Chernobrov's Time Machine


A Prospective Space Transportation System
Vadim Chernobrov is way out there. An energetic Russian with an Abe Lincoln beard and a polyester three-piece suit, Chernobrov cut his teeth in UFO research as an employee of the "spacecraft department" of Moscow's Aviation Institute.


At one stage Chernobrov decided to branch into time travel. Not surprisingly, he had problems getting state funding.


With his meager savings he built a time machine himself. To avoid ridicule, Chernobrov and his team didn't actually call it a time machine. They preferred "Prospective Space Transportation System." The system is small: slightly larger than a basketball, in fact, and covered, apparently, in "electromagnetic skins."

The orb has a top panel that could lift up, revealing a tangle of wires and several small clocks. One wire pokes out, connecting the device to an electrical transformer.


Chernobrov claims the Prospective Space Transportation System could control time rates. In his tests he claims to show that for every 3,600 seconds outside of the system that only 3,560 seconds would pass inside - 40 seconds slower.


The electromagnetic fields, he said, altered the passage of time.



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