US Antigravity Research


Chronology of US Antigravity Research
By James E. Cox

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Vol. 2, No. 1, January-February 1998, p. 8.
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1850 - Dr. William Crookes investigates human levitation claims, such as Homes reported in Psychical Research literature.

1896 - John Keely demonstrates a sympathetic vibratory flying machine to the US Army which flew 500 MPH.

1915 - Einstein publishes his General Theory of Relativity.

1917 - Prof. Nipher publishes data on electric (Faraday shielded) Cavendish experiment that exhibits repulsion.

1928 - T. T. Brown published data on his charged lead lethargy electrogravitic experiments in Sci. and Invention.

1934 - Dr. Schuman flight tests electromagnetic Vril I craft in Germany.

1943 - Philadelphia Experiment confirms Einstein's modified Unified Field Theory.

1947 - Roswell crash in New Mexico yields bonanza of extraterrestrial antigravity propulsion technology.

1952 - Truman establishes Majestic 12 committee to investigate UFO's.

1950's - In general, there are a flurry of news accounts of amateur inventor's who claim success in building work flying saucer models.

1960's - Many American companies exhibit a euphoria of belief that control of gravity is eminent - Glenn Martin, etc.

1964 - Dr. Erwin Saxl publishes in NATURE anomalous weightless data on his charged and shielded torsion pendulum experiments.

1971 - First successful US Antigravity flight test at S-4 Dreamland by SAIC corporation.

1972 - 0fficial Air Force "Project Outgrowth" advanced propulsion study identifies "field effect propulsion" as having the most future promise.

1973 - Princeton/Cal Tech publishes their seminal book on "Gravition" by Thorne, Misner, and Wheeler which offers the mainstream word on the subject.

1975 to 1985 - There is a stretch of time here where little public information on antigravity is available - probably a period of suppression or quiet research.

1983 - Henry Wallace presents a paper/patent on a more practical way - yet theoretically plausible - for gravity control and has some success.

1989 - Bob Lazar is one of the first Black Project insiders to come forward and reveal about backengineering of UFO technology.

1992 - Dr. Podkletnov publishes paper announcing a 2% gravity shield in a spinning superconductor.

1996 - Russian's reveal extensive experimental gravitonics program aimed at a 100 MW magnetostriction g-beam device.

1996 - Lt. Col. Corso reveals secret Pentagon files on Roswell crash material/documentation he was in charge of.

1997 - Travis Taylor at Redstone Arsenal reveals tests on UFO crash material that exhibits anomalous motion in electric and RF magnetic fields.

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