In his original foundations for the Bavarian Illuminati, officially instituted by Adam Weishaupt on May 1,1776, his stated purposes were good:

“Princes and nations will disappear...
Reason will be the only code of man. “

Weishaupt recognized no divine power outside of Man, and often referred to “...Nature and Nature’s God”.

The original purposes of the Declaration of Independence stated by Thomas Jefferson and other American revolutionaries, on Jury 4, 1776—only two months after Weishaupt’s declaration—were good, also referring to “...Nature and Nature’s God”, just as Weishaupt had done.

The original purposes of Michael Bakunin, in the founding of his Internationale (the Alliance Internationale Sociale Democratique), in Switzerland, in 1864, was good...seeking an instrument to destroy the tyranny of the confiscatory state, and motivated by a genuine horror of his own experiences under despotism.

The original purposes of Theodor Hertzl, in calling together the first International Zionist Congress, of March, 1897, in Basle, Switzerland, were good, advocating that “...sovereignty be granted us over a portion of the globe large enough to satisfy the rightful requirements of a nation,” intended by Hertzl to be guided by the individualistic premises of Friedrich Nietzsche.

The problem with these and similar endeavors, is that the Pseudo-Illuminati—by whatever name we know of it—lurks behind the scenes, more ruthless, powerful, and thorough than ever, always poised to take over and convert all organizations to its own use, in a manner diametrically opposite to its stated purposes.


Organizations and movements originally intended to create a new religion of “reason and nature”, were converted into ones for the mass psychological mind control of society, using religion, political mysticism and superstition to prohibit the higher development of mankind, to conceal technology, truth and higher knowledge, and to create and maintain a false economic dependence on Illuminati-controlled governments and the archaic technology of Illuminati industries. Meanwhile, the medical establishments and world health organizations are controlled and used to distribute and conceal population control methods developed and expedited by secret military weapons laboratories, so as to maintain world populations at “controllable levels”.

The Illuminati, hypocritically styling itself as the “...Bringer of Light and Knowledge...”, preys upon the sincere beliefs of religious people, and promotes irrational, mystical, superstitious or exploitative ideas or means, contrary to what might have been initially good purposes, showing the consciously designed, sociopathic conspiracy to control the world through deceitfully planned ignorance, mysticism, dependency, and the promotion and exploitation of weakness.

Philosophy—the “master control” of rational scientific thinking—has its “first laws”...irreducible primaries which must first be accepted by presupposition, before further rational thought may proceed. These first laws must rest on the facts of reality, before we can reach other reliable conclusions, such as that involving a possible ‘origin’...if there was an origin...of the universe.


This question was first begged in religious ‘creationist’ myths of the most infantile sort, just as UFOlogists begged the question that flying saucers are extraterrestrial. A god in the image of man, space aliens in the image of man, and ‘extraterrestrial’ flying saucers in the image of man-made flying saucers. On the issues of God, the Big Bang, Space Aliens, and Flying Saucers, rational people have been crowded into a corner as the ‘nut cases’, defending the “irrational” positions of the nonexistence of God, the infinity of the universe, the absence of evidence of aliens, and the terrestrial origins of flying saucers. That time has now ended. The Big Liars can prevail only by exerting absolute control over the press, public speech, and the media. They are now frantically multiplying their redundant Tired Old Big Lies in the public media.

The Illuminati eventually came to secretly advocate the use of unethical and murderous methods by its members, to cause unnecessary struggle and conflict of every kind, and to exploit mystical religious or political organizations, racial concentrationism, and military nationalism, in order to set up conflicts needed to create constant chaos and instability, in the midst of which they maintain and increase their wealth and economic control.

The Jesuit and Masonic orders fell to Illuminati control, as did Bakunin’s Anarchist Internationale (expropriated by Marx and his Communists). The American Government fell to Illuminati control, via exploitation of the conveniently covert natures of the CIA, FBI, NSA, the Masonic Order, the Jesuits, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberg group.

After the 1919 failure of “Morgenthau’s Pastoral Policy” to exterminate the “German race”, at the end of WW I, the S.S. was formed later that same year, as an experiment in mass psychological control, financed by the World Bankers, the Rockefeller Commission (now the Trilateral Commission), acting through the S.S., under the auspices of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health and “Eugenics Program” of the University of Texas, and the American Psychiatric Association.


Their purpose was the control of the world through religion. To this end, a new religion, called “OSTARA “—‘designed’ by Georg Lanz von Liebenfels—was promoted through the S.S. and the Thule Society. This new Nazi religion used ancient religious mythology as its basis, falsely depicting the ‘gods’ as “aliens”. For example, the Egyptian God of Darkness, Apepi (Apophis), a serpent, was claimed to be a “reptilian alien god” which lived under the Great Pyramid at Giza.

In the mass-psychology experiment, the Nazi alien religion was used to stretch the credulity of the German people, so they would believe whatever Big Lies their government told them. It was decided in 1923 that Adolf Hitler was to lead the German people in this experiment, to culminate in a mass suicide of the German people, in a “Wagnerian tragedy”, then to fake his own suicide and make his secret exit. After the fall of Germany, and “destruction of the weak”, the Illuminati “New World Order” was to come into being in 1945, as the United Nations.

Hitler handed over the flying saucer secrets to his benefactors in the Trilateral Commission, in a secret deal cut between the World Bankers and Industrialists, Trilateralists, CFR, Rockefellers and the Nazis, with the U. S. government acting as “security guard.” The Nazi alien religion has since been promoted covertly by the U. S. government to conceal the flying saucer secrets, so that “UFOs” can be depicted as “alien technology”, and kept from the people.

