Now that I have introduced you to the theory and possibilities, I will now get down to the nitty gritties of flying saucer nuts and bolts, and tell you how I discovered them, step by step, in an Odyssey which lasts even unto the present, as I fill in more and more of the details.

My “odyssey” has involved some remarkable experiences and dangers which, in a way, remind me of a movie I saw a few years ago called Zardoz, starring Sean Connery. The title was derived from parts of the title words spelling “Wizard of Oz”, on the cover of the book by L. Frank Baum. The story in Zardoz entailed the education of Connery by a secret elite. Connery played a murderous barbarian, through whom the elite, who had the secret of immortality, wanted to finally destroy themselves, because they had become tired of living.


They arranged for tidbits of information to be made available to the barbarian, until he figured out that they were deceiving the violent society in which he lived, through a religious hoax, preaching constant destruction and war, and spewing out weapons from a giant head, for the barbarian worshippers to use against each other, while the elite lived in complete safety, with the secret of immortality as well. As you may see, there are certain parallels between my story and Zardoz, although I am not admitting that the society into which I was born tried to completely raise me as a barbarian, or that the elite which dominates us has any intent of bringing their power to an end The many “revelations” I have experienced, have appeared before me as if intentionally placed there by some clandestine elite. That did not happen to my knowledge, but it is creative and fun to imagine that it did.

Some have suggested that the fact that so many startling ‘revelations’ have seemed to have ‘appeared’ to me “alone”, is “statistically challenging”. The fact is, they appeared to me only because I was aware of them and not asleep. Had I not been aware of them, I would not have known about them I believe that there are astounding events occurring around many people, who, if they were aware of them, and mentioned them to others, as I have done, would also be accused of telling “statistically challenging” stories. I make no claim to having any “mystical powers” which would allow me to experience things others do not. What I do make claim to is the development of my natural skills to notice such things, so that if they occur, I will recognize them.

It is too bad that the analogy of Zardoz does not fully apply to the Trilateral Commission, since they deserve to be destroyed, as punishment for the many wars they fomented, and are still fomenting, to needlessly sacrifice so many lives for an illicit profit, and to reduce the population according to parameters which only they know about, but which we can surmise.

As you will see in this book, this analogy as applied to our society and its Secret Government is more appropriate than the typical Corporate Serf will allow himself to believe. He gets up each morning in the “burbs, and drives to his job at the Feudal Corporation. He takes his Stepford Wife and love-starved children to the Church of the Brain-Dead War Robots on Sunday, and prays to the Lord of Collective Guilt for forgiveness, for the sin of having daydreamed about living a real
life. He indiscriminately accepts the premises that he is “his brother’s keeper”, that the Marxist graduated federal income tax and the welfare system are the best way to enforce his religion on others through the state, as part of ‘God’s plan under our constitution’, and that the Founding Fathers fully intended for our armed forces to police the whole goddamned world no matter what the cost in taxes and loss of American lives.


He doesn’t know that the government records every single phone call in America and stores it for a period of two weeks...and longer if they have a reason to suspect a person of belonging to a “conspiracy of freedom”...and can store that purloined information forever (but if he did know all that, he would believe the government had the legitimate power to do so under the “general welfare” provision of the Article I, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution). He doesn’t believe in flying saucers at all, but if he did, he would think they were “signs in the sky” which the Old Testament said would be seen in the “last days’, or the “wheel in the sky” seen by the prophet Ezekiel. The CIA has used all these suggestions.


The flying saucer I saw in 1953 was no prophetic “sign in the sky”, but presented a genuine scientific mystery. I saw no sense in attempting to address every theory of gravity propounded by others, since they were obviously wrong. I didn’t waste time with UFO reports or “updates” of every type either. Government organizations like Project Blue Book were just set up to plug leaks anyway. You are already familiar with what others have said, and are obviously unsatisfied, because you are now reading my book. So I will at least try to tell you how flying saucers work, and what my theory of gravity is, while others pretend that flying saucers are non-existent or “extraterrestrial” and that gravity is still a “mystery”.


They look in vain for “waves” and “particles” (such as the “graviton”), and have really found nothing. Their experiments are only part of the Trilateralist science sham, and since they are still looking, they must not know, right? So I will stick my neck out, and give you my best shot. If what they say is really the extent of their knowledge, then the flying saucer would be one of those inventions which worked, but nobody who used it knew why, so if they really don’t know, then I should be entitled to the Nobel Prize in physics (which is out of the question), or the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism (which I should get!).



My “flying saucer odyssey” began with an infantile boy’s experiences with airplanes. My uncle, Roger Benton, had a Stearman biplane in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s, which he used for crop-dusting and any other hell or hair-raising, dangerous, daredevil-type fun activity. When I was around three, Roger flew into my grandfather’s (“Papa Benton’s”) field one day. Like a kid, Papa wanted a ride. Roger was a “chip off the old block”, and inherited his love of excitement from his father. So, instead of a bronco, Papa wanted a ride in the plane.

Roger took Papa up and gave him quite a thrill, especially when he looped the plane, and Papa had forgotten to fasten his safety belt. He saved himself only by locking his knees under the instrument panel, and hanging onto the joy stick. When Roger landed, Papa was still grinning, with a pale fringe about his lips and eyes revealing his narrow scrape with disaster. But that was part of the usual for those two.

I fell in love with planes that day, as I waved to Roger, and he disappeared into the clouds.

My second ‘big’ plane impression was when I was around four, in 1942. Our neighbor had gone into flight training, and was stationed at a base which was near enough for him to buzz the neighborhood while on training flights. One morning, after a storm had flash-flooded the street in front of our little stucco house, with around a foot of standing water, I was wading in the street and gathering frogs which seemed to come from nowhere, since we lived on a desert. As I stood in the
water-filled street, the flying neighbor came over, diving toward me while rocking his wings.


His pull-out was almost too late, as I stood with my hands upraised, touching one of the wheels with my fingertips as the plane passed over me, narrowly missing me with its prop as my mother stood horrified in the front yard. Quite unaware of the danger I had experienced, this to me had a very personal meaning, rather like the two reaching hands in the Sistine Chapel mural by Michelangelo.

My fingers reached up as the ‘wheel from the sky’ reached down, and ‘contact’ was made.

In 1942, my father joined the Sea Bees. After boot camp at Camp LeJeune, the Navy convinced him to transfer to the regular Navy, because of his wife and three children, since the mortality rate for the See Bees at that time was 97%. He was sent to San Francisco, to set up and run the west coast Navy printing operation at San Francisco Naval Depot. Our whole family soon moved to Oakland, in 1943. For those two years in California, my life was immersed with being a “Navy brat”, with weekends in San Francisco, and my frequent walks to the Museum of Oceanic Art, in Oakland.

At six (1944), I found a German spy’s short-wave radio, set up in the back of a trash bin behind a grocery store near our apartment building. Navy intelligence allowed me to keep it, along with another my father had found in 1942, under a bed in a hotel room during his first trip to San Francisco. A neighbor and I connected the marvelous radios to his father’s antenna, and we “listened to WW II”. The German shortwaves were fantastic, and I have never seen another like them My mother threw them away one day because I forgot to remove them from the living room floor after repeated warnings.

My mother and three kids returned to Texas for the last year of the war, staying at my grandparents’ place in Dayton, Texas, around forty miles east of Houston. (I later realized that this had been because of the Navy’s test of the first American nuclear explosion at Port Chicago, California, on the Sacramento River, prior to the nuclear detonation at Trinity Site on White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.)

After the war, our family returned to West Texas, where I resumed my interest in experimental aircraft, building many flying models. I took a strong interest in aerodynamics, and made hundreds of well-executed designs, plotted aerodynamic flow patterns, and even did some improvised wind tunnel tests. I belonged to the West Texas Model Airplane Club, organized by three or four WW II aces, including Bill Decker, Don Wooten, and a man named McKinzie (who purportedly was highly decorated), and others. Around 1952, at fourteen, I delivered a paper to the group and its affiliate in Odessa, Texas, on the feasibility of a glider and soaring competition, suggesting Marfa, Texas, as an ideal site.


This meeting was attended by several men and boys from Odessa, such as Wally Scott and Mr. Schleymeyer, who later became international competitors, and there is now an annual international glider and soaring competitition meet at Marfa. I wasn’t able to be the first to start it, because my father had caught me building a full-sized glider, using our living room floor as a lofting surface, and scrapped my plans right away, because he feared I might break my neck. But that lecture, in my fourteenth year, was the beginning of the international glider competition at Marfa, started by men who had heard my lecture.

Our town, Kermit, was around 325 miles E-S-E of White Sands Proving Grounds and Alamogordo, New Mexico. My first memories of “flying discs” (the first designation) and “flying saucers” (the second designation) which were sighted in the area, was in 1946, even before the 1947 “Mount Shasta” siting. Before I had seen a saucer in daylight, I had heard reports of them from oilfield pumpers who worked the area northward, near Jal, Carlsbad and Roswell, New Mexico, and had gotten other first-hand reports from several people who had seen them.


From those reports, I knew that saucers were real, because that was before reports of them had appeared in newspapers, and the people sighting them really had no motive to say they had seen them unless it was true, since there was no sensationalism associated with the phenomenon. Some of these people had served in the Army Air Corps during the war, fighting in the skies of Germans’, either as pilots, navigators, flight engineers, crew, gunners, or bombardiers, and often compared them to the “foo-fighters”. I had watched the ships maneuvering at night, but had never seen one in broad daylight, at close range, until 1953, although I had seen several discs high in the sky, at great distances, which looked like new dimes glinting in the sun, in the Roswell vicinity.

By 1950, 1 had talked to many people who had seen saucers over the area, and was getting impatient. I slept in our back yard for nine months each year (the warmer months usually), and had observed whole squadrons of them in the night sky. I noticed that they had a peculiar habit of turning in increments of thirty degrees, or multiples thereof. This divided the compass into twelve coordinate directions, and indicated something about their navigational and flight system.
Between 1950 and 1953, I hoped for a sighting, and never assumed that they were anything other than secret government aircraft from New Mexico.


My mother had heard the rumor that they were connected to the A.E.C. and radiation, and that they were nuclear-powered, using helium fuel. We had many friends all over New Mexico, particularly the Roswell area, Alamogordo, and Deming, because our family business was the only state-of-the-art decorating source in the area between Ft. Worth, El Paso, and Albuquerque, for several years, until 1954 or so.

By 1952, 1 had developed a proficiency at aerodynamics, had designed and tested many experimental model aircraft, and had designed, built and tested my “ground-effects” system for autos, using a model with two engines, one to drive the wheels and the other to drive a prop on the back, which sucked air from under the belly pan. I planned on a career as an aerodynamicist and aeronautical design engineer, along with a career in art. I had, in effect, prepared my mind and senses to make rather specific observations, whenever the time came for me to have the opportunity to see a saucer up close, which I was convinced was in the near future.


I had already been carefully building and testing flying model airplanes of every conceivable design, for seven years, since 1946 (when I was eight), and considered aeronautical design, aerodynamics, maneuverability, and performance characteristics as serious matters. I had also flown so many conventional and experimental designs that I could usually analyze a particular configuration and predict its aerodynamic behavior. I knew from my two 1952 propeller-driven flying saucers (powered by an “Allard 19” engine), that vertical stabilizers were essential on “flying pancake”-type designs. No fins had been seen by any of my witnesses on the saucers they had observed.


This was already two years after the saucers had been sighted near our house, during which time I had hoped for a sighting. Yet, with all my intense interest in aircraft, I would not ride in a real airplane until I caught a hop’ from Keesler, A.F.B., Mississippi to Texas, in a general’s C-47, when I was an 18-year-old Air Force trainee.

In the summer of 1950, during the time of the sightings, I had gone to the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch in the Davis Mountains, for a two-week bivouac with my troop.
During my stay in the mountains, cut off from the outside world, after returning from a trek lasting several days, we discovered that Manchurian tanks had rolled across the 38th Parallel in Korea. On return home, I had learned that, on the first day of the Korean War, a flying saucer had appeared in broad daylight, above the city hall across the street from our house, and had maneuvered for fifteen minutes, and that, on the following day, two saucers had appeared, and maneuvered for thirty minutes. In each case, my mother was the first one to spot them


She taught China painting classes as part of our family business. On each of the two days, she went outside to fill her bowl with water and rinse out slip, with water from a faucet on our front porch. Being a farmer’s daughter, she had a habit of surveying the sky for weather signs, shielding her eyes from the sun’s glare with her hand. When she sighted the first saucer over the City Hall on June 25, 1950, she called her ceramics class out to watch, and hailed the firemen and police across the street along with the mayor, Fred Pearson. The excitement spread, and within a few minutes, much of the town was watching. When it left, it departed in an upward blaze of instant acceleration. Mother said they were like “new silver dollars”, and I distinctly remember her comparing them to her sewing machine bobbin, which meant the flat, shiny, “disk” type with peripheral groove.

On the next day, the same sequence occurred, only with two saucers appearing and maneuvering for around thirty minutes, then departing very fast as before. In each case, the description sounded as if the crews had experienced malfunctions, or were lost, which were responsible for the saucers being there in the first place, rather than over White Sands or Alamogordo. I later determined that these first saucers appeared to be of a sleek, silvery, slightly older “disk” type of WW II-vintage German design of the electric type, not similar in any way to the dumpy and “top-like” kind often shown in pulp magazines. It was my opinion at the time, that they were preparing these saucers for observational use in Korea.

I was disgruntled that I had not seen them, because I just happened to be out of town, although I was only a short distance south of White Sands, and only a little over a hundred miles to the west of Kermit at the time, in the Davis Mountains. I “debriefed” everyone I could find, including my friend Ken Burroughs, who was a competent young photographer who had photographed them Air Force Intelligence showed up, paid Ken $250.00 for his photos, prints and negatives, and made him sign a security document. Needless to say, the photos were never published. That was a lot of money for a teenager in 1952, for a few snapshots.

By that time, I had designed over 250 different types of experimental aircraft, rockets, cars, and even boats, and had built and tested numerous models of them. As previously mentioned, I had also built a couple of propeller-driven model flying saucers, and already knew that props, jets, and rockets were not the means of propulsioa In 1955, my father accidentally included my portfolio of designs in a collection of unwanted furniture he carted away and sold to a junk store, when we moved to Waco.


It was possible that some of my designs found their way into the rocket and aircraft fields, judging from material I saw when I worked in Air Force Intelligence in 1957, since my book containing them was purchased from the junk dealer, whose store was right on Highway 302, before I could get it back.



In late summer, 1953, just before school began, we had our last family ice cream party of the summer, in our back yard Home made ice cream had been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember. There were my parents, Raymond and Caleista, my older sister, Ramona, and my younger sister, Liz. Liz sat on a towel placed on top of the large, wood-sided, old fashioned, three-gallon ice cream freezer, as I turned the crank, while my father chopped ice and fed salt into the brine. The ice cream was almost ready, and I could barely turn the crank We were joined by the young daughter of our neighbor, Allen Pike, a former fullback at T.C.U. Pike’s daughter, Carla, had been wistfully looking through the fence, her mouth watering at die possibility of eating some of my mother’s delicious peach ice cream, so we invited her over to join us. We were also joined by our tenants, the Humphries.


Mr. Humphries was a leather-faced tool pusher for a local drilling company, and Mrs. Humphries still carried herself with the demeanor of her former wartime occupation as an officer in the “W.A.C.s” (Women’s Army Air Corps). She had eyes like a hawk, and had already been an expert shot with pistol and rifle, before she took up and mastered the twin 50 caliber machine gun.


