My purpose has not been to document an overwhelming number of sightings, in order to sell you on basic truths you should already be familiar with. A vast quantity of misrepresented or fabricated “documented sightings” is the province of the Big Liars and their dupes, while the real sightings are concealed or ignored.


Project Blue Book has already buried more good information than I could ever uncover, or need for that matter, and chasing after such material would keep me busier than a one-legged Indian trying to stamp out a grass fire, just as they intend.


The sighting I made in 1953 was the only one I needed, to absolutely confirm the existence of saucers in reality. In order for you to separate truth from lie, it is necessary to discern a predominant pattern exhibited by government “truth saboteurs”, consisting of the following repetitive strategies:

  1. Witness statements which are exaggerated, misstated, falsified, or obliterated; depicting witnesses as ridiculous, seeing things like “...little green men”, or a saucer “two miles long”, generally portraying them as “nuts”, drunks, drugged, or hallucinating; this trick is contrite and easy to spot;

  2. overstatement, misstatement, or entire fabrication of important physical data, such as a saucer which “...had fire shooting out all over it, with a strong smell of sulfur”, or which was “transparent”, “appeared and disappeared”; this creates confusion about how the saucer works, and fits in with “extraterrestrial origin” baloney, or alleged “’hallucinations”, “fantasies”, “lies”, or “mirages”;

  3. use of false, government-paid or procured witnesses, made to appear as private citizens, often thrown in when an important sighting is made, to confuse the public about what was seen, especially where an articulate witness manages to register a clear statement regarding what he or she actually saw. This pits one witness against the other, in a “war of credibility” which nobody wins, and “neutralizes” the truth. The press often has little alternative but to repeat false, conflicting reports along with whatever true ones there may be, or to print none at all;

  4. use of government “experts”, high-ranking military know-it-alls, or so-called “scientific” witnesses, often interjected to pose as the ‘last word’ on a sighting. This attacks the truth, by attempting to impress the reader with the ‘high credentials’ of witnesses who in fact saw nothing, for the benefit of dupes who are still too ignorant to realize that the government lost its credibility long ago, and that high-ranking ex-military ‘experts’ rarely buck the system and are liars, even when, as ‘part of the plan’, they may pretend to be doing so;

  5. tampering in commercial film processing labs, which are easy prey for CIA thieves and saboteurs, as I learned long ago; you only get what they want you to have.

The citizen who sends film exposures of saucers to such labs, will probably end up with blank, foggy, damaged, too-dark, tampered, substituted, or entirely missing images, the film may be stolen from one’s camera, even before an attempt is made to remove it for processing (as in the case of the first roll of film I used to photograph Vicki Landrum and her radiation burns, along with photos of my Peiltochterkompass and other flying saucer equipment).

My first photos of Vicki clearly showed the burns on her arms and legs. These were stolen from my camera by an expert, in Santa Fe, from my camera as it lay in my car, just after my return from Texas. I had to use surreptitious means to obtain replacement photos, and it was necessary to circumvent adverse influences of some of the members of my own family, who were being manipulated by the CIA, via the Masonic Order and U.S. Army Intelligence operatives. Such people may be caught in a conflict between obeying request from (what they think is) the Masonic Order, and concern for the life or well-being of a family member or close friend.

Witnesses are often astounded at what the media reports as their statements, but have no chance to correct these intentional distortions or errors, and usually fail to understand the subtle nuances or scientific reasons for such misrepresented details. Most witnesses are “little fellahs”, whose ‘day in history’ may be transfixed by that one sensational, electric event. If it is made to seem fantastic at the outset, who is going to believe their attempts to correct the distortions?



An example of the ‘little fellah’ premise I laid out in Chapter I, Vicki Landrum is a persistent, consistent, sticker to the truth. I first heard of her story around 1989 or 1990, near the time of a hearing on her incident, in Washington, D.C. The news report I heard was made around nine years after the incident occurred. The incident stuck in my mind, not only because I have so many relatives in the area where it occurred, but because I had good reason to believe there was a better, truer, story underneath the usual distortions. Some trustworthy relatives had confirmed that it was ‘real’.


In fact, the government would be hard pressed to cover all the relatives and other reliable contacts I could martial in that area. At the time I contacted her, Vicki Landrum resided only a few hundred yards from my sister’s house, and the saucer entourage passed through areas peopled by some of my other relatives. So, despite the phony version of the incident which I had recently seen on the “Unsolved Mysteries” T.V. program, I retraced prior investigators, and determined the purpose of their lies.

I sought out Vicki Landrum in late 1992, and had some trouble finding her, even with the assistance of some of her family members, including her granddaughter. Army Intelligence had already sent a man to check me out at my sister’s house, even before I decided to contact Vicki. Once located, the situation I found was not a pleasing one. If Vicki Landrum was a “sensation-seeker” who persisted in her story for profit, as rumors had it, she certainly hadn’t done a very good job of it.


It was easy to spread local rumors, intended to taint Vicki’s credibility or motives, or damage her economic standing in the community, and I found her to be a good woman, not so different from many of the people in my own family. Her health - and wealth - had been damaged by her own government, which had subsequently misrepresented and flaunted its irresponsibility, and trashed Vicki’s dignity.

There was very little if any accurate information published on Vicki Landrum before this book in 1993, after which OSI writers and film makers quickly glommed
onto her, to obliterate what I said, with more falsified or distorted descriptions of the event. Since that time, Vicki has stuck to the truth and refused to lie like they want her to say she saw ‘little green men’, “was abducted”, or “suffered time loss”. Because of this book - the first to expose the Big Lie Mind Control scheme to conceal saucer secrets - the Secret Government has had to rethink its strategy. They can’t get around the Landrum/Cash sighting, because it was corroborated by so many other witnesses, and because the victims suffered real physical damage, and most of all, because Vicki hasn’t played their game.

The place where Vicki lived was not a fashionable neighborhood, even for the area. It was a somewhat run-down apartment complex, the main office of which was gutted by fire. Some of the people there appeared to be of the borderline (if not actual) criminal type, and it was not a place for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Neglected, dirty, ill-clothed children wandered about, as some of their parents sat in dingy and darkened apartments. After finding the burned-out shell of the office, I managed to locate the substitute office. I found Vicki only because I have conditioned myself to question everything.


Everyone, including the manager, said she didn’t live there, so I found her next door to a man who said she didn’t live there and he’d never heard of her. Vicki’s family was nice, clean, and quiet, out of place in the complex. The apartment was well lit and friendly, with family members cozily gathered about a table, engrossed in a board game. Vicki was a little guarded at first, but soon warmed up to me, because we had some common friends, including one of my old stump-jumping buddies, Richard.


She was originally from nearby Louisiana, and was typical of many of her generation, having only a high school education, and a necessity to earn a living as a wage earner. Her fine looking husband was in his retirement years, having worked in harvesting and fishing for many years, and was still working.

In 1980, Vicki Landrum and her grandson, Colby Lee Landrum (then five years old), and Vicki’s friend and employer, Betty Cash, were driving at night down a state highway in Betty’s car, near Huffman, Texas, after leaving the store where Betty employed Vicki. They had the distinct misfortune of encountering a malfunctioning flying saucer, limping along just above ground, and accompanied by 24 U.S. Army Chinook helicopters, two by two, each sweeping the surrounding pathways with blinding searchlights, looking for potential witnesses and obstructions. The route through which the crippled saucer and entourage was moving, was a swampy, heavily forested, non-residential one, apparently chosen as the most clandestine route under the circumstances, en route to Louisiana, probably back to a base for repairs.

The Chinook helicopters - the large ones with twin rotors - were probably present in case the saucer should have to be “freight-‘coptered” back to the base in a harness, in the event it became completely disabled, or may have carried troops necessary to cordon off and secure the area, in case it crashed. The idea also seemed to have been that, with so much commotion created by the 24 helicopters, with blinding search lights and blasting air, in the dark of night, who would notice the saucer?

Electrical energy leakage from the saucer’s lower section enflamed the air as it arced to the ground. The helicopter engine roar, prop blasts, and blowing leaves were confusing, deafening and tumultuous, and the lights, flames and radiation created an eerie, frightening, dangerous, and disorienting effect, as the saucer landed on the narrow black-topped roadway, just in front of the car. Vicki grabbed her grandson and bolted from the car, only to be forced back by conditions outside which were even worse. In the few seconds that Vicki and five-year-old Colby Lee were outside, the metal of the car had heated to a sizzling temperature.


As Vicki reached for the door handle, her hand was burned. She then use a part of her plastic jacket to open the door, and it was melted. She still had the damaged jacket when I interviewed her. Vicki’s hand print was still burned into the dashboard of the car, where she touched it inside. Only microwaves or electrical induction could have heated the car so rapidly and only penetrating radiation, such as ultraviolet, gamma or X-ray, could have caused the radiation sickness and resultant hair loss suffered by all parties, including Betty Cash, who didn’t even leave the car.


The following photo was taken to replace those stolen from me, showing Vicki Landrum and her burns:

Vicki, Colby Lee and Betty all experienced microwave (infra-red) radiation burns over their entire bodies. The electrical discharges, which ignited the oxygen and nitrogen in the air, were probably responsible for secondary radiation in the form of ultraviolet or X-rays, which caused them all the total loss of body hair. Little Colby Lee - probably due to his tender age - suffered more severe radiation sickness, and had to endure a great deal of embarrassment and inconvenience, having to wear diapers throughout his elementary and most of his junior high school years, due to the acute and continuous diarrhea he suffered as a symptom of radiation sickness.


The radiation burns on Vicki’s body are still plainly visible. Colby Lee’s diarrhea eventually subsided. At 19 he graduated from Dayton High School. They will suffer for the rest of their lives.

The 24 helicopters were corroborated by a Dayton policeman, a Mr. Walker, who, at the time of the incident, was near Crosby, Texas, where he witnessed the same passing convoy. Vicki has always maintained that she saw a government flying saucer and other aircraft, involved in an “...experiment which had gone wrong”, damaging the three of them. Vicki was directly threatened by F.B.I. agents, and a Pentagon official, a Colonel George C. Sarran, who threatened Vicki, first in Washington, D.C., and later by phone, telling her to “...shut up or else...”, with the further threat that unless she did shut up, she would be unable to earn a decent living again. (This same threat has often been used and enforced by our secret government against others, including myself.)


The only ‘official’ person to ‘appear’ to lend any aid, was John Schussler, of N.A.S.A, in nearby Pasadena. He was purportedly fired for continuing to support Vicki’s story, but the ‘firing’ was only to create cover for his new job with the O.S.I. shamsters, as a disinformationist/pseudo-‘turncoat’ from N.A.S.A. Schussler was only conning Vicki and spying on her. His new job attempting to convince gullible people that the “aliens are here”, uses his former N.A.S.A. credentials to create pseudo-credibility. Vicki was under the false impression that Schussler was her friend in 1992, but should know by now that he wasn’t.

Texas senators Lloyd Bentsen and the late John Tower, managed to refer Vicki and Colby Lee for treatment at the Scott-White veterans’ hospital in Temple, Texas, but they were so rudely mistreated there, that they were forced to leave. In 1985, Betty, Vicki and Colby Lee filed suit for damages. My facsimile clipping follows:

U.S. District Judge Ross Sterling (coincidentally, my distant cousin) dismissed the suit with the right to refile, and I believe it was refiled, and on last report, was still pending. Vicki’s attorney, Clyde Ford, Jr., is married to my third cousin, though this fact does not necessarily mean I endorse him, though it seems that his work here has been commendable. He is a former professional with Convair, Atlas Missiles, and General Dynamics, an excellent background for a plaintiffs’ attorney in this suit.

