Between 1986 and 1992, my family and I were subjected to intense judicial harassment which had nothing to do with the subject matters of approximately six fraudulent and abusive judicial proceedings filed against me or otherwise government instigated, which were mostly disguised as “property” suits. This harassment took up almost all my time, energy, and resources, and destroyed my family. The lead attorney in this abuse was a Jesuit-trained attorney of Sicilian extraction, who had prosecuted G.I.s for the J.A.G., during the Vietnam War.


The Jesuits are especially known for their collaboration with the CIA’s mind-control experiments such as the MK ULTRA Project.1 This attorney was what I would call a “judicial torture specialist”. Every horrible, dirty, underhanded, cheap trick imaginable was used in this litigation, and the CIA’s involvement was obviated by the immunity from judicial discipline which the perpetrators enjoyed, in spite of their overtly unethical conduct before the New Mexico courts, as well as the joyous, sadistic relish with which the judicial turds carried the dirty dealings out in the name of “justice”.

1Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, Trance-Formation of America

During the same approximate period of time, I filed a patent application which was to ‘sound out’ the patent office to either obtain a patent or see if the P.T.O. is really as corrupt as I’d heard. I have numerous other novel, undisclosed inventions—at least a hundred—most of which were more advanced technically than the one I sought a patent on, but the simpler mechanical, thermodynamic and hydrodynamic invention was more clearly novel, and would be a better sounding board to feel out the patent office’s integrity. My strategy was also designed to avoid exposing a more valuable invention to the prying eyes of the corporate-state monopolists, during the supposedly secret patent proceeding.


Patent examiners have their many offices in the outlying areas surrounding Washington, D.C., tucked away in little offices which are not under close scrutiny by the patent office. The examiners often have semi-illiterate or mentally retarded secretaries who have no idea of what is going on, so that under-the-table dealings between the examiners and the large interests can be conducted, in violation of patent rules, without the ignorant secretaries getting wise.

One invention I had developed in 1978 had already been stolen by a creep who had been given a new, false identity in America, by the U.S. Army C.I.C., after being brought here under Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII. His specialty seemed to be industrial espionage, and he had the CIA’s cooperation and protection in whatever he did. I later received confirmation that the CIA employs such people in an on-going program to steal technology from inventors to be sold to fund their black operations.

The stolen invention was a new kind of solar voltaic cell, created with a new kind of construction technique carried out with a new mass-production technique for producing solar voltaic chips on a conveyor belt, carrying the chips through several chambers. The process used hydrofluoric acid vapor, containing positive and negative dopants, applied to layers of pure, crystalline silica sand, the crystals of which were to be electromagnetically polarized and positioned, before being fused with microwaves.


Between the silica crystals, layers of ‘sputtered’ metals were applied for conductivity. I chose hydrofluoric acid vapor to carry the dopants, since it would etch them into the sand crystals. The process eliminated the very expensive and tedious process involving the growing of silicone crystals in a high temperature furnace, after which the crystals had to be sliced into thin wafers with a diamond saw. Instead, I used silica sand crystals produced in nature. In addition, my automated process was designed to further decrease the price of the cells. Cheap, but durable materials and processes were used throughout. This process became the new industry standard, and has made $millions—maybe even $billions—for the CIA-friendly industrialists.

Within 10 days of the theft of my plans for this invention, a Michigan pal of the thief filed a patent application. The thief also stole over 80 ounces of highly purified iridium (a platinum group metal, worth over $80,000.00 at the time), which I had extracted from ore concentrate, at great risk to my life and health under the circumstances.


The patent neglected to include the part about using pure silica sand, and used only the more usual sliced crystal wafers, along with the rest of my ingenious new process. I reasoned that the exclusion of the sand technology was because it has the capacity to make solar voltaic cells so cheap that you could use them as roof shingles, and the invention would become public domain in only 17 years. Such a technology would soon greatly diminish dependency on fossil fuels and electric power companies.

The patent concentrated on my manufacturing process, which increased the efficiency of solar voltaic cells by almost 100%—from around 12-14% to 25%. The invention was then sold to ARCO, a company created by Robert O. Anderson of Roswell, former president of the Bilderberg Group, as I have already mentioned.

The proceeds of this sale were apparently shared by the CIA and its technology thieves, phony inventors, and developers.

My patent application—the one for the transmission invention—was for an off-theshelf, universal, variable, dynamic transmission, which could be produced as an
hydraulic or pneumatic one, in a multitude of forms and sizes. I knew that there was nothing like it on the market or in the patent office, though there were several inventions which had come close, passing right by it, yet missing it completely. Some had parts or sections similar to it, used in ways that showed a complete unawareness of the simple invention lying only inches away.


Due to their failures to see the invention, their inventions were no more than inoperable and inefficient conglomerations. My drawings and basic parts of the application and invention are shown in Appendix A. I dedicated this invention to the public in my first edition of 1993, to prevent the corporate thieves from profiting from it or keeping it out of public use.

I knew that under the constitution, the patent office was obligated to grant a patent on this invention, once it became apparent that it was a valuable, novel creation like no other.

By allowing corporate thieves a preliminary look at a patent application, they can decide whether or not they are interested in it. If so, the examiner can run the applicant ragged with all kinds of bureaucratic procedures and fees, intended to force him to abandon his application. Once the applicant abandons his application, the corporation can apply for a patent on the exact, same, identical invention, receive a patent, and grease the palm of the examiner.


This prevents the public from using the invention for at least 20 years (about three years are taken up in applying for the patent, and an additional 17 years are added to that), thus slowing down progress, so that the vested interests can continue to promulgate their archaic technology. By the end of that time, if the corporation has chosen not to put the invention into service, it is usually forgotten about.

There I was with a series of CIA-instigated abusive lawsuits against me, and at the same time, a pending patent application. Between the Oct. 25, 1978 invention and metals theft, and the 1993 publication of the first edition of this book, at least four murder attempts were made against me, all of which I could connect to the CIA and its technology thieves. There were probably more murder attempts than that, but the other attempts were more difficult to identify.


One of the murder attempts consisted of having children give me food in a restaurant which was contaminated with salmonella, on the same day that a “notice of abandonment” was mailed by the patent examiner from Washington, D.C. The only people who could have known of the mailing of the notice, were those the examiner told , in violation of the rule of secrecy. That occurred in 1992, at which time I began writing this book in earnest, with the determination to publish it, since another murder attempt could succeed, and it would be attributed to “natural causes”, and no one would ever know why.

The courts, through a series of judicially corrupt and abusive orders, based on lies, repeatedly held me in contempt without notice or hearing, struck pleadings necessary to protect my civil and property rights, and prohibited me from filing pleadings, in violation of my due process rights. They deprived me of some of my property, forced the abandonment of a patent application, destroyed my family, and subjected all four of us to vicious, treacherous and abusive orders, manipulation, anxiety attack, and intentionally inflicted emotional, physical, mental and economic distress. They impoverished me and sapped my physical, emotional, financial and mental resources. I wanted, and still want, revenge. Can you blame me?

The local trash who carried out these filthy acts were small-time toadies, drug dealers, money-grubbers, property thieves, trashy and crooked realtors, title examiners and insurers, yeggs, and socialist bureaucrats. The people who directed this “machine”, were part of a corporate-statist, coercive-monopolist, fascist elite. What this elite fears most is a truly free, creative, laissez-faire, free-market economy, in which a broad base of people participate and prosper. Their “machine” is designed to maintain their control.


My many unpatented inventions were the result of intensive research and creative activity I engaged in between 1976 and 1986—ten years. It is my intent to give these inventions to the public to further punish the elite, along with this expose of flying saucer electric propulsion technology, as my revenge for having subjected my family and me to the judicial abuse and deprivation of presence of mind, money, civil rights, human rights, and property.

The civil judicial system is a trap devised by corporate-statists, to ensnare and devour all those whose interests conflict with theirs’. The involvement of the N.S.A. and CIA is incidental to their functions as pawns in the game, under Trilateral Commission orders, to protect the corporate/state alliance from damaging scientific and technological breakthroughs and leaks.

The President is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and he gives the orders which the Commission gives to him. An example of the behavior of this hierarchy is the Gulf War bombings of Iraq in 1992 and 1998. The IMF and Bilderbergers want possession of Russia’s natural resources and basic industries, such as the phone system and other utilities—the things people must pay for every day—the same things the elite owns here. Russia’s loans from the IMF seem to be unsecured, as the Russians have held back on using their major national resources as collateral, while trying to get on their feet as a free market economy.


The elite wants them to use their vast natural resources and utility concessions as collateral for their IMF loans, so they can be induced to default on their loans, with the elite then coming into possession of these resources through bankruptcy and foreclosure procedures.

Russia has an oil deal with Iraq which they need to achieve a valid credit rating, and to pay off existing IMF loans which are continually overdue. The Russians are on their knees, and the IMF and Bilderbergers do not intend to let them get on their feet until they control Russia’s natural resources, the same as they control them in America.


The bombings of Iraq are designed to prevent Russia’s recovery, and primarily have nothing to do with anything else. The impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton have been designed to turn the heat up to force him to bomb Iraq for the Banksters. That way, the Russian-Iraqi oil deal will go sour and the Russians will be unable to repay their loans. It is hoped that, through this continual ruin of Russia’s attempts to succeed as a free market economy, the Russians will eventually be forced to surrender their resources to the Banksters.

Now that Clinton has bombed the Iraqis once more, he probably won’t be impeached. After all, the whole series of incidents involving Monica Lewinsky were orchestrated through a Pentagon set-up, in which a Pentagon employee—Linda Tripp— tape-record her conversations with Monica Lewinsky, another Pentagon employee. This could not have occurred without the approval of national security authorities, something which has never been mentioned in the whole mess. Otherwise, for one Pentagon employee to tape record their conversations with another, regarding the President, would be considered as espionage.

With the supposed crumbling of socialism, the American civil judicial system remains as a disguised means for a secret corporate-socialist state to continue to force its will upon those in its disfavor, favoring litigants within the parameters of its secret agenda, and denying the claims of those who are not. On the face of it, since this system serves only the elite, and provides no benefits to the ordinary American, the system should be abolished, and our rights restored. This includes ending the emergency status which has been protracted to suspend our rights since 1933 (though some think since 1913).


We ordinary Americans should not support a civil judicial system which fails to support us and is only for the powerful to keep us under their control. It has been abolishing our natural rights for some time, and should itself be abolished. It no longer serves the interests of the people, and has broken down. We are the damned bosses, and have no duty to serve “the system”.

Legitimate conflicts should be handled through a private criminal justice restitution system, or private civil court system, devoid of corporate-socialist conflicts of interest. Only cases which meet a preliminary burden of criminal jurisdiction should be allowed to be filed. The rest should be resolved by mediation, or perhaps “Tanistry” (the ancient Irish system based on Phoenician law).

With these suggestions in mind, we are now going to play a new game, in the following three parts, which I call (1) “The Ninth Amendment Quiet Game”, (2) “The Article One (Sec. 8, cl [8], and the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments Property Game”, and (3) “The First Amendment End-Run Game” (also referred to as “The Ol’ Statute of Liberty Play”).

The Patent and Trademark Office’s (“P.T.O.’s”) rules are designed to loot isolated, individual, dreamer-type—typically eccentric or naive—inventors, some of whom may have only one good idea in their entire lives. Like beneficial insects being ensnared by giant, evil spiders, they are lured into the trap, encouraged by government/corporate propaganda, to seek patents. Corporations, which invent NOTHING (except high-toned slogans and logos), collaborate with the Patent Office, successfully stealing inventions from a steady flow of inventor-sucker applicants with stars in their eyes.


This book blows the cover on that scam.

The creativity which has been the hallmark of the American experience is rapidly diminishing with the oppression of our creative people, by denying fair compensation and credit, while exploiting their creative products. Inventors come to the P.T.O. as trusting fools, and under its weird rules, the P.T.O. stabs them in their backs, helping the corporate thieves steal their inventions. If these inventors had other inventions—which most of them do—they would make no further disclosures—which most of them don’t—in order to avoid repeating the trauma and disappointment of multiple “patent rape” by the U.S. government and corporate state. I can now speak for these hapless inventors, since I was among them.

While not all inventors’ claims are valid, the P.T.O. condescendingly grants many token patents for worthless, inoperable ‘paper’ inventions, simply because the applications are filed by patent attorneys, conform to the P.T.O.’s weird bureaucratic idea of proper applications, and present no real threat to the vested interests. Though such inventions may be harmless, inoperable devices, the patents may contain disclosures which work to the benefit of the corporations, by creating the false illusion that the ‘little fellah’ has rights too, provided he goes into hock for a high-priced PATENT ATTORNEY.


This false illusion helps maintain the flow of suckers to the patent office. Meanwhile, more valuable applications are denied for purely formal reasons, since the inventions are to end up in the hands of corporate thieves, who may at their whims suppress or confiscate them, obliterating the true inventors with a wall of litigation they cannot even begin to penetrate. Though I have been abused many times by my government, I refuse to dissolve in despair like so many others whom the P.T.O. and the civil litigation system have permanently crushed.

A patent as we know it does not secure anything, except the right to attempt to enforce it in court. The true nature of the right is the inalienable property right of an inventor, to the disposition of wealth he created. Property rights are not created by the government, and an inventor owns his invention whether or not the government grants a patent, which is not true security. “Invention” is an individual, creative process.


While we patronize—purely as a legal fiction—that corporations are individuals, we should not extend this fiction to consider them to be inventors of creative products. Corporations should be absolutely prohibited from seeking a patent, or from holding a patent or the rights to one, until after a patent has been granted to the true individual inventor(s).


Furthermore, the P.T.O., under our Congress—which is constitutionally mandated with the duty to secure to inventors the properties of their inventions—should have their provisions completely restructured to accomplish the exact constitutional mandate, no ifs, ands, or buts. It is well-known to every real inventor in America, that the system fails to work as intended, and must be changed for the better or abolished.



The groundswells in the EAST are moving toward us like a TIDAL WAVE, which the bureaucrats will be caught up in for the same reasons as their Soviet counterparts; they will eventually have to find some form of productive work, after a flabby lifetime of sponging off the taxpayers; many bureaucrats who anticipate the future are already engaged in damage control. (It is even rumored that they are wearing bullet-proof underwear.)


A bureaucrat of any kind will never be anything but a leech to the common man. In every socialistic society, the bureaucrats are the disgusting toadies who sell out their fellow citizens, in exchange for a small share of the loot stolen by the power elite.

Bureaucrats are not entitled to gloat over the failure of the communist system, since people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. The issue is not simply whether the state permits religious freedom—as some would like for you to believe—but

  • whether governments have legitimate power to execute, imprison, or punish citizens, or to confiscate their money (‘taxes’)

  • or property (or inventions)

  • or in general, their wealth, for the “public good”, for bureaucratic convenience

  • or for the political recalcitrance of their owners or creators, by having disbelieved, mistrusted, or defied the government

  • or for having refused to obey

  • or to believe what their government ordered them to believe

  • or for having followed or advocated a political philosophy

  • or personal, moral lifestyle which was officially declared to be undesirable or prohibited, even though legal

  • or for having simply asked the question of whether bureaucrats really serve the interests of everyone

  • or for having suggested that they serve only their own interests and those of an American corporate oligarchy, similar to that which ruled Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, and still rules certain Central and South American countries (such as “United Fruit Company”), or China (i.e., such as “EXXON”, or the “Communist Party”, etc.)

  • or for suggesting that they represent illegitimate, usurped authority of a corporate-fascist state, rather than the proper, constitutionally-ordained, limited power delegated by self-governing, sovereign individuals, who lack the authority or right to delegate more authority to any government

  • and finally, whether such agencies as the P.T.O. operate in conformance with their duties to the American People, which the Constitution originally mandated Congress to enforce

We can never have a “kinder, gentler society”, so long as there is a gestapo-like I.R.S. to force us to pay for the extermination of Iraqis who are in the way of the Trilateral Commission’s plan to confiscate the natural resources, monetary system, and industries of Russia, or so long as the doctrine of eminent domain is legal in America. So-called communist states are in reality, corporate states. Chernobyl was no accident, but rather the inevitable result of corporate-state arrogance, brittleness, recklessness, irresponsibility, negligence, oversight, and insanity, born of seemingly immutable and concentrated monolithic power.


The corporate-statist Federal Reserve Banksters exert coercion through police-state agencies like the I.R.S., F.B.I., C.I.A., N.S.A., A.E.C., D.O.E., N.R.C., and S.E.C. etc., to enforce exclusive commercial, industrial, or governmental franchises granted either by or to the state, or through partnerships with the select corporate providers of “public services”, who enjoy matrimonial bliss in the convenient (for them, not for us) fascist marriage between “...the state and industry...”. In Soviet Russia, the corporations were composed only of members of the Communist Party. Here, the party is replaced by “public corporations”, which differ only to the extent of a greater amount of mixed-economy socialism, and some possible token collectivistic participation by the public as “stockholders”.