She had light brown hair, and a beautiful aquiline profile like that of a Kiowa princess, similar to that of my Aunt Sina. She worked as a substitute teacher in our junior high school, and had also been the former WWII Chief of Aerial Gunnery Instruction, at the U.S. Army Air Corps Aerial Gunnery School, at Sarasota, Florida, at the rank of captain. Whenever our B-17 bomber crews took gun-camera film of any new German aircraft, such as the infamous “foo fighters”, she was among the first to know, since it was her duty to immediately develop and integrate into her gunnery training program, whatever new instructions required, to insure that our gunners were prepared to defend our bombers from any new forms of enemy assault.


She was therefore not only a qualified expert aircraft spotter and identifier, but was the chief American gunnery instructor as well. I myself had practically memorized Jane’s Handbook of the Aircraft of the World, and had discussed aircraft on several occasions with Mrs. Humphries, who had observed with a cool, detached candor, my construction of flying model saucers, and experiments in electromagnetism.

The time of day was near sundown, with the late August sun around 15 degrees above the horizon on the right, to the west of our yard. We sat near our rear fence, as little Carla, around seven, sat nearby.
As I struggled with the increasingly stubborn crank, while Liz tried to hold the freezer down, and the dasher trudged through the ever-thickening ice cream, I happened to glance up at the sky above Liz’s head, in the direction of a nearby new water tower to the south of the town’s old one. To my amazement, hovering there, at an angle of around 45 degrees above our position, at a distance of around 300 feet and an altitude of about 200 feet, was a flying saucer.

The saucer was precessing at an acute angle of around 45 degrees, at a frequency of around two cycles per second.


Sunlight, from the horizon to our right, shimmered across the striated, silvery, bright metal hull, on each precession. A visual comparison to the water tower near and to the rear of the saucer, showed its diameter to be close to 50 feet. Its shape consisted of two evenly curved semispheres joined at the edges. This was unlike the earlier, 1950 versions seen by my mother and sisters. A cloud of “corona”—high voltage electricity emitted by the hull—throbbed orange-pinkishly with each precession, and scintillated into ghostly, silvery blue in the surrounding space, as a gentle westerly breeze wafted the coronal clouds softly about.

The two entirely symmetrical, “wok-like” halves, each having an arc of approximately 120’ radius of curvature, formed a ship approximately 10’ thick.
The high angle precession created an initial optical illusion, which explained why my mother had mistakenly thought the saucers she saw in 1950 were flipping like coins, end-over-end, while hovering.


Mother’s sightings were in the early afternoon, with the sun almost directly above her saucers, producing a silhouette effect. This created an inverse illusion, by the large angle precession of the elliptical shapes under those lighting conditions. The low angle of the sun during my sighting, however, and the shimmering sunlight dancing across what appeared to be a spun metal hull, which was highly reflective, as the saucer precessed, produced a clear picture of the movement and shape. Even so, I too was initially baffled until I established the proper movement.

The coronal discharge and scintillating, rainbow-colored clouds produced, added a beautiful, ghostly “special effect” to the ship. It was easy to understand why many viewers might get excited by “extraterrestrials”, since the event was almost, but not quite, unearthly.

I immediately exclaimed, “Look at that flying saucer up there!” Everyone looked to see it, except Mrs. Humphries, who only allowed her eyes to dart once at it, instead of staring at the saucer. She was more interested in viewing me from my left, as I looked back and forth between the saucer and her, attempting to get her to look at it. I asked her, “What is that?!” She merely cocked a knowing and sophisticated left eyebrow, and shrugged After perhaps ten seconds of hovering, the saucer began to move slowly at first, due west, toward Ft. Bliss and the southern extreme of White Sands Missile Range.


It left a ‘buttermilk’ trail of silvery, scintillating atmospheric ions, which lingered and sparkled, gradually fading away. As the rate of acceleration and frequency of precession increased, the angle of precession decreased to a mere high-frequency wobble, as it suddenly shot forward to hundreds of miles per hour, at which time it made a 90 degree turn down and a second right angle back to horizontal, then accelerated to infinity, in approximately three seconds, as I counted off “...thousand-and-one, thousand-and-two, thousand-and-three...”.


I roughly calculated the velocity at near 9,000 m.p.h., based on an approximately 7.5 miles distance required for a 50-foot diameter object to become an infinite point above the horizon, in three seconds. This was a minimum calculation, which I believe was fairly accurate. My eyesight was at least 20/30 at the time. The rapid change to lower altitude seemed designed to diminish the visibility of the ship by the public, when the flight crew suddenly realized that they were over a town.

There was no sonic boom, perhaps because such rapid acceleration gave a boom insufficient time to develop, and other reasons which I was bound to discover.
There were no obvious protuberances or windows that I could see on its surface. It was as if, at high speed, the pilots—who may have had relatively primitive navigational, flight control, and visibiliiy devices—had accidentally strayed over our town, or malfunctioned, requiring some re-orientation to get the saucer back to their base at Ft. Bliss or in New Mexico, which, at that speed, would have taken every bit of 1.93 minutes to reach. I later satisfied myself by concluding that it was a German pilot instructing an American pilot, on how to operate the saucer.


Due to poor visibility on the early model, they may not have realized that they were over a town, and when they had, they rapidly departed In that area, at that time, one could fly for miles over the barren Southwestern landscape, without seeing a town or persoa The most significant ‘surprise’—aside from the electrical corona discharge—was the precession and its particularities. Since it was most pronounced when the saucer was hovering, I considered the phenomenon as being closely linked to the power level, in which the ship was on the balance between “gravity” and “no gravity”, during which the circling polarity of the accompanying magnetic field created by the electric currents, swept around counter-clockwise, as well as I remember it, thus creating a minimal sweeping gravitational pull.


The fact that the ship quietly hovered, dispelled the idea that jet, rocket, or propeller-driven propulsion was involved, and indicated an anti-gravitational propulsion by electrical means. I entertained the idea that the ‘gyscopic’ action of the ship may have been due to an internal device, such as an engine, which rotated Since the ship processed while hovering, like a gyroscope on gimbals, any considerable rotating machinery could have produced the gyroscopic precession.


This was consistent with the idea that a rotating engine and electrical generator caused the precession, since the rate of precession increased, while the angle of precession decreased, as the saucer’s acceleration increased. The idea that the propulsion system was “gyroscopic” was negated by the fact that the turn was perpendicular to the (vertical) axis of gyroscopic precession, and was a “power turn”.

The answers to all my questions were delivered by my flying saucer, in as glorious a manner as one could rationally hope for, and then some. While I knew at the time that the propulsion system was electrical, it would take me many years to discover exactly how the “electro-physics” applied.

There we were having our last ice cream supper of the summer of 1953, near dusk, on a lovely end-of-the-summer day. And just as the ice cream had thickened to its final state, and I happened to look at the sky above my sister’s head, there it was, ghostily gyrating in mid-air, no more than 300 feet away, as the beautiful wisps of electrical corona drifted across the metallic shell and into the air, then faded with a twinkle, like stardust from a magic wand which had just passed across the sky.

I observed the colors of the corona at hovering power, which ranged from a bright white, through every color of the rainbow. Generally, the color was a “pink and blue”, with gold highlights and purple undertones. The corona was not too unlike the flame produced by burning zinc, such as when a welding torch was being used to cut galvanized steel pipe. Very beautiful. The corona was emitted from the entire shell at hovering, with a negative corona at the top, as the wind blew gently from the left. Each time the saucer precessed, the wind wafted the corona around on the surface and in the air. The gyrating saucer reminded me of a precessing gyroscope. But the saucer shell itself did not rotate, and the corona did not come out of vents, because there were none.

The air in contact with the surface fluoresced orange-red, in “throbs”, which corresponded to each cycle of the saucer’s precession, on its bottom as it turned into the wind from the left and in shadow, away from the sunlight from the right. I concluded that the ‘throbs’ were probably due to the increased visibility of the corona in the shadow, due to the increased light contrast. This created the illusion that the corona came in ‘throbs’ which corresponded exactly to the precession, which was only the product of the relative light and dark which revealed the corona more in the dark. The corona was still there on the light side of the saucer, only you couldnt see it because the light was too bright.

The precession generally matched that which I had experienced in a friend’s new 1954 Buick, at 120 mph. As the car approached 120, it began to precess, as it sped down the highway, rolling around on the coil springs, which scared us a bit. At that speed, the angle of precession was at its maximum, and the precession frequency was at its minimum, of approximately 2 c.p.s. As we passed through 120, and sped up to 135, the precessional angle decreased, and the precessional frequency increased, until it was a mere “shimmy”, behaving in much the same manner as the saucer. In fact, we were greatly relieved to be traveling at 135 rather than 120, where the precession was so scary.

At very high speed, the two turns which the saucer had executed were precise, square ones, and it did not ‘swing out’ at the corners. This boggled the eyes, since one never sees things do that, except on some mechanical devices, which hold moving parts into position with rigid guides. At hundreds of miles per hour, the effect was eerie. The movement indicated that the saucer experienced none of the effects of momentum and inertia, and therefore operated on a principle which controlled these forces, and created ‘synthetic’, instantaneous momentum by increasing in the new direction of acceleration.


Since the forward edge emitted a ‘hairy’ (i.e., negative) corona during the rapid acceleration, the electrical polarity was indicated. Since the ship made instant square turns which were perpendicular to its vertical axis, the idea of an internal “gyroscopic” drive system was contraindicated. There was no sound, hence no perceptible aerodynamic or “Coanda” effects.

The saucer accelerated much faster than a jet, rocket or propeller-driven craft could have, and had no visible or audible jets or rockets, orifices, pods, intakes, or shapes. It went from a half mile away to infinity in three seconds, appearing to have achieved a 9,000 m.p.h. velocity almost instantly, although it could have been as high as 25,000 mph.

The metallic shell was similar in color to aluminum, only somewhat duller, with concentric striations on its surface, like a ‘spun’ “wok” shape. The striations were approximately 1” wide and rather crude, indicating perhaps a technical difficulty in fabrication, such as that experienced in early, large-scale “spin-forming” of the shells on very large vertical lathes, using new, special tungsten alloy discs. A friend, who had worked in a secret government factory, in Amarillo, Texas, in the ‘50s, described how they fabricated such semi-spheres around 50’ in diameter in that same manner. The shells were then shipped to New Mexico. When one of the work crew asked what they were for, he was told they were “shells for flying saucers”, and everyone had a good laugh.

As the saucer precessed, sunlight played across the striations on the bottom, like it does on the microgrooves of a silvery compact disc, or of an aluminum pan.
I had made the rough estimate of its diameter by visual comparison to the new city water tower behind it and slightly to the right. The approximate height through the center was visually extrapolated from the diameter, together with the proportionate spherical sections used, and the height-to-diameter proportionality.

What I saw in 1953 was a flying machine. The most irrational assumption would have been that it was “extraterrestrial” in origin. The most rational assumption was that it was made by human beings, and that was my first impression. The puzzle parts I had gathered that day, added to what I already had, eventually grew, until I had enough to fit together to substantiate what I believed on my first impression.

There were many sightings occurring at that general period of time, especially in that area. That particular saucer was noted by Wink Air Station, about 10 miles away, according to my brother-in-law’s relative, who worked there. Wink Air Station was south of the flight path, which was on a bee-line precisely due west toward the northern edge of Ft. Bliss, Texas, where Wernher von Braun was at that time. Had I not been viewing the saucer while it hovered, and its flight to the horizon, almost directly along its trajectory, it might not have been visible.

As I thought about the performance characteristics, 1 concluded that the field of aerodynamics would soon become obsolete. This led me to abandon my plans to become an aerodynamicist, although I still wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. After all, the saucer was powered by electricity, had canceled inertia, momentum and gravity, made no sonic boom, and apparently ignored aerodynamics. I assumed the aircraft was classified at the time, but that it would only be a matter of no more than five to ten years before it would be declassified, just as other aircraft had been. At the time, I assumed that the general public would be using flying saucers by 1960. How wrong this turned out to be! The longer I waited, the more I became determined to know why.

In 1953, at the time of my sighting, I assumed that the saucer was a “secret government project”. By 1963, I confirmed instead that it was a “Secret Government” project, and began viewing all government statements as being intended to maintain that secrecy. By that time, I also assumed that the Soviets did not have the saucer, as we knew it, even though Habermohl, purportedly one of the top German flying saucer scientists, had gone to the Russians in 1945, and we ended up with Miethe and Schriever.


Neither of these two men appeared to have anything to do with the electrically-powered saucers, and their projects were probably misinformational. eventually considered the assumption that the Soviets also had the saucer even more improbable, hinging” on the question as to whether or not Habermohl had access to the particular secrets involved, and whether he told the Soviets about them if he did. It is more probable that Habermohl, whose ideas were of the lowest order in the “flying saucer hierarchy”, was purposefully ‘sacrificed’ to the Russians to mislead them, and that the Russians incorrectly assumed that he would have told them everything he knew, while he may have given them only misinformation.


The CIA could have put a lot of money in a Swiss bank account for him, while the Soviets continued to treat him like a king. Besides, the kind of saucers under development by Habermohl and Schriever were of the jet and rocket powered “boundary layer” type, not the electric type, and really posed no risk to the “real” “p2” flying saucer, based on Nikola Tesla’s original discoveries, acquired by the Nazis and purportedly being developed by Miethe, under von Braun’s immediate supervision, from his research and development centers at Peenemunde and in Bavaria.

The Nazis were very shrewd, developing several different types of saucers—some aerodynamic, but only one electrical—at different locations using different designers, but they would never have developed the “real” (“KT-p2”) electrically powered saucer outside Germany, such as in Czechoslovakia, where Habermohl and Schriever worked. The Czech projects appeared to be purely disinformational.


It is probable that the only military organization made privy to all these secrets was the SS, as suggested by evidence purportedly from Wiener Neustadt, in the Austrian Bavarian Alps, and at General Otto Skorzeny’s special SS commando headquarters near Munich Skorzeny’s groups’ specialties included rescues. The saucers were purportedly viewed by the SS mythically, as the Vimanas of the SS Aryan philosopher-rulers, according to the neo-Platonist Nazi religion.

There has been a very carefully executed conspiracy to conceal real photos of what I call “real flying saucers”—those of the purely “electro-propulsive” type—from the public. The O.S.I, has seen to it that many fake photos and configurations have been ‘inserted’ into the mainstream, to confuse the public not only as to the real shape of these saucers, but to the means of propulsion. I have encountered very sly O.S.I, attempts to propagate the idea—within more ‘intelligent’ “UFOlogy” circles—that the Felix Schauberger designs (which were non-electro-propulsive, claiming use of an “implosion turbine”-driven ‘duct fan’, which put them definitely in the “low-tec” category, somewhere in the category of a glorified air conditioner vent)—were the kind developed by the Nazis.


From the numerous photos of flying saucers—some real, some fabricated—it is difficult to determine with relative certainty the stages of development which the ‘true saucer’ has undergone. Many of the photos are obviously hoaxes, and all the types proffered by the “German-genesis” bunch are disinformational, or based on data derived from CIA-generated disinformational sources, so I will try to show you what I saw in 1953, and you can draw your own conclusions. The illustration shown below should give you some idea of what the particular type of saucer I saw looked like:

I knew by the way that the saucer could ‘jump around’ in space, that it’s gravity was being controlled. Otherwise, it would have flown to pieces, and any pilot would have been slammed around so badly that he would have been injured and rendered unconscious by the “G” forces. I knew from the electrical corona, and the ‘buttermilk’ texture of its corona trail, that the means for controlling gravity high voltage electricity, and included at least some sort of high frequency electricity. I knew also that the saucer disobeyed conventional rules of gravity, inertia, momentum, aerodynamics, aeronautics, and physics.

A rounded surface will hold charges better than those of a small diameter or sharp points or edges, which will ‘leak’ charges more quickly, and cause corrosion and burns. A corner of 90 degrees or more, will reflect waves being emitted from the top or bottom. This to me explained some of the saucer’s physical shape parameters. The emissions seemed to originate on the top surface on hovering—with positive corona on its bottom—and at the front when accelerating.

