I began writing this book in early 1992, with such urgency that I often began my day’s writing at 4:00 A.M. Chapter I reflects my mood at the time. I believe there are matters addressed for the first time in this book—in 1993— which are important to your freedom and that of your loved ones.

The truth in this case requires exposing a conspiracy. The word “conspiracy” has been made a dirty word by those involved, like dogs under the table, knawing on a few bones and scraps thrown to them by those above, and growling at anyone who threatens their precarious security. Conspiracies exist, they are sometimes real, and real conspiracies can be harmful to those who pretend they don’t exist.

This book will disappoint those who expects it to be filled with tales about little ‘aliens’, or about how I was abducted and used as a sex slave by giant Venusian females (or weird little alien guys who have ‘implanted’ me, or experimented with my sex organs, etc.). This book is about the “flying saucer”- sometimes called the “UFO”—what it really is, who invented it, and why our government still conceals it after over fifty years of use by it. I also explore the political, social, economic and historical context in which Big Brother has maintained a hoax of gigantic proportions, by lying to and brain washing the public, and oppressing intelligent witnesses, to conceal the saucer secrets from us, and why.

My “space aliens” are actually people, whose philosophy and bizarre masquerade are alien to the American way of life, since they believe in government by anti-democratic hoax, to maintain the secret power of the Trilateral Commission elite, to whom our lives are very cheap.

Some who read this may thoughtfully consider it and agree wholeheartedly, because it is reasonable, knowledgeable, logical and true.

Others may be disconcerted and will read no further, avoiding the cold light of reason, preferring to continue believing Big Brother’s fantastic lies. It takes courage to admit being duped. Some may be subscribers to The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, misplacing confidence in what Philip J. Klass... supposedly a “fellow skeptic”.... says about those ‘crazy believers’ in “alien flying saucers and ghosts” (all in one breath, mind you). Read further, as there is more here for you. Still others will more vehemently dislike what I say, knowing it is true, because they are among the guilty CIA and NSA, etc. A small minority of the guilty may secretly like what I say, but be unable to break the “national insecurity” bonds which hold them rigidly in place, being forced to continue to lie to their follow humans.


Still others are beyond reason or any human sentiment, being motivated blindly by money, power, and a desire to “hold onto what they have”. These are the “ruling class”. Their fear of the truth is very real, and commitment to continued concealment total. The wealth they were born into is rooted in banking, minerals, chemical cartels which process these, fuel companies, the pharmaceutical industry, banking, automotive or aeronautical manufacturing or transportation... planes, ships, trucks, and trains... anything the general public pays every day for. We are their ‘captive’ source of money and power.

There is one technology which more certainly than any other, has the capacity to drastically alter the Vested interests which sustain the elite, with its posh lifestyle, and even threatens to destroy it; electro-propulsive “flying saucer” technology.

It is not my desire to see anyone’s honestly acquired economic security or prosperity ruined. It is my desire to see the collapse of whole empires, be they built on coercive monopoly, and fascist-state power, which exists at the expense of the freedom and well-being of innocent and productive people, gained and held by secrecy, extortion, force, theft, suppression and concealment of valuable, creative technology, which would also make our planet cleaner, more beautiful, and more accessible to everyone, and allow the peoples of the world to get to know and to appreciate each other more intimately and directly than ever before. No one, be they government, corporate, or individual, has the legitimate right or power to conceal such technology, unless they invented and created it, which they did not.

The existing state of apparently monolithic interests, while presently appearing to be held firmly in place by a chain of powerful government, financial, industrial, technical, military, judicial and law enforcement entities, cannot maintain themselves forever, and it is unrealistic to think that they can.

For those who are threatened by the public advent of this long-suppressed technology, here is the handwriting on the wall:




The puppets... the “professionals” of pseudo-paranormalism and pseudo-skepticism... don’t have so much to lose, and much more to gain. They can probably find more productive jobs selling insurance or used cars. Though they may not like sitting in the COLD LIGHT OF REASON, it will only hurt for a little while. It must be an uncomfortable and weird feeling to “lie for their country”, which would not be so bad if that was all they were doing. There is nothing “patriotic” about corralling the minds of your fellow citizens with a fence of lies, so they can be “broke and branded” as the dupes of the BIG LIARS. The suppression of this technology is not in the national security interest.

Some who spread such lies harbor no patriotic delusions, enamoring themselves shamelessly to the covert money masters, performing like puppets, thoughtless and calloused. They will only come painfully alive when they face the music, once they are publicly unmasked as professional liars for Big Brother. I can hear the comments now: “...Oh...ya’ mean ol’ Joe there? Why he use ta’ be one of them big-shot You-fologists, ‘til it all come out that it wuz just a big lie to cover up gov’ment flyin’ saucer stuff. Sad, ain’t it?”

It is not difficult to imagine the strange mental processes involved in searching for a new way to present the same Old Tired Big Lies which saw their American premier at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, giving birth to the “Twin Lies”.... that “aliens have landed” and that “flying saucers don’t exist”. This BIG LIE SYSTEM was, originally designed by the intelligence personnel of the Gestapo, the Reichsicherheithauptamte VI (“National Security Agency Div. 6”), and the Roswell hoax and the drama which followed has a dualistic nature which is typical of the gnosticism which was the basis for the SS religion1. Former SS intelligence agents at Alamogordo designed and initiated the Roswell hoax.

Yes, the two sides were Siamese twins, born of an SS father and CIA mother, representing two opposite sides of the same bogus wooden nickel, counterfeited in America as one of the first shams of the CIA under the fraudulently misnamed “National Security Act” of 1947, which was never submitted to Congress for its approval, because its authors—CFR bankers at Pratt House—knew it contained so many unconstitutional provisions and violations of American liberty and sovereignty, that they feared it would never be approved. (It “went into effect” like most illegitimate usurpations of rights and powers, through executive edict.)

