“Stage I Secret Gravity Physics” includes an attempt to explain gravity as an electrostatic phenomenon.. Though incorrect, this argument is included and compared with the material in the Introduction (“XI: Occult Ether Physics”), and other material, to give it as fair an argument as it deserves. Ether physics is “it”, There is not ‘another system’ which is powered by electrostatics, or Felix Schauberger’s alleged boundary layer or other vague, undefined, “new age Austrian” method.


Though other flying craft may be ‘saucer-shaped’, if they are not electrically powered, they are no more “flying saucers”, than an oxcart shaped exactly like an automobile is a “car”. The “Adamski-type” ships were complete fabrications, photographs of a chicken feeder. Adamski was on the CIA payroll, and his allegations were misinformation. In addition, there are many ways to create hoaxes. For example, it is easy to suspend a model from a balloon, by means of a fine nylon fishing line, with camera out of focus, and produce a convincing photograph. Get real.

Reality is unmistakable in certain cases. I knew from my observations in 1953, that a secret theory of gravity physics is involved in flying saucer technology. Today, over forty-five years later, the underlying cause of gravity is still (supposed to be) a mystery. People continue in the Relativist Rut, blabbering on about Einstein, but Einstein never explained gravity. Truth, like creativity, requires courage. Scientific cowards continue to yield to the Trilateralist sham. Since around 1950, textbook writers have followed secret government orders, helping us ‘forget’ some (now) little-known facts once taught along with Newton’s law of accelerating bodies.


Fascist-state revisionists concealed the scientific truth about gravity as a “national security secret”. In 1942, the F.B.I, sequestered all known information relating to a scientific understanding of gravity, electrical control of gravity, or ‘free energy’, as it might pertain to flying saucer technology. Accordingly, the same CFR and Illuminati which controlled Wernher von Braun and the Nazis, in the 1936-38 Los Alamos “p2” project, controlled our F.B.I. as well. For this reason, I have renamed J. Edgar Hoover, “J. Edgar Himmler, the American Fascist in a Red Dress”.

To conceal “flying saucer secrets”, they rewrote theoretical physics, obliterating the greatest moments in mankind’s scientific history. Perhaps when our people are reduced to ignorant, scientifically-deprived yokels, we will have “national security”, and only the NSA., the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati (all one and the same) will possess true scientific knowledge. What the Rosicrucians/Illuminati refer to as the “wisdom of the ages”, is actually a collection of stolen and concealed scientific—not “mystical”—secrets! Such knowledge is discovered by individual geniuses, deluded into thinking they are doing mankind a favor, but instead unwittingly doing research for the Trilateral Commission/Illuminati rats, who will steal and hide such “treasures of posterity”, and use them to enslave mankind


After all, the rats said, since a ‘healthy petroleum industry’ is essential to “national defense”, protecting Big Oil at the expense of scientific, economic, and social freedom and progress, is in the “national security interest”. Since society is “not ready for the flying saucer” - they decided without our consent—such secrecy was “sound public policy”; after all, how could Gulf Oil continue to produce and sell gasoline and diesel at a ‘fair’ profit, if one could fly a zillion miles on a gallon?
With such inventions as the flying saucer at the public’s disposal, the economy would be wrecked, they said (at least for the Trilateral Commission). Meanwhile, our government helped the fascists take firmer control of the system, in the interest of “national security”.



Numerous centers throughout the world conduct “gravity research”, to ‘prove’ Newton’s laws. The only parts of these old laws which have been brought into question, deal only with the first few inches of a falling body’s acceleration The remainder of the tests are false, deceptive, and unscientific, intended to dispel widespread suspicion by lay people, to reassure the lazy scientists who accept them, and to heap ridicule upon doubters. Without accurate and honest tests, over at least 1,000’ of vertical drop, the results are worthless. Yet what independent scientists have the personal finances or resources to conduct these tests accurately on their own? Most people accept the theories of the “experts”, failing to realize they are government-paid, Trilateralists/Illuminati national security” yeggs. “Question everything”, the ancient Greeks wisely advised.

I predict that proper tests will eventually disprove Newton’s laws in a big way. Such tests would require a vertical, non-metallic, non-electrically-conductive tube, extending up at least 1,000’ from the earth’s surface, which could be evacuated. A weight carrying a precision movie camera with a digital clock read-out, would photograph calibrations on the sides of the tube, as it was dropped. Its rate of acceleration would be accurately recorded. When the weight reached approximately 120 mph., no further acceleration should occur. At the accepted rate of acceleration (32’/sec./sec.), the 120 mph. velocity should be reached at approximately 696 feet. However, if I am correct, this could take either more or less distance/time, depending on the reaction.

Nikola Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity provided a scientific basis for explaining Newton’s “laws” of gravity, which attempted to explain with some degree of mathematical certainty, the physical measurements, and offered no cause. Even this is questionable.