To induce productivity of inventors, public policy must reflect a false illusion of freedom and opportunity, so that the trust of inventors can be maintained. After all, if the people don’t present the illusion of freedom, who will trust the Patent Office?

Like their Soviet counterparts, the American government enhances corporate-state power, by assuring the accumulation of technologically creative products by coercive-monopolist corporate partners, through fraud upon individual creative people and the people as a whole. By misfeasance and abuse of the powers of Congress, under U.S. Const. Art. 1, sec. 8 cl. [8], the Patent Office promises a patent under the Constitution, as a means of enforcing a seventeen-year monopoly through litigation, in the name of the inventor, as an inducement for inventors to disclose and to share their discoveries with society, for the advancement of science and the useful arts; that is their “bait”. But the P.T.O.’s real bosses are not “the people”, any more than those of the Soviet bureaucracy. Its rules have been redesigned since the days of Jefferson and Franklin.

Patent applications are like ripe plums to the elite, all for the picking. Any significant energy, transportation or manufacturing breakthrough automatically becomes a national security secret, which allows the government to remove all evidence of a patent application, to confiscate the invention, and to prohibit disclosures to the public under the secrecy acts. After confiscation, the work is then turned over to the usual corporate-state companies, so they can manufacture secret equipment to be sold to the government at huge profit.

An example was the invention of an artificial fish gill, which separates hydrogen and oxygen in water, on contact, and could be used to power a hydrogen-powered car, etc. (NOTE: Paradoxically, the taking of such discoveries by the secret government, in our name, obliterates our knowledge of the technology. Nonetheless, it becomes public domain one year after the government’s acquisition—by about 1974 for the fish gill device—but since such secrets are rarely declassified, we may never know about them.).


Other discoveries, which cannot be construed as national security secrets, are steered into the hands of their corporate partners through abuse of P.T.O. procedures, to the disparagement of the individuals who created them, and to the detriment of the public.

If a discovery represents a threat to obsolete technology being sold by the coercive monopolists, the discovery is concealed, and the public never uses it. In many cases, inventors who protest, or refuse to give up their inventions, are fraudulently labeled as “criminals” or “con-artists”, by the government, which often adapts abusive prosecutions under the Federal Securities Exchange Commission regulations, or the I.R.S., etc., for the purpose of eradicating competition to their corporate partners.

The greatest threat to the freedom of the people, is official government secrecy, particularly concerning energy and transportation, and coercive, obsolete technological (economic) slavery, enforced by a fascist judiciary which takes its marching orders from the N.S.A., CIA, Trilateral Commission, and the Illuminati (which in our context, involves the upper echelons of the “Knights Templars”, and the Jesuit Order—including some within the American Masonic Order... a small, powerful sect some of whom may be found within the Shriners, the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta, the Bilderburgers, or any other secret group, such as the CIA.


Some American Masonic lodges have been converted to the Illuminati Order, through the influence of the “Old Prussian, Northern European, White Freemasonry” which was infested by the Nazi “Ahnenerbe”. These same powers exist within the Jesuit Order, especially those derived from French and Bavarian sources, after the time of Napoleon. Either way, they get us coming and going.

The greatest threat to the central banks and their underlings—which control basic mineral resources, refineries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and public utilities, and other public service cartels fueled by these—is the development of autonomous home-generated power systems, which can power cheap transportation and home industry, and heat and power homes. To make this threat more complete, such power systems should generate their energy from water (hydrogen and oxygen), from the air (combustion of nitrogen and oxygen by electrical spark-discharge), from the earth-atmosphere electrical potential, from cosmic radiation, from magnetism, from non-radioactive nuclear reactors, or from wind and solar power, which the government cannot justify the regulation of because they are safe. The development and use of such systems is completely consistent to the achievement of a pollution-free environment.

The courts insure the cartels against such threats, by secret national security judicial proceedings, binding all judges and courts against all free individuals, under the unconstitutional laws involved.

Corporate-state power rests on control of primary resources, insured by judicial suppression of threatening technology, thus artificially maintaining our dependency. At the top, they are well aware of the existence of numerous inventions which will destroy them, such as the flying saucer, through cooperation with the P.T.O. and N.S.A. Several such inventions have been invented by me, or are represented by my own versions of what I suspect are suppressed prior art, although they may have in fact been my own discoveries. Sometimes you can never know for sure, because of the secrecy and suppression.


On occasion, government scientists with top-secret clearances approached me to deny the government’s possession of what they believed I was working on, presumably to induce me to disclose a particular discovery to them in a patent application, so they could acquire it through national security priorities. Since I have already been suckered in several times, I won’t do it again, and advise all other inventors to do the same. Unless you’re a huge corporation, they’ll rip all energy inventions off.

The national security confiscation of inventions creates a convenient shield, so that no patents are granted. The discoveries remain secret, never become public domain, and even the inventors are denied access to them. The government chooses who manufactures them, without the knowledge or permission of the inventors. The inventors are denied knowledge of income and value in the secret usage, and the hugh potential profits possible by otherwise public usage, as well as the related benefits of prestige, recognition, and fame.


The inventions are appropriated by force, and the inventors given whatever the government decides, if anything. The inventors are threatened with criminal sanctions for disobedience, under national security laws, without the right to public trial. We never benefit, science and the useful arts are not advanced, the constitutional provisions are unenforced or destroyed, and our government has betrayed us.


The individual’s most private intellectual rights and property—his mind and its creations—has been raped by the fraud and force of his own government. In many cases, inventions are stolen by the CIA, which then creates its own fake corporations to secretly sell the stolen inventions to the government, producing more income for “black operations”.

The whining and whimpering by corporate statists, about Japanese or Asian competition, is dishonest, undignified, ignorant, and disgusting. American corporations are at fault for their creative incompetence, and their compromise of the principles upon which a creative and competitive free-market society is based. Those who fear a free world should not be taken seriously. It is they who would drag us into another war for their benefit, by playing on old sentiments, to force us to fight and die for their “right” to screw us and not even kiss us.

The argument that the Japanese do not practice free-market economics internally is impertinent for three reasons, which are:

(1) That the competition should be between the best products for the best prices, rather than between nationalities

(2) that since the U.S. is not practicing free-market economics internally either, the corporations are equitably estopped to complain about the Japanese system

(3) that since the system which promotes and protects the greatest degree of individual creativity and laissez-faire will be the actual “winner”, only these parameters and no others should be considered, in the interest of everyone in the world, regardless of nationality. This is also in the interest of the national security

Trying to bilk a bunch of old veterans of the Pacific war into thinking it is in our interest to erect protectionist barriers, is a lie, and will only hurt the Average American, and empower the elite.

No credit is due to the P.T.O. or judiciary, in the demise of socialism or statism, since they are part of that system, and are still supporting it. All credit belongs to creative people—individual freedom fighters everywhere—whom the corporate-state is against. As part of a world socialist system, our corporate-statists enjoy a greater degree of fascist privilege than their foreign colleagues, and are not entitled to gloat unless they resign. A protest against socialist bureaucratic deadbeats in Romania, Byelorussia, or China, is a protest against them here.


The historical clock is ticking away like a time bomb, and they don’t know how to diffuse it. Chernobyl was an alarm in the early morning of vast change. It was no wonder that there were no bureaucrats fighting or resisting Big Brother at Tiananmen Square, Concord, the Alamo, or the Little Bighorn; bureaucrats need Big Brother, and Big Brother needs them.

  • Why would bureaucrats want freedom, which would take away their illegitimate jobs and power?

  • Why would bureaucrats, who apparently represent defective human genotypes who are incapable of independent, creative or productive work, want a free system, in which their only remaining means of survival would be as uncreative and incompetent—although more honest—thieves?

  • Why would bureaucrats want completely safe nuclear reactors, which would take away their excuses for regulatory busy-work, and threaten their cozy corporate partnerships?

For obvious reasons (as some may have noticed), our bureaucrats and some large American corporations have been helping Communist bureaucrats in Russia to resist change. That is because, although change is inevitable, they want to insure that those in control in the future represent the interests of the Trilateral Commission, as did their Communist predecessors, and that renegade, truly capitalist people do not end up in control.


If true capitalism were to take root in the east, it might even spread to America. More than anything else, bureaucrats fear the insecurities of normal life in a free society, because the security of their guaranteed jobs has crippled their creativity, which is the primary means for the survival and flowering of civilization and the Human Race. They will have to learn to walk all over again.



It has been estimated that out of every five people, three of them must work extra to support the remaining two who are useless government employees or dependents.

The conspiracy between the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the N.S.A., the New Mexico Judiciary, and other bureaucratic, corporate-fascist entities, are united in the suppression of competing technologies, and the continual theft of ideas and wealth from inventors, thinkers, independent scientists, artists, writers, designers, etc.,—or their heirs, grantees, vendees, or devisees. These thefts perpetuate the corporate-fascist system, which is without actual leaders, although there are people who pose as purported leaders. How, you may ask, can such a vast organizational structure continue to function without leaders?


First of all, they have almost unlimited funds from us to waste in the process. Secondly, the organizational structure is maintained by a common belief in “collective superiority”—a religion of sorts—promulgated by the Illuminati, which means our bureaucracy is careening down the same road as the alleged leadership of the former Soviet Union, their flunkies. If one examines the so-called leadership structure of the Soviet state from its ineeption—now rendered more obvious due to the relative openness (“Glasnost”)—it is apparent that there NEVER WAS any leadership, but rather a mass of people who followed what were proffered by the Communist Party leadership as leaders.


The Soviet people followed this pseudo-leadership blindly, until it became apparent that there was no control or leadership, when the system was unable to feed them, and it imploded, as the people realized that all there was, was themselves as individuals, believing the BIG LIE told to them by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, all members of the Illuminati.


The wall of credibility was broken away by the harsh reality that the gigantic bureaucracy was bleeding the citizenry dry, while living high on the hog, while attempting to sustain the fictitious collectivist juggernaut. It was Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel, Marx and Lenin who propagated the Illuminati lie...the half-baked idea that “...each idea contains the germ of its own dissolution”—and that contradictions exist in reality. But the untruth of that premise should now be corrected to say that “each FALSE idea contains the germ of its own dissolution”.

The germ of dissolution within the false premise of both the communist and corporate-state Illuminati philosophies, is that each fails to recognize the fact that man qua man’s primary means of survival is the creative process, and that an ideal society is one which maintains the conditions under which individuality—required for this human, individual process—is maximized. A society in which the “means of production” (i.e., incorrectly thought by the communists to mean all property, but which in reality is the individual) is in the hands of an imaginary, leaderless, collectivist state, ruled by a fictitious “mass, collective unconsciousness or consciousness”, is the diametric opposite of one which will foster maximum development of the individual creativity of its citizens.

The single greatest enemy of the creative process is dependency (created by fear and a desire for unearned security) which is the hallmark of any socialist state. Creativity, above all, demands the greatest degree of individual social, intellectual, and economic courage and independence from the shackles of any group. The Florentine Renaissance saw a rebirth of creativity and wealth, because of a rediscovery and emergence of the concept of individual rights, which liberated Europe from the shackles of Byzantine Christianity (comparable to today’s “religious right”) which fathered the Dark Ages.


Where people were burned at the stake or impaled if they uttered anything deviating from the ‘divine plan’, individualism and creativity were practiced only in secrecy, in a society of shared poverty. A long struggle by humanists eventually brought change, and we are still in the Renaissance, continuously struggling to maintain it, while various Illuminati mystics have sought to bring it to an end, and to usher in a Neo-Dark Age, with them as the secret elite.

There is a great difference between the “THIEVES of Light and Knowledge”, and the true “BRINGERS of Light and Knowledge”. The deluded mystical Illuminati Trilateralists falsely depict themselves as the “bringers of light and knowledge”, while other mystics (Christians, Jews, etc., unwittingly controlled by the Illuminati) openly make war against knowledge, as evil, based on their ignorant misconception that knowledge is the product of “Lucifer”. This variation creates a false contrast which makes the Illuminati look better. Meanwhile, the Illuminati confiscates the most valuable knowledge, required for them to control the world, gladly assisted by the conspiracy of insane bureaucrats, secret agents of the state, and the “religious right”, on their behalf.

The power-mad Trilateralists-Fascists sustain their power by theft, suppression and concealment of the most valuable technology and knowledge from the people, through the national security machinery of the state, in pursuit of the dual goal of state ownership of the purported means of production, and deprivation of the peoples’ means for achieving or maintaining freedom and democracy. They are attempting to return us to a dark age of mystical insanity, to worship the concepts of “collective consciousness” and “cooperation”, as “gods”, with the essential creative people as slaves, in a “New World Order” (actually an “Old World Order”) created and run by them.


The religious right is only a temporary pawn in the game. Naziism was their last attempt in this direction, but failed, because their leader, Hitler, like Napoleon, got out of hand, and bit off more than he could chew, just like the Soviet Communist leaders. How many chances does the Illuminati get? Their “Kali Ma” is insatiable, because more people, whom the Illuminati fear, are being born each day, while many are killed each day in fake wars.
The dissemination of knowledge which represents a threat to the secret dictatorship of the Trilateral corporate-state coercive monopolists, is no different than the Florentine humanists defying the fanatic psychopathic criminals who ran the Byzantine Empire.

The insanity of those Holy Roman Emperors was exposed by Plotinus, in his Secret History of the Byzantine Emperors, detailing how the Empress Theodora (an ex-whore and dancer from the Circo Massimo) horribly roasted her own child to death in a bronze ox. Her mate, the “Holy Roman Emperor” Justinian, drove 40,000 Mithraists into a hippodrome in Asia Minor, and exterminated them.2

The Trilateral Commissioners, like other bureaucrats and professional thieves, produce no wealth, goods, or services, and for all practical purposes, are “on welfare”. Yet these welfare bums use our money and resources to pay for the army of bureaucrats which serve the corporate-state, and not us, with their boots on our heads. All hail, Kali Ma!

Psychologically, socialist bureaucrats by nature are uncreative people who are instinctively intolerant of creative people, who constantly remind them of their own creative incompetence and socio-economic parasitism. It is as if certain defective humans are born to serve the Illuminati. A belief in bureaucratic-socialism is a thin veil covering one’s own feelings of self-hatred, fear, and creative insecurity.


In America, the existence of this velvet dictatorship is not felt through the iron fist of a Gestapo (short for Geheimnistadtspolizei, meaning “secret state police”), but rather through an invisible, deceptively diffused, choking web of bureaucratic regulatory entanglements and litigation, backed by police who go into action only when social ostracism, subterfuge and intimidation fail to obtain compliance, to use physical brutality to execute court or other bureaucratic orders. Though the people are aware of the problems, they are unable to specifically identify them, since the public media controlled by the Trilateral Commission continuously obliterates and confuses the facts.

There is no genuine support for bureaucracy by rational citizens. Only insecure, deluded, or power-mad bureaucrats take pride in such work, and only stupid or gullible citizens believe that these bureaucrats act in their best interest. In spite of the tintinnabulations of a vast army of yapping attorneys and bureaucrats of every guise, representing Trilateral interests, the people innately know the horrible truth, and it has made them weary, and it despairs them to know that they are not truly free.

It is not a thankless task they do, as some self-deluded bureaucrats may pretend; it is a “useless” task which throws monkey wrenches in everyone’s cogs. Anyone with ethics would either commit suicide out of remorse or loss of self esteem, or dismantle their agencies, resign, and never seek power again. How they resist the temptation for self-destruction, in the face of such massive public disdain, is an enigma. In the end, they will be martyrs to stupidity and injustice.


2 Otto Benesch, Art of the Northern Renaissance.

There is no accounting of the full extent of the vast waste created by the bureaucracy. Intelligent people will desert the bureaucracy, and find places in the private sector of society. It is all simply a matter of using one’s creativity to produce and survive, in a life one can enjoy and take pride in. This simple goal has been artificially made to seem more difficult by the chaos created by the Illuminati, mostly through those in public disservice.



Members of the American judiciary and bar associations have betrayed a sacred trust and duty to enforce our Bill of Rights, and are hated by the people for breaching that duty. A seemingly impenetrable wall has been gradually built up by the massive volume of past legal decisions and precedents, creating a barrier between the judiciary, and the people who are entitled to demand its sendees.


There is massive disrespect for the judiciary and legal profession, which is responsible for a great deal of the crime committed by helpless people, who see no other way out of their problems—created mostly by the government—since the)’ lack access to the system.

This one segment of our government is singly responsible for greater damage to us than all the other dangerous subversive and other traitorous elements in our history. They have intentionally misinterpreted our Bill of Rights and Constitution, pretending to misunderstand the concept of natural rights upon which our civilization is based. The general public disdains all lawyers and judiciary because of this, even though many of them as individuals do not have an articulate understanding of their rights. Many Americans who have the most profound (‘practical’ rather than theoretical) understanding of their natural rights, are among those we generally refer to as the “common, ordinary, working people of America”.

The failure by our judiciary to protest, stop, or reverse the erosion and destruction by government of constitutionally guaranteed protections of our inalienable rights, gives aid and comfort to the enemies of democracy (and the enemies are among us), and this negligence is recognized by the people as treasonous.