At the time of my second edition, Vicki Landrum, Colby Lee Landrum, and Betty Cash, had never been compensated, treated, or indemnified for their losses or injuries, which certainly related to the dire and mysterious circumstances as I found them. Who knows what future medical problems await them? The government, as the proximate cause of the troubles, callously ignored and mistreated its victims, and breached its responsibilities.

In 1989, hearings on the incident were scheduled in Washington, D.C. Vicki, on their request, went to Washington for the hearings, at her own expense. There was only one brief hearing session, at which the government admitted that the operation was one of their ‘experiments which had gone wrong’. All the remaining hearings were postponed and finally cancelled, as Vicki waited in Washington until completely broke, after which she returned home.

Based on my talk with Vicki, and Vicki’s description and drawing, the saucer had a dulled, darkened, metallic surface (indicative of stealth technology), and was shaped rather like what Vicki described as an “ice cream cup shape” or “diamond” shape.

Vicki’s drawing, made on my request, placed alongside the same type saucer shown in some reliable photos, follows:

The use of Army Chinooks, when Air Force, Marine, and Naval aircraft were available in the area, suggests the “city water-tower-sized” ship was an Army or Special Forces troop-carrier, battle ‘saucer, or ground weapons control ship. The air was inflamed by electrical discharges which, because the saucer was apparently malfunctioning, were being emitted from the bottom of the limping saucer, each time the pilot attempted power up to become airborne.


The discharge ‘leakage’ about the bottom, which arced to the ground via Vicki and company - probably attracted by the metallic car - drained the energy required to maintain ‘buoyancy’, grounding and draining the electrical activity necessary to compress the ether carriers and block the gravitational effect on the bottom, to maintain proper flight of the already crippled saucer. The ship was probably experiencing internal dielectric breakdown of essential electrical components. The presence of the car in close proximity to its path, at the time it was crossing above the road, only made matters worse, by forcing the saucer to make a landing on the road, until the car was moved away from it so it could take off again.


Under the circumstances, the pilot could not fly more than a few feet above ground, since further internal damage or a sudden loss of power at a higher altitude might have caused the saucer to smash into the ground with sufficient impact to destroy it and its crew. They couldn’t just leave it parked. The convoy should have been preceded by a scout copter, to clear the way and make sure civilians were not harmed.

The show which the T.V. production, “Unsolved Mysteries” aired on this incident, was false and exaggerated. Vicki never reported seeing “rotating lights” or a “spinning saucer” at all. The media also falsely stated that Vicki had reported seeing “little green men”, or “space beings” through the “saucer’s windows”. This was an outright government lie. Vicki saw no windows.


Red lights seen by Vicki were a horizontal rowr of stationary discharge electrodes, mounted in an annular line about the middle of the ship. These “lights” (actually emission electrodes) were activated in sequence, one after the other, in one direction around the ship, creating the illusion of rotation. These reddish pulses of current neutralize the “precession problem” I mentioned in the Introduction, by creating a rotation of counteractive force in diametric opposition to the precessive force, thus stabilizing a ship so the pilot has a steady view of the outside.

The government’s covert Ufology lunatic fringe contingency tried to discredit the sighting for the benefit of their pseudo-skeptic counterpart, with the silly lie that the ship was an “alien flying saucer” being escorted to a “meeting between aliens and our leaders”. (BIG LIE RULE NO. 1: MAKE THE LIE BIG ENOUGH). Such scenarios are often accompanied by fabricated environmentalistic bullshit, such as a desire by “aliens” to “bring us Earthlings to our senses”, etc., because our “misuse of technology threatens the whole universe”. Give us a break! If the entire earth or solar system were to suddenly vaporize itself in a thorough and complete nuclear explosion, the total effect would be less than that of a flea farting in a tornado.

It is also interesting to note that Whitley Strieber, in his books, or Budd Hopkins, in books such as “Intruders”, never mentioned Vicki Landrum, et. al., even though Landrum said they had interviewed her. She said she adamantly refused to say “...what they wanted me to” - that she’d seen “aliens”, been “abducted”, or “suffered time-loss” - and instead continued to insist that what she saw were “government aircraft”, (including the saucer) and nothing more.


This was apparently the reason she was threatened, slandered, and never compensated for her health damage and losses, by our wonderful government. It is obvious as to how most witnesses are induced to say what their interviewers want them to, but not Vicki, a tough little lady who deserves respect.



Regarding Vicki Landrum’s radiation burns, the “flames” described by Vicki are 100% consistent with what Tesla described, as he developed this technology,15 as follows:


“...The flame grew larger and larger, and its oxidizing action more and more intense. From an insignificant brush discharge a few inches long it developed into a marvelous electrical phenomenon, a roaring blaze, devouring the nitrogen of the atmosphere and measuring sixty or seventy feet across.”

15Nikola Tesla, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, The Century Magazine [June 1900].


I should also point out that the public is grossly malinformed and misinformed regarding potentially “dangerous radiation”. I suffered serious radiation damage after my 13th year, so I speak with some experience. In spite of the fact that I am 6’ 3” tall, my growth was stunted in my lower legs by perhaps 4”, by radiation. Sound crazy? Read on.

In 1951, in my 13th year, my father wanted me to take an “uptown job”, outside our own business (which I sometimes ran when my family was absent). He wanted me to meet the rest of the “business community” in our town at large, beyond the confines of our own business sphere. That was the year my ‘growth spurt’ occurred. I got a job at a Dunlaps Department Store a few blocks away, sweeping up the store.


During rest breaks, I would often go to the shoe department, where I would stick my feet into an X-ray machine used to check out shoe fits in vitro, studying the bones of my feet and toes. The machine was called a “fluoroscope”, which used ‘soft’ radiation, tuned to cause the bones to fluoresce, and to produce an image on the screen, as one viewed his or her feet. During the time I did this, I apparently absorbed dangerous levels of radiation, which, as should be emphasized, were of the so-called ‘harmless, softer’ variety (i.e., below the frequency of “hard” X-rays, but above the general frequency of ultraviolet rays).


Unbeknownst to me, the radiation was killing and mutating the red blood cell production tissue in the marrow of the bones of my feet and lower legs (remember what I said about the transmutation of elements below Atomic No. 19 - such as calcium - in U.V. light?).

I soon began to experience so much pain in my feet and legs, that I had to quit the job. I lost weeks of school, laying in bed with strange fevers and leg and foot pain. I became anemic, had nosebleeds, and experienced several other related symptoms. The only explanatory diagnosis by local doctors for my mysterious symptoms, was “growing pains”. I had to drop athletics for a year.


My time in the 100 yard dash increased from 11 to 15 seconds. My lower legs became “bird-like”, the objects of ridicule, as I struggled through my upper body, to make my sluggish legs move faster. My upper body continued to develop, making the disproportionate lower legs look even stranger. There was no medical connection made at the time by my doctor, as we were unaware that the machine at Dunlaps had caused my life-threatening symptoms. I still have problems from it, and have had discoloration around my feet and lower legs since my 13th year.

Though available to any kid or other person who happened to wander into the department store, the radiation was a dangerous, public hazard. Powerful cosmic radiation of very high frequency (the ZPR) penetrates our bodies all the time, passing even through the thickest lead. It passes clear through the earth without incident. Its frequencies are so high and wavelengths so small as to pass between the tightest of spaces within and between the atoms of even the densest of matter.


It is when the wavelengths correspond to the resonant frequencies of our bodily atoms, that dangerous reactions occur. Relatively low frequency positive radiation of lowest energy, penetrates the clothing and flesh, and reacts with the calcium in our bones. The bone marrow in the lower body, in children, produces much of the red blood cells needed to maintain healthy life. As a child matures, these lower bones eventually stop producing blood cells, after which the bone marrow in the upper body continues to produce blood cells.


At the time I was exposed to the Dunlaps fluoroscope, my body was already in transition to produced in my lower legs. I came very near to dying shortly after the incident. As best I could determine, I crossed the danger line of ‘radioactive relaxation’, in 1977, 26 years following my exposure. This period varies according to the radiation involved, in respect to the particular matter excited by it, so this was just an educated guess.

Ordinary matter which has been ‘excited’ by powerful ionizing radiation, may show no detectable outward signs that it can ‘relax’ at some future date, to produce ‘synthetic radioactivity’ which is harmful to anyone near it. This is one of the reasons the F.B.I. conceals a book I mention below, and Los Alamos refuses to sell lead which has been used for radioactive shielding, along with the fact that lead shielding may contain some radium atoms (as well as gold) into which some atoms may have been transmuted, by absorption of high energy radiation, during experiments. Since radium emits gamma rays and produces alpha particles of around 4.5 Mev (“million electron volts”), the lead could be very dangerous.

Before 1892, a Frenchman named Gustave Le Bon wrote a book on “synthetic radioactivity”16. This book related to the use of ordinary, non-radioactive elements, to create nuclear reactions, thus opening the way for safe nuclear power generators. The book was among those on the F.B.I.’s ‘retrieval list’, in its 1942 sweep through all U.S. public libraries, book stores, universities, and even private collections and libraries. A copy of the book formerly used by and available to Dr. T. Henry Moray, in his local Utah public library, was confiscated by the F.B.I. in 1942.

In 1943, when Moray was attempting to reconstruct his radiant energy generator of the 1920’s (the 50 kw one), he sought the book at the library, and was subjected to F.B.I. threats. Nonetheless, Moray was able to surreptitiously procure three copies of the book from a friend who was a book dealer, for his private library.

Le Bon’s book related to techniques ‘rediscovered’ by me in the 1970s, as well as to the kind of radiation which almost ended my boyhood life for no apparent reason.

Similarly, particle beam devices employing ultraviolet laser concepts, in the hands of Secret Government CIA maniacs, are in my estimation the basis for “stealth murder weapons” being tested on cattle, for which the ‘mutilations’ are their removal of tissue from the cattle to test for organic damage effects. Such weapons, tuned to U.V. frequencies, will disable a victim’s T4 immune cells, can cause death by “terminal pneumonia”, other related organic failures, cancer (by destroying pl6 and p53 oncogenes), or tuberculosis17.


This can also be called “A.I.D.S.” or “hantavirus”, since all these victims - including cancer victims treated with chemotherapy - once their T4 immune cell count drops below 250, will die of terminal pneumonia, brought on by “M.A.I.” (Microbacterium Arium Intercellulare), the ordinary ‘soil bacteria’ we all carry in our systems. In healthy persons, these M.A.I, seek out and destroy cancer cells five times as fast as any known anti-cancer drug.18

16Gustave Le Bon, The Evolution of Matter, publisher unknown [ca. 1890].

17Announcement by scientists, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Tex. [Jan. 20, 1994], concerning immunosuppression by U.V. radiation.18William R. Lyne, Stealth I: De-Population by U. V. Immuno-Suppression, The Leading Edge, Yelm, Wa., Issue No. 76 [Nov. 1994].

Despite government misuse, “synthetic radiation” reactors - electric power generators using elements of low atomic number - are safer than any known means of energy production, even coal or oil. My conclusions, based partly on my study of Blokhin’s book (see bibliography), were further confirmed by my contact with an unnamed Mormon who experimented with and manufactured power generators based on Moray’s generators.


Unfortunately, Moray’s theory and description of his radiant energy invention can’t be trusted, as he apparently didn’t know how it worked. In addition, he often used fake diagrams to conceal his work from prying government snoops, and the diagrams and drawings available do not provide so good an idea as my drawings do. Some of my designs combined ideas of Tesla and Moray, with some of my own. I conceived most of them independently, before I ever heard of Moray, whose plans bear no similarity to mine. I will give all these plans to the public in other books.