The erroneous concept of “anti-gravity” cannot explain flying saucer propulsion. Insufficient to merely “overcome” gravity, or “reverse” it, propelling a ship with astounding results and directional controls is much more. The fictitious moon ship of H. G. Welles’ Dr. Cavour-was razed on a “blocking” theory, in which ‘doors’ were painted with “Cavourite”, which blocked gravity. This chapter includes my examination of an electrostatic theory of gravity, and attempts to explain flying saucer propulsion in the manner demonstrated by observed flying saucers.

Hydrogen has the highest charge-to-mass ratio of any element. Accordingly, it is the lightest element, even though its nuclear proton and orbital electron are identical to those of lead. The masses of the remaining elements are determined according to their respective mass units and densities, and charge-to-mass ratios, which are correlative to their relative gravitational, electric, and electromagnetic interactions.

I consider electrons as already having “negative gravity” (or “anti-gravity”), even though they have mass, because they will normally tend to gravitate upward from the earth, like a light gas, due to their high charge-to-mass ratio and low mass density. This is more consistent with ether theory than with Relativism. Cosmic radiation and lightning storms bring electrons down to the earth, which is generally an electro-positive mass, upon the surface of which a continuous negative charge is maintained by lightening, though the electrons tend to ‘leak’ and migrate back upward.

Accordingly, the ionosphere is charged at least 176 million volts positive in respect to the earth, creating a vertical electric field, which radiates from sea level, around 150 volts per meter upward, from negative to positive. This electric field is reversed and multiplied around ten times under storm clouds, rendering the earth’s surface relatively positive under the storm clouds, since the higher negative charges of the clouds repel the earth’s negative ‘like’-charges.

This vertical electric field might be erroneously conceived as the origin of gravity, but there are many gravitational planets which have no ionosphere, while all atomic mass possesses electrostatic charges which are in motion with the masses, representing currents (H. A. Rowland’s experiment), a fact used by Tesla in support of his Dynamic Theory of Gravity.

Gravity is apparently a secondary product resulting from an imbalance of other, primary forces. No separate basis has been found, though an electrostatic imbalance is evidenced in atomic matter. The Dutch physicist, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (1833-1928), in measuring the relative magnitude of the single negative (“moving” or “orbital”) electron charge, and the positive (“stationary” or “nuclear”) proton charge in the hydrogen atom, actually claimed the two to be slightly unequal, with the proton possessing an excess positive charge, slightly greater than the allegedly ‘equal and opposite’ negative electron charge.


This information has been conveniently disregarded, since, by implication, it contradicts the Relativist Theory, since unequal charges could disqualify the entire theory, and support Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity. Lorentz further postulated that this excess positive charge is responsible for the weak force of gravity, and that, by increasing the negative (moving) charges, the gravity of an atom’s stationary nuclear positive mass would be entirely “canceled”.


Even so, how would this explain electropulsion? It wouldn’t Lorentz calculated the electromagnetic forces encountered by a body, within an electric and magnetic field, according to the equations of Sir George Clerk Maxwell. This force, called a “Lorentz Force”, is so much more powerful than the force of gravity, that it is difficult to conceive. Nonetheless, it is only part of the picture, since it purported to represent only a comparison between static electrical and gravitational attractive forces, rather than the net dynamic “interaction”.


After all, one has to bear in mind that, in addition to Werner Heisenberg’s so-called “Uncertainty Principle”, there is the problem of considering the fact that, in all attempts to measure anything on earth, all the measuring instruments, the observer, and all charges are in motion, at over 70,000 mph through space, which means that everything contains “currents”.



Since, according to Lorentz’s hypothesis, gravity is the result of an imbalance in electrostatic charge/content, this imbalance should also explain Newton’s laws, except there was no provision for the dynamism of the universe in it. Since Nikola Tesla knew Lorentz, it is also possible they discussed these views. Tesla said that electrostatic force is the most important force for us to study. Although his gravity discoveries were complete over 100 years ago, the Illuminati stole ten away, and smugly keeps them from us today, while hiding, or misrepresenting essential parts of gravity and ether theory and experimental results.

Excess positive charges, or parts thereof in a body, induce negative electrostatic reactance when moving through space permeated by electric and magnetic fields. Since all mass is in motion, and all space is permeated by electric and magnetic fields, this inducement applies to all bodies and all space. The earth induces negative electrostatic reactance as it moves through space.

Naturally, this inducement also applies to all bodies within the dynamic electric field of earth, in which enormous, rapidly varying electrostatic forces exist. This inducement continually changes the electromagnetic characteristics of the bodies and the space, according to their relative movements, and redistributes the conglomeration of changes. Accordingly, with a redistribution (or “displacement”) movement, away from or toward the equilibrium position, an equal and opposite force tending to counteract it, is produced in tie direction from which the negative electrostatic forces of the earth emanate, which is called “gravity”. This is part of Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity, which requires an understanding of the ether and its effects.