The only response to a more flagrant public hatred of lawyers, for example, was a widespread program of false propaganda which the bar associations unleashed on the American public in 1992, as if the only problem was one which could be cured by false propaganda, when the fact is, our judiciary panders only to those whose vested interests give them a stake in corporate socialism, because the newspaper and other media giants of the Illuminati control the political process through which they are elected. If they do not obey their bosses, replacements will promptly be found. For that reason, corrupt politicians are more persistent than honest ones, which are few and very far between.

A government which abuses the rights of the individual—any individual—because of his individuality, or his conflict with a voting consensus—will get no genuine respect in return. What may be misinterpreted as “respect”, is only fear. I think it was either Henry David Thoreau or Walt Whitman who said something like, “When the rights of the many shall take away the rights of the one, the rights of the many shall suffer”. It naturally follows that when the ‘rights of the many’ suffer, the power and jobs of those responsible should be abolished by the ‘many’.

The New Mexico judiciary often writes its civil opinions in a psychological lock-step which unerringly elevates procedural bureaucratic rules over just results, because a computer can do that for them. What else should one expect in a red-necked backwash? Their ‘judicial software’—designed by the corporate-state judiciary—gives them the most bureaucratic answers, and relieves them of the responsibility to think, sustaining the most extreme positions their supposed discretion allows, continually increasing government power.


Only judicial incompetents take such opinions—so lacking in merit, and corrupted by compromise—seriously. The gross lack of cognitive skills—in decisions produced in ‘canned English’, on legal word processors—exemplifies what I call the “new judicratic callousness”. This cognitive incompetence, which began to emerge particularly in the ‘60s, has finally oozed all the way to the top of the judicial garbage pail, as if the weight of so much fresh garbage has forced the most putrefied, liquefied slime to the top.

Teams of clerks, ‘paralegals’, and secretaries with word processors, mechanistically dish up superficially formal, substantively deficient opinions which are replete with juvenile smart-ass-type retorts—the only ‘original’ remarks in the opinions—to the protests of their victims. A computer can have no greater knowledge than its programmer or user, cannot replace human consciousness, and cannot truly conceal the lack of cognitive skills of a judge. We can do without the entire civil judicial system as it now stands. The lack of reasoning skills has finally percolated clear to the top, because the Illuminati wants it that way. They don’t want judges who think, but judges who obey.

When something does more harm than it does good, you simply don’t have it anymore. There is no inalienable right to file a civil suit, and no constitutional mandate to have a civil judicial system. The Constitution merely states the limitations of such a system, and since these have all been destroyed by the present Illuminati system anyway, let’s end it, and avoid future headaches, expense and injustice.



Like pleadings in a court, a patent application discloses one’s creative product. I wanted to plumb depth and confirm or deny my suspicion that I was being forced to deal with devious and evasive bureaucrats, out to help the Illuminati steal from us private ‘suckers’, with the help of a phalanx of those pompous corporate pederast-whores we call “corporate lawyers”, backed by beady-eyed, obedient, fascist. Dobermann-Pinscher-type political cops.

The State of New Mexico and its judiciary, for example, perceives its vested interests as being tied to the history of nuclear weapons development and the nuclear energy industry, as well as the petroleum and coal industries. It is also tied to the tradition of a perennial carpet-bagger “Santa Fe Ring” syndrome, payoffs and bribery, public works money scams, and bullshit politicians, all so easily manipulated by the corporate-state bag-men, the N.S.A., C.I.A., or F.B.I.


The system involves uranium open-pit or strip-mines, numerous ‘star wars’ projects, top secret bases and ‘experiments’, secret gestapos, weapons tests, and countless security measures and employees. All these magnify the opportunities, to manipulate the judiciary under clandestine “national security laws”. It also involves vast amounts of ‘federal’ (i.e. ‘our’) funds, as a reward to the “state” (bureaucracy), for following Illuminati orders. Befehl ist Befehl! Very few private citizens question the concept that the New Mexico judiciary has been ‘punked out’ by the Feds.

They finally pushed me over the edge. This book was a “landmark” decision, unlike those of judges who grovel in obedience to the government and its corporate masters. It is a significant departure which directly challenged the arrogance of power, and advocates a course of action by creative individuals, to bring about an eventual reversal of events against the corporate-state and a corrupt judiciary. It is a kind of ‘technological Ghandiism’, advocating a passive resistance by creative people, to the “consensus-fascist” system which utilizes deceit, secrecy, subterfuge, character assassination, and the manipulation of the judiciary and public opinion, to fabricate stare decisis and a consensus, used to support its own actions and rulings, usurping and concentrating more illegitimate power each day.


Such a fraudulent system is a threat to the survival of a truly free and creative civilization, which we have never fully attained, but can still possibly do so. We must keep our hopes alive, and cannot reserve our challenges until after the present system has already erected a system of gulags, in a role reversal to the policies of Stalin, Hitler, or Mao.

I long since came to the conclusion that there is no one out there responsible for “justice”, so I intend to mete some out myself, or at least to incite some inquiry which can lead to justice. The exclamation will undoubtedly be heard:

“Well, who does this guy think he is anyway? We’ll just tighten the screws on him, and shut him up for good.”

The answer is: I am an individual, independent, creative citizen, who is completely proud of what he is and what he advocates, with a completely clear conscience in respect to his motives and actions, despite the derogatory rulings of petty bureaucrats, none of whom can ever say the same. I only regret allowing myself to become a victim of the judiciary and its bosses.


As they say in the law, “Where there’s a wrong, there’s a remedy.” It remains to be seen that the ‘remedy’ is not in the law, but elsewhere. This book may be considered as my “96 Theses”, nailed to the government’s door (ala Martin Luther’s 96 theses nailed to the door of the cathedral), in a new kind of “reformation”, involving a new international philosophical movement of creative, autonomous individuals. I believe I represent the future in this endeavor.



Though my views on the legal profession may seem harsh to lawyers, I will say to them that the only hope for obtaining the future respect for their profession is by restoring the highest values within the legal profession, for the Bill of Rights, as absolute rights, which is precisely what the constitution says they are. Deal with it.

Since the litigation against me was incessant for over seventeen years, the judicial harassment, along with harassment of any kind encouraged from anyone else, amounted to a permanent denial of my rights to free speech and press. Since the public deserves to know the truth, it was imperative that no more time was wasted, and I published my first edition.

Those in the judiciary probably won’t like what I am saying, and would probably like to put me in jail to shut me up, although it has been their usual method to use more indirect tactics, such as citing me for contempt and fining me in the district courts to intimidate and impoverish me or silence my criticism, by constant vexatious orders, including some which not only struck pleadings, but physically removed them from the record to prevent me from further documenting their abuses. Their intent was clear, and my book has proved their assumptions wrong. The connections between attorneys, judges, and the CIA is well-known to some, and while I could point out specific people, it should suffice just to say that the CIA people are there, illegally, all over “city hall”.

Let there be no secret; while I respect what the bench is supposed to represent, I see almost no one on the bench who meets up to acceptable standards. As my rights (nature) permits, I have a personal contempt for gutless judges, because the bench deserves better, if it is to exist at all. I actually believe that more acceptable people might be found, despite what everyone says, though I could be wrong. Judges should be completely objective, fair, unbiased, and with unswerving adherence to the Bill of Rights, without regard to the race, religion, ideology, credo, or ‘accident of national origin’ of litigants—both plaintiffs and defendants, even “Texans”—or witnesses. We should settle for nothing less.


This selection should be made strictly by testing procedures which are adopted by Congress. Only those who score the highest should be our judges. This “objective system” would result in more representation by minorities anyway, because those who have been abused should be more inclined to take the Bill of Rights seriously, anyway, and should score higher on the tests. The highest standards for the judiciary are imperative. Though the ideal will always be diminished by practice, we must start at the highest level.

My personal contempt is for gutless, simpering weaklings, who appease sociopathic thug civil attorneys, and the criminal plaintiffs they represent, by allowing them to bend them like pretzels, to obtain fraudulent judgments and orders, and who lack the strength of character to do what is right, and yield to undue influences and pressures, to do what is wrong. I have contempt for those who have unjustifiably shown contempt for me, my rights, and the rights of all individuals, by implication. I have contempt for those who betray their sacred duty to preserve and protect the inalienable rights of the people. Even ‘second best’ is unacceptable.

It takes no courage by a judge or a court, to maliciously attack the rights of a single pro se individual, or to characterize him as “litigious”, because he seeks justice in protection of his rights, and restitution for wrongs done to him and his entire family. Such decisions are no more than cowardly repetitions of the acts of thugs whom the courts have a duty to sanction. In this way, the courts have damaged the rights of all individuals, by attacking the rights of one individual, and by joining with the gangsters and pandering to the worst elements in society. It places our courts right in bed with the criminals and other socialist free-loaders, including rich corporate ones, which makes it a form of prostitution.

Decisions by the judiciary which are unconstitutional for violation of our Bill of Rights, are void, for lack of jurisdiction or of legitimately delegated (or “delegatable”) authority from us (as the “consenting governed”), to render them. Such decisions deserve no respect, even if they are ‘unreversed’ ones, and are grounds for impeachment, because they represent more than mere opinion, but constitute official acts which consciously ignore or destroy particular constitutional inalienable rights of the people without any legitimate authority, as definitive “high crimes and misdemeanors” which are attempted to be passed off on us as “law”. Until we have a congress which is capable of identifying such acts and investigating and prosecuting the same, we will never restore our American Republic.

Perhaps it is obvious that I am not being “nice”. I am not in the mood for “nice”.

The time for “nice” is past. To put it more bluntly, there is nothing in my copy of the Constitution which says I have to be nice to blood-sucking parasites whom I hate, because they have violated my inalienable rights, my life’s work, my property rights, and savaged my family. I am not asking them, who owe me, for anything, since it is the resources of victims like me which feed their parasitic lifestyles.


The actions of the P.T.O. and the judiciary show that they are completely devoid of the spirit of the American system, or concern for human rights, as envisioned by the genius of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, both inventors. It was no coincidence that they and all the other signators of the Declaration of Independence died as paupers. In their day, the corporate-state system—called “mercantilism”—gave rise to the American Revolution. That revolution is betrayed multiply by the P.T.O., the judiciary, Congress, and the bureaucracy, who do not deserve “nice”. They deserve revolution.

The government has perverted our Charter of Liberty and made it into a tawdry wall decoration—a relic of the past—in pursuit of rigid, socialistic, bureaucratic convenience and “order”, truly in sycophancy to coercive monopolists (A.K.A., “mercantilists”), who are favored as their natural partners, in a collective ownership system, in which the government gets the power, the cartels get the money, and we producers of all the wealth, are naturally the slaves.


Public dissent has been perverted to illegal demands by a minority whose beliefs happen to mesh with corporate-statism, induced by the government to make their demands upon the judiciary and government, seeking to enforce their personal beliefs upon us, and to punish disobedience as a crime. This threat to return to a corporate-state socialist neo-dark age must be stopped.


These symptoms of the disintegration of our great society are caused by the misfeasance and malfeasance of the judiciary, bureaucracy, and government of, by, and for itself.



I have something in store for the “creativity thieves”. “Really!” (they exclaim). I have done this before, and I know its works.

In anticipation of the present state of affairs, I took care to see that I had another, superior product “waiting in the wings” as it were, invented long before my birth by someone else, used in a new way, to obsolesce my invention, as my insurance from the anticipated theft. A creative inventor should always be able to “out-create” common idea thieves. While this may be untrue for many of the poor little inventors whose less prolific discoveries have real merit, yet are stolen nonetheless, leaving them without a remedy, because they have no funds for attorneys, this is not completely the case with myself.


Though I may lack the large sums required for attorneys—as pointed out by the crappy little patent examiner, though no interference had been declared—I am not a poor little inventor with only one idea; I have hundreds of them, and more to come, at my own discretion, on demand. I am rich in ideas, and rich in the ability to have them. They can take away one, and I’ll produce two more to replace it. Then I’ll see to it that foreign competitors receive the two new ones, just to punish the thieves in America. All I have to do is describe them. Foreign industrial spies are everywhere.


They scoop up every American suggestion as it is uttered, and proceed like ants to convert them to reality. I must warn the coercivists, that their days are numbered by the lag in progress their suppression has created. The tigers are at the gates, and who will make them respect natural rights, even yours, after you have set the example of abuse and neglect?

Since I am not rich and powerful (in terms of money and influence), the only recourse I now have is to exercise my right to determine the disposition of my more valuable, undisclosed inventions. They are mostly very simple, but highly unusual. For example, in comparison to the invention for which I sought a patent, they greatly depart from the relative degree of novelty. Consequently, I will not share my other inventions with the P.T.O., or with the sick government which employs it, and it will never control what else I have in my bag of creations. In this way, it has betrayed and caused the constitutionally ordained patent system to fail. I will also urge other inventors to refuse to play its game. It is the government which has, in fact, abandoned a legitimate patent system. People cannot be forced to invent, as shown by the example of the recently fallen communist states. Now perhaps creativity and freedom will evolve.

Like the New Mexico judiciary, the P.T.O. exaggerated bureaucratic technicalities, in order to circumvent the obvious merit involved, and attempted to treat everything as if it represented “nothing”. This was to protect the corporate thieves from the “doctrine of anticipation”, in their patent application, similar to the courts’ treatments in the case of the real estate and tort claims, to avoid the doctrine of res judicata. I expected both of these frauds, and was proven correct by the courts and P.T.O.

The implication can now be constructively drawn from the rulings that I am just a “frivolous type of person”, and that my other inventions—which I may transfer to foreigners— do not represent a loss of any valuable technology from this country, in the P.T.O.’s view, in which it deferred to the false validity of the New Mexico litigation. We can be confident in the ‘correctness’ of their rulings, since my credibility was systematically impugned, and there should be no cause for worry, and they should relax, since nothing I said had any merit, in their opinion.


I had intended to use the profits—under the remote possibility that my anticipations of corporate/government fraud turned out to be unwarranted—to finance further disclosures and patent applications on my other inventions, for the mutual benefit of myself, American industry, and the advancement of science. The P.T.O. and New Mexico judiciary stopped this meaningless process. Bravo, bureaucracy! The P.T.O. need not inquire into whether or not it delayed or obstructed scientific or technological progress, or abatement of the environmental/energy crisis, since none of my inventions could have helped to bring this about. It is the government, and it is never wrong.



I decided in late April, 1991, that if I can’t have what is rightfully mine, I will not share my other inventions with the American government, and will file no more disclosures or applications. I conceived the particular invention in 1967. It is admittedly ‘low tech’ in comparison with my many other inventions, which range over several fields, and include new means of nautical, aeronautical, and automotive propulsion, numerous energy and power generators, new aircrafts and aerodynamic applications, boats, engines, electric motors, wind, solar, magnetic, super-conductor, and laser applications, semiconductors, manufacturing processes, chemical and metallurgical discoveries and processes, as well as numerous types of “safe” nuclear electric power generators, all but one of which uses no radioactive materials whatsoever.


They eliminate the need for a nuclear regulatory commission, or “W.I.P.P.”, as well as all the monumental expense, “busy-work” jobs for bureaucrats, and other associated waste, problems, and expense to taxpayers and productive people. In general, my inventions are to liberate people from corporate energy and political slavery. In reality, no ethical person has anything to lose by the widespread use of such inventions. This entire freight train of ideas was derailed and abandoned by the P.T.O. and the National Security Agency (of the Trilateral Commission).


When Nikola Tesla took almost the same approach as I have, the.F.B.I., with the aid of a specially trained German S.S. nurse, tortured him to death, learned the location of all his secret files, and impounded them under the “Alien Properties Act”, even though he was an American citizen. Those secrets ended up in the hands of the Nazis, thanks to our F.B.I. That was in 1943. The Nazis traded the materials to the Rockefellers and the U.S. government, during a 1945 stalemate, and a large part of them are now stored in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

New Mexico could have built itself a new ‘clean’ industry future around my discoveries, but its officials viciously kicked me in the teeth. This shows how ignorant people can be led to cut off their noses to spite their faces. Some of you readers may be familiar with “...the Bear, the Bison, and the Muskrat...” (the code names for the top “Soviet” bombers in 1957—designed by an American, rejected by Congress, and, as we should not be surprised—sold by him to the Russians).

New Mexico won’t make a dime off me now, or create a single job, and can continue its self-made bondage to government jobs and the large corporations, for judicially abusing me and damaging my credibility. For this they get nothing! Blinded by petty jealousy, they couldn’t see that they were being “motivated” at their own level by the CIA. The issue is not what “this Texan” gets or doesn’t get, but rather who gets what I still have, and it won’t be them. For slumbering lethargically away on their rights, people must buy foreign-made goods which are superior to American goods, all because they failed to control the corporate state.

For example, in 1980,1 conducted what is now called “cold fusion” research. I obtained pronounced heat results using several methods, one of which requires no input energy once the reaction is initiated. I do not describe it as “fusion”. The process—now well-known, because later explored in Utah—was not good enough in comparison to better ways I developed, so I abandoned it. I then intentionally leaked the process—with the addition of some ingenious misinformation—to one whom I suspected to be a spy, because I had already been ripped off several times, and wanted the personal satisfaction of watching the thieves turn slowly in the wind of ridicule, as they choked on their own snot.

In the form I leaked it, the process is a very inefficient use of the true principles involved. It will, when properly designed and constructed, produce a continuous, external current of 50 KW, almost indefinitely, using a non-consumed, cheap, easily obtained, 1-mole fuel sample. The Utah experiments yielded relatively smaller net gains in energy, because the scientists were attempting to proceed according to accepted methods. I watched them beat their brains out unsuccessfully trying to explain it, with pleasure. Of course, there are readers who will disbelieve me, refusing to concede that an amateur scientist could explain what the experts have failed to explain.


The answer can be found in my book, Occult Ether Physics. As it turned out, the spy, who is still a friend of mine, was working with some Mormons who were unconnected to the Trilateralist rats who had ripped me off before. He was sincerely doing what he thought to be the right thing, by taking the information to people who at least had the guts to try. No mon, no fun, I won. Poetic justice. They shouldn’t have stolen my secrets, and denied credit where it was due.


The spy is to be credited however, for properly interpreting the obvious undermining of my credibility by the state/Trilateralists, all the way back in 1980, as proof of the value of my inventions, and for placing the discovery into the public domain in the most spectacular way, which I believe was their intent. They sought my secrets after a very powerful New Mexican had benefitted from a 1979 theft of one of my inventions, which worked very well. That beneficiary will eventually suffer a loss as a result of my present actions, and the “domino effect” applies to aligned interests.

Another good example: My cousin (a mathematical and electrical and computer engineering design genius), was pursuing an electrical engineering degree, and was forced by circumstances to drop out of college in 1957, taking an approximately $2.00 per hour job with Texas Instruments, in Dallas. Within a few months—when he was nineteen—six full-fledged engineers were required to execute his designs. In 1957, he showed me his original circuit design for the integrated circuit, drawn on a small scratch pad. For this discovery, Texas Instruments gave him a $100.00 bonus.


This circuitry was incorporated into America’s first satellite, and was a great “miniaturization” breakthrough. Credit was shared among two of six engineers who worked under Mark, building the things he designed.

In 1970, T.I. fired him, because he had no Ph.D.; he received no credit, and only a pathetic wage for his billion-dollar discoveries. T.I. also later marketed his personal, hand-built computer, which he left in his office when he moved out of it, as their “Table Top Computer”. He received nothing for that either, and did not fight for his rights, although he now works for a company he created, designing perhaps the world’s best medical computers, which are used by the foremost medical facilities, including the Mayo Clinic, the Einstein Institute, and the San Francisco Medical Center. He should be at least a multi-millionaire, but because he is a pre-occupied, somewhat reticent, creative genius, his rightful millions went to common thieves. So much for Mark Daniel Broussard, genius.

The first major invention I lost, was one I invented in 1948, at age ten. My own father gave it to the patent thief. The thief filed his application for patent in 1950, just after my twelfth birthday. This invention is everywhere. The second major invention loss was attributable to my own negligence, by allowing a friend to use it on his competition drag-racer, built in the shop of Jim Hall, the well known car builder/racer, in Midland. Texas, in 1967.


It was appropriated by Hall and ended up at G.M., and was initially used on the Hall-built Ford Chaparral, Grande Prix, CanAm, and Indy cars driven by the Unser family of Albuquerque, where Jim Hall is from. The discovery is used throughout the high performance automotive and racing field today, and has even appeared on mam high-end sports cars. I discovered and tested the first automotive “ground-effects” system, when I was fourteen years old, in 1952.

Such situations as these are commonplace. The few stories the public hears about, involve inventors who survive the onslaught of corporate intrigue and power, and find competent legal representation. From creativity studies3, it is known that creative geniuses are often neurotic to the point of being semi-disabled, as a direct result of their creative abilities, and vice-versa (that certain disabilities and illnesses are often related to a higher creativity)4. In fact, a “neurotic phase” in the creative cycle, is generally recognized.


This phase usually precedes the “productive phase”. In such phases, the consciousness is often altered to increase the probability for a “bisociation of two or more previously unrelated matrices, on the pre-conscious level”5. The phases are often intentionally self-induced by creative individuals, as the price they must pay for their creative productivity. While we all benefit from this phenomenon, the inherent naivete or disabilities of inventors makes them vulnerable to con-artists, the government, doctors, lawyers, and corporate thieves.


Where such individuals are looted from and denied reward, they may afterward pursue generally four courses of action, which are:

  1. to continue in a more or less permanent state of neurosis, in which they no longer produce; or

  2. continuing as usual, masochistically getting their teeth repeatedly kicked out; or

  3. becoming ‘normal’, and never creating again; or

  4. continuing to use their creative process to obtain revenge and to change the system. (I have opted for this last alternative, and advocate that other creative people do the same.)

It is in the interest of everyone to see that our creative geniuses receive just rewards for the work they do. Failure to do so will leave our problems unsolved. If society punishes them, it is punishing itself.



The P.T.O. is the “Vacuum Cleaner of Creative Minds” for the cartels. The judiciary is the “Extinguisher of Competing Claims” for the cartels. The lawyers are the “Hit Men of Problem People” for the cartels. The cumulative effects of this triumvirate of injustice, is to enslave humanity, and to bog it down in its problems, with the cartels posing as the “saviors apparent”, by dosing out whatever stolen “solutions” it chooses, at the most opportune moments of prolonged agony—usually created by them—calculated to extract the greatest degree of continued dependency. This cycle can be broken and rectified only by restoring justice for those who will provide the solutions.

Ironically, the P.T.O. may find itself unknowingly registering some of my inventions in the future, under international patent treaties, but may never know which ones were mine. They’ve already issued several patents on some of my inventions anyway, stolen by their friends. My 100 or so other inventions will still benefit mankind, with the exception that American corporate thieves and others will be eliminated from the major action, by those of my choosing, who will receive the benefits in the particular fields of application.


3 Creativity and Learning (an anthology edited by Jerome Kagan, the Beacon Press, Boston, 1967).

4 Dr. Edgar Mayer, Genius and Prolonged Illness, WISDOM MAGAZINE, Vol. 3, No. 25, May 1958.
5 Jerome Kagan (supra).

Not only will the American corporate thieves be deprived of the opportunity for theft, but will be deprived of profits, and will be punished by their foreign competitors. Didn’t they ‘trade with the enemy’ during WWII? Turn abouts fair play.

The only track record I have in patents is for being ripped off. I hold no patents, so, at my option, it is only a matter of determining who gets to rip me off, by giving the edge to competitors of the ‘domestic rats’, rather than to allow them to rip me off, through the P.T.O. or other con-artists. The thieves who have profited from my prior inventions will know this is no joke.

For a prolific, yet relatively poor, inventor like myself, there is no protection under the U.S. patent system as it now stands. I have so many good inventions that there is no way for me to proceed with applications and disclosures, because the system is almost too expensive and time-consuming, even to process a single application, much less over a hundred. And the answer is not to provide federal funding for an army of legal creeps in Washington, to process the applications of “poor inventors”, because that would only create increased abuse and leakage of patent secrets to the Illuminati.


I could be swamped with interference proceedings on a single application, leaving all other applications abandoned on bureaucratic technicalities, such as failure to respond in time, caused by judicial interferences. The P.T.O. has stated its rigid position on such interferences in my first application, and would not consider them, so I will no longer consider them.


The P.T.O. therefore, always has the option of throwing the game in favor of the corporations, to unjustly enrich and empower them. The system as it now stands cannot meet the constitutional requirements, is unjust, and like the judiciary, will collapse under the weight of its own self-created bureaucratic flab, duplicity, incompetence, and deadwood.

Where some of my inventions are composed of several novel elements, each of which would support an independent application, requiring conceivably months of work to segregate to the satisfaction of the P.T.O., the problem is further complicated. In the case of one single application, over three years and considerable work and expense have been consumed. The U.S. government in general is to blame for this quandary. I cannot leave my work stored in notebooks, or in my mind, only to have the P.T.O. reject a future application as abandoned, on the basis that I have ‘secreted’ it away, when in reality, the past shows that I can’t secret something away which I never had an adequate opportunity to disclose, or to protect after disclosure. They won’t consider such a defense, since I tried it and know. So the P.T.O. has its rules, and I have mine.

I was plagued by Trilateralist/Illuminati invention-thieves, who looked for opportunities to steal other multi-million-dollar discoveries so they could get filthy rich. while I languished away in poverty and legal problems created by them, with my credibility destroyed by the corporate-state fascist judicial yeggs.

Therefore, I will simply see to it that the general public or foreign competitors end up with my inventions one way or the other, and there is nothing the corporate state can do to prevent it. If I am to be ripped off, I appoint the public or foreigners, or both, as beneficiaries, rather than my own government and its fascist corporate partners. I had rather give my discoveries away even to enemies than to see traitors profit from them. In the future, this writing can be referenced in retrospect, to confirm the fact that a warning was given beforehand, stating how the problem developed, and that the government refused to take any action until it was too late.

I now lay the blame at the feet of the P.T.O. and the American Judiciary (particularly in New Mexico), and the manipulatory corporate-fascist U.S. government.

History often shows in retrospect, injustice, stupidity, or wrongdoing. I don’t relish being viewed in the future as a tragic loser who was ripped off without a fight, so this testimonial fixes the blame for future problems, enabling the future to judge whether the government was rightfully convicted by me, and whether the ends of true justice were served. Those who put my name in their judgments will now have some of their names placed in mine, in the court of public opinion. Now it is their turn to defend themselves.



But these actions (or non-actions) are insufficient to adequately punish the corporations or the U.S. government and its judiciary, or to hold their feet to the fires of creativity, so I have yet a third part to my revenge, which involves the most symbolic of all invention rip-offs. If it previously appeared to be of value to anyone, to deprive me of that one patent, or to deprive me of some small property holdings and rights in rural New Mexico, or to smash my life, that value will eventually be seen as a huge blunder on the part of the P.T.O. and the New Mexico Judiciary, which directly triggered

  1. my refusal to make further disclosures to the P.T.O. of my other inventions

  2. my transfer of inventions to foreign competitors

  3. my publishing of my research and inventions

  4. the publishing of this crazy old book, SPACE ALIENS FROM THE PENTAGON: FLYING SAUCERS ARE MAN-MADE ELECTRICAL MACHINES, © Wm. R. Lyne, 1993, 1995, 1999.



Without actual proof of what I assert, the government will have to be content with the unanswered question of whether or not I really have the inventions and knowledge I claim, and whether their conduct will be worth it in the long run. The government will just have to gamble with my credibility, and take its own risks as to whether my punishment will be real or fantasy. We can play “credibility roulette”, with this book (the pistol) pointed at its head (the most valuable secret of the Illuminati).

It is not necessary that my book be taken seriously by the government, since, in response to my legal pleadings, the legal numskulls said that my requests that my constitutional rights be observed, protected and enforced, were all just “fantasy and fiction”, and “frivolous”. In the government’s view, this book should be considered as written with “tongue-in-cheek”, and not intended seriously. Meanwhile, you who are individuals (the “reading public”) can examine my book, do some research and experiments, and decide for yourselves its value, in spite of the Illuminati’s attempts to mold your thoughts beforehand, with over forty years of BIG LIES.

Bureaucrats naturally underestimate the power of the individual, since they are collectivists who lack a concept of individuality. I would have said this much sooner had it not taken me so long to gain the opportunity between harassments. Even though I am aware of the danger to my family and myself, and since there have already been several murder attempts, any one of which could have succeeded, I say this while there is an opportunity to do so, to remove their motive from the equation. Besides, it is really they who are afraid of the truth.

I have no duty to exclusively share my ideas and discoveries with a degenerate government which maintains illegitimate power by punishing, impoverishing, stealing from and enslaving individual creative people whom the government sanctions as its victims, through perverted laws, awarding the victims’ productivity to itself and its corporate thief partners, under the banners of the “public good”, “justice”, and “national security”. Government-backed coercive monopolies are criminal conspiracies, which should be prosecuted, abandoned, denied support by all people, and deprived of the fraudulent and illegitimate use of our government by consent of the governed, as a deceitful and fraudulent means of private coercive control and power.

If American citizens are unable to dismantle this system, by withdrawing consent they never gave in the first place, by deprival of the legal method to do so, creative people must now create a unity of purpose, to “go on strike”, to use the ultimate power of individuals to deprive the system of power, for treasonously militating against the most fundamental human right of all, the right to the freedom and protections which are essential to the exercise of the individual creative process by all, in a creative and abundant civilization, rather than one ruled by the fraud, deceit, extortion and the brute force of coercive monopolists, through bureaucrats they control, who should each have to earn their own bread, rather than to mooch from us.

The thing which has made America great is its Bill of (human) Rights, guaranteed by our Constitution as absolute (inalienable) rights, required to maintain the conditions essential to the free exercise of the creative process, as civilized man qua man’s fundamental means of flourishing and survival. Whether called socialism, fascism, communism, bureaucracy, coercive monopoly, or any other name for dictatorship, the rights and conditions essential for creativity are being destroyed. An awareness of these facts are bringing some individual Russians and Chinese to their senses.


Humanity is composed only of individuals, who are not “national resources”, each of whose right to life is an end in itself. Individuals must engage in a peaceful revolution to overthrow the insanity of collectivism, and to re-establish the human creative rights necessary for humanity’s survival and flourishing, in peace, throughout the world.

The judiciary as it now stands is traitorous, lending aid and comfort to the enemies of democracy and our Bill of Rights. Not a single yellow government judicial or legal son-of-a-bitch has stood up on his hind legs and protested this, as a treacherous failure of sacred duty. The ‘legal profession’ is the single most treasonous conspiracy in America, and is an indispensable part of the corporate-state conspiracy.


The damage done to me by the P.T.O. and the New Mexico judiciary, is a symbol of their damage to all. Whether they justify their acts through phony-baloney double-think, judicial decrees or “office actions”, I have been provoked into justifiably punishing them through rightful means, for the good of civilization, by exposing them, withholding my future disclosures, and by disposing of my own creative products as I deem fit. in a way predicated to bring the maximum detriment to them and their kind, even at the future expense of millions of dollars lost to myself, which I will never see anyway, because of them.


The public must know the truth about how the cartels are oppressing all people by suppressing knowledge, especially flying saucer technology and other secrets relating to energy and transportation.


Some readers may ask what this chapter has to do with flying saucers. This ‘secret’ is only one of many. The disease of secrecy threatens to take over everything, until every citizen obtains information only on a “need to know” basis, just as if he were in the CIA. That is the logical conclusion of a totalitarian police state.


This book is about how a jungle of LIES has been created, by perverting all the instruments of a purported “democratic” society, for the ostensible purpose of protecting something called “national security”, but which, if left unchallenged, will eventually lead to our complete enslavement. At this very moment, I hear the roar of the jet engines of military fighter planes, as they greedily slurp up expensive fuel, when a flying saucer operates on practically nothing.


To some deluded people, the roar of the jets is synonymous to “protection” and “freedom”, but to me, it is the sound of “waste” and the “draining away of the abundance created by the sweat and blood of the American People”. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Is life so dear and peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”

When life-threatening violence is stirred up against you by the CIA, with law-enforcement personnel instructed to provide no protections, you cannot take matters into your own hands to obtain justice, because that is what they want you to do, and almost anything you do might become an excuse to throw you into jail, where your life can be snuffed out in a minute. Though the things they are doing mark them as the lowest of sociopathic criminals, you must understand that the only way to defeat them is to refuse to make the wrong, impulsive move, so they can’t depict you as a “violent”, “bad”, or “mad” person, and treat you accordingly. You must design effective countermeasures, and carry them out.

I once naively believed that, under the “Anglo-American System of Jurisprudence”, only a “real” criminal could be convicted and sent to prison. What a delusion! It came home to me in 1980, that in New Mexico, they can and do frame, convict, and send innocent people to prison, and that this is one of the easiest places in America for them to get away with it. This is nothing new in America, witness the examples of Wilhelm Reich, Sacco and Vanzetti, Leonard Peltier, and a host of others. The only difference is, that the Feds have learned from experience, and do it slicker today, thus confining the knowledge of their criminal behavior to only a few dissidents and perhaps their trusted friends.

A lot of what this book is about is how I managed to avoid a million pitfalls, and survived long enough to tell you these things. To avoid legal entanglements, I intentionally excluded the names of many people, even after an attorney friend in Santa Fe advised me to include the names, on the basis that “the truth” is a “good defense” to a suit for libel. But I didn’t hear him guarantee representation in case I was sued because of following his advice.

I am sick of lawsuits. Putting in the names could provide a “wedge” for potential instigators of suits, to further impede my informing you on the corporate-state Illuminati conspiracy. An unwanted libel suit against me, a pro se party, could enjoin my efforts.

