The previous Chapter VI was the consummation of the over 17 years of overt judicial harassment which ensued the moment George Bush took the reins of power at the CIA, and ended with his Presidency. Bush is a pal with fellow Trilateralist and Republican, Robert O. Anderson, the man who controls the North Slope of Alaska and the HAARP project, though Anderson would now probably disavow any connection to ARCO, which he created.


Chapter I can be thought of as a kind of “Revolutionary Manifesto of Laissez Faire Capitalist Creatology”—(i.e., a manifesto of a radical and new artistic and scientific religion, based on the “Science of the Creative Process”).

The Illuminati originated with “luminism”, or Mithraism, related to the myth of ‘Osiris the Beautiful Hare”, an over 6,000-year-old religion, devoted to sun-worship. As a solar god, Aestre (Easter, Auser, Oser, etc., the “East Hare of Light and Goodness” [Ahuramazda]) is also the origin for “Aryans” (“Hare-ians”), or worshipers of Osiris.

These included Moors, Greeks, Turks, Mongols, Norse, Schythians, Scots, Irish, Celts, Semites, Arabs, and Syrians, etc. Many tribal names derive from the “hare” word, often combined with the “duck” or “goose” word (emblematic of Isis, Osiris’ mate), as do many other words in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and North and South America. For example, “Schythian” means “Duck-Hares”, a word which is “Scutari” in Turkish.

The word “Aryan” did not originally denote a race, but rather a religion. However, it later came to be misinterpreted as a race, by the leaders of neo-Pagan religious movements of the 20th century.



In 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian Jesuit priest, and professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University, “reinstituted” the secret, “Illuminaten Orden”, infiltrating the Bavarian Masonic Lodges and instilling the Johanite Gospel, requiring a compulsory belief in “Almighty God”, and excluding Atheists and Jews, converting the lodges into instruments of mystical and racial control. Though declining in 1790, the Illuminati was still alive, resurging again in 1912, particularly in 1914 Austria, fabricating the pre-Nazi “Thule Society”, a “neo-Gnostic” racist group, teaching that “Aryan was good, and Semitic was evil”.


This was begun by Joseph Lanz von Liebenfel’s Ostara religion. Members were apparently unaware that they were worshippers of the “Easter Bunny”, and that they, as Germans, shared a common racial origin to many of the Jews. The program against Masonic acceptance of Atheists or Jews, eliminated their potential influence. The Illuminati had a secret world government plan, maintained by compartmentalization, implementing mystical and racial national concentrationism.


A ‘schism’ created between Christian (Prussian) Masons and Atheist and Jewish (and later Zionist-Atheist) Masons, was similar to the Lutheran Reformation, in which Martin Luther’s anti-Semitic book, entitled “The Jews in the Catholic Church”, isolated German Christians from the ideologically competitive ‘foreign’ influences of the Roman Catholic Church, by pointing out Jewish financial influence in Roman Catholicism.

During this time, the Illuminati made inroads in France, via the Jacobins and French Masonic Lodges, during Napoleonic regimes, and into Spain as the Alumbrados, who soon found themselves being sponsored by the Duke of Pachucua, a knight of the Spanish Royal Court, in Mexico. This eventually gave rise to the Penitentes in Mexico and the North American Southwest, in which secret members became known as “Pachucos”, named for their earlier official sponsorship by the Duke of Pachucua, and their American origins in the Mexican state of Pachucua.


Like the Thuggees of Asia, some Pachucos were required to perform certain criminal acts, and openly wore tatoos on their bodies, later concealed in the folds of their hands, after the F.B.I. outlawed them, declaring them criminal and subversive. As a boy, I knew many of them.

According to one of my uncles, a 32nd Degree Mason, and a Catholic, of “Cajun” origin (who was never excommunicated for his Masonic activity), the American Masonic Lodges refused to accept French Masons into American Lodges, after the time of the Marquis de Lafayette (a friend of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, converted to Masonry by Jefferson), because of the infiltration of the French Masonic Lodges by the Illuminati.