Inertia is the resistance within a body to changes in its state of motion. Momentum is the same thing, since all mass is already in motion, but the cause of this resistance to change requires an ether theory which includes the tubes of force. Inertia/Momentum is observed in the dynamic rotor of an electric generator, in which the momentum of the rotor is imparted, via electric current (tubes of force), to the rotor of an electric motor run by that current. In other words, as the rotor is placed into motion, it absorbs electric tubes of force, which travel through the circuits to the motor, which absorbs and dissolves the tubes, imparting momentum to it. Although the laws of inertia are incorrectly said not to apply to the laws of electromagnetism, that is a lie.


Where the electromagnetic interaction is 1040 times stronger than the gravitational interaction, force gathered in a gravitational interaction—momentum—such as by hydraulically turned dynamos, may be converted into much stronger electropulsive force! (In this respect, I refer you to the Introduction; V: A Comparison of Gravitational and Electrical Force, as Applied to Flying Saucer Propulsion.)


This little trick of nature yields so much free energy that the Illuminati have been masturbating over it for over half a century. It allows for much more powerful electromagnetic energy to be concentrated and stored in much weaker inertial form, until converted and magnified into relatively super-strong electropulsive form.


If inertia is the result of a body’s resistance to changes in the strong electromagnetic patterns (the pitch, frequency, and momentum of its ether micro-helices) existing as a result of its particular state of rest or motion, within a particular electrostatic ether environment, then the synthetic conditions of an electric generator’s rotor field coils are only an unnaturally altered state of the conditions which were already there. I am reminded of the account as to how Tesla discovered the rotating electromagnetic field, in a flash of creative intuition, while on a walk with a friend named Tageti in Buda-Pest, over 100 years ago, and quoting a line from Goethe.

Existing patterns of forces acting on a body become uniform whenever there is no change in its state of motion, and the body encounters no force. Only when the body accelerates, decelerates, or changes directions, or encounters certain external bodies or electric or magnetic forces, do the existing patterns of force resist the change. This is consistent with the theory of the tubes of force. It is obvious that this phenomenon is electromagnetic.


Albert Einstein’s hypothesis that a mechanism having weights which oscillated over time, as a gravitational analogy to the oscillating electric and magnetic fields in inductance, would generate “gravity waves”, as the gravitational equivalence of electromagnetic waves, was obviously wrong, else someone would have easily proved it. Since that hypothesis has never been a secret, it is additionally wrong. Just exactly how Einstein thought such ‘waves’ were supposed to be responsible for the alleged “attractive force”, even if they could be generated that way, remains unclear.

The reason we know that inertia/momentum is an electromagnetic phenomenon, is because it occurs only during the acceleration, deceleration, or directional changes which are essential to inductance principles, and because we can find no other reason. Since no inductance occurs unless electric or magnetic fields change, or unless a body moving within than changes, causing inversely rising, collapsing, and reversing electromagnetic fields, there is no essential difference between electromagnetic and gravitational, inertial/momentum forces, which cannot be explained using electromagnetic theory, integrated with a valid and consistent theory of ether physics.


The propulsive force also appears on the correct axis, as predicted by the Hall Effect. We know that magnetic lines of force exist, and can chart them with paper and iron filings. These lines represent variations in magnetic flux densities, along and across flow lines. Whenever a conductor or body cuts through them, electric current results in the conductor or body.


An electric current creates a magnetic field around itself and the conductor or body through which it flows, at right angles to itself, according to the “right hand rule”. The variations between the magnetic field lines represent the necessary changes required to generate the current within the conductor cutting through them, and therefore even a “D.C.” generator creates its current by an “alternating” (high-frequency) inductance phenomenon.



Since a spinning object cuts through lines of a magnetic field which can permeate it, the earth thereby generates an electric current, which continues to build up at right angles to its magnetic field, until sufficient to cancel the magnetic field. This comports with the Hall Effect, if the current is drained off, the magnetic field is increased, and vice-versa. If a spinning object creates an oscillating current, it therefore constitutes an electromagnetic dipole, which multiplies the electromagnetic energy radiated at the forth power of its frequency.


As Tesla said, every physical entity has a natural set of electromagnetic resonant frequency characteristics. It has been suggested that gyroscopes actually respond to electromagnetic transmitter/receiver effects, beyond our solar system. As the basis for the celestial guidance system invented and tested by Tesla in 1917, and developed further by the Germans during WW II, they were not used by us until twenty years later. The electric field of a spinning body, at a particular rpm, within earth’s weak magnetic field, should generate increased negative charges sufficient to partially cancel its own gravity, by causing a partial reversal of the displacement of its charges, to lessen their down force, as the ether passes through.


Since it rotates about its center, the greatest angular velocity is along its outer circumference. Once its surface charges begin to move, the magnetic field is progressively blocked, as in a Faraday cage. Because earth’s magnetic field is so weak, a spinning body will not develop enough upward electromagnetic thrust to become weightless, but delivers its entire gravity on its spinning point, even when turned completely sideways, as with a gyroscope, which behaves in “semi-defiance” to gravity. The stabilizing properties of a gyroscope, which behaves as if held by something in space, proves the existence of the ether and tubes of force.

