Part of the “social manipulation” of course involves the use of the mass media and instrumentalities of the state to suppress not only the flying saucer technology, but also other powerful technology. This small section is included to tantalize you with the possibilities of what I refer to as “suppressed energy secrets”. There are many of them, and many more variations.


This information is included to also give you a glimpse of the outright fraud of the “nuclear power” industry and the D.O.E. (“Department of Energy”, formerly the A.E.C. or “Atomic Energy Commission”), and its concealment of viable and safe options to the monstrosities which they have foisted upon us, called “nuclear power generators”, which represent a gross misuse of the principles involved, for which responsible scientists and engineers should be subjected to criminal fraud charges. The scientists themselves are bound by national security secrecy orders, the violation of which would subject them to criminal prosecution for treason or espionage.

To whet your appetite, please find APPENDIX B: Excerpts from Joseph Papp’s Patent No. 3,670,494, of 6/20/72, Method and Means of Converting Atomic Energy into Utilizable Kinetic Energy.

Around 1980, I stumbled not to my surprise, upon more suppressed energy secrets11. Most of this type of information hitherto publicly available, ‘disappeared’ from public access after 1942, due to the ‘national scouring’ operation by the F.B.I, which I mentioned before, which was not as complete as they would have liked. In fact, they missed some important material, due to their ignorance, being guided chiefly by the Relativist Quantum Mechanics, who failed to understand Tesla’s technology.


For example, on Tesla’s death on Jan. 8 (not the 7th as most documents say), 1943, the FBI got involved in investigating as to whether or not anything of a national security interest was involved in Tesla’s effects. In the opinion of John G. Trump12, head of the government’s Office of Scientific Research and Development, Technical Aids, Div. 14, NTRC (predecessor agency to the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence), “nothing of any value was contained”, and there was “no reason to retain” custody of Tesla’s effects.


(Trump was also a professor at M.I.T., and had his feelings hurt by Tesla’s 1938 review and critique of M.I.T.’s huge Van de Graaff generator~with its two thirty-foot towers and two 15-foot diameter balls, mounted on railroad tracks—which Tesla showed could be out-performed in both voltage and current by one of his tiny coils about two feet tall.)

Altogether, in Tesla’s effects, there were the contents of his safe, two truckloads of papers and apparati from his hotel, another 75 packing crates and trunks in a storage facility, and another 80 large storage trunks in another storage facility.

11 This information initially surfaced in a set of books entitled Popular Science Library. The Story ofElectricity and Magnetism (six volumes, P.F. Collier & Son Corporation, New York, 1941), pages 81-83

The Navy and several “federal officials” spent two days microfilming some of the stuff (concerning information mixed with what was generally thought to be the “photo-electric effect”), and page 7, concerning the structure of lithium, other elements below atomic number 19, and the instabilities of elements generally possessing a ratio of neutrons-to-protons which are “too low for stability”, particularly those in Group I of Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table, which are especially susceptible to “photo emission”, some even with red light (cesium), or green light (sodium), but all those below atomic No. 19 transmute in ultraviolet light.

12 FBI Documents Regarding Nikola Tesla (supra).

at the Office of Alien Properties storage facility in 1943, and that was it, until Oct., 1945, soon after von Braun’s residency at Ft. Bliss, Texas, at which time Wright-Patterson’s Air Force Research and Development Command people took a closer look. They had all previously completely missed the boat in their attempts to interpret Tesla’s technology—according to the false Relativist physics—mainly because of the snotty report by their “expert”, John G. Trump.


Even the FBI has failed to grasp the significance of the note concerning Ms. Marguerite Merrington’s witnessing of Tesla’s 1894 “metallic plate suspension”, and to black it out, in the Tesla papers released under the F.O.I.A. It wasn’t until von Braun and company disclosed that their flying saucer technology was based on Tesla’s 1890s discoveries, that our government knew what they had, and what the Nazis had already acquired in the 1930’s from Tesla’s files. Quite a lot of Tesla’s technology had already leaked through several sources before the FBI’s scanty look into it in 1943, fully seven years after von Braun’s “p2” project at Los Alamos.

Practically the only thing they were looking for was technology related to the atom bomb, and since Tesla had stated that so-called “atomic energy” didn’t come from the radioactive elements themselves, but from “cosmic radiation”, they decided he was crazy and neglected his documents until the war was over. This concealment by neglect was the apparent result of Nazi/corporate-state influence in the government and F.B.I.