The “Siamese Twins” born at Roswell were the two, diametrically opposite prongs of the Pentagon’s concealment apparatus, UFOlogical Paranormalism and Skeptical Official Denial. A more organized skeptical initiative was later mounted, as a ‘civilian’ adjunct to the official deniers, as the counterpart to UFOlogy. Both these fields were planned by the CIA and grew out of the ranks of the CIA’s and Air Force Intelligence’s plainclothes and covert agent contingencies.


This also included such people as businessmen, university professors, astronomers, astrophysicists, meteorologists, other scientists, and aeronautical experts, many of whom were already affiliated with the government’s secret projects. Many new press, magazine, book, and screen writers, producers and actors were soon on the payroll, to launch the “alien” scenario through the popular media. There were similar fabrications and concealments in academic areas and textbooks.

Since I originally wrote about the movie-UFOlogy-CIA connections in 1993, there have been many others who have copied me, and to my knowledge, none of them has given me any attribution whatsoever, though to my knowledge, I was the first to do so.

1 Jean-Michel Angebert, The Occult and the Third Reich (the mystical origins of Nazism and the search for the Holy Grail), McGraw -Hill Paperbacks (1975) p. 4.

Of the two counterparts, the UFOlogists seem to have it better than the “skeptics”, who appear rather dull by comparison, but spice up their work only by criticizing and debunking their more interesting twin. There are more possibilities among the UFOlogy circles for exciting social, romantic, and sexual encounters, since they are a more interesting bunch of huxters, though an intelligent person soon finds himself longing for another rational being amongst them.


To come up with more fascinating subject matter, the skeptics must set their hooks much deeper. Their magazines debunk some false and fraudulent shams—perhaps dangerous to one’s mental or physical health, not to mention the pocketbook—only to add false credibility to their irrational denials that flying saucers exist.


I can agree with most of the skeptic material, yet their CSICOP flying saucer psychophancy is inconsistent, which reminds me of Ayn Rand’s statement:

“There are no contradictions in reality; check your premises.”

The great contradictions in the skeptical arena, are based on false premises planted there by devious, manipulative, lying, CIA-employed pseudo-skeptics, which even many of the innocent true skeptics have failed to identify or to expunge, but they’re easy to spot.

To allow these great contradictions to be proliferated in skeptic literature, as reasonable, logical and true, when a lie, poisons the whole arena, like a gangrene of reason, and makes fools of the ‘skeptics’, and a mockery of the whole movement. Did it ever occur to them that the publications and money behind it came from the CIA? As individuals who pride themselves as having truly ethical intellects, it should be an important part of the skeptic agenda to identify and drive out this “alien implant”, which has been using them to carry out the CIA’s campaign of lies for too long. It takes an outsider like me to tell them about it. The 21st century should be a “flying saucer economy”.

The people who should appreciate this writing the most, are those who are inquisitive, truly skeptical, intelligent, reasonable, individualistic, creative, ethical, imaginative, scientific, and above all, excited and optimistic about the possibilities of opening up a new era in human history, where all mankind will enjoy the greatest invention man has ever conceived and built, the electro- propulsive flying machine generally known as the “UFO”, “flying disc”, or “flying saucer”.

You may either consider this as fiction, fact, or a mixture of fact and fiction. That decision is always up to the individual, for, to paraphrase Aristotle, we are never lied to; we must first lie to ourselves before we can accept a lie as the truth.



Though I never ask you to believe me on faith, evidence is sometimes scarce. I back up what I say with documentation where possible, physical evidence, an
Aristotelian epistemology, accounts of my experiences and personal knowledge, and striking facts which are too compelling to be dismissed as mere fantasy.

If some Americans have the deluded misconception that the ‘Sacharovs’ of this world are only in Russia, they should consider that our Sacharovs are so thoroughly buried by deceitful socio-economic oppression... carefully conceived and carried out by the Secret Government... that the world does not even know of their existences, much less that they are “virtually” imprisoned or enslaved.

The present system of nuclear power generator technology was stone-age and intentionally chosen as archaic, inefficient, and obsolete. It was already know by Nikola Tesla—even before Enrico Fermi split the atom without realizing it, and while Einstein was still a second class patent clerk in the Swiss patent office—that all the electricity mankind needs can be easily extracted from the self-replenishing atmosphere, by using a special M.H.D. (Magneto- Hydro-Dynamic) generator discovered by Tesla. It is so simple that a college freshman in physics, with an elementary knowledge of machine tools, could build and test it in his dormitory room.

A closely related, publicly available technological source of the “acceptable” variety, is in Physical Chemistry2. The author laid out the scientific facts, leaving it to the creative to figure out the use. One gram of radium (approx. 1/31 oz.), placed in a lead box with an aperture directed into an air tube, criss-crossed by a magnetic field and electric field plates, will create and separate abundant positive and negative charges from air, in sufficient quantity to replace the entire Four Corners Regional power complex, indefinitely.


This revelation is only a juxtaposition of Tesla’s earlier discoveries of around 1904, and earlier patent of 1901. After Tesla discovered that J.P. Morgan had pretended to subsidize him in bad faith—even disguising his greed as philanthropy—in order to gain a controlling interest in all Tesla’s patents, Tesla’s only recourse was to withdraw his application on the patent.


2 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, E. A. Moelwyn-Hughes, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1965. Page 224: Rutherford and Geiger found the number of alfa-particles ejected per second from 1 g of radium was 3.4 x 1010 (k=1.26 x 10-11 sec-1 , later determined by Madam Curie at 1.38 x 10-11 ). Each particle carries two units of positive electricity. This will produce 34 zillion alfa - particles per second, at 4.5 Mev. The number of charges per second, yields huge a amperage which, when stepped down to normal 120 VAC, is staggering. Page 230: 1 atom of radium expels one alfa-particle producing 1.5 billion ions, at 4.5 Mev. Page 231: “One alfa-particle has more than sufficient kinetic energy to bring about all the ionizations which stand to its credit”, and is “..quantitatively sound”.