I observed that precession is common to falling objects, even though they are not spinning, which becomes especially pronounced after they have fallen for around 700 feet. This can be seen in movies of falling bombs. Though an object falling at 120 mph. may be virtually weightless, it still has momentum/inertia, and the force delivered when it strikes the ground is electromagnetic momentum built up over time. A flying saucer’s electromagnetic momentum is not bound by the law of acceleration of falling bodies, determined by the time required for a falling object, accelerated by the force of gravity, to absorb a certain quantum of tubes of force, but may be greatly accelerated by the high voltage current, and multiplied. Falling objects are penetrated by ether carriers, which bring along the micro-helical tubes of force, which during acceleration have progressively increasing pitch, before dissolving, transferring momentum to the mass.

All bodies are both gravitationally and electromagnetically affected by the principles of inertia, momentum, polarity, and precession, as explored in the Introduction. Their movement, as flying machines, may be caused according to the Hall Effect the reactions of which are of such magnitude that they can only be surpassed by nuclear fission or fusion reactions.


Nikola Tesla built his flying saucers around 1915, using his tuned, resonant air-core coils. 62 years ago, there was a secret German flying saucer project at Los Alamos, using technology stolen from Tesla, called “p2”, the existence of which has been carefully concealed.

Baron Wernher von Braun was in charge of that project. He dated several women in the Santa Fe area, in 1936-38, and those women described him as a romantic and gregarious man. He moved rather freely from Germany, to here, then back to there, to run Germany’s top secret “rocket” center at Peenemunde, then easily glided once again back to Ft. Bliss, Texas, in 1945, all with the facility of a gazelle leaping a small creek. Von Braun was not an inventor, but more of a “pusher” of projects...a “politician with a rocket”.


He has been depicted as a “dreamer”, who only wanted to “go to the moon”... to travel “... beyond the stars”. Now that we know of his control ova the “p2” project, on behalf of the Illuminati, a secret society to which the major political players—Hitler, Einstein, Von Braun, Himmler, Lenin, Trotsky, David Rockefeller, to name only a very few—all belonged, the almost incredible phenomenon of von Braun’s international cha-cha is more fully understood.


And what of the false story that there was “...nothing at Los Alamos but a boy’s camp” before the war? It is simply not possible that those responsible for that story could be so ignorant, and the “Los Alamos Story” is just one more chapter in the Book of the Big Lie, intended to magnify the importance of the huge government expenditures there, by laying claim to many things which were developed first elsewhere, by other people. Even the “p2” project was second-hand, having been stolen from Tesla.



It is my belief that an important fact has been ostensibly omitted from what is taught today...that a falling body will cease to accelerate when it reaches a velocity of about 120 which it naturally maintains or tends to maintain a constant velocity. Has this been secreted away by the Illuminati, because it presupposes other important facts, which naturally occur once the first fact is known? If so, it represents additional proof of the existence of an interceding ‘substance’—the ether—and suggests the accumulation of something at a predetermined rate which has reached its maximum under the natural forces present.


If the reaction due to the gravitational constant G ceases to accelerate a body at the 120 mph velocity, it could be because of a time-related “equal and opposite reaction” to the force with which it is actuated to move downward, evidenced by the counter-buildup of momentum, sufficient to cancel the acceleration due to the gravitational force G.

  • Does this buildup cancel the G-force, proportionately with time, as the body finally becomes weightless, with its entire gravity cancelled?

  • Could it be for this reason that one physically, momentarily, senses complete weightlessness, when riding in an airplane which is taking off, at the instant that it passes through the 120 mph velocity?

Most people probably think the sensation is when the plane leaves the ground, because so many planes leave the ground at about the same time, but the sensation of physical weightlessness is quite different than just becoming airborne, and can be felt in the inner ear, causing a special sensation in the stomach. It is also possible that the principle of aerodynamic lift is supplemented by the tubes of force as stated in the Introduction.

As atmospheric air resistance slows down a falling body, the gravitational constant again comes into play, so as to accelerate it once again to the constant velocity, and so forth, thus maintaining the constant velocity, at which the equal and opposite positive-mass G-force, and the anti-gravity, electropulsive neutralizing force, are in equilibrium, with the precession angle at its maximum, and precession frequency at its minimum.

Michael Faraday’s experiments showed that an excess negative charge will always appear on the surface of an enclosed, hollow vessel. You place a charge inside, and it will always appear on the outside. This mystery is a convenient tool for flying saucer technology, because we don’t want those charges jumping around inside our cockpit, all over us, but want them outside, where they can do their work.

All bodies are essentially composed of entities which represent “electrical content” (protons, electrons, neutrons). The presence of these charges in a dynamic mass, allows it to generate or attract its own electrons, to create them from Omni Matter, or to emit them, and to encounter its own gravitational reactions, according to its relative movement, within the magnetic and electric fields of its environment.