The data I found around 1980, which showed that all the elements below atomic No. 19, actually transmute in ultraviolet light—some in ordinary daylight—conflicted with Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. The products of these light-element transmutations, brought about with low energy bombardment, are alpha particles (stripped helium nuclei, each carrying a +2 charge), and beta particles (electrons, each carrying a -1 charge). On purchasing at Los Alamos salvage, two withdrawn volumes on the physics of X-rays13.


These books showed the existence of the transmutation process. I realized that this information and all its reasonably construed implications, had been known by some scientists in both the U.S. and Soviet governments for years. These concealments apparently had nothing to do with “national security”, and the two “governments” were apparently in conspiracy to protract archaic technology. Some governments, huh?

Due to prior public access to these secrets, and the possibility that some ‘uninitiated’ persons might still know about them, the liar government scientists attempted to confuse these processes, by describing them as the “photo-electric effect”.

That was simply another Big Lie, since the photo-electric effect involves the ultraviolet ejectment of electrons by suitable emitters, many of which are above atomic number 19, and does not involve the actual transmutation of the elements, or emission of alpha particles (helium). There are several other effects which distinguish this from the photo-elecrtric effect, such as mass which is unaccounted for by the lower total weight of the helium atom, from what it should be, according to the sum of the weight of its component parts, representing equivalent energy or particles liberated, rearranged or transmuted in the process, similar to the “fusion reaction” of the sun.

13 M.A. Blokhin, The Physics of X-Rays (State Publishing House of Technical-Theoretical Literature, Moscow 1957); Howard M. Stainer, X-Ray Mass Absorption Coefficients (U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, 1963).

In other words, this simple process can release or absorb (the same difference) the energy equivalent of the fusion reaction, in an externally reversible “K-capture” process, in which a K-orbital electron of an appropriate element “falls” into the nucleus (is “captured”), converting a proton into a neutron, transmuting the element into one with one more neutron in the place of the former proton. It is my theory that ZPR and aether-borne energy contained in the space encompassed by the electron prior to its capture, results in the emissions observed, which are “squeezed out” when the electron is captured by the nucleus.

In this process, neutrinos are emitted as the element goes up the atomic scale, and are sucked back into the atom as it returns to its former element, over and over, if the process is continued, in a sort of “continuous nuclear orgasm”. Here, we have another “table-top”-type fusion reaction, which has been concealed, primarily by treating it as an insignificant ‘anomaly’, which is then avoided and summarily dismissed.

A similar process occurs in nuclear excitation of a light element, in which an electron orbit is distorted by a magnetic field, or is excited a by a U.V. incident particle beam, and repeatedly becomes eccentric, so as to “gather” energy in the “L” orbit, then emit it in the form of ionizing radiation, as the electron “falls” back into the “K” orbit. This process requires a carefully synchronized and controlled excitation at the specific NMR frequency of the element, under a specific magnetic flux density.

I soon realized that most of the “free energy” processes can be produced by using a medium in a “box”, to transform electromagnetic power from the ZPR. Based on these processes, I developed the idea of what I call my “Triax (“three-axis”) System”, composed of three axes at 90 degrees to each other, which are: (1) The magnetic field axis; (2) the electric field axis; and (3) the particle beam axis (or “atomic axis”, which may also be considered as the “momentum axis” in respect to its use in flying saucer propulsion).


Any two of the axes may be used to produce the third, as follows:

A magnetic field will separate positive and negative charges, by turning negative charges in one direction, as positive charges are diverted or emitted in another direction (negative charges may be easily turned, while the positive charges are very difficult to turn). The charges may be collected on separate plates, to create an external current, and vice-versa. The incident particle beam directed at a sample of one of the light elements or a compound of them (often better), placed in a “triax box” with a magnetic field across it, causes the manufacture of positive and negative charges.


The positive (alpha) particles charge the first plate, while the negative electrons pass into the second plate, being drawn into the circuit by the positive potential of the first plate—created by the presence of the positively charged alpha particles—and are drawn through an external circuit load, to perform work. These particles may be steadily recycled in an oscillatory fluorescent process which may be continued ad infinitum, so long as the load placed on the external circuit is not dropped too rapidly.

The trick is to transmute an element into a temporarily radioactive isotope of very short half-life, after which it quickly returns to its ground state, with the emission of photon energy extracted during its synthetically radioactive reaction with the ZPR:

Using a one-mole sample of lithium 6—or lithium niobate crystals, manufactured by Union Carbide—this process will produce a continuous external current of 50 kw, indefinitely, unless the load is dropped too quickly, in which case a small explosion can occur. This can be ‘fail-safed’ by use of a computerized control of the incident particle beam in respect to the load, in conjunction with an appropriate device such as an ultraviolet laser. More simply, an incident particle beam device can be easily fabricated using the Tesla bulb shown, which may be controlled with an FET (field effect transistor), which senses a change in the field strength and instantly diminishes the current to the bulb.