This book is not intended as local petty gossip, or a local-type expose, to be applied only to the local scene, but is a handbook for analyzing and defining the same methodology at work everywhere. Most of the yeggs are weaklings who have already surrendered their identities as individuals anyway, so why flatter them by giving them identities they really don’t have? And, of what use is a “good defense” to a lawsuit, when there are no honest attorneys to take cases before judges who get their marching orders from the Illuminati? We can turn the tables by denying them the satisfaction of filing suits, to make money for attorneys, or to make them “heroes”. We must boycott this fraudulent legal system.

One’s attorney can be compromised, intimidated, or just plain “bought off, in several unsuspecting ways. One way is the “referral service”, in which they are given another case, providing plenty of income over a longer period of time, with ultimately greater career benefits and prestige. Another way is to accuse them of “Rule 11 violations” (frivolity), threatening to drag their name through the mud of ethics and contempt proceedings, and hit them with fines and sanctions, etc., unless they drop the case and concede victory to the other side.


Other ways are to use sex or drug inducements, or plain old physical threats or intimidations. The state tort claims liability act allows state-employed members of the A.G.’s staff to “pay off’ your attorney, in settlement of a claim against the state, without you ever knowing about it, dismissing the suit, while your attorney pockets the money. This is just plain old bribery, but they can and do get away with it. Another way is to appoint your attorney to a position such as county attorney of this or that county. Every single one of these tricks were used on attorneys employed by me. Once your eyes are opened to these tricks, the possibilities abound. The bottom line, however, is that most attorneys are yellow, money-grubbing Shylocks, who avoid controversies like the plague, except those they fabricate.

“Sacharov-type dissident trials” in America are similar to those of the former Soviet system, and the Chinese Communist “mass propaganda show-trials”. Of the two, the Chinese system is most like ours, prohibiting publicity in suppression cases, to avoid arousing public suspicions in a so-called “democratic society”. The victim’s rights to freedom of speech and press are often denied without him ever realizing it. In China that hardly becomes an issue. Our system is becoming more “Chinese”.

The CIA ingeniously creates “Kafkaesque” judicial harassment which is seemingly unrelated to the object, appearing to be ‘random litigation’, difficult to connect to its real source.

  • constantly tampered and stolen evidence, missing, falsified, and incomplete records

  • constant set-ups, falsely induced situations and trickery

  • judgment executions, threats to confiscate and sell your personal property, constant, unannounced visits to your home by sheriffs deputies and process servers

  • perjury and false witnesses, constant false allegations, personal attacks, assaults on credibility and character; induced breakup of one’s family

  • sham trials, false contempt proceedings, compulsory appearances, interruption of work, harassing discovery proceedings and orders, reduction of earning capacity, fines, expenses, grillings over every detail of one’s personal life and invasion of privacy

  • all gradually building a false record against an innocent victim, and a massive computer information file which is readily available to the government criminals perpetuating the judicial terrorism, so that any information which they wish to exploit can be instantly programmed into the next phase of their plans.

In America, this can be harsh, because it is covered by the hypocritical illusions of “freedom” and “due process”. Does this sound like America? It is and has been a reality for me, and it has been made to appear to be the result of “property dealings”!


In reading this book, you should ask yourself if the kind of person I am, who would devote so much of his time to science, art, creativity, philosophy, and “true justice”, would be capable of creating 17 years of litigation for himself, just so he could remain poor, and be unable to realize anything from his dreams? Why would anyone who had never gotten anything out of any lawsuit, except less than was already his, have any reason to remain involved in court proceedings which in the past have only unjustly deprived him of time, money, energy, property, joy, life, and countless other things?


Very few, if any, of the “newsworthy” aspects of this abusive litigation were ever reported in the press, after the initial “Big Bird” publicity, since the guilty parties suppressed publicity in subsequent harassments, knowing further wide publicity could arouse questions of legitimacy among ethical citizens, to possibly redound in my favor.

It is immaterial as to whether or not a victim discovers the motive or identifies the true instigators, who are able to misuse the power of the state to conceal their crimes, the knowledge or evidence of which could prove a cause of action for violations of 42 USCS secs. 1985 and 1986 (Civil Rights Act). Ha! The victim will be unable to continue the (undesired) conduct, and “suing” is out of the question, because the harassment takes all his time, energy and money.


Designed to disturb bis mind and autonomous nervous system—like the attacks of S.S. “psychiatrists” in pre-WW II Nazi Germany—the victim’s inability to pursue the (undesired) conduct is the object of the litigation. The negative reinforcements are designed to create “conditioned (neuromuscular) responses”, like Pavlov’s dogs. The process is designed to destroy the victim’s individual identity and will power, by invading the privacy of his mind and body, through “object lessons”, compelling him to take the desired course of action or non-action, as if he had done so willfully.

After the psychopolitical earmarks of the process became obvious, I became determined to produce this book, once and for all, even if I had to write, illustrate, print, bind, and distribute it myself. As it turned out, I actually did all that in my original edition of 1993, and first reprinting of 1994.

I would like to point out that, the techniques through which the CIA has sought to perfect “mind control”, is best demonstrated by experiments in which they actually created “Manchurian candidates”, such as John Charles Whitman, who shot over 22 people beneath the tower of the Main Building at the University of Texas, in the summer of 1967. By directing certain psychological harassments and conditionings toward particular unsuspecting subjects who meet psychological profiles revealing their vulnerabilities, they subliminally induce them to follow a certain course of action.


Since I was present during the Whitman massacre, and almost got hit by one of his bullets, the situation got my attention. Did you know that as a Marine, Whitman was trained with Lee Harvey Oswald, at the same Marine “assassin school” in Japan? Whitman, from Florida, was also one of those “good Catholic boys” who had made it to Eagle Scout. At the time of the massacre, he was being treated at the U.T. medical center, by the same CIA psychiatrist—a Dr. Smith—who had previously treated Jack Ruby while he was in jail in Dallas, for killing Oswald...until Ruby died of cancer of the knee, thus neatly tidying loose ends, such as the possibility that he might talk.


Whitman also had a terminal tumor (in his brain), planted by injection, which he supposedly knew nothing about, but I believe he found out about it. Two murders, two tumors, same psychiatrist, and the same CIA connections and training. As was pointed out by Jim Garrison, former New Orleans D.A., David Feme had engaged in extensive medical research on behalf of the CIA, developing field methods for causing cancer in unsuspecting victims (such as giving them an injection of turpentine). Does this ring any bells?

In order to discover how to defeat the Illuminati and our crooked judiciary, one can refer to a book given to me by the Air Force in 1958, written by Duane Thorin6, a former “psychopolitical” victim. Thorin was a Navy warrant officer and helicopter pilot, who based his book on his experiences as a P.O.W. in North Korea in the 1950s. He was also the person who inspired James Michener’s The Bridges at Toko Ri (which was made into a movie starring William Holden).

The fictional hero/victim in Thorin’s book discovered that the psychopolitical “interrogators” used “mood control”. After discovering what a victim wanted most of all—such as a simple bar of soap, because the prisoner wanted to bathe—they deprived him of it, thus controlling his moods, intended to psychologically break down and override his conscious resistance, until he gave them what they wanted. The interrogators concentrated their “work” on leaders. This method worked on many, if not most victims, but not on the hero in Thorin’s book, who discovered that he could exercise his individual discipline and knowledge to defeat the criminals, either by pretending to want something he did not want, conditioning himself to want nothing, or simply playing a cat-and-mouse guessing game with the criminals.

In my case, they were firmly convinced that real estate was the way to control me. However, “...the wheels of justice turn exceedingly slow, but grind exceedingly fine”, and since judicial psychopolitics and abuse are not “justice”, the “grinding wheels” of our judicial system are crumbling and running out of time as the system is being squandered on abuse, and is not respected by anyone, even the people who run it. Truth and justice can flow from falsity, but lies and injustice which are artificially made to flow from the truth, will eventually destroy the system, demoralize those who run it, encourage defections, and destroy the liars, by invoking the wrath of the public. Today, the self-esteem of lawyers and judicial professionals, and respect for them by the public, is at an all-time low. The public hates them, and a revolution is at hand.

The CIA motive in my case, was clearly to conceal flying saucer and other alternative technology, and to coerce my compliance to their wishes, by psychologically imprisoning me through judicial abuse, while silencing me with false contempt orders and litigation ad infinitum, concealed from the public by suppression of publicity, lies in the court records, and occasionally lies in the press.

During the most intense six-year period of this litigation, my typical day consisted of my arising at around 4:30 A.M. with pleadings boiling in my mind, to commence drafting the day’s pleadings. I would then begin typing them up, while checking legal authority carefully to be sure my points were correct. As the clock moved toward the deadline—I had to complete the typing by 4:00 P.M., eleven and a half hours later—I would be working at a feverish pitch which barely left time to travel to Santa Fe, to reproduce pleadings, to serve them on the opposing side, and to file them with the District Clerk.


6 Duane Thorin, A Ride to Panrmuniom. Henry Regnery Company, 1956.Z

As an example of the kind of energy and research the CIA puts into these kinds of activities, I present the following facsimile news clipping from around 1980:

Back in 1975, when the CIA job was offered me, the Oil Queen had somehow gotten the idea that I was a “junkie”, a misconception she derived from a conversation about “smoking dope” (marijuana), which she thought meant heroin. She then offered a “deal sweetener”, saying that, if I accepted the offer, her associate, a (CIA) psychiatric nurse named Pat, who worked in an Albuquerque hospital and lived in the Sandias, would provide me with ‘any kind or amount of drugs I wanted’, at CIA expense.


As I later learned, the CIA had sent this nurse to our O.S.O, meetings in 1966. This kind of CIA hypocrisy has now come to the attention of the American public, and they want it stopped.

Believe it or not, the ‘justification’ used by the CIA for keeping O.S.O. under surveillance, was because Howard Rourke, the fictional hero in Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead, had used dynamite to destroy a building he had designed! By some twist of ‘reason’, they used a fictional ‘incident’ from a novel, to construe our philosophical/literary study group as a potential threat to the ‘national security’!


The sickening truth was, that our very reasonable group (which advocated 100% laissez-faire capitalism, along with the dismantling and abolition of the CIA) unknowingly conducted its weekly philosophical discourses for the ultimate benefit of the CIA spies sent to keep an eye on us. Seeing no mad bombers in our midst, and knowing a good thing when they saw it, they just glommed onto us like parasites, using us as a surrogate ‘think tank’.

They were as smart as cancers, and just as insidious. They learned to walk like us, talk like us, and think like us, but no matter how hard they try, there is usually something in their act, such as contradictions between premises and lifestyles, which shows them to be counterfeits. Their behaviour is the best argument I know of, to support the existence of “aliens”. The following two clippings show the kinds of “subversive” activities sponsored by O.S.O. in the late ‘60s, at U.T.:

In 1976,1 had began researches in metallurgy—particularly on the platinum group metals, primarily for energy uses—and in 1978, had succeeded in ‘dropping’ (precipitating in a high-temperature metallic solution) a considerable amount of indium, by a rather simple, cheap, and novel method. I had already lost a great deal of these metals in some accidents along the way, but in 1979, I had a 99.9% pure 80 ounces minimum of iridium, valued at approximately $80,000.00 at the time.


Due to my lack of knowledge, I was unable to identify the metal until Oct. 23, 1979. The only person I told about this, was the Paperclip-connected neighbor, who had gained my confidence. Meanwhile, only his yegg, named “Dave”, knew the location of the metal in my home. The metal was in the form of finely divided powder, which only he could have identified, or known the location of.

In early 1979,1 had been tricked into another legal involvement, by the yegg, Dave, who had once done an ingenious arson job for the CIA in the Caribbean. He was a former member of the State Police who had been kicked out after running over and killing a child while drunk on duty. He had also worked on a sheet metal crew with my former father-in-law, at the Brown and Root shipyard in Houston, during WWII. As far as I could determine, they were all closet homosexuals. Dave was not a Mason, but the rest of them were.


He was also the only one of the group who had never become a millionaire. Brown and Root apparently had a whole cluster of 4-F closet queen Masons working in their shipyard sheet metal shop, one of whom was from the Brown family itself. The ‘defense work’ allowed them to avoid the draft. It seemed to me that the connective thread here was a closet homosexuality within the good Ol’ boy Masonic network. If this sounds like sexual bigotry, please bear in mind that these guys are not civil libertarians, but coercive monopolist crooks who will kill to conceal tiheir secrets.

The real estate fraud was induced by Dave through a young man—also named “Dave”—who sold his body to some of these closet queens, and who has since been sent to the nut-house several times. As I overheard Dave remark to the young male whore, “First set him up, then knock him down” (referring to me). The male whore was also a student of a Santa Fe (closet bisexual) C.F.R./Illuminati/naturopathic physician, whose Chicago father sold platinum metals to the U.S. government. The neighbor knew I was involved in platinum metals research, and hired Dave to investigate this for him and a group from Chicago, including the naturopath and his father. Many of these Chicago associates were Europeans who were given new identities under Operation Paperclip, following Hitler’s 1945 stalemate deal with ‘us’.

The operative’s approach was to get me to go out to remote mining locations to explore for minerals and stake out claims. As any con artist knows, the ‘bait’ is a promise of something to the ‘mark’ (me), which in this case, was the claims. It was contemplated that, while in the process of prospecting, I would eventually disclose the details of my platinum research, source of mineral concentrates, and method of recovery.

The claims which I staked out, however, were not for platinum metals, but for a 97% pure silica sand. In this respect I had developed a new and cheaper mass-production method for the manufacture of solar-voltaic chips, which were also more efficient than previous ones. The details of this research were also disclosed, along with the location of my purified indium, and the preliminary plans which I had prepared on my new solar-voltaic system, based on the sands. Dave was a tall, skinny, over 60, southern redneck hick, who was an unlikely candidate for closet queen or industrial spy. It seems the CIA prefers “closet queens” or other people who seek to hide skeletons in their closets, because of the blackmail potential, as a means of CIA coercive control over operatives.

On June 14, 1979 (my birthday again), Dave came by to go to the claims, but it rained, so he came again on the 15th, to go to the San Pedro Mountains, to do some ‘work on the claims’. After considerable walking, we returned to the pickup for a rest and some water. Dave, who was diabetic, drank fruit juice, as I drank water from a large canteen.


The water tasted strange and moldy, and I wondered why a diabetic would drink fruit juice rather than water, since it contained sugar. We returned to our work, and I walked across the claim to check a location point, as Dave sat near the truck, nervously clutching my bag, in which I usually carried a pistol, Little did I know, but he was just waiting for me to die. This was only one of several attempted murders, and I have always wondered if an occult principle was involved, since the attempts were often made on or near my birthday.

While walking along near a rock ledge, I suddenly passed out, fell off the ledge onto the top of a large clump of cholla cactii, and literally impaled the lower part of my body on them. The excruciating pain and rush of adrenaline revived me from my unconsciousness, and I painfully removed myself from the clump, and extracted as many of the spines as I could—some of which pierced to a depth of over an inch—and returned to the truck to pull out many more. While bending over the seat in the truck, I discovered a plastic ‘baggie’ in the floorboard, containing crushed Angels de Dios (small, white, highly poisonous mushrooms). Their smell was identical to the moldy smell and taste of the water I had drank from the canteen, the taste of a fungus.

In the succeeding few days, during which I experienced stomach cramps and mild hallucinations which were symptomatic of mushroom poisonings, I realized incredibly that the operative had spiked the water with the Angels de Dios in a murder attempt.

On Oct. 25, 1979, two days after telling the neighbor about my identification of the iridium, Dave entered my house and stole my metals, along with my plans for the solar-voltaic system. Within about two weeks, the neighbor’s crime-partner in Michigan announced “his” discovery and patent application on my process. On Oct. 26, 1979,1 received a call from the neighbor, who invited me to his home, where he asked me to become a “partner” with him, “ process the black sands for platinum metals” (with proof in hand, this offer showed that he not only hired the operative, but due to their frustrated efforts to discover my source of platinum concentrates, had mistakenly concluded that my source was from black sands). I did not respond.

Within about three or four days, I received a call from Steve Reynolds, a Chicagoan who was the New Mexico State Engineer. Reynolds explained that the had been requested by the neighbor and a group of “Chicago investors”, to urge me to accept an offer by them to back me in a “metallurgical laboratory”, to be built on my property. I did not respond. (The “property” involved was later taken away in the abusive lawsuits.)

In early 1980, the neighbor invited me to a gathering at his house, attended by the naturopath and his wife. The offer was repeated to me, and again, I did not respond.

In October, 1980,1 was again invited to the neighbor’s house, attended by a larger group, including the Chicago associates referred to by Reynolds (who were connected to what was once Meyer Lansky’s “Chicago Syndicate”, unbeknownst to Reynolds, who were cozy with the CIA). The neighbor and his associates threatened me by saying “You don’t burn the mob”. I answered that I could not possibly “burn the mob”, since I had no dealings with them. They then proceeded to tell me all of the bad things which ‘the mob’ could do to a person. Again, I did not accept their offer. “The Mob” was the CIA.