This is probably what Nikola Tesla had in mind in his Dynamic Theory of Gravity. The fact that the government has it, and no copies of it are available to the public, should indicate the importance of this over 100-year-old theory, except most scientists have never even heard of the theory. We already know that the same Trilateral/Illuminati symbol was used in the original Nazi-run “p2” Los Alamos project, and in Chapter II, I relate how it appeared on the 1950’s I.G.S. resonator implantations. It has been reported in several forms on UFOs.

According to what we know about the difference between the gravitational, electrical, and electromagnetic interactions, if there is a tiny excess positive charge on the proton—so small that its detection has been concealed from ordinary gullible ‘physicists’—such a charge could hypothetically be the origin of the weak “gravitational interaction”. Suppose the gravitational force is equal to the electrical force created by the hypothetical excess positive charge of the hydrogen proton, in terms of accounting for its “gravity”, which is the least for all known elements.


For the same reasons, all the elements would be very close to being weightless, An atom of even one of the heavier elements, lead, may require the addition of less than a single election, to gravitationally/electrically cancel all of its mass units, and to give it the same charge-to-mass ratio as hydrogen. In order for us to appreciate the power electrons exert over protons and neutrons, it should be emphasized mat the mass of a proton is around 1,837 times that of an electron, (the neutron having a slightly higher ratio).


While it is said that the neutron is electrically neutral, because it is composed of a proton and a ‘tightly bound electron’, this neutrality only applies to electrical conductivity, and has not been shown to relate to electro-gravitation. The neutron’s tightly bound electron already cancels most of its positive charge, but the cumulative total of all the tiny excess positive charges—if the Lorentz hypothesis is correct—of the 82 protons and 125 other neutrons of the lead atom, are still unaccounted for. Under these circumstances, the vast differences between electromagnetic and gravitational interactions favors “gravity”.


Since it would only be necessary to add whatever negative charge required to equal the totality of all those tiny excessive positive charges, in order to completely cancel the gravity of the lead atom, it would be necessary to add less than a single complete electron! Otherwise, the lead atom would already possess another electron. The first thing that an atom “does” when its nuclear mass develops an (electrical) “need” for another electron, is to acquire a new one in its outer orbit.

All atoms, molecules, or compounds, composing the matter on or around our earth, are predominantly electro-positive (although some of them are considered electro-negative in relation to hydrogen, sometimes by as much as perhaps six volts, but this is only in terms of “free electrons”, in non-ionized states). The charge-to-mass ratios of all elements are positive in nature, because in all cases, even hydrogen, there is excess positive mass in their nuclei.

The high voltage charges on a saucer’s front or top, easily “penetrate” electron cloud barriers, and should exhibit an electrical attractive force toward external positive matter, which according to Lorentz, is 2.2 x 1039 times stronger than the gravitational attractive force, but this is not true, and does not work “at a distance”. This huge force, which according to the Newtonians, acts over a greater distance, conflicts with the Relativists, who don’t believe there is a force at a distance, which is something I agree with, for different reasons.


The “electromagnetic interaction”, for reasons unexplained, is less than this, or 1040 times the gravitational “interactive” force G. If the Relativists don’t believe in force at a distance, why do they keep referring to the “attractive” force?



It has been incorrectly assumed that the Michelson-Morley Experiments disproved the existence of an ether, based on a failure to observe a “shift” (the “red-shift”) on the fringes of two light beams placed at 90 degrees, perpendicular to the earth, at equidistant positions from their point of intersection Since ether theory asserted the ether as the medium which conducts light through space, and since no shift was observed, these results were misinterpreted to mean that there is no ether.


This experiment was based on Lorentz’ erroneous concept of a “quiescent, stationery ether”, which held that there is an ether ‘wind’ which is everywhere the same, and that Maxwell’s deficient calculation of C was a constant, but which in fact failed to provide two required constants of integration for time (one for each of its two differential equations), which included no definition of Maxwell’s coordinate system’s position and velocity (as a vector sum).

The false assumptions which arose from this failure by Maxwell resulted in the Lorentz’ equation, called the Lorentz Transformation, which had built into it, the elastic space/time frame which attempted to supply Maxwell’s lack of definition, and to explain the red shift observed near planets in space. It was this elastic space-time frame in the Lorentz Transformation which was adopted by Einstein in his Relativity theory, initiated to conceal and suppress ether physics.

Since ether theory had already assumed that gravity is a function of the ether, Einstein was incorrect to treat photons the same way as material bodies, to explain the red-shift, with the theory that the photons passing near a planet were “curved by the space-time continuum”, producing the spectral shift. According to the Relativists, it was supposedly proved, on May 29, 1919, “...that we live in a curved, four-dimensional space-time’”.


1Gary Taubes, Relativists in Orbit, Discover (Mar., 1997).

Albert Einstein said a massive body spinning in space “...would drag space and time around with it...”, the origin of so-called “frame-dragging” and “space curvature” which Tesla was so opposed to, along with Einstein’s statement,

“Gravity is no longer a mysterious force acting at a distance but the result of an object trying to travel in a straight line through space curved by the presence of material bodies”.