With the fall of the Soviet State, the U.S. political leadership soon began to bully and officiously intermeddle into the affairs of smaller, troubled, disadvantaged countries. Wars, pseudo-justified as “humanitarianism”, are incredibly lucrative for IllumiNazi war industries. In March, 1999, through NATO, the U.S. began bombing Serbia, ostensibly to “save the (Muslim)ethnic Albanians from the atrocities of (Orthodox Christian) Serbians”, following an undisclosed agenda to establish the authority of a “New World Order”, which I call InterNaziism, disguised as humanitarianism.


After the French Revolution of 1789, Robbespierre became known as “the humanitarian with a guillotine,” in a “reign of terror”. An “humanitarian with laser-guided bombs” is no less a terrorist, and has no business sticking the American nose into an ancient, foreign religious squabble, using this “wedge” as a pretext to establish world InterNazi authority.

The mainstay of the IllumiNazis are their monopoly of energy, minerals, raw materials, war materiel and military weaponry, related technology, and the media and communications industries through which they control information. The flying saucer represents their single most important technology, the continued secrecy of which is indispensable to the maintenance of Illuminati world control, because of its incredible fuel efficiency, speed, and electrical performance characteristics—all of which conveniently make the hoax more convincing—which mandates a priority of utmost urgency, to be pursued by them “at all costs”. That is the reason these secrets have thus far remained concealed behind the Nazi “alien” religion. Meanwhile, our physicists and aeronautical engineers stand idly by in their dumb government jobs with their thumbs up their butts, awaiting their next checks.

The exact same Nazi alien religion is being promoted covertly today by the U. S. government and the Illuminati, through fancy, well-financed TV productions, books, movies, UFOlogy and New Age groups, which spread the lie that flying saucers are “extraterrestrial”, to serve the dual purpose of concealing flying saucer technology and hypnotizing the American masses. We have an InterNazi government.


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APPENDIX “A” - Giving to the Public the Dvna-Lvne Universal Variable Pneumatic or Hydraulic Transmission System


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APPENDIX “B” - The Papp Patent for the Conversion of Atomic Energy into Utilizable Kinetic Energy (with an excerpt from the Britt Patent based essentially on the same principle):


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APPENDIX “C” - Fabrication of Tesla’s Single Terminal Coils


Tesla’s highest coil development was his “single terminal coil”, his “method for obtaining high voltage D.C. current through inductance” (without a rectifier). The primary was placed around the outside of the coil, providing greater inductance and protection from arcs between turns and to the secondary. It was produced in two forms, conical and pancake, with the single terminal at the center or top.


Spacing is increased beginning at the lower outer end, toward the center. By tuning at a quarter wavelength, the bottom is peak positive, or at 3/8 wavelength, is neutral, with the center terminal being peak negative. At sufficiently high frequency, a D.C. current is created, as explained on page 216. The same coil can also be tuned to a half or full wavelength for use as the high frequency A.C. ether blocking coil.


The following shows the basic Tesla coil layout:

This 150 kv coil design has a single-turn primary and 10-turn secondary (1:10 ratio), with a maximum voltage increase of 15 kv per turn of the secondary. 1/8” increased spacing per turn is sufficient, using a dielectric with a K-value of 4. The secondary wire will be about 1/8” in diameter, and the primary will be a ½” wide copper strip about 1/32” thick.


The following schedule of spacing between turns is observed:

The secondary has a 16 ¼” diameter. ½” outside this is the primary, with another 1” peripheral insulation, and the entire “pancake coil capsule” is 19 ¼” O.D. The dielectric is thicker toward the center, 3” thick above and below the center, and 1” thick around the outside (total of 2” at dia. and 6” at center). A 15 kv input transformer should produce 150 kv. It should be firmly cast, excluding air, inside a resin/fiber composite with a K-value of about 4. Below are a few good dielectrics to give you an idea:__________________ air-c. 1.0 neoprene - 4. - 6.7 silicone-3.2-4.7 mica-filled phenolic - 4.2 - 5.2 mylar - 7.3 -9.3 formica - 3.6 -6. “fiber” - 5. cellulose acetate-3.1 - 4.5

The diameters for the 10 turns are drawn out with a compass, on a piece of heavy paper. These concentric circles are divided into 16 equal radial sections. The spiral between each circle will progress 1/16 of the total for each section, per radial line. I found it convenient to use 32s of an inch, plus percentages (for example, “18.25/32nds”). The set of points produced can be joined by curved lines to produce the logarythmic spiral. Don’t forget to allow for the thickness of the wire, compensated for by moving the schedule up a 1/8” thickness from the bottom.

The wire thickness is then drawn on the outer side of the spiral coming out with a 1/8" space at turn #1, and 1.25" space at turn #10. Transfer the spiral to a piece of heavy paper, and temporarily affix the wire. The upper side is cast, then is turned over, the paper completely removed, and the mold used to cast the other side, again taking care to exclude air. Don't whip your dielectric when mixing, which produces unnecessary, troublesome bubbles. There are castable, catalyzed silicone rubbers with high dielectric constants, requiring no vulcanization, made by people like Dow-Corning.


Enlarge the spiral which I have drawn to scale, to a diameter of 16.25", on a copy machine (use 11" x 17" paper, doing it in two equal halves). Such coils are usually encapsulated in a vacuum chamber, eliminating bubbles of air, while an electrically-heated mold vulcanizes something like a hard-rubber mixture.


Below is the casting process:

The tuner below, and capacitors can be used to tune the coil. The physical length of the secondary wire is about one-quarter of a 1 MHz wavelength, as an approximate starting point.

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