In 1982, a second murder attempt was made, coinciding with the occupancy of the ‘cocaine cartel’ tenant who was the Columbian doctor’s former wife. The would-be murderers worked with a St. Vincent’s Hospital nurse (whose father was a Dade County, Florida banker involved in money laundering). The nurse was also married to a Columbian. Incredibly, all these people were also former members of the U.S. Peace Corps in Colombia, which is how they became associated with Klaus Barbie’s cocaine cartel. The tenant furnished antibiotics supplied by her former husband, while the nurse furnished diseased sputum from the hospital.


They attempted to grow a “killer germ”, using yogurt as the medium, into which the germs and antibiotics were added. This concoction was added to some food and fed to me, on June 14, 1982 (my birthday again). My reaction the following morning, was a congested and sore throat, and yellow bile discharges. That attempt followed my 44th birthday, just like the June 15th, 1979 attempt. All the tenants from two separate residences were gone, having moved out during the previous night and early morning. The evidence they had carelessly left behind was all over the place, most of which I still possess. The communist lady and her live-in boyfriend (a Hearst heir), left a candle burning against a wall, in an arson attempt foiled only by my discovery, just in time.

The criminal investigators for the Santa Fe Sheriffs department refused to allow me to file reports, either on the 1979 or the 1982 murder attempts, or related criminal activities. All of these people were among those I referred to in Chapter II (under “I Meet Torquemada and the Medellin Cartel”), who were involved in the drug dealing, communist/fascist politics, and money laundering, using straw-owners throughout Santa Fe County, the “Banana Republic” of North America.
In October, 1983,1 was visited for the first time in New Mexico, by my 19-year-old son from my first marriage.


My former in-laws—who were such great ‘pals’ with George Bush and wife, from their 1950s Odessa, Texas days—had managed, through threats, intimidation, political power and subterfuge, and the pure weight of money, to break off all contacts between my children and me after 1976, followed by a 1979 disappointment of a promised visit which was canceled. The sudden 1983 call from my son had re-established those broken contacts, but only for criminal purposes, I would later discover.

Between 1970 and 1976, during the trips I made to visit my children in Odessa, I had stayed at my parent’s house. Ector County Sheriffs deputies would sometimes come to the house at night unannounced, enter the house without knocking or permission, search the house, and attempt to intimidate me or provoke a physical response, without probable cause, a warrant, or even a knock on the door. I knew that the Ector County Sheriff at that time was connected to the Chicago Mob also. You would be surprised to know how I came to know this fact.

Leading up to June 14, 1979 (my 41st birthday), my children had arranged to visit me in New Mexico for the first time, and I was very excited and happy about that. The in-laws canceled those plans at the last minute. The following day, the first of the four murder attempts was made by Dave, the old pal of the ex father-in-law, also connected to the neighbor, all being connected to the CIA. These traumatic events led to a break between my children and me. They were holding my children hostage to coerce my joining into the Mob/CIA operations.

I was then “excommunicated” by the in-laws from their church (the Eisenhower Church of Christ, in Odessa, Texas), to which I had never belonged. My children were forced to attend this open “excommunication ritual”, thus subjecting them to Christian-Satanist “ritual abuse”, using the entire congregation to buttress it. Though I am opposed to such “witchcraft”, there was nothing I could do about it, since I didn’t know about it until four years later. The children were forbidden by the church to associate with me after being raised by me as good, clean and clear-thinking Atheists, for the first six and seven years of their lives, without psychological problems or other complications.


The children were suddenly and forcibly twisted completely around backward by this archaic and alien Satanist/Christian (they always co-exist, being mutually dependent) “religion”, which worshipped a grisly 2,000-year-old myth and non-existent dead body of “Christ”, based on the fantasy of “Christianity”, created originally by Josephus (A.K.A., General Arius Calpurnius Piso)7, on the old Luciferian model, to trick the Jewish revolutionaries in Rome and Jerusalem, into accepting a wimp “messiah” intended to make them docile.

My son later told me that for all those years, his grandmother forced him to sleep on the floor, in a closet, in a sleeping bag. That was his “room”. This from greedy, stingy, sadistic “Christians”, who were worth millions. The last time I had visited with him in 1976, he was twelve, and a world class swimmer, the champion of the West Texas Aquatic Association. He had Olympic promise. The following year, at age 13, he began to “mainline” (to intravenously inject) methamphetamine, and continued to do so for several years, during which the “Christians” concealed this information from me.

In 1982, in a sudden (and suspicious) turnabout, my son was “sent” to me, not to visit, but to attempt to get damaging information on me, so they could ‘put me in jail’, to atone for their guilt. As a good example of “...good Christian upbringing”, my son had become a “meth-head”. They wanted to make it look like a case of “ father, like son..”—to misplace their guilt on me.

During my son’s first visit, he made secret trips to the residence of a well-known Santa Fe judge, who lives in the nearby Eldorado subdivision, where he was encouraged to make out false police reports against me. He later admitted that the grandparents had arranged it all, and had threatened to disinherit him. The trip had been planned between the judge and the in-laws, with the promise that my son could gain ‘penance’ for what he had ‘done to them’, by helping them to ‘get me’. So there was the victim of heinous Christian-Satanist child abusers, who had turned to drugs, his life practically wrecked for good, seeking ‘forgiveness’ from the criminally insane “pillars of the community”, who had by their insanity, driven him into the streets, in his childhood.

A large part of the political arrangements in this scenario, were being carried out by the first cousin of the “Oil Queen”, the retired Texas Ranger, George Renfrew (who also worked with the CIA), who was also the brother to my first wife’s cousin’s wife. I had actually broken bread with this man on several Thanksgivings, in Crockett, Texas. My son was apparently making clandestine visits to obtain instructions from this ‘Strange Ranger’. I eventually found out about some of this, when a weirdo tenant filed a suit against me, and attempted to use the false reports against me in court.


On realizing that the State of New Mexico was highly liable to me for the blatant CIA fabrications, the evidence was withheld by an embarrassed detective, who then sought to conceal the identity of the judge and the retired Texas Ranger, whose presence in the arrangement I was already aware of. The very gravity of this monstrous plot were about as outrageous a violation of a citizen’s rights by high government authorities, as I have ever had personal knowledge of, and yet they happened to me.

At this time, I was having difficulty in separating things which I knew were connected to my former in-laws, from those connected to the CIA, until a succession of events revealed that they were all connected to the CIA, because my former in-laws had connections to George Bush, who was director of the ClA, and had several high level CIA employees in their family.


Out of what appear on the surface to be “private-public conflicts”, one may be led to more closely examine the facts, and to realize that the CIA is not a “public” institution, but a private one, created under the directions of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the group of other private bankers who perpetrated the fraud of the National Security (Pseudo) “Act” on us in 1945, under which the CIA was created from the Gestapo’s Reichsicherheitshaupt Amt VI.


7Abelard Reuchlin, The True Authorship of the New Testament, The Abelard Reuchlin Foundation.

During this time, my former wife was shot at along highway 285, by the retired “Texas Ranger”, as shown by the following facsimile clipping from The New Mexican, which I entitle “The Big Ol’ Bad Ranger Takes a Shot at a Pregnant Woman”:

The above can be attributed to that ‘nice man’—George Bush—once in Washington, as a favor to an old “A-hole buddy”, to motivate me to “go back to my first wife”. Strange bedfellows indeed.

After the shot at my wife, she immediately became ill and miscarried our first child she was carrying within a couple of days, and almost died in the process. So the Ranger had actually committed the murder of an unborn child, and almost killed my wife as well. Perhaps that was his intent.

I found it hard to believe that the Rangers and the CIA would employ a man who would shoot at a pregnant woman, and be involved in a plot to drive away my second wife, so my first wife could “get me back”. The plot was so bizarre that it reminded me of one of those old movies where some hillbillies in the Ozarks went out with their guns to bag ‘em a husband for their homely sister. These people seemed to be too stupid to take “No!” for an answer.


They failed to understand that even if they ran off my wife, and offered me the position of “King of the Whole Goddamned World”, I still wouldn’t “go back” to my first wife.

During my son’s second visit, in January of 1983,1 was almost killed for a third time, by a Santa Fe naturopath and his wife, who had been dosing me with minute quantities of arsenic for years, and finally gave me a couple of larger doses, to “send me home” for good. This couple, whose parents were connected to the C.F.R., were closely connected to the Paperclip-connected neighbor who hired the first and second assassins in the 1979 and 1982 attempts, and sued me in 1987.

In January of 1983,1 went to the naturopath to obtain relief from back pains caused by work. The doctor applied accupressure and a massage oil to my back, which seemed to contain abrasive grains of something. That was probably not obvious to the doctor, since the back is more sensitive than the hands. The doctor probably thought the arsenic compound was so finely ground that I couldn’t feel it. I simply though that was the way it was supposed to feel. He asked me to come back the following week for a “second treatment”, which I thought was odd, but on his advice did so, on Feb. 4, 1983.

Between the first and second treatments, I had bloody bowel discharges which the doctor said was “...your system, flushing out harmful substances”. Little did I know, but they were the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. During the second treatment, the doctor began to ask me personal questions regarding tax matters, which I thought was odd, especially when I discovered that his wife was also present, hiding beneath the covers of an adjacent treatment table. Again, the oil applied to my back had an abrasive effect.

In the evening following the second treatment, I began feeling nauseous, with pain across my kidney region and liver, as if someone had placed a steel band around my lower rib cage and tightened it. I awoke in the middle of the night with dry heaves and yellow bile. At that point, in deep despair and pain, I knew that something was drastically wrong. I remembered a conversation I once had with the doctor about “homeopathy”, in which he had remarked that,

“arsenic is easy to kill someone with because it is cumulative, and you can give them only a pinhead amount each day, over a long period of time, and eventually kill them whenever they reach the toxic limit.”

At that point I realized the massage oil contained a granular form of arsenic which the doctor had obtained from the mineral formations at Ojo Caliente, a natural spring, where he often obtained such minerals supposedly for his homeopathy work, and had ground it with his mortar and pestle and added it to the oil. We called the Poison Control Center and confirmed my symptoms as arsenic poisoning, and I immediately took a hot bath to remove as much of the oil and arsenic as possible, and returned to bed.


The bath should have been a cold one, because the hot bath only opened up my pores for the arsenic to enter faster, I now believe. At 5:00 A.M., my wife dragged me unconscious from bed, and with the help of her seven-year-old son, got me into the car and rushed me to the St. Vincents Hospital emergency ramp, from which I was wheeled into the E.R. in a dehydrated, semi-conscious state, with no pulse. They immediately began rehydrating me with electrolyte salt solution, as I began to go into convulsions. Three litres later, I was completely normal, the electrolytes not only having rehydrated me, but were the perfect chelation solution to completely eliminate all the arsenic from my system. I felt wonderful, where only moments before I was on the verge of death.

On learning that their murder attempt had been barely defeated by our timing and awareness of their plot, the naturopath eventually began to suffer remorse, calling me up on two separate occasions to confess, and to seek my forgiveness. I recorded both of these calls, then duped the tapes. The second call came around a week after the 1987 lawsuit filed by the neighbor, and he was afraid of being drawn into it. I believe my phone was tapped by the neighbor, who overheard the calls and became worried that the naturopath was crumbling. The lady sneak-thief was hired again to steal the tapes, but got only the dupes, at the same time that she got the aerial photo trial exhibits, which cleared the way for the Paperclip-connected neighbor to win his suit.

Around two weeks later, on a flight from Kathmandu to Nepal, the couple’s Lufthansa airliner was seen to explode on the descending glidepath on the eastern side of the Himalayas, over Burma. Call it “poetic justice” if you will, but I call it a “cowboy hit”, by people who sought to conceal the truth. The naturopath and his wife, along with 22 others, were killed.

I received cryptic confirmation within a few days, that the couple had been sacrificed by the CIA/ Illuminati, as a means of attempting to placate me. But I have always believed it was to conceal the connection between the murder attempt and the large corporation which ended up with my solar-voltaic manufacturing process, and continues to make millions on it.

In the ensuing period between 1986 and 1991, my son served two prison sentences in Texas, both drug-related. His grandfather, who had lunch every week with the D.A. on a regular basis, simply had him put away because he had become an embarrassment to him as a deacon of the church. I found out about my son’s conviction over six months later, through neighbors who were suing me. They kept track of stuff like that, because they were small-time cogs in the CIA’s drug dealing machine involved in distribution of drugs being smuggled into the country to finance “black operations”.

Though I am strongly moved by the “profit motive”, these people kept me in continual poverty, induced me into business ‘traps’, and screwed up every money-making plan I had, ranging from real estate, metallurgy, and inventing. This book is the latest of my ideas to make a decent living, even though it has been on the stove for over thirty years. Since you are reading it now, they have not completely succeeded in stopping it, even if I don’t make any profit. The NSA and CIA continually exert their influence through the big book dealers to suppress this book, spreading the disinformation that it is “permanently out of print” or “unavailable”, which it never has been.

I have wondered if being part Indian sets a person up for persecution in America, either genetically or culturally. There seems to be a sort of pacific reticence which reflects a different attitude toward one’s relationship to the earth and society, and a tendency to live and let live, to quietly mind one’s own business. It seems that nothing invites the interest of a sadist more than a person minding his own business. The perfect chump. The ideal scapegoat.

In the 1870s, Jack Wilson, the Kiowa-Cree sachem (A.K.A., “Wovoka, the Paiute Messiah”, founder of the Ghost Dance Cult) married into the Richardson Clan, in Anahuac, Texas, becoming James M. Richardson’s son-in-law. Richardson ordained Wilson as a preacher of the Primitive Baptist Church, and Wilson in turn ordained Quanah Parker, all on the same day. Thus was created the Native American Church, complete with the peyote sacraments of Wilson. Richardson was my great-great-grandfather. We have an old family photo showing Wilson when he was in his early twenties, several years before the earliest photo of the Smithsonian’s.

Most of the American Indian scholars have erroneous or distorted histories of how the Native American Church started, and have no history at all that Jack Wilson ever lived in Texas or had a family there. They usually trace the church’s origin to Quanah Parker, failing to realize that Parker was ordained by Jack Wilson. The Primitive Baptist Church was originally called the “Primitive Baptist Church of England” when the Richardson’s originally settled in the colonies in Virginia, since Benjamin Richardson was originally a Tory.


After the American Revolution, The Richardsons were run out of the colonies, and settled in Mississippi. Afterwards, James M. Richardson fought as an American in the battle of 1812 in Mississippi, during the British invasion, and distinguished himself militarily, so the “...of England” was dropped along with the Richardson Tory sympathies. James M. Richardson then married a Natchez princess and moved to Texas, founding the first Protestant mission at Buna.

Jack Wilson apparently came into Texas to gather peyote for his Kiowa-Cree-Paiute ceremonies, and somehow fell in with the Richardson clan, was ordained by Richardson as a minister, and married Richardson’s half-Indian daughter. After fathering some kids, he disappeared back to his native Nevada, where he founded the Ghost Dance Cult, which contained elements of the original Primitive Baptist Church fused with ancient Kiowa teachings. The family apparently never realized what had happened to him. Quanah Parker, a half-Anglo Comanche, went on to found the Native American Church, including Wilson’s peyote teachings.

It is my belief that the Kiowa are related to what Homer, the Greek poet, referred to as the Akiavoi or Achians, which to me means “East Quay People”. As such, they shared the ancient Egyptian religions beliefs which were common to many ancient peoples. The Ghost Dance Religion taught that the Indians could “ all the dead Indians back to life”, and in the meanwhile, the Whites would shrink until they disappeared. This theme contains elements from the ancient Egyptian religion, with significant variations. The U.S. Army officers did not like this idea, even though no violence was advocated.

Ironically, Wilson’s movement—a sort of “American Gandiism”—eventually resulted in the senseless massacre of thousands of peaceful, innocent, already defeated Indians, by the U.S. Army, particularly at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Clearly, the Illuminati did not want peace. They wanted the old ‘fighting’ Indians, so they could slaughter them. The technique is always the same. Bring in a ‘new’ enforcer, unfamiliar with and fearsome of the Indians (or other targets). Savage the dignity of a leader, by demanding compliance to something which serves merely as the provocation of a refusal, as the pretext for a violent ‘enforcement’, as ‘justification’ for murder or genocide, the same as with the Waco massacre, Tianenmen Square, or Wounded Knee.

I finally concluded, after being judicially tortured, imprisoned and impoverished by the CIA, that there just ain’t no justice. To the Indians following Wounded Knee, the written and spoken word—in the guise of fiction, poetry, prose, or mythology—was a way to reach out for sanity, since protection by “law enforcement” authorities—from the violence of thugs induced by their bosses—was systematically denied. Yet it was merely the spoken word, singing and dancing which led to the extermination of the Souix leadership. A helpless warrior in the traditional sense, with his hands tied from doing what is rational and just, could be depicted in the most unfavorable light, like a Crazy Horse, and shot to pieces.

