeological research team from the University of Pennsylvania.


Barnet apparently stated the following to his friends.

"I noticed that they were standing around looking at some dead bodies that had fallen to the ground. I think there were others in the machine, which was kind of metallic...disc. It was not all that big. It seemed to be made of a metal that looked like dirty stainless steel. The machine had been split open by explosion or impact.

I tried to get close to see what the bodies were like. They were all dead as far as I could see and there were bodies inside and outside the vehicle. The ones outside had been tossed out by the the impact. They were like humans but they were not human. The heads were round, the eyes were small, and they had no hair.


The eyes were oddly spaced. They were quite small by our standards and their heads were larger in proportion to their bodies than ours. Their clothing seemed to be one-piece and grey in colour. You couldn't see any zippers, belts or buttons. They seemed to me to be males and there were a number of them. I was close enough to touch them but I didn't - I was escorted away before I could.

While we were looking at them a military officer drove up in a truck with a driver and took control. He told everybody that the Army was taking over and to get out of the way. Other military personnel came up and cordoned off the area. We were told to leave the area and not to talk to anyone whatever about what we had seen... that it was our patriotic duty to remain silent".

Unfortunately Barnett died before any UFO researcher could interview him. He was described as a very respectable and honest citizen by family and friends.