When it went out the door with the expulsion of the Emperor Maximilian, the Napoleonic Austrian puppet government of Mexico left behind the Mexican National Anthem, Under the Double Eagle (Unter den Doppel Adler), an Austrian march (written by Richard Wagner, the German composer) referring to the “double eagle”, a symbol which can be found before 655 A.D. on a gold and enamel purse cover from the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial (now in the British Museum).


The emblem was carried by German and Austrian Christian Knights Templars, during their crusades against the Muslims, and is a Masonic symbol often seen on Shriner rings. The symbol had already found its way into the Roman Empire during the days of the emperor Trajan, when Germanic slave-artisans from the north were imported to decorate Roman architecture and monuments. The double eagle became popular during the time of the first ‘Holy Roman’ emperor, Constantine Porphyrogenesis (“Born of the Purple”), the son of a German officer in the Roman Legions from Trier, and a Hungarian mother.

When my ancestors, the Fosters and the Richardsons, brought the Mexican Napoleonic-dictator, Generalissimo Santa Anna, before General Sam Houston, after his capture at the Battle of San Jacinto, they first tried to hang him, until they saw the double-eagled Masonic ring on his finger. Instead, they sent him back home via Washington, where the Mexicans eventually decapitated him, double eagle and all. The ring showed his membership in the Jacobin/Alumbrado lodge of the Napoleonic regimes. Sam Houston was a direct descendant of Phillip II of Spain, and according to the Templars, Jesus Christ.

John Baptiste Lamy, Jesuit Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, refused the Holy Sacraments to Penitentes, unless they swore an oath disavowing the Penitente/Pachuco secret sect. Lamy excommunicated those who refused, thereby also stealing much of the lands of their “brotherhood”, El Rancho de Nuestro Senora de La Luz (The Ranch of Our Lady of Light), and several others, the titles to which were granted to their predecessors-in-title, by the “pre-Napoleonic/Illuminati”

(Alumbrado-influenced) Spanish king, Phillip II, who was also a Hapsburg (from the House of Esterhazy [”East-Hare”, or “Osiris”, whose ‘house’ was at Busiris, in the Sixth Nome of Lower Egypt]). The Penitentes represented a “fundamentalist schism” to the Illuminati that Bishop Lamy knew and loved so well, and represented a threat to the exclusivity of secret control by the Jesuit Order, which is jealously intolerant of any secret organization other than itself, in any territory it controls.


The “Penitentes” represented an undisciplined, unexpected, and intolerable branch of the Illuminati, which had fused its elements with those of Native American Indian populations, and had to be “pruned back” by the Jesuit Order in the 19th century, and by the F.B.I. in the 1950s. Some have even said that J. Edgar Hoover was a Jesuit priest.

Figuring into all this was the “Holy Grail” and the “Golden Cup Ceremony”. Its earliest known pre-Christian origin seems to be from Indo-Sumerian traditions, which related to the Uralo-Altaic-speaking tribes in Western Siberia, from which the Schythians (Scot-Irish), Turks, Koreans, Japanese, Finns, Celts, Sumerians, Hittites, Minoans, Britons, Saxons, and many other tribes descended.


Incorrectly thought by some to be Buddhist, it was actually practiced by the more ancient, pre-Buddhist, Bonpas religion, of Tibet, which worshipped “black magic” and “Kali Ma” [”Bloody Mother”, the “Goddess of Chaos”], with obvious affiliation to the Thuggee cult, the Society of Assassins, and the Death’s Head S.S. Black Order [”Schwartze Korps”]).

The Bonpas, Thuggees and Assassins believed in a “collective consciousness”, and that, as the population of the world increased, this collective consciousness was “weakened” by being shared by too many people. In service to “Bloody Mother” (“Kali Ma” or Kali Matrakis), they believed in killing as many people as possible—preferably everyone—so as to strengthen the “collective consciousness”. Unlike the S.S., Bonpas, Assassins and Thuggees wore white robes with red sashes. (In one photo however, Hermann Goering can be seen wearing a white SS uniform with a white belt having a thin red line on it.)