Though I created an “on-sale bar” for my universal rotary power transmission (Appendix A), by offering it for sale to the Japanese public in a 1991 newspaper ad, the appendix clearly bars anyone from patenting it.

My introduction to the ‘unnamed Mormon’ was mysteriously arranged by a man who sought revenge against the Illuminati, after they had arranged for him to be falsely accused, tried, convicted, and sent to federal prison for several years, for alleged S.E.C. violations, following the discovery by he and his friends of an ancient, revolutionary and simple piece of mining equipment, called the “Clute Machine”, which had once threatened the Illuminati monopoly on precious and ‘strategic’ metals production and banking, many years before.


After finding the old machine sealed away inside an abandoned Colorado mine tunnel, the group restored it to working condition. After news of their discovery leaked out to the Illuminati, the group was then Judas-goated into a criminally conceived and orchestrated federal entrapment scheme, involving the use of a federal con-man who wormed his way into their confidence. I will reveal the details of this simple machine in another book. It is already “public domain”.

The typical coercive suppression of monopoly-threatening technology by the Illuminati, is carried out mostly under federal S.E.C. regulations, through judicial abuse which is seemingly unrelated to the technology it is used to suppress. When you think about it, this is practically the only convenient way for them to do so, other than outright brutal murder, which lacks the ‘cover’ provided by “color of law”, though murder is at least more criminally honest and complete.



In the early ‘50s, soon after WWII, my uncle, Angus Thomas Benton, Jr. (“Uncle A.T.”) and his wife Ida, often watched flying saucers at night, as they patrolled the skies above the Intercoastal Canal, on the gulf of Mexico, within 20 miles of the Vicki Landrum incident, in Pasadena, Texas.

During the war, A.T. had been a crack antiaircraft gunner on the U.S.S. South Dakota (rear left deck, beneath which a Japanese kamikaze plane crashed and exploded just beneath his platform, killing many of those below deck, as A.T. blazed away, during the “Great South Pacific Turkey Shoot”). Later, the U.S. fleet took possession of the Nagato Maru, Flagship of the Imperial Japanese First Fleet, in Tokyo Bay, in 1945.

A.T. was sent aboard in charge of a five-man crew instructed to collect and arrange worthy souvenirs, from which the officers were to take “first pick”. Always one to practice fair play, A.T. took his own first pick, including Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s ‘sea glasses’, a giant pair of binoculars originally made and presented to the admiral, practice fair play, A.T. took his own first pick, including Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s ‘sea glasses’, a giant pair of binoculars originally made and presented to the admiral, who had a keen appreciation for photography and optical science.


The glasses were one of twelve pairs made for the Japanese fleet, of which only seven pairs then remained, since the other five pairs had gone to Davy Jones’ locker. A.T. dismantled the binoculars, threw away his clothes, wrapped the Nagato’s battle flag around half the binoculars, and stuffed them into his sea bag. He paid his best friend to carry the other half, wrapped in his clothes. The Nagato was eventually sank in the Bikini Island hydrogen bomb test, in the ‘50s,

Yamamoto (who purportedly died earlier in the war), with the assistance of an American-trained deaf mute, had used the glasses to read U.S. Admiral William F. (“Bull”) Halsey’s lips, as he gave commands from the bridge of his flagship, in an earlier engagement from which Yamamoto had wisely decided to withdraw. The binoculars could so magnify a person’s face, eight miles away, that it appeared to be only a few feet away. One could also see the rings of Saturn, etc. A.T. and Ida used the giant woolen Battle Flag of the Imperial Japanese First Fleet, as a bedspread for several years (somehow in all this, there is the flavor of Bill Mauldin’s Willy and Joe!). The souvenirs are now in the possession of my cousin.

After the war, A.T. and Ida started a cleaning shop in Pasadena, which they called the “U.F.O. Cleaners” (for “Undoubtedly Finest Offered”). A.T. placed Yamamoto’s sea glasses atop the roof of his shop, where he and Ida watched the flying saucers at night, as they glided over the intercoastal sea lanes. A.T. said some of them appeared to have “quilted aluminum” on their bottoms. This apparently was the cris-cross ridge patterns of the early stealth technology, developed by the Germans during the wartime years for their U-boats, and adapted to the saucers.

Contrary to ‘history’, Admiral Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese First Fleet, may not have been shot down over the western Solomons on Apr. 18, 1943, but may have secretly surrendered to U.S. Naval personnel near Guadalcanal, and been taken to a military jail in the Phillippines, were my neighbor, Antonio Sanchez, probably stood guard over him. When the admiral (Yamamoto?) told Tony in perfect English, that he was educated at Stanford, Tony asked him, “Then why you fight us?” Yamamoto (?) solemnly answered, “That was the most regrettable mistake of my entire career.”



The most obvious sightings today, are right under your noses, if you live in certain areas of the country. For over 40 years, saucers have been ‘placed’ in the skies, locked into stationary positions by the inertial navigation system using the Peiltochterkompass, for use on the Nazi saucers as well as the rockets carrying neutron bomb warheads in the 1945 stalemate. The systems allow saucers to pose as ‘stars’ as they follow constellations across the night skies, testing new equipment and procedures, and performing experiments and surveillance on us.


During the daylight hours, saucers are less visible, and are often concealed by heavy dark clouds which Dr. Wilhelm Reich called “DOR” (“Deadly ORgone Energy”). Such hoverings were documented in the early ‘50s by Reich, over his Maine observatory, using time-lapse photography with such skill that the government labeled them as “subversion” and “espionage”. Reich’s photos, which I have seen, revealed erratic movements of the saucers, in contrast to the background constellations which produced consistently parallel, curved streaks of normal stars and planets across the film, as the earth rotated.


Since at the time, use of the guidance systems on saucers was still under development, and since the saucers were so electrically unstable, their presence in the time-lapse photos was starkly revealed because they emitted a different light spectrum, and made brighter, ‘smeared’, meandering blurbs, cutting across the background of fainter stars.

Though Reich - an Austrian Jew - held some rather leftist views, he would have been immediately snuffed by the Russian Communists, and certainly didn’t work for them. As a psychiatrist, he viewed sexual repression as the primary cause of fascism. His experiments on what he called Orgone Energy, were the basis for the government’s abuse of process under which he was not only incarcerated under allegations of insanity, but also held under a conflicting criminal charge of contempt, for violating a federal injunction against his work, which it was alleged constituted “illegal medical practices”, pursuant to F.D.A. regulations.

Reich claimed there is an “Orgone Energy” (“ORGanic Energy”), which is a naturally-occurring, life-sustaining, environment-permeating ethereal energy related to beneficial negative ions, and that Orgone has its antithesis, “DOR” (“Deadly ORgon energy”) , a toxic, life-endangering, positively-ionizing substance , related to the ‘free radicals’ often associated with cancer and other diseases, and manifested in certain types of heavy, dark clouds.


He invented a device called a “cloud buster”, a trombone-like sliding, variable antenna, which inductively grounded the DOR clouds and “erased” them, conducting their death-dealing energy into a container of water connected to the antenna. Purportedly, the water was converted into heavy water (deuterium). Reich also discovered that his cloud buster could disable UFOs (a discovery which evidently led to his demise).

Reich claimed that, in the presence of great amounts of Orgone energy, his instruments detected dangerous levels of DOR around his laboratory, despite ‘radioactive shielding’, when 1 gram of radium was placed there in a thick lead container. He at first blamed the dangerous effects on the radium, until his discovery of the flying saucers hovering continually over his lab. This discovery inflamed the government, and marked Reich for death, perhaps because he had stumbled across government “death ray” experiments on the public (including Reich).

Reich claimed the DOR from the saucers was used to create desertification. On October 10, 1954, Reich disabled two UFOs. On October 15, his associate, William Moise, proudly presented Reich’s findings to Colonel Wertenbaker, Deputy Commander, A.T.I.C, Wright-Patterson A.F.B., Ohio. Though Reich believed he had “made contact with aliens”, he had “made contact with the Pentagon” instead. He had stuck his head right into a Secret Government meat grinder.

On November 2, 1954, Reich embarked on an experimental expedition to Arizona, where he purportedly proved that, by use of his “cloud-buster” to remove DOR being placed in the desert environment by UFOs, grass grew a foot high in previously desertified soil. On return from Arizona, he was arrested by the F.D.A. and jailed in Lewisburg Penitentiary, for violation of an injunction, and was found dead in his cell on Nov. 3, 1957, a week before he was to be released. His books, publications and scientific literature were banned and burned.

In the ‘50s I saw a film made of Reich outside his Maine laboratory, as he erased a DOR cloud over a nearby body of water and some trees, using his cloud-buster. To his amazement, with the erasure of the cloud, a flying saucer was discovered hovering inside it. Reich’s antenna apparently grounded the electrical system on the saucer, and it fell toward the ground, as he and his small film crew ran toward the downed saucer, knocking the camera over in the process and ending the film. The government has since stolen the film. The kind of saucer shown in it was of the same general type seen by me in 1953. It is my belief that either a “stealth ray-gun” or the corona discharges of the saucers creates the “DOR” effects observed by Reich.]

There have been many things written about Reich, much of which is disinformational. Though he made some important discoveries, Reich seemed to be unclear about what was happening, believing that what he was observing were “alien” saucers. It appears to me that Reich had either discovered a dangerous side-effect of flying saucers, or had discovered secret experimentation on the populace and the environment. I tend to think the latter is true, and I would not like to find out that saucers are inherently dangerous.


I tend to think that the DOR was the product of intentional “population control” methods and “stealth weaponry” being tested or carried out on the general population and the environment by the Secret Government, since Reich was murdered to silence his investigation.

Saucers from Sandia and Manzano Bases usually proceeded to their initial night-time positions along my southeastern horizon, at about the same time each evening, in military fashion, despite the fact that sunset comes earlier in winter.


The best visibility occurs seasonally, whenever the evening trips coincide with dusk...that time between day and night. In the brightness of full daylight in midsummer, a glowing saucer is invisible, while in the half-light of dusk, it is not only obvious, but usually shares the sky with no visible stars or planets to confuse it with.


Many take up their positions right in front of cloud banks which are clearly visible along the horizon behind them at that time of the evening, before the darkness has caused the clouds to become somewhat transparent to the stars. It has always amazed me that people unquestioningly view these ‘stars’ - with clouds behind them - without realizing that clouds are never behind stars!

Saucers from Los Alamos (which is primarily engaged in scientific research), have usually taken up their positions further to my northeast, along the western slopes of the southern Sangre de Cristos, often over the outskirts of Santa Fe. Laser communications beams between the saucers and Los Alamos laboratories, can sometimes be seen, especially when there is mist or dust in the air. Those over the Pecos area to my east usually follow the constellations westward across the night sky where, after around 10 hours of flight, from positions just above the western horizon, they suddenly zip back to their bases just before dawn.


The tell-tale things which obviate these saucers are:

(1) The off-color (positive, ultraviolet) light spectrum on their bottoms

(2) the overall excessive brightness

(3) the ‘hairy’ (negative, infra-red) coronal brush fanning out from their tops

(4) the precession, causing excessive and ‘overly regular’ blinking

(5) the explosive, strobe-like flashes of electrical emissions from an ‘anti-precession’ stabilizing system (usually used when the saucers are moving slowly)

(6) the bright red, green, blue, white and yellow emissions of laser communications devices

These phony stars can be segregated from the real ones, by use of special photographic equipment, using spectrographic means to differentiate the radiation projected by them, or can be detected by amateur photographers by use of special films, filters and lenses, which are available commercially. Detection is also possible by digital analysis of video footage shot with telephoto lenses.