In researching for more possible explanations for this apparent tragic-comedy of mistakes, I found an article by Swedish physicist, John-Erik Persson 1, who seemed to agree with me. Persson said the Michelson-Morley experiment showed that the ether is space-dependent, not non-existent. Since the observations were made by stationary equipment in relation to earth (moving at over 70,000 mph through space), it was not a valid ground for postulating Relativity. If the ether has a constant velocity V in relation to the observer, the observed velocity of light becomes a vector sum C + V, according to ether theory.


If the observer is moving at the same velocity and in the same direction as the ether, no red-shift should be observed. Michelson’s empirical results showed that V, near the earth, is equal to the velocity of the nearest part of the earth (in the horizontal plane), in agreement with an ether which was stationary near the earth. This gave rise to Relativity, which made the false assumption that an observer will always find V to be zero, independent of his own velocity, giving rise to elastic space-time concepts, which are against intuition.

What I always point out as Einstein’s preoccupation with his “apparent effects”, resulting from an observer’s failure to take into consideration his own motion, as well as the possibility that the ether has zero velocity only near the earth’s surface. This zero velocity was due to what Tesla said was the “rigidification” of the ether caused by the emanation of earth’s rapidly varying electrostatic forces, which would decrease in intensity at the square of the distance from earth, as the ether would have a commensurately increased relative motion. This same rigidification of the ether was consistent with Tesla’s (Faraday’s, Wm. Thomson’s) statement that the ether behaved as a “fluid to material bodies, and a solid to heat and light”, as still another explanation for the red- shift. That would allow the ether near planets to refract the light passing near it.

Persson said that the theory of the ether interprets Maxwell’s results as,

The velocity of Light = C + V.

With the missing space dependent V® (velocity V and position vector R) supplied, the Lorentz Transformation is unnecessary, (and rationality and truth are restored to physics!). V® must represent a description of reality, and the reality of material particles is defined everywhere by acceleration A®, concerning the distribution of matter in a vicinity. We have reason to suspect a relationship between V® (the translational field) and A®, (the gravitational field), showing their common origin (the ether), shown by a photon (a fast wave field) added to gravity (the ether, a slow reference field).


Since V® (the fast wave field) is the distribution of matter in the vicinity, it has the same value as the nearest part of a big material body it may be near, as a more reasonable interpretation which agrees with the Michelson-Morley experiment, showing that the photon adapts its velocity to local conditions.

This means that the space-dependency of the translational field, V®, allows the theories of Newton and Maxwell to be united without any non-linear Lorentz Transformations, and that, by the rule of Ockham’s Razor, the Translational Field is a more plausible explanation than the Theory of Relativity.

1John-Erik Persson, About an Alternative to the Lorentz-Transformation (Hagersten, Sweden, 1997).

I had always assumed that, since calculations of C made in conductors and fiber optics, require the “velocity factor” (.97 x C in free space), that such an adaptation of C to the local conditions of the conductors, disproves the Lorentz Transformation and the Theory of Relativity.



Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity (c. 1893-94) was based on the idea that all bodies emit microwaves (rapidly varying electrostatic forces) of particular voltage and frequency, as determined by their “electrical content” (mass, composed of protons, electrons, and neutrons), and relative motion. Tesla measured the microwaves of the earth with a special tube he invented (you could see the peaks and nodes of the microwaves created in the gas in the tube), as being only a few centimeters in wavelength. He said the frequency and voltage were related to the velocity and mass (electrical content) of the earth, and that gravitational interaction between bodies, was determined by the vector product of the mutual interaction of their microwaves with the ether, and to electric currents and tubes of force, passing through space and between and within bodies.

Tesla confirmed this, placing two metal plates a certain distance apart, and electrifying them with high voltage, high frequency currents (“Tesla currents”, or “microwaves”). At sufficiently high voltage and frequency, the space between them became “solid state”. It also worked with one plate only, suspending the zinc plate (1/8” thick x 12” square, weighing about two pounds) in mid-air.

This is further documented in 1943 FBI documents released under the F.O.I.A., as being witnessed by Marguerite Merrington, in an 1894 demonstration by Tesla in his Houston Street laboratory.1



The flying saucer uses “p2”, which refers to two potentials, primaries or kinds of currents. The forward end of a saucer—“pl”—uses Tesla’s tuned “Single Terminal Coil” (see page 300 for set of plans), tuned to either ¼ wavelength, or 3/8th wavelength. It is an air-core, step-up transformer, which converts normal A.C. current to high voltage, high frequency current, which has charge-increasing effects similar to an electrostatic generator, but with a much greater reactance, due to its high frequency and tuning, which allows it to shoot out bursts of current of one sign (positive or negative) from one end, while remaining neutral or peak reverse voltage on the other end.


Tesla created this coil specifically for the purpose of powering his flying saucer, even before the century began. Tesla noted and was greatly pleased by the “pseudo-electrostatic” effects of his coils. In writing a critique of the enormous Van de Graaff generator built by M.I.T. and tested in 1938, Tesla pointed out the fact mat only a tiny version of one of his coils, dating from the 1890s, would outperform the giant Van de Graaff. This is because a Tesla coil uses alternating, high frequency, high voltage inductance, to throw out electrostatic, D.C. pulses.


A much smaller unit will produce the necessary high voltages, through inductance, and a much smaller conductor will carry the high frequency current, while D.C. systems require much larger conductors for the same total wattage. In MHD pumping, it has been proven that a pulsing DC, current is better than a steady D.C. current, so the Tesla coil is ideal for the flying saucer application, producing the traditional purplish brush, a facsimile to the earth’s aurora borealis.

1FBI Documents Regarding Nikola Tesla (252 pages), Part 1, page 49, LIST OF PERSONS ASSOCIATED WITH NIKOLA TESLA.

Using “p2”, the vastly greater strength of the electromagnetic interaction is applied to control the very weak, gravitational interaction, to pump the ether and tubes of force into the ship and dissolve them, to impart momentum to the conductors attached to the ship, at right angles to the electric and magnetic fields, as explained in the Introduction. A relatively small amount of electromagnetic force, created by an alternator turned by a Tesla turbine, can easily dominate the gravity of a large ship, create electromagnetic momentum, and propel it at great speed.

In theory, an oscillating electric dipole consists of two equal and opposite charges of dipole moment p, where p oscillates sinusoidally with time. A dipole which is tuned to 3/8th or ¼ wavelength, will continue to throw out energy even when the conditions are reversed, because there is a time-lag between changes in charge and current distribution.


The power radiated varies as the fourth power of the frequency, so the higher the frequency, the higher the reactance. The use of the 3/8th tuning, causes the positive and negative potentials to cross and neutralize one another on the neutral end, while emitting the desired peak negative pulses at the other. The 3/8th tuning is convenient where it is desirable to have a neutral connection for the lower end of the coil. Since all gravitational atomic mass has a net positive charge, the negative charges are needed to manipulate gravity.


The positive mass possessed by the ether carriers, reacts with the negative pulses, to attract them into the conductor, aeating and bringing along the tubes of force, which are dissolved in the conductor, to impart momentum to the conductor, with a force which is 1040 times stronger than the gravitational force:

Fe/Fg = 1040 x Fg

The primary L-C circuit is composed of a primary coil (of few turns, using a large conductor), choke coil, spark gap, tuning coil, and capacitors. This combination produces the primary frequency for inductance of the secondary coil, of many turps, using a small conductor. The inverse ratio in number of turns and conductor size converts the electricity from low to high pressure. Tesla found that a primary coil consisting of a wide, thin, strip of metal, laid down flat between layers of insulation, was best, because it had less (undesirable) “self-inductance”. This is even better with the bi-filar coil, which eliminates self-inductance altogether.

NOTE: The following illustration was an unlabeled drawing from a patent application which Tesla withdrew, to prevent J.P. Morgan from acquiring the invention, since Morgan tricked Tesla into giving him a 51% controlling interest in “all his patents”, when he funded his Wardenclyffe world energy system project. When Tesla was driven into bankruptcy, the patent didn’t issue and Morgan didn’t own it. Tesla made this discovery at about the time his Colorado Springs experiments ended, as a new way to produce electricity from air, shown as follows:

The consideration of gravity as a separate force may be superfluous, since it appears to be a naturally occurring weak electromagnetic interaction in the first place, caused by displacement of the nuclei of atomic mass downward by the upward passage of ether carriers and dissolving tubes of force, induced by the currents created by the movement of mass through space.

As previously stated, gravitational mass is almost electrically balanced and neutral. If a flying saucer has an artificially created, strong, relatively negative charge, it will strongly attract relatively positive ether carriers. Of course, where this attraction is equal in every direction, the saucer will go nowhere. Since all atomic mass, elements, and compounds have net positive charges which exceed their normal negative charges, there will always be some electrical attractive force between matter and negatively charged bodies, but not enough to create electropulsion.



If both an electric field and a magnetic field are present in a region of space, the resulting force on a moving charge is the vector sum of the electrical and magnetic force, and is known as a Lorentz Force, as shown by:

F = qE + qVxB

For this reason, Lorentz said the electric attractive force is 2.2 x 1039 times stronger than the gravitational attractive force.

The magnitude of charge on the electron (supposedly matched by the charge on the proton) is e =1.6 x 10-19 C. The gravitational force is also allegedly a constant:

(NOTE: Lorentz alleged that e+ is slightly less than the (positive) reciprocal to 1.6x10-19 C, which suggested that Fg is really the electrical product of that difference. I found this information only by incidentally referenced (“glossed”, handwritten notations on the sides of the pages) in material available at the National Security and Resources Study Center at Ins Alamos (now called The J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center), in 1979. The reference was possibly an inadvertent “lapse in security”, since it isn’t mentioned widely, but it may have been conveniently ignored because it conflicts with the current Relativist theory, and may show that Lorentz made several serious errors.


