The magnitude by which electricity overcomes the force of gravity, is rivaled only by the magnitude by which the Big Lies of our government and the Trilateralists have overcome our rationality. These IllumiNazi Big Lies about “aliens” are disseminated through all the mass media. Someday there should be justice by public trial and punishment of the traitors who have perverted the instruments of democracy, and are entitled to none of our protections, which they seek to destroy. They who have made war on our Bill of Rights and Constitution should have to defend themselves without their protections.

Without our consent, the Secret Government is consciously waging psychological warfare against us, in violation of our right to government only by our consent. They use movies, T.V., books, magazines, advertising, children’s stories, and all forms of propaganda, from the cradle to the grave, to criminally undermine and subvert the epistemological underpinnings of rational existence. We have not ‘consented’ to a fraud of which we are unaware.


Our government, on behalf of the TC/CFR, has created the whole “alien” scenario, to brainwash us. So what is their purpose? To conceal flying saucer technology from us, and to stretch our credulities so we will believe the Big Lies. Control is the name of the game, and they have it. Flying saucer technology would break that control, so we don’t have it. Are we a nation of wimps who will do nothing about it?

According to one nutty writer1, the purpose is either to fabricate a phony alien threat, so as to unite the world under a one-world fascist/socialist TC/CFR/Bilderberger/Illuminati dictatorship, or to render the world’s people into subservience to actual aliens with whom they have cut a deal, and he thinks it is all the fault of the Masons.

Unfortunately, neither of these conclusions is correct, though the first one contains a germ of truth, in the fabrication of a phony alien threat, but in view of the two purposes I stated above, this wacky theory is perceived as just as misinformational as the crap emitted by the CIA’s or O.N.I.’s covert agents in UFOlogy. The phony ‘alien’ threat was derived from a public speech by Ronald Reagan regarding the effects of an hypothetical alien threat, which in a paranoid’s mind, is the kind of hype to be used to appeal to a bewildered constituency, so they can be unwittingly used to spread the dumb idea that the alien propaganda is intended to scare us into the arms of the NWO, or is a leak from the inside regarding a deal the government has with the aliens.

Such wacky propaganda is induced by a shell game: “Will those who have lost track of the real issue please raise their hands.” The real issue is saucer technology. The controllers get their control over us with our money. The TC/CFR bunch have exclusive control over the saucer, since it is the most perfect instrument for ‘world surveillance’, and because its availability to the public would eventually destroy the economic power they now wield over us, through their control over energy, transportation and communications resources which we pay them for every day, so we “can’t have it”.

The plan will work only if they can maintain this exclusivity, which can only be maintained through continued ultra-secrecy and the help of dupes, and anyone else

1Milton William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse, Light Technology Publishing.

stupid enough to believe the CIA UFOlogists, in spreading the misinformation of alien origins of saucer technology. Since saucer construction is rather easy to duplicate, once the simple principles are known, even the scantiest secrets related to it are protected. That is the reason there has been no open saucer usage in any of our wars since 1945, even though this would have guaranteed clean and complete victories and prevented further loss of American lives. These facts show the ultimate treason through which these people have abused us, the ‘paying’ and purported ‘owning’ parties, while the CRF/TC enjoy exclusive use of ‘our’ saucers as ‘their’ special tools.

The second idea, that our government may have cut a deal with “aliens”, was just plumb dumb. It was so dumb, that William Cooper, one of those who adopted this story, changed his tune the moment he bought a copy of my first edition, with the idea that he could abandon his old stuff and take credit for my claim of “exclusively human origin”, so long as he never cited my book or told anyone that I had ‘converted’ him to the idea, but people noticed anyway, drat it! But Cooper still doesn’t get it.

The manipulators of the TC/CFR have the mentalities of sociopathic ants. Their whole method was copied, then cynically perverted from an original idea of Nikola Tesla, before the ultimate destruction of the League of Nations, eventually brought about by Cecil Rhodes’ British Round Table Group, and its American branch, which fused in 1919 into the new international British-American organization, known in America as the CFR (“Council on Foreign Relations”), and in Britain as the I.I.A. (“Institute for International Affairs”).


Tesla had naively offered his flying saucer invention to the Geneva Convention and League of Nations, as an ultimate ‘police vehicle’ with which to patrol the world to maintain peace. His dislike of the new British-American organization was reflected by his disillusionment when the League of Nations was emasculated by the new group.

Meanwhile, the CFR/IIA was stealing his greatest invention, for its own exclusive use in the inobsequious world dictatorship we now have, using covert manipulation by war. Rather than maintaining peace, the war profiteers create the divide-and-conquer conditions leading to wars, profiting by them, then use the resultant wars, surrenders and ‘peace negotiations’ as pretexts to constantly restructure the world, profiting by them.


The man who stabbed Tesla in the back, then twisted the hilt, was none other than J.P. Morgan, a member of the CFR, who was already a dictator of American energy and communications. Morgan suckered Tesla in, in a most treacherous and sadistic manner, seeking to completely crush him emotionally, driving him into a psychological turmoil and destitution from which he was never intended to return.

The TC/CFR/IIA like things just the way they have them, don’t want to rock the boat, and fear most of all, significant change, since fluxing of conditions could induce unpredictable widespread free communications, which could awaken the people to the scam. That is the reason they sought to shut down the computer Internet in 1995. When they control the purse strings of the world, and soak up all the revenues of the people of America just to pay the interest on our ‘national debt’, why would they want an obvious ‘world dictatorship’, which would kill the goose that laid the golden egg? So long as we slaves keep our noses to the grindstones, they have it made.


The only thing which would induce them to take drastic action, would be if the public suddenly becomes aware of the Big Picture. They won’t create tumultuous conditions which they can’t control, and anything ‘spontaneous’ must be brought under control to the ends they desire. That is the reason the TC/CFR media have taken unfair advantage of the Oklahoma bombing of Apr. 19, 1995, by misdirecting the public outrage over the bombing, from those responsible, to the grass roots sovereignty movement, militia movement, constitutionalists, and in general, all those who are critical of the government, know about the Banksters, have documentation to prove it, and are awakening the rest of the people to the total abnegation of American sovereignty by these worldists.

Though the Bilderberg group’s public emergence can be traced to 1952, its name supposedly derived from the place of their supposed “first meeting” at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland in 1954. This group has a much older, but perhaps not so clear, origin. “Bilderberger” is a German word meaning “picture merchant”, denoting the internationalists who have for centuries used paintings and art as a store of wealth, as a hedge against inflation, and as a compact means of transportation of their wealth from one country to the other.


That is the reason so many unscrupulous and ruthless people, such as Armand Hammer, have had so much of their wealth tied up in valuable paintings and other art. And that is where the famous Dutch Hotel got its name, since these people came so often to Holland to conceal the loot which they as dictators or just plain high-placed thieves, had accumulated in the countries which they had so often throughout history, stripped of wealth.

For centuries, Holland was the place to discretely buy and sell valuable pieces of art, and to convert them into and out of the various currencies of the world at current values, avoiding inflation, taxes and prying eyes. The Dutch, like the Swiss and their banking interests, have always been accommodating, and named a hotel after their infamous guests, many years before the formal meeting in 1954.


I first heard about the Bilderbergers in 1960, from a person who had known about them since before the depression. I once knew an old Dutchman who as a boy at the turn of the century, acted as an inconspicuous, secret courier, riding his bicycle, carrying various currencies for the Bilderbergers from country to country in the lowlands, usually at night, until he received a serious, life-long injury when he was run over by a coach one rainy dark night.

The TC/CFR/Secret Government, has consistently used the mass media to convince us that flying saucers are from outer space, rather than being man-made, and to my knowledge, this is the first book or any other media production, which makes the unequivocal, categorical assertion that they are exclusively man-made, and that NO EVIDENCE EXISTS ON EARTH OF ANYTHING EVER BEING “MADE” EXCEPT BY HUMAN BEINGS.

If anyone believes that the use of mass media for such purposes is just “harmless entertainment”, they should have watched the two-part miniseries, Intruders, aired by C.B.S. on May 17 and 19, 1992. The scenario left no doubt that the intent was to beg the question that flying saucers are “extraterrestrial spacecraft”, to intimidate and threaten us, and to falsely convince us of the following ominous things:


(a) That aliens are “with us”
(b) that our government “knows it”
(c) that the government’s policy of secrecy is “for our own good” and “justified”
(d) that the government will hurt you if you don’t comply
(e) that anyone who actively resists, will commit “professional suicide”, or worse


That man does not possess this (simple) technology.

If anyone has any doubts as to the CIA’s harassment of independent flying saucer investigators, the following facsimile clipping regards oppression of them by the CIA.



We can use the CIA’s own analytical techniques against it. The gist of the government’s primary motivations can be reduced to protecting the corporate-state interests, by concealing the Secret Government’s flying saucer surveillance of us, and the elite’s energy, technological, and transportation cartel. The rest of the garbage is merely a “means to an end”.


Through false propaganda rumors about “extraterrestrials”, they have duped support for their policy, based on the false premise that the “end” (prevention of widespread panic over the fictitious “alien presence”) justifies the “means” (government mass-media brainwashing and intimidation of men, women, and children), while on the ‘public’ level, a phony alien threat is “implied” by the media, and used to psychologically intimidate reticence to the TC/CFR Illuminati leadership.


Once we recognize the FACTS that THERE ARE NO ALIENS ON EARTH, and that THE GOVERNMENT AND THE TRILATERALISTS HAVE CREATED THE ALIEN MYTHOLOGY to conceal FLYING SAUCER SECRETS intended for EXCLUSIVE USE AGAINST US WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE, it naturally follows that public access to flying saucer technology, conceived by an American citizen over NINETY YEARS AGO, will remove the PRIMARY motivational basis for the world corporate-state conspiracy, and destroy their BIG LIE PROPAGANDA SYSTEM.

In examining these hoaxes, one cannot fail to see a connection to the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and their worship of Osiris, as well as other ancient esoteric suggestions, which is because the Nazi intelligence planners in the CIA are fond of such esoterica. In my chapters III and VI, I give you some of the mythological foundations for this religion, which is over 6,000 years old. The Egyptians, who did not originate this belief system, which came from Asia, used a whole system of myths to control everything, just as the Illuminati does today.


This has been a role model for totalitarian designers throughout history. The Egyptians’ ‘enemies’—the Sea Peoples, Assyrians, Babylonians, Amorites, Sumerians, Akkadians, Chaldeans, Greeks, etc.—shared this same ancient nature religion, and could be ‘spiritually’ manipulated by Egypt, which practiced the religion in its most highly classicized form, the Mecca of sun worship, just as Rome became the home of the Roman Catholic Church. This is the “secret of the ages”: Mysticism!


Those who can be suckered in by it, are putty in the mystics’ hands, the hands of those who only use mysticism as a means of control. And those who resist, can be killed by those who follow, all in the name of “God”, “Ra”, “Mohammed”, “Stalin”, “The Fatherland”, etc. Marx stated that “religion is the opiate of the people”, but he failed to point out that he also was a religious mystic, who asked his followers to believe in the “mystical power” of THE COLLECTIVE, on faith rather than reason.


I would further define “mystics”, as those who seek to gain values from others, or to deny others the use of their own minds as individuals, on the basis of “special powers” which can’t be proven and must be accepted on “faith”, so as to control them. This always involves some form of mysticism, as any con-artist could tell you. And the bottom line is, THERE ARE NO MYSTICAL SECRETS!

Socialism, Communism, Fascism and Naziism are inventions of the Illuminati, theo-statist “masks”, which make the citizens pay for their own bureaucratic enslavement and “social and economic benefits”, while the elite remain in secret control of the world, increasing and using their illicitly gained profit and power for themselves, without bearing any responsibility for the wrongs they inflict, since the guilt for this is thereby scapegoated to the citizens and their puppetized ‘leaders’.


Karl Marx and the Illuminati which backed him, took the Judeo-Christian “you-are-your-brother’s-keeper” conscience, and perverted it into a “statist conscience”, under a “state religion” with moral and physical damnation of non-believers (“heretics”), while the people shared the poverty, false guilt and weakness thus created.


The Roswell Rhesus Monkey Hoax and Other Such Outrageous Shams

In the late ‘40s, when Hollywood’s emerging “space age” special effects were funky and humorous by today’s standards, the special effects of the personnel of Holloman A.F.B. at Alamogordo, White Sands Missile Range, and Walker Air Force Base at Roswell, were even funkier. They executed the stupid 1947 hoax which is sometimes called the “MJ-12” incident or “The Roswell Incident”, but which I call “The Roswell Rhesus Monkey Hoax”.


Until 1952, Wernher von Braun was working at Ft. Bliss (as Director of Research, U.S. Army Ordnance Guided Missile Command), from which post he continued to conduct V-2 (A-9, V-6, V-7) tests at nearby White Sands Proving Grounds, while other tests were being conducted on the rocket sled at Alamogordo, using rhesus monkies in G-suits, to determine the limits of human G-force endurance and other problems of high performance flight in conventional high performance aircraft (necessary to sustain conventional aeronautics on a high level in order to stave off demands for the saucer technology in national security groups).


In 1952, the researchers switched to chimpanzees in A-9 tests. The chimps were much easier to control and less dangerous and problematic for personnel to handle.

In the original 1947 hoax, a small, comic-strip-type flying saucer—around twelve feet in. diameter, constructed of stock sheet aluminum, rivets, screws, bar stock and molding, with a plastic “bubble-canopy” for the ‘pilot’, and an old automotive antenna with a ball on its tip projecting from the top of the bubble—was placed in a spot about four miles from Walker A.F.B., on the ranch of a cooperating co-conspirator. Four rhesus monkies, which had been shaved, dyed green, and outfitted with corny little “space suits”, complete with little ‘space’ helmets, were strewn near the fake saucer. News leaks were arranged by the intelligence “E. & D” (Evaluation and Dissemination) Officer, as the ‘crashed alien flying saucer’ and the four ‘space aliens’ were ‘found’ by the military authorities. Just like in a third-grade play, only this scenario was worse. Just imagine “Peter Pan” being performed by a bunch of G.I.s.

The Alamogordo intelligence personnel even purchased the green pigment—dry tempera pigment—from our family business, and I even showed them how to apply it by rubbing it on dry, just like on “limed oak” furniture I showed people how to finish. Our business was the best art supply, decorating and paint contracting business in the region, and Alamogordo had none. My father and I even decorated the new house of Robert O. Anderson, in Hondo (near Roswell) about 1951.

By our present standards, the mock flying saucer was a grossly amateurish attempt to foist a corny hoax upon the public. ‘Leaks’ to the news media, including a few ridiculous photos of the saucer (which would have been prohibited if the events were true), and the dead monkies in the corny ‘space suits’ (the monkey-sized G-suits used in the acceleration experiments), were publicized in newspapers, and eventually found then- way to magazines, despite the immediate attempts by the startled and angered Pentagon officials to retrieve all the evidence.