In 747 A.D., Padmasambava brought Buddhism to Tibet. He supposedly killed or drove all the Bonpas out, but they just went “underground”—figuratively and literally. Padmasambava “ceremonially” incorporated the main idea of the Bonpas—the Doctrine of the Non-Ego—into Buddhism. The original ceremony of the Bonpas, entailed actual cannibalism, in which the hearts of sacrificial victims were eaten, and their blood drank in the Dance of the Red Tiger Devils}0 The Buddhists however reject actual cannibalism.

The “Holy Grail” or “Golden Cup” myth survived in Germany through the Nibelungenlied (the bloody pan-Germanic epic, in which Attila the Hun is believed to be the wise old uncle). Descended from Tibetan and Uralo-Altaic/Sumerian origins, the Golden Cup myth eventually became associated with the libation cup of the Celto-Nordic peoples. As explained in Plato’s Timaeus, the ten Gods of Atlantis commenced their gatherings by collecting the blood of a young bull in the golden cup. This is evidenced by the two beautiful, Late Minoan, golden Vaphio Cups, found in the Peloponnese, upon which are depicted several ancient Minoan “cowboys” lassoing young bulls.

The Golden Cup, or Holy Grail, eventually became the double symbol of “knowledge”, and of “pure blood”, in the diseased minds of Nazi theorists. Among Heinrich Himmler’s list of required reading for S.S. initiates, was Crusade Against the Grail and Lucifer’s Court in Europe, by Otto Rahn, Colonel, S.S., a member of a society called the “Ahnenerbe”.


10 Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines (Wentz Oxford U. Press, London).

“Lucifer” (meaning “Light-Hare”, from “Luci-“ + “-fer”) identified the Illuminati (and Naziism/Trilateralism) as an “Osirian” cult, with the “Holy Grail” (Golden Cup and bulls) as one of their sacred myths.

In the 7th century, A.D., the Christian Holy Byzantine Emperor, Justinian, drove 40,000 Mithraists (worshippers of Osiris) into a hippodrome in Asia Minor, and exterminated them. Justinian married a dancer, Theodora, whom he met at the Circo Massimo in Rome. Over 1300 years later, Hitler also married a dancer, Eva Braun. Justinian reinstituted “proskynesis” (the Roman salute, “Hail, Caesar!”). (Incidentally, Caesar, Kaiser, and Czar mean “Goose-Hare”, in reference to the Sun-Goose...Isis...and the Sun-Hare...Osiris.) Hitler did likewise. Hitler and the Thule society eclectically copied the fanaticism of early Christianity, and several secret societies, combined with the aggressive expansionism and organization of the Roman state.

The Ahnenerbe Society (“Society for the Study of Ancestral Heritages”, i.e., Indo-Germanic racial research), was supposedly racio-theological in nature. In Jan., 1939, Ahnenerbe was incorporated into the S.S., and already had fifty branches, led by Prof. Wust, teacher of Sanskrit at Munich University. Meetings of the general staff of the S.S. began with Yoga and a Bonpas/Bhuddist “Sesshin”. The Ahnenerbe, which maintained constant contact with Tibetan Bonpas lamas, also contained the mystical Black Order (“Schwartze Korps”), the S.S. “inner circle”. Ahnenerbe’s general manager, S.S. Colonel Wolfram Sievers, was hung by the Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Ironically, a majority of the ancient “Sea People” tribes from whom many of the Israelites under Solomon’s short-lived 10th century, B.C. democracy derived, were originally “Aryans”, both in terms of race, and in terms of the worship of Osiris. This is confirmed by the word “Israel”, meaning “East-Sungod-Hare” (“Is-“ = “east”; “-ra-“ = “sun-god”; “El” = the Babylonian Saturn [”Sa-“ = “sun”; “-turn” = “hare”]), related also to the Ural (“Hare-El”) mountains, and Mt. Elbruz (“El’s Burg” or “El’s Mountain”, in the Ukraine) a couple of the ‘Aryan’ ancestral regions.