At night, it is usually difficult to make out the surface details of these saucers, because of the obliterating contrast between the bright surface corona and the black sky, which defeats the eyes. That is the reason the best photos have been made in bright sunlight, which penetrates the corona clouds and reflects back off the metallic surfaces underneath.


Dulled, darkened surfaces have been used, but the saucers still show as obvious silhouettes.

The alarming degree to which many people have become brainwashed is demonstrated by the fact that these saucers are in plain view at night, yet most people ignore them, accepting them as ‘normal’. Many younger people (below forty) have never seen the sky any other way. Yet, in many cases, the behavior of the saucers is so outrageous, that only a fool would accept them as “stars”, “planes”, or “helicopters”.


They hover for hours, blinking, wobbling, flashing, meandering, beaming out multi-colored lights, and often jumping or shooting around, while numbed-out, intimidated, brainwashed people refuse to allow themselves to believe there is anything extraordinary or unnatural about them. I once pointed a large one out to a neighbor, as it hovered over a nearby government bombing range between Galisteo and Santa Fe. We then drove from Lamy, to Galisteo, across a dirt road to State Rd. 14, up to Santa Fe, then back to Lamy.


We drove completely around it, while continually viewing it, yet afterward, my neighbor refused to allow himself to believe he had seen anything other than a ‘star’, even after I explained how and why one cannot ‘drive around’ a star!

Another characteristic I noted while viewing saucers many times, as they flew right over Santa Fe at night, is that they appear to imitate small planes, but they seem to have a problem with moving at the speed of a normal plane. If they move too fast, they make brightly glowing, tell-tale streaks, so must move ‘too’ slow to disguise this (about 20-30 m.p.h.), below the stall speed of a light plane. Some of the strobe-like flashes are not stabilization systems, but are used to hide the faint glows of the saucers’ hulls.


Also, the fact that it takes a ‘slow-moving’ saucer too long to pass over Santa Fe, while making no noise, is another dead give-away, especially when a saucer just ‘parks’ for a half hour or so over the southwest outskirts of Santa Fe.

I once pointed a saucer out to a tenant, as it soundlessly approached Lamy low to the ground from the east, flashing its laser communicators, as it went down not over 250 yards away. The tenant, named Kroy Rubin, was totally unable to relate to the experience as being real. In a couple of days, I heard rumors that a nearby rancher - Joe Miller - had complained that ‘dogs from Lamy’, or ‘coyotes’, had killed some of his livestock, within a hundred yards of where I saw the saucer land.

Since publication of my first edition in 1993, the saucers normally visible near my home began to diminish, as the government began to exercise more discretion. More recently, the number of saucers is only a tiny percentage of what it once was.

Shortly after my first printing, I discussed this book with Joe Miller, while attending a small annual community flea market in nearby Galisteo. Joe said he had four young bulls mutilated at that time, which were ‘bloodless’, with the usual precise, cauterized cuts, etc. The bulls appeared to be air-dropped back into the pasture.


The rumor I had heard - that Joe believed “dogs” had mutilated his cattle - was a completely false rumor spread by the O.S.I. Joe said that he had never suspected “dogs” or “predators”, since the ‘mutilations’ were clearly of human, government origin, consistent with the findings of State Police investigator Gabe Valdez, who had performed the investigation.


Not only had I and Kroy Rubin watched a saucer go down on Miller’s ranch, but had done so while it was either in the process of picking up Joe Miller’s bulls, or dropping them back into the pasture. Since Miller is definitely among those like myself, who think Gabe Valdez has done a good job, he has been intensely harassed for over five years by the County of Santa Fe and the Sheriffs department, using any excuse. In 1995 they abused Joe and his wife, and eventually had to pay him considerable damages. The manner of continued abuse indicated that there was a concealed motive behind the abuse, which was not apparent from the circumstances, similar to how I was treated for so long.

I theorized a link between the legal abuse and Miller’s corroboration of Gabe Valdez’ investigation and theory, since I had been severely abused by the judicial and legal system under trumped up charges based on lies and tampered evidence, at the same time that ex-FBI agent Ken Rommel was conducting a mutilations ‘investigation’ through the Santa Fe D.A.’s office.

The multicolored laser communications system I observed on the saucer which landed on Miller’s land was identical to what I’d observed in the mid south Atlantic in late 1974. This system on the saucers allows for multiple transmissions, as well as complex coding. Unless an observer is in alignment with the laser trajectory, he cannot possibly listen to it, or receive it, and then only if he has the special receiver.


The combined or separate beams carry the coded or voiced communications, through modulations in beam intensity and intermittence. A receiver consists of a special scope with lenses, which receives and translates the beams, similar to an infra-red system. The communications system is very secure, outside of personal compromises, and traverses the problem of radio wave blockage or interference from electrical corona discharges from the saucer. The only draw back is the necessity for line-of-sight communications.


Those having access are controlled by national security contracts, making them criminally liable and subject to severe penalties (even death) without hearing or trial, for a breach, under “national security laws”. These procedures are unconstitutional, but the Trilateral Commission/Illuminati has never been hindered by that, and neither have the Masonic Order, the Jesuits, the Mafia, the K.G.B., the Mossad, or any other secret organization.

I observed this system in October, 1974, in the mid south Atlantic, en route between Savannah, Georgia, and Casablanca, Morocco, while aboard the Kraljevicka, one of the freighters of the Jugolinea, the socialist Yugoslavian national shipping line. Ironically, it was only a few days after I had met and shook hands with Trilateral Commission member Jimmy Carter, a former nuclear engineer and sub commander, as he campaigned for the governorship of Georgia, in the historic part of Savannah near the old Customs House, during a holiday, shortly before the November elections of 1974.

The weather was stormy on that passage, and since I have always enjoyed storms, I had walked out onto the left rear deck just after supper, to observe the sunlight, as it disappeared beneath a hole in the clouds toward the western horizon, on that October evening. I had been on deck for only a couple of minutes when I observed a flying saucer coming out of the clouds around a mile behind the ship.


It took up and maintained a steady position, as it began to make laser transmissions, presumably to the ship’s communications officer on the bridge. I observed these transmissions for around thirty minutes, before the saucer retreated back up into the clouds above it, as the golden light faded from the window in the clouds over the gusty sea. I sighed in amazement, then walked back inside. As I stepped into the hallway, three of the Yugoslavian officers came downstairs from the bridge at my upper right.


The first man - the communications chief - was pushing a little telescopic antenna-like projection in on what appeared to be a small electro-optical scope he had in his hands, upon which I saw what appeared to be calibrations, code letters, lenses, and sensors. As the three officers saw from whence I came, they immediately slowed, and looked at each other and back to the scope, as the officer sheepishly placed it in his upper shirt pocket, and they walked on by, shaking their heads and mumbling pursed-lipped good-evenings, with some embarrassment.

At that time, N.A.T.O. ‘war games’ were occurring. Though Yugoslavia was not a member, they conducted ‘sympathy maneuvers’, rolling their tanks and divisions into place along the Soviet borders facing Russia. I knew that a helicopter coming from a ship nowhere to be seen, would not have stayed so long, or come from so far away, or have been taking such risks in stormy weather, way out in the central South Atlantic. 1,100 miles to land in either direction


It should also be remembered that Tesla was a native of Yugoslavia.

Though the Kraljevicka carried the red star of communism on its stacks, its crew and officers were at least 95% pro-capitalist. However, among all of the Mediterranean or Adriatic nations, socialist Yugoslavia was pitifully poor. Those lucky enough and enterprising enough to sail on the Judgolinea in 1974, had opportunities to engage in some profitable smuggling. For those not so inclined, it was like a sentence to prison, away from their families, with pay below that of their international capitalist contemporaries.


One young officer, recently married, wanted to take his wife and defect, because he had spent only a couple of weeks with her out of his first two years of marriage.


The socialist government required him to work for menial wages on the ship until he had ‘repaid the state’ for his engineering education. He was too naive and inexperienced to smuggle, but some young members of the crew were already making plenty of money without the benefits of a formal education, because of their ‘supplemental’ smuggling income. One enterprising young sailor, at the bottom of the totem pole, made fake soles for his shoes out of ‘blonde Lebanese’ and ‘black Pakistani’ hashish, wore them ashore and sold them, then brazenly waltzed back up the gang-plank in classy, new and dapper attire, and a pocket full of money.

The captain’s pay was round $4,000 per year, yet he was obviously a closet capitalist who supplemented his income similarly, on a higher scale, judging by his smooth demeanor, and the car from Santa Fe in which he arrive at the ship, just before departing Houston. I would tend to think “Russian icons”, since I knew the car belonged to a Santa Fe art dealer I knew, of Yugoslavian descent. I recently - over 24 years later - met his cousin in Santa Fe, so I guess my assumptions were correct.

One young crew member, whose ambition it was to become a successful, American-style rock musician, had to wear long-sleeved shirts to conceal the “Young Communist Pioneers” tatoo which he had foolishly allowed to be put on his arm during his earlier years, later concealed in shame, so that other crew members would not point at it and jeer. Only a small number of passengers or crew were K.G.B. informants or agents, as was obvious from their sour and bitter dispositions, and the way everyone avoided them, or behaved hypocritically in the presence of.


The young Yugoslavians were generally hostile toward domination by the Russians, and proud of Yugoslavia’s long tradition of fierce and heroic warriors. The ancient pride and traditions of seafaring Anatolians could not be so easily erased.

It is unfortunate that in the past few years since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia has degenerated into a war-torn region in which ethnic and religious groups have slaughtered each other, and destroyed many of the beautiful and historic old cities and towns. The root of this squabbling appears to be instigated by the Illuminati, primarily through religious leaders, while seeing to it that plenty of arms are supplied from outside.


This is not a tradition of which Serbo-Croatian ‘warriors’ can be proud, for only warriors who fights for freedom against oppression can be heroes. Shooting your neighbors and their babies, then raping and mutilating their wives and daughters, is not heroic, but yet another black page in history which one would expect to find associated with Ghengis Khan, Stalin, or Hitler, not with the Serbo-Croatians of today’s world.

Since this book has stirred up a renewed interest in “government flying saucers” in this growing area, with several new subdivisions nearby, the Secret Government is now being forced by the publicity into finding other areas further away from encroaching population, since people seem to be rediscovering the validity of their own eyesight.



As you may have noticed, the “space alien” propaganda blitzes come in periodic waves, on a regular basis, to continually revive in your mind the corporate lie they have already planted there, that space aliens are “here”.


As long as we, the tax payers, through our government, continue to supply the money for the personnel, scripts, and productions, Hollywood will continue to use our funds to brainwash and deceive us, under the guise of “entertainment”.


Lately, the Official Big Liars have settled down to a single ‘type’ of space alien, which looks suspiciously like an old comic book type, which conveniently also looks like a small human being actor, outfitted with a more easily fabricated costume, mask, and makeup; this also looks like the rhesus monkies of the “Roswell” and “MJ-12” hoaxes. The eyes are sunglass-type dark lenses, which conceal the actors’ human eyes.


This format was necessitated by the fact that some of the Old Big Lies had not only become difficult to fabricate in a convincing way (four arms, serpent skin, etc.), even for an increasingly more sophisticated audience, but also because a more “humanoid” type “space alien” format has proven to be more believable, and can be more easily faked by actors, makeup artists, costumers, and special effects technicians.


The huxters can also point back to the corny Roswell hoax, minus the embarrassingly stupid photos, and, using the MJ-12 documents created in 1985 based on the ‘standard’ format, which harks back to the ‘cynocephalus’ rhesus monkies of the originally bungled Roswell hoax. They have returned to the Roswell hoax, like dogs returning to lick up their own vomit.

The scenario has progressed much further out in Nevada’s so-called “Dreamland”, at Groom Lake, where the government has set up almost an entire base for this fakery.