Lithium is the most active of all elements, and is perhaps the most unstable of the “light elements”. In some cases, transmutation can occur in an incident particle beam of less than 7 volts according to the Blokhin book (in the biblography, and many other similar X-ray references), which gives specific product emissions for most elements (unless “classified”) in respect to the frequency of an incident particle beam used at specific voltages. Powerful ionizing radiation can be used to charge field plates, or to produce ‘pure electrical energy”. The energy produced, is vastly greater than the electrical energy required to initiate the reaction, because it comes from the ZPR (“starlight”), and need involve no radioactive fuels or wastes.

These processes were explored by Tesla prior to 1900, and by T. Henry Moray, of Utah14, while in Sweden in 1912. Tesla used aluminum and some Group I elements, while Moray used spudomene or lepidolite—lithium-aluminosilicate rocks—which he called his “Swedish stone”, to which he soldered triple-distilled germanium, producing semiconductor devices (which he called “valves”) almost twenty years before Shockley, who got the credit. These rocks are almost everywhere in Northern New Mexico, especially found in pegmatite dikes.


Sheepherders in the vicinity of Dixon (where the government mined lithium for the H-bomb), carried pieces of lithium ore in their pockets in winter, to warm their hands. The moist hands provided the electrolyte contact, and penetrating cosmic radiation (the ZPR) did the rest. The lithium-aluminosilicate elements are all below atomic number 19, and in compound form are supposed to work better than the separate, pure elements. The normal number for lithium is “lithium 7”, while the rarer (and more unstable) isotope is “lithium 6”, as used in the Union Carbide lithium niobate crystals. Lithium 6 has a low neutron ratio.

One Los Alamos scientist I discussed this with said this process was an example of “chemical energy”, or the “photo-electric effect”, but that was untrue. It could be perhaps called “nuclear chemical energy”, I suppose. It is a reversible process, the explanatory formula for which has been systematically omitted from nuclear engineering texts, under national security laws, as shown by the following statement:

Sec. 1.19: “...There are two other ways in which a nuclide with a ratio of neutrons that is too low for stability can become more stable. One is by the emission of an alpha particle (sec. 1.12), and the other is by the nucleus capturing a negative electron from outside the atom, thus reversing the process described in sec. 1.16. In each case the change is associated with an increase in the neutron-to-proton ratio. Since neither of theses modes of radioactive decay is important in connection with nuclear reactors, it is unnecessary to consider them in further detail.”15

And so, two separate possible “other” ways to produce atomic energy—both using non-radioactive light elements—are concealed. The primary justification for the concealment of these two processes is rationalized (for over forty years, since 1952 or earlier) because they are possibly being used to generate electrical energy on flying saucers and other secret projects.


14 T. HenryMoray,The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats, CosrayResearch Institute, Salt LakeCity, Utah ( 4th Ed 15Samuel Glasstone and Milton C. Edlund, The Elements of Nuclear Reactor Theory. D. Van Nostrand Co. Inc., Princeton, 1952 (emphasis mine).

Although the processes are allegedly unimportant “ connection with (archaic) nuclear reactors” of the kind desired by the Secret Government, protected by the sham A.E.C./D.O.E. cover, it is obvious that the use of these concealed processes might literally destroy the obsolete petroleum and atomic energy industries as we know them today.

These two (reversible) processes, combined in the continuous, oscillatory reaction, appear to be the same as that responsible for the helium power system already mentioned in respect to the helium-powered “...twelve B.M.W. engines...” purportedly used on WW II German flying saucers, and in respect to the Papp engine shown in the Appendix.

Can you imagine carrying one of these little generators around in your hand, from your house to your car, airplane (flying saucer), boat, or on camping trips, etc., to provide whatever, non-polluting electrical energy you wished, more than you could probably use?

It comes clearly into focus at this point, that the culprit vested interests are in the petroleum industry, or rather in the Wall Street monopolists who took over almost all independent petroleum production in the 1950s. I say this even though I could stand to inherit many thousands of acres of proven gas and oil mineral rights in southeast Texas.


Since the Trilateral Commission or Masonic crooks within my own family will probably rip off those mineral rights somehow, before I inherit them, and obliterate all evidence, I probably won’t get them anyway, so why should I care? What is more important, is replacing this archaic technology with “free energy” generators.



