Psycho-Physiological Damage Done to Innocent Citizens

Real Life Death Rays
by Joe Vialls

Source: New Dawn Magazine

There is very strong circumstantial evidence suggesting that new psychetronic weapons have been developed to "control" innocent citizens without their knowledge or consent, with research showing the U.S. leading the field. Does such weaponry already exist at Pine Gap and Nurrungar and, if so, is it intended for use against Australians exercising their democratic right to protest peacefully? Research into the use of electromagnetic waves as potential weapons to distort human perception and/or cause direct psycho- physiological damage started shortly after the end of World War II. Although the U.S. intelligence officials claimed the Soviets had the whip hand in this field, it is significant that the Soviets proposed a total ban on electromagnetic warfare at one of the arms talks. Equipment has already been tested in the U.S. on rats at short range, successfully inducing nausea, tumors and many other symptoms. Closed lectures at various U.S. defense establishments have already discussed specific frequency effects that have been logged for use in operational situations. In other words, the Americans already know exactly which frequency to apply to gain a precise reaction within targeted areas of the human brain. The U.S. has a problem with testing at the human level. It has been stated clearly that the White House point blank refused the request to test on human subjects at all. Counter claims insist the White House does approve such testing, but only on prisoners and non-Americans.

How Psychetronic Weapons Work

By the ’60s, weapon research had split into two distinctly different fields. The first of these fields involved weapons operation on frequencies in the same range as the human brain’s electrical activity of 14 Hertz (or 14 cycles old values). These were and still are called E(L)F, standing for Extraordinarily (L)ow Frequency. Design was intended to induce illness by upsetting the electrical patterns in specific areas of the brain, resulting in nausea, faintness, panic attack and possible unconsciousness at short range; depression and other symptoms at long range. The ambition was to identify which precise frequency was needed for each individual human reaction. Under the Reagan administration’s top secret Project Sleeping Beauty, Dr. Michael Persinger, chief neurologist at Laurentian University’s Environmental Physiology Laboratory in Ontario, was "quietly" funded to find the answers. Using what are called time-varying fields of low intensity in the extraordinary low frequency range from one to ten hertz, Persinger was consistently able to make a cage of rats sick. The E(L)F field he generated had stimulated the MAST histamine-producing brain cells into inducing instant nausea.

Specific research on E(L)F weapons was continued by Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, a nuclear physicist and boss of the Technic Research Laboratory in San Leandro, California. Rauscher had already identified specific frequency effects to induce not only nausea but also happiness, for example. Clearly, Dr. Rauscher was an enthusiast: "Give me the money and three months", she boasted, "and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of 80 per cent of the people in this town without their knowing it. Make them happy - or at least they’ll think they’re happy. Or aggressive." Much later, in March 1984, Captain Paul Tyler, a U.S. Navy doctor responsible for all research into the effects of radiation on humans, presented a paper at the Air University Centre for Aerospace Doctrine. Tyler confirmed that "specific biological effects can be achieved" with electromagnetic fields. He made it very clear that the required fields had already been identified for operational use. Massive power generation required for E(L)F transmission is still a problem, apparently. So far the U.S. "underground" is not aware of any proven incidents where E(L)F has been used against the general public in a hostile manner.

Examples do exist (on both sides) where massive transmitters have been bombarding specific areas of the U.S. and USSR for decades. Those areas are so large that if data exists on long term effects, the "underground" has no known access to it. Unsubstantiated rumors persist that the U.S. F117A "stealth" fighter bomber can be fitted with E(L)F weaponry inside its internal bomb bay.

Whether or not the equipment was used against specific targets in Iraq during the U.S. attack is unknown. It should be remembered that E(L)F waves are invasive. Unlike EHF, which reflects off hard surfaces, E(L)F can and does penetrate extremely dense substances, including reinforced concrete etc. Defensive measures remain unknown at the general level against this kind of radiation though, presumably, lead (Pb) would act as an effective barrier.