The upshot of this tangled, mystical baggage, collected by various confused segments of the human race, is that “racio-religions” are one of the many excuses that “races” or “tribes” have used for exterminating one another, or even themselves, hi the Illuminati, we meet ourselves coming back, because both Hitler, the Austrian, and Einstein, the Jew, were members of it.

The Trilateral Commission (The “Three-Sided Commission”, in reference to the triangle) IS the Illuminati. The triangle with the “all-seeing eye of God”, is the triangular top of the pyramid with the eye, as seen on the dollar bill. It was used in the 1937 Los Alamos “p2” project, by von Braun. It is also a Masonic and Rosicrucian symbol. Originally, it was the eye of Ra-Bel or Ba’al (Ba’ + El), the Sun God, and of Osiris, symbolized by the “Apis Bull at Memphis”, with the sun disk on its head, which is the “golden calf mentioned in the Old Testament. Since the ‘Osirian’ Ba’alamites were still the religious leaders of so many of the Israelites, the Rabbis created a ‘new’ religion, in which the “old gods” were disavowed (or rather recreated in disguised new forms).

More specifically, the “modern Illuminati” is a secret group of world power mongers, whose title suggests that they are “illuminated” (i.e., possessed of some special or great “mystical secrets” or “wisdom of the ages”, which we normal individuals do not possess). This is a bunch of crap, because David Rockefeller and his clique have no greater knowledge than you or I, except for the criminal knowledge that any gang of “Thuggees” have.


The Illuminati have knowledge concerning the technological secrets which they have stolen and secreted away from the world, to maintain their dictatorship by secret economic control, and to protect their secret resources from the threat of advanced technology which could free the people of the world from their control. This is not “higher” knowledge, but “lower knowledge”.

Osiris (“The Beautiful Hare”), as a sun god, originally represented sunlight, and later “knowledge”. This was reflected in Greece and Rome by Helios or Prometheus (“Pro-Mithraist”) the “...bringer of light and knowledge...”. To fundamentalist Christians, this was evil, because it was the same as Adam’s eating of the apple, and “...partaking of the tree of knowledge...”, which “...took away man’s innocence...”(i.e., ignorance). The fact that an evil group calls itself “The Illuminated Ones”, claiming “higher knowledge”, does not make real knowledge evil, but good. That is what this book is all about. What is truly evil, is stealing and hiding technological knowledge created by individuals for the good of themselves and a civilized human race.

The evil “Set” (brother of Osiris) was obviously related to the origin and namesake for the Judeo-Christian “Satan” (“Sa-“ = “sun”; “-tan” = “dawn”), which was synonymous to the Minoan Minotaur (“Min-“ = “A-min” [”East-Min”, or “Amon”, the Memphis fertility goat-god], combined with “-taur” [”bull/hare”], to form a fertility goat-god/Apis Bull/Hare/sun-god which roamed about the Labyrinth, tormenting the damned sent there, beneath the isle of Thera (“She-hare”, the Minoan name for “Ashera”, a form of Astoreth, the female flying [Canaanite] form of Osiris).


This was the derivation for the Christian “Purgatory”. The “immaculate conception” of Christ, is similar to the ancient myth in which Isis (sister and wife of Osiris) “immaculately” conceived of Osiris, and gave birth to Horus, while Osiris was entrapped by Set in a knot in the trunk of a Tamarisk tree which was used as a roof support for the house of the King of Byblos. This ancient story originated in Western Siberia with the Uralo-Altaics, as a mating of the Sun-Hare, Osiris (“Heru-“) and the Sun-Duck, Isis (“-Khuti”), giving birth to the Sun-Hawk, Horus (“Heru-Khuti”, or “Hare-Duck”!).