There are some highly classified projects under way at the base, but due to its weird terrain and obscure location, the government also uses the base for one of its special misinformation centers, perhaps to emphasize its need to conceal the projects. Security agents specially trained in the hoax - like Bob Lazar - convince their curious victims on the outside, that they are “ex-employees” of an “Area 51” top secret government project, and go through incredibly complex and expensive manipulations, to convince “specially chosen” (i.e., gullible) suckers, that they are attempting to “alarm the public” about how “aliens from space are taking over”.


They drug the rubes, take them to a special part of their “secret base”, and expose them to “things” - such as a fake little flying saucer with a tiny seat in it - designed to convince them that a small, non-human ‘alien’ had come to earth in it, so that the dupes will go out and “spread the word”. Bob Lazar did this to a somewhat easy-mark gullible friend of mine, who is still unable to accept the fact that our government would go to such extremes to hide flying saucers being operated by it.


The government even uses “designer drugs” in this brainwashing project, skillfully making suggestions under their influence, breaking down psychological resistance, and inducing very convincing hallucinations, while the victims remain unaware that they are under the influence of drugs. (Yes, I know what you guys are up to!)


The fact remains that many people really want to believe such lies, right along with a lot of the other mystical baloney some people want to cling to, like an old Viking who can’t stop swearing to Odin. The old Army “Mind Control” experiments support these hoaxes. That means that the U.S. Army and the intelligence community were probably conducting their original experiments for use on us for the CFR all along, rather than for use on any “foreign enemy”.


(See Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control, and John Mark’s The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”, for some more related background information.)

The basic thing drastically contradicting this scenario, is that anyone working in such a project - including Bob Lazar - would have a top-secret or higher clearance, and would now be in jail or dead, for violating the national security agreement they signed when their clearance was issued. He would be behind bars or worse, for merely confirming anything seen, known, or even suspected as a consequence of working there.


This would happen especially if it were true that space aliens were visiting us, or were taking over. I signed a national security agreement in 1957, when I was only eighteen years old, and in those days, it was understood by most that the penalty could include an “executive termination order” (an order to assassinate a disobedient person).

Though I don’t want to scare you, some unfortunates in the more distant past have been lobotomized, incarcerated in asylums and perpetually drugged or sedated, jailed in special prisons, illegally entrapped, falsely convicted and imprisoned, driven insane, crippled, given “dumb drugs”, impoverished, had their marriages or families torn apart, turned into homeless persons or vagrants, totally intimidated, socially isolated, or had their credibilities ruined so that no one would believe them. Wilhelm Reich was arrested, incarcerated in an asylum, and murdered there.


His arrest came only two days after a discussion he had with Einstein at Princeton, about his investigation at his Maine lab involving discoveries concerning flying saucers.

There seems to be more probability for legal protection today from the kinds of abuse which only a few years ago the government could get away with, while taking their impunity for granted, but the public is much less tolerant to such abuse today.

Consistent with Jefferson’s adage that “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”, we must forever question everything concerning flying saucers, gravity, and “extraterrestrials”, and realize that the Secret Government is responsible for endless misinformation, overstatement and understatement (the “untruth, the half-truth and the truth-and-a-half). We should question outrageous claims of personal experiences which are obviously fabricated by liars, drug-induced dupes, nuts, or secret agents, and remember not to confuse them with legitimate witnesses.


Something like “...I met space beings..”, does several destructive things. It discredits legitimate witnesses by association, and thereby helps to conceal technology. If you have seen something which does not comport with accepted theories, and talk about it, be forewarned that “truth is stranger than fiction”, and can damage one’s credibility. Sometimes, too much truth, too soon, is more than most people can handle.

Insidiously, agents of the Secret Government pound away from every conceivable perspective. While some government fronts (mostly “UFOlogists”) promote the paranormal, others, such as one led by Philip Klass, pose as debunkers, which I call “pseudo-debunkers”, in support of the government, which ‘officially’ denies everything.

Paranormalists, pseudo-debunkers, and government deniers form a triangle of withering crossfire, and triangles, as you should know, are strong, rigid shapes, unless they are composed of weak or brittle materials. Rationalists ought to occupy the side held by the paranormalists, who actually belong with the pseudo-debunkers, since their undisclosed ulterior agenda is the perpetuation of ‘party-line’ relativism (which Klass wouldn’t dare have the guts to oppose), based on a Platonist epistemology.


In truth, all three sides of the triangle are created and controlled by the O.S.I.


The pseudo-debunkers are led by Philip Klass, ostensibly sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, and Klass, the government spokesmen, and the paranormalists/UFOlogists are all restricted and controlled by the N.S.A./CIA/O.S.I., C.S.I.C.O.P. and the “pseudo-skeptic” movement, represented primarily by the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and The Skeptic magazine, were created by the O.S.I./CIA to make inroads into the humanist/skeptic philosophical movement, and to covertly control it (as they had done with the Libertarian movement) because they correctly perceived a potential future threat from this quarter, represented by reasonable and analytical people like me.


The following facsimile clipping, of March 9, 1991, (original in The Santa Fe New Mexican) announced a “debunking” lecture by Philip Klass, entitled “Bringing UFOs Down to Earth” (for which we already know what the conclusion was) as follows:



The “questions” asked by Klass were really statements, in which he purported to arrogate to himself what “...even experienced military and airline pilots” saw, presuming that they were “...unwitting victims of myth and their imaginations.” These pilots fly-almost every day, for thousands of hours, for thousands of days. What would they know about what they see?


When you board an airliner, you place your life in their hands, but if you believed Klass, you would never ride an airplane again! Experienced pilots have years of training and experience interpreting what they see - weather patterns, cloud formations, other aircraft, velocities, directions, etc., etc. - and military pilots are trained to identify other aircraft and their flight characteristics very specifically. What do the hell do they know? Why, Philip Klass, who flies his CIA desk all over the his dreams...knows more than the pilots do, right?


The following facsimile clipping, from the Associated Press, concerns some reports of the ‘unwitting victims”:



What do these Belgian military officials, fighter pilots, and hundreds of reporting witnesses know about what they saw? Phil Klass knows better than THEY do, by golly.

Flying saucers are seen by pilots with good eyesight, flying in their vicinity - up in the sky - often from above. Klass has made a “paranormal claim” here again, that hundreds - even thousands - of separate people (including professional aeronautical experts) have “mystically” seen the same things, at the same times. And some of these people were airline pilots, military pilots, radar operators, etc. - recognized “experts” in what they do, which is flying, controlling, and identifying aircraft (really a bunch of bumbling amateurs, in comparison to Klass, wouldn’t you say?).

These were not members of some fanatical religion, witnessing an “apparition of the Virgin”, etc., but certified, professional, experienced, aeronautical experts, required to pass high level visual and spatial perception tests, who are constantly tested for signs of psychiatric problems, whose experience is relied upon by thousands of people.


Klass, on the other hand, has YEARS of experience, in his CIA office, of imaginary flights in his DESK, which, I’m telling you, really does some aerobatics, by golly (only in Klass’s imagination).

Klass completely evaded the point, addressing only the allegations of paranormalists, as if they are somehow the ones mystically “chosen” to see flying saucers. Klass’s allegations were completely unsupported by “physical evidence” that the people who reported the sightings were making any paranormal claims, or that they believe in anything paranormal whatsoever.


By Klass’s own standard, his claim was a knowingly false, fraudulent claim, more appropriately called a LIE.

Who is the “unwitting victims of myth and their imaginations”? Klass definitely fits the mold of his own statement. C.G. Jung would call this a “projection” (of Klass’s mental fixation, neurosis, psychosis, or aberration, which he “projected”onto hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other people, as if it were THEY who in fact had his problem).


Klass (and his O.S.I. mentors) sociopathically chose the paranormalist element - which had absolutely nothing to do with this situation (except they were created by the CIA, the Nazi SS RSHA, and Hans Horbiger) because it represented a weak and irrational position - a ‘straw man’, set up to be knocked down - intentionally “designed’ to give ‘mystical’ and irrational significance to particular events. Thus the CIA covertly created the opening into which their pseudo-skeptics inserted the ‘wedge’ of pseudo-reason.

The paranormalists were created by and are clandestinely controlled by the same “forked-tonged’ O.S.I. intelligence agency which handles Klass, and harks back to Reinhard Gehlen’s Amt VI SS RSHA, which formed the core of the new CIA/O.S.I. in 1946, and as such, was the Nazi ‘standard bearer’ of Hans Horbiger’s parapsychology straw man’ in this hoax.


The Nazis were the designers and trainers of Klass’ pseudo-skeptic C.S.I.C.O.P. program, which is more parapsychological than any of those who made the claimed sightings, because those of C.S.I.C.O.P. SAW NOTHING, because THEY WEREN’T THERE, and presented no evidence of paranormal claims.

As the following clipping shows, Klass drew a ‘packed audience’ in the ‘captive audience’ government town, Los Alamos. Most of the audience were instructed by their supervisors to ‘be seen’ at the lecture, ‘or else’, in military fashion. Too bad Klass couldn’t wave his magic wand and make the burns and radiation poisoning suffered by Vicki Landrum, Colby Lee Landrum, and Betty Cash go away. That is “physical evidence” of the most severe kind.

Klass, pretending to rely upon an Aristotelian epistemology, contradicted himself, and dishonestly deceived his audience with false arguments which begged the questions that “UFO sighters” believe UFOs are extraterrestrial, that they believe in “ghosts” and “the paranormal”, and that they are ‘chosen’ because they believe in ghosts and aliens.


These claims by Klass are “paranormal”. Also, since Klass believes in a “supreme being” according to recent news articles, he is a “closet paranormalist”, by his own standard. I certainly don’t believe in ghosts or any other paranormal crap, but I have seen many saucers. These errors, which clearly show Klass’s dishonesty, are the false assumptions upon which Klass’s entire argument rests, and a false assumption used to win an argument by fraud, is an unforgivable crime to any true skeptic like myself.

In the second column, in which Klass refers to “physical evidence” - which he says is ALL man-made - he inadvertently admits that ALL flying saucers are man-made.

Klass must deny that he has ever seen a flying saucer, because, were he to admit seeing one, logic would require him to agree with this book, based on the MOST RATIONAL ASSUMPTION.


The following is a facsimile copy of the news clipping from the Albuquerque Journal, which covered Klass’s lecture in Los Alamos, as follows:



It is evil how Klass systematically mixes indisputable facts - such as, that we know of no thing which is not man-made (second column, paragraph two) - with the begged questions of paranormal claims not made by the “sighters”, and which Klass could have no knowledge of, because he had no evidence to support such a lie, and would have produced it if he had it.


As for the “cigar-shaped spacecraft” sighted on March 3, 1968 (column one, paragraph four), the shape of such an object, seen high enough in the sky to represent the point at which it entered the atmosphere, would not be visible as “cigar-shaped.” Besides, I myself have seen similar craft.

On the evening of January 26, 1996, at the Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa, on the western slopes of the Sangre de Cristos Mountains, above the city of Santa Fe, at approximately 7:00 o’clock p.m., as I sat in a hot tub with several others, I met a young woman who had read my book, just as I spotted a “blinking” aircraft moving slowly above the mountains, about 10,000 feet above our position.


I said to her,

“Speaking of flying saucers, there’s one right there,” as I pointed to it. A heckler across the tub said, “Aww, that’s a plane.” I answered, “If it’s a plane, then why did it just park? ....and there’s another one right there.”

As everyone looked at the two “blinkers”, which had just “parked”, I said, “The reason for the flashes is to conceal their underlying glow, which you can’t see because you eyes don’t have time to recover between flashes. When they move faster, they glow brighter, which is why they are going so slow.”