But I knew that I would have the last laugh. He laughs best who laughs last. I have the lasting satisfaction of knowing how bitter it will be for small and cowardly men to look back on their evil lives as they approach death, futilely searching for worthy deeds, only to come face to face with themselves as lowly cowards, with criminal genes from degenerate parents, educated in corrupt schools, destined to waste their meaningless lives taking empty pleasure in filth, degradation, lies, gangsterism, and ill-gotten dollars. And what an inspiration for their children! Criminals breeding more criminals.

When I was around 13, Max Evans, the western writer (who has a large dose of Indian blood), gave me a young bald eagle with a broken wing, to nurse back to health.

We placed a splint on his wing, and I kept him until he was strong enough to fly, then set him free. Perhaps a year later, in the Davis Mountains over a hundred miles to the west, as I walked with a group of other Scouts through Apache chief Victorio’s last stronghold, the eagle appeared and circled over my head, whistling shrilly, before perching on a nearby cliff to screech out to me, as the other Scouts watched in amazement. I explained to them that the eagle was “Screechy”, a young eagle I had taken care of, thanking me for his life, freedom, and health. I have never been able to approve of eagles in zoos.


I composed the following poem a few years ago, in honor of all political prisoners, and eagles in zoos:


Freedoms just a word that most have only heard,
but freedom’s a religion, well known to every bird;
a religion of life, of love and liberty,
a bird’s just not alive unless it can be free.

If a bird prefers a cage to the freedom of the skies,
he must depend on others for his food, or else he dies;
but the death of the spirit is the saddest loss of all,
for a mind which never rises can surely never fall.

To fly among the clouds or the limbs of a tree,
to land and mate and build a nest, and raise a family;
to love the other birds, being happy to be free,
is the only life a bird should live, the only way to be.

For we humans, our mind is our sky, and independent
thoughts are the wings on which we fly;
there are people locked in cages, their minds soaring free,
while prisoners outside the cages have thrown away the key.



At around 11:00 A.M., Nov. 20, 1963 (two days prior to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy), I had just arrived at my American history class at Sam Houston State University, in Huntsville, Texas, taught by professor Glynn Turner. The girl who sat behind me—a Miss Rather (newsman Dan Rather’s younger sister)—had brought a copy of the San Antonio Light to class. The headline was something like “J.F.K. TO BE IN DALLAS IN TWO DAYS”, with the Kennedy motorcade route advertised on the front page. I was somewhat familiar with the Texas School Book Depository neighborhood, since I had applied for work at a printing company in an adjoining building, in late 1962.

As a boy, my “blood brother” was Charles “Dusty” Warren, II, a Cheyenne-Cherokee cross, who was also the son of the Chief of Secret Service for presidents Truman and Eisenhower. Mr. Warren had absorbed five would-be assassin’s bullets, in several attempts upon the lives of those two presidents. Through my friendship with Dusty, I was somewhat familiar with some basic security precautions established by his father, such as, that under the circumstances, a motorcade route should not be advertised.


I also knew that, in a city such as Dallas, Secret Service agents would normally have been stationed in at least every other building or house along the way, and that, in no case, would the limousine be an open-topped convertible, especially where so many high buildings and potential assassin’s perches existed, in a large city having a recent history of assassination attempts and other violence over politics.

The legendary loyalty and bravery of the Cheyenne made the choice of Dusty’s father as Secret Service Chief a good one. Unfortunately, Mr. Warren was replaced during the Kennedy presidency, although he apparently remained on the security team.

On Nov. 22, 1963, since Dallas literally seethed with people having motives to kill Kennedy, it was a wisely chosen city for the assassination, with so many likely suspects to blame. For example, a disgruntled Madam Nhu, of Viet Nam, was in Dallas, brought there by anti-Kennedy political supporters. Her husband, Ngo Dinh Nhu, and his brother, the American-backed leader of Viet Nam, Ngo Dinh Diem, had been brutally and incompetently murdered by CIA Station Chief William Colby, and agent E. Howard Hunt, on Nov. 1, 1963, supposedly on orders of J.F.K.

Ironically, Hunt was photographed at the Kennedy assassination site three weeks later, near the “grassy knoll”, just after rifle shots were fired from it. Dallas resident, General Edwin Walker, graduate of N.M.M.I. and of West Point Military Academy (and the youngest American commander to enter the Po Valley of Northern Italy, during WW II) had been kicked out of the Army by Kennedy, and had written a book saying it was because of his patriotic, anti-Communist views, and John Birch Society membership.


There were scads of Cuban refugees, and veterans of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. There was Jack Ruby (a former Marxist-Leninist from Russia, later ‘turned’ and recruited by the CIA), who had been fingered by Bobby Kennedy in his book, as the key Chicago union figure who had set up the hit of a union boss, in order to enable the Mob to take over the Chicago union (there’s the Chicago Mob again!). The CIA knew a ‘good thing’ when they saw it, a virtual Pandora’s box of varied possibilities to cover up their assassination of Kennedy. On Nov. 20,1963,1 knew these things.

On seeing the headline and motorcade route, I picked up the paper, stood up, and said “They are going to kill J.F.K. in Dallas, day after tomorrow, right here” (pointing to the street in front of the Book Depository). Incredibly, the professor and our entire class engaged in a 50-minute discussion of the Kennedy assassination, on Nov. 20, 1963, two days before it occurred, within 200 miles of Dallas.

In another incredible coincidence, Glynn Turner’s (the professor’s) brother, Matt Turner, would later be identified by New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison, as the CIA agent sent out of Washington after the assassination, to clean up ‘loose ends’ (i.e., to eliminate any witnesses who could tie the CIA into the killing). Most of these “loose ends” were various and sundry scum-bags, prostitutes, petty criminals and other borderline characters, who had various pieces of knowledge which implicated the CIA, through the many people who were to be exposed in the eventual investigation. The ‘coincidental’ killings and mysterious deaths of so many of these people is what raised so many eyebrows during the ensuing controversy, following the assassination. Turner soon became the Bexar County (San Antonio area) Democratic party Chairman, appointed by you-know-who.

A few days after the assassination, the professor Glynn Turner invited me over for supper. Conveniently, Turner’s brother-in-law, a Navy admiral, was there, in uniform, to ask me some questions, centering primarily around how I came up with the idea that Kennedy would be killed in Dallas, two days before it happened. I realized in retrospect that the ‘supper’ was actually an O.N.I. de-briefing, to determine whether I possessed personal knowledge of an assassination ‘conspiracy’. The fact that I possessed no personal knowledge of a conspiracy, probably saved my life, I realized in retrospect. My best answer was that all of the apparent official indicia were there, to point my mind in the direction of an “insider-job” assassination, so my prediction was based on probability.

In the televised films of the assassination, I could see an agent climbing up on the trunk of the presidential limousine, in an attempt to shield Jacqueline Kennedy, then pounding his fist on the trunk after it was too late to do anything—a ‘frustration-gesture’ which said “I told you so!”. It was more likely that Mr. Warren had been replaced as the head of Secret Service because they didn’t want the wiley old Cheyenne to throw any tomahawks into their well-oiled assassination machinery. Had his procedures been followed, the assassination would probably have failed, though he had never faced such a concerted conspiracy in any of the three attacks against Truman and Eisenhower.

After the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, everything followed a classic K.G.B. “A-Apparat” (“Assassination-Apparatus”) pattern, copied from the old Soviet N.K.V.D. As Oswald’s ‘second’, Jack Ruby had developed ‘sleeper agent’ status with the Dallas police, and during a prisoner transfer at which he was conveniently present, he performed a classic Soviet-style assassination of Oswald, shoving his .38 directly up under his rib-cage, before ‘gut-shooting’ him, thus insuring little chance of his survival.

This was S.O.P. under the old K.G.B. rules, after the apprehension of Oswald, to shield the assassins (in this case, the Illuminati/government plotters) from Oswald’s possible testimony, but according to evidence discovered and relayed to the F.B.I. by Oswald himself, two days before Kennedy was killed, it appears in retrospect to be the way it was planned from the start, although police tried to kill Oswald at the theater in Oak Cliff, just after the assassination, but Oswald jammed his thumb into the gap between the revolver’s hammer and cylinder, a stunt he had learned in his CIA training, which is why he had a bandage on his hand when Ruby shot him. That was the reason Oswald screamed “I’m being made a patsy!” at the moment of his arrest at the theater.

Though Oswald did not shoot Kennedy, he had extensive personal knowledge of the whole operation, as a member of the hit team, extending over several states. The CIA had copied the old KGB procedures used by Ruby and the rest of the hit team, and the film showed that Ruby was very thoroughly trained and rehearsed for the hit. It is simply unlikely that a mere ‘nightclub owner’ would have been so familiar with such assassination procedures, or be able to carry them out with such finesse, without such expert training. Jim Garrison also identified Ruby as the CIA ‘bagman’ in the Dallas area, providing liaison and money to the various Cuban and other CIA-sponsored groups or other catspaws, a likely place for an ex-Mob man, who probably did a lot of skimming.

In early 1962 (before my Peace Corps training), I had organized and led a Young Americans for Freedom picket line, protesting “conventional warfare in Southeast Asia”, outside a United Nations meeting in Midland, Texas, at which the U.N. announced its sponsorship of ‘limited warfare’ and ‘counterinsurgency tactics’, ostensibly to diminish the risks of all-out war. I viewed it as of an ulterior way for the Illuminati to ‘blood our troops’, in preparation for the coming Viet Nam war, to which the ‘limited war’ was to be escalated. This would ultimately maintain the Illuminati munitions manufacturers in the lavish lifestyles to which they had become accustomed.

In early 1963, two men matching Oswald’s and Ruby’s descriptions were seen taking a shot at the right-wing, closet-gay, General Edwin Walker, from nearby Turtle Creek Drive, in Dallas. This was a psychopolitical ‘stage setting’ for the future, intended to ‘alienate’ Walker from the future conspiracy, in which Dallas was the last of five alternative assassination locales, which could be actuated during Kennedy’s political tour. The first four locations—Miami, New Orleans, Houston, and San Antonio—had been canceled as the tour progressed, leaving Dallas as the final and last chance for the hit, which was planned at least as early as Nov., 1962.

Kennedy’s intent was to stop the escalation, and shut off the anticipated Golden Pipeline to the Illuminati, who killed him because he double-crossed them, after making deals with them to get elected. Kennedy’s apparent original complicity in this war-for-profit-and-political-power scheme, was revealed by his formation of the Green Berets—as ‘der Fuehrer’s’ personally sworn S.S. elite—and the ‘closet Nazi’ new uniform designs for the new counterinsurgency teams, which gave birth to the S.W.A.T. (“Special Weapons And Tactics”) teams, almost identical copies the old Nazi Waffen S.S. and S.A. uniforms. “Jack-booted thugs”, anyone?

Aside from his plan to shut off the planned Vietnam War, the thing which most surely contributed to his assassination, was Kennedy’s issuance of debt-free currency, around a month before the assassination. This is the actual truth, Kennedy issued constitutional, gold and silver-backed dollars, which was cutting the cojones off the Federal Reserve gang. That currency change was immediately rescinded after the assassination, one of the first orders of business. Astounding but true, it proved that Kennedy was not a Keynsian, Fabian Socialist, but a ‘hard-money’ man, a constitutionalist, and a Libertarian, Jeffersonian Democrat.

J.F.K.’s older brother, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., was originally groomed for president from childhood. After his inadvertent death in a bomber accident in WWII, Jack became his replacement. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (“Papa Joe”), US. ambassador to Great Britain, was in the IUuminati, like the Rockefellers, and was likewise a Nazi collaborator and spy (F.D.R. blocked his prosecution for treason and espionage). The Kennedy boys even sat on Hitler’s knee, during their visits to Berchtesgaden, the Fuehrer’s Alpine retreat. The boys had been clandestinely raised to be American IllumiNazi leaders. After all, Bobby and Jack had ‘proved’ themselves, by supplying Senator Joe McCarthy the documentary “dirt” used in his hysterical H.U.A.C. hearings.

Jack Kennedy made promises he apparently intended to break, by first hiring ‘Fabian Socialists’ (Cambridge-trained closet fascists) in his administration, then firing them one by one, as he began to move away from the ‘secret’ fascist orientation which got him the power. Kennedy showed all the earmarks of heading toward a third, more Libertarian position (as I gleaned from Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage, which gave a more ‘real’ profile of Jack Kennedy’s rather undisclosed leanings).


Kennedy was apparently purging male fascist types—affiliated with the Illuminati and national security establishment—from the government, similar to F.D.R.’s purge of pro-Hitler/Mussolini fascists from the cabinet of his second administration, and Mussolini’s purge of International Socialists and Communists from his second administration (Il Duce was originally an International Socialist).

Kennedy had made public condemnations of “clandestine organizations” less than a week before his death, which many were led by the misinformationists to mean the John Birch Society, which I discounted, since close Kennedy family friend, Cardinal Cushing, of Boston, as well as Jacqueline Kennedy’s cohorts—Oleg Cassini and Cholly Knickerbocker—and her father’s family (the Auchinclosses), were sponsors of the Birch Society. The Birchers appeared to be anti-Kennedy (which could have been orchestration intended to create cover for his undisclosed agenda), but were not para-military. No...... Kennedy was talking about the CIA, not the Birchers. The CIA misinterpreted Kennedy’s statements so the public wouldn’t know there was a squabble between Kennedy and themselves, or the Federal Reserve Bank, only a week or so before they planned to kill him and blame it on the “right wing” or “Castro”.

Kennedy’s purge shouldn’t be interpreted as a patent homophobic bigotry, but rather one which frequently involved CIA-connected homosexuals, who were in high ratio among the Templar-Illuminati pederast variety, such as a whole nest of them who were classmates in the ‘30s and ‘40s at New Mexico Military Institute (“NMMI”), in Roswell, New Mexico. Those ‘good Ol’ boys’ were lavished with lucrative defense contracts during the three or four wars since, or were placed in prestigious government or military positions. Like the graduates of a particular secret P.O.W. camp—non-coms included—they have all been well taken care of, to the man. Several of them who were directly or indirectly victims of the Kennedy purge, were naturally implicated in the assassination. Just take a good look at the defense contracts for the Viet Nam War.

During WWII, Joe Kennedy, Jr., like many other ‘Illuminati sons’, was to be kept safe in the special P.O.W. camp in Bavaria, near the Swiss border, in Adam Weishaupt’s old stamping grounds. On allied bombing raids, ‘certain’ bombers made ‘protected’ landings, and their personnel escorted to the special camp, where they were treated like royalty by the German command. Joe Kennedy’s plane was accidentally shot down, or crashed on landing, killing him. These arrangements related to the traitors mentioned in Charles Higham’s Trading With the Enemy, who through special connections to Hitler and his financial supporters, acquired these cushy accomodations for young officers who were in their families or spheres of influence.

Joseph Katzenbach, Kennedy’s A.G., and graduate of Yale law, class of ‘47, learned international law in the camp, supplied with all the books and materials he needed, by the Third Reich. Similarly, several others ‘vacationed’ there throughout the war, to emerge at its end as ‘hero’ P.O.W.s. I have personally met at least six of these former “P.O.W.s”.


Some of them have gone into politics, some are in banking, international trade, defense and government contracts, hotels, etc., but all of them are, or were, well provided for, and kept “safe”, except for one poor non-com I knew who just happened to be on one of the special planes, as a crew member. His ‘reward’ was being a high school teacher. He wasn’t treated like ‘royalty’ by his Nazi captors. He was a Sephardic “crypto-Jew”, whose spirit was broken.

Without their special connections, these IllumiNazis would have been no more capable of achieving success than anyone else, in a truly capitalist society. Almost all of them had marriages arranged through Illuminati-aristocratic channels. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’s eminent family connections included direct ancestry from most of the royal families of Europe such as the Hapsburgs, including Lorenzo di Medici, of Firenzi, Italy, the renaissance era inspiration for Nicola Macchiavelli’s The Prince.


Do these matters indicate more than what Ayn Rand called the “aristocracy of pull”, revealing an actual unconstitutional, clandestine perpetuation of power through inherited “titles of royalty”? The coincidences are too strong to be ignored. The particular lineages appear to be those considered by the Templars to have been directly descended from Jesus Christ.

The Kennedy assassination will be kicked around for many years to come, but I will say here and now that it was engineered by the CIA, on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank, the CFR, the military-industrial complex, and the National Security thugs.



Where people are free to produce and trade, there should be no problem. Food production is the ultimate key to freedom, and the freedom of people who produce it are essential to a free and independent society. Even “rich soil” can be created by any one, provided they have the freedom to do so. To the contrary, control over food production is one of the primary Trilateralist priorities, ergo a war against farmers and ranchers.