The whole confused scenario and withdrawn publishings, created even more weirdness. One of the P.I.O.s (Public Information Officers) of Army Air Corps Intelligence, Walther Haut, sent out the initial press releases to area newspapers, announcing the recovery of an “alien flying saucer”, including 8” x 10” black and white glossies, showing the ‘captured’ saucer and ‘aliens’. Haut, who now runs a “Flying Saucer Museum” in Roswell, New Mexico, has made no references to those photos in any of his recent statements.


That is because he was then, and still is, an employee of the intelligence community. Fortunately for the Pentagon, the photos were sent only to regional, small-town letterpress newspapers, few of which possessed the means to reproduce the photos in 1947, without first having half-tone photo-engravings produced in larger cities. This gave the Pentagon more time to get most of them back before publication, or to stop the papers before they were distributed.

In preparing for the hoax, regional military intelligence personnel had created a ‘crash site’ with a bull dozer, on the rancher’s property, by making a huge gash in the ground. Whoever was handling the dozer that day was a bit heavy-handed. The ‘saucer’ however, was obviously a stupid hoax, as there was no way that the flimsy little craft, without a dent or hole in it, could have plowed such a gaping hole in the hard and rocky, sun-baked desert ground. The photos of the 12-foot diameter fake saucer had become known to many people, yet today, I seem to be the only person who recalls them.


Since the initial photos—already prepared before the crash—were issued immediately after the purported ‘crash’, personnel had insufficient time to fabricate the fake saucer afterward, so the initial photos from the Army Air Corps, of the original fake saucer, without a speck of dust or a dent on it, represented physical evidence of the hoax perpetrated by them. Further proof that the photos were taken before the hoax was executed was the fact that the junky little saucer was photographed in a hanger (at Walker or Holloman), while the “aliens” (i.e., rhesus monkies, completely dressed in their G-suits), were photographed in an Air Force laboratory, not at the hospital, most probably at Holloman A.F.B. at Alamogordo.


That was prior to their removal to the hoax site, thence to the infirmary at Roswell. After the hoax, the G-suits were removed for ‘medical’ purposes, except for a couple of the monkies, which were raising a horrible stench, because they had relieved their bowels in the G-suits, upon death days before, and the hot desert sun had accelerated the fermentation of the monkey excreta and corpses, after their removal from the morgue at Holloman.

Years later, a photo of a supposedly operational, 60-foot diameter, jet-powered saucer designed by Schriever in WWII Germany, was leaked, but that scenario was withdrawn, since it verified a German saucer program, although a disinformational branch intended to hide the true electrically-powered project at Peenemunde. The initial evidence which reached certain members of the public, had already revealed the initial hoax to intelligent but somewhat confused witnesses.


The latter leaked photo showing the Nazi saucer designed by Schriever, made in Czechoslovakia during the war, part of the saucer stuff rounded up by General Patton and transported to New Mexico along with the rest of the German saucer projects, around September, 1945, under Operation Paperclip. Since it wasn’t one of the highly classified “electro-saucers”, the photo did little harm, and had a ‘professionally constructed’ appearance, intended to overcome the poor craftsmanship and design of the fake saucer. It was a ‘withdrawn hoax’, however, since it tended to acknowledge a crash which conflicted with the later “weather balloon hoax” concocted by the Pentagon to conceal the first bungled hoax.

Because of all the gross stupidities and miscalculations on the part of the initial huxters, the initial scenario was obliterated by subsequent weather balloon stuff which was only slightly less stupid, but the initial 1947 hoax, 38 years before the third, 1985 “MJ-12” hoax, still contained ‘salvageable parts’ as far as the Pentagon huxters were concerned. The Pentagon team had taken great pains to carefully obliterate and omit the dumb photos of the original saucer and monkies, which clearly smells of a Pentagon “cover-up” of its hoax, while, the public, most of whom never saw the photos, failed to realize that what was being “covered up” was not an “alien crash”, but an unauthorized ‘wildcat’ hoax, not cleared through the Pentagon, created by ex-Nazi military ‘intelligence’ personnel, which was bungled by lack of special effects expertise.

The ‘salvageable’ parts of the first hoax, which provided the precedent of a mystified ‘alien saucer’ incident, together with the ‘government cover-up’, were reborn
as a third, MJ-12 hoax, complete with a set of fake, newly created and planted ‘presidential orders’, obtained through the “freedom of information act” This new scenario was written by a team of Ph.D.s, submitted to a secret committee, and approved by them.


Even so, that scenario has been called a hoax by the government itself, since it also conflicted with the second, “weather balloon hoax”, which has now become the “official” position, because government officials are absolutely forbidden to acknowledge the existence of flying saucers, be they fake ‘alien’ ones, or real, ‘man- made’ ones. In order for the government to drop back to the second hoax, it was necessary for them to admit that the third, MJ-12 hoax, was a hoax.


It took them some time to realize that the second hoax was better, because it allowed them to simply deny questions about ‘aliens’ which did not in reality exist. Also, it was necessary to insure, through their control of UFOlogy groups, that only the ‘right’ (i.e., “wrong”) questions were asked in the petition now known as “The Roswell Statement”.

It would seem that, with the 38-year lapse between the first and second hoax, they could have done a better job, but alas, the government bunglers screwed up again. The error involved slander and fraud against deceased presidents Truman and Eisenhower, by forging their names on false documents which alleged an incident which never occurred. Such fraud and slander should not have been treated so lightly by law enforcement authorities in respect to the arrogant Pentagon officials, who clearly overstepped their authority, by falsifying actions taken by former (deceased) commanders-in-chief, ex post facto.

At the time of my 1993 first edition I was unaware that the original photos had become completely ‘unavailable’. Though I was unable to find my copies of them to include in this book, I assumed they were known to the usual saucer investigator, and proceeded to point out facts which I thought would be obvious to anyone examining them. Then I was astounded in late 1993, to discover that no ‘civilians’ involved in UFOlogy knew of or said a thing about the old photos. I knew that I hadn’t seen the two photos, given to me in 1970 by a newsman, or my magazine showing the photos, since 1974.


These stupid photos infuriated Pentagon officials, by revealing the identities of the “aliens” as shaved rhesus monkies, in a hoax which was an amateurish attempt to convince the public that the German flying saucers seen by so many people in the area, were “extraterrestrial”. The Pentagon would never have approved the hoax beforehand, and the original hoax, as perpetrated, would never have held up, because it was too amateurishly funny!

What the photos showed, as purported “space aliens”, were shaved rhesus monkies, wearing monkey-sized, machine-sewn, G-suits with the pressure lines and lacings, equipped with oxygen tubes, helmets, and other equipment, identical to those of the X-15 rocket plane test pilots, for whose benefits the monkey tests were conducted, to accumulate data from rocket sled tests at Alamogordo, on the outer parameters of G-forces which humans could withstand. The helmets concealed the small sizes of the upper craniums of the monkeys, later exaggerated in the “official standard alien” model.

In view of the original hoax, the MJ-12 documents were apparently intended to retroactively convince us that “space aliens” from millions of light years away, possessing ‘superior intelligence’, had come to Roswell. It was contemplated that the public could still be convinced of this, provided the scenario was presented without the photos, which by the poor judgment of the 1947 military intelligence personnel were considered “convincing”. The third-rate ‘saucer kitsch’—the rhesus monkies in G-suits, and the junky little saucer of such poor craftsmanship that a California hot-rodder would have been ashamed—had to be concealed.


The recently fabricated ‘presidential orders’ of “MJ-12” were intended to resuscitate the original “aliens”—minus the dumb photos—despite the obvious fact that beings of sufficiently high intelligence would never have contacted jerks at Roswell or Alamogordo, or even Area 51, unless there was a reasonably expectable opportunity to contact the most powerful political leader in the world, and even an idiot wouldn’t make that mistake!


The sites didn’t even vaguely resemble Washington, D.C. or New York City. Government-employed writers have attempted to fabricate several “secret meetings” between various presidents of the U.S., as a basis for hoax scenarios, when an examination of the presidential calendars and newspapers on the alleged dates, shows that the presidents in question were involved in other activities which precluded the authenticity of the documents. There is now the original “rhesus monkey” hoax, the “weather balloon” cover-up hoax, and the “MJ-12” hoax, all now being played upon by the O.S.I. “UFOlogy” and government “denier” symphony, which can buy time indefinitely, so long as the phony debate is protracted.

I taught art at White Sands Missile Range School, in 1970-71, and I can assure you that there was no reason to believe that space aliens of superior intelligence would have passed up New York City and all the other metropolitan cities of the world, and instead, have landed near Alamogordo or Roswell. I have also worked in the movie industry, and can assure you that these efforts were grossly incompetent! Poor props, poor sets, poor makeup, poor acting, poor script, and poor production. Worse than Radar Men From the Moon.


I also believe the hoax was cooked up by ex-Nazi Holloman intelligence personnel, rather than Walker or White Sands personnel, because the monkies were used there, the saucers were used there, and because Walker, as the “fall guy” base for the hoax, would create a distraction from the real perpetrators. Walker was a basic flight training base, with a few old bombers from an old atomic bomb wing (which at one time possibly included the Enola Gay, if my recollection is correct), mothballed there after the war, until the base was closed down sometime in the late ‘50s or early ‘60s.


Holloman, an advanced flight-test base which also defended the whole top secret area with a fighter-interceptor group, performed highly classified tests in conjunction with White Sands Missile Range, and in respect to Wernher von Braun’s intended manned (rocket) moon missions, which were probably shams to cover an earlier mission in the electro-propulsive Graf Zeppelin. Data produced at Alamogordo was used in the design of future rocket planes, jet fighters and bombers, flying saucers, and eventually, stealth planes (very expensive shams to cover saucer stuff).

Another reason the MJ-12 hoax related back to the old rhesus monkey hoax, was to utilize the weird 1947 image of the shaved monkies, which had become the ‘official standard alien model’ approved by the secret committees, to be useful in back-dating the more recent plans of extended fraud. The monkies, with their large, glassy, slanted eyes, small chins and mouths, and skinny bodies, are close enough to “E.T.” to make a stab at it, at least in the retarded minds of the government plagiarists, and if need be, could be faked by small human actors, even child actors, midgets, or small, skinny women actors, in space suits, wearing latex masks with sunglass-lens eyes.


The dark lenses conceal the human eyes, and create an eerie effect. The more recent wave of “alien” movies from Hollywood—many having nothing to do with this hoax—seem to have given the huxters a new life, by providing a body of more recent movies from which to plagiarize and sponge new ‘spin-off hoaxes. There are also now many more competent special effects, prop-building, and makeup technicians available within the intelligence community.

Government agents posing as concerned citizen “UFOlogists”—also mimicked by unwitting dupes falsely induced by them—recently have naively revived this old incident, alleging that a “government cover-up” in 1947, concealed “evidence of aliens from space”, and secret collaboration between them and our ‘brilliant’ military authorities and government. If that were true, they certainly didn’t do a very good job of it! Even if genuine, the MJ-12 presidential documents could not have been obtained through the freedom of information act. Government agents (“UFOlogists”) have agonizingly gone through the whole “Freedom Of Information Act” act, to obtain these “secret documents”, for use in their propaganda war against us; warmed over hash, four times over. That’s supposed to make this sham more believable?

The fake MJ-12 documents were intentionally ambiguous, since the embarrassingly stupid photos may still pop up. They have protected their flanks by ambivalent statements, intended to plant more seeds of doubt, to stretch the credulity and ‘open the minds’ of the gullible, to wallow holes in their credibilities large enough to cram the most recently approved official versions of the BIG LIES into. I lived just to the south of Roswell in 1947, and picked up the truth by “social osmosis”. Three of the dead rhesus monkies had been stored in a morgue at Holloman, after being killed in acceleration experiments on the rocket sled. The fourth monkey was almost dead, and so was included with the three other dead ones used in the hoax.

To make my ‘social osmosis’ more complete, the story that the “aliens” were shaved and dyed rhesus monkies in G-suits, originally came to me through family connections, since my brother-in-law’s aunt was the “nurse who later became a nun”.

As a nurse, she was present during the alleged “autopsy” (actually a dissection). Being a U.S. Army nurse who was a New Mexico survivor of the Bataan Death March, she easily recognized the rhesus monkies, since she had been forced by the Japanese to cook and eat rhesus monkies for food in the Bataan Peninsula. Leona, her sister, told me about it in 1958, but I’d already heard the story through my sister, Ramona, in 1953. I detail more on this under “Golden Cups, Monkey Business, and a Lot of Bull”. In 1995, just before my second edition went to press, I inserted information about seeing an old, 1947 Kodak color print made by the Roswell Army dissectors’ photo assistant, during the dissection.


That photo was acquired by a man named Bart Wilson, who had told me that he was negotiating with Time-Life Publications and the Sightings TV show people, for sale of the photo. Bart’s family member had been in U.S. Army intelligence in Roswell in 1947, which is how he got the photo. I obtained this additional information after Bart’s sale, too late to include in my second edition.

Bart’s photo showed the splayed facial musculature of a rhesus monkey, pinned out in typical fashion on a board to be photographed for ‘documentation’ purposes. I immediately recognized it as the musculature of a monkey because the muscles were cut from around the two ears, which produced two strange almond shapes above the cut- outs for the eyes, when stretched out on the board. Bart wouldn’t let me make a copy of the photo, as his potential purchasers had insisted on his not doing that.

A few days after Bart showed me the photo for the first time, in the Villa Linda mall in Santa Fe, where Bart’s computer imaging and photo processing business was at that time, I mentioned to Bart that the photo verified what I said about the rhesus monkies, and he said he had a firm commitment from the Sightings people. A couple of days later, I just happened to be at Toys-R-Us, located a few hundred yards across the parking lot from Bart’s business. As I waited for my son to look at some toys, looking out a window facing Bart’s business location, a tan colored government Hummer pulled up in the parking space directly in front of my view. A man got out and walked directly across the parking lot to Bart’s business.


I went from the building and looked at the Hummer. The front had a “CIA” plate, and on the passenger side there was a notice:

“Property of Central Intelligence Agency: For Official Business Only.”

I checked with Bart later, and he said he had concluded his sale of the photo print to the “Sightings” people on the day I saw the guy in the Hummer walk into Bart’s business. I told him the guy arrived in a CIA Hummer, and we both had a laugh. I told him there was no chance that the photo will ever be seen by the public now, which is further proof not only that the “Sightings” show is produced by the CIA, but that they are concealing the “monkey business”.


It is what a friend calls another one of my “statistically challenging” experiences, that I just happened to be at Toys-R-Us, where the CIA man had parked his Hummer, hundreds of yards from Bart’s business, in order to avoid the detection by people like me, of his purchase of the photo from Bart.