Nikola Tesla discovered a simple, ‘special’ generator—the complete secret of which is locked away in the Los Alamos vault—which was constructed of “...copper, aluminum, and iron”, arranged in “...a peculiar way”, and had weak magnets or only unmagnetized iron cases. There is no document available, showing specifically how it worked, and only Tesla’s cryptic comments on its construction, with claims of fantastic output. The closest things I know of are Tesla’s homeopolar generators.


Judging from them, and his invention of the standard electric meter used by the power companies on our homes, together with some actual experimentation and tests, I have extrapolated the fundamentals of Tesla’s invention, since the electric meters are constructed in a ‘peculiar’ way, are composed of the three metals, and have weak magnets which can be reversed and ‘oscillated’.

In 1979,1 took two old 115-volt Tesla electric meters—which are at least 70 years old—and connected them together in a ‘peculiar way’, attempting at first to measure two separate 115-volt currents coming into an apartment. There are four unlabelled posts on each these old meters, so I didn’t know how to connect them, so I just took a shot in the dark. Due to the manner in which I connected them—which apparently was wrong—the two meters behaved strangely. At a low current drain, the disks rotated faster than when the current was greater. At a sufficiently high current, the disks stopped, hummed loudly—which I refer to as “snoring”—and even reversed, at a still greater energy consumption in the apartment. As the current usage went up and down, there were commensurate changes in the “snoring” and disk directions in the two meters.

By actually using more electricity in the apartment, less usage was recorded by the meters, as well as the main meter for my entire complex, and the electric bill for my whole complex dropped by about one-third. The meters were generating power, perhaps enough to power the entire apartment. Sometimes, when the disks were running in reverse, the meters were generating more power than that being used, and when they were running slowly in the opposite direction, the meters were generating less, but overall, the one-third drop in the bill indicated they were running that apartment, one-third of my complex.

Mr. Dort—the Virginia man whose father invented the special generators stolen by the Nazis and used on their “Electro-U-boats”—said that, when the ‘snoring’ was at its peak and the disk stationary, that the meter was at the “center of load”, which meant that the amount of current being used was equal to that being generated by the meters! When the disks reversed, the ‘meters’ were generating more current than that being used, and were putting electricity back into the grid! After I removed the old meters from the circuits, my bill increased by one-third. By that standard, I may have been able to reduce the usage to practically zero, by connecting meters the same way in the other three residences, or by running all my current through the meters.

Under the generally accepted theory of electric power generation (inductance), a magnetic field and conductor are required. A dynamic conductor must ‘cut’ stationary magnetic ‘lines of force’, or dynamic ‘lines of force’ must expand and contract across a stationary conductor, to create the cutting action necessary to produce current in the conductor. Since energy is expended by use of alternating current to create an expanding and contracting magnetic field, the use of permanent magnets—which require no current to create their fields—is considered most efficient, except where it is desireable to have a reversing magnetic field in the core.


The Tesla electric meter has weak magnets, which Tesla said was necessary so the magnetic fields could be reversed and alternated. The meter wouldn’t work if it had very strong, completely polarized magnets. There are two basic ways the Tesla ‘meter’ can be used as a generator, as far as I can tell:

1. Mechanical: The disk may be rotated in the weak permanent magnet field, by a small motor connected to the shaft of the aluminum disk, generating an electric current in the disk. The current rises until sufficient to cancel the magnetic field, which it then reverses, as the current in the disk collapses and reverses, due to the reversed magnetic field, and the system begins to oscillate. An alternating output current is induced in the windings of the two sets of pole-pieces which are above and below the gap in which the disk rotates.

2. Electromagnetic: With this method, the current is run parallel through the windings of the pole pieces of two separate meters, creating a magnetic flux which alternately passes through the disk, and into the lower pole pieces, creating a current at right angles in the disk, which creates a thrust which rotates the disk in the weak magnetic field of the permanent magnets. When the current in the disk is sufficient to cancel the weak permanent magnetic fields, the disk stops, then “vibrates” (“snores”), as it rapidly and alternately reflects and transmits both the current and the magnetic fields, producing an output alternating current in the pole piece windings.

According to Mr. Dort, aluminum is the best “reflector”, copper the “most active” (electronically conductive), and iron the “magnetic core material”. Dort said his father’s magnetic drive was based on a Tesla generator. Based on the drive system stolen from Dort’s father by the Nazis, and used on the Electro-U Boats, Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz promised Hitler a “miracle at sea”. How did the Tesla generator work?

The particular Tesla generator used by Dort’s father—and the Nazis—was one which was being developed by Tesla in 1895, in conjunction with his developments concerning the liquefaction of air. Tesla knew, from Lord Kelvin’s discoveries, that more heat is absorbed by liquefied air when it is re-gasified and used to drive something, than is required by theory, in other words, that the liquefaction process is somewhat anomalous or ‘over unity’16.