At that very moment, the ship on the left lit up a dark green, soft glowing color, as it took off in a large circle which took it right back to its previous position, where it stopped on a dime, and returned to its small, “flashing aircraft” mode.


As it was flying in the circle, I asked, “Does everyone see that thing?”, to which they all said “Yes!”, as I followed it with my arm and pointing finger. It took about ten seconds, and the circle was about thirty degrees across, so at 10,000 feet, it was doing about 2.000 m.p.h.


At arm’s length, it was about 1” long, and about ¾” wide, so that means it was about 400’ long and 250’ wide. It’s thickness, based on a proportional estimate, was around 50’. The ship was virtually a five-story building, having the size and shape of the space at a football field with the track around it.


It was lenticular in shape, like a lozenge, with rounded edges. The following is a copy of a painting I did of the ship:



There was a ‘dark space” around its immediate periphery, beyond which there was a purplish “Tesla corona”, which extended out for some distance in advance of the ship, and fanned out along the sides as it moved through space.


A ship of that size would be large enough to carry a whole battalion.

When the word reached Richard Sauter19, another writer, that I’d seen the ship, he called me up from Flagstaff, Arizona, and asked, “Bill, what’s this I hear about the ‘alien grays’ and their underground base under Santa Fe Baldy?” My answer was, “Richard, don’t give me this shit. I see you’ve sold out to the alien liars.”

In 1961, some friends of mine, oil operator George P. Parker and his wife Margery, of Midland, Texas, and her brother Gordon (an F.A.A. official) and his wife, told me about the time they decided to ‘innocently’ walk into a box canyon (“Manzano-Coyote Canyon”), called “Manzano Base”, near Kirtland A.F.B., in Albuquerque, back in the early ‘50s. Their plan was to pose as casual hikers, so they could check out rumors of a government flying saucer base there.


Like another friend, the late Bob Guthrie of Santa Fe later experienced, they were surrounded by troops carrying star wars weapons, as a row of flying saucers hovered over them. In dire fear of their lives, they were ordered out, and instructed never to say anything about what they saw.


The following facsimile clipping relates to 1980 sightings at Manzano Base:



The above clipping shows that Jerry Miller, a former Project Blue Book investigator until that program ended in 1969, was later re-employed in the 1980s as an Air Force “scientific adviser” (Air Force O.S.I.) at Kirtland, in attempt to dispel clear and convincing reports of government flying saucer work being done ‘near’ there.


Of course Miller the O.S.I. man, copped out, saying he never investigated sightings unless Richard Sauter, “Ph.D.”, Underground Bases and Tunnels [1995].

they occurred on an air base! Manzano Base - which they also call “Manzano-Coyote Test (Base)” - had been a “star wars” super weapons base since the ‘50s, so was not specifically an ‘air base’ per se, and therefore ‘out of his investigative jurisdiction.’ “Catcha-22”!

It becomes clearer as to how these double-talk specialists are moved around by the government from one place to another, to sell the public the same kind of evasiveness, and how the evasiveness of Air Force “scientific advisers” (O.S.I. agents) are periodically enmeshed with the likes of Philip Klass and his C.S.I.C.O.P. and pseudo-skeptic ilk. It is Klass’s CIA O.S.I. (Office of Scientific Intelligence) job, to pick up where Jerry Miller, of Air Force O.S.I., left off, to ‘interpret’ (i.e., “debunk”) the legitimate sightings of the public, as well as those of guards, air force personnel, state policemen, airline pilots, and certified civilian aeronautical experts, as the result of “over-active imaginations” and “paranormal beliefs”.


If there is an active imagination at work here, I think it is the imagination of Klass and his ilk, in inventing new false arguments and BIG LIES to counteract the evidence of the personal experiences and 20- 20 sightings of seasoned airline pilots and radar operators.

Most of the Platonist mysticism attacked by Klass and his pseudo-Aristotelians, is induced or spread by corresponding Platonist government-funded counterparts, the paranormal front groups, which descend from the Cayce group originally set up at Wright-Patterson A.F.B., Ohio, in the early ‘40s, including Project Bluebook, to conceal saucer secrets and promote the BIG LIES, based on the original “parapsychology” of Hitler’s guru and ‘spiritual adviser’, Hans Horbiger, the “father of parapsychology”.

Georgi Ivanovich Gurdjieff - often confused with Grigori Gurdjieff, even by his own followers - was a deranged, mystical Turkish/Russian occultist20, who was initiated by Sufi masters, before branching off to form his own twisted philosophy. Gurdjieff produced much suffering in the end, via his ‘students’, Dietrich Eckhardt and General Karl Haushoffer (Hitler’s groomers), who were Gurdjieff s students, along with a host of other monsters. We know a woodsman by his chips, and Gurdjieff’s ‘chips’ were all too often some of the world’s host heinous monsters.

The modern Russian anti-Semitic movement seemed to germinate in this mysticism, along with totalitarianism. Decayed mystical philosophies are fertile soil for the growth of other unhealthy mystical philosophies. Almost all the top fascist and communist leaders of the 20th century were students of Gurdjieff, including Mao Tsedong, Stalin, and Ernst Roehm, the homosexual head of Hitler’s S.A., who carried out the ‘Knight of the Long Knives’, the long march of “Kristallnacht”.

The Baltic-born Platonist, Alfred Rosenberg, adapted Plato’s heirarchy to Nazi society, emulating those in Plato’s Republic, the Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold, with the SS being the Golden “philosopher-rulers” at the top. This heiratic order was in turn derived from Chaldean-based Hermetic and Egyptian esoteric teachings, extracted by Plato from Egyptian and Assyrian sources a few years before Alexander’s conquests.

The duality so typical of the Nazis and the Trilateral Commission, is based on the myth in which Hermes and Aphrodite loved each other so much that they became one person, an Hermaphrodite.


This relates to the Nazi troop management manual written by Ernst Roehm, the homosexual “father of the brownshirts” , who advocated a military “group identity” principal, erroneously alleged to be derived from Spartacism, including the idea that Spartan soldiers laid down on the battlefield and made love before battle, so they ‘would fight harder for their lovers’.


20Michael Howard, The Occult Conspiracy, Destiny Books, Rochester Vermont [1989].

Roehm was executed by Hitler for turning the S.A. into a homosexual Nazi/Sparticist drag circus. Roehm’s manual, based on Gurdjieff s “Synergy”, was adopted by the U.S. Congress soon after WW II, as the official troop management manual for all U.S. military forces, which I believe has subsequently eroded individuality, causing progressively poorer performance of American armed forces.


There is always confusion and misperception as to what “excellent” military performance is.


Those who are impressed with the parades of spit-and-polish, goose- stepping jack-booted thugs in beautiful uniforms, marching in perfect precision, such as those in Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will - a propaganda film commissioned by Hitler - are bound to make the mistakes of history.


Who won the war on the field of battle? Was it those who marched so prissy? No!


It was American guerilla fighters who continued to fight when ‘order’ had broken down, at the Battle of the Bulge. The “Redcoats” at Lexington were mostly Hessians who marched and looked rather smart in their beautiful rank and file, but the Minutemen shot them like fish in a barrel. How could they miss?

Before WW II, Hermann Goering was an “ecologist” - the Waldmeister - keeper of the Bavarian forests. In ecology, one specie is sometimes sacrificed for the benefit of another, in order to achieve a (teleological) “balance of nature”. A forest is often “thinned out”, because its population may be “too great”. By construction, one can move the concept of ecology around to the human race, so they can be “thinned out” like “weeds”.


My point is that the kind of people who want to control the population - often attempt to convince us they are only interested in ‘ecology’, also making (insincere) overtures to entice our curiosities about decadent old secret mystery societies, maybe even appealing to ethnic, religious, racial or tribal sympathies - and are the kind of people who will tell you whatever it takes to motivate you at your own level, to support their plans, which may include the extermination of you as an “undesirable” or “expendable person”, like a “human weed”.


I am appealing to your rational self-interest, since it is irrational to sponsor the extermination or enslavement of others, just because you are led to believe you will benefit from it, because sooner or later, in a criminal society, the business end of the gun moves around to you. The individual human life is the ultimate value because you are human.

The kind of people who want to talk you out of the validity of your senses, as tools of cognition, and to convince you that your life is just an illusion, while saying “all things are possible”, are trying to trade you a bill of goods for your Bill of Rights. These same people do not want to improve the clarity of your thinking, or to root out and expose the high and mighty power rats who control our government. You will never hear them trying to take power away from the Trilateral Commission-C.F.R. bunch.


They only want to throw a monkey wrench into the cogs of your mind, so you will never figure them out, and will do as you are told.

Refusing to believe what one sees is Platonistic and mystical, not Aristotelian and rational. Believing what you see, what you have good reason to believe is true, and what you have good reason to believe others have seen or know, is the rational, scientific approach. It is also reasonable to be suspicious of government truth-saboteurs who mix phony, pseudo-Aristotelian epistemology with Platonist bullshit. It is also rational to disbelieve the sleazy people who will lie for T.V. programs, claiming they were “abducted by aliens”. A future plot’s “germination” was revealed by a clipping of March 11, 1993, by Cox News Service.

A synopsis of the clipping is as follows: In rural Alabama, a ‘documentary’ film maker became a “police officer”, while another “UFO professional” (Linda Moulton Howe) interjected her “expert” (O.S.I.) twisted opinion that “aliens” are responsible for “bloodless cattle mutilations” in Alabama, near Sand Mountain. Howe’s officious covert CIA intermeddling was necessary to fabricate groundwork for her next government-backed film.


In the Alabama back-woods locale, there was little of the type of official denials which relied on the “documentation” of ex-F.B.I. agent/federal grant huxter Ken Rommel (which attributed mutilations to ‘predators’), with more credence being given to New Mexico State Police mutilations investigator Gabe Valdez’ “secret government medical experiments” theory (“..Another theory: Government agents, flying in low-level helicopters at night, are killing animals and removing their organs to study the effects [testing for cancer and other diseases] on livestock living near high-power lines.”).

Meanwhile, local skeptic and good ol’ boy John Strawn of Albertville saw through the corn, but threw out the baby with the bath water, intimidated by the C.S.I.C.O.P. false accusation that seeing “flying saucers” equated with seeing “little green men”. He mentioned a “swamp ape” rumor (Hapi?), probably spread by Nazi/CIA Egyptologists out of the N.A.S.A./O.S.I. center in nearby Huntsville - the “Peenemunde of America” - created by the Illuminist, Wernher von Braun.


Again, through a fraudulent mixture of Platonist and Aristotelian epistemology under the “government agent theory” of cattle mutilations, “saucers” were disassociated from “mutilations”, and “copters” were switched for saucers, in these sightings by a gullible, back-woodsy ‘audience’ in rural Alabama. My applause goes to the Cox News Service for a comparatively fair and objective article.

A 1993 example of false propaganda - an AP article in the Albuquerque Journal, of March 12, 1993 - regarding Manzano Base (A.K.A. “Coyote Canyon”, referred to earlier), stated that the government now calls the “...hollowed out mountain bunker complex” (the ‘50s ‘star wars’ flying saucer base in the Manzano mountain box canyon “an old weapons storage site” and “archive of top-secret parts from old nuclear weapons”.


The article further stated that only “last year”, “nuclear weapons” were moved from there to a “new underground storage bunker” at Kirtland A.F.B.


Just before the purported “move” to Kirtland, it came to the attention of federal officers that New Mexico Land Grant heirs own the property in Coyote Canyon, and that the government never acquired title (an ‘omission’ previously ignored by defense department property procurement agents). Since even N.S.A. rules cannot authorize the U.S. government to claim title, except by proper purchase and deed from the grant heirs, the government’s use violates the (international) 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and is in contempt of Congress, for a fraudulent breach of their trusteeship duties.


So - if the article is even partly credible - the Defense Department high-tailed it to Kirtland with its saucer/star wars paraphernalia, leaving the D.O.E. holding the bag, since the grant heirs now had a legal right to immediate possession of the base, as well as to recover damages for the wrongful ouster, illegal detainer, uncompensated use, and radioactive contamination.


On Nov. 5, 1975, Travis Walton, a young federal employee of the U.S. Forest Service in Arizona, and his fellow crew members, were leaving work just after dark, driving a pickup slowly toward Heber, over a rocky road through the isolated timberland of Sitgreaves National Forest, northeast of Phoenix.


When they encountered a glowing, ovalesque, government flying saucer hovering within 20 feet of the ground, around 8 x 20 feet in size, they stopped the truck, and Walton walked directly toward the saucer, despite the fact that it had its warning beeper on.


As Walton approached dangerously near to the saucer, the turbine whined, the saucer precessed, and Walton was struck by an electric arc which passed through him to the ground. Walton was knocked down and struck his head on rocks, causing a concussion, rendering him unconscious. This bolt of high-voltage, high frequency A.C. current, was the ‘ether-blocking’ current which Tesla used on the bottom of his saucers when hovering. Lucky for the drunk Walton that it was a Tesla current, the high frequency ‘skin effect’ of which did not really harm him, but must have startled him so much that he lost his balance, fell down, and hit his head.

As Walton laid there unconscious, his fellow crew members panicked and fled in the truck in blind fear. On realizing that Walton had been abandoned in an unconscious and injured state, the saucer crew picked him up and took him to a secret flying saucer flight training base infirmary.


Government doctors kept Walton in an unconscious state, probably with chloral hydrate (a soporific), allowing him to regain temporary consciousness only for purposes of an “alien abduction hoax” they enacted, thus attempting to prepare him for later use as a ‘witness’. Midgets - or what could have been children or small women - dressed in our standard ‘alien’ get-ups, stood about him as he awakened.


Walton later initially reported hearing one of them speaking in a southern drawl, until they realized Walton was conscious and stopped speaking. Walton wandered about in a dazed state for a while, visiting a saucer flight simulator which was equipped with an astronomical projector, and saw three saucer types - ovalesque, rounded, and sauceresque - all “without angles” and constructed of polished metal.


His description of the simulator’s visibility and navigation system is consistent with the use of geodetic I.G.S. transponders for navigation, and electronic image converter tubes (I.R.), mounted in the saucer’s surface, to project images of the outer landscape and cosmos onto a globular screen surrounding the pilot’s seat.

Walton was then subdued and re-sedated by mute, normal-sized people (both men and women), disguised as “aliens” with identical long, dirty blond wigs, makeup, and clothes. Walton’s description of the midget participants was consistent with the ‘foam rubber masks’ and ‘sunglass-lens eyes’ scenario, intended to hark back to the “Roswell” hoax.

This story bears certain similarities to that of Vicki Landrum, except for the phony aliens about which Walton now lies, and the fact that all the Walton incident witnesses were federal employees. Had Landrum gone along with the program, she and Betty Cash might be rolling in cash from ‘their movie’. Nothing has been said recently about the “space alien with a southern drawl”, since Walton’s initial report.


Perhaps that ‘alien’ was recruited in the Huntsville, Alabama area, by Wernher von Braun, unless they talk “southern” in outer space. You might be a redneck if you use your flying saucer for a chicken coop, and take your barbecue sauce with you on ‘mutilations’ missions.

Had Vicki Landrum and Betty Cash been more ‘cooperative’, we would undoubtedly be reading about their “abductions” or seeing them on the X-files, or Sightings. Their incident has become one nagging and persistent ache in the Big Lie program, ever since this book came out in 1993.


Prior to that, The UFO Encyclopedia21 at least admitted that Betty Cash had developed breast cancer, and that Vicki reported seeing a “diamond-shaped” ship, but added that it must have been an “...unshielded nuclear reactor” (since Betty, Vicki and Colby Lee all had apparent and indisputable radiations burns). A levitating, unshielded nuclear reactor? Sure sounds like a government flying saucer to me.

As stated previously in the Introduction, the process of concealment involves obliteration of the “Most Rational Alternative” to the two sets of Big Lies - those of the Klass Psychophants and those of the (George) Adamski Psychophants - so that the generally conservative public buys the first set, the lunatic fringe buys the second one, and the two mutually complimentary sets of lies fit tightly together to exclude reason.


The “alien” and “paranormal” issues are so firmly attached to the “ belief in saucers”, that those who see saucers automatically believe they are seeing “space aliens”.


With this false idea firmly implanted in their minds, their hearts usually pound so hard in their throats and brains, that their perception is altered, as their imaginations conjure up pictures of pilots with large (“sunglass lens”) eyes, large heads, and small noses and mouths, because they have been brainwashed for over 50 years.


All they really see is a damned flying machine, flown by human beings, but the cunning interjection of the incredible possibility that aliens are involved, drives the ‘quasi-realistic’ people into the Klass position (that saucers don’t exist), leaving the Adamski mystical masochists behind with the O.S.I, con-artists, as ‘partners in martyrdom’, while ridicule is heaped upon all witnesses, whether the false ones (the agents posing as irrational dupes), or rational and sane analysts such as myself.

Some government agents posture themselves in an ‘anti-government’ stance - to convince us they are legitimate seekers of the truth - to put the idea clear out of our minds that they might be government agents, telling whatever stories necessary to motivate dupes at their own levels. Doesn’t it give you a nice warm feeling when you hear someone seeming to reflect your every belief...someone you can trust? This is supposed to make you believe whatever they say. Whenever you hear someone like that, question their motives, as they try to exploit you through yours.


There is usually some contradiction between their conduct and their vested interests. For example, if Philip Klass really applied the stringent “test” which he says he does, requiring “physical evidence” for proof of the existence aliens OR flying saucers, then he wouldn’t believe in God, because he doesn’t have physical evidence to prove God exists either. I have physical evidence proving the existence of flying saucers in the form of my Peiltochterkompass. Vicki Landrum and company had physical evidence in the form of their burns and symptoms of radiation sickness, corroborated by the government’s admissions.

The argument that the Klass ilk will never make, is that flying saucers are exclusively man-made electro-propulsive ships, and that the alien scenario is an orchestrated Secret Government fraud.

21John Spencer, The U.F.O. Encyclopedia, Avon Books, N.Y. [1991].

To finally clarify the design and methodology for the Secret Government mind-control conspiracy, I will identify and analyze a sort of eddy current effect, manifested by a syndicated newspaper column called Down to a Science, written by Keay Davidson of San Francisco, written from the perspective of the Klass Psychophants, from the Apr. 7, 1993 New Mexican, concerning the movie, Fire in the Sky, and another movie, Oliver Stone’s J.F.K. The article is a small one, which fulfills an important function in a BIG LIE hoax (BIG LIE RULE NO. 2: TELL IT OFTEN ENOUGH).


The clipping follows:



The article is what will call a “triple-lie-repeater”, and is a good example from the daily press of how the Secret Government persistently derails the most rational assumptions and manipulates the public, relying upon gossipy news writer dupes to spread repetitious propaganda designed to create bewilderment and confusion, and to orchestrate the staged fight between the Klass Psychophants and the Adamsky Psychophants, as co-conspirators who work together under O.S.I. direction, to dominate the forum, and to exclude reason.

Davidson co-authored a highly Big-Brother-Liar-touted book on the Really Big Bang22, just chock full of the kind of powerful pseudo-science that one expects from the main author, who just happens to be employed at the Lawrence-Livermore Lab.

Davidson is also involved with Klass, The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and C.S.I.C.O.P. Taking Davidson on his face, he is incapable of discerning subtleties, and is a dupe of the pseudo-rational, polarized thinking of the Klass ilk, though I find it hard to believe that a ‘scientist’ could be so naive, or worse, stupid None of this incessant propaganda deserves to be dignified by a direct response, or slightest iota of credibility. I am using specific types of hoaxes as examples of the design format and method for their implementation.


Each of these hoaxes (such as Ken Rommel’s New Mexico cattle mutilations pseudo-study), becomes “documentation” for other hoaxes, ad infinitum, thus eventually building up a massive ‘preponderance’ of phony “evidence” to back up one or the other of the two sides of the phony fight. When the fight dies down, they do something to stir it back up. The hoaxes contain mixtures of fact and fiction. The fiction is used to misrepresent the facts, while the facts are misrepresented as fictions, so that the Secret Government always “wins” in the minds of pseudo-rational people.

The two hoax counterparts are complimentary. The frantically defensive, paranoid and mystical posture of the alien-abductions huxters is designed to attract the Adamsky Psychophants and invite the ridicule of the Klass Psychophants, whose posture is designed to attract sadistic bullies and residual pseudo-skeptics, who taunt and incite the paranoia of the nuts even more. The overall effect is to alienate reasonable people from the debate, or to obliterate any appeal to sanity. The pseudo-skeptic dupes pretend to represent sanity, by ‘blindly denying what any damned fool can plainly see’.

The Fire in the Sky story is a double hoax - a “hoax within a hoax” - like the Roswell hoax.


The “alien” huxters and their news writers, on one side of the hoax, ‘versus’ the protagonists of the pseudo-rational Klass class, and their news writers - such as Keay Davidson, in this article - on the other side of the hoax, are counterparts to the same hoax. Whether witting liars or gullible dupes, everyone is used to create two deep ruts adjacent to one another, with no room between for rationality or truth. Both the initially bungled Roswell and Fire hoaxes were much later revised, one as the “MJ-12” hoax, and the other as the “Fire in the Sky” hoax.


Originally, after Walton was rescued by the flying saucer crew, the government decided to turn the emergency into a hoax - pursuant to a policy already in effect - during which Walton got out of hand, saw more than he was supposed to see, and revealed most of it in his initial 1975 press, radio and magazine inverviews. This caused more harm than good to the intended hoax, so it backfired. This explains the 17-year silence before the “Fire in the Sky” patch-up job (they figured, how may people would have files so old?), similar to the 38-year lapse between the Roswell hoax and the MJ-12 hoax.

The second (Fire) hoax involved Walton’s witting participation - enticed by a movie - ignoring his earlier interviews, and used new lies designed to cover up critical facts inadvertently made known to and revealed by Walton in 1975, concerning his free-lance excursion from the infirmary and through the training base facility, including the flight simulator and hanger areas, while in a semi-violent and drugged-up stupor.

22George Smoot and Keay Davidson, Wrinkles in Time [1993].

These ostensible facts were entirely omitted from the movie, and were replaced by BIG LIES, relying upon the probability that there are just so many pudding-heads out there willing and anxious to believe them.

The mass audiences of movies and T. V. are relied upon to stamp out rationality. Davidson’s sole basis for alleging fraud by Walton, was the fact that NBC’s The UFO Incident (the Betty and Barney Hill fabrication) was premiered only two weeks prior to the Walton incident (another government fraud), which only proved that the government was already aggressively implementing the abductions format, as borne out by Travis Walton’s experiences.


Only this could explain why the government hucksters already had their “costumes” and “script” ready to go at the time of the Travis Walton incident.

Despite the lies, the facts show:

  1. that Walton was injured in 1975, by electrical discharges from a saucer (similar to Vicki Landrum, Colby Lee Landrum, and Betty Cash in 1982), causing his fall and concussion

  2. that the injured Walton was rescued and given emergency medical treatment at the secret saucer base infirmary

  3. that during this treatment, Walton was exposed to an “alien play” enacted by government personnel, in a corny hoax intended to prepare him for later use as a “witness”

  4. that due to the leakage of critical facts, the government eventually paid Walton to lie pursuant to still another hoax, intended to obliterate the original facts of the 17-year-old bungled hoax, and to homogenize the hoax with the newly implemented “abductions” format

Since there are now many more saucers in use than ever before, more incidents are inevitable.