The following facsimile news clipping related to the government’s covert revival of the Roswell “alien” effort.

Under the F.O.I.A., a flock of CIA UFOlogy sheep go “Baa-aa, baa-aa, baa-aa!”, asking, in O.S.I.-prepared questionnaires, for “concealed evidence” of a crash which never occurred, involving “aliens” which were monkies, and “secret contact” between “extraterrestrials” and our government which never occurred. The “official” government response was easy, merely to deny every (CIA-loaded) leading question asked.

Predictably, the “UFOlogists” asked the wrong questions, so the government was 100% correct in denying,

1) knowledge of an ‘alien UFO crash’ at Roswell in 1947 (since there was no crash, and since, if there had been, it would have been a government flying saucer)

2) that ‘alien bodies’ (either three or four) were recovered (since a crash never occurred, and since the bodies ‘recovered’ were of rhesus monkies in G-suits)

If the group had asked “Was there a government-conducted hoax at Roswell in 1947, in which the bodies of rhesus monkies (or other primates) were dressed in G-suits (or other costumes designed to look like ‘space suits’), to make them appear to be those of ‘alien astronauts’?”


And, “Did the Pentagon officials retrieve evidence of this first hoax, and cover it up with a second hoax, in which fragments of a weather balloon were substituted?”


The old adage, “If you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer” applies.


The same Arthur C. Clarke who was invited to Keesler by the Air Force in 1956 (whom I called a liar to his face), has been a consultant on many movies involved in this massive hoax, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc. Although such movies as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. are heartwarming, poetically wishful, and life-affirming, the underlying message such movies deliver—whether by intent or because their makers were duped—is to beg the question that “UFOs” are “extraterrestrial”, despite the fact that there is absolutely no known evidence or personal knowledge, verified by any human being, of there being anything made by intelligent being from beyond our earth.


Yet the same Arthur Clarke who in 1956 said saucers “didn’t exist”, was later involved in these efforts to convince us that they not only existed, but were the exclusive property of “aliens” from outer space. The half-truth and the truth-and-a-half, again.

Every single intelligently formed, fabricated or compounded substance we know of is human-made. The tasks of our government’s secret agencies, involved in such movies, are made progressively easier over the years, by the victims (us) already having been duped and brainwashed by the constant, false propaganda drilled into them from the mass media, controlled by BIG BROTHER, for over 50 years. The general public, once known to trust “government experts”, has become more skeptical, with their blind trust rapidly waning, realizing that their trust was falsely procured.

A movie like E.T., which may have been intended purely as entertainment, still functionally brainwashes kids before they are mature enough to question our government’s actions, motives, or integrity. Realistically-intelligent people, who may never have seen a single flying saucer, usually categorically disbelieve their existence. Oddly enough, many of those same people also disbelieve politicians, and recognize the fact that our government is manipulated by large corporations, in a secret corporate-state partnership. So why shouldn’t they realize that the movie and T.V. industries aren’t immune?


The movie industry has been used extensively as a propaganda medium since its inception. Not all of the propaganda has been false, bad, harmful or evil. But government-backed movies which subliminally brainwash the public into accepting a Platonist epistemology, to make people easier to control, trivializes man’s existence, destroys individual autonomy, self-esteem, confidence, and self-determination, and builds false dependency on the government. It also abridges church-state separation, by promoting a religion of “psychic phenomena”, pseudo-science, mysticism, “UFOlogy”, ignorance, “new age” charlatanism, and blanket acceptance of the existence of extraterrestrials on faith rather than reason.

The fact is, Hitler and his crowd—who originally created these hoaxes—were “new-agers”, who were only way ahead of their time. They spread the false propaganda, through a “whispering campaign”, that they alone were in contact with alien Venusians, in Peru2, and that they had been “specially chosen” by the “advanced race of aliens”, as the “master race” to lead earthling society. In the meanwhile, the Nazis believed the contradiction that, as the master race, their “orders” were received from an underground race of giants, who controlled the human race from their underground empire, the main entrance into which was in Tibet. Does this scenario significantly differ from the Trilateral Commission/Illuminati/New World Order/UFOlogy versions?


And in a certain way, doesn’t it bear a remarkable similarity to stories in the Bible, the Torah, and the Talmud, in which the Christian or Jewish people were supposedly chosen by God or Yahweh, while the various alleged racial and ‘spiritual’ inferiorities of their enemies were enumerated? And, since the particular proportions and design of the swastika used by Hitler and the Nazis, was the “17-square anagram” swastika of the Jewish Kaballah, it appears that Hitler also drew from that source as a basis for his own new religion, at no fault of today’s Jews of the world, most of whom we should hope no longer consider non-Jews to be inferior as stated in the Torah and the Talmud.

2Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians, Stein and Day/Scarborough House, N.Y. (1977).

The people who make these Secret Government propaganda movies, are usually unaware of their backers’ hidden agendas, and are ‘motivated at their own levels’, by a desire for success and profit. There have been only a few movies, to my knowledge, which have touched upon the truth, and they have been more or less banished to oblivion or presented as ridiculous farces. One was The Formula, starring Marlon Brando, David Huddleston, and George C. Scott. Another starred Hoyt Axton (I don’t recall the title, and there is no information available at video stores either. Perhaps it was a made-for-T.V. movie.).


It showed cattle mutilations being conducted by government operatives using helicopters and other strange aircraft. Another movie, Rage, starring George C. Scott, also had strong implications, especially in respect to military Masons involved in covering up a government nerve gas “accident”.

The Formula involved the technological secret of making gasoline from coal. The technology is known today as “acetylene chemistry”, and is available in many chemistry texts. The secret originated in the 1930s with an American, the former director of the Colorado Bureau of Mines, who sought a patent on what was then called the “Parry Retort”, a refinery and process which cracked a gasoline-like fraction out of acetylene. (Acetylene, or calcium carbide, was originally produced by burning coal in the presence of crushed limestone.)


I have seen a copy of the original patent application. The refinery was similar to gasoline refineries, with numerous ‘retorts’ or ‘cracking towers’, to separate out or synthesize various hydrocarbon fractions from the acetylene, using what are today standard catalysts such as platinum black, palladium black, etc. The F.B.I, took over the plant, and barred Parry from entry, use, or sale. The technology then came into the exclusive possession of the Nazis—via the Rockefeller interests—who used it during WW II. The Formula scenario picked it up from there, mentioning its transfer (back) to Gulf Oil Company (a Rockefeller company), along with the flying saucer, during the “amnesty deal” with the Germans at the end of the war, which I am the first to expose.

Parry’s daughter, whom I have known for over twenty years, was unfortunately manipulated by the “Friend” who trained “The Two”—the couple involved in perpetrating extraterrestrial hoaxes through the O.S.I.R.I.S. front group created by the “Friend”—and Jacques Vallee, into stealing my photos of the fake alien saucer and the rhesus monkies in G-suits.


She was also used by CIA-backed people fraudulently suing me, enabling their fraudulent judgments by theft of my trial exhibits, with the unmistakable complicity of the New Mexico courts. The mental instability of the daughter, who has been incarcerated in sanitariums several times, was exploited by these huxters. She was so eager for gallery contacts for her art work, that she was willing to do almost anything for the “Friend” (a CIA pseudo-art dealer, with bad taste). She caused me to miss a trial in a case filed against me by a member of the CFR/IIA, also having connections to the Chicago “Organization”.

I love good movies. Movies which faced the realities of flying saucers as man-made machines, would be more exciting than those we’ve seen. Imagine sitting in the cockpit of one of those babies, clipping along at 2.5 miles per second, with 360-degree view-screens, fed by image inverters! You stop over the enemy camp (the Trilateralists or Bilderbergers), and zoom in on their most guarded secrets with one of your super magnifying image intensifiers, from an altitude so high that you are entirely invisible from the ground, in broad daylight, and do not appear on radar either. Incidentally, “stealth” technology was first developed for Nazi U-boats and flying saucers. Most probably, the “striations” I identified on the hull of the saucer I saw in 1953, were for this purpose, since that was the way the technology worked at the time.

A good example of one of the newer, slicker propaganda movies, was Hanger 18 (1980, Taft International Pictures, Inc.; Worldvision Enterprises, Inc.) It was produced by Charles Sellier, Jr., and the cast included Gary Collins, Robt. Vaughn, Joseph Campanella, Darrin McGavin, and James Hampton. These are some of the same actors often appearing in Secret Government pseudo-documentaries or pseudo-expose-type pictures. An opening statement was “...brave eyewitnesses have stepped forward and now the story can finally be told”. This hypocritical statement should more appropriately have said “...cowardly liars have stepped forward, and now the Big Lie can finally be told”.

There was ample government involvement (use of the air base at Big Spring, Texas, cooperation of NASA, etc.). The plot involved a fictitious satellite explosion, caused by a collision with a “UFO”, which was hovering near an orbiting NASA space shuttle dock. One of the several astronaut-witnesses was killed by the explosion (heroes all), also killing the saucer’s alien pilot, after which the saucer made an automatic controlled landing in Bannon Co., Arizona (why always the desert?).

Two of the astronauts sought to expose a “government cover-up” conspiracy, and were hunted down by government agents, who killed one of them. In spite of the phony sympathy created for ‘those who sought to expose the government’s concealment of alien contact’, the film took every opportunity to plug NASA and the space program, while creating apprehension by implied death threats against potential witnesses who attempt to tell the real truth. A typical line (Vaughn): “So what you’re saying, General, is that we have a flying saucer in our possession?”, (as if to say that “we” did not!).

Hanger 18 was supposedly a secret NASA hanger “...within fifty miles of Midland, Texas...” (presumably Big Spring). The plot included the theory that ancient markings on earth, such as those on the Plains of Nasca in Peru, or Totonac writings—based on phony-baloney linguistic comparisons—were the same as those found inside the fictitious UFO. The “Hanger 18” incident was just another government-concocted hoax like the MJ-12 and Roswell hoaxes, only with better technical and conceptual work.

By 1994, my first edition kicked up enough dust to spur a Viacom Pictures, made-for-TV movie, Roswell, starring Kyle McLachlan, Charlie Sheen, Dwight Yoakam, etc., produced by Ilene Kahn, etc., (based on the Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt book, UFO Crash at Roswell). They even had a spooky ‘bad guy’ exclaim to Kyle McLachlan, “It was just a bunch of rhesus monkies!” (a direct quote from my book, and a front page Albuquerque Journal North newspaper article on me and my book, of Jan. 6, 1994).


I find it odd that attribution was not present in the Randles/Schmitt book, which showed the real motive for doing the movie, based on a book which could be bent to government purposes, if it was not initially commissioned by the government, similar to how the “Friend” had tried to commission me to write a book attributing the petroglyphs to extraterrestrials. By 1994, Schmitt and Randle weakly attempted to address the rhesus theory raised by me, without saying who raised it, in their later book, The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell, the title alone of which showed their OSI affiliation, since they have always known there was no “UFO crash at Roswell”, but a “fake crash”.

Rancher Mac Brazel was depicted as a reluctant ‘patriot’ during an intimidating 3-day interrogation, while admitting that he took a $3000 payoff to stand behind the government’s second, weather balloon hoax, after he had already helped in the first rhesus monkey hoax. He changed his story, saying the weather balloon debris was there for two weeks before he reported it. This created the suspicion that he was paid off to conceal a real alien crash, and to account for the time between the first hoax and the second hoax. Besides, they would have had to pay him again for a second hoax.

Approximately one week after the Journal North article, as I returned home from Santa Fe at dusk to Lamy, I saw a very large flying saucer (appearing to be at least 100 feet in diameter), hovering within a quarter mile across Apache Canyon (A.K.A., “Galisteo River”) to my east, which was putting out a large amount of coronal flame. Though I am not in a habit of photographing every saucer I see, I ran for my camera, because it was a good sighting that my camera could have captured, but before I could get set up, it was gone.


It traveled across the Eldorado Subdivision to my north, and moved on a bee-line across the southern periphery of Santa Fe, into the northeasterly end of the Jemez mountains, toward the “technical areas” in the southwest side of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, where the saucers fly quite often. I discussed it with some friends in Eldorado, and they said they saw it and reported it to the Santa Fe County Sheriffs Department, and were told that three other witnesses had already reported it.


Friends in Canoncito also confirmed their sighting of the saucer. It was as if the government had placed an obvious and large saucer in the area, just to see if my book or the article had produced any effect on the local population. The saucer sightings have been so prevalent and outrageously obvious in the past, over the Canoncito area, that I would have found them disturbing if I had lived over there, and they have at times been irritating in my own area around eight miles to the east, but I am further from the tip of the southern Sangre de Christo, where the government has chosen to place them so often at night.


Presence of lower altitude saucers in this area have noticeably diminished since the book and this news article, even though the public has been brainwashed to ‘not see them’ anyway.




“M.I.B.” is an acronym for “Men In Black”, the Secret Government spooks who often show up to harass witnesses. My reference to a so-called “Friend”, is to a man who is and was one of them. He also created some of the hoax scenarios for the CIA/OSI, involving pseudo-linguistics, pseudo-archaeology (ala Zechariah Sitchin), as well as the O.S.I.R.I.S. group used to ‘smokescreen’ the cattle mutilation/stealth weapons test program.


This archaeology/linguistics brand of government lie has always angered me, because of the tendency to blur and confuse the work of those who are engaged in responsible linguistic inquiry and archaeology, yet which may be vulnerable because they are divergent and out of the mainstream. The flaky and irresponsible fabrication of ‘extraterrestrial’ interpretations, tends to put a blight on new breakthrough work being done, as if it were also false.


For example, around 1977,1 had begun to make headway with petroglyph research indicating connections between American Indians and specific, ancient Middle Eastern, Indo-European, Semitic, Asian, Norse, and Celtic writings, languages, cultures and peoples, about which I was contemplating a book.

I was astounded when the “Friend” (whom I had known for several years), paid me a visit in 1977, and announced his intent to institute a program attributing the
petroglyphs to “ancient space aliens”. He was the M.I.B. who had lived in Santa Fe with and trained the couple of government-paid U.F.O. shamsters known as “The Two” in 1972 (Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie Lu Nettles). He later exploited the mentally disturbed daughter of the inventor of The Formula. I realized at that time, that his fraudulent work was being sponsored by the intelligence community, for whom he had worked for years, and continued to do ‘contract work’ for.

I noticed that, in my presence, he wore a Shriner ring. This was to gain my trust— or better still, to shut me up—on the erroneous assumption that, since CIA files showed I came from a “Masonic family”, I would feel compelled to “keep the secrets”. This, in spite of the fact that he was a graduate of a Catholic school (U. of Denver). One of the primary tenets of the Masonic Oath is never to betray a trust. To me, it wasn’t my trust he sought, but rather my complicity in a secret betrayal of the trust of the American people. Even if I had been a Mason, which I am not, gaining my trust through such a fraud would have nullified the oath. He erroneously thought that he was ‘motivating me at my own level.’