The Illuminati is precipitating world-wide death on what should be the eve of world freedom. The “cattle mutilations” experiments appear to be a research and development project, in which flying saucer-borne “death ray” guns are used to shoot cattle, after which tissue is removed from them to examine for particular damage to the reproductive and immune systems, for the purpose of developing “stealth murder weaponry”, in which human victims may be murdered in such a way that their deaths appear to be from ‘natural’ causes.


“Population control” and political assassination come first to mind. This is to make possible perpetual Illuminati world control, based on the original scheme devised by Hassan I Sabbah (founder of the Order of the Devoted in 1093), based on the pantheistic teachings of the Persian, Abdullah (c. 11th century), whose teachings included the Tibetan Bonpas Doctrine Of the Non-Ego, which had come to Persia through the peripheral gnostic Sufi teachings of the Roshiniya and Thuggee murder cults seeking to overturn Islam and restore goddess worship, and to control the world by assassinating and replacing leaders with their kind.

In the 1920s, Stalin exterminated the last resistors to the Red Army—the Kulac “peasant” farmers of the Ukraine—because of their rejection of communism and their emerging prosperity and strong middle class. This holocaust sacrificed the 15-foot thick “rich black soil” of the Ukraine, and the people who farmed it, to the Soviet Thuggees, using Illuminati-procured American food, money, and machinery, to supply the Red Army, under the “Lend Lease Program”. In payment, Illuminati arrangers like Armand Hammer acquired such looted art treasures as the Faberge eggs, from the Swiss bank vaults of V.I. Lenin.


‘Soviet’ agriculture never recovered from the loss of the Ukrainian Kulacs (“fists”). The Ukraine and its rich black soil—without the Kulacs—is just so much untilled prairie. The tattered remnants of those Kulacs were beginning to regenerate. The Illuminati could not allow this fertile region to once again supply needed food and profit for a re-vitalized Ukraine, which could capitalize on feeding and strengthening a large part of the world, and threaten Illuminati food control.

On the eve of Peristroika, the Chernobyl disaster was arranged by the Illuminati, to poison the blood and soil of the Ukrainians, to deprive the food and spiritual resolve needed for them to break with the Soviet system, to rebuild their former strength and health, and most of all, to resume the food production of the fertile Ukraine. The Ukraine was dealt yet another devastating blow, by the spewing of radioactive poisons out upon the Ukrainians. The Kulacs were originally Germanic peasant farmers imported by the Czars, to farm the Ukraine. Actor Jack Palance, an Ukrainian by birth, described the Chernobyl disaster as “a desecration”.

The Ukraine lost 7 million Kulacs in Stalin’s pogrom, another 7 million in WWII, and several more millions in Stalin’s insane “purges”. Were these sacrifices to Kali Ma, on behalf of the Illuminati murder cult, or an English-American conspiracy to exterminate “all Germans”, or both?

As stated in Chapter I, Synopsis of Facts, No. 14, “Morgenthau’s Pastoral Policy”8 was a factual reality, as I learned in 1968, on the very night that L.B.J. announced that he would not run again. On that evening, Texas Governor John Connally sponsored a “Gala for the Arts”, to which I was invited. The L.B.J. message was delivered to an astounded Connally, during the Gala, just before the intermission. Prior to the Gala, as I enjoyed a libation with other graduate students, within a block of the Main Building at U.T., a young Ph.D. candidate in history, stated that his dissertation was on the Treaty of Versailles. I brought up Morgenthau’s Pastoral Policy, stating that I had heard that it was a hoax.

The student smiled, then said “Come with me”. We walked to the Main Building (the “Tower”) at U.T., and went to of an upper floor where the papers of L.B.J. were then stored, until the Sid Richardson Research Center (then under construction) could be finished. The student entered a vault and emerged with a document. He asked me if my hands were clean, instructed me to hold them out, and placed the 1919 document into them for my examination. It was stamped with a reception number and seal of the Versailles Committee, and signed by president Woodrow Wilson.


8 A document drafted by Hans Morgenthau, Sr., and presented to the Versailles Treaty Committee, Paris, 1919, by president Woodrow Wilson, the original document being among the collected papers of president Lyndon Baines Johnson, now kept at The L.B.J. School of Public Administration, The Sid W. Richardson Research Center, University of Texas, Austin.

It truly advocated the “extermination of all Germans”, and the “...reduction of Germany to a pastureland...”, because the “...Germans are an inherently warlike race”. It was proof that the Illuminati had no stake in the Germans as a “race”, and had manipulated them with false “Aryan” propaganda via the S.S., which was founded by the Illuminati later that same year, after Morgenthau’s Pastoral Policy had failed at Versailles. It is a well-known fact that at the time, president Wilson was so sick that he was of an easily-manipulated puppet of his CFR/IIA ‘controllers’, and died soon afterward.

In 1919, Colonel E. M. House was one of those nutty, megalomaniacal Texans who, like all modern self-proclaimed Zionist messiahs, declared himself the be “God”. As the adviser to President Wilson, he went to Paris to establish liaison between an American group and its British counterpart, which called itself the Round Table, which had grown out of British diamond and gold magnate Cecil Rhodes’ fanatical world government concept, having as its goal the establishment of world-wide British imperialism.


Rhodes was a disciple of elitist aesthete, Professor John Ruskin of Oxford (a proponent of the Pythagorean ‘Golden Mean’ and other Hermetic theories), and a follower of Adam Weishaupt and Illuminism. In his will, Rhodes instructed Lord Rothschild to expand the Round Table, which, like the German S.S., was structurally patterned after the Freemasons and Jesuits. At Paris, a new organization arose, which mooted and replaced the League of Nations, called the (Royal) Institute for International Affairs (“I.I.A.”).


In New York, it was called the Council for Foreign Affairs (“C.F.R.”). The two groups merged at Paris, in pursuit of a British-American dominated world government. The group was financed by Rhodes and his friends, the wealthy international bankers. “Morgenthau’s Pastoral Policy” was one of the group’s earlier plans. When it failed, they financed the S.S. and chose Hitler to lead Germany.

By exterminating the Germans, Britain and the U.S. would have moved a step closer to British-American world imperialism. The C.F.R. used both right and left strategy. It financed the Russian revolution, helped set up the S.S. in 1919, financed Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s (in fact, chose Hitler from among several candidates, in 1923), and promoted international socialism through the U.N., which it founded through their agents who were guiding U.S. policy in 1945. That was the “New World Order” of which Hitler spoke, which was to come about after the ‘weak’ had been destroyed in the coming war. That ‘order’ has been in effect since the close of WWII, at least on paper, except its founders have never been able to fully put it into effect.


They cannot figure out how to tell us it is “the law”, since there are so many little stumbling blocks in our constitution standing in its way, such as the phrase “...this the Law of the Land”, and “...these Sovereign united States”. The C.F.R. is currently engaged in destroying U.S. sovereignty, and now envisions a New World Order embracing both Communism and ‘state-capitalism’ (i.e., fascism).


The U.S. and Britain are apparently the leading models for the new world fascist state, which will be, like that envisioned by Hitler, composed of “national-concentrationist” entities which have no real sovereignty. In the future, any one of them which gets out of line, will be thrown into a war with its neighbor, as the U.N. troops arrive—like the cavalry—to ‘settle’ the dispute. If one speaks of the “Illuminati” today, he must include the C.F.R. They must weaken us to make the plan work.

When Wilson went to Paris in 1919 to present the “American” plan (to exterminate the Germans), to the Versailles Committee, what was to become of the German “real estate” (what we know as “Germany”) after the Germans had been mass-murdered and buried under Morgenthau’s plan? Did Morgenthau have any ideas about what to do with that empty German “pastureland”? And what about all the gold teeth fillings, eye glass frames, jewelry and other personal valuables? Soap, anyone? Lampshades?

Hans Morgenthau, Sr.—the author of the policy—was an anti-Zionist, ‘emancipated’ Sephardic Jew, while his son, Hans Morgenthau, Jr., was a Zionist. As you may know, Theodore Hertzl, also Sephardim (“Sun-Hare-People”, or “Aryan”) was astounded in 1897, when the Russian disciples of Karl Marx—the Ashkenazim from Moscow—showed up in Basle, Switzerland at his first International Zionist Congress and took over his organization.


Both the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim (“East-Canaan-People”)(also called the Khazars, which means “Goose-Hares”) came from the same type of Osiris/Sun-Hare/Isis/Sun-Goose-worshiping Aryan/Canaanite stock, yet had a different history since about 1,500 B.C., but Morgenthau probably didn’t realize it, or care about it for that matter. Such “world power” types, including Hitler, Rhodes, House, etc., were megalomaniacal-messianic flakes anyway.

Like many other “German Jews” (Sephardim), Hans Morgenthau, Sr., had an almost pathological fear of the “Ostjuden” (Ashkenazim)—those Uralo-Altaic-speaking-Tartar Khazars, whose kingdom in 600 A.D. stretched from the Black Sea to the Caspian.


These Schythian-related people had originally been converted to Talmudic Judaism around 679 A.D., and to a Sephardic like Morgenthau (whose families had for centuries lived as the Nobility of Jewry), the Ashkenazim were considered inferior, illegitimate, “counterfeit Jews”, because their (particular branch of Canaanite) lineage had not descended from the “Hebrews” or “Children of Israel” who purportedly were “enslaved by the Egyptians”... “followed Moses into the Promised Land”, and “lived under King David or Solomon” in the United Monarchy of Israel, nor were they part of the Diaspora from Babylon.


To Morgenthau, they were no more “Jewish” than the Phoenicians, Sumerians, Finns, Turks, Scythians, Ukrainians, Celts, Scots, Irish and Britons, etc., to whom they were related.

After about 1,000 A.D., the Ashkenazim were moved around all over Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, and Lituania, and had, as an oppressed people, emerged as the controlling group in the Communist Revolution. Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin, Molotov, Kruschev, Beria, and numerous other Communist leaders were often of the Ashkenazim.

This affiliancy to the Communists (Trotsky had recruited and trained his Red Army Cadre in the Bronx in 1916-17, financed by the Jacob Schiff, Kuhn and Loeb and other international banking firms headquartered in New York), and to the Zionists (whom they had taken over), undoubtedly reinforced Morgenthau’s fears desire to appease the Ashkenazim, Zionists, and Communists. In 1917, the international bankers, with the aid of German foreign minister Zimmerman, arranged for Trotsky’s cadre to take their famous train ride through Germany, to rendezvous in St. Petersburg with the returning P.O.W.s from the Russo-Japanese war, who had been indoctrinated (courtesy of the bankers) while still in the Japanese prison camps, with Bolshevik propaganda, and trained into the Red Army structure specified by Trotsky.

Perhaps Morgenthau thought Germany would make a nice new Bolshevik or Zionist homeland for the Ashkenazim in Germany, and keep them out of America, after which they might show their eternal gratitude to Britain and America, and buy lots of goods and make deals as part of the scheme. Was this a plan of appeasement of the Ashkenazim? It is hard to imagine that the bankers sincerely wanted a Communist world, in which they would be economically “equal”.

In the 1920s Ukraine, the acts of Stalin—the former priest, who knew that soil alone produces little food—weren’t ‘accidental’, and neither was the Chernobyl disaster. No Ukrainian would have done it to his beloved. Even a communist would not have done it. Only the Illuminati stood to gain—like their Nazi and Communist spawn—as a bunch of Thuggee incompetents, whose only harvest was death and destruction.

How they going to keep ‘em down on the collective farm, once they’ve seen California or Montana? Ukrainian farmers can grow food anywhere. They do it from Northern Canada to South Texas, attracted to the rich soils of North America—scientifically named for Ukrainian soils—like iron to magnets.

Farming in today’s Ukraine is pitifully low. Despite relatively large incentives offered to young people to take up farming in the Ukraine, there are few takers. A lot of the food comes from areas where agricultural people survived, more or less overlooked by Stalin or the Illuminati. Moldavia provides some food, from the rich soils near the Moldau and Diestr Rivers and tributaries. Women from the Ukraine, Moldavia and Georgia travel over a thousand miles to Moscow in the warmer months, to sell fruits and vegetables on the streets. Many of these women have university degrees.

The Illuminati wants to maintain control of the C.I.R. during its transition to “capitalism”, to make sure that their favorite brand of mixed-economy, corporate-state fascism predominates. An increasingly productive Ukraine would encourage a transition to true capitalism. State-capitalism and Laissez faire capitalism are immiscible. The present food shortage in the C.I.R.—created by the Illuminati to slow the transition down or make it impossible, while gaining transitory control—is due to the physical and psychological shock of Chernobyl, and the inability to recreate capitalism while eliminating the controls of the old Communist system. Originally intended to force the Ukrainians and the C.I.R. into starvation, it instead accelerated the breakup of the Soviet Union. Now the Communists are back in control.

The phony “fuel crisis” of 1974 was created to regain control over the American economy which the Illuminati had lost between 1970 and 1974, largely from “hippy technology” which had evolved in the pseudo-communes of that period, through a significant outburst of alternative energy creativity, greater independence, and greater economic resiliency, which caught the Illuminati by surprise, as the Viet Nam War ended. This development was due primarily to an increased appropriation of materials, techniques, and equipment, by ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs.

The Illuminati-created ‘fuel crisis’ was tantamount to the “leveling laws” of 19th century England, in which a high tax was levied on window panes, to oppress the nouveau riche who had arisen during the English industrial revolution.


Those too poor to afford the new taxes on window panes, had to get rid of them, with a drop in socio-economic rank. Without these accouterment to their homes, they were unable to entertain guests in the same fashion as the elite, and to thereby acquire the social status necessary to rise in the business world. Ironically, as if an added penalty under the “American leveling law” (the false ‘crisis’), Americans seeking new solar equipment and window panes, to alleviate the ‘crisis’, would have to buy supplies and equipment from the same Illuminati corporations which had created the crisis. This quandary spurned more creativity, and even more economic resiliency.

The preoccupation of the Illuminati with regaining control of the runaway American economy, resulted in their loss of control over the Soviets. We suffered a considerable set-back, while the Illuminati got much richer, thanks to government favoritism, but our set-backs were somewhat offset by increased economic toughness.

The “Watergate Conspiracy” (another hoax within a hoax), was instigated in the wake of the fuel crisis, to compound political disillusionment with economic distress, in attempt to collapse the American economy. The break-in and subsequent ‘leak’ to the press was engineered by the Illuminati through the F.B.I. and CIA, using the same people who murdered J.F.K. Their idea was also to stop Nixon from freeing the Chinese, or opening up the new Asian markets. The Illuminati “divide and conquer” concept requires a divided world. Nixon was erasing too many barriers, making too much peace. They merely exploited the natural weaknesses of Nixon and his cabinet.

The Illuminati divides Texans and New Mexicans to maintain control of the mineral and oil wealth in the two states. The illegitimate accumulation of fabulous wealth by the military-industrial complex, was procured by creating divisions between the Americans, Soviets, Chinese, the West in general, and the Middle East, primarily through religiously motivated exterminations, wars, and revolutions. Can you see them giving up without a depression or another war? And who shall fight whom?

The Illuminati exploits dormant hatreds, creates divisions upon which wars, economic exploitation and deceit are built, motivates all parties at “their own levels”, and sets up each new play of the game. They divide the Muslim world against itself, and use “Christianity”, “Judaism”, “oil”, economic interests, ethnicity and nationalism as wedges, to create more homogeneous societies which are more easily steered into bigger international wars and Illuminati control. The Christians-versus-Muslims squabble in post-Communist Yugoslavia requires a closer look at the big picture.

Through us, the Illuminati backed ultra-conservative oligarchic Muslim Saudis and Kuwaitis against ‘socialist’ Muslim Iraqis, in the “Gulf War”, in order to keep the Golden Pipeline to Wall Street Illuminati banks intact, and to keep the Russians out of the international oil markets, because they have vast petroleum reserves. The Illuminati deftly plays all things to all people, like bisexual whores at a transexualist convention.

The constant irritation of the Iraqis by the U.S. government is a dangerous game. It is only a matter of time, if such bullying continues, until angry Arabs rises up and “sting” America like a stirred up hornet’s nest. It is a grave mistake to consider the Arabs easy prey for our military. A look at the past few years shows that the constant assault on Muslim Arabs has not only solidified their political resolve, but made Americans the unwelcome “ugly Americans” in that part of the world. How long will it be until a nuclear weapon is detonated in New York City or West Palm Beach?

The Illuminati is not an Illuminati, but a Pseudo-Illuminati, “bringer of darkness”, what the Tibetans call the “black magic” of the pre-Buddhist Bonpas murder cult, so powerful and feared in Tibet that few will speak about it. It was the cult written about by Theodore Illion9, who visited the cult’s underground headquarters, where he was invited to join the elite and refused to do so.


He escaped, was hunted throughout Tibet by the cult, escaped, returned to Germany, and lived to write about it. This was undoubtedly the “unknown underground masters” of whom Hitler spoke. How does this significantly differ from the CIA?

9 Theodore Ilion, Darkness Over Tibet, (reprint of 1937 original, Adventures Unlimited Press, Stelle, Illinois, 1991).

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