George Bush and the rest of the Trilateralists would clearly like to force all of us to believe in their “god”, whoever or whatever that is, and we are just no damned good unless we do. Again, the upshot of all this is that we’re swimming in mythological garbage here, and we simply cannot allow ourselves or anyone else to predicate our political decisions on their personal, mystical, subjective religious concepts, and should settle only for government by reason, rather than a dictatorship based on “faith” in someone’s personal or mass religious mythology.

The kind of thinking behind the Ahnenerbe/Nazi madness, could just as well have supported a movement by neo-Pagan “Aryans” (i.e., German Safartic {i.e., “Aryan”} Jews) to use a holocaust of their own making, based upon similar religious horse shit, as a pretext to “purify their race”, by exterminating what they might have decided were “non-Semitic” Aryans, such as Gypsies, Khazars, Germans, or other Asiatic peoples who had converted to Judaism, rather than to have been born into it, via some of the “tribes” delineated by the post-Solomonic Rabbis, after the 10th century B.C. creation of the ancient kingdom of Israel.


By such thinking, they could have exterminated the Christians, as “non-Semitic, heretical Jews”. The prejudice of German Jews toward Asiatic Jews is well-known in some quarters, as reported by Meyer Levin (author of Compulsion, a true story about some murderers on a cross-country killing spree), during his promotion of The Diary of Anne Frank, when German Jews tried to take away the manuscript because Levin happened to be of Asiatic origin, and not pro-Communist.

The astonishing conclusion from all this, is that the modern Illuminati are a group of powerful and wealthy coercive monopolists—actually unfit and incompetent business men and industrialists—who sustain their power and wealth as a group, through theft of advanced technology, and concealment of it through mystical “mind control”-type manipulation of society. If known to the general public, this technology would break the coercive monopoly, and reduce things to the normal realm of capitalist competition and survival of the fittest.


For this reason, this book is the greatest threat to Illuminati power ever seen, because it discloses the technological secrets and true origin of the flying saucer, as their best kept secret, and makes the construction of a flying saucer a possibility for anyone having competent technological skills, and wishing to build their own.



The work of Albert Einstein is useful to the Trilateral Commission, not only for its fuzzy thinking, but also because of its support for the Big Bang, and other Big Lies of Big Science. Einstein was undoubtedly a great mathematician, but metaphysically and epistemologically, he was an idiot.

Einstein was philosophically an existentialist, religiously a Cabballist, and epistemologically a Platonist. It is odd that the “Father of Existentialism”, Edmund Husserl, had two main students, Jean-Paul Sartre, a Zionist, and Martin Heidegger, a Nazi. Einstein was a follower of the former, and Hitler was deified by the latter. Einstein’s theories were influenced by the Kabalah as well as existentialism, which relies upon a Platonist epistemology—one based upon Plato’s Cave Analogy, which holds that our knowledge of reality is like that of an observer in a cave, outside of which a caravan passes between a fire, also outside the cave, and a wall inside the cave, casting a shadow of the caravan on the wall; according to the analogy, we cannot know reality, but see only a “shadow” of it. In keeping with this cave analogy, Einstein continually referred to what he called an “apparent effect”, as if his eyes and senses were unreliable tools of cognition, or means for acquisition of any valid facts about reality.

Einstein applied his peculiar existentialist and Platonist epistemological and metaphysical misconceptions to physics, thus protracting many cognitive mistakes into this supposedly “exact science”. His fundamental errors included his fictitious concept of time, caused by his Platonist epistemology. The existence of what he referred to as a space-time continuum concept, was a begged question.


He said that space is curved, attempting to attribute a geometric configuration or “grain” to unarticulated space. He was so subjective, that he thought what he called an “apparent effect” (his subjective manifestation of Plato’s cave analogy), affected the whole universe, in a giant contradiction, based on the Platonist concept that man could not know reality or the nature of it, but only an “apparent effect” or “shadow” of it, which existentially had no relation to what anyone else knew or perceived. So why did he even bother to say it?

In reality, “Time” is a fiction created by man, to measure the rate at which events occur in the universe, and to interrelate them to each other within the spatial context on and around our earth, as it moves through space, and to measure cyclical movements having distinct relationships to all other events, particularly the movement of our planet in the solar system.