It angers me that the intelligence spooks exploit entire fields of knowledge and professions, sacrificing them to government ‘expediency’, by generating knowingly false programs designed to conceal technology from the public and to brainwash them in BIG LIE mass-psychology programs ala Hitler. These programs are to subliminally control people by propagating fantastic, ignorant and twisted lies which elevate insane and irrational elements of society, at the expense of knowledge, reason, and truth.


It astounded me that the ‘”Friend” could hypocritically look me straight in the eye, while my life was all the while being cruelly torn apart by their covert harassment. It occurred to me that a committee had worked this all out on paper somewhere, and that individual rights and human life didn’t matter to them, so long as they fabricated the ‘right’ interpretations of things which helped them to control society.

While in graduate school in art at U.T., I was appalled to learn that the fields of art and art history were cynically considered ‘expendable’ to the CIA people, who referred to artists as “...just a bunch of paranoids...”. They had permeated both the faculty and the student body of the university art department. To them, the “cover” of artists and art historians were ideally suited for deceitful, intelligence-gathering foreign travel, photographing strategic defense areas, picking up and delivering data, acting as couriers, etc., and little else.


It was my judgment that the people who do that are no better than the closet homosexuals who marry in order to present a false image of themselves to society as being heterosexuals. There were no less than six CIA professionals on the art faculty at U.T. in 1969, and several CIA and military intelligence operatives posing as art students. I wondered how many operatives they had in other departments of the university.


Those who posed as students seemed to be spies on the students and the faculty. Since the Viet Nam war was in full swing, ‘draft counselors’ seemed to be among their prime targets, but I suppose that any excuse could have served as a pretext to continually meddle with and control what would otherwise have been a natural, and more just flow of the affairs in a supposedly “educational” institution.

In the fall of 1977, the Friend made the trip to my home for the specific purpose of dissuading me from publishing this book, and had the gall to lay out the phony hypothesis for HIS book, which he expected me to write. At that time, he had apparently become disturbed not only by my plans for a flying saucer book, but because I had also begun to branch off into petroglyph research, which threatened to interfere with his official Big Lie plan to interpret the petroglyphs as the “writings of extraterrestrials”.

He had apparently dreamed up the alien petroglyph hoax, and enticed me with a lucrative CIA contract, to draw me away from my saucer book, thinking that, once I had collaborated in the false “alien archaeology” lies, I would be “hooked”, to be compelled by my published change in position, to fit in with the “alien saucers” lies. This opportunity to prostitute my intellect for cash, included the guarantee that the publishing contacts were already set up and ready to go, in Sedona, Arizona.

I hit the ceiling, saying that I had personal knowledge that flying saucers are man-made, that the government’s program of spreading the gospel of E.S.P., Edgar Cayce, and extraterrestrial origin of flying saucers, was a Big Lie originating with the Nazis, and that I would never cooperate in the spreading of such trash. I told him of my broad-daylight sighting, that my parents were present among more than seven witnesses, and that they had often seen whole squadrons of saucers in the Dakotas.


This information on my parent’s sightings turned out to be a serious mistake, as I underestimated the extremes to which the CIA would go to suppress witnesses. Besides, why argue with someone who already knew the truth, and only wanted me to join into the lies to conceal it for fun and profit?
He then attempted to intimidate me, and even threatened me, recounting some of the bad things which had happened to some of those who had refused to cooperate, or had “gone too far” (presumably by doing such things as revealing the secret manipulations I am telling you about in this book).

A couple of weeks later, I was visited by my father, who was on his way from the Scottsdale, Arizona, merchandise mart, to Thornton, Colorado, where he and my mother then lived. They ran a lucrative market-building business in women's sportswear, providing representation for six Dallas manufacturers and a couple of west coast labels, in around seven or eight states.


My father was a member of the Board of Directors of the Dallas manufacturers’ association, my parents maintained showrooms in Dallas and Denver, and they had built the markets in Nevada, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas. For ten years, they traveled over 100,000 miles per year, in the “flying saucer states”. It was the only visit I can remember in which my father came alone, without my mother.

After visiting with my father for a half hour or so, he brought up flying saucers, and to my surprise, urged me to stop telling what I knew about them. Since this was only a few days after the Friend had threatened me, I assumed that my father’s visit was somehow connected, another attempt by the CIA to “shut me up”. To my dismay, my father then denied ever having seen flying saucers, despite the many times that he and my mother had told me about seeing whole squadrons of them over such areas as North and South Dakota, and the mountainous country near Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, deep beneath which is the underground N.O.R.A.D. Command Center.

This behavior was very unusual, and I wondered how the Friend had manipulated my father’s conduct, speculating that he may have exploited the “Masonic connection”, since I had seen a Shriner’s ring on his finger. My father is a 32nd degree Mason, and my mother is a highly-esteemed member of the Order of the Eastern Star (the female Masons).


For what it’s worth, I had been a charter member and officer of the Winkler County chapter of the Order of De Molay (junior Masons) when I was a boy, but never considered becoming a Mason because I am an Atheist, since I knew that initiates were required to swear a belief in “Almighty God”. As I said earlier, the Shriner’s ring was evidently one of his CIA cons, an attempt to represent what he thought would ‘motivate me (and my parents) at my own level.’ The ‘con’ had apparently worked on my parents, who are Masons, but not me.

As for suggestions of a connection between Fascism and Masonry, it seemed improbable, at least among the American Masons and a few northern European Masons I have personally known, though there was some rather compelling evidence unearthed in Italy, in the “P-2 Lodge Controversy”, about which I will have more to say later.

My uncle Roger Benton had been a 33rd degree Mason, in the original First Grand Lodge of Texas, at Nacogdoches, founded by Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston, and was a Shriner (the military Masons), and I knew that he would have nothing to do with an evil plan to subvert the constitutional authority of America, or to subjugate any race. Roger had driven an L.S.T. in almost every major invasion in the South Pacific, and had been the world’s first radar gunner on the Navy’s “Black Widow”, in its record-breaking mission over Tokyo, and had proven that he was prepared to make the supreme sacrifice to stop Fascism, fighting bravely for the freedom of the Phillipinos and others. If the Illuminati Fascists worked within the American Masonic Orders, he apparently knew nothing of it, since he was anti-Fascist, and simply not the kind of man to tolerate such an attitude within himself or among his associates.

I wondered how my father had been persuaded or scared into lying, since he is highly opinionated and stubborn, painfully truthful, and unlikely to change his mind because of what someone else wanted. It was indeed uncharacteristic behavior on his part, which was inexplicable except by the application of extraordinary pressure, subterfuge, or threats. In dismay, I accused him of cowardice in the face of government intimidation—the kind of feudal extortion that good Masons are supposed to resist—for whatever reason unknown to me at the time.


Because of that incident, my father and I didn’t speak for over five years. I finally forgave him, since he is an elder person. How could I expect him to stand up to these creeps? Who knew what kind of threats or powers were invoked by the “Friend”, to coerce my father?

The next evening, in the late fall of 1977, in a local coffee shop, I was invited by a well-known Santa Fe art dealer I knew, to join he and his friends. I brought up the subject of flying saucers, having in mind the “Friend”, whom we both knew. The dealer had just returned from the Scottsdale market. When I mentioned my father’s recent visit there, he said that he had met him, and said that they had seen him talking privately to the “Friend” in Scottsdale, only two days earlier, thus confirming contact between the “Friend” and my father.


The secrecy made the following facts apparent: My “Friend” never mentioned knowing my father, and vice-versa. My father (and mother as well) had been intimidated and coerced by the “Friend”, to stop corroborating my sightings, and to cooperate with his attempts to shut me up. My father had been forbidden to tell me about the extortion, proven by their behavior and the secret contact.

Having independently discovered the fact that the “Friend”—named James (“Jim”) Parsons, who really isn’t my friend—had threatened my father, I discussed it with a girlfriend, who inadvertently relayed it to Jim, whom she also knew. I had failed to warn her not to discuss the matter with the Jim, which I didn’t expect to happen anyway, but it did. Within two weeks, the Dallas manufacturers, without warning or authority, ‘fired’ my parents, who had built their markets for ten years. Since my girlfriend had inadvertently told Jim that I knew of his threats, he incorrectly assumed that my father had disobeyed him and told me about them, so he arranged for them to be fired, in attempt to ‘get to me’.

With a ring of poetic justice, the manufacturers lost millions of dollars, due to the loyalty of some of my parents’ purchasers in their territory. As I learned from one of their associates, an older man who also marketed ready-to-wear, Mafia Don, Joseph (“Papa Joe”) Bonanno—who, believe it or not, ran a womens’ sportswear shop in Tucson—smelled the federal rat, and organized a boycott. The other shops in my parents’ territory, boycotted the manufacturers, as a protest against this injustice, and their market generally broke down.


Poetic justice sometimes comes in strange ways, from unexpected quarters. I have always wondered if the government ever fully compensated Louis and his Dallas associates for their losses, or whether they ever knew why they occurred. If not, the M.I.B.s made suckers out of them too. I have often wondered how much it was worth to the government.

I published the following material in my 1993 and 1995 first and second editions, years before the Heaven’s Gate cult’s suicide at Rancho Santa Fe, California, in March, 1997. Years earlier, I had learned from another girl friend—whose name shall remain anonymous—that Jim had intensively trained “The Two” in late 1972 and early 1973, for three months, in a house the threesome shared in Santa Fe. The 1997 mass suicides highlighted Jim’s mysterious CIA training of Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie Lu Trusdale Nettles—“The Two”—who had immediately founded “HIM” (“Human Individual Metamorphosis”), and several other cult CIA front groups, following Jim’s training.


I had known since early 1973 that the cult was connected to the CIA, the primary purpose being the concealment of government saucer and cattle mutilations activities. Jim’s subsequent cover-up of his associations with the cult leaders in articles published in area newspapers, showed his desire to conceal the CIA’s involvement. “Never run ‘til you know you’re being chased,” they say......

Beginning in the ‘70s, investigative reporters wrote exposes on The Two, documenting their pattern of infiltrating communities—pretending to be previously unassociated transients—then becoming ‘associated’, after which the members would become ‘followers’, to be ‘convinced’ that they were descendants of an ‘extraterrestrial race’, and that it was “time for a flying saucer to come from outer space to pick them up” at a designated time and place, and take them back to their ‘home planet’. After spreading word of this around the community—for maximum propaganda impact—the group would meet on the appointed evening, drive to a certain hill or other landmark, park their cars, then mysteriously ‘disappear’, leaving their cars behind.

The media coverage was orchestrated concerning the strange ‘disappearances’, along with the usual paranormal and UFO magazines. The abandoned cars, which were indispensable for the sham, were hauled away to local public pounds. The remaining members of the community, and the media’s interviews of them, were relied upon to spread word of the mysterious ‘departures’.

This worked pretty good, until some smart investigative reporters trailed the members, took down their license plate numbers and auto makes, etc., at several hoax sites, and did some comparisons. It turned out that the same “Two”, and the same “followers”, driving the same autos, were repeating the same scenario all over the western U.S. The incidents showed the compliance of local police and authorities, by first impounding, then releasing the cars, to the ‘disappeared’ owners, to be used again, with no reports by public officials correcting this in the public media or police reports.

Jim had studied law at the University of Denver School of Law, prior to entering the Air Force, serving in Air Force Intelligence (the O.S.I.), from which he had retired at the rank of colonel, after which he had taken up “civilian” employment with the O.S.I., apparently continuing to do ‘contract work’, recruiting and training huxters, and designing hoax scenarios, to convince dupes that flying saucers are from “outer space”.

The following facsimile clipping completed the connection:

Another girl friend, who had known both Jim and The Two, had said in early 1973 that the couple had been “...recruited and paid by Jim for some kind of training”, during the three months in which they had shared a house in Santa Fe in late 1972.


All our friends thought that it was mysterious, since the training was so secretive. At first we thought it might be some sort of kinky sex cult, but everything was clarified later when the couple was identified in 1973 news articles as the leaders of HIM, and later, in 1987, as the leaders of the O.S.I.R.I.S. (“Outer Space International Research and Investigations Society”) hoax.

Having known about Jim’s training of the couple in 1972, prior to their hoaxes, the purpose of the hoax was clear to me, especially in view of the various inducements, coercions and subterfuges specifically regarded UFOs and “aliens”, which were applied to me and my parents in 1977, by Jim, the O.S.I./ M.I.B. who had instigated it, to shut me up about flying saucers or to coerce me into writing propaganda for the CIA. After all, it would have been clear to even an idiot that Jim was doing all in his power in 1977 to force me and others to propagate lies about “aliens”.

When I encountered Jim at the “50th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident”, in July, 1997, he was extremely nervous about my presence, afraid I’d blow his cover.
When the news hit the papers in late March, 1997, about the “mass suicide” of the “Heaven’s Gate Cult”, I figured that the CIA had decided it was time to ‘close out’ the 24-year-old operation, which hadn’t been very productive of significant, new propaganda for years.


This was especially so where I had already identified it for the public as a CIA front in my 1993 book. With its members aging, their activities slowing down, they were beginning to look more like a geriatric care group, so what else was to be done with them, since they had been ‘programmed’ for years and were dependent on the group. The CIA, couldn’t have these ‘loose cannons’ rolling around on the deck, so they were heartlessly ‘put to sleep’ like tired old dogs who were no longer of any use to their CIA mind-control masters.

With the mass deaths, Jim was nervous. Just as articles he had written for the Santa Fe Reporter in 1975 had lied about his earlier connection to the HIM cult and The Two, the articles he wrote in 1997—four years after my first edition—just after the horrible news of the cult’s ‘suicides’, was intended to conceal the guilty knowledge of a nervous CIA propagandist, concerning the many deaths which he had contributed to as the creator or the cult. In an article by Jim in the Albuquerque Journal, of Sunday, April 6, 1997, entitled “Man Tells of Friend Joining Heaven’s Gate” - “Santa Fean Saw Cult Lure Friend”, Jim said “One day in 1975, I encountered a group called Human Individual Metamorphosis, and showed Gordon a flier for a public lecture the next Saturday.”


Thus Jim had “showed Gordon” a flier and begun to ‘recruit’ Gordon Welch, his roomate, in 1975, into the cult Jim had created, and which was eventually the end of Gordon. Of course he didn’t tell Gordon or the newspapers that he had created the cult. It was clear from Gordon’s letters to Jim that he was a complete dupe, unaware of the fact that Jim and the CIA were behind the cult, and that, to them, he was just a piece of animated meat they had chosen because of his innocent gullibility, who had been programmed to act out stupid fantasies to conceal flying saucer technology, as well as to provide more propaganda mileage for the CIA, to feed the demented minds of whatever suckers were out there.

