It's conceivable that the next car you buy may be fueled by water. Per-haps, at that time, your income will no longer be eaten up by the electric bill, because free energy will have hastened the extinction of mighty power monopolies. In fact, years from now, your children (or your children's children) may awaken to find their planet Earth unspoiled by toxic wastes, and maybe even fully recovered from the havoc that we have wreaked continuously through the centuries.

However, if we continue along the course that we have mapped out for ourselves, it's not very likely that we'll benefit from these developments any time soon. Too many people have become accustomed to our current state of affairs, accepting the imbalance of our ecosystem as the inevitable byproduct of progress. Too few have questioned the wisdom of this learned helplessness.

What we must ask ourselves, then, is whether or not the bleak outlook that we have constructed really is unavoidable. I believe that our species has the capacity to deviate from the path that we have set out on, and to chart a new course for ourselves, and for future generations. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries has highlighted many inventions and ideas that have been developed in the last century of this millennium—the innovations of researchers and inventors who refused to resign themselves to fate. But what has been presented here is only a fraction of what actually exists, because each breakthrough that you have read about actually represents dozens of others that remain obscured.

The suppression of new paradigms and creative thinking in science, technology, and medicine affects us all, and we can no longer afford to ignore the overwhelming evidence that it does exist. What the world could have been and still could be if we encouraged and nurtured non-polluting technologies like hydrogen or free energy is worthy of our deepest consideration. We simply must stop killing the planet, each other, and ourselves and devote our best efforts to repairing the damage that is the legacy of a system devoted to exploitation, greed, and personal aggrandizement.

In my continuing efforts to disclose valuable information, I'm always eager to hear about inventions and discoveries that have been hidden from the public for any number of possible motives. If you, as an informed reader, have proof of a breakthrough that has been ignored or denied, please contact me care of Avery Publishing Group.

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open. An inquisitive mind, coupled with ceaseless determination, is the remedy for the suppression syndrome.

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