A specific “time” is marked by a fictionalized, ‘frozen moment’ or position in space, in respect to a particular cyclical measurement of the clock and the calendar—two mathematical computers used to measure “time”. Our earth moves around the sun, while our solar system moves around our galaxy, which in turn moves around the edge of the Milky Way, which in turn moves around the outer reaches of the Magellanic Clouds. Our earth and everything on it, and everything else in the universe, can never be in the exact same place ever again. Any rational person should be able to see why “time travel” is a physical and metaphysical impossibility. But, if you can be tricked by the Illuminati into believing it is possible, then you can be tricked into believing any other Big Lie they arbitrarily choose to tell you.

In reality, we can know that, by the nature of reality, all events always occur in the instant present, and are irretrievably locked into their contexts in respect to all other events occurring at that same instant, throughout the universe, whether we are aware of them or not. References to “the future” or “the past” are purely fictitious, though we may reconstruct events as they occurred in the past intellectually. Single events cannot be displaced out of their contexts, without reference to their relationship to the rest of the universe at the time they occurred.


‘Time travel’ is also an epistemological impossibility, because a jump forward or backward in the fiction of “time”, would require a physical jump of the whole universe from one configuration in one place, to another configuration, at a far distant place, instantly. This is too much to ask of the universe, just to satisfy the subjective, psychological whims of an Einstein. Only the present exists, forever, and reality is everything occurring or existing in that same, instant present, everywhere. We can know the nature of reality, without having to know all of its events and minute features.

Of the two epistemologies, the Illuminati propagate the Platonist one (and Einstein’s theory of subjective ‘time travel’ and the ‘forth dimension’, etc.), because it supports the complete upheaval of a rational, Aristotelian epistemology based on the primacy of the senses as valid tools of cognition, and supports the mystical Platonist epistemology based on faith, which allows the public to be misled by, and to accept the Big Lie. The Big Bang cosmography is only a cosmological extension of this Big Lie.

The laws of physics are determined only by a true philosophically sound reasoning process. Einstein’s fundamentally subjective and unsound reasoning errors were responsible for the wrongness of his theories, which could not be corrected by all his mathematical mumbo-jumbo. His peculiar metaphysical aberrations were manifested in his well-known formula, purporting to show the interconvertibility of “energy” and “mass”, as follows: “E = MC2” (“Energy [the ability to do work] equals mass times the velocity of light, squared”).


The formula ‘equivocated’ an abstract concept (the “ability to do work”) with the manifestation of a physical concretion (“mass”) multiplied times the velocity of light, squared. This was sort of like saying something like “work equals a rock times the velocity of light, squared.” The formula doesn’t say how much work can be done, or anything else, for that matter.

“Energy” E, is the “ability to do work”, while the “velocity of light” (“C”), is the velocity at which electromagnetic radiation is said to be transmitted from one point in space to another. To equivocate the abstract concept of “energy”, with mass times the square of the velocity of light, can be considered as of an attempt to explain how much work a particular mass might accomplish, measured by the quanta of radiation it might hypothetically be converted into, as a “non-inertial” form of dynamic energy stored in electromagnetic radiation in space, as well as a measure of how much potential electromagnetic energy is stored in a particular quantum of mass, but it just isn’t true.

Einstein’s contradictory theory presupposes that mass is not “energy”, since, only during some non-spontaneous process of interconversion of mass into radiant energy, or radiant energy into mass, could “work be done”. Mass appears impertinent, and “C = E/R” (Tesla’s equation, which excludes mass) appears true, saying that, at C, Energy E, is divided by resonant frequency R. ‘Massless’ radiant energy, or “cosmic radiation”, is dynamic energy stored in transit in space, by the vibrations of the ether. I define space as a volume, which is never empty, but contains an ether, and omnidirectionally interpenetrating radiant energy, of many frequencies. The energy level of radiant energy is determined by its frequency. This radiant energy is the ZPR.

An interesting aspect of Tesla’s equation, is that while the resonant frequency, R, divides the quanta of energy, E, at the velocity of light, C, the reactance of the electromagnetic radiation varies as the fourth power of the frequency; the higher the frequency, the higher the reactance. This means that “p2” is more effective at higher frequencies, since the time lag between changes in charge and current distribution in the dipole, is enhanced by the limitations of C.


This permits the dipole to continue to “shake out” charges on the peak negative pole, both during and between negative peaks. At 3/8th wavelength tuning, the positive and negative wave components cross and neutralize one another at the neutral pole, between the negative peaks at the opposite pole. The principle that the negative pole will continuously shoot out negative charges is also effective at ¼ wavelength tuning, with the exception that the opposite pole will be peak positive rather than neutral.

Unlike Einstein, Tesla believed that the velocity of particles were not limited by C, and even advanced examples in which he asserted that particles had exceeded C, because the speed at which they were propelled by light depends on the voltage and frequency of the radiation. Mass or radiation in themselves do not represent “energy”, since “work” requires the application of force to mass, which is ignored in the Einstein equation, but was automatically assumed by Tesla, who knew that space is full of potential energy.

The odd paradox under Einstein’s theory is that radiation traveling through space would do no “work”, and therefore could not be “energy”. The only way light could be energy, would be if, as Einstein said, “it gets tired”, in which case some of the force originally emitted at its source, is transferred to, and does work on, some of the ‘space’ (the ether) through which it is transmitted, but this case contradictorily requires the existence of something Einstein denied, the ether. His statement concerning “light fatigue” was inconsistent to his equation saying that ‘space’ has no mass, and thereby agreed with Tesla’s equation, which was not plagued by this inconsistency, since it concerns only dynamic force in radiant form, as an “ability to do work”.

Another major difference between Tesla and Einstein, was that Tesla conceived the so-called “atomic energy” possessed by an atom, as radiant force being transmitted into an “atomic reaction” by the cosmos. It may be for this reason that the “Tokamak” and other “fusion” reactors, using a “magnetic bottle” to contain their reactions, produce no net work.


The extremely strong magnetic fields must create impenetrable barriers blocking reactions between the “atomic fuel”, and the “outer cosmos” (i.e., occluding the ZPR). Like obsolete nuclear fission reactors, “fusion” reactors are intentionally designed as dangerous, behemoth structures, to be operated only by a corporate/state socialist (“competition-prohibited”), Trilateralist power company, providing little competitive threat to conventional hydrocarbon-fueled generators.

Einstein’s equation excluded resonance, as the time-relative distribution of force in light per distance. The radiant energy stored in space is relative to voltage, which in turn relates to the frequency of the radiation, and the time it takes for it to be transmitted from its point of emission to its point of “reconversion” into inertia, momentum, or heat, or its expenditure on the ether, as it in turn is converted into mass. Mass has inertial characteristics which are not reflected, because the laws of inertia are said not to apply to electromagnetic radiation, which is 1040 times stronger than the gravitational interaction.

This implies that energy, like time, may not exist, but is only a convenient fiction, since inert, static mass does no work, and neither does radiation while in transit in space. The equations of Tesla and Einstein are in direct conflict, because Tesla’s equation is consistent with the universe as a dynamic, ever-changing, eternal, infinite perpetual-motion system, while Einstein’s equation describes the universe as a finite, temporary, Big Bang-type event, expanding from an ultimate, fictitious, ‘original explosion’, which is continually winding down. Of the two equations/metaphysics, the Illuminati naturally prefer the latter, since it supports their sales at the gas pump, and the suppression of flying saucer technology via their Big Lie Program.

Energy can only be expressed in reality, during “changes in form”. Of the two equations, only Tesla’s equation can be correct, since it is the only one taking resonance into account, which is the rate per second at which electromagnetic oscillations or “beats” occur. Without oscillations, nothing is converted in form. The frequency of electromagnetic radiation is the “beats per second”, and the level of “force” or “voltage” at which work is done. The more beats per second, the greater the work. Before 1902, Tesla already had numerous patents for the use of “radiant energy”, both from “synthetic sources” and from “the natural media” of the universe.