Just prior to Tesla’s completion of his work, and the filing of a patent application, Tesla’s laboratory was burned down, destroying all his equipment, models and inventions. Immediately after the fire, Linde, in Germany, filed ‘his’ patent application for the exact same process, which recombined some of the heat energy produced in compression of the air, to drive the process, just as Tesla had done.

Tesla had combined the liquified air process, with his pneumatic piston-driven oscillator, even prior to the fire and Linde’s patent application. In addition, he had calculated that, for every 200 pounds of iron connected to the device, a full horsepower was added to it. Can you imagine how many horsepower were added by the connection of the oscillator and liquifaction device to the body of a submarine? If hypothetically a Type XXI German submarine were retro-fitted with this oscillator, and its displacement were 2,700 tons, that would produce an extra 27,000 h.p., only a small part of which would be needed to drive the oscillator, which involved very little friction and force to produce a large current.


16 Nikola Tesla, Startling Prediction of the World’s Greatest Living Scientist (Article, the North American, May 18, 1902).


The Tesla oscillator developed by Dort’s father, used on the Nazi Electro-U-Boats, is shown in my following simplified, clarified illustrations, based on Tesla’s originals:

The inductor-shaft of this oscillator was driven by the small pneumatic piston, powered by the liquid air. The shaft needed to vibrate only about 1/16 inch, producing a mere ‘hum’, which Tesla said was capable of vibrating a system of considerable weight “..many thousands of times per minute”17 (standard 60 cps would be 3,600 times per minute). It is assumed that the increased horsepower from the iron of the sub, was combined thermodynamic energy added to drive the liquifier, as well as energy received by the oscillator from the same ELF transmitter which could also send messages.


The iron could maintain the flow of heat liberated from the air as it was being compressed and cooled, and from the iron where it was stored, back to the air (in a Carnot cycle) when being expanded to drive the piston. At the same time, the iron could act as an antenna to receive earth’s electrical energy being regulated by the ‘transmitter’ at a distance, electrical energy of stationary waves traversing the earth from pole to pole, as finally confirmed by Tesla during his 1899 Colorado Springs experiments.


The iron collected electromagnetic energy from the earth system to be added to the electrical power of the oscillator as it was driving an Electro-U-Boat’s motors and charging batteries. As stated by Tesla in 189818, (in pertinent part):

“Primarily, I contemplated only the sending of messages to great distances in this manner.”

“Now, this idea I extended to a system of power transmission.”

The windings on the oscillator were about 50 miles in length, and its inductive- capacitive system allowed it to operate on a frequency which was consistent with the earth’s, at a wavelength of about 925 miles, with a frequency close to 13.5 c.p.s., sometimes mentioned in relation to Naval ELF communications. Was this part of Tesla’s long wave system for “transmission of electric energy without wires”, which he said he had completed just prior to his death, as shown in the FBI documents? Is the Navy’s ELF (“Extremely Low Frequencies”) system not only for communications, just as Tesla said, but also for broadcasting energy to submarines—just as Tesla also said?


This submarine power system is now a top secret of the U.S. Navy. They could have had in 1943 if they had not listened to their “experts”, who convinced them Tesla was crazy, something they can blame on Einstein’s “R.Q.Ms”. They had paid no attention to Tesla when he attempted to interest the Navy in the same kind of technology in 190119.

The German government had wasted no time in taking Tesla seriously. When Tesla’s laboratory was burned down in 1895, Linde filed his patent on the liquefaction of air, identical to the system developed and tested by Tesla in conjunction with running his oscillator. The German Ministry of Marine purchased Tesla’s turbine right after the U.S. Navy rejected Tesla’s attempts to interest them in it first. By 1905, German chemical interests had already begun liquefying and storing thousands of gallons of liquefied air in steel bottles, in anticipation of their need for it in the coming submarine warfare.

Today, the discoveries of Tesla are still classified, over 56 years after his death, yet these discoveries laid in storage with the Alien Properties Custodian between 1943 and 1945, during which time no one even bothered to take a look, until after the war, when German research revealed to the U.S. government that Tesla’s discoveries were valuable, and the basis for flying saucer technology and many other still classified developments.

17 Patent for Tesla’s Valvular Conduit, No. 1,329,559, Feb. 3, 1920.
18 The Sun, New York, Nov. 21, 1898.
19 The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires As a Means for Furthering Peace, Nikola Tesla, ELECTRICAL WORLD AND ENGINEER, Jan. 7, 1905.


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