The other field of weapons research concerns those weapons operating in the micro or millimetric frequencies and also referred to as "Barrier Warfare Microwave Tech". Such weapons operate at the opposite end of the electromagnetic wave lengths from E(L)F, i.e. at Extraordinarily High Frequencies. Microwaves are those commonly used in radar sets and microwave ovens, for example. The principal advantage of EHF over E(L)F lies in the fact that its transmissions are "straight line" and can thus be beamed with ease into small or tiny areas. E(L)F, by comparison, tends to scatter widely. Microwaves are generated by a device known as a "Magnetron" in which electrons, generated by a heated cathode, are moved by the combined force of a magnetic and electrical field. The cathode is a hollow cylinder with the outside coated with barium and strontium oxide electron emitters. Arranged concentrically around the outside of the cathode is a large cylindrical anode containing a large number of "resonant cavities", normally of quarter-wavelength, on the inner surface.

When switched on, the magnetron generates an electrical field radially between anode and cathode, while the magnetic field is coaxial with the cathode. The complete assembly is sealed inside a vacuum enclosure. The maximum power output is naturally limited by the size of the individual Magnetron but research indicates the largest can generate a stream of microwave "pulses" at up to ten million watts per pulse. The resulting microwave pulsed beam can be focused in much the same way as a camera lens - from ultra wide angle to telephoto - creating area or pinpoint capability.

Fortunately the Magnetron is not a small device. Informed sources indicate a portable Magnetron powerful enough to harm a large group of demonstrators, for example, would require space equal to a small truck.

Amount of Injury

Walter Bowart, American author of Operation Mind Control, claims that by 1989, at least one group of female British demonstrators had been exposed to Barrier Warfare of the EHF microwave variety. Bowart’s claim fell in line with covert approval from the White House to test such systems on non-American citizens.

His claim was given further credibility by the savage mind control experiments funded by the CIA, and carried out by notorious psychiatrist Ewen Cameron on Canadians in Montreal - once again, non-Americans and thus expendable. Specific symptoms presented by the females, who were demonstrating against American nuclear weapons or waste in Britain, were as follows:

1. Anomalies with menstrual cycles;

2. Spontaneous abortion;

3. Other (unspecified) feminine problems;

4. Retinal burning;

5. Inner ear problems;

6. Rapidly growing tumors.

At the time the demonstrators were camped for an extended period of time in tents, indicative of "low level" wide angle bombardment designed to produce severe discomfort in the long term, rather than acute discomfort or death in the short term.

Detecting the Weapons

Unfortunately for the British females, no device was available on the open market to detect any form of psychetronic bombardment. In Australia such devices are available from Dick Smith and known as "Microwave Leak Detectors", costing A$23.95. They were originally designed to be run around the rubber seal of microwave ovens to detect a potentially dangerous radiation leak.

If a leak was found, then the seal had to be changed immediately.

The microwave leak detector is directional and capable of picking up psychetronic microwave output as low as one milliwatt per square centimetre. In other words, it is very sensitive. Medical research in the U.S. has already proven that sustained exposure to low-level leaks from domestic microwave ovens can cause serious problems with the eyes, including cataracts. The research was carried out on a large group of women who had been exposed to such a leak in an open plan office over a period of many months. The level of damage in each case was directly proportional to the distance from the leaking microwave oven.

Defense Against Psychetronics

In the case of the British females, Bowart suggested they cover their tents with standard grade cooking foil. They did so and the effects stopped immediately. At low to medium power settings, the psychetronic microwave beam can be stopped in the same way as a layer of cooking foil placed over food in a microwave oven - reflecting the waves back and preventing the food from cooking. The fact that microwaves cook by vibrating the molecules in the food until they heat up, goes a long way toward explaining the wide ranging problems experienced by the British team of demonstrators.

The precise neurological damage discussed by the U.S. armed forces referred only to E(L)F transmissions, on exact tested wavelengths. EHF effects are unfortunately more generalized. If demonstrating along the perimeter of a U.S. installation, it would be wise to have a few dozen rolls of cooking foil and a microwave detector available, no matter how silly it might feel to walk around looking like a bright silver robot. At the same time, be aware that any radar transmitter inside the base will also activate the microwave detector, but only if it is in line with the transmitting aerial in question.

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