In attempting to analyze the cause for the precession, I concluded after many years of deliberation, that it was not caused by a ‘spinning’ mass inside the saucer, such as a gyroscope or motor, or the saucer itself, but was caused by the same unidentified, underlying reason that spinning objects precess, in an electromagnetic interaction between the mass of the saucer and something in the space in which it operated.


The precession of tops and gyroscopes as they spin, compared to the saucer’s precession, since it was not spinning—was caused by some underlying common principle. There was a guidance system Meisterkreiselkompass (“master-gyro- compass”), to work with the Peiltochterkompass (“polar-slave-compass”), a control device from a German inertial guidance system I would later acquire, as the only piece of physical evidence—a part from a flying saucers—in private hands—my hands—thus far. The Meisterkompass would have been on gimbals, and would not have related to the precession.

The electrically powered “Kreisel Teller” (“Gyrating Saucer”) was a secret of such importance that only the elite of the Nazi hierarchy were privy to these secrets. Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati beginnings were at Ingolstadt. The Illuminati appeared to be alive and well even before Weishaupt, among the Prussian aristocracy into which Wernher von Braun was born. I will have more to say about this later.



In late 1955 the Korean War came to an end. In June, 1956, at age seventeen, at the end of my junior year, I decided to drop out of high school and get my “military obligation” out of the way—preferably before the Military Industrial Complex could start another war. I didn’t want to live through my twenties with that uncertainty continually hanging over my head, with the possibility that I might have to interrupt whatever I might be doing at that time.

Somehow, I was offered a presidential appointment to the Air Force Academy, by President Eisenhower. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware that I was a high school drop-out, while the Air Force failed to inform me that the obstacle could have been surmounted by a G.E.D. test. Meanwhile, I also wanted to be in the Air Force Band, but there were no new assignments. I was offered the position of first bugler for the National Drum and Bugle Corps, in Washington, D.C., but at the time, my disappointment over not being in the Air Force Band was so great, I failed to investigate the bugle corps offer and what a great opportunity it represented, and turned it down.


This was while I was in basic training, when I was in the Lackland A.F.B. Drum and Bugle Corps, where I was first bugler. Second bugler was my best friend at the time, Kris Kristofferson, who was quickly appointed as “barracks chief, because he had two years of RO.T.C. at Pomona College. My other good friend was Eddie Heywood, of Boston, Mass. Kris’ father was Army brass, and Eddie’s older brother, Tom, was a Navy commander. Eddie’s lather was an M.I.T. chemistry professor. I had been a Navy brat during WW II, so we all sort of fell in together and got along well. Kris and I had both gone out with the same girl, named Marilyn Wood, of Donna, Texas, who was the National F.F.A. “Sweetheart” around 1956. Those farmers couldn’t have picked a better girl, even though she liked musicians.

Kris and 1 reciprocated for base reville and taps. We had a crack marching and performance group, and had some excellent Caribbean drummers, as well as a bagpiping member of the Black Watch of Scotland, on loan to us from the RC.A.F.

Kris was awaiting an application to Annapolis, and had another application in for flight school just in case. After discovering that I wouldn’t be able to accept the A.F. Academy appointment, and that no band positions were open, I decided that jet mechanics would be a good job, and would prepare me for my planned career in aeronautical design and engineering. I already knew that I was a mechanical whiz-kid, and didn’t anticipate any problems on my tests. Besides, good jet mechanics were in short supply in the Air Force at the time. Eddie wanted to be a tow-reel operator, because of the extra hazardous duty pay, then just wanted to go back to being a civilian again.

When we finally got to our testing phase, I came away feeling good about my tests, even though I was rather exhausted at the time I took them. Later, we were given our files by the testing personnel, and ordered to deliver them to the counseling and classification section. There, an airman first class told us we were not to look at our test scores until the following week, when we were scheduled to meet with the counselors for career counseling and job classification and training
purposes. I considered the order too suspicious to obey, so the minute the airman first’s head was turned, I disobeyed, opened my file, and recorded my stanine scores on my pith helmet.


Mechanics (95) was my highest, with administration (45) my lowest score, with the rest of my scores graduated evenly in between. My A.F.Q.T. (Armed Forces Qualification Test), taken in Dallas when I enlisted, was 97, placed me in the top 1 %.

The following week, when our files were returned to us, my scores had been reversed, making me look like a potential administrative whiz. There were, I noticed, five classification men working closely together in a suspicious way, and I already had reason for my suspicions, because they had reversed my scores. I didn’t tell the counselor I knew my test scores had been reversed, and discovered several other similar obvious discrepancies with my comrades.


The personnel man refused to consider assigning me to jet mechanics, because of my “low mechanical aptitude”, and insisted on placing me in Ground Control and Approach, an air traffic and control job which required a high administrative aptitude, and involved a highly responsible and critical job landing aircraft under hazardous conditions. In other words, he had not only misclassified me, but had placed me in a critical field in which a single administrative error, such as assigning two aircraft the same altitude, etc., could cost millions of dollars and several lives. I already knew that the changes in my scores were made after the records had been turned over to the classification personnel, who therefore were the responsible parties in all likelihood.

On return to our barracks, I made a rapid survey of others to see how they had fared, bearing in mind that our records had been sabotaged. There were several men scheduled for counterinteUigence, some to be sent to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and other schools with good Slavic language programs. I assumed that many of these assignments were misclassifications, based on sabotaged scores that made the airmen involved appear to have a higher aptitude for languages than they actually had. As I later discovered, while my scores were merely reversed, those of some others’ were juxtaposed in different order, or graded upward or downward.

Among the airmen being sent to counterintelligence was a young Bulgarian who was a trustworthy friend, who had been recruited just for that purpose by U.S. Intelligence. He was a fine person, whose family had been slaughtered by the Communists. The classifications personnel had probably taken a wide berth with him, but had probably blown his cover. Another guy, who claimed to be from Florida—which I did not believe, and neither did the Bulgarian—was also classified into counterintelligence. He had the same rosy cheeks and Slavic mouth as my boyhood friend, Rudolf, who was a first generation Czech-American.


I consulted with the Bulgarian, and then with Eddie, and finally with Kris, who was knowledgeable about military affairs and procedures. Kris recommended that I report my findings to the adjutant. By that time, the personnel saboteurs had continued to do their damage, and had even managed to cut a set of travel orders sending me to Air Police School in Compton, California, even though I was assigned to G.C.A. school at Keesler A.F.B., Mississippi, near Biloxi.

I told the adjutant that I had found what I believed to be a 5-man K.G.B. cell operating in the Air Force Career Counseling Center at Lackland, and that they had probably already routed a Czech mole into counterintelligence. The adjutant straightened out my travel orders, and said he would have the matter looked into.
Months later, Naval Commander Thomas W. Heywood—Eddie’s older brother—on behalf of O.N.I., came to Keesler to spend four days over Thanksgiving, 1956, with Eddie and I.


He said his reason for coming involved the K.G.B. cell, informing me for the first time that the F.B.I., acting on my information, had uncovered them Tom said he had reason to believe that the K.G.B. was responsible for certain problems I was having, and that he would see what he could do to get me out of trouble. He said that Eisenhower had transferred the bunch to the Army where they could be more closely watched. The entire incident was classified “Confidential”, and Tom was breaking the rules by even discussing the matter with me. I received the same confirmation from the squadron adjutant and commander, and was also clandestinely visited by Air Force Intelligence and D.I.A. people, who were trying to help me, while the Air Force officially refused to do anything.

About that time, Arthur C. Clarke, head of the British Interplanetary Society, and a big friend to Wernher von Braun, came to Keesler to give a lecture on “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”, which I attended. Clarke concluded that flying saucers did not exist as such, and that all such sightings could be explained as natural phenomena. After his address, I filed through a line to speak to him. I shook his hand and told him,

“Dr. Clarke, I enjoyed your speech, but both you and I know that you are a goddamned liar, and that flying saucers are man-made flying machines powered by electricity.”

Clarke chuckled and shook my hand. Two days later, I was reclassified into intelligence, as a clerk- typist, of all things (there was the uncorrected high score in administration speaking again, which the Air Force refused to correct). Both Eddie and I went to 8th A.F., S.A.C., Headquarters, 26th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Lockbourne, A.F.B., Ohio, near Columbus. I was then processed and cleared for Top Secret.

It seemed an odd coincidence that the 8th Air Force intelligence group to which I was attached was the same one which had encountered the first allied air assaults of the German flying saucers, and was also somewhat involved in Operation Paperclip.

While at Lockbourne, in late 1957, 1 met a lieutenant colonel named A. W. Clements who was on T.D.Y. there, who had been one of the lieutenants who were Captain Mantell’s wingmates, at the time of the Jan. 7, 1948 incident near Mayville, Kentucky, involving a flight out of Godman A.F.B. Flight Commander Thomas Mantell, Jr., led his P-51s in pursuit of a flying saucer. His plane was completely destroyed and Mantell with it. The later account by J. Allen Hynek, in his “Operation Blue Book” report, was almost completely different from the one given to me by Lt. Col. Clements. The situation gave me cause to wonder that, should others have followed up on Hynek’s footsteps on all the other reports he supposedly considered, that almost just so many other errors might not emerge, showing a consistent pattern of lies.

The way I came to meet Clements, a tall man with dark wavy hair, was because of a discussion—actually more of an argument—which I was having with a couple of intelligence officers, one a major and the other a captaia I was making my argument on flying saucers, and they were calling me crazy, saying flying saucers were either ‘aerial phenomena’ or non-existent. The colonel came down the stairs, introduced himself, and said he was on T.D.Y. at Lockbourne for a couple of weeks, (from either Kentucky or Wright-Patterson, I don’t recall for certain).


He said he couldn’t help but overhear our argument, and said he was taking my side. He told us he had been Captain Mantell’s wingmate in the 1948 disaster, and gave a blow-by-blow account of the incident, which significantly differed with the account written by Hynek when they spotted the saucer, and immediately commenced pursuit under standing orders, they contacted the control tower at Godman. Mantell led the way, and was close to the saucer. The control tower patched them through to the Pentagon, which ordered them to immediately cease pursuit.


Clements said that he was unable to make radio contact with Mantell, because of the strong electric field near the saucer, so Mantell continued the pursuit, within the colonel’s view. Mantell’s plane flew into tiny pieces and Mantell with it. There was no evidence or sighting of any weapons use. The two officers who were arguing with me had to eat crow, for there was a superior officer having direct personal knowledge of flying saucers, in a famous incident, to corroborate my argument. 1 thanked Clements for his honesty. The two other officers didn’t call him crazy.

My theory is that Mantell’s plane, at 500 mph., entered the saucer’s electric field, which gravitationally neutralized the front of the plane. As soon as his plane lost its charge, the front and rear of the plane shredded together and apart in every direction, due to the sudden effects of momentum and inertia. The Pentagon’s order to cease and desist was heard by Clements, but not by Mantell, and must have been intended to avoid such an incident, based on prior knowledge by Pentagon personnel as to what could happen.


Otherwise, there is no case in which the Pentagon has ever ordered the U.S.A.F. to cease pursuit of any “unidentified” aircraft, while flying over the continental U.S.A. The parts of Hynek’s report which were false, due to critical omissions and misrepresentations—since Clements told his story to me the same as he told Hynek—were related to the facts that they clearly pursued a flying saucer, that Clements was in view of Mantell’s plane at the time of the explosion, that radio contact had been obviously broken with Mantell due to the electric field of the saucer, and that the Pentagon had caEed off the pursuit immediately on notification, prior to the incident. This incident has been rehashed over and over, and Clements was very clear on the fact that it was a flying saucer, and not a “weather balloon” as the government later tried to fabricate.

On the night of Nov. 2,1957, while I was on leave from the Air Force, visiting at my parent’s home in Odessa, Texas, my father was returning from a marketing trip, en route to Odessa. Just after passing through LeveEand, Texas after dark, his 1957 ford staEed and aE Eghts went out, and he had to coast to a stop in the dark, on the highway shoulder. He rolled down his window and felt a rush of air, while over his car, a flying saucer hovering only a few feet above. He sat there for around fifteen minutes before the saucer finally departed In essence, he had been “arrested” during that time.


Afterwards, he was able to restart his engine, but his lights were gone, so he returned cautiously in the dark to a Levelland motel, where he spent the remainder of the night. The following morning, at first light, he drove on to Odessa, where he ate a quick breakfast and went immediately to SeweE Ford to have his lights repaired, saying nothing about the flying saucer. After he left, I turned on the T.V. for the morning news, which included the well-known report about the Levelland saucers, including an interview with the sheriff of Hockley County. I immediately went to Sewell Ford to talk to my father.

The Sewell Ford repair shop had just opened, and the mechanic was just beginning to check out the lights, as my father stood close by. I asked Dad about the flying saucer, and he asked how I knew about it. He was unaware that there were news reports concerning other sightings and incidents around Levelland the previous night. He said he had said nothing about it because he didn’t want to be called “crazy”.


The saucer was “egg-shaped”, about 200 feet long, and glowed in the dark. The mechanic said he’d never seen a car with every single light bulb blown out, without there being a blown fuse or any other evidence of a short or other electrical malfunction. I suggested that the tungsten filaments were damaged because the strong electric field around the saucer had caused the filaments to burn out or break, as the weakest links in the circuits, already weakened by their white-hot temperatures, when the saucer hovered over the car. The magnetic field in the car, induced by the strong electric field of the saucer, would cause the electrons in the light filament and circuitry to spin like crazy.

I left the Air Force in 1958, because the classification errors made by the K.G.B. in 1956 had led to an impasse, in which I eventually could not be upgraded in the field in which I was working—in Special Services P.C.U. (Physical Conditioning and Judo Unit)—until I had first been upgraded in my primary A.F.S.C., which was as an illustrator in Intelligence.


The Air Force had refused to correct my test scores so that I could be classified into a field consistent with my real aptitudes. Meanwhile, Intelligence decided they wanted me back, after I had trained in the P.C.U. Using their ‘secret’ influence, Intelligence got the classification officer who was to officially assign the P.C.U. classification number to me after training in that field, so I could be upgraded, assign me a primary A.F.S.C. as an illustrator in Intelligence, with a secondary A.F.S.C. in the P.C.U., so that I could not be upgraded at all, until I had gone back to Intelligence for six months so I could first be upgraded there.


This created a “catch 22”, however, because I had already been in the A.F. for two years and had not been upgraded, so I demanded a discharge under an obscure 8th A.F. Letter, a copy of which was in my possession. The ironic fact was that, not only was I already trained as an illustrator, but there was no one on the base to train me anyway. I had attended night classes at the Columbus College of Art and Design for a year.

And now for the incident on the three Russian bombers: When I worked in Intelligence as a clerk-typist, I had ‘spontaneously’ devised a new briefing system during a “Red Alert”, called during a snowstorm. I was the only one in my group to show up, and had to brief and debrief the S.A.C. crews before and after takeoff. That alert concerned three Russian bombers which crossed the Arctic Circle and eventually landed in Minnesota under fighter escort, picked up over Canadian air space.


That was the “Bison, the Bear, and the Muskrat” incident I referred to earlier, being the three latest Russian bombers, flown by three defecting Russian pilots and landed in Minnesota. As far as we knew, it was an attack. The briefing system I devised involved color-coding, in which the map pouches I provided to the pilots identified their primary, secondary, and alternate targets by color code. That system was adopted by S.A.C., as it was very handy under pressure, and the pilots liked it, even though it was a breach of security for me to devise and distribute the system without authority. What else was I to do, since the responsible intelligence men were still at home hiding under their beds?


Only survival officer, Lt. Don Cook and I, did the whole routine with only a skeleton crew. I had picked up what I knew by working in the same room Congress had rejected the plans for the three Russian bombers, so the American designer had sold his plans to the Russians. We had no defense from those planes at that time, since they flew above our missiles.