Lorentz’ hypothesis implied that, in the natural electric and magnetic fields of the earth, a saucer need only be given a net negative charge in order to be accelerated toward the ionosphere with a Lorentz Force which is many times the force of the gravity normally pulling it downward. According to Lorentz’s naive hypothesis, by merely adding an excess negative charge to a ship, the force of gravity would be neutralized, just that easy! Would this not only free the craft from inertial as well as gravitational force, while also repelling it upward with the like’ negative charges on the earth? I once thought that, once conditions necessary for electromagnetic repulsion have come into play, there would be no gravity. Would that it were so easy! Lorentz’ silly theory was wrong! We all make mistakes.

Besides, during thunderstorms, the electric field is reversed, due to the high negative charges on the bottoms of thunderclouds, which multiply the potentials around ten times. Had Lorentz’ hypothesis been true, a saucer would be slammed to the ground with astounding force, though I have often observed that saucers do experience apparent malfunctions in lightning storms, but not enough to drive them down. There must be some provision for quickly adjusting the potentials and amperage to maintain somewhat stable flight beneath a thunder cloud, as the ships sometimes jump wildly around. A smart pilot would stay above the clouds when possible.

The ionosphere, 620 miles above the earth, is at least 176 million volts positive in respect to the earth’s surface at sea level. The earth’s surface generally possesses a high negative charge, maintained by thousands of lightening bolts per second, all over the earth’s surface. This creates a vertical electric field, the potential of which increases from negative to positive, about 50 volts per foot (as observed by Tesla), or around 150 volts per meter, on a clear day.

Since an electric field is always accompanied by a magnetic field at right angles to it, this also implies that earth’s magnetic field might be a product of this earth-ionospheric electric field, but the magnetic field is more likely due to the huge current from the sun through the earth, as noted by Kristian Birkeland and Hannes Alfen.



It should be noted that the mechanism for neutralization of the so-called gravitational force—which should be by the blockage of the upward-moving tubes of force which dissolve to accelerate the body downward—as a reversal of the mechanism of downward acceleration. This means that a saucer in horizontal flight might use negative D.C. pulses in its brush discharge on its top, for ‘buoyancy’, together with the high frequency A.C. on its bottom, to block the upward movement of tubes of force, while a stronger negative brush on (its forward, attracts the tubes of force in the direction of travel (with increased high frequency A.C. to its rear to block the tubes of force in that direction).


The blockage of the upward-moving tubes of force alone, should block the force of ‘gravity’ and give the saucer buoyancy, though buoyancy may require the brush on top to bring in tubes of force. The direction and velocity of the movement of the saucer is the vector product of the electric and magnetic fields of the two bi-polar pairs, according to J.J Thomson.

So what we have here is a sort of modulated electronic surface on our saucer; a negative “pseudo-electrostatic” brush discharge on top and in front, and a high frequency blocking current on bottom and to the rear. The vertical dipole creates ‘buoyancy’—the vertical position above the earth—and the horizontal dipole creates velocity.


This would be similar to the Milliken “cloud chamber experiments”, in which oil drops were suspended in the cloud chamber by adjustment of external electric and magnetic fields cris-crossing the chamber, in respect to the charges possessed by oil drops, except with our saucer, moving charges are generated by motive power within it, to affect the ether external to it, to draw in and dissolve the tubes of force to accelerate it in any direction, in defiance to the magnetic and electric fields of the “chamber” (earth’s atmosphere).


Superimposed over this “oil drop” environment, is a double “p2”—one to position the saucer vertically, and the other to move it sideways—by emitting negative charges on one end to neutralize the gravitational and inertial effects on the other, thus actuating the ether and creating a powerful force to effortlessly propel the saucer forward instantaneously, while the internal effects of inertia, momentum and polarity are instantaneously switched and controlled, and the mass of the saucer is liberated from the ordinary rules of gravity, inertia, momentum and polarity, with the saucer’s internal (human and mechanical) contents protected from these forces.

Based on Tesla’s knowledge that the production of moving negative charges was essential for the Teleforce to act upon his “electric flying machine”, he invented the “Tesla coil”. The coil manipulates, recreates and magnifies the forces which normally exist, between atoms, and between e+ and e-, to control Fg, and to accelerate a body at astounding speeds.

It is important to understand the effect of the shape of the outer hull on the distribution of the action of the force. Were the hull shaped concave, rather than convex, the force field might become focused on a point some distance from the saucer, and react so as to merely draw whatever ether carriers and tubes of force might be at that focal point, toward the saucer with astounding force. It is for this reason that the outer hull is curved above, so as to “spread” the area over which the force acts to a very large area, drawing the tubes of force in.

As pulses of high voltage, high frequency negative charges move outward to distribute themselves over the saucer surface, some combine with atmospheric gasses and “slough off” as ions, creating a “protective envelope” which shields the saucer from friction and heat, dampens the sonic boom, and creates the “beautiful corona” I observed in 1953...the “lights” often seen.


I’m sure this fact makes the “Illuminati” very, very, happy, so let’s ruin it for them.


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