The Nazis and the Trilateralists stole Tesla’s flying saucer invention, and the U.S. government helped them take it to Germany, and now conceal it from us. Nikola Tesla was an Atheist/humanist, who detested mysticism, Einstein, Communism, and the Nazis.

Einstein’s beliefs were consistent with the Nazis, Communists, Trilateralists, and the U.S. government. A naive Tesla tried to warn the U.S. government about German militarism before WW I, and was naturally ignored, because the Illuminati already had a big new war planned, and intended to make billions selling munitions. Meanwhile, Communism—an experiment in world slavery created by the Illuminati, as a mystical religion based on the worship of the “collective consciousness”, accepted on faith rather than reason—came into existence, failed, and has finally collapsed, after murdering off literally hundreds of millions of people, in service to “Kali Ma”.


This shows how heinous, criminal conduct often originates with the Illuminati’s appeal to “faith, rather than reason”, as a means of mind control, inevitably followed by mass murder. I have a dream that some day the United States will truly separate the “state” from “religion” and mysticism, whether that of the Illuminati, Christians, Masons, Buddhists, Bonpas, Moslems, Jews, Communists, New Agers, “Scientologists”, “Environmentalists”, or “Synergists”.

In 1979, I went to the National Security Resources Study Center (now The J. Robert Oppenheimer Research Center), at Los Alamos, which was opened to the public in Oct., 1977 by President Jimmy Carter (whom I had met in Savannah, in October, 1974, during his campaign for governor of Georgia). I sought basic information on hydrogen, and could not find it, but what I did find was astounding.


Though simple data on hydrogen was ‘unavailable’, I discovered the plans for the hydrogen bomb! I also discovered the inadvertent “glossed” references to Lorentz’ purported measurements concerning the excess positive charge of the hydrogen nuclear proton, and his postulate concerning the electrical cancellation of gravity. When I requested a “bibliography on Tesla” from the librarian, she said “...all information on Tesla is classified”.

On my return to Santa Fe that evening, at a restaurant, I angrily proclaimed my disgust with the research facility, to a student from Harvard sitting next to me, for refusing my request for Tesla information, while making the plans for the hydrogen bomb available to me. The Harvard student went to Los Alamos, photo-copied the hydrogen bomb plans, and published a pamphlet on them at Harvard, creating a sizeable controversy. The center was almost since closed down.

Edward Teller, “Father of the H-Bomb”, declared in 1979 that all secret information possessed by the government belonged to us, because we had paid for it, and that it should be made available to us from one year of the government’s ‘acquisition’ of it. The H-bomb plans were probably intentionally planted by the Illuminati, to punish and scapegoat Teller, and to ‘justify’ increased “security measures”, for the ulterior purpose of continued government suppression of other, beneficial energy secrets, having nothing to do with war or “terrorism”.

Nikola Tesla originally intended to give his flying saucer invention to the Geneva Convention, for use in the prevention of war. He was disillusioned when the League of Nations fell apart, and began to conceal his discoveries. Tesla died a pauper in 1943, and the government illegally confiscated all his known papers. Today those scientific papers (over 80 large trunks, around a box car load), are stored in secret vaults at Los Alamos, still classified, over 56 years later. The main reason for the continued secrecy is the flying saucer, as well as things which we can only imagine.

In the end, the Illuminati perpetuate their power through mysticism, exploiting the interplay between Judaism, as the precursor to Christianity, and Christianity, as an heretical offshoot of Judaism. Naziism, an Illuminati “synthesis”—a slop-pot of the concepts of the Bonpas, Templars, Gnostics, Christians, Jews, and Mithraists—could never last, but accelerated the work of scientists working for the governments of the world, and produced a lot of discoveries in a very short time, for the Illuminati to steal and hide, or use to keep us in control.

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