The need for more ‘streamlined’ hoaxes has resulted in a new wave of government-funded hoaxes. The abductions hoaxes have emerged as the most convenient, since the new age movement has provided an almost endless supply of hypocritical ‘spiritualists’, willing to lie and fantasize their sexual indiscretions, hallucinations, and nightmares, etc., into “abduction experiences”, at $50,000 a whack.


A whole new generation of designer drugs are available to neuter, convince or convert people who might otherwise have been lobotomized or killed a few years ago. A few of these ‘manufactured’ witnesses are actors, a few are paid professional liars, a few are drug-induced guinea pigs, and many more are the inevitable dupes. Skilled CIA psychiatrists are available to guide the dramatis personae through their proper performances, as they become Secret Government “movie stars”.

In a letter to Walter Bowart from Julianne McKinney23, backing up what I said in my first edition, McKinney stated that she had interviewed 125 government mind control victims. One was used in the “Alien” program. Now in her 40s, she was used as a young child because she was “...small and just the right size for wearing the costume of a ‘gray’, the big-headed aliens with big eyes and a skinny neck which many UFO ‘abductees’ sketch under hypnosis.”


23Letter to Walter Bowart from Julianne McKinney, Director of The Electronic Surveillance Project ofThe Associa- tion of National Security Alumini, Silver Springs, Md., June .16, 1994.

She said the head and neck were manipulated by means of electronic gadgetry built into the costume. Here was a case where the Secret Government’s “special effects” antedated Hollywood’s by 10 to 15 years.

According to McKinney’s expert documentation, the Government’s special effects have at least caught up with Hollywood’s, since the amateurish first attempts made during the Roswell Rhesus Monkey Hoax, and she further stated:

“Having been given no reason to believe otherwise, I have personally concluded that so-called UFO abductions, and the events surrounding those abductions and sightings, are a “black” intelligence operation, involving government-sponsored kidnappings, experimental drugs, surgical experimentation, sophisticated electronics and directed-energy technologies, implantable micro circuited devices, experimental aircraft, Hollywood-style special effects, and the exploitation of so-called ‘abductees’ as sources of ova, sperm and aborted fetuses for use in government-sponsored genetics experiments”.

Then, on the issue of “Hollywood”, I am certain that the Secret Government controls a lot of the movie business.


In late 1974,1 was offered a choice of two parts in an Italian movie being shot at Cinnecitta in Rome, about the downfall of the Allende government in Chile, and the part played by the CIA in its overthrow. The movie was supposedly produced by the P.C.I. (Partito Communisti Italiano) and directed by ‘Communist’ director Giuseppe Ferrarri. The movie was covertly produced by the CIA, which was behind securing the part for me. The other part went to American actor, John Kellogg. I walked away and did not do the part, since my complicity would have indebted me to the CIA. What better way to control the opposition, than to lead it?

99.9% of the audience have never dreamed there could be government backing for such movies as Fire in the Sky, something Davidson could admit only if he were not a witting agent. As a Klass psychophant, he not only pseudo-debunked the movie, but used the occasion to lay the blame for the OSI-created hoax - along with the news media’s laziness, stupidity, and prostitution (using as an example Oliver Stone’s excellent movie J.F.K.) - on “Hollywood”.


While many of the news media and Hollywood are undeniably on the take from the Secret Government, Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone - neither of whom sold out to anyone - weathered horrible harassment, and survived to valiantly debunk the Secret Government’s hoax concerning the murder of J.F.K., which reflected heavily on the manipulation of party-liners like Davidson, the usual fascist liars who created obstacles to getting to the bottom of Kennedy’s death.

Some news writers seek to endear themselves to the Secret Government, attacking the good, the brave, and the true, from among the safe ranks of the evil, the cowardly, and the false, who parrot the Secret Government’s favorite lies. Keay Davidson’s “scoop” was already stale “canned corn” from the Secret Government’s officially approved menu. Where is “scepticism”, the spirit of courageous investigative journalism? I learned as a boy, that cowards will side with bullies, for fear of being beaten up by them.


Left unchecked, bullies can eventually control a majority through fear alone. The New Mexican is controlled by Robert M. McKinney, from his home in Virginia, uncomfortably close to CIA headquarters. Bully for them! Their fear sustains them.

Insidiously, a major mind-control propaganda center - serving up more Secret Government canned corn - operates out of Sedona, Arizona, particularly through publishers with names similar to “Light Technology Publishing”. The ulterior purpose is to conceal the man-made nature of flying saucers and continue the Illuminati mind-control of We the People. Names such as “Holy Light” - with facetious allusions to Illuminism - appeal to dark mysticism, as a typical diametric reversal, by substitution of “dark” (“ignorance”) for “light” (“knowledge”).


This mass-psychology propaganda preys upon ignorance, superstition, psychosis, and neurosis, and gathers, encourages, and organizes mass paranoia and delusions. Activity is focused on exploitation of the “new age culture”, the “collective unconscious” theories of Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung, and some pseudo-Native American ‘spiritual’ stuff, all thrown into a mystical slumgullion stew of new age groupies and Secret Government liars.


This is insulting to Native Americans, seeking to prey upon and use them as cheap ‘ornaments’ to decorate the bizarre carnival ballyhoo, because Indians are “in”, as the Illuminati cashes in on current new age fads, even enlisting some Indians’ witting participations.


This conjures up some words uttered by the “devil” (read “the Secret Government”) in Goethe’s Faust:

“Contempt your capacity to think,
Which is Man’s greatest power;
Welcome Misty things and sorcery
And the spirit of Illusion,
Then I shall get you surely enough”

There is an obvious predominance of some of the tackiest people on this planet, who, like lumps of dough, have been molded into cookie-cutter images designed by panels of CIA Ph.D.s.


This seediness is a mirror-image of the sociopathy of misanthropic Illuminati mind-engineers, based on their underestimation of the ‘American character’, and that of human beings in general.


For such work, ‘inductees’ must have a lack of individual worth and self esteem - like ideal bureaucrats - as the defective genotypes to be used for transmutation into tacky, pathetic, new age stars, designed and used by the government. Thus insecure, weak people surrender to a phony lifestyle, in exchange for money and (self-delusional) worth, where before there was little. Fringe benefits for the new age ‘celebrities’, include enhanced sexual, romantic, and socio-economic opportunities, similar to the tacky relationships between the likes of Jim and Tammy Bakker, and their adulating followers.


These benefits are undoubtedly part of the appeal to such people, providing a much better life than they might otherwise have, in addition to giving them false patriotic pride in the delusion that they are doing it all “for their country”. The CIA (the “devil”) calls this “recruiting”, and asks each new prospect, “What is the price of your mind?”

The choice of seedy people is obviously an appeal to the lowest common social denominator - a sort of “affirmative action for the tacky” - emphasizing “emotions”, “feelings”, “the heart”, and “faith”, etc. ad vomitus, enticing emotionally unbalanced, pathetic people, who need help in tieing their own shoes. This induces already helpless people to stay right where they are, rather than strengthening their use of minds and resources in constructive ways.


The end result contravenes the U.S. Constitution, Art. I. Sec. 8, which legally requires the government to “promote” (not destroy) “...the progress of science and the useful arts”, by maintaining (not halting) the flow of inventions and discoveries into the public domain, for use by all.

How much irreversible damage has been done by these programs, which are somewhat successful? Are we doomed to a future of archaic technology, delayed progress, planned ignorance, and Illuminati mind-control? Do we expect our government, at some undetermined future date, to suddenly ‘fess up’, admitting it has been insidiously brainwashing and lying to us, to control our minds and will powers, for our “own good”, at our expense, for over 50 years, without our permission? Don’t hold your breath. It is time for a reckoning, and further delay will cost us billions, and untold damages of many kinds.

In the face of huge economic losses we are experiencing daily from technology-concealment, some may ask what the harm is, in the government’s herding a bunch of naturally superstitious suckers into a new age religion, when they might otherwise have been under the spell of some other form of mystical or ‘spiritual’ scam anyway?


My answer is, such matters exceed the jurisdictional limits our constitution places on our government, and this outrageous Secret Government program for the subliminal manipulation of We the People, is a religious, mind-control, psychopolitical brainwashing scheme, run by BIG BROTHER, which has at least four very damaging results, as follows:

  1. it is an unconstitutional violation of our First Amendment rights, in which the government is secretly doing what it is forbidden openly do by law, namely, sponsoring an establishment of religion, abridging the principle of the separation of church and state

  2. it fraudulently conceals and misrepresents material facts from We the People, to our detriment and the corporate fascists’ benefits

  3. it promotes the educational, intellectual, scientific and moral decline of We the People, by concealing knowledge, and inducing dishonesty, psychological disorientation, and detrimental reliance on ignorance, mysticism, and superstition in people who need rational guidance

  4. it violates the fundamental democratic right to government by consent of the governed, through secret, subliminal manipulation of We the People, who cannot consent to things being done to us by BIG BROTHER, in our own name, without our knowledge

Those in the N.S.A. and CIA believe they can do whatever they want to and get away with it, because their activities are “secret”.


The secrecy protects the Illuminati from the consequences of their illegal acts. Without evidence, what can we prove? There is no legitimate authority for the CIA to extend its “covert operations”, under its “Clandestine Services”, into our domestic lives, producing the illegal and bizarre effects and damages which these operations show.


There was never any legitimate authorization for these unconstitutional activities from the outset, when they were commenced through a fraud on the American People, when the bankers ‘created’ false authority for the United Nations, the NSA and the CIA at a time when the people were preoccupied with celebrating the end of WW II.


Congressional approval of the “National Security Act” was entirely circumvented in secret meetings, such as that held by the Council on Foreign Relations, on Jan. 8, 1968, at their ‘home’, the Harold Pratt House, Park Avenue, New York City, chaired by C. Douglas Dillon, private investment banker. These operations are approved by the Illuminati, without official status or legitimate authority, to secure their own corporate-fascist power.


The fraudulent ‘act’ was never an “Act of Congress”, since it just ‘went into effect’ through the coercive effects of the power of money and political influence exerted by the C.F.R.

This book gives the public the wherewithal to reverse these sickening policies, and to provide a means for obtaining unheard of freedom and prosperity, through openness, free competition, knowledge, creativity and reason, by rejection of the secrecy which is the basis for the lies, and by our acceptance of flying saucer knowledge... just the kind of things which the Pseudo-Illuminati hypocritically claim to promote.

In 1894, before the Ford Model “T” had been created by Henry Ford, Tesla had already tested his (flying saucer propulsion) theory, as confirmed by statements to the FBI in 1943, by a New York socialite named Marguerite Merrington, who witnessed “metallic plate suspensions”24, in statements taken just after Tesla’s death and shown on a “List of Persons Associated With Nikola Tesla”.


The FBI/CIA censors missed this small reference, and failed to black it out. They did, however release a misinformational and tampered photocopy of a 9/22/40 article by William L. Laurence in the New York Times entitled “Death Ray” for Planes”.


In that article, they stated that “only two” of the four parts had been tested, and substituted the word “repelling” for “propelling”, as discussed on page 22 and 23, to coincide with misinformation in the HAARP “patent”. The copy of the news article I have backs up what I say.


24 - FBI Documents Regarding Nikola Tesla (252 pages released in the 1980s under the FOIA).

This cutaway drawing is a close approximation of Tesla’s “Flivver Machine”:



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