In one of Gordon’s letters to Jim, he stated, “I hope I am in the final stage of this thing. I still believe it is true but it is very hard and demanding as we learn to go to a world where you live a large part of your time on spaceships and communicate by projecting thoughts. Have to work on getting all thoughts pure and good and honest and direct. That’s a tall order.”

At one point in the article, Jim described how he had gone with Gordon to Albuquerque to attend a HIM meeting, and a ‘reading’. Jim gives us his thoughts:
“Driving back to Santa Fe, I pondered this reading and decided to reverse my skeptical attitude about flying saucers and HIM.” At the head of the article, it was stated, “Authorities say one of the victims from last month’s mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif, was identified as a Gordon Welch.”

I have to laugh about Jim deciding to “..reverse” his “skeptical attitude” about flying saucers and the cult activities HE created. Since I met him in 1972 he had always had this inflexible attitude, especially in the presence of impressionable new-age types.

The O.S.I.R.I.S. front group activities are shown through the eyes of another dupe, by the following Albuquerque Journal facsimile clipping:

Ray Keller, quoted on the previous page, a member of O.S.I.R.I.S.—another CIA front created by Jim—worked in early childhood development, and was involved in the Boy Scouts, a perfect sucker. The CIA/OSI front group he belonged to was named for a deity of the ancient Egyptian religion, “Osiris...the Beautiful Hare”3. Though the name for the god “Osiris” was derived from a folk mythical hare (the Easter Bunny), as shown by references noted in 1886 by Budge in Egyptian Book of the Dead, they remained unnoticed until my 1993 first edition.


I had already derived this fact from independent research in etymology, in which Osiris, as a hare (“Heru-“), was associated with Isis, a duck or goose (“Khuti”), who gave birth to Horus (“Heru-Khuti”), from the earliest times in western Siberia, in the mythology of the Uralo-Altaic-speaking peoples.

The naming of the UFO ‘research’ group—run by a CIA/OSI counterintelligence team—after Osiris, shows the earmarks of the former SS RSHA Gestapo spooks who formed the core of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence, Science Directorate, Covert Operations (flying saucer cover-up teams). Movies from ‘20s and ‘30s Germany show parades of ‘pre-Nazi’, Thule Society-sponsored ‘new-agers’, in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian costumes, holding ceremonious pagents, propagating the mythology of Ostara, the Nazi religion created by a Cistenian monk, Adolf Joseph Lanz, founder of the Order of the New Temple in 1900.


That same year, at Lambach Abbey in Upper Austria, Lanz initiated the boy, Hitler, into this religion. He then left the order, and under the alias Georg Lanz von Liebenfels, began publishing the Hyperborean and anti- Semitic periodical, Ostara, in 1905.4 The Ostara religion, as the basis for the Thule gesellschaft, was one and the same as the new religion which I mentioned as being ‘revised’ for American dissemination, using von Liebenfel’s manuscripts, by Charles Hundley5, as Astara, to be led by the Cheneys.


This group is now known as The Ashtar Command, and is also the basis for the script for the TV series, Stargate. It is also the basis for the writings of Zechariah Sitchin, regarding the alleged extraterrestrial origin of the Sumerians, the same kind of stuff which Jim tried to hire me to write in 1977.

The Egyptian esoterica (“O.S.I.R.I.S.”, etc.) was used by the CIA to imply involvement of an occult group, or a group of ‘extraterrestrials’ who practice or originated that religion. This fits in with other parts of the ‘puzzle’, by saying that the ancient Egyptians were extraterrestrials. The O.S.I, group known as O.S.I.R.I.S., specializes in appearing at the sites of cattle mutilations, to suggest that the mutilations are occult-related, and to falsely absolve the Secret Government, according to the “Puzzle Palace” tradecraft. We are expected to investigate and to ‘discover’ that occult groups, practicing the Egyptian religion, are holding “golden cup” ceremonies.

The Nazi influence in our society exists in many forms, often unrecognizable even by people who should know better, often due to the concealment of the actual nature of the Nazi phenomenon, perhaps through the influence of people like Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Mueller of the CIA. In the following news item, there was less room for doubt. New Mexico State Policeman Leonard Frietze, shows his admiration for the “Guru” (which in German, is “Fuehrer”, referring to Hitler):

3E. W. Budge, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Introduction, p. cxxii (Un-nefer defined as “The Beautiful Hare”; p. 254,-Un-nefer interpreted as “Beautiful Hare” [citing Proc. Soc. Bib]. Arch. 1886].

4Jean-Michel Angebert, The Occult and the ThirdReich [Chap. 11, Catharism and Hitlerism].
5Discussions between the author and Charles Hundley (the CIA/ONI co-designer of Project Bluebook), Columbus, Ohio, 1958-59.

The Order of the New Temple which Joseph Lanz set up in 1900 was inspired by the Templars, with Lanz as the Grand Master, as a successor to Jacques de Molay.6 The original painting of Hitler as a Knight, in Templar regalia, clearly referred to the Nazi neo-Templar tradition. The New Mexico State Police “Knight” on horseback—copied from the Hitler painting—searches for the “Holy Grail” (the “Golden Cup”), which is the Nazi double symbol of “pure blood” and “knowledge”. This neo-Templar theme, a fundamental tenet of Nazi SS novices, in their training under Heinrich Himmler at Wewelsburg Castle, seems to have surfaced again in America.

A White Sands Missile Range Army Security document, placed in the mailboxes of teachers at the White Sands Missile Range School, where I taught in 1970-71—to ‘warn’ us about the awesome evils of “atheism” and the “peace sign”—was evidence of the kind of “knowledge” to which the Nazi/Christian/Templar “golden cup”/”Holy Grail” myth refers. Disturbing as it may seem, the connection between Fascism, God, the De Molays (junior Masons), and the national security establishment, was obviated by the 1971 document, which contained quite a number of errors and inaccuracies.


The document demonized Atheists, even though Atheism is a religious preference protected by the US. constitution and Bill of Rights, which means the security people don’t respect our American freedoms, and appear to have something else in mind. Note following words, “De Molay”, “Christianity”, and “Atheism”, in the text of the White Sands Security Bulletin, Security Office, Intelligence Division, dated 19 Apr., 1971, which quotes directly from the New Mexico DeMolay News, as follows (emphasis mine):

6Jean-Michel Angebert (Supra) Chapter 11.


“With the permission of the DeMolay Association of New Mexico,

the following article was excerpted from their January-February DeMolay News, Vol. 6—No. 1.

This illustration most of you will recognize as the ‘Peace Symbol.’ It is a popular emblem with protestors, draft card burners and flower children. Furthermore, it has become a popular fad with unsuspecting youth to embroider it on their clothes and paint it on their cars.

Peace symbol? Hardly. Nor is it a product of today’s youth. The symbol is an ancient one, but it has never been associated with peace. It is actually one of the Satanic symbols known as the broken cross or the ‘crucified cross.’ In short, it is one of the marks of the Anti-Christ, the sign of Satan. During the Middle Ages, it was known as the ‘Witch’s Foot.’

Look closely and you will readily see why it was adopted as the subtle sign of those opposed to Christianity------it is a broken cross turned up-side down.
One of the nation’s most sophisticated magazines, the NEW YORKER, said in a recent article that the so-called “Peace Symbol” was adopted by various ‘youth organizations’ on direct orders from the Communist Party. It is part of their long range propaganda campaign to attract youth into subversive Communist-directed programs. They seek to encourage young people to express contempt for adults, for authority, and for the ideals of patriotic Americans.

Be sure of one thing, the Communists are gleeful when they see this mark of atheism worn by Americans, whether knowingly or unsuspectingly.

FOR THE COMMANDER                                        (signature)
Chief, Security Office
D except D-50 (1,000); F;
AMSEL - bl (12)
AMSTE -SE- (2)

The document had a quaint naivete to it, as well as some basic theological ignorance. If the peace sign was a mark of “Satan”, how could it be “Atheistic”? Wasn’t Satan supposed to be a ‘fallen angel’? An Atheist doesn’t believe in such mythology, so there could hardly be a connection between the peace sign and Atheism, even if it were a Satanic symbol. Satan is supposed to be an enemy of his father, God.


How could he disbelieve his father existed? An Atheist can’t be an “enemy” of God, because to an Atheist, God doesn’t exist, and you can’t be an enemy of something which doesn’t exist. Immediately following this oxymoronic “Army Intelligence” blunder, an article appeared in Navy Times, which gave a more “knowledgeable” history of the iconography of the “peace sign” than the one written by Army intelligence Fascists at White Sands, who wanted to equate the peace sign with “Satan’s little plan”.


Navy scholars related the peace symbol to the semaphore alphabet, as a combination of the two diagonals (“N”), and a vertical line (“D”). It was first used by a London group called Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War during the 1958 Easter March at Aldermastoh.


A facsimile of the NavyTimes clipping follows:

Judging from the Nazis’ involvement with Masonic teachings regarding Solomon’s temple, the Tower of Babel before that, and to their eclectic infatuation with related esoteric material—as indicated by the triangular Illuminati symbol for the “p2” project run by von Braun in 1937 New Mexico—it is only natural that there was a Nazi-Masonic connection, and a Masonic-White Sands Missile Range Security connection, along with Masonic connections to many other covert government operations as well.


The von Stauffenberg conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, for example, was an attempted coup d’etat by aristocratic Prussian Masons, to install Field Marshall Erwin Rommel as the new Fuehrer. Hitler may have been the dictator of Germany at the time, but he was not Germany itself, and the Masonic plot was intended to get rid of Hitler, and create a new government which could join with America and England to stop the Soviets.


Just as the White Sands Security Bulletin disclosed information relating to Masonic influence in the group which ran the Army security operation at White Sands, the Masonic scandal in Italy involved an attempted neo-Fascist coup d’etat, by members of a clandestine “P-2” Lodge, a lodge with a coded name which meant “Propaganda- Due” (“Propaganda-Two”), which referred to the dualistic nature of a covert, Masonic government which uses “dual propaganda” to control the public, similar to the “Siamese Twin Big Lie System” I have detailed, and the Hermetic principle.

The following facsimile clipping relates to the Masonic scandal in Italy involving the attempted neo-fascist coup d’etat:

(NOTE: A synopsis of the above clipping is that the Italian “P2” Masonic Lodge involved over 953 well known Masonic businessmen, publishers, both the Christian Democrat and Socialist parties, the Italian Secret Service, and the Labor Ministry, in an oil industry scheme to set up an official corporate-state fascist regime like that of Mussolini.)

Admission into Masonry requires a belief in “Almighty God”, which comes as a surprise when considered in light of esoteric mythological information, related to the origins and meanings of the myths of “The Holy Grail”, “Lucifer”, and “Jesus”. The word “grail” (“Graal”) comes from the language of the ancient Albigensians (Al + bur + gen + si + ans = “El-Barrow-Born-Sun-People”), in which “Gorr-“ + “-aal” means “Holy Stone of El” (“El” being Saturn [”Sa-“ + “-turn” = “Sun-Hare”, meaning Osiris] or Lucifer [”Luci-“ + “-fer” = “Light-Hare”], or Satan [”Sa-“ + “-tan” = “Sun-Dawn”]).

As the myth goes, when Lucifer—also known as the “Morning Star”—fell from heaven, a sacred green emerald (the “sacred stone of El”) fell from his crown. This was the “Holy Grail”. From it was supposedly carved a cup known as “The Holy Grail”, which was searched for by the Nazis7 in the vicinity of the ancient Pyrenees stronghold of the Albigensians, whom they regarded as their “ancient Aryan spiritual forebears”.


The Albigensians were burned at the stake (the “Pyre”, hence “Pyrenees”), 700 years earlier, by the Catholic church. The Nazi Ahnenerbe defined its mission as being to avenge the ancient wrongs done to the Hyperborean (“O-phir-bore-an”, or “East-Port-Barrow-People”) Cathars (“Ca-“ + “-thars” = “Quay-Hares”).

The Christian religion was designed by Josephus8 (A.K.A., General Arius Calpurnius Piso), on behalf of the ruling Roman elite—who were Hermeticists—to replace the old Arrian (Aryan) religion, in which Osiris was the main god. Jesus was created literally as a replacement for Lucifer, to become the “Messiah” for the ‘new’ religion for the “Age of Pisces”. Since the (five-pointed) morning star (Venus) which was the symbol for Osiris (Lucifer), was also to be the symbol for Jesus, Josephus made Jesus to be called, “the bright and morning star”9. That means the Christians worship Lucifer, disguised as Jesus. That Lucifer really is a deceiver!

It became apparent to me that only the government could have financed and run such an operation, and that only they had the motive to do so. Only the corporate-state O.S.I. conspirators had almost unlimited funds and financial motivation to invest in such an endeavor. It was indeed astounding that an O.S.I. agent whom I had known for years, had confirmed his connection to the Secret Government, and attempting to recruit and employ me in the fabrication of tacky CIA “alien” trash, to hoodwink the American people, by concealing the advanced technology on behalf of the IllumiNazis. Maybe the cult was financed by the dope smuggling, minus a fat salary for Jim.

Our government creates and promotes hoaxes, backs fake propaganda movies and T.V. specials, and harasses anyone who threatens to expose them, more to conceal energy secrets, rather than to protect aeronautical or weapons technology. This is especially directed at anyone engaged in research or inventing within the field of “free energy” or “perpetual motion”. If anyone categorically doubts the feasibility of perpetual motion devices, I would like to introduce you to my real friend, the Universe, which, like an atom with its perpetually orbiting electrons (as a rule and not an exception), is a perpetual motion machine.


Nobody created it, nobody can destroy it or make it disappear, nobody can stop it from working, and nobody can show any ‘external’ source of energy which runs it. It has no “gas tank”, no beginning or end, and will never die. It is too big to have been “created”, and if it were finite, what would it look like on the outside? The S.E.C. cannot prosecute the Universe “out of business”. Scientists who are incapable of conceiving of the infmiteness of the Universe, and can only conceive it with a “beginning and an end”—like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm—are inferior and limited thinkers who shouldn’t even be in the field of science.

7Jean -Michel Angebert, The Occult and the Third Reich, McGraw-Hill Book Company.
8Abelard Reuchlin, The True Authorship of the New Testament, Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, Kent, WA98064.
9New Testament, Revelations 22:16.

“UFO” groups—actually O.S.I, counterintelligence teams—falsely create the illusion that occult groups are responsible for cattle mutilations—by coordinating their activities with the inadvertent reports of saucer sightings and the discovery of mutilated cattle by the public.