The last time I ever personally heard from Kris Kristofferson, was a letter I received from him at Keesler in late 1956, in which he said he had been accepted to flight school. I later learned that he had became a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, after finishing at Annapolis, after his other application eventually came through. When he appeared as a musician in the ‘60s, I hardly recognized him, except for his voice and eyes. In 1956, he was rather stocky, wore a burr haircut, and even had those little rolls of fat on the back of his neck I was greatly disappointed in 1996 to learn of his connections to Col. Michael Aquino and the CIA’s MK ULTRA program, in which he was a Vatican-based Project Monarch slave-runner.1 Working with the Jesuits, eh Kris?

Eddie’s older brother, Tom, eventually became the Chief of Naval Operations. It didn’t surprise me, because he was always well aware of what was going on, while others were still in the dark, and had the guts to “violate” bad orders like a good American should Ironically, the Air Force Records Center in St. Louis, Mo., was burned out, because they could never correct the damage done to the records by the K.G.B.


To this day, there are still numerous claims and lawsuits resulting ultimately from the sabotage, and most people don’t even know it ever occurred. If I had not stumbled across the KGB. cell, there is no telling how long they might have lasted, right under the noses of our ignorant government bureaucrats, and the fact remains that they might never have been caught. The distinct feeling I got was that I was being punished for turning up this incident, not only by the K.G.B., but by my own government as well, and that the only help I got was from people who were disobeying orders.

I never received an official word of thanks from the Air Force, and got only an unofficial thanks from Tom Heywood, and he was with the Navy!



In 1962, 1 applied for the Peace Corps, on a bet with J. Evetts Haley, the western historian. Our bet was that I would apply for duty in Southeast Asia, and be accepted for South America, based on “bureaucratic probability”. My application was accepted for Ecuador, with training in Puerto Rico. I never tried to collect on the bet, since it was more in the nature of a joke.

While in training at Arecibo, and at the Universidad Inter Americano at Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, I had some rather noteworthy experiences. Beginning at Arecibo, I was under close scrutiny for some reason unknown to me at the time. This immediately followed a fiery speech by Fidel Castro of Cuba, in which he accused the Peace Corps of being a front for the CIA. I was followed around by certain administrative people, and even treated rather hostilely. Finally, R. Sargent Shriver, brother-in-law to President John F. Kennedy, came for a visit, and hung out with me over several days. Everyone knew who he was, even though he used a phony name. One volunteer even sculpted a limestone portrait of him. He was checking me out for some unknown reason, and seemed disconcerted that we agreed on so many things. My friend, Dr. A. Henry Sara-Nee, of Midland, Texas, had been a graduating classmate of his at Yale Law School, class of ‘47.

It was near this time that an old Puerto Rican man, who smuggled back and fourth to Cuba in his row boat, most urgently approached me at a rural cantina, to give me information. The story that he related to me indicated that he had observed the Russians building what I knew from his description were nuclear missile silos, equipped with I.C.B.M.S.


1Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips, Trance Formation of America, Reality Marketing, Inc., Las Vegas, NV (1995)

This was the first information picked up in the “Cuban Missile Crisis”, and I passed the information along, after which it was verified by intelligence people. The missiles were actually there, contrary to later false reports (supplied by the CIA) that only fake ‘mock-up’ missiles were in Cuba. They were apparently setting Kennedy up, and I knew it, the American public be damned.

It was also near this time mat I was harassed by Peace Corps bureaucrats, because a friend and I had Puerto Rican girl friends. The friend was a Black guy named Bill, who had won the Medal of Honor in the Korean War, as a tank commander. The Peace Corps officials particularly wanted me to stop seeing my girlfriend, a school teacher named Maria, because her brother was the secretary to the Bishop of Ponce, who had called Munoz Marin a communist Maria had participated in freedom rides in the southern U.S., and I thought it odd that Peace Corps officials should be guilty of such bigotry and weirdness. Didn’t these guys ever see West Side Story? They were acting like “Officer Krupke”.

I was finally ‘selected out’ of the Peace Corps, without any reason being given. It would not be until four years later that I would learn why.

In protest to the Peace Corps having ‘separating me out’, a group Barranquitas citizens showed up with placards, in my support. They were Puerto Ricans I’d become acquainted with, including my girlfriend, her chaperone, and several others. I thanked them for their sympathy, and said my goodbyes to them, after which we were taken to the San Juan airport, thence flown back to the U.S. Though the group had little money, they later very sweetly took up a donation and sent a small gift of money and a nice card, after I reached home.

As I was preparing to depart the training facility at the Universadad Inter Americano at Barranquitas, I was offered some damaging information on Peace Corps operations, from several people whom I had already identified as CIA agents. The information ranged from the fact that our “dance teacher” was paid $120.00 per day, to the fact that many of the male officials abused their positions by demanding ‘bed time’ with some of the female recruits.


What I also thought was very odd, was the fact that nearly all the Peace Corps officials and other trainees had almost nothing to do with the Puertoriquenos, and were discouraged from doing so. At the forefront of this attitude, were some people from the Union Theological Seminary. When I reached home, I was surprised to have some media people very anxious to ‘expose’ the Peace Corps operations. I attributed this to CIA orchestration as well.

Thanks to Walter Bowart, I read in 1994 that, according to The Report from Iron Mountain (purportedly an accidentally leaked paper of the Secret Government) that war is considered a desirable component of modern society to reduce population, and to control “..dangerous social dissidence and destructive anti-social tendencies”. The military is considered a pool for “misfits...a state-supported haven for the unemployable”.


They conceived of the Peace Corps as a model for an alternative replacement for the non-military functions of war, to sociologically control “misfits” a “modern sophisticated form of slavery”, motivated by,

a) “intensified environmental pollution”

b) “new religious or other mythologies”

c) “socially oriented blood games”

d) “combination forms”

In respect to my having been “selected out” of the Peace Corps (which in view of the above report, was a positive sign), the following copies of letters and documents are included for your reflection:

Please note the evasive language of E. Lowell Kelly’s second paragraph (“...I see no reason to discuss specific reasons for your separation..”) in response to my letter attempting to find out why I was removed. Kelly mentioned “Dr. Boulger”, whom he asserted had ‘evidently’ told me “quite specifically” why. To the contrary, Boulger never told me why, even though very nervous, and actually broke down in tears when I asked him for a reason. The only thing I could get out of him was a vague reference to “...something to do with my military record”. Since everything about my “”military record” had been fully disclosed at the time of my recruitment, the Peace Corps had been fully informed, and there was scarcely any basis for that.

I knew that Fidel Castro had delivered fiery damnations of the Peace Corps in his radio broadcasts, which we had listened to, alleging that it was a “front for the CIA”, but never imagined that I was being set up as a scapegoat. I also knew that two of my fellow recruits— John Bolin and Patricia Cohn—had fraternized with two of Castro’s spies, when they had approached the training facility and entered it, just prior to those broadcasts. I also knew that Bolin and Cohn were CIA agents, along with John Barrett and a man named Salazar. It wasn’t until four years later that I would realize what Bolin and Cohn had told Castro’s agents, that I was a CIA agent.

In retrospect, I knew one of the men associated with the Peace Corp was a Cuban associated with the CIA forces which had attempted to overthrow Castro. He had brutally raped a friend of mine, a girl from Kentucky. Everyone knew about it, yet no one said anything about it or attempted to rectify it. She had black eyes and bruises all over her face, was dejected and ashamed, yet nothing was done to the fascist CIA Cuban pig.


In distinction to this, the following letter is from a woman who, along with her friend “Libby”, were kicked out of the Peace Corps for being “lesbians”:

Again, I couldn’t understand why the Peace Corps was kicking out Inge and Libby, since it should have been obvious to any idiot who had interviewed or investigated them in the first place, that they were lesbians. With some women, you just know, and Inge was one of those women.


I picked up bits and pieces of the flying saucer puzzle during my college years, particularly when I took a freshman course in physics, at Sam Houston State University, in Huntsville, Texas, in 1963-64. At that time, I began to see the relationship between gravity and charge-to-mass ratio in individual atoms.

Later, while I attended a year of law school at U.T.-Austin, in 1965-66, M.B. Wood, the CIA Southwestern Regional Director, gave a recruitment speech to our law class1, and said he’d be glad to answer any questions he could, if we would contact his secretary to set up an appointment, which I did. I was surprised to learn that the “sweetheart” of our law class, ‘Sandy’ (Kay) Bailey, was also M.B. Wood’s secretary. (I was not surprised 26 years later, when in 1992 Kay Bailey-Hutchinson became a U.S. senator from Texas.)


The meeting was held in a room of the Business and Economics Building, on the U.T. campus. At my meeting with Wood, I asked him point blank if he knew why I was kicked out of the Peace Corps. He reached across the desk for a dossier on me, opened it, and showed me an “executive edict” signed by John F. Kennedy, staring that “ person who has worked for the CIA may be in the Peace Corps.”


I asked Wood how that applied to me, and he said “Because President Kennedy thought you worked for us.”. I then asked Wood if the CIA had permitted Kennedy to believe that, even though it was not true, and he said “Yes”. Then he proudly showed me another executive edict dated around two weeks later, stating that “ person who has worked for the Peace Corps may be employed by the CIA.” Then Wood said, “However, we’d be glad to consider your application five years from your date of departure from the Peace Corps.” As I was leaving, Wood said “Stay dry!” (old intelligence jargon, meaning “stay sensitive!”).

The facts were as follows: There I was having a beer at a rural Puerto Rican cantina, listening to accordion music blaring from a Wurlitzer juke box, and just happened to pick up America’s first intelligence on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Though I was not a CIA agent, this seemed of considerable importance to me, and I didn’t think I should remain silent about it. After all, my family didn’t even have a bomb shelter. Besides, I was in Peace Corps training, and the missile silos sounded fairly unpeaceful, so I passed the information along for the benefit of the American People and the world, not the CIA. Castro’s radio broadcasts reminded me of Hitler’s.

This incident proved to me what I had suspected all along, which was that the CIA was not playing it straight with the president, who was their commander-in-chief. If the president could not depend on the veracity of the CIA, as his supposed means of intelligence gathering upon which to base his decisions, then the American people could not rely on those decisions as reflecting the rational options available to the president, as betrayed by the CIA. It stands to John F. Kennedy’s credit that he lacked confidence in the CIA, so much that, even after they had scapegoated me, to avoid discovery of the fact that they remained well represented in the Peace Corps in violation of the President’s order, that Kennedy sent his own trusted brother-in-law, Shriver, to see if they were lying to him, which they certainty were.


If they had just told me why they were kicking me out, I could have fingered Bolin, Cohn, Barrett, and Salazar—who were not separated out—in a few minutes. They had told Castro’s spies that I was a CIA agent, and then gave me the damaging material on the Peace Corps as I was departing, obviously for use in my later interviews with the media, which they had also arranged. It seemed odd to me that the president of the United States did not know who his own CIA agents were, yet I, a civilian, whom he was falsely led to believe was with the CIA, did know who they were.

If the CIA answered to a ‘higher authority’, then this was truly bigger than a “betrayal” of or by Kennedy, in his dealings with the Military Industrial Complex. There was John F. Kennedy—a Cambridge-educated Illuminatus (A.K.A. “Fabian Socialist”)—betraying the Council on Foreign Relations’ goal of British-American world imperialism, as envisioned by Cecil Rhodes, the British billionaire who, as an Illuminist, had endowed Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarships program, and was a ‘world-control’ adherent to the ancient teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (“Thrice Greatest”), as elucidated by his favorite Oxford professor, John Ruskin. These teachings say that only an illuminated elite—which maintains a dualistic (“Hermaphroditic”) difference between what is said and what is done—should rule the world.


In 1968, while a graduate student in art at U.T., I attended a lecture on gravity in the physics department. I was disappointed to find that the physicists were still ignorant of the scientific basis for gravity. I was also amazed to find a grant application on the bulletin board, from the U.S. Department of Energy, for prospective PhD. candidates in physics. All the candidates had to do to pick up a $10,000 grant, was to base their theses on the given government premise that “U.F.O.s are free-floating plasmas.” This was apparently the manner by which the Trilateral Commission bought phony “documentation” to support their BIGGEST LIE, to be later used by UFOlogists. It also constituted a prima facie case of scholastic dishonesty.



I left the university and my first wife and I divorced in 1970, then I moved to New Mexico. By 1967, 1 had already done sketches of flying saucer control systems, having twelve directional grids, corresponding to twelve 30-degree incremental divisions of the compass, such as I had surmised from my 1950s observations of flying saucers navigating in the night sky above our back yard in West Texas. This observation would later be corroborated, at least for the early vintage saucers.

In 1973, at the Santa Fe Ski Basin, I ran across some friends whom I had known in my U.T. days, who had belonged to O.S.O. (“Organization of Students of Objectivism”), a philosophy club I belonged to which studied the literature and philosophy of Ayn Rand The friends introduced me to a woman who accompanied them. I dated the woman on occasion over two years. In 1975, she attended the School of Law at the University of Houston, and lived with her grandmother, in Pasadena, Texas.


While visiting her, after my return from a trip to Europe—on which I had embarked on the Kraljevica, a vessel of the Jugolinea—I was rather astounded when she and another vivacious young woman suddenly announced that they were CIA agents, and said, “...we are authorized to offer you M.B. Wood’s job, with the provision that you return to your wife.” You could have knocked me over with a feather! Wood was the CIA executive with whom I had met in Austin, concerning the Peace Corps.


I turned the offer down. It was odd to discover that a lady you had been seeing for ova two years, was all the while checking you out for the CIA. It was also ironic that I was offered the job of the same CIA employee with whom I had met concerning J.F.K. and the Peace Corps. To make it stranger, the offer came from George Bush, the new head of the CIA, whom I had met and talked to while visiting my first cousin, Patsy, who was his private secretary for five years, at his Tidewater Oil Company office in the Nelly Esperson Building, in Houston.

It took me a while to sort out all of the pieces of that little incident. The CIA “agentrix” was the first cousin of my first wife’s first cousin’s wife. That cousin’s wife was the sister to a (now retired) Texas Ranger, who presently lives in Santa Fe. That Ranger had taken a shot at my second wife along highway 285, in October, 1983, to scare the hell out of her. George Bush had just taken over the CIA. The girlfriend had commercial dealings with Bush, as one of the owners of a major oil company. And why did the CIA try to bribe and coerce me back to my first wife? George Bush and my first wife’s father were butt-bumping buddies, in Bush’s 1950s Odessa, Texas days. Beginning with George Bush’s command at the CIA, my problems began in Lamy, stirred up by the CIA, in order to “motivate me” to accept their offer. The problem continued for over seventeen years.

I later determined that the ‘friends’ from the O.S.O. were CIA trainees, who had been sent to our club to spy on us, and to “learn how to think”. The CIA had secretly used us as a surrogate think-tank. The “Oil Queen” of the CIA had given me a copy of T. H. White’s Once and Future King as a gift a few months before, and I never knew what was intended, until I recalled the part about where King Arthur just went about his business, despite the embarrassing gossip about court caused by the carryings on of Lance and Guinevere. Well, I considered myself a notch above ol’ Art, and the CIA.

In reminiscing about the Oil Queen, I am forever amazed at the confirmations I got from her, concerning the inventions of Nikola Tesla and his flying saucer. Heir to a large oil fortune with very high connections, she was in the know about energy matters of concern to oil interests; Tesla’s invention of the flying saucer, free energy discoveries, and Tom Ogle’s 100 miles-per-gallon carburetor, which I will tell you more about in this book.



In 1975 I began researching alternative methods of energy generation, based on the premise that inexhaustible energy can be obtained from the environment, because “ cannot be created nor destroyed, but only changed in form...”. Since I conceive of the universe as a never-ending perpetual motion (energy) process—as the rule and not the exception—my goal was to discover ways to trick nature into producing “free energy”. This involved gathering, focusing, and channeling some part of the infinite perpetual motion of the universe, through whatever work I wanted to do with it. I finally evolved what I call my “Triax System”.