Nonetheless, we still have the unlabeled patent drawing, and with this knowledge, need only fill in the labels. (This patent drawing is shown in Chapter I. Tesla so feared for his life from the ominous power of the Morgan interests that he continued to praise Morgan’s business ethic in public statements, saying “..I would stake my life on it...”.

According to Tesla, all his inventions were initially conceived in furtherance of his “electric flying machine”. The atmospheric generator is sometimes used as a power source on saucers, as confirmed by a renegade F.B.I, agent, who wrote a book about what he knew, and was forced to flee to England. The agent lacked a clear understanding of what was fully involved, but I will fill you in more completely in this book. The same method will work with a pure gas such as helium or hydrogen, in an enclosed reactor which recycles the same gas over and over.


Tesla’s method for extraction of electricity from air is fairly illustrated as follows (with some minor corrections to be done in respect to angles of ejectment of particles and positions of plates):

I have no doubt that, if you really read this book, it will change the way you see many things, especially the ‘flying saucer phenomenon’, energy, corporate power, the judiciary, and even our local cops. Just remember that, unless we all come forward and speak out, Big Brother (our government and the Trilateral Commission) will continue to spend our money to enslave us.


As for my scientific theory and flying saucer plans, I rely on the words of Leonardo Da Vinci:


This book is dedicated to my sons Angus and Matthew, to my friends, and to all the readers who showed their appreciation, encouragement and support, and to the memory of Jewel Gibson, author of Black Gold and Josh Bean and God, who, as my English teacher at Sam Houston State University in 1964, encouraged me to write.


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The first crude edition of this book was published in July, 1993, under adverse conditions and pressure which had only recently subsided. At that time, I was attempting to ‘get back on my feet’ after a very intense six-year period of judicial abuse, which followed on the tail of a total of 17 years of judicial abuse. This particular abuse was instigated by the CIA in 1975, through various employees, dupes, and toadies, some of whom were New Mexico lawyers, judges, law enforcement personnel, and political party officials (Democrats and Republicans), ultimately acting under orders from the CIA, beginning George Bush’s advent as CIA director.

In preparing to publish in 1993, I took considerable security precautions, although I had a pre-publishing leak through a dishonest “reviewer” (who never wrote the review), in April, 1993, who was recruited by the CIA during his teen years. This gave the CIA advance notice. A copy of my original Introduction reached a CIA (“M.I.B.”) around march, 1992, through a mutual “friend” who betrayed me. My first 100 copies were printed clandestinely by copy machine. I silk screened the cover, then had a local printer overprint it with black. I did the collating, binding, and trimming. The second printing, of 1,000 copies, was printed from my negatives and plates by a local printer, then collated, bound, and trimmed by me. The CIA apparently got to the printer, so I had to stay on his back all the time to get the job out much behind schedule, with only 800 poorly printed copies.

My first meager entry as a writer-publisher in 1993, saw immediate changes in UFOlogy, after no more than 50 copies were sold. After all, even before my book had appeared in local Santa Fe bookstores, the Copyright Office had certainly furnished CIA/Langley with a copy, with counterintelligence strategies soon formulated and expedited by the intelligence community. Even the first leak of 1992 (the Introduction), probably resulted in a copy appearing on a CIA desk at Langley.

As a proximate result of my 1993 publishing, the total output of OSI (“Office of Scientific Intelligence”, CIA) false propaganda has at least quintupled, in terms of new movies, TV series, books, and magazine articles. There was also some specific misinformation released in video form in Germany, based on (CIA-generated) material, released through the “Hermann Goering Branch of the Knights Templars”, an OSI front group, directed specifically at counteracting my book. The CIA knew as early as Dec, 1991, of my intent to produce this book, since I had announced it quite freely among legal ‘colleagues’ and their spies, who had harassed me for so long.

I had known for at least forty years that CIA/OSI disinformationists control the UFOlogy network, which they themselves created, involving all mass media, especially TV and publishing. As I anticipated, they were among the first people to contact me, their general plan being to give me the ‘kiss of death’, consisting of quickly arranging to distribute my book—a ‘holding action’ intended to induce my detrimental reliance and to create a time delay—as they picked my mind, and counter-published “monkey-see, monkey-do, look-alike-type” books, videos, and magazines intended to protract the same old mis-and-disinformation, while attempting to “steal my thunder”, by pretending to say something superficially similar in their books—which, unlike my samizdat, would be massively distributed—to counteract it before the general public could be exposed to my long-suppressed message,.

Their main strategy however, was to increase the sheer volume of material in the bookstores, to make my single book a proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’. Basically, they BURY you in their B.S. At the same time, they loaded my mailbox with a barrage of their propaganda, thinking that they might ‘contaminate’ my stuff with their phony ‘alien’ stuff and other incredulous garbage. I knew long before looking at their material—and can with confidence project this to include their future material—that they now have, and will in the future have, nothing new to say, and are only repeating the same Old Tired Big Lies in a slightly more “sensationalized” and cosmetically disguised form, to ‘fresh’ audiences each year.


In addition, they have regenerated a whole new batch of the same old fabrications in the areas I addressed, such as the facts surrounding the end of WW II, in respect to the “secret” amnesty and partnership agreement between the U.S. and Germany, and what I call “The Phony Fall of the Third Reich”. They have also created a profusion of names for German flying saucers and flying saucer projects, most of which never existed, were called by other names, or were known by disguised code letters, such as “p2” and “KT-p2” (the projects I unearthed) were known by. I pretended to rely on these first contacts, using them to whatever limited extent possible to distribute and popularize my book, while pursuing several other avenues of approach to the public.