Meanwhile, the government also disseminates other false propaganda through “official sources” like the Santa Fe District Attorney’s office, such as through the federally-funded $50,000.00 grant for a phony “investigation” conducted by former F.B.I. agent, Ken Rommel, in which the government investigated itself. The purpose of this “investigation” was to feed propaganda to the pseudo-skeptical “Official Government”, Philip Klass/CSICOP side of the phony debate, to protract the misinformation through continued confusion and false conflict.

We the People—supposedly the damned ‘bosses’—are “not yet ready for the technology” (the ostensible excuse for the over 50 years continued secrecy, proffered at NSA/military/O.S.I./Air Force oversight intelligence committee levels). But what about the bankers and corporate IllumiNazis who in reality determine national—and international—security policy? Isn’t it they who are “not yet ready for the technology”? Is this the ultimate Wag the Dog scenario, or what?

There is traditionally a quasi-Nazi orientation of state police in America, which is often interlocked with the CIA. In Texas, as a Neighborhood Commissioner for the Boy Scouts in 1962, I attended a scouting executive conference hosted by the Air Force at Big Spring. For some unexplained reason, everyone started speaking German. Most of the Buffalo Trail executives were of German or Nordic extraction.

The keynote address for the conference was to be delivered by the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Col. Homer Garrison. Also in attendance was (then Capt., later Col.) Wilson Speir. As I waited in the “air room”, before Garrison’s address, Col. Speir approached me and unexpectedly said, “Adolf Hitler was the finest Christian gentleman the western world has ever seen, except he made only one mistake, by failing to kill all the Jews.”


After the conference, I was placed on the mailing list of several anti-Semitic, Nazi-oriented publications, such as Conde McGinley’s Common Sense, of Union, N.J. I never paid a dime, and the paper continued to reach me no matter where I moved, until 1966. Many policemen like Speir apparently admire Hitler because they consider him to have been “a good cop”, who “cleaned up the streets of Germany”. Police work sometimes naturally attracts authoritarian types who think that an authoritarian state will diminish crime and improve life. And imagine: A state in which the cops would be “top dogs”! These are not good cops. They are “bad cops”.

Another thing this experience confirmed, was the Nazi orientation of the Boy Scouts, similar to the transformation in Germany of the Pfadtfindern (“Pathfinders”, the German equivalent of the Boy Scouts), into the Jugendbunds (“Youth Bunds”), from which the S.S. Hitlerjugends had grown. In Austin Texas, in 1968, a Boy Scouts of America T.V. ad was narrated by one of Wernher von Braun’s N.A.S.A. astronauts, John Glenn, now a U.S. Senator from Ohio (and the oldest astronaut to go into space).

The ad showed Scouts on patrol, carrying patrol flags, running up a hill and tumbling down the other side, as a vaguely familiar German military march played in the background. I recollected having heard the march only a short time before, in a televised documentary of William Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. In the documentary, a Hungarian composer and favorite of Hitler—affectionately referred to as “Putzy”—related how he had composed a march entitled Youth Marches Forward, on request of the Fuehrer, for a propaganda film for his Hitlerjugends. John Glenn gave his recruitment spiel to American youth, and the ad with the march was a verbatim copy of the Nazi ad. After I pointed this out to a few people at the university, the ad was promptly jerked from the media without public comment.

The same Col. Wilson Speir (previous page) who was a Scouting official, and eventually became head of the D.P.S. in Texas, after the death of Col. Homer Garrison (ca. 1966), was given a special “heroism” award by President L.B.J., in 1967. Despite the numerous inquiries of Senator ‘Babe’ Schwartz of Galveston, no one could figure out what Speir had supposedly done to earn it. Schwartz probably knew of Speir’s Nazi proclivities, and was just ‘turning up the heat’. One of the first things Speir did when he took over the D.P.S., was to create the state police’s very own “mini-CIA”. The first thing to come to my mind, was Himmler’s S.S.. How deeply in law enforcement has this influence penetrated?

In 1986, a young Atheist scout was kicked out because of his refusal to believe in a “god”, or to pledge loyalty to “God”, as stated in the “God and Country” phrase in the Boy Scout Oath. Asserting his right to religious belief or non-belief, he brought suit to enjoin the scouts to reinstate his membership, alleging not only the un-American, illegal and unconstitutional discrimination against him because of his beliefs, but also the abridgement of his 2nd Amendment rights to protection against state recognition of an establishment of religion.


He lost the suit and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld what they referred to as the “right” of the Boy Scouts of America to discriminate against Atheists. A taxpayer-provided federal highway marker on 1-25 to the south of Santa Fe, directs the public to a local Boy Scout meeting hall, as official sponsorship of the Scouts, who discriminate against Atheists, just as they might do against Jews. Ergo, the state officially discriminates against Atheists.

It is disturbing to think that these Christian fascists equate only their religious beliefs with “good”, while the beliefs of “Atheists” are automatically associated with “evil”. Perhaps someone should have told them that “Satan”, to an Atheist, is purely a mythological creation which belongs to the Christians and Jews. The Communists only pretended to be Atheists, but in reality, substituted a different pantheon of gods (their leadership), under a different set of mystical beliefs, replacing the myth of “god” with the myth of “collective consciousness”, the same as the Tibetan Bonpas.

Atheism is inconsistent to totalitarianism, since Atheists are by definition individualists who reject both Christian, Communist, or any other mystical collectivism. Without blind acceptance of what a totalitarian government or religion tells you, based on faith rather than reason—such as the idea of a “collective consciousness”—as the basis for a “more just”, “more scientific”, or “superior” form of government or society, a collectivist system breaks down.


There is nothing in the world’s major religions to prevent them from practicing communism or fascism, which are based on the same kind of altruism. In fact, wherever these religions have become the “state” religions, the results have been communistic or fascistic. Many people like Stalin, merely exchanged their priestly garbs for communist or fascist uniforms, without even breaking stride. Fidel Castro was converted to Marxist-Leninism by two Jesuit priests, while in the Sierra Maestas of Cuba, preparing for his final march on Havana.

I have found nothing in the lives or works of such famous Atheist as Giuseppe Verde, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Nathan Hale, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many others whom you might never suspect, to urge anything other than a free system, including the right to believe as one chooses, upon others.

Many of our most famous Atheists have been forced by circumstances to pay “lip service” to Christianity, Judaism, or other religions, including Communism, in public statements, coerced by corporate fascists who consider the mind-control mechanisms of “collective belief indispensable to the security of their coercive “systems”.

It is easy to be confused when the government spreads false propaganda among a public willing to believe it. A 1953 panel was set up to “investigate” flying saucers, headed by Dr. H.P. Robertson—an O.S.I, consultant, chosen to head the Robertson Panel—which eventually issued what was called The Robertson Report (on “UFOs”), intended to embellish the cover-up which has been protracted until today.

The N.S.A. (parent agency to the O.S.I.) is known in the “trade” as “The Puzzle Palace”10. A ‘puzzle’ is something that comes in bits and pieces, but “puzzle palace” implies a place where puzzles are created, like a “pizza palace” creates pizzas. Through “false puzzles”—the pieces of which fit together to form false pictures—the public is misinformed in such a way that they believe they have pieced a puzzle together, and “...figured something out”, when in reality they were suckered in by the O.S.I.


These “puzzles” might lead a rational person to conclude that the scenarios are too corny to believe, but the religious history of the world shows that ‘mass’ society is hooked on corny scenarios, especially “religious” or “spiritual” ones. O.S.I, think tanks—guided by the S.S. mystics of Reinhard Gehlen’s RSHA—have designed these phony ‘alien’ scenarios, using the principles of secret, mystical movements, societies and religions of the world.


This technique was influenced by the fact that, in the creation of librettos for grand opera, composers and librettists know that successful librettos must be “schmaltzy” (Yiddish for “chicken-fatty”, but meaning “corny” and overdone). This conclusion influenced the modern Big Lie Technique, as stated by Adolf Hitler:

“In the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of people...will more easily fall victim to a great lie than to a small one, since they themselves...lie sometimes in little things... Thus such an idea of an untruth will not at all enter their heads...therefore, just for this reason, some part of the most impudent lie will remain and stick “.

Sometimes determining the truth is just a matter of common sense, being a good judge of character, and at other times, objectivity in listening to the ridiculousness of what is being said. You sometimes know the truth because it is reasonable, is being told by a calm, sane, reasonable and honest person, unconnected to the government, who is not given to flights of fantasy, corroborated by other reliable sources. People who say they “met space beings” (p. 133), are either government liars, attention seekers, insane, or pathetic victims of slick government cons.

Why do these liars have such illegal power over us? We shall know the truth— which is a pack of CIA lies. The 1979-80 “investigation” by ex-FBI agent Ken Rommel, reported in the New Mexican, is immediately refuted by a letter from Thomas Martin of Santa Fe, as shown in the following facsimile news clippings from the New Mexican (ca. 1980):

10James Bamford, The Puzzle Palace [1982],

Some policemen are responsible to the people, rather than to totalitarian-like bureaucracies which direct them. One gutsy New Mexico State Police member, Gabe Valdez, of Dulce, New Mexico, who is both intelligent and truly courageous, took on the phony FBI/CIA “mutilations investigation” of ex-FBI agent, Ken Rommel, head-on.


The following is my facsimile clipping, with photo of Valdez:

The issues are whether the cattle are,

  1. being intentionally “mutilated” by weirdos (highly unlikely); or,

  2. being killed and eaten by predators with scalpels for teeth (Valdez’ “big fools” believe this); or,

  3. being subjected to particle beam experimentation, exsanguination, and surgical extraction of tissue to analyze for ionizing radiation damage (the “MRA” under the circumstances).

As I have already said, an Albuquerque scientist named Calvin Horn, among others, years ago found that a standard blood coagulent and a microwave chamber were used to thoroughly exsanguinate the carcasses (even removing traces of copper from the livers). A cauterizing scalpel (invented in 1938, for those idiots who are easily mystified by technology as old as I am) removes tissue in non-bleeding cuts, cauterizing as it goes. The blood and tissue are then processed and run through a counter to determine the number of cells affected and how. Since it’s secret, you know it’s illegal and bad for us.

There is also the compelling evidence of strange aircraft which are silent (not helicopters), glow orange, and, as described by Gave Valdez, “...look like an evening star.” Some of these ships, incidentally, have been photographed up close, “in the act.” After the cattle have been removed to a laboratory—at a secret government facility, or in the saucers themselves—and are fully processed, the carcasses are dropped from the air, so as to avoid tracks around them for investigators to find, though tracks may appear at pick-up locations.


Some have been found lodged high in the branches of trees. As Tom Martin implied a couple of pages back, it’s stupid to call these partial dissections, tissue samplings and experiments “mutilations”, any more than one would refer to an apendectomy as a “mutilation”, unless the surgeon is extremely incompetent, or insists on proving he’s no “button-holer”.

The golden Vapio Cups depict ancient Minoan “cowboys” of 3,500 years ago, rounding up bulls for the “pagan” ceremonies commencing important gatherings, in which such cups were used to drink the blood of young bulls. This “Golden Cup Ceremony” spread from Asia (Western Siberia), into the Mediterranean, and throughout the Celto-Nordic tribes, as traditions of the westward-migrating bands of mixed Norse, Mongols, and Moors.


It appeared in the ancient Nibelungenlied (“Song of the Nibelungs”, the pan-Germanic epic), became known as the “Holy Grail” myth, and was eventually taken up by both the Christians—who erroneously associated it with their religion—and by the Nazis, via their Ahnenerbe/Thule Societies, within the “Old Prussian” Masonic Illuminati, which revived the ceremony in neo-pagan Luciferian/Osirian Nazi S.S. ceremonial toasts to “knowledge” and “pure Aryan blood”. This and the Egyptian Apis Bull myth are more fully connected in Chapter VII.

Then came the O.S.I, with its cattle mutilations cover-up, and covertly operated “O.S.I.R.I.S.” pseudo-occult front group, to which they psychopolitically imputed responsibility—not to exclude the possibility that the ceremonies are actually those of Nazis perpetuating a secret S.S. infrastructure within the CIA—and daring us to catch them. Was not von Braun an Obersturmbannfuehrer in the S.S.? Were any Blacks or Jews reported in these groups?


“O.S.I.R.I.S.” gatherings are coordinated with saucer sightings and related secret medical experiments (“mutilations”), to throw outside investigators off. The F.B.I.’s position is ‘natural causes’ for the experiments, and ‘blackouts’ on the saucers, while the Air Force’s suspicious behavior lends false credibility to the cover-up conspiracy theory.

Seeking to rectify a blundering lack of visual arts finesse which was apparent in the original 1947 Roswell Hoax, the CIA now employs more skillful technicians, artists, and panels of Ph.D.s. In 1985, they warmed up the old Roswell leftovers as the “MJ-12” hoax, to retroactively fabricate a coverup in 1947. (There was a 1947 cover-up, but that was to conceal the fatal flaws in the hastily bungled initial hoax.) A lingering phoniness is obviated by the contorted, over-scholarly extremes to which they have gone, to create the effect that occult groups—with names like “O.S.I.R.I.S.”—are responsible for the cattle mutilations. Oh, what tangled webs they weave, when first they practice to deceive!

Some of the related literature goes so far as to say that the ancient Egyptians were a colony of “aliens from space”. Since the O.S.I.R.I.S. members were so “well-mannered”, “young”, “neat”, and “well-dressed”, it is difficult to imagine them hoisting up huge bull carcasses to drain them of blood, or surgically removing genitalia, anal tissue, etc., muchless gorging themselves on huge quantities of warm bull blood, like a lusty band of ancient Minoans or Celts.

As obvious titillations to ancient history detectives, arcane clues disseminated to mystify the surrounding circumstances (the work of the “Puzzle Palace”) invite scholars to “uncover” the sham “cover-up conspiracy”, not to mention the obscure Golden Cup Ceremony. The scenario is so devious, that only a team of diploma-mill Ph.D.s employed by the CIA could have conceived it!


What better use for ‘surplus’ graduates in ancient history or archaeology?


The scenario incidentally reveals an all too explicable familiarity with the esoterica of the S.S. Ahnenerbe dilettantes, considering the fact that these labyrinthine contortions were bequeathed to the CIA by the S.S. Using the same material—the dissemination for which S.S. theorists were once hung or shot by the Tribunal at Nuremberg—our own CIA, revealing its S.S. affinities, subtly brainwashes us with this garbage with impunity, in subliminal psychopolitical messages. We should be outraged that our government engages in this BIG BROTHER mystical, religious shamanism and huxterism, treating us like psychopolitical zombies; “Uncle Sham” at his worst!

In the ancient Egyptian religion, Hapi—one of the four sons of Horus the hawk or falcon—and one of the four kings of the cardinal points of the earth—is shown as a baboon-god which is the dual namesake for the ‘Apis’ Bull. The bull and ape are both forms of Osiris, the father and son of Horus, as part of early ‘holy trinity’ myth copied by Josephus. The military intelligence/Illuminati committees proffered up monkies as aliens at Roswell in 1947, using the shaved and dyed rhesus monkies (which are very close to the original “cynocephalus” (“Chinese-headed”) baboons used by the Ancient Egyptians), to produce alienoid/humanoid-looking beings.

An examination of all this stuff makes it ever more maddeningly apparent that BIG BROTHER has been playing games with our minds, planting ancient Egyptian esoterica, either out of inherent bureaucratic plagiarism and uncreative laziness, or to dare some scholarly investigator to eventually discover it. Or did they think this was so slick that we mere ‘civilians’ would never unravel it? Was this an insider joke for Illuminati-employed Egyptologists, or just a short-cut for lazy Ph.D.s, who plagiarized their scenario from sources so obscure they mistakenly believed we would never discover how incompetent they were? Or, are the Illuminati who control the intelligence community so egotistical about their esoteric beliefs, that they insist on scattering the earmarks of them all about, as they gloat in secret pleasure?

“Apis” is Greek for “Hapi”, the namesake for the “Apis Bull” (“Ape-Bull”), involved in the Golden Cup Ceremony (“Apis” contains the apparent root for “ape”). The sacred bull was chosen for a white triangle on his forehead, as another maddening Trilateral symbolic parallel! The bull was referred to as “Osiris Apas” (in Greek, “Osorapis”). Literally, this means “East-Hare-Ape-(Bull)”, a sort of animal/god conglomerate typical of the Egyptian religion. So there is “O.S.I.R.I.S.”, there are the apes, and the mutilations are the Golden Cup Ceremonies! Gee, I solved the Puzzle Palace’s “puzzle of the month”!

Rhesus monkies possess exotic, ‘alienoid’ characteristics—“cynocephalous”, humanoid faces with large, soulful, slanted eyes—with subhuman body size, and similarities to the sacred baboon form of Osiris, convenient for transformation into the “space beings” of the Roswell/MJ-12 hoaxes. Furthermore, a handy supply of rhesus monkies from the Regional Primate Research Laboratory, at Alamogordo (or its predecessor agency) were already being killed in the rocket sled accelerator experiments, as substitutes for human pilots, preparatory to manned flights in rocket planes such as the X-15, leading up to the moon missions envisioned by Wernher von Braun.


The monkies were already outfitted with the helmets and G-suits, to simulate human conditions as closely as possible. The original photos showed pressure lines and lacings visible on the G-suits, which would have been unnecessary had the monkies been pilots of flying saucers, which canceled most if not all of the G-force. The original photos which I saw, now appear to be unavailable, except in the memories of myself and those who saw them.

When one of these shaved dead babies is dyed green, and you put his G-suit and helmet on, with those like DEAD eyes looking out from under those droopy eyelids, the effect is EERIE enough to convince some gullible people that they are “aliens”. The dead lab animals were shaved, in order for the G-suits to be effective (the pressure with the animal hair would be ineffective). The total effect was in fact TOO WEIRD, and even the government bunglers eventually backed off from that one. The key words here are LAZY and BAD TASTE.


The original photos showed the fatal flaws—identifiability of the critters as monkies, and apparently man-made constuming and equipment—since aliens capable of traveling millions of light years through interstellar space, would probably not use conventional sewing machines and lacings to make their garments. Exposure of the 1947 fakery, exposes the ensuing protracted hoaxes. Ergo, the newly created (c. 1985) MJ-12 documents scenario, ex post facto, was also a hoax. The original hoax at Roswell was already out of the bag and had to be altered, since it was obviously bungled. A hoax to conceal a bungled hoax.

The major error in the original 1947 Roswell hoax, after the dead monkies were all dressed up for the rocket sled, was in deciding to go ahead and give them “somewhere (else) to go”, without more professional consultation. At that point, some G.I. with bad taste and judgment, probably said something like “...Yeah...that’s it..that’s what an alien would look like! Let’s do it!”

Roswell was the largest town in the general area, the citizens of which had almost all seen saucers, or had close friends who had seen one of more. Because of the fantastic electrical flight characteristics and inadequate control and navigational systems of the earlier saucers, the government was unable to conceal them while developing them in the area. The hoax was an ill-conceived attempt to explain away the many sightings near the secret military bases, where excited post-war saucer experimentation accompanied the influx of German saucers and personnel, immediately after the war, soon followed by more. The hoax was intended to convince the many people who had seen saucers, that they weren’t “ours”.

The government had its hands full trying to keep the German saucers secret, what with the fifteen thousand German scientific, technical, support and security personnel.

All those people had to have recreation, which created even more security problems. The German personnel often went down to nearby Juarez and Ojinaga, Mexico, to blow off steam and whoop it up. Naturally, some of them were arrested and held in Mexican jails after all-night drinking bouts, whoring, and brawls. Getting foreigners out of Mexican jails has always been difficult, and the Juarez jail was a sort of old dungeon which was notorious for its large rats and bugs.

While at the University of Texas, I had a neighbor named Helen Nash. Helen was married to retired A.F. sergeant George Nash, whose father had gambled away the fortune earned with his grandfather’s Nash Automobile Company. Helen was from Germany. She had an old ancestral castle over in East Germany, near the Czech border, which the West German government bought from her, since they figured sooner or later, the divided Germany would be brought back together again, and they would have ‘title’.


The old castle would make a fine tourist attraction. Now that’s what I call thinking ahead. Helen’s father owned all the pleasure boats on the Rhein. His main boat was called the “Barbarossa”. That made me wonder just how far ahead the Germans were thinking. Anyone out there get that? Barbarossa (“Red Beard”) is the Germanic myth about an old man who awakens from his slumber every so often, and comes out of his cave to stalk the earth. The myth is an esoteric Nazi code symbolic of the return of a new Hitler, in a Fourth Reich.

At 15 years of age, Helen, who spoke five or six languages, was brought to Alamogordo/White Sands from Bavaria, as a security agent for the German Operation Paperclip contingency of the secret flying saucer/rocket project. One of her main jobs was to negotiate with Mexican authorities, to get German scientists, soldiers, and other personnel out of the Mexican jails, and to act as an interpreter whenever necessary. She was like an extension of the German Embassy, very highly connected because of her aristocratic family.


It sometimes cost a lot of money to get the Germans out of the Mexican jails. Helen never denied my accusations that the German contingency she worked with included the flying saucer group, but since she still held the rank of major in German Intelligence, she was still bound from saying more by security regulations. Helen was brought to White Sands as part of Operation Paperclip, while von Braun was at Ft. Bliss, and the entire German flying saucer project was brought to America, because the Russians were threatening to overrun West Germany, and superficially it was feared that they might acquire the technology, though it was more likely that the Illuminati was completely eradicating the “German memory” of the “KT-p2” Projekt.

The decision to execute the Roswell hoax was probably not previewed or fully authorized by the Pentagon, failing to anticipate that their Illuminati bosses would still be relying upon it 38 years later (in 1985, at the time of “MJ-12”). So the old, flawed hoax was buried, and the new revised MJ-12 hoax was created to replace it. No one has come up with the photos which were published not only in newspapers, but magazines as well. That means that, in the 47 years since, the spooks have continually combed the shelves and files of libraries, newspapers, magazines and publishers, and “retrieved” every last stitch of this evidence, except whatever might still be buried somewhere in someone’s old pile of c. 1947-1968 magazines, newspapers or other effects.

Down in Roswell, on Mar. 25, 1994, the government liars and their agents and dupes, were ballyhooing up a “conference” over the “Roswell Incident”, coinciding with the filming of the T.V. production, “Roswell”. They have two main tourist attractions in Roswell. One of them is the “Roswell Incident” hoax, and the other is the “Billy the Kid” hoax. Recently, information has come to light that William Bonny (the “Kid”), was not killed by Pat Garrett, but died Dec. 27, 1950 at almost 91 years of age, in Hico, Texas, going by the name O.L (“Brushy Bill”) Roberts.

This was documented by Dr. C.L. Sonnichsen (Alias Billy the Kid, 1955, written for William V. Morrison). Dr. Sonnichsen was a well established historian, who was often published through the University of Oklahoma Press, other Universities, and some private presses. I met him twice, once in the printshop of Karl Hertzog, the typographer for the press of the University of Texas at El Paso, and a second time in Santa Fe, where he attended a Southwest writers’ conference, and we had a very enjoyable supper together at the La Fonda Hotel. He was well-acquainted with my old friend, J. Evetts Haley, the western (“cowboy”) historian, and with Tom Lea, the painter, muralist, and writer, who wrote and illustrated the book, The Mustang11.


You can imagine the reaction of the “Kid” aficionados at Roswell, as well as those at Ft. Sumner, where the Kid was supposedly buried, after being ‘gunned down’ by Pat Garrett. They weren’t about to let ‘revisionists’ put an end to a good thing, since a lot of their tourist income and local color is tied up in keeping things the way they are. They too had conferences, featuring forensic experts from Los Alamos, doing computer analyses of photos of the Kid and Brushy Bill, etc., etc.


But if you have an artist’s eye, and casually look at the photos of the Kid and Brushy Bill, you can see they are the same person, separated by about 40 years. Roberts had over 22 documents proving his identity as “Billy the Kid”. Ft. Sumner advertises the grave site and Kid museum on billboards all around the area. Oh yeah! That “Brushy Bill” thing sure was a hoax! The Illuminati and CIA also oppose such revisionism, because it threatens to destroys confidence in “their” false history.

Jesse James’ cousin, Ola Everhard, of Lovington, New Mexico, let the cat out of the bag a few years ago, concerning the truth about the death of Jesse James. Among my childhood friends, were the great-grandsons of Frank James, (“Jimmy” and “Al” Schlosser), and the grandson of a Mr. Shea (“Seay”, or “See”?), Tommy Mulcahy (“Mulkey”?). Shea had been in the Army of Northern Virginia. When Lee surrendered, Shea couldn’t accept it, and joined Quantill’s Raiders in New Mexico.


That is where Shea became friends with the James brothers. Later, Shea rode with Billy the Kid in the Lincoln County Wars, and maintained his old friendship with the James brothers, as well as the Kid, for whom he had a good deal of respect. Shea’s respect was not easily won, and I don’t think it was completely due to the fact that the Kid (temporarily) used an Irish name, William Bonny. That was all explained by Dr. Sonnichsen. I always knew that ‘Bonny’ and the James brothers (Frank and Jesse) had died of natural causes, after living considerably longer lives than most.


Frank James, a published historian, ran a profitable antique business at Valley Mills, Texas, near Waco, where he died of old age. His grandson, Jesse James Howard, raised in the Cimmarron, attended the University of Texas in 1938, wearing buckskins, moccasins, beads, and long pigtails. In the ‘60s, he jokingly boasted that he had been the “first hippy” at U.T., in 1938. He was Jim and Al’s uncle.

Mr. Shea and the James boys (who used the names Bounds and Howard) would get together on their favorite patriotic holiday, the Fourth of July. I remember them getting together 1947, at the Schlosser house across Tornillo street, in Kermit. Shea looked resplendent in his Confederate Uniform, which he wore on such occasions. The get-together was attended by Shea, Frank and Jesse James, “Brushy Bill Roberts” (“Billy the Kid”), and their descendants. I can remember playing with a boy named “Franklin D. Bounds” (named after F.D.R.), who was Jesse James’ great grandson.

11Tom Lea, The Mustang, University of Texas at El Paso Press [ca. 1961].

Many times, Jim and Al had proudly shown me Jesse’s favorite rifle, an oddball caliber Winchester saddle gun, which hung on their wall. That gun had been used in the famous Northfield Minnesota Amnesty Raid. And of course, when we played “guns”, Jim and Al would play Jesse and Frank, often arguing about which one played Jesse.

I remember on that 1947 Fourth of July, that, as Mr. Shea came striding down Tornillo street toward the Schlosser house, and I played in the front yard with Al, the three old men with canes—Frank, Jesse, and Billy—came in the gate. Al said, “Hey Bill, how’d you like to meet Jesse James, Frank James and Billy the Kid?” I said, “Yeah!”, and, as the old men came by, I shook their hands, as they said “How-do, young feller”, but Al’s sister told his mother, and I was taken into the house and asked to promise to never tell anyone about the ‘ghosts’ I’d seen.

Jimmy and Al got severely reprimanded for telling me “too much”, since Jesse and Frank may still have had prices on their heads at the time. Though I knew the truth, and was sworn to it, and despite the fact that I tried to cover for them by telling their mother that they had told me nothing, the boys were still whipped, even though their parents weren’t “mean”. The events of that day told me two things: It was true that Jesse James was still alive, and Jim, Al and I weren’t good liars.

Frank James, whose family used the name Howard (not Jesse’s family, as some thought), and Jesse James (whose family used the Bounds name) had been given secret pardons by the ‘carpetbag’ governor, Edmund Davis, of Texas. They had previously acquired incriminating evidence on a fellow carpetbag governor, Crittenden of Missouri, and blackmailed him into prevailing upon Davis to give them the pardons.


The man shot by Bob Ford, in Missouri, was actually a notorious murderer , wanted “dead or alive”, named Charlie Bigelow, who looked a lot like Jesse. It was he who was laid in the grave, at the “funeral of Jesse James”, in 1882. James even helped carry Bigelow’s coffin, and Bigelow’s wife, posing as Jesse’s wife, even identified the body for the coroner, as “Jesse’s”! Unfortunately, Bob Ford was subsequently killed in a Colorado saloon by a James fan.


Mr. Shea, over 103 in 1947, died at 104, in 1948. He had taught his grandson, Tommy Mulcahy, at the age of two, to recite every state in the Union and its capitol, as well as the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence. The old man had a great patriotic love of America, and was one of the few who knew the Civil War was not about slavery. Out of respect for my friends, I didn’t reveal the truth about the James brothers until after their deaths. No one would have believed me anyway, and most won’t believe me now.

Jesse James died of natural causes on August 15, 1951, in Granbury, Texas (on the Brazos River, about 30 miles southwest of Ft. Worth) at age 10312. Billy the Kid (A.K.A. William Roberts) had died the year before, on December 27, 1950, in Hico, 195 miles west13. The two had known each other for over 89 years, and they were almost relatives. The James brothers had come together on July 4, 1947, to Kermit, to talk over the “old days”, and to visit family members and their old friend Mr. Shea., and to celebrate Independence Day.

Why do I tell you all these old stories? What do they have to do with the “Roswell Hoax”? These stories have to do with all historical hoaxes, because they show that, as usual, there is often a true story behind the ‘official’ version.

12Dr. Charles L. Sonnichsen, Alias Billy the Kid [commissioned by William V. Morrison, 1955].
13C.L. Sonnichsen, Supra.

That is because societies have almost always been controlled by an elite, through such hoaxes and false history, such as, that Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated in Bohemia in 1942, Hitler shot himself in the mouth in 1945, Jesse James was shot in the back in Missouri, Billy the Kid was shot by Pat Garrett, John F. Kennedy was shot by a “lone gunman” named Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, and an “alien saucer” crashed in Roswell in 1947.

In order to understand the “Roswell Hoax”, one has to know a little about the local history, psychology, and vested interests involved. A whole culture has grown up in New Mexico around the Billy the Kid/Lincoln County Wars stories, as well as the “alien saucer” hoax. On the “old west” folklore, there are museums, ‘experts’, graves, historical plaques, conferences, historical reenactments and pageants, gunslinger contests, and annual celebrations, and would virtually have the same things on the “alien saucer hoax”, if only they had laid the little dudes to rest in proper graves.


(Instead, the researchers incinerated the corpses along with other dead lab animals, especially since the corpses were beginning to stink very badly while they were at the hospital).


Rhesus monkies, like humans, release their bowel contents when they die, so the G-suits were getting pretty nasty after a few days in the July hot desert sun.

It is the carnival/tourist-trap psychology of the dusty little town of Roswell, which the government has tried to key into, rather than the local military yahoos, in perpetrating the initial Roswell hoax, but the atmosphere of the 1997 “50 Year Anniversary of the Roswell Incident” gravitated—or perhaps ascended—to the level of & folk festival, with people coming from the countryside with all kinds of alien kitsch, folk art, food and beverage stands, bands, and RVs, in hopes of making a few dollars and to have a good time. Most of them didn’t even break even.

In respect to the ‘alien saucer’ hoax, just enough false clues were leaked through covert means, to keep the Big Lie alive, while attempting to conceal the original hoax by retrieving evidence, like stealing my two photos, and buying Bart Wilson’s photo. Hindsight is sometimes 20/20. If the government revealed its part in the hoax, or if someone comes along with physical evidence exposing it, the government hoax will be done for, but as for the “folk festival”, I’m sure some Roswell entrepreneurs will come up with the idea of a “Great Roswell Alien Hoax Museum”. After all, why should the Piltdown Man hoax get all the glory?

The family of my brother-in-law, Paul E. Jette III, a coach at Mount Pleasant, Texas, were early Anglo settlers in the Roswell area. Paul’s great-grandfather was John Blazer, whose mill was the site of a well-known skirmish in the Lincoln County War. Some of Paul’s family lived at Mescalero, the location of Dr. Robert Goddard’s rocket workshop. Paul III and my older sister, Ramona, took their honeymoon at Blazer’s Mill, near Mescalero. Goddard, Willy Ley, and Wernher von Braun fired experimental rockets in 1935-37, from nearby Eden Valley. Paul and Mona rode to the old Blazer place in a wagon used on the honeymoons of two previous generations of Jettes, as well as by many others in the family.

Paul Jette, I (“Pop” Jette), married John Blazer’s half-Souix daughter, shortly after 1900. He had been the quarterback for the University of Georgia when Knute Rockne of Notre Dame had thrown the first forward pass. He set up the first modern athletic programs in New Mexico, at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and at New Mexico State University (then “N. M. A. & M. Univ.”, set up with statehood, under Teddy Roosevelt’s plan).


Then he was the head of the I. N. S. Paul Ill’s aunt was the Army nurse present in Roswell when the so-called ‘alien’ was dissected. She had previously been a captured Army nurse at Corrigidor in the ‘40s, survived the Bataan Death March, and continued her work as a nurse at Roswell until becoming a Sister of Charity nun. Roswell researchers have been unable to locate her. I know where she is, but don’t want her to be bothered by ‘UFOlogists’. Her sister, Leona, told me about the rhesus monkies in 1958. The sisters also remembered von Braun and Dr. Robt. Goddard, when they test-fired their rockets at Eden Valley, near Goddard’s workshop in Mescalero, in the 1930s. A young unmarried German baron in his early twenties didn’t escape the attention of the girls in the small town of Mescalero, of course!

Roswell hoax dupes said the ‘aliens’ had no teeth, only four fingers on each hand, had “suction cups” on their fingertips, and were “...not human”. Their teeth had been removed because military personnel were being bitten while shaving them, and putting the tight-fitting G-suits on them. Their fingertips were nipped off, healing to suction cup-type configurations. Their ears were surgically removed so the space helmets would fit, and they were deafened because the roar of the rocket sled drove them crazy.


Their thumbs were surgically removed to keep them from escaping from the rocket sled harnesses, or from ripping or grabbing at personnel. The little guys were usually crushed to death by G-forces in repeated rocket sled runs, or in one of von Braun’s reworked V-2s, during tests determining the “GS” a human pilot might withstand.

The strength of these monkies are several times that of humans for their size. (I know about that, since I have a scar on my right hand, slashed at lightening speed by a rhesus monkey at a circus. The nasty cut was difficult to heal, because of infection caused by the filthy nails of the monkey). The reports that the monkies “weren’t human”, was absolutely correct, since rhesus monkies are East Indian short-tailed monkeys, not humans. There was a switch from the more problematic rhesus monkies, to easier to manage and more docile chimpanzees, around 1952, about the time of the first publicized rocket rides of the chimps.

Following my July, 1993 first edition, the general excitement created by UFOlogy groups and their begged question that the government “concealed evidence of the crash of an alien space ship at Roswell in 1947”, Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt published yet another book, The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell, in 1994. At page 149, they state: “Even Schaffner admits that earliest launches of rhesus monkeys occurred in the early ‘50s. He found no evidence that monkeys had been used in 1947.” According to their own documentation, the records of the Space Center in Alamogordo say the first use of monkies in rocket launches was on June 11, 1948. Was this “...the early ‘50s”? And, these were records of “rocket” launches, not the rocket sled, which naturally preceded the flights of the monkies in rockets, in 1948.

G-suits, helmets, face masks and oxygen supplies were required on the rocket sled for the monkeys, to replicate contemplated human conditions as closely as possible. In addition, acceleration on the rocket sled would take away their breath, and if the monkies had died of anything except G-forces, the tests would have been useless. (Incidentally, my Albuquerque friend, Merill Holste, invented the G-suit in the ‘40s, but the government stole it from him and pretended that a man connected to a large corporation had invented it.) Of course, if records could prove that the “aliens” at Roswell were rhesus monkies, they would naturally be classified, since they could document the hoax, like my photos. I also remember seeing a film on the 1947 rocket sled tests using them, simple as that.

The most telling thing about Randle and Schmitt’s 1994 book, is that they attempted to address a question without saying who raised it, in their statement that “another researcher” had examined the “possibility” of rhesus monkies in a crashed V-2 or A-9 German rocket, as the basis for the “crash”. I was the one who had raised the issue of rhesus monkies, which was then distorted with the reference to a possible rocket crash.


True to CIA form, they didn’t advertise my book by mentioning it, because the CIA UFOlogists will only cite ‘documentation’ they created and control, but Randle and Schmitt looked kind of silly attempting to answer my assertion without citing its source. They got their facts wrong on the rockets too, because V-2s and other German rockets were tested from May, 1946 until 1952, at White Sands Missile Range, by von Braun and company.

Highly publicized books by OSI contractors shows the systematic evasion of my questions, and a persistent asking of the wrong questions. They fall into two irrational groups:

(1) The group asserting an alien spacecraft crash

(2) the group denying an alien spacecraft crash, but asserting an experimental weather balloon crash, and adding that UFOlogists are crazy because they believe in “alien UFOs”

The UFOlogists have intentionally made it easy for the OSI pseudo-skeptics, by providing them with assertions and questions which make a denial look correct, except for the weather balloon lie, used to cover the initially bungled rhesus monkey hoax.

The Roswell hoax illustrates how our government went into a relatively remote area—such as the southwest was in 1947—and intimidated and slandered the credibilities of literally thousands of people, with lies that those who had seen saucers were liars, were crazy, were publicity-seekers, or were all those things. Rather than to endure ridicule, most people learned to pretend that they saw nothing, and that the sky was ‘off limits’ to one’s credibility. To hell with Aristotle! Plato’s ‘Cave Analogy’ was now “official U.S. government epistemology”.

Not to diminish the importance of understanding the hoaxes concealing the saucers, there appears to have been other monkey business afoot at nearby White Sands Proving Grounds, under the “space program” being hyped by von Braun, as a propaganda tool to get funding for the rocket and the secret saucer projects.


It is a little embarrassing to think that the rocket program is a part of the BIG LIE scheme, since the saucer technology is so much cheaper, durable, faster, and much more fantastic. In retrospect, the rocket program appears to have always been a mask for the flying saucer stuff, and a much more monstrous and expensive hoax than the Roswell hoax, having as its purpose the enrichment of the chemical and ‘aerospace’ corporations, to get their impetus behind the program, as well as to enlist their backing in the concealment of the saucer technology, thereby also fraudulently enriching the oil and automobile companies, and adding their impetus to the program.


To paraphrase Hitler, “The State and industry are to be partners; one hand washes the other.”14

In 1970, I met a newspaper writer at the Odessa American, in Odessa, Texas, where my sister Liz had once been the amusements editor. The writer’s name was something like John Behmer. He had worked for several newspapers in New Mexico over the years. Since my reporter girlfriend had told him that I was interested in flying saucers, he told me that if I would come in, he would give me some old photos he had found knocking around in a dusty old file drawer of a southwestern newspaper, possibly in Lovington, New Mexico.


14Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

The photos were the ones I mentioned which had been sent out to newspapers in the southwestern region by Walter Haut, the “P.I.O.” involved in the Roswell Hoax. One of the photos showed three of the dead rhesus monkies in their little G-suits and helmets, and the other photo showed the junky little fake saucer. The saucer was so small, the monkies would barely have fitted into it, with barely room for one of them under the little plastic bubble canopy on its top. It was smaller even than the “Vril” types purportedly built by the Germans.

Behmer said I should be careful who I showed the photos to, since the security people had very thoroughly attempted to retrieve all of them immediately after the initial hoax, in most cases before they were published. Somehow, the two old 8” x 10” black and white ‘glossies’ had survived the purge, forgotten about until Behmer had stumbled across them among old papers in the bottom of the dusty old file drawer he was cleaning out, in a back room of one of the small weekly papers owned by the “Freedom Chain”, which also owned the Odessa American.


Although I had seen the photos published, along with a third one, in the distant past, and even had a magazine in my collection which had them in it, my examination of those actual, clear and full-sized photos, allowed me to corroborate the rumor that the “aliens” were in fact shaved rhesus monkies, just as I had heard. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the photos or the magazine since 1974, taken by the CIA thief woman who was associated with Jim Parsons (the “M.I.B.”), and who had also lived with the French CIA “UFOlogist”, Jacques Vallee, for two years. In 1980,1 found books in her personal library in her apartment in Santa Fe, which were stolen in 1974, along with the photos and the magazine, before I even knew her personally.


It was obvious that she took the unrelated books for her private collection, while collecting the important saucer conspiracy evidence, such as the photos and my magazine, for the government. When I caught her with the books, she said “...ohh, don’t you remember giving those to me?” I answered, “I couldn’t have given them to you before I knew you, now could I?”

As an artist, I have been known for my ability to draw accurately from memory. I used to do many of my paintings that way, when I was in Austin. I did a series of large “genre” paintings (with ‘ordinary’ people in them), usually based on the Austin environs. I would often ‘borrow’ the face of someone I knew, if it seemed to fit well into the character in a painting. In fact, some of the faces I borrowed were those of some of my professors, usually in jest, in satire, or sometimes worse. One of my large paintings was about 5’ x 7’, entitled “Winos at 6th and Red River Streets”.


As one man exclaimed when he saw it, “Hey! I knows dat dude! He’s da’ one whut sells dem fishin’ baits down by da’ river, ain’t he!” One of my professors was a little startled to find his face on one of the winos who was just rounding a corner to join his friends, with a bottle in a sack under his arm. Using my old skills, I will attempt to reconstruct the two photos.

Rulers of a corporate-state society perpetrate as many confusing controversies as possible, so that individual members of the public will become so frustrated to attempting to do their own thinking, that they will finally give up and accept the state’s Big Lies, spoon-fed to them through a controlled media.


(NOTE: The fake ‘saucer’ was about 12’ in diameter, and had a plexiglass bubble on it, with a slightly bent automotive radio antenna projecting above it. The rivets, screws, and stock aluminum parts were obvious. It was clear from the environments in which the ‘saucer’ and the ‘aliens’ were photographed, that the photos had been made before the ‘crash scene’ had been ‘discovered’.)

The Intelligence personnel who created the hoax, were prohibited from disclosing classified information. Since the secret saucers they used on the bases at Ft. Bliss, White Sands and Holloman, were classified, they could not use one of them as an “alien” saucer.


The fake saucer created for the hoax, was apparently the product of amateur metal workers, because the base where it was fabricated did not have a competent design or fabrication facility at the time. It was a pathetic failure, because, had it been an “alien saucer”, created by an advanced civilization, capabable of producing advanced technology capable of coming from light years away, it would have been even more advanced than the German saucers or early American prototypes possessed at the area’s secret bases.

This early incursion into the special effects, prop-building and hoax-creation, by the “national security” spooks, was apparently a bitter lesson, which eventually led to them getting “professional help” from the movie industry labor pool. They not only produce much better hoaxes today, but have highly advanced cloaking and ‘stealth’ devices to conceal the saucers, such as special, color-changing surfaces, combined with color and image sensors, which make the saucers look like the background they happen to be hovering or flying in, similar to a chamelion. Anything for a buck, the sky’s the limit.


When a Big Lie is afoot, all who know the truth must be given a piece of the action, be discredited, or be eliminated. By maintaining a rocket program, the huge corporations and their employees are committed to supporting it, to acquiescing in the hoax which makes them rich, and sells very expensive rockets and chemicals at our expense. NASA propaganda is everywhere, especially in toy stores.


An almost sacrosanct, religious aura surrounds this Nazi Big Lie. Playgrounds have ‘space shuttle’ toys to ride, ‘science’ TV programs instruct children on the Big Bang Lie, as if ultimate and immutable truth. This is no different that old Soviet ‘space’ propaganda, with posters everywhere, showing rosy-cheeked children building rockets in science classes, and colorful and heroicized portraits of “Soviet Cosmonauts”.

I’m not an old crank complaining about “somma them new-fangled rockets”. I’m complaining about archaic rocket technology, when we have the flying saucer, which belongs to us because we paid for it. It is tantamount to purchasing wagons and horses when we have trucks and cars, or cap-and-ball muskets, when we have AR-15s. Give us what we paid for, not some old piece of mediaeval junk which runs on crap dumped on us at exorbitant prices by the chemical cartels!

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