In 1976 or thereabouts, I had resumed my childhood research in nuclear sciences, electricity, and magnetism, which I had begun in 1947, when I was nine years old. By 1978,1 had accumulated a lot of material and knowledge on the work of Nikola Tesla. As a child, my neighbor’s father, Elmer Schlosser, a self-taught electronics repair man, told me about Tesla, his boyhood inspiration, while growing up in the Cimmarron Territory.


He told me the saucer was Tesla’s invention. He gave me a lot of materials to use in my experiments with electricity and magnetism. I took the soft iron bars from the windows of the barracks from the German P.O.W. camp in Roswell, from which we’d built our new house in 1947, and used the bars in my experiments with magnetism and electricity. Some of the things I discovered seemed to defy the accepted laws of electromagnetism.

I had always presumed that Tesla had indeed invented the flying saucer, because of the way the government and Trilateralists had practically drummed his greatness from history.

By 1979,1 had several operational Tesla coils, and was hunting materials in the salvage heaps of Los Alamos, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, to use in a multitude of experiments. It was during this time that many of my new inventions and re-discoveries came about.

While browsing through a Santa Fe flea market in 1979,1 met a viejo from Pojoaque, who was trying to sell an old wooden box which he had made in 1937, to carry tools behind the cab of his Model A Ford pickup. On the lid of the box, he had carved, in New Mexico “folk” style, a map showing Los Alamos, Pojoaque (with a “zia” sign around it), and the unpaved road leading to the interstate, showing “LA.” (Los Angeles) one way, and “N.Y.” (New York City) the other. The date (“1937”) was shown, as well as the name of the project (“p2”) in which he was employed at Los Alamos.


The symbol for the project (a triangle with a dot in its center) was also shown. It was a scientific project headed by Wernher Von Braun. The old man said that after the project was “shut down and moved away”, at the end of 1937, that he was never rehired when the “new project” (the Manhattan Project) was begun in 1942.

I knew at the time that the triangle with a dot in its center was the “all-seeing-eye” of Bel, Ra, or “God”, that it was a Masonic symbol, and that it appeared on the dollar bill. I was inclined to buy the box at the time, not only as a curiosity, but also because of some haunting reason of which I was not then fully cognizant, but I didn’t buy it because I was so short on cash at the time. I also thought “1937” was a little early for anything scientific at Los Alamos. The Manhattan Project originated in late 1941/early 1942. Our government was an “ally” with Germany, until the 1939 invasion of Poland (Surprised?).


It would not be until a week later that I would realize my mistake in failing to buy the box, and did not remember the old man’s name. Somewhere in Pojoaque or Santa Fe, there may still be an old, hand-carved wooden box, which looks like this:

The following week, I regretted having failed to buy the box, when I realized what the carving meant. This was revealed when I went to a surplus dealer’s yard in Albuquerque, shortly after a fresh pile of unusual things had been sold to him by an employee of Sandia Base. On top of the pile was a navigational device of the type I knew early saucers would have used.


The entire pile was not the usual stuff I was able to buy, so I asked Mark King, the owner’s son, who was also a friend of mine, what he would have to have for the device. He answered, “Oh...about seven-fifty”. My heart sank. Seven hundred and fifty dollars was way out of my budget. I asked, “Seven hundred and fifty dollars?” Mark answered, “No...cents, for the whole pile”. I wasted no time picking the stuff up and paying Mark, with a big thanks, a handshake, a smile, and $7.50.

When I returned home, I began to examine the device, made in 1943 by Lizt, in Germany, more closely. The label on the device was as follows:

GeratNr. 127-178 A-l
Anforderz. FI 23374
WerkNr. 10143
Hersteller: gvy

There was the “p2” again. “KT-p2” was the codename for “Kreisel Teller” (German, for “Gyrating Saucer”) and “p2” was, according to Tesla’s drawings, either two plates, potentials, or primaries.

The 1943 device had a 6-volt motor to drive a geared ring marked in 30-degree partitions, around an inner electromagnetically coupled disk. A selection knob in the center of the face was used to manually turn a pointer to the desired flight-heading. There were fourteen contact points on the bottom, two of which supplied D.C. current to the motor.


The motor would rotate the outer geared compass ring until it showed the correct flight heading, based on information relayed from “master” gyrocompass, oriented to earth’s north pole, at which point the motor was automatically switched off The term “Tochter” (German, for “daughter”), literally meant “slave” in this respect, so the term “Peiltochterkompass” meant “Polar-Slave-Compass”. The device was one-half of an inertial or “celestial” navigation system. This manually operated device presupposed the “master” (gyro) compass....and electromagnetic propulsion, in 1943.

I had observed a flying saucer up close in 1953, and my father had been ‘held’ for at least a quarter of an hour, by another large “mother ship”—“egg-shaped” and about 200 feet long—as he left Levelland, Texas, on the night of November 2, 1957, which hovered only a few feet above his car, killing his engine and burning out his lights. Both the 1953 and 1957 ships emitted electrical coronal discharges rendering an ordinary compass useless.


That and the fantastic speeds necessitated an inertial navigation system The 1953 ship was obviously disoriented, its pilots surprised to find that they were hovering over our town, so their relatively primitive Peiltochterkompass was used to ‘dial in’ the proper heading, to speed back to their base along the New Mexico-Texas border, between Ft. Bliss and White Sands Missile Range, where Wernher von Braun had brought the post-war German KT-p2 Projekt.

The Peiltochterkompass had partitions of 30 degrees, identical to the 30-degree incremental turns of flying saucers I’d seen in the night sky, from 1949 to 1953. It was designed to be mounted horizontally, with 360-degree peripheral headings, indicating a round ship, which moved in 12 directions. Photographs of the Peiltochterkompass appear below:

FIG. 1: Top View - fluorescent dial and face calibrations, with 12 30-degree peripheral increments. With master gyrocompass calibrated to true north prior to takeoff directional selections made with dial read on Peiltochterkompass.
FIG. 2: Horizontal rear view -label and receptacle at bottom for control cable attachment with 14 contact points, including power for 6-volt motor and 6 bi-directional polarities, interconnected to the “Meisterkreiselkompass”. Appropriate high-voltage switches automatically activated via opposite pairs of twelve contacts.
FIG. 3: Perspective View.
FIG. 4: Photo of two antiquated wooden high-voltage Tesla tuning coil forms (coils missing), from Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (“LAS.L”) salvage, ca 1978. Twelve 30-degree increments on notched form primitively secured by old window latch Among stuff cleared out of “old bam” in oldest area of lab. Examination of patina, materials, screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware, indicated a ca 1900 construction date, apparently reworked in’30s, to retrofit automotive thrust bearings. Handwriting on them comports with Nikola Tesla’s. Probably part of electrical apparati from Tesla’s Colorado Springs experiments, taken south to Los Alamos for use in von Braun’s 1936-38 Illuminati’p2” project Lab personnel were probably unaware of their origin or use by the time they were released for sale in 1978.

I knew that General Patton, on his 1945 saucer-hunt, had been ordered to destroy 200 of the celestial navigation systems which he had found in a salt cave, deep beneath the Peenemunde complex. Tesla had developed and flight-tested such a navigational system in conjunction with the Sperry Gyroscope Company in 1917. The device I saw on the salvage pile met all the criteria for the device I knew had to exist, and it was made in Germany, by Lizt, on October 1,1943.

Since I discussed the device with several people, word soon reached Sandia Base Security that I had it. In their investigation, they went to Mark, who told them he had purchased it from a guy who usually brought stuff released to salvage by Sandia Base. They could not confiscate the device from me, because I had a bill of sale, and Mark had one too. Mark told me later that the security people had told him that the employee from Sandia had stolen the pile of classified salvage and sold it to him. The employee was placed under surveillance, caught doing it again, and sent to jail.


Confiscating my Peiltochterkompass would have violated a security regulation prohibiting the confirmation that something is classified. The security personnel also violated that rule in their discussions with Mark. My Peiltochterkompass was a part of a WW II-vintage German electro- propulsive flying saucer, just as I said it was. Otherwise, it would not have been classified, because its design was obsolete. Otherwise, one wonders just how far behind America was.

At first, I could only document what it was not No such device was to be found in a catalogue of known WWII German nautical, aeronautical, electronic, or automotive navigational devices or related equipment. In addition, it was to be mounted horizontally. The “master” gyro retained its orientation, with reference to the earth’s north pole, and relayed this information to the “slave” compass, as the central navigational device used to control electro-propulsive saucers of the earliest type. The one I bought was from one of the German saucers brought to New Mexico in 1945, under Operation Paperclip.

While in Ohio, in 1960,1 knew a German girl named Gertrude Thum, whose father, Hitler’s personal valet, was released by the Russians later that year. Thum was not even mentioned by other historians. On his release by the Russians, the press was not allowed to interview him. He was immediately spirited away by German and American intelligence personnel, who only later, in their presence, allowed Thum to speak to the press from a prepared statement.

The Berlin Fuehrerbunker, completely designed by Hitler, had an unfinished tower opening to the sky at the top, with a landing pad. The tower was directly accessible by private staircase from the hallway just outside Hitler’s apartment in the lowest level of the bunker. The couple were rescued around sunrise, April 29th, 1945, by flying saucer test pilot Hanna Reitsch and flight expert and navigator Hans Ulrich Rudel, who had made many flights to “Feuerland” (“Fire-land”). The Russians entered the bunker over two full days later, just before midnight, April 2,1945.

While taken to task on the survival of Hitler, other documented information has reached me, concerning the fact that, not only was Reinhard Gehlen, the head of the RSHA VI division of the Gestapo, taken into the CIA, but also his accomplice, Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the entire Gestapo1. One thing’s for certain; if Reinhard Heydrich, Architect of the Holocaust, hadn’t been assassinated in Bohemia in 1942, the CIA most certainly would have hired him, and naturally, concealed it from us, just as they concealed their hirings of Gehlen and Mueller for over 40 years. This Nazi specter haunts us in the present, with stories from Yugoslavia.


When one recounts all the Big History Lies we already know about, “official history” begins to look like staged events scripted beforehand, with the complete cooperation of the leaders of all sides, to produce a certain, predictable ‘ending’. Of what use is a United Nations, if it is completely impotent to stop the ethnic and religious squabbling and slaughter in Yugoslavia, with NATO finally becoming the bared fangs of the NWO ‘mask’.


All NATO can do is destroy a lot of real estate and create mass hysteria which is productive of nothing except more suffering, death, and the destruction of the economy of the poorest European countries, while enriching war industry manufacturers.

As stated in a biographical sketch of Nikola Tesla2 (in pertinent part):

“For a long time the Slav people—who, after the battle of Kosovopjolje, in which the Turks defeated the Servians, retired to the confines of the present Montenegro, Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Bosnia, and “Borderland” of Austria—knew what it was to deal, as our Western pioneers did, with foes ceaselessly fretting against their frontier; and the races of these countries, through their strenous struggle against the armies of the Crescent, have developed notable qualities of bravery and sagacity, while maintaining a patriotism and independence unsurpassed in any other nation.”

1Gregory Douglas, Gestapo Chief (three vols), R. James Bender, P.O. Box 23456, San Jose, Ca 95153.
2Nikola Tesla, Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency (1904)



(NOTE: Some of the following material—that related to “flying submarines”— is presented not as a “proven” fact, but as a possibility, given the many suggestive facts and mysteriously missing facts surrounding the disappearance of the German “super aircraft carrier”, the Graf Zeppelin, as well as other well-documented sightings of “cigar-shaped UFOs.”)

Prior to the war, the Nazis were searching for new ideas, experimenting with and building various weapons and craft not prohibited by the Treaty of Versaille. A primary contractor in this field, was the Count (“Graf) Ferdinand von Zeppelin. There were a total of three important craft named the “Graf Zeppelin”, the LZ-127 (775 feet long, commissioned 1928, hangered at Frankfort), the LZ-130 (completed at Friedrichshafen, test flown 9/14/38, last flight 8/22/39, hangered at Frankfort), and the 1,000 foot long “Super Zeppelin”, the LZ-131 (work on which was purportedly stopped at outbreak of war [1939-40]).


The LZ-127 and LZ-130 were dismantled, and on May 6,1940, their two hangers at Frankfort were ceremoniously blown up on the second anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster1. The rather senseless destruction of two large dirigibles and their hangers at Frankfort seemed to have been calculated to convince the world that the Nazi dirigible program—and the “Super Zeppelin” as well—were discontinued, dismantled, or destroyed—a big ceremony to cover something important up. What’s more, an acquaintance from Frankfort said the hangers are still there.

Recently, a greengrocer acquaintance related to me how, while he and his daughter were traveling from the Albuquerque airport to their home in Santa Fe one night in the 1980s, they were followed all the way by a ‘cigar-shaped’ ship which flew not far above their car. They got a good look at the bottom, described as looking like a rusty old iron ship’s hull, complete with rivets. There were a line of portholes along the bottom—like a dirigible—and he could hear the drone of a diesel engine.


This to me brought to mind information I had sought to assemble in 1957, regarding a “super aircraft carrier”, 1,000 feet long, the construction of which was commenced just before the war and ‘abandoned’, which was named the Graf Zeppelin. While in Air Force intelligence, I had first heard of the ‘super ship’ in a book I was reading about Patton, and was curious about its fate, so I asked my associate, a sergeant who had been a spy in the area of Hamburg at the end of the war. He told me the Graf Zeppelin had a stainless steel hull which was 11 inches thick, and when I asked him what had happened to it, he said it was “sank in the North Sea” or was ‘dismantled’. He then became evasive to my further inquiries (Uh-oh! Still classified!).


The existence of a “Super Zeppelin” as a supposed “dirigible”, is documented in Toland’s book, and as an “aircraft carrier”, is documented in a naval history of WWII by Keegan Both versions were 1,000 feet long, were both ‘discontinued’ “at the beginning of the war”, were both named “Graf Zeppelin”, and were both “super”. A great coincidence in names for supposedly “different” type ships.

The late model U-boat pressure hulls were “cigar-shaped”, perfectly round tubes, to which were added the usual outer ballast tanks, conning towers, etc. to complete the subs. With portholes added to their bottoms, the “naked tubes” would have been perfect, ready-made hulls for ships for a “Mars Mission”, such as von Braun had already planned.


1John Toland, Ships in the Sky, Henry Holt & Co., N.Y.

With a U-boat pressure hull as a prototype, complete with diesel engines, batteries, and an ‘hennetically sealed’ living environment, and applying the gravitational-to-electromagnetic force conversion, von Braun built his first prototypes—some of which burned helium in outer space, the earlier prototypes of which belched black diesel smoke when near earth—based on “p-2”. The ‘rusty old iron ship’s hull’ seen by my greengrocer friend, was apparently one of the early prototypes, converted from a submarine hull, and later brought to New Mexico with the rest of the German projects, and now hangered at Sandia Base, Manzano Base, White Sands, or some other clandestine site.

The stainless-steel-hulled ‘super’ Graf Zeppelin LZ-131 “aircraft carrier”—carrying flying saucers—could have been a “flagship” from which Hitler and Doenitz could have directed the stalemate scenario at the war’s end. Use of an (“11-inch-thick”) stainless steel hull could have had two purposes, 1) to eliminate the need for the inner ribs and ballast tanks (the heavy weight of the hull and all internal equipment, including several flying saucers, being sufficient to submerge it in the ocean), and 2) to provide sufficient radiation shielding outside the Van Allen Radiation Belt. The stainless steel could also have avoided the resistance, hysteresis losses and inductance heating of a steel hull subjected to high frequency, high voltage currents, supplied by large Tesla coils powered by an hermetic helium generator and battery system.

Was the LZ-131 powered by helium reactors, just as my mother had heard from our New Mexico friends in 1949? Trading With the Enemy1 documents how Germany would have obtained helium. We are told that helium is an “inert gas”, but available scientific information shows that by a simple electric spark discharge, helium will produce 760 kcal./g.-atom2.


This is the approximate caloric equivalent to 760 loaves of bread, produced from a gram-atom of helium subjected to van de Graaff discharge. Available documents show a globular liquid helium tank (which misinformants call a “Thule Tachyonator”), reaction chamber, and an interconnected van de Graaff generator, in a German flying saucer. A van de Graaff would have been an excellent, simple way to supply the required high voltage discharges needed for helium generation of power to run the two large Tesla coils shown in the documents, probably mislabelled by the O.S.I.

With the generation of power from helium by electric spark discharge, the use of “trigatron” spark gaps takes on a whole new meaning. The spark gaps—fed by helium (falsely described as an ‘inert gas’ used to ‘insulate’ the spark gaps)—might have been the fuel for generation of high voltage electricity. I traced the use of trigatrons to 1930s Germany3.

Was the Graf Zeppelin originally outfitted to function alternately as a battleship, submarine, and Super Zeppelin/cigar-shaped mother ship/aircraft carrier/interplanetary space ship?

According to Rudolf Lusar4, she was scuttled outside Stettin, salvaged by the Russians, and sank on the way to Leningrad. The “official” story was that Hitler purportedly scrapped the huge Graf Zeppelin super carrier before it was completed, to embark on some “very ambitious” U-boat constructions and development.


The same or remarkably similar ship to the Graf Zeppelin was sighted off the Straits of Madagascar on June 30,19471. Another documented sighting of the same ship (or its identical twin) was sighted in 1962, at Hampton, Virginia2


1Charles Higham, Trading With the Enemy, Dell Publishing Co., New York (1983).
2Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., Van Nostrand’s Encyclopedia of Science, 5th Ed. (1976).
3Bethge, O; Kleen, Werner; Translations from Annalen derPhysik, 1931.
4Rudolf Lusar, German Secret Weapons of the Second World War, Neville Spearman, London 1969.

Was the Russian salvage story a cover for the truth?. What about a (likely) story that a huge convoy of U-boats with 30,000 mile range, left Norway in 1945?

In 1945, as the Russians closed in on the Berlin Bunker, flying saucer test pilot Hanna Reitsch and Colonel Hans Ulrich Rudel, who had made many flights to “Feuerland” (Tierra del Fuego, on the southern tip of South America), piloted the flying saucer carrying Eva and Adolf Hitler to the safety of the Graf Zeppelin, from which to direct the battle during the stalemate.


There, from the secret Nazi supership, Hitler made his final demands on the Allies as a field commander, and exacted his nuclear blackmail on America3. After the stalemate, the Hitlers returned to Germany under secret allied protectioa Today, German flying saucer bases, such as the huge underground base built in Greenland, are probably maintained under joint Trilateral/ex-Nazi control.

The Deutsche Antarktische Expedition (1938-39) laid out Germany’s claim to part of Antarctica, which claim has been undisturbed since the war. In the last coded messages from Martin Bormann, references to “Tierra del Fuego” (A.K.A., “Feuerland”) were made, as the reins of power were transferred to Reichschancellor Admiral Doenitz, and his twenty-four German U-Boats surrounded the United States, armed with I.C.B.M.s (A-9s), carrying neutron bomb warheads, and with celestial guidance systems. From this position of strength, Doenitz negotiated with the Allies, during a stalemate.


The Russians were overrunning Germany, but Germany had its nuclear missiles trained on the heart of America. If Germany fired the missiles, the Russians would take all of Germany, and all would be lost for the Germans, who could have bombed America, yet would have had no home to return to. Under the circumstances, only America could save only half of Germany, and so a deal was cut. Certain conditions were stipulated, and Doenitz was required to “scuttle all U-boats with all hands on board”, as a part of the amnesty agreement. Certain people were guaranteed amnesty, including Eva and Adolf Hitler, who were secretly provided with a cozy and secure home in Kassel Germany, for the rest of their lives, under the protection of the N.A.T.O. allies4.

The story that Admiral Karl Doenitz assumed power after “Hitler’s suicide” was untrue, since even available documents show that full power was transferred to Doenitz as soon as the “opera” at the Fuehrerbunker began, designed to buy time while Doenitz put Hitler’s ultimate plan for the stalemate into place. If the commonly accepted story were true, Doenitz would have assumed power on April 30, 1945, with the “unconditional surrender” (signed by generals Jodl and Friedeburg at Ike’s headquarters) on May 7,1945.


Doenitz was not taken into custody until May 23, 1945. His headquarters was at Eutin in Holstein, within 50 miles of Hamburg. In April, they had “120 vessels [of the new “electro-U-boat” type] ready for combat”, with only one of them “going into combat”. That was double talk. No combat was necessary, because of the stalemate.

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Meanwhile, certain Nazi commanders opened lines of communication with the Allies, ostensibly to pursue amnesty negotiations, made to appear to be without Hitler’s consent, to get around Eisenhower’s prior ultimatum which had already forclosed such negotiations. Not once during this grand “opera” was Hitler ever in jeopardy of capture, and as you may know, the opera ain’t over ‘til the fat lady—in this case, Hitler—sings. As soon as power was transferred to Doenitz and a ‘new hierarchy’ installed, Albert Speer was heard to exclaim, “We now have an operatic government”1, a statement which confirmed its purpose during the coming stalemate.

Hitler’s Alpine Redoubt had significance only to the extent that last-minute technical work was being performed there, relative to the special saucer operations of General Otto Skorzeny, and nuclear weapons used in the missiles. The failure to expedite several secret emergency plans for defense of various areas of the Reich, all followed the direction of the still higher plan, being executed under the cover of the other ‘last ditch’ plans of which the Allies were advised. The Germans intentionally collapsed the western front on cue, to suck the Allies into Germany, so the firestorm bombings would stop, and so we could not nuke them.

In 1967, the Hitlers were invited by president Lyndon Johnson, to be his guests, during Hemisfair, the world’s fair in San Antonio, Texas. The main tower of the Hemisfair, was designed by an architect who had been a high-ranking member of the S.S. As I sold paintings with a friend of mine in the La Villita area, in the seating opposite the Arneson River Theatre, along the San Antonio River, Adolf and Eva Hitler came by us, as I spotted them the moment they came into view. I had just been talking to a German “engineer”—whom I realized was a security agent, the moment I spotted the Hitlers—and Hitler took an interest in a particular painting of the Moritz Von Schwindt variety.


When he saw that I recognized him, he and Eva were quickly whisked away by their security agents. My friend Bob, also a former Air Force Intelligence personnel, who sat next to me, agreed that what we saw was what we saw. This event was followed up by other security agents, who came by and talked to us, to debrief us. We played it cool. What else could we do?


If we had said anything about it, who would have believed us? I have been taken to task for this sighting, but I’m sorry. There were just too many indicators to verify it. In addition, since the fall of the Soviet State, Russian military historians have admitted that they failed to find the bodies of Adolf and Eva Hitler.

The celestial guidance system used on the nuclear-armed rockets—predecessors to our Polaris missiles—and similar to the “rocket-torpedoes” written about by Ley, were of the same type found by General Patton in a salt cave at Peenemunde2. Patton hit the ceiling because his superiors ordered him to destroy two hundred of the systems, which he said he could get back through Allied lines with. Our military didn’t obtain such systems until twenty years later, Patton was sent to Peenemunde, on the Baltic, to pick up the files, and to make sure the flying saucer and rocket projects were cleaned out before the Russians got there, and that everything valuable was destroyed Patton was probably assassinated, as several biographers suggested, by Army Intelligence.


This was probably because of something to do with the flying saucers and Operation Paperclip.


1William R. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Fawcett Publications, Inc., Greenwich, Conn.
2This documentation has been censored from Patton’s war history sources I found in 1957.

Though posthumously accused of wanting to be too soft on the Germans after the armistice, it would have been more in keeping with his temperament to complain about CIA collaboration with Nazi hard liners under Operation Paperclip, and that Patton may have wanted to blow the cover on it, so they killed him. I interviewed Patton’s valet, George, who was married to my first wife’s aunt’s maid, in Crockett, Texas:

All information concerning Patton’s trip to Peenemunde has since been expunged from all current war histories that I have examined, yet it was available to me in 1957.

As for the neutron bomb, when prisoners from Rommel’s Afrika Korps were brought to Roswell, New Mexico, they carried some rather strange post cards, apparently printed by Rommel’s field lithographers, showing New York City being destroyed by a mushroom cloud. The camp commandant, Dave Dunn, who later became an engineer with Union Oil Company of California in their Midland, Texas Office, and who prepared the U.S.G.S. for President John F. Kennedy in 1962, thought these were humorous, and showed me one he had saved as a souvenir. The fact was, however, that Rommel’s main mission in the Libyan desert, was testing the neutron bomb.


The post cards carried by his troops were a ‘morale builder’, which superimposed the photolithograph of the mushroom cloud of the bomb they had actually tested and photographed, over a photolithograph of New York City, in a composite. The claims by the Manhattan Project members, that they built the first ATOM bomb—from German plans—was true. After all, Einstein had brought the stolen plans to us with the firm belief that we would use the A-bomb on Germany. Since the Allies had already succeeded in obtaining the German plans for the A-bomb, Werner Heisenberg merely sidestepped the A-bomb, and built the N-bomb. The question to me was not “if’, but “how” (did the Germans make their neutron bomb)?

Dr. Sam Cohen, inventor of the American neutron bomb, traces the production and sale of a mysterious substance called “red mercury” to Russia1. Red mercury is a mercury antimony oxide, specially prepared by irradiation and pressured into a gel to increase its density to create the necessary preconditions for a neutron explosion. A small quantity of it can then be used as a nuclear trigger/igniter, to detonate a small amount of heavy hydrogen, producing the deadly neutrons for a ‘clean bomb’.


In February, 1992, Russian president Boris Yeltsin signed Directive No. 75-RPS, authorizing Promekologia, a Russian company headed by Yeltsin’s ecological advisor, to “manufacture, purchase, store, transport, deliver, and sell for rubles and foreign currency” ‘red mercury’, in amounts up to ten tons per year. The order was rescinded a year later because of criticism within Russia of export of such a “valuable raw material”.


In a spring, 1994 documentary on Britain’s Channel Four (“British PBS”), a Russian nuclear chemist confirmed he had worked with red mercury since 1965, that it is currently produced in a factory in the central Russian town of Ekaterinburg, and that fusion weapons have been made in Russia from it. Cohen believes red mercury represents one of the greatest threats for potential terrorists to produce “baseball bombs” from it. He may be right.

On April 4, 1944, Nazi submarine U-859 was sunk near Penang (location of one of three Nazi far eastern U-boat bases), by the British submarine Trenachant. The Nazi sub was carrying 33 tons of mercury to Japan1.

1Dr. Sam Cohen, America Online: DJIBO (3/1/95).

Perhaps the Japanese were to process the mercury, or use it in their own neutron bombs. As for how the Soviets could have ended up with the red mercury technology, a persistent rumor2 has it that a U-boat rendezvoused with a Soviet surface vessel shortly after the surrender in the South Atlantic, at Mar del Plata, Argentina, and bartered Nazi neutron bomb technology for the release of German P.O.W.s in Russia.

If the Germans indeed tested a neutron bomb in North Africa, I would bet that it was produced with red mercury, since the Russians employed German metallurgists and nuclear chemists in their nuclear program, and it was they who produced Germany’s WWII supply of plutonium, purer than any ever produced, so pure that it must be diluted before use, even today.

Ironically, in 1946, my father bought the buildings comprising the Roswell P.O.W. camp, and moved them to Kermit, because he couldn’t get building materials anywhere else. The prisoners had done a beautiful job of converting one of their barracks into an Alpine “great hall”, and used egg-tempera to paint about 100 windows to look like stained glass, with Alpine scenes, and coats of arms. They even built a sauna. Vandals eventually smashed the windows where they were being stored. Did the prisoners carry out and witness a neutron bomb test in North Africa?

What happened at Los Alamos and Mescalero, New Mexico in the late 1930s, involved Wernher von Braun, project leader at Hitler’s Vergeltungswaffen development and production center at Peenemunde—which included the flying saucer project commenced in New Mexico.

Tesla had created a remarkable turbine, what we now know as the alternator, and the T.M.T., all for use on his flying saucer. He tried in vain to interest the government in his turbine and several other potentially great defense inventions, but the government showed little confidence in Tesla’s abilities, and considered them too far flung to work or to be of value. In Jan., 1914, just prior to the entry of America into WW I, after the government showed no interest in the turbine, Tesla acquired a $5,000.00 loan from J. P. Morgan, Jr., so he could finish and ship a turbine to the German Ministry of Marine, High Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz.3


Since he had already unsuccessfully offered the turbine to the U. S. government, he felt it no question of loyalty. It is my belief that around 20 years later, after unsuccessfully offering his flying saucer invention to the U. S. government, he agreed to collaborate with the Germans in the p2 project at Los Alamos.

The person who was most instrumental in inducing Tesla to work with the Germans in the “p2” Los Alamos project, aside from Uncle Sam, was a close personal friend of Tesla’s, George Sylvester Viereck, who was also a close personal friend of Adolf Hitler, and was convicted in 1942 for failure to register with the U. S. Department of State as a Nazi agent.4 Viereck took advantage of Tesla’s loneliness, shoddy treatment and lack of respect from the U. S. Government, and Tesla’s need to see his project through before the end of bis life. He spent considerable time and patience in cultivating Tesla’s trust, thus allowing the Nazis to end up with his technology, with the complicity of the government, through the American foundations who were involved


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Also working in rocketry in 1930s New Mexico, was the late Peter Van Dresser, who was the originator of “Van Dresser’s Constant”, a mathematical constant which von Braun and others used to calculate the trajectory of rockets fired into England and Antwerp. Van Dresser was bitter and disgruntled about the fact that Dr. Robert Goddard not only got all the credit for pioneer rocket research, but also had “collaborated with the Nazis”, via his pre-war work with von Braun, while he, Van Dresser, had done more important research, had no truck with the Nazis, and had gotten very little, if any, of the credit.


According to Van Dresser, his rockets worked, and Goddard’s fizzled, at least in the early thirties. Van Dresser used solid fuel, and Goddard liquid fuel. Van Dresser did his research independently, on his own resources, being unsupported by either the U.S. or Nazi government. And, Van Dresser was a Jewish-American.

If anyone ever saw the movie “Gadget”, and remembers the guy who strapped a rocket on his back and fired it off while he was on ice skates, that was Peter. One must admit that, although the rocket knocked him on his ass and caught his pants on fire, it damn well worked! And at least he had the guts to try it out himself, right in front of a movie camera. Little did he know that he would become a part of a movie showing the wildest creations of funny inventors. Peter was very embarrassed to admit that the “rocketeer” in the film was him, because it was one of those great, yet very embarrassingly funny moments in the progress of science. I saw the movie with Peter and his wife, Florence, whom he nudged in the ribs when she exclaimed, “Oh Peter!...that’s one of your’s!”.

So von Braun, Goddard, and the F.B.I. all saw to it that Hitler got “p2” safely to Germany. And then they traded it back to us if we’d give safe conduct to some of the criminal arch-socialists who led the German people down the primrose path to the grisly holocaust and the ghastly tribunal at Nuremberg, which left such an ugly blemish on the “German national memory”. Let’s take a closer look at this situation.


THE ROCKET RACKET - Wernher von Braun, Willy Ley, Dr. Robert Goddard, And The Kreisel Teller-p2, In New Mexico and Peenemunde

The facts in this section bring forth some very interesting questions which were missed by Charles Higham, in his Trading with the Enemy. Beginning around March 26, 1926, when Dr. Robert Goddard (1882-1945), professor of physics at Clarke University in Massachusetts, launched the first liquid-fueled rocket, at Auburn. In Germany, Willy Ley had read Hermann Oberth’s book on space travel that year, then wrote his own first book, Trip into Space. He communicated with Oberth, then formed the Verein fur Raumschiffahrt (“Union for Space Travel”). In 1927, Ley introduced Wernher von Braun to the Union, and was von Braun’s first tutor in rocket research.

In 1927, the Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 was commissioned. It was a 775 foot long dirigible.

From 1928 to 1933, Ley was vice president of the Union. Goddard had fired the first instrumented rocket in America, in 1930. That year, von Braun assisted Oberth in early liquid fuel rocket research. In fall, 1930, von Braun joined the Union, which established a launching field in an abandoned proving ground at Ploetensee, outside Berlin (cost= $.25/year). Experiments were conducted with 13-lb. thrust rockets.

In 1931, Ley provided the basic ideas for a liquid fueled rocket which was fired to an altitude of one mile. In 1932, von Braun acquired his B.S. degree, having studied at the Technical Institute in Berlin, and in Zurich, Switzerland. He completed 85 rocket tests that year, with rockets which reached an altitude of a mile in free flight.

In fall, 1932, the entire rocket program was transferred to Wehrmacht ordnance, with the 20-year-old von Braun appointed to head an experiment station at Kummersdorf. In 1933, nose-mounted gyrostabilizers were tested Hitler came to power that year, and the Gestapo seized all papers of the Union and the research center. In June, 1934, von Braun was granted his Ph.D. in physics by the University of Berlin. That year, a center-mounted gyrostabilizer was tested, making a 2,000 meter (c. 6,000 ft.) flight.

In 1935, near Mescalero, New Mexico (Eden Valley), Goddard’s flights exceeded 700 mph., and altitudes of 7,500 feet, with financial support from the Smithsonian Institution and the Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation. This attracted the attention of Ley and von Braun.

On February 21,1935, on invitation from Goddard and the American Rocket Society (the Smithsonian), Ley arrived in New York City, thence traveled to New Mexico to work with Goddard. In 1936, Hitler took greater interest, and poured 20 million marks into his Peenemunde center, commissioning von Braun and his group to “produce a field weapon capable of carrying a large warhead over a range much beyond that of artillery”.

Through Goddard, Ley arranged an invitation for von Braun from the American Rocket Society, for his visit to New Mexico, where in 1936-37, he collaborated with Goddard at Mescalero and the Eden Valley firing range, while running a secret Illuminati “p2” flying saucer project at Los Alamos. During that same time, he was still Hitler’s project director at Peenemunde, in absentia.


Ley must have worked on the p2 project also, because of his great knowledge of electrical science, but took out American citizenship papers in 1937, the year von Braun was appointed Obersturmbannfuehrer in the S.S. In 1938, von Braun returned to Peenemunde with “p2”, and an increased knowledge of higher performance liquid fueled rockets acquired from Goddard, courtesy of the Smithsonian and the Guggenheims, and began developing the V-2 (Vergeltungswaffen No. 2 [”revenge weapon No. 2”), with a range of about 11 miles. The Nazis lost a great scientist when Ley decided to remain in America.

On May 6, 1940, two large dirigible hangers at Frankfort were ceremoniously destroyed. They had housed the Graf Zeppelins LZ-127 and LZ-128. The “Super-Zeppelin” LZ-131 (1,000 feet long) was supposedly also abandoned A “ship”—supposedly a “super aircraft carrier”, also named the Graf Zeppelin, also 1000 feet long—was also supposedly abandoned in 1940, and Hitler’s interest in rockets dwindled (since the German flying saucer project, “KT-p2” was then under way?). The rocket program apparently had to be resumed, to buy more time for the KT-p2 program. Meanwhile in America, Ley became a member of the scientific department for PM newspaper in May, 1941, and on X-mas, 1941, married Russian-born ballerina Olga Feldman.

Ley had escaped Naziism in America.

In 1941-42, the V-2 became 20 times larger, with a c. 190 mile range, and almost a ton payload. Before the war’s end, von Braun’s rockets were capable of 20-ton payloads and a 3,000 mile range (capable of hitting New York and other American cities). Von Braun fired over 3,600 V-2s into England and Antwerp. Nice guy.

Beginning in 1944 (to 1948), Ley was appointed director of engineering at Burke Aircraft Corporation, Atlanta, Ga., later made part of Washington Institute of Technology, College Park, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., adjacent to the Goddard Space Flight Center. I surmise that, with his knowledge of “p2” and microwaves, Ley formed the matrix of America’s earliest government-related flying saucer project, within this corporation, followed by its relocation to the environs of Washington, D.C., which indicated a very high security priority.

In March, 1945, with Russian troops within 100 miles of Peenemunde, von Braun and about 400 top colleagues left for the Bavarian redoubt—code-named the Serail—occupying a resort hotel. They were found by Operation Paperclip, and von Braun immediately signed a contract with the U.S. Army. In Sept., 1945, von Braun and 116 of his rocket colleagues were flown to Ft. Bliss, where von Braun was appointed as Technical Director, U.S. Army Ordnance Guided Missile Center. By May, 1946, V-2 testing was resumed at White Sands Proving Grounds.

In the obituary of German missile expert Dr. Ernst A. Steinhoff, in Alamorgordo (c. 1991), it was stated that during the war he was in charge of flight dynamics, guidance, control and telemetry of the German V-2s, and participated in the first launch of a missile from a submarine under the Lafferenz Project (in preparation for the missiles carried by the advanced “Electro-U-boats” in the stalemate of 1945). In 1947, Willy Ley wrote about “submarine rockets” used by the Germans during the war. Along with Germany’s Dr. Heinz Fisher, Ley was one of the world’s greatest experts on radar. Microwaves (“rapidly varying electrostatic forces) are directly related to gravity and flying saucer propulsion, according to Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity.

In Aug., 1949, von Braun was made an honorary member of the British Interplanetary Society, through his friend, Arthur C. Clarke. During the war, he was awarded the Knights Cross and title of Research Professor (“Herr Doktor Professor”) at Peenemunde by Hitler, was made an honorary member of the Gesellschaft fur Weltraumforschung, Stuttgart, and of the Nordwestdeutsche Gesellschaft fur Weltraumforschung, Friedrichstadt.

In 1950, the U.S. Army Guided Missile Center was moved from Ft. Bliss to Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, where von Braun was transferred as technical director. In September of 1951, von Braun’s paper on an 869-day Mars mission was read to the Second International Congress of Astronautics, London (the “Super Zeppelin” probably already made the trip in much faster time, beginning in 1945). On Oct. 12,1951, an ‘unmanned’ two-stage rocket (probably a reworked German two-staged A-9) reached a 250 mile altitude from White Sands.

Showing his Illuminist sympathies, von Braun once said “...As long as national sovereignty exists, our only hope is to raise everybody’s standard of ethics.” His rocket programs were nothing more than a cover for the IllumiNazi flying saucer technology and ether physics.



As mentioned in Chapter I, the government of New Mexico is fascist, especially the judiciary. In Nazi Germany, the judiciary was among the last institutions to succumb to fascism. In New Mexico, it leads the way, in terms of “economic fascism”. This is true perhaps because, in striking first to protect what it deems to be the “public interest”, it is the lackey of the military-industrial complex, the power of which is felt through the many secret agencies connected to it in New Mexico.


The judiciary functions as a guardian of the golden pipeline which channels the payola (taxpayers’ money) into the state, and as such, are puppets dancing on the strings of the CIA.

The state used judicial tactics to harass me, which delayed this expose, beginning in early 1975, just after I turned down the position of 9th Regional Director for the CIA. Ever since then, behind-the-scenes agitation of, and manipulation by abusive, incessant litigation prevailed Toward the end of this overt judicial harassment, as I was gathering evidence in the County Clerk’s Office, I spotted a young man observing me from nearby, and looked him in the eye. Realizing that I knew he was a fed, he then said, “You know, of all the people we’ve done this to, you’re the only one who hasn’t broken..”


That was at the end of 1991, just prior to Bush’s departure from office. Harassment immediately slackened, perhaps in apprehension of a backfire. I am leaving a lot of NAMES out of this book. Many CIA field agents are naively unaware of the fact that the rats they serve are unworthy, and that their work will ultimately serve the Trilateral Commission and betray their own people. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, or perhaps, the cocaine, smuggled by the new “Untouchables”, the CIA.

The history of cocaine, in the political sense, is tied to fascism. It was the drug of choice of Hermann Goering and many other fascists. In reference to what I call “contemporary New Mexico fascism”, one looks for several things. Cocaine is only one means for controlling high-placed users, such as judges, lawyers, and public officials. For example, one Santa Fe judge is an ex-pornographer who is strung out on cocaine. This gives the CIA and cartels two means of extorting what they want, in addition to protection of their supplying of the drug.


The ‘customer’ needs the drug, and he doesn’t want to be exposed as a child pornographer, so he is in a double bind. This is also why the CIA prefers corruption at the top. They copied their methods from the mob. “We’ll just keep this video tape on file, and no one will see it so long as you do like we say. In addition, we’ll pay you every time you render a decision like we want” (or vote a particular way, if a senator or congressman).

To raise money for CIA black operations in Central America, the Medellin Cocaine Cartel was organized by Klaus Barbie—the Nazi war criminal closely connected to Dr. Mengele, the “Angel of Death”. Both Barbie and Mengele were brought to America under Operation Paperclip, but were provided new identities and shipped off to South America by the U.S. Army C.I.C., because they were too hot to handle here.


Others, even though “hot”, often shown by history books to be dead, got new “Amerikan” names, and were employed in America. Many of the kingpins of the cartel are the offspring of S.S. officers who married South American women, especially Colombian women. Jack Anderson, the columnist, uncovered some of these things a few years ago. Because of the Spanish history, as well as the inherent politically corrupt fascist government, New Mexico, like the “Little Havana” of Florida, is especially suited as the “cocaine capitol” Banana Republic of the central U.S.


The government and law enforcement here “belong” to the cartel. Political influence can also be bought more cheaply here because the politicians of New Mexico are seedier, cheaper, smaller-time crooks. No matter what turn the politics takes, there seems to be no difference, as there has been no significant change in CIA drug smuggling in the area. A governor is without power to stop it, and would be risking his life to try.

There is a considerable amount of real estate and bank money-laundering in New Mexico, on behalf of the fascist drug marketeers, with a compliant judiciary to protect them Even the I.R.S. cooperates with the cartel, “so long as its participants declare the income and pay the taxes due”.

Their attitude is that of the Federal Reserve Bank. They only want their piece of the action. They had rather collect the taxes, than to roll the dice on prosecution for evasion. The judiciary merely views the money-laundering and related big-time drug payola, in much the same way that it does the secret government payola, all as part of an economic boon to New Mexico, and therefore within its duty to protect as a matter of “public policy”.

Northern New Mexico has become one of the primary deal-making and distribution points for CIA-connected cocaine traffic in central North America. This makes New Mexico’s small-time judiciary feel more big-time, and they are flattered by it. As part of the world-wide cocaine scenario, the involvement of New Mexicans themselves, is rather menial by comparison, in the capacities of quasi-lackies, sort of like “spear bearers” in an opera.


It is my belief that the cartels and CIA even use flying saucers to make many of the drug shipments and deliveries, because flying saucers were among the first of the “stealth” aircraft used by the secret government. There are connections between the real estate developments here, former S.S. officers such as Colonel Otto Skorzeny (who died in 1975 in Barcelona, Spain), the Trilateralists, the Krupps (who gave us Hitler), and even Fidel Castro, of Cuba.

For example, one of my former tenants and her former Colombian doctor husband (the offspring of a Nazi S.S. officer and a Colombian woman), were involved in receiving shipments of cocaine in Encino, New Mexico, where Cuban Air Force planes, piloted by uniformed officers, delivered cargo plane loads of Colombian cocaine and marijuana. They were never caught or stopped, and obviously had the secret blessings of state and federal officials.


The tenant was later shown in the papers, hugging Fidel Castro, who had muscled into the (CIA) drug traffic, by threatening to shoot down dope-carrying planes, unless the cartel cut him in for a ‘piece of the action’. This was arranged through fugitive financier, Robert Vesco, a Nixon and Bush pal. Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was extradited and jailed by the U.S. in Georgia, because of his little stunt—forming an alliance with Castro, who cut the two in for a bigger piece of the action by threatening to shoot down the Colombian planes.

This CIA-connected dope crowd worked with a former neighbor, a former member of the Weather Underground and the Communist Party (according to information my former attorney said the F.B.I gave him), who handled at least fifteen tons of Colombian marijuana per year, picked up in approximately 100-kilo shipments near my house, in the limos driven by members of the Chicago mob. Though arrested once, she beat the rap under the “adult prosecution diversion program” which she was legally ineligible for, while all her criminal records were erased, after she put up a total of $25,000.00 in bribes.


This was mere pennies to the dealer, since, at a very conservative $50.00 per oz., there was easily $24 million per year in marijuana alone being exchanged, within 100 feet of my back door, and probably over $100 million by the time it became more ‘clandestine’, due to the publicity of the bust, which was barely noticed in the papers. Add to this the probable take in cocaine, the total was probably twice that.

I suppose all those money-making activities by my Weather Underground neighbor were “...for ze revolution...”. Sadly, the only ‘revolution’ being financed, was one in which the New World Order of John D. Rockefeller, Adolf Hitler, and George Bush et. al, was protracted through black operations of the CIA in Central America and elsewhere, funded by Klaus Barbie’s South American cocaine cartel, spawned by the CIA’s “Operation Paperclip”, which is how Bush and the CIA motivated my neighbors, made me suffer, and suppressed energy and flying saucer secrets.

The judicial harassment which began in 1975, became particularly obvious (to me) in 1980, when the D.A.’s office persisted in prosecuting me on a fraudulent and abusive fish and game charge, based on tampered evidence, similar to a prior, 1975 incident created by the Communist/dope-dealing plea-bargainer, who maliciously had me arrested on trumped-up assault charges, because her Chicago Mafia customers were complaining about my neighborhood presence.


They didn’t like me driving my vehicles past their windows in the wee hours of the morning, while they were trying to get a good night’s sleep, prior to their pre-dawn departures back to Chicago, in the Mob’s Cadillac limos loaded to the springs with dope. This was the obvious response of state and federal officers toward an innocent neighborhood bystander, who had, by his increased awareness and knowledge, threatened the Golden Pipeline of funds for CIA black operations in Central America.

A dead “endangered specie” bird was planted in the refrigerator in one of my apartments, wrapped in aluminum foil, as tenants vacated, and I was charged with “possession”. This malicious prosecution coincided with the $50,000.00 grant from the feds to the Santa Fe D.A’s office, to investigate cattle mutilations, to be conducted by ex-FBI agent Kenneth Rommel. Meanwhile, my key defense witness, former tenant Bill Englert, was killed when the single-engine aircraft he was piloting plowed into the ground in Alaska, during his last flight to Anchorage, the day before his planned return to Santa Fe to testify.


After obtaining his pilot license, Bill worked as a fish-spotter for Alaskan fishing fleets near Anchorage. I speculated that his plane had been sabotaged prior to his last takeoff, just to prevent his testimony, since there were those present with him in Alaska, who worked with my New Mexico neighbor in the smuggling operations. In fact, they formed a direct extension of the Colombia-to-Alaska drug conduit. Fish and Game fuzz John Miles, who conducted the search and seizure illegally and without a warrant, and issued the abusive subpoena illegally, and physically assaulted me on my own property, is now head of the agency.

The malicious prosecution was coordinated with the government’s investigation of itself in the cattle mutilations, smuggling dope to fund its black operations, and murder of anyone who got in the way, in the Big Lie program, designed to conceal these dark deeds along with flying saucer propulsion secrets, along with activities connected to a secret program involved with the cattle mutilations.


The mutilations program collects and analyzes ‘specific biological tissue’ from mammals—cattle—which are similar enough to humans to yield reliable results in tests of “stealth” particle beam weapons under development, intended for use on humans. This monitoring of the effects of ionizing radiation on cattle, is ‘pseudo-justified’ to NSA oversight committees, on ‘environmental grounds’, since the techniques for studying the effects of radiation—whether produced by the high-voltage electrical discharges emitted by saucers, or defense-related weapons under “national security purposes”—are essentially the same.

The weapons appear to be for “population control”, judging from the degree of secrecy surrounding the removal of tissue from the cattle. (See Chap. TV [”Sightings”] for more on this subject). The use of other people’s animals without their permission helps to conceal the research, since the presence of such large animals at government facilities would be obvious. Since the weapons are designed for use on humans in their natural environment, without their knowledge, use of them on cattle, as the most available mammals around, produces more realistic results.


A ‘spinof’ benefit of the perennial “tests”, is to justify the continued veil of secrecy, since, so long as there is “on-going” research involving the saucers, the secrecy conceals them and everything connected to them. Though the government continues to use the national security veil to deny public access to saucer technology, the ultimate purpose is the private, economic security of IllumiNazi corporations. One fascist hand washes the other, as we are controlled and experimented on like lab animals, and the sham continues.

Back in 1966, during my second semester of law school at U.T., I had discussed saucer propulsion with another law student during a coffee break between classes, within earshot of a student whom I knew to be employed by the CIA. Immediately afterward, in a class of the eminent constitutional law professor, Charles Allen Wright, the CIA/student screamed out, “...What should the penalty be for a law student who disclosed ‘national security secrets’ in the hallways?”, gesturing toward me. Wright screamed, “He didn’t disclose national security secrets!”

Around two days later, as I drove south down Red River Street at its intersection with 6th Street, out of the corner of my eye to my left, I spotted a discolored ‘55 Ford being driven by two Air Force men, parked at the curb near the light. As I entered the intersection, they floor-boarded the Ford, and accelerated directly toward my left door. In a quick reflex, I applied brakes and swerved to my right, just in time to deflect their blow. Both my Chevy station wagon and the Ford were totaled. The Ford had no license plate, and the two men, whose uniforms bore no insignia or other markings, were ticketed for running a red light and causing the collision, and nothing else, although circumstances indicate that they should have been arrested on the spot.

The following day, I discovered that the two airmen were “shipped out’ from Bergstrom Air Base, and the Base Commandant’s office refused to give me their names or their “newly assigned base”. There was no doubt in my mind that they were Air Force “hitters” from the O.S.I. This incident was easy to connect to Air Force spooks, since the men lacked identities, ranks, and addresses, their car was equally anonymous, and the base Advocates office concealed their identities and whereabouts. I could detail a half dozen more such incidents, all of which had similar Kafkaesque qualities which could only be created by a secret police state. This CIA harassment occurred after they told President Kennedy that I worked for them, and prior to to their actual attempts to recruit me. Some of it was meddling in my life by George Bush, prior to his CIA directorship.

Most of the harassment and malicious prosecution in New Mexico was ostensibly property related. Every property transaction I was involved in since 1970, was intentionally engineered at the outset by the CIA, or screwed up by them They initially suckered me into coming to Santa Fe in the first place. In 1970, they offered me a seven-acre tract at the junction of Cerrillos Road and Rodeo Road, for a mere $4300.00, which is now worth millions, and presently includes a business owned by my CIA girlfriend. In 1973, they transferred a beautiful ten-acre parcel on Barrancas Drive to me, filed the deed, and even had it assessed to me. That property is worth at least a million.


The transaction was signed by an ex-CIA employee (now a lawyer/banker), a former New Mexico Governor connected to the CIA, and another well-known (also ex-CIA) lawyer. It took me at least four trips to the county assessor’s and clerk’s offices to convince them the property was not mine. These attempts to give me property by the CIA, were related to attempts to “recruit” me, by indebting me to them, in anticipation of future employment which they intended to provide me, whether I liked it or not.

D.A.s, police, and judges are easily controlled by the N.S.A., and can be made to do anything under the guise of “national security”. Even more extreme, I knew that at least two D.A.S, (one in Texas) were employees of the CIA, because one was involved in attempting to recruit me directly, and the other I won’t say how I know. One judge inadvertently disclosed to me that the N.S.A. was influencing the case before him, in which I was involved, in his ruminations from the bench, mumbling that I was supposed to be “...some sort of ‘rocket scientist’ or something...”, which the government wished to control.


That was because the particular orders given to him came from security people connected ostensibly to rocketry, but were actually concerned about flying saucers. That judge was a close personal friend to a man I refer to as the “Friend”, about whom I will say more later. We don’t control these people. They operate on their own, inside our government, representing the Trilateralists, not us.

For around ten years, I was grilled by northern New Mexico’s “Torquemada”, (a Santa Fe judge). There, sitting in judgment of me, was a psychologically tormented, insecure “momma’s boy” from Espanola—an ‘ex-pornographer’ who was addicted to cocaine—who for the sake of his co-addict/sadist legal colleagues, took every opportunity to pretend to impeach my credibility, or make underhanded swipes at my character, which were really none of his business.
When I first moved to New Mexico, I was a sculptor and a painter.


I had already undergone a horrible incident at the University of Texas, instigated by Jesuit-controlled agents of Dr. John (“Long John”) Silber, which eventually resulted in his being fired by Frank Erwin, President of the Board of Regents, for FRAUD AND CONSPIRACY, and the revocation of the PhD. of LB.J.’s Undersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Dr. Billy McCrocklin, for plagiarizing his doctoral thesis from a 1920s top secret document on the Garde d’Haiti called “The Hart Report”. These were not retributions by me, but the result of anger by others over the things being done to me, which tripped certain levers leading to the undoing of an evil perpetrator, taking a few others with him.

Some of you may have heard of Dr. John (“Long John”) Silber, the Dr. Strangelove-type president of Jesuit-run Boston College, who ran for governor of Massachusetts and lost in 1993. He is a rigid, dyed-in-the wool classicist/fascist, with a potential to create great mischief. He left the University of Texas after I uncovered his conspiracy, because he sent a cabal of his “hatchet-women” after me. He dragged some of them on up to Boston with him, because they were being run out of Texas too.


The incident was similar to one involving John Henry Faulk, with the exception that there probably never will be any attempt to redress what happened to me. What brought the harassment temporarily to an end, was the blowing of the cover of several CIA operations on the University of Texas campus, which resulted from some of those angered and set into motion over what was happening to me. Sometimes you never realize who your friends are until the chips are down.

I once mentioned to a CIA man whom I respected, that it appeared that the agency could be harassing someone at the same time another group from the agency was trying to do them a favor, or gain their cooperation. He explained it to me like this: Every organization has its right wing and its left wing, each of which does not seem to know what the other is doing.

Though I graduated with what my friend Henry said was the highest grade-point average of any fine arts graduate student in the history of the University of Texas, that incident had dragged me through the mud as it was designed to do, and had taken a lot out of me already.

The seventeen years of New Mexico judicial harassment just about stamped out all of the art in me. An artist cannot work under conditions of “judicial war psychosis”. There are two horrible aspects involved here, which are: (1) The government’s policy of secretly violating freedom of speech and press; and (2) clandestinely carrying out this policy through obedient government yeggs and dupes, each motivated at his or her own level (and who often don’t even know who is calling the shots).


The victim has no way of proving the illegal motives or even the existence of the conspiracy, because of the phony “national security” veil.

I turned away a large fortune rather than become beholden to the CIA. After all the abusive litigation, I concluded that so-called “justice” and “freedom” in America are terms used on the naive and ignorant, to give them the false impression that they are the fortunate recipients of “rights”, which in reality exist only for so long as their individual interests don’t conflict with those of the Trilateral Commission. I now realize what a wealthy young man was trying to tell me in 1968, when he said “ is just a trap”.


I thought he was some kind of Communist or something, who didn’t believe in property rights. I didn’t own any real estate then, but thought I’d like to have some. I now realize that what he meant was that a person who owns property can be controlled by threats against the ownership of that property by the state, or indirectly through others encouraged by the state. He helped organized the Washington Monument demonstrations in the late ‘60s, to bring the Viet Nam War to an end. Though a multi-millionaire, he refused to own property. The F.B.I. probably didn’t even know who he was.

The last six years of horrible controversy which diminished in 1992, involved motivating some of my thug neighbors to sue me, as others continued to abuse me while the litigation progressed in court. As I struggled in vain to hold my family together amidst the stress of litigation and social ostracism created by the criminals behind it and in the courts, they moved in for the kill and destroyed my family. Causing my loved ones to suffer is a “blood crime”, if you get my meaning, and it won’t go unpunished.


I’m part Kiowa, Cree, Cherokee and Natchez—as well as Highland Scottish— so I know how to play the “waiting game”. I’m incredibly patient.



This region is quite a crossroad of America, including many Trilateral Commission connections. A friend of mine was one of the surveyors for the International Geodetic Survey, in the 1950s, during the Korean War. The survey was international, which meant that the supposedly civilian American scientific crews, with American military escorts, were allowed into China, the Soviet Union, etc., even during the war. My friend was a surveyor in the American military, as was the entire survey crew he worked with. The scientific crew was civilian.


However, according to my friend, they switched clothing, so that the military survey crew looked like civilians, and vice-versa. The civilian-dressed (military) survey crew, would determine the location of each of the points, to be marked by the I.G.S. brasscaps, and were instructed to remove themselves from the area, after which the (military-dressed) civilian crew would then come to place the brass-caps.

One day, after locating a point, my friend left the area, then discovered that he had forgotten some of his equipment, and went back to get it. At that time, he came upon the other crew, while they were supposedly in the process of setting the I.G.S. brass-cap. This came as a surprise to them, because they were actually placing a device underneath where the I.G.S. brass-cap was to be placed.


This “sub point” was marked with the insignia of the Trilateral Commission, which was a triangle with a dot in the center, just as I had seen on the old Pojoaque viejo’s work box from the “p2” 1937 Los Alamos project. The civilians (dressed as military) were very angry at him for having disobeyed instructions, especially in view of the fact that he had seen the concealed device being set into cement, beneath the surface, above which the I.G.S. brass-cap was to be placed.

The secret point, marked by the Trilateral pyramid with a dot in the center (the Masonic/Egyptian “all-seeing eye of Bel, God, or Ra” as shown on the dollar bill), identified the “Illuminati” as the controlling, so-called “civilian” parties of the I.G.S.

Each of the secret geodetic points on our globe, placed at the vertices of geodetic triangles dividing our planet’s surface, apparently contains a crystal resonator set to respond to a distinct frequency, for navigating flying saucers (even unmanned ones), and even rockets, either manually, electronically, or by computer. Flying saucers can travel at least 9,000 m.p.h. At that speed-given other limitations on visibility—the resonators provide a means for computer navigation of saucers at high speeds, without visibility, and allow for accurately determining global locations.


As a means for Secret Government world navigation, the I.G.S. markers have been in place for forty years. Without the means for using them in 1950, they would have been useless. This survey, actually done for the Trilateralist world government, under the “cover” of the I.G.S.—right under the noses of the United Nations teams, military authorities, international committees, survey teams, and host countries—showed the awesome power of these world-wide conspirators, whose actions violated the sovereignty of nations, through the United Nations.

This “geodetic navigation system” was a perfect solution for the flying saucer and for the Illuminati and Trilateral Commission, since it automatically involved triangular global areas generated by the “great circles” of the “master builder”, according to the Genesis passages relied upon in the “secret work” of the “Old Prussian” Masonic Lodges based on the Johanite Gospel, the membership of which excluded Jews, and were forbidden to belong to “humanitarian” Masonry.


The teachings of this Johanite German Freemasonry included a dogmatic Christianity, and is rooted in the same, weird teachings of the former Jesuit priest and founder of the “modern” Illuminati in Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt. Out of this sprung the Thule Society and the Ahnenerbe Society, which figured strongly in the S.S., among whose founders was General Karl Haushoffer, the originator of the modern “science” utilized by “our” CIA, called “Geopolitics”.


The following three archival emblems show the transition from the Thule Society, the Deutsche Antarktische Stiftung (the German Arctic Expedition, with swastika and oak leaves showing Thule Society sponsorship), the “globally conscious” I.G.S. Survey, ala Haushofer’s “geopolitics”, to the UN:

The several special multidisciplinary, integrated disciplines developed by the SS inner circle, as part of a plan of fiiture world government, included Geopolitics—combined politics and geography—including the ethnic studies and ‘racial science’ of the Ahnenerbe, linguistics, and culture—and Parapsychology—combined religion and psychology—for use in the MASS PSYCHOLOGY BIG LIE system.


Parapsychology would assist the ‘geopoliticians’ in maintaining mind control of particular populations, creating psychological conditioning conducive to unquestioned obedience to faceless authority. This system was ordered by John D. Rockefeller in 1923, when his people trained the SS and chose Hitler as the future leader ofthe Third Reich, as R & D for the fiiture mass-psychological control technology, now applied in America since 1945.

In 1957, as a member of the Air Force—like all American armed forces managed according to the Sturm Abteilung (“Storm Division”) Nazi troop management manual written by the ‘synergist’, Ernst Roehm, homosexual ‘father’ of Hitler’s SA—I was assigned to Operations Intelligence, working in an ‘SS library’ as a monitor. I often heard the term “geopolitics”, and logged various documents and books into and out of that library. I was literally surrounded and controlled by the trappings of the Nazis which had impressed our leaders so much that they officially ‘adopted’ them. The library was the creation of the Nazi intelligence network, the photos in the documents and books dating from that period and bearing overwritten German file indexes.

There was practically no way for the U.S. government to have obtained such a ‘library’, other than from the files compiled during the Nazi invasion of Russia


At the time of the German ‘surrender’, American authorities were deeply impressed with these materials, so thoroughly accumulated, catalogued, and organized by Reinhard Gehlen’s SS group, which included the monsters Heinrich Mueller and Reinhard Heydrich, that the CIA actually hired them in the U.S. under assumed names1. These files were used by the SS in the death camps and in sifting though the various Slavic “slave peoples” of the Soviet Union, to ferret out and murder Soviet Jewry, Gypsies, and others deemed “inferior”.


The documents acquired an ostensible ‘new’ purpose as barter and trade to an America which allowed itself to be drawn into a Cold War based on the dubious urgings of the Organization Gehlen’s “experts”, the new CIA’s Soviet ‘analysts’ and ‘specialists’—former SS intelligence officers—who convinced us that the Soviets were planning to attack us at any moment. We in SAC Intelligence could load the library into “mobility boxes” on a moment’s notice, to take with us to a remote staging area nearer to the Soviet borders, in the event of the outbreak of war.


But only after an invasion of the Soviet Union by us as conquerors, would the library assume its actual function because, other than the ostensible purely academic use as an ‘invaluable reference library’, it still retained its true a reference to be used in the systematic subjugation of foreign peoples by Nazi conquerors.

Almost a month before the fall of the Berlin Fuehrerbunker, Gehlen was already deeply bartering with selling American intelligence on the value of his organization, primarily on the basis of its contacts in and expertise on the Soviet Union. In retrospect, it appears that the long-range plan of the SS officers of Gehlen’s organization was to get Hitler’s revenge against “Judaized America”, by offering themselves to us as “intelligence experts” at a hefty profit, allowing them to survive intact as a secret sect within the secret core of our ‘intelligence community’, while embroiling us in a tortuous Cold War which lasted for almost fifty years.

1Gregory Douglas, Gestapo Chief (three vols.), R. James Bender, P.O. Box 23456, San Jose, Ca 95153..

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