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Appendix A

A Selection of Alternative Energy Patents

Several inventors have been selected that may be of interest. All inventors listed below carry one or more patents in the United States patent office.


Brown conducted gravity research for over thirty years. He has postulat-ed that there is a definite link between gravity and electricity. There are many other patents listed that involve gravity and electricity and their peculiar relationship (electro-gravities research). See Ether-Technology: A Rational Approach to Gravity Control by Rho Sigma and High Energy Electrostatics Research publications. See patents (1,974,483) (2,949,550) (3,018,394) (3,022,430) (3,187,206) (3,223,887) (3,518,462).


In Return of the Dove by Margaret Storm, O. T. Carr is mentioned having developed an "anti-gravity flying saucer" and actually started a company which dealt with "free energy." Supposedly, certain secrets of his "free energy" device were incorporated in his "Amusement Device" patent (2,912,244) which resembles a conventional disc-shaped flying saucer. A few years ago, Carr was advertising his model A-Xl energy system that produced 15,000 watts from an input of only 500 watts. Return of the Dove can be obtained from Health Research. An article also appeared in TRUE, January 1961 titled "Otis T. Carr and the OTC-X1" by Richard Gehrman. Patent and article available from Biago Conti, RO. Box 1014, Carmel, NY 10512.


This is the famous Fish carburetor which guaranteed at least 20 per-cent better gas mileage than old-style carburetors. It can also be easily switched for alcohol. Our sources indicate that the unit was last being sold by Fuel Systems of America, Box 9333, Tacoma, Washington 98401 (206) 922-2228. See patents (2,214,273) (2,236,595) (2,775,818) (2,801,086).


Authored an excellent book titled Pyramid Power, one of the first on the market researching pyramid energy. His patent (3,393,279) is a device that claims to transmit sound directly to the brain by-passing the audio-neural system. Not only would this be a benefit to the handicapped, but one would be able to communicate with another in a very high noise environment. One could still wear noise mufflers which would not interfere with this type of communication. See patents (3,393,279) (3,647,970). Send inquiries to: 1109 S. Plaza Way, Suite 399, Flagstaff, AZ, 86001.


Patented a motor that requires no fuel and produces no waste. An article appeared in the June 1973 issue of Probe the Unknown, titled "The Engine That Runs Itself published by Rainbow Publications, 1845 Empire Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504. Unique Technologies, PO Box 56, Richland, MI 49083 also sells "Energy Creation" that describes this invention in layman's terms. See patent (3,890,548).


This is the well known patent which uses the force that Hieronymus calls "eloptic energy." This energy has characteristics of both light and electricity. Many radionic units are fashioned after this basic design. Articles written by Hieronymus can be found in the United States Psychotronics Newsletter, available at P.O. Box 22697, Louisville, KY, 40252 and also in Advanced Sciences Advisory published by Advanced Sciences Research and Development Corporation Inc., PO Box 109, Lakemont, Georgia 30552. See patent (2,482,773).


Patented a motor #4,151,431 in which the power is generated by magnets alone. Write to: The Permanent Magnet Research Institute, PO Box 199, Blacksburg, Virginia 24063. It took Johnson six years of legal hassles to get this "free" energy motor patented. In our last correspondence with Howard Johnson, he was offering license rights.


His device produced an electromagnetic field which oscillated in a wide Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries spectrum of wave-lengths. His theory regarded all living organisms as systems of high frequency oscillating circuits, every cell being a simple oscillator vibrating at a specific frequency. Since he believed that harmonious dynamic equilibrium was health, disease was the opposite, and placing the inharmonious cells within the range of the multiple-wave oscillator brought back the cells to equilibrium. See patent (2,351,055). Patent and articles available from Biagio Conti, P.O. Box 1014, Carmel, NY 10512.


Listed are just a few of the 250 automotive patents. Some of his carburetion designs improved engine performance, gained more mileage and virtually eliminated carbon monoxide pollution. If you can get a copy, read The Works of George Arlington Moore published by the Madison Company. Seventeen patents of interest can be found between (1,633,791) and (2,123,485).


Moray wrote a book titled The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats which is available from COSRAY, The Research Institute, Inc., 2505 South Fourth East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115. He was reported to demonstrate as early as 1939 that this "Sea of Energy" can be harnessed. Once operating, his Radiant Energy Device would deliver an output of up to 50 Kilowatts of power with no other input source. See patent (2,460,707).


Patent #2,026,798 design was used on a 1935 Ford V8 which resulted in

26.2 miles on one pint of gasoline, or in other words about 200 miles per gallon. For more information on this and other high mileage carburetors see Secrets of the 200 MPG Carburetor by Roadrunner Publications. See patents (1,938,497) (1,997,497) (2,026,798).


From what I have read about Puharich, he was a doctor who gave up his practice to study closely the works of Tesla and other suppressed inventors. Several of his patents are listed in this book. If you study his patents you will see ideas incorporated from Tesla. Also author of several books on psychic research. See patents (2,995,633) (3,156,787) (3,170,993) (3,267,931) (3,497,637) (3,563,246) (3,586,791) (3,629,521) (3,726,762).


Registering almost a hundred patents, he is the inventor of the Tesla Coil, the poly-phase alternating current system of power generation, basic develops in high voltage, electric motors, oscillators, etc. Almost every-thing that touches our lives in the twentieth century has been brought out to the world by Tesla. His patents can be found between (334,823) and (1,402,025).


The circuit described in this patent was designed for an electric automobile. Supposedly, tests have shown that this particular design greatly increases motor efficiency. A few years ago Zubris was selling licenses for his patent at Zubris Electrical Company, 1320 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA, 02122. See patent (3,809,978).

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Appendix B:

A Selection of Anti-Gravity Patents


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Appendix C:

Recommended Reading

Access to information is vital in the quest for enlightenment. Now that you are aware of the many critical issues affecting our society today, you may wish to read further about any or all of the innovations presented in Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries. For this purpose, I have compiled the following list of books and magazines to aid you in your continued educational endeavors.


Andrews, George C, Extra-terrestrial Friends and Foes, Illuminet Press, P.O. Box 2808, Lilburn GA, 30226.

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Lynes, Barry, The Cancer Cure That Worked!, Marcus Books, P.O. Box327, Queensville, Ontario, Canada.This book can be obtained for $13 Canadian (includes postage), payableto Marcus Books.

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