Many distributors are CIA fronts, since prompt dissemination of their propaganda throughout the UFOlogy network is indispensable to their jobs in the intelligence disinformation network. Those distributors who are not witting CIA fronts, or complete dupes, have become so economically invaginated with the CIA-created mythology, that they could not afford to immediately free themselves, even if they wanted to. Economic dependency is a powerful motivating factor.

One of the propaganda thrusts spread the erroneous idea that the “Nazis” invented the flying saucer. With apologies to the ghost of general George Patton, let me suggest that this is tantamount to saying that such a thing as the A-bomb or the airplane is a “Democratic” or “Republican” invention! Firstly, a “Nazi” or “Communist”, per se, never invented anything, since only individuals do that, and have usually been looted by various statist cretins throughout history. Secondly, the “totalitarian mind” is by its nature one of a collectivist looter and enslaver, not of a creator or producer.


And finally, Nikola Tesla’s invention of the “electric flying machine” which was later to be called the “flying saucer” or “UFO”, is documentable back to the early part of this century, while his conception of it goes back to the 1870’s, during his student days at the Technische Hochschule at Graz, Austria. The idea of Nazi flying saucers is as old as the hills, beginning with the 1944 “Foo-Fighter” publicity, yet even this has remained somewhat suppressed because, though incomplete or incorrect as propagated, is a version which is revealing of certain scientific facts (the corona discharges) and close enough to the truth to point a skilled independent investigator in the right direction, and eventually toward the truth, provided he is armored with sufficient skepticism to traverse the precarious minefields (mindfields) of disinformation which have been laid on all sides.


I again emphasize that all the ascertainable secret German documents and important developments came into the hands of the OSS/CIA at the end of WW II, not only because of such thoroughly exercised searches, but also by the anti-virtue of the special “deal”—ala Operation Paperclip and Reinhard Gehlen’s Amt VI1— between Germany and America. There are no documents from the Nazi sources or from our government or any cooperating government, which have not been either destroyed or permanently classified, or first been given the disinformation “treatment” by the CIA, before being “declassified”, released or otherwise covertly disseminated through whatever outlets anyone may claim.


This same rule applies to the statements of all active, former, or retired military or government personnel who were subject to a security order, for a period of at least 20 years from the date of said order or agreement, and all agreements of a higher order, relating to knowledge of flying saucers, even apply a lifetime statute of limitation. Incidentally, I possess the only known true ‘leak’ from the original Nazi flying saucer source, via a security lapse of Sandia Base personnel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The FBI’s statement on this matter was that I could not be prosecuted for possession or disclosure because I had “...obtained all my information through innocent means.” In addition, I have not been subject to a national security agreement since 1977, 20 years after I signed an agreement while in AF Intelligence in my 18th year. Since I was never given direct access to flying saucer secrets anyway, the information I independently collected and developed on my own was never covered.

The main person attempting to spread the idea of a “German origin” for the flying saucer, is an unabashed ‘Naziphile’ named Ernst Zundel, who owns Samisdat Publishers Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He began his publishings at least as early as 1976, and like me, underwent intense judicial harassment, but was misled to believe the harassment was because he is a German “holocaust revisionist’ or ‘denier’, while the apparent reason is because his flying saucer material is “too close” to the truth.


The more Zundel was harassed, the more adamant became his Naziphilia. Meanwhile, some of his best saucer books went out of print, just as his harassers desired. Zundel has remained completely unaware that it was really his saucer material which attracted the animosity of the Canadian national security establishment, pursuant to the secret orders under which he was judicially harassed, similar to how I was judicially harassed in New Mexico, under the ostensible guise of “property dealings”, during the same approximate period of time.

Though novel in some respects, Zundel’s idea of how German saucers worked was incorrect if not completely lacking, being unfortunately subject to prior Nazi/CIA disinformation via Paperclip, and a vague idea of jets, rockets, or some mysterious, esoteric “anti-gravity” system of Felix Schauberger, involving a “water vortex”. The Canadians were most likely worried that Zundel might turn up a German-to-Canadian technology transfer dating to 1945 or soon thereafter. In 19531 made my first close-up daylight sighting.

In 1961 I had discovered the 1941 Nazi testing of the neutron bomb on the Libyan desert. In 1963 I discovered the exact scientific basis for saucer propulsion, and in 1966 found out about the “stalemate” of 1945, involving 24 German “Electro-U-boats”, towing specially designed, smaller subs, carrying (what I believe may have been V-6) rockets with celestial guidance systems and armed with neutron bomb warheads, fueled by red mercury (a mercury-antimony oxide which originated with alchemists of old). In 1996, a documentation of these small missile-carrying subs, developed under the “Lafferenz Project”1 was provided to me by Henry Stevens of the German Research Project, Gorman, California.


The smaller, rocket-carrying subs could be tilted to the correct firing trajectory when desired. Like later American I.C.B.Ms, such as the Polaris A-l missiles carried by our Lafayette class nuclear powered submarines, the missiles could be fired from underwater. I also learned in 1974 that Wernher von Braun had worked in New Mexico in the late 1930s, something which was common knowledge among local rocket pioneers whose work dated from that period, such as the late Peter van Dresser of Santa Fe and El Rito.

I had no source for the complete saucer electrical theories and mathematical formulae, until 1979, a year in which I made great headway. In that year, I acquired knowledge of a 1937 pre-WW II Illuminati “p2” project at Los Alamos, run by von Braun, and acquired the only known extant piece of physical evidence from a WW II 1943-vintage German flying saucer, based on the Tesla discoveries first developed in New Mexico and taken to Germany, before being returned to New Mexico around 1945.


This evidence is a celestial guidance slave compass from the “KT-p2” project, in which von Braun included the original New Mexico 1937 “p2” project name, after he had removed it from Los Alamos and transported it to Germany, in 1938, with the apparent good graces of our FBI. The device was on one of the German saucers brought to post-war Sandia Base under Operation Paperclip in 1945, soon followed by a 15,000-person German scientific contingency’s exodus to New Mexico 2.


The guidance system was an invention of Nikola Tesla, developed and tested on a 200-mile round trip radio controlled aircraft flight test in conjunction with the Sperry Gyroscope Company, in 19173.1 eventually located the source and substance of the scientific data and formulas for the saucer, rediscovered the electromagnetic method for its application, and documented the previously suppressed and intentionally confused historical background concerning the work of Nikola Tesla. In 1997, I authored OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It (ISBN 0-9637467-2-3), which I revised in 1998 (ISBN 0-9637467-6-6). It is a documentation of the 19th century scientific research leading up to Tesla’s great discovery, which at its earliest, appeared to be in 1891.

Zundel had approached the saucer question with the characteristic tunnel vision of one intent on cleansing away and assuaging German guilt for the crimes of Nazi-era Germany. This is as silly as an old Stalin-worshiper trying to say that Stalin didn’t kill off millions of his own people, even including ten million members of his own Communist party. When will people realize that the purpose of Illuminati-created wars is to kill off as many “excess” Germans, Jews, Russians, Americans, British, French, Gypsies, and other peoples as possible?


All Hail, Kali Ma! And when are people going to realize that, since the 1770’s, the ultimate blame does not properly rest on any single national group, per se, but with the Illuminati/CFR, rather than with all those who became the cannon fodder/suckers in this massive international conspiracy of “population control”, munitions-profiteering and power-consolidation, led by a cabal of central world bankers, especially the banking houses which arose out of the late 18th century German kingdom and the House of Hesse-Kassel. It is no accident that Adolf and Eva Hitler lived out their last days in Kassel. “Oh, really!”, you exclaim. Read on.


1Lusar, Rudolf, 1960, German Secret Weapons Henry, Rumored German Wonder Weapons, Research Project, Gorman, Ca., 1996. of the Report Second World War, Neville Spearman, London; Number Three, Fantastic German Submarines, Stevens, German
2Discussion between the author and Maj. Helen Nash, Wehrmacht Intelligence, FRD, between 1966-70, Univ. of Tex., Austin.
3John J. O’Neill, Prodigal Genius, The Life of Nikola Tesla (David McKay Co., Inc., New York, 1944).

Despite Zundel’s controversial view, he was almost correct about Hitler’s planned last-ditch stand against America, using flying saucers and other ‘wonder weapons’, along with several other ‘Wunderwaffen’ which were not mentioned as such in Zundel’s material, but which I identified for the first time, as the basis not only for one of Hitler’s brilliant alternate plans—according to the judgment of the best Russian military analysts who later studied it—but for another even more brilliant plan for which the first plan-evidence of which was conveniently left for the Russians to find in the Berlin Fuehrerbunker—was a mere cover, and which was actually consummated by the coercion of a secret amnesty and partnership agreement between the U.S. and Germany, buttressed by the exodus, under Operation Paperclip, of Nazi saucer R&D, over 400 top scientists, and over 15,000 scientific and technical “slaves”, to the U.S. government and the IllumiNazi corporations and banking interests.


This plan is so embarrassing that they dare not fully declassify it even today. Though this revelation may startle some of you, its truth is gradually falling, piece by piece into place, from evidence continually surfacing all over the world, especially since the collapse of the Soviet State.

Some people have mistakenly attempted to trace the destination of the Nazi “technology transfer” to Antarctica or South America, and I’m sure the CIA fuels this false scenario which they created. Some of this technology and people involved may initially have gone to South America or elsewhere prior to the finalization of this agreement, until the treacherous combination of the German Amt VI (“Dept. 6”) SS RSHA (the Nazi organ upon which the CIA was based), the new CIA created on the Nazi model, and British, Canadian and Australian intelligence, and even Russian intelligence, found and took care of them, where any critical part of the “Big Secret”, or any key scientist was” involved.


The simple truth is that the flying saucer technology and personnel came to the U.S. of A., lock, stock and barrel, right where Hitler and the rest of his gang agreed to, in order to buy their asses a new lease on life.

My original edition of this book is the most important publication of all time on flying saucers. True to my anticipations, the inevitable CIA look-alike books and other counter-publishings have not plagiarized my original theories, since their objective is not to claim my theories or to advertise them, but rather to “steal my thunder”, to overshadow, cloud and suppress my actual findings and distribution of my book, and to obliterate what I have to say, with a voluminous mass of bullshit, spread primarily through the CIA’s “UFOlogy network”.


They have not attempted to discredit, mention, or even to discuss my theories, since this would attract the public’s attention, invite meaningful dialogue, and draw in true scientific scrutiny, which I welcome. They prefer to pretend my book does not exist, while using the ‘placebo’ effect to pacify the public’s continual thirst for answers on impertinent questions, while confusing or misinforming them on the American and Nazi saucer developments, through CIA-doctored pseudo-leaks and other blind allies. In addition, they have spewed out a virtual mountain of fresh bullshit, since August, 1993.

Zundel was suppressed until my book was published. Then the CIA and Canadian intelligence were apparently forced to rethink their strategy in respect to Zundel’s work, ‘sanitizing’ it of Zundel’s involvement and his anti-Semitism, through their own writers, in order to re-propagate his material as a convenient false history of the initial origin of the saucer, as well as the phony, CIA-created science involved, promoting a scheme based on either “esoteric” or “conventional” propulsion systems, but not true Tesla “ether physics”.


The CIA now uses Zundel’s saucer material, since there is nothing harmful in it, because the information available to him had already been carefully screened by them in 1945, for all potentially valuable information, then altered before being declassified and made available to Zundel and other interested parties. All important information which could not be falsified or misinterpreted, remained classified Besides, the Germans themselves were quite capable during the war of creating information “scrambles”, and running ‘aerodynamic’ saucer projects, just to conceal the ‘real’ one, most likely at Zeppelinheim, south of Frankfurt, or at the Blohm & Voss works in Hamburg, confirmed by a knowledgeable spy friend assigned to the area of Hamburg during the war. Reinhard Gehlen’s Amt VI SS RSHA was quite capable of such mis-and-dis-information, in fact invented the CIA’s version and implemented it for them. After all, hadn’t the O.S.S. hired Reinhard Gehlen’s Nazi intelligence network under Operation Paperclip, forming the nucleus of the new CIA?

From the moment that the electro-propulsive saucer’s full potential became evident in the early 1930s, forward to the present, rocket projects have been a cover for the “real thing”, and ironically, this sham was first actualized in 1937, at Los Alamos, New Mexico, based on stolen Tesla technology, under the tutelage of Wernher von Braun. Hitler had appointed the Prussian Illuminist as “Herr Doktor Professor of Research” and project leader to run his Vergeltungswaffen (“revenge weapon”) center at Peenemunde, before his collaboration with the American rocket pioneer, Dr. Robert Goddard, at his laboratory in Mescalero, New Mexico, and rocket test site at Eden Valley, New Mexico.1


Afterward, von Braun would never allow the high priority (“p2”, “KT-p2”) ‘space travel’ project to be too far away from his watchful eye. While collaborating with Goddard at Mescalero, von Braun ran the Illuminati flying saucer project at Los Alamos called “p2”, between 1936 and 1938! 2 He was given a leave of absence by Hitler for this espionage, and was brought to America by the Smithsonian Institution, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the American Rocket Society, who financed his work and paid for his trip!

A lot of look-alike material presently attempts to mislead the public with the idea that flying saucers were invented by “Germans”, were exclusively rocket, jet, or turbine-powered, were based on aerodynamic (“boundary layer”) principles rather than electro-propulsion, some vague, (CIA-pseudo-leaked) esoteric ‘mercury gyro’ “vimana” powerplant, the “water-mystery-power” of Viktor Schauberger’s “implosion turbine”—to blow air through what was presumably no more than a glorified, frying air conditioning vent—and that the saucers we see today are based on these.

There were several types of German hovering craft which used technology other than electropropulsion, and even some which combined conventional rocket, jet, or aerodynamic lift with electro-propulsion. Despite all this, what we really call the full-blown “flying saucer”, per se, in all its glory, is exclusively electro-propulsive, being originally based on technology discovered and developed by Nikola Tesla, before being stolen away to Nazi Germany by Wernher von Braun, in 1938.

1The author’s discussions with rocket pioneer and scientist, Peter van Dresser, 1973-1979.
2The author’s discussion with an unnamed employee of the 1937 project in May, 1979.

Despite the thoroughness of the FBI, O.S.S/CIA and the Gestapo, enough evidence remains to document the fact that Tesla’s original saucer developments were earlier than the first successful liquid-fuelled rocket shots of Goddard, Oberth, or von Braun, and the information I unearthed here in New Mexico, documents the acquisition by 1937, by German interests, of Tesla’s discovery, indicating the long-standing fallacy of the rocket projects, which were gleefully paraded before us all those years by von Braun and his American Peenemunde clone, NASA.


None of the material from Zundel or from other German sources even mentions the “KT-p2 Projekt” (muchless “p2”) or von Braun as its real head, or mentions anything about the technology I alone uncovered While some vague disinformation regards “Nazi experiments with electrical discharges” (said to relate only to “electronic jamming devices”), the allegations of “electrogravitics” are based on vague, esoteric and even ‘ancient’ pseudo-sources (which in fact are pure mythology), and the information goes no further. Other information from American sources is inconclusive and tainted by the presumption of misinformation as well, due to its prior control by the CIA.

For example,

“How...”, you may ask, “...could the CIA (or its affiliates) plant ancient ‘Vimana’ material in ancient Hindu or Sanskrit manuscripts?”

It should not amaze you to know that many of the ‘interpreters’ of such works were often East Indians with Oxford or Cambridge degrees, who worked with British intelligence and MI-5, and the OSS in the WWII Asian Theater, and that intelligence agencies hire many such scholars and finance their work. Their interpretations are often a matter of... interpretation.


What is meant in Hindu mythology, as an analogy to the Arabian ‘flying carpet’, suddenly becomes a “space ship”. While I may know for a fact that there was advanced machine technology akin to ours today, in 1450 B.C., the Vimana stuff isn't it. Playing around with mercury (the so-called “mercury gyro”) isn’t easy, and many of the theories I’ve heard are just plum dumb. Besides, if you have any concrete idea of aeronautics, and you’ve ever really looked at the “Vimaana” stuff, you will see for sure that it is obviously dumb.

The true electro-propulsive principle of the Tesla-based American-German saucers cannot be found by ordinary research, because the CIA has already covered all the bases. There is a publisher who would have stolen my thunder on this issue, but was unable to discover another source, so was stuck with the options of either acknowledging and citing my prior publishing, research, and detective work, or of plagiarizing me, so he begrudgingly “...killed me with faint praise”. I tend to think his reluctance reflected either CIA pressure, or his fear of the strong possibility that I will subsequently be proved correct.

Another jealous author who agonized over my discoveries, who claims to be a physicist, even made the ridiculous claim that he “discovered” that saucers are powered by gyroscopes. Gyros create only feeble gravitational ‘anomalies’ (“weight loss” but not “anti-gravity”). He appears to have gotten this idea from a combination of the Vimana’ literature and my book, since I was the first writer to introduce the fact that the Kreisel Teller processed, which was the only solid tie between flying saucers and ‘gyroscopic’ action, other than vague references in recent CIA/OSI pseudo-leaks through German and Austrian sources, to a Flugkreisel (“Flying-Gyro”), in misinformation designed to tie into the pseudo-“discovery”. Later CIA-produced ‘German’ documents contain the word “Kreisel” (“gyrating” or “gyroscopic”) in misrepresented contexts.

This man had no prior source other than my book. When I met him in the summer of 1994, he immediately asked me about a matter in my book, right off the top of his head, but never mentioned me or my book in his bibliography. I suppose that since I discussed and rejected the gyro idea, he was free to claim it, but the idea wasn’t mine in the first place. Since he had obviously never seen a saucer up close, if at all, it was probably my mention of the precessive effect which reinforced “gyroscopic antigravity” in his mind.


Aside from my pointing out the saucer’s precession, the theory of gyroscopic antigravity is as old as the hills, and no one has ever been able to lift a ship off the ground with it, because the magnetic field of the earth is far too weak. This pseudo-scientific theory has always been encouraged by the CIA, since it is wrong, and serves no better purpose than to buttress and further embed such false explanations into the UFOlogy field, and to damage the scientific credibilities of all those foolish enough to espouse or to believe it.

The alternatives presented are:

  1. the “air-blower” (“boundary layer”) aerodynamic propulsion systems based on the theories of Ludwig Prandtl and the unverified work of Viktor Schauberger

  2. an ancient, obscure ‘vimana’ propulsion system (purportedly a “mercury vortex” drive) misinterpreted from East Indian Sanskrit religious texts such as the Bhagavad Gita

  3. an unknown propulsion system based on “shared alien technology” which is “too complex for our comprehension”

  4. centrifugal force gadgets which sling weights around in attempt to increase the centrifugal force in one direction and decrease it in the opposite direction (failing to take into account that the ‘increase’ in centrifugal force in one direction causes the device to behave as if the center of rotation were in the center of angular momentum, so that the ‘gain’ on one side is canceled by a loss on the other)

  5. the purely electro-propulsive ether-based system which can be documented in the work of Nikola Tesla as far back as the 1870s

As you should see, the last alternative is the only feasible one, and I have documented its discovery in Occult Ether Physics. There are several other minor systems originating with various tinkerers which just won’t make the grade, some of which involve tortured mathematics and pseudo-science of the ley line, geomancy, and Stonehenge variety, etc., or some mysterious stuff called “Schumann resonance” (which was declassified by the CIA when they disseminated the documents referring to it), and finally the work of the Englishman, Searls, which is only rumored to get off the ground, but obviously lacks a control system.


Some experimenters may have inadvertently stumbled across something which causes weight loss, or a feeble thrust, but without understanding the simple and correct ether concepts and physics, are unable to succeed, mostly because they are looking for something too complex, if they have not in fact been supported in their futile research by the CIA. Altogether, the alternatives other than the Tesla proposition, too conspicuously place saucer propulsion in the area of the unknown, the unobtainable, the wacko, or depict it as the obscure and indeterminate work of mystical, pseudo-scientific cranks such as Viktor Schauberger or Bruce Cathie.

When you see a real saucer performing at its high capabilities up close, you know it is not powered by any of these feeble contrivances, but requires the great force and magnitude which can only be scientifically attributed to the gravitational-to-electromagnetic conversion constant, which is 1040 x fg. The opportunity for a civilian to see a flying saucer up close is much rarer today than it was in 1953, on the West Texas desert to the south of Alamogordo, New Mexico, where the German prototypes were brought, tested and developed after the war.

Since none of the writers I know of producing recent works, have ever seen a flying saucer as I did in 1953, or possess the scientific perspicacity required to interpret what they saw, I can only conclude that their information is Johnny-come-lately “researcher”, second-hand conjecture and speculation, abject CIA-duped falsity, or outright CIA misinformation, since almost anyone of scientific mind, who ever actually saw a flying saucer in the glory of its full potential, would immediately laugh at such phony, CIA pseudo-science, Nazi ass-kissing books, new age charlatanism, illicit money-grubbing plagiarism, and grand-standing sensationalism.

As my acquaintance, former Air Force Colonel, Phil Shaw, of Austin, Texas said in 19671, “There haven’t been any leaks”. Shaw was the former director of two of the most important regional offices of Air Force Intelligence’s Operation Blue Book—Reno, Nevada, and Reykjavik, Iceland—before studying jewelry making at the University of Texas.


Both before and since then, there were some leaks, and I’m the one who had his bucket set to catch them. I made no bones about it with Shaw, openly accusing him, in the presence of professors and other students, of bending to his CIA orders, in our life drawing classes at the University of Texas Department of Fine Arts. I even embarrassed him a little bit when I showed other students that the lock on his locker in the hall was CIA issue! Shaw made a weakly valiant effort to discredit me, and I thought it no accident that Iceland was a strongly suspected site for wartime German saucer bases, while Reno, Nevada is very definitely ‘saucer country’. Shaw knew I was right, but could never admit it.

No gyros, rockets, jets or ‘conventionally powered saucers could ever produce the results I saw in 1953, and neither could “mercury gyros”, “air suction” or “boundary layer” methods. I knew that a very powerful electrical force, which could be instantly altered and changed in direction, was involved, and this book is the first and only known book to reveal a viable scientific basis for this very real force and the simple method by which it is implemented and controlled.


No other researcher in this field has provided any means by which such great force, directional control, or maneuverability could be effected, mainly because they are ALL either CIA employees, whose job it is to hide it, or “second-handers”... “writers” and “researchers”... who can only follow up on CIA pseudo-leaks, snooping around for things which are just not there, or which were conveniently placed there by the “Puzzle Palace”, so that these researchers “...found the pieces, and put them all together” (just as the Puzzle Palace planned), thinking they had really ‘discovered’ something.

I am not only a writer and researcher, but an inventor, analytical and original thinker, experimenter, skeptic, science detective, debunker, and a self-taught theoretical “ether physicist” of the first order. Of course CIA propagandists of the CSICOP ilk like Philip Klass, will only scoff at the inclusion of “debunker” and “ether physicist” in the same breath. Klass and a few others represent the CIA’s invasion of the “secular humanist” field, to take it over and use it as another OSI base of operation to attack flying saucer or alternative science researchers, or writers who may threaten to uncover what I call the true, “occult” science of ether physics.


This is a brilliant and effective tactic, except for the fact that the “officially accepted” Big Lie physics of today is a prima facie case of flakiness, based on the phony “elastic space and time” concepts taken by Einstein from the Lorentz Transformation, giving birth to Relativity and the “Big-Bang” cosmography, false theories for the public having their roots in the Machiavellian manipulations of Rosicrucianism and the Hermetic Mystery Traditions. In so doing, the CIA has managed to sucker the humanist/skeptic element more firmly into supporting a flaky and false Relativism when, as true skeptics, they should be looking into the concealed alternatives.


Why have they accepted on faith the now ‘traditional’ relativism/big-bang physics, which is interconnected to the mixed premise Kaballah-Bible-Talmud-Koran-whopping, paranormal-pushing “traditionalism” (which in fact has also been created or supported by the Secret Government of which Klass is a representative).


1 Discussion of the author with Col. Phil Shaw (USAF Intelligence., Ret), U.T. Dept. of Art, Austin, Texas, 1967-70.

Are there really many intelligent people who have accepted on faith, the assertion by Klass and his psychophants, that all of the millions of people who have seen “UFOs”, have only misinterpreted “natural phenomena”? How many have been led astray by these leading CIA ‘spotlights’, Philip Klass and the Smithsonian Institution? Klass’s false and in fact mystical assumption that all flying saucer “believers” assume that saucers are of extraterrestrial origin, and simultaneously believe in ESP, ghosts, and other irrational paranormalism, is itself a “paranormal claim” being made by Klass. Those who live in glass (“Klass”) houses shouldn’t throw rocks. I promise as a true skeptic not to make even one ‘paranormal’ assertion or claim!

The fatally tragic flaw of most “alternative” scientists, is that, in attempting to understand “ether physics”, they have irrationally tried to reconcile immiscible Relativism—created by the Hermeticists to conceal ether physics—with ether physics, which is based on the “Fixed Universe” theory, which is not nearly so static as the “Big Bang” theory and Relativism True skeptics would be critical of the mystical physics being enforced upon us by the establishment media.

By comparing the gist of my book with what the OSI has conspicuously omitted or artfully confused, it is clear what they seek to hide. They have hauled out all the old time-worn OSI mis-and-disinformation, and erroneous CIA-tampered Nazi stuff, all altered before being made available to anyone. The documents of the Nazis were collected in the days when they shot first and asked questions later. A review of existing theories shows that, until this 1993 book, the truth was concealed. Isn’t that rather odd? My over 40 years prior knowledge made me feel very alone, and I have never ceased to be amazed at the garbage the public has swallowed all along the way.

It should be obvious to intelligent readers as to why my simple, rational, scientifically verifiable explanation—conspicuously absent from all prior sources—has been omitted. I had known since 1953 that the propulsion system was electrical, a fact systematically omitted from the milieu of ideas and information available in prior sources. There are only three possibilities for saucer propulsion, which are (1) electricity, (2) electricity, and (3) electricity. That is because ether propulsion can only be electrically created.

The thing which makes the ‘electro-propulsive’ flying saucer—as well as universal gravity—possible, are some odd flukes of nature, involving the natural interplay between fundamental positive and negative electrical charges in elementary matter, the existence of a universal ether (which I call “Omni Matter”), the permeation of space by omnidirectionally interpenetrating Zero Point Radiation (“ZPR”), and the natural electromagnetic field and enormous electrostatic forces emanating from the earth, which affect the ether through which it moves. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and intelligent and knowledgeable witnesses who have seen a saucer in action up close, know it is real, and should see that it works on electrical principals.


The things which makes these truths now available to you, are the fundamental intelligent human thought processes which are essential to your survival as a creative and independent, thinking person, rather than to give your mind over to the sway of a raving and hysterical Naziphile or other mystic who is peddling irrationality and endless fantasy for the Pentagon, in hopes that he can obtain money, by supplying phony answers which always requires more scientific knowledge and understanding than anyone possesses, so the truth remains concealed just as the Pentagon planned.

The so-called “UFOlogy field” is full of CIA “organ grinders” with their dancing monkies or ventriloquist dummies, who only repeat what their controllers say. Most of the “big guns” are professional CIA liars. In over 47 years, they have failed to bring forward a significantly new issue, and with the overflowing help of the CIA’s abundant publicity machinery, have been singing the same Old Tired Tunes, based on a set of scenarios pre-generated by CIA contract waters in 1947, as one of the first projects of the newly created agency, under the so-called “National Security Act”, which was no more than an executive edict which Congress was never even provided the opportunity to approve or disapprove.


With all the typical themes already ‘set’, writers who work for the CIA have a rather hackneyed job of trying to come up with new kinks on the same old themes, always avoiding the one true theme which has been so conspicuously omitted, which to me is much more exciting than all their shabby, shopworn “alien” fantasies.

The CIA-UFOlogists have a very tell-tale fatal flaw, similar to the Illuminati, their bosses. This flaw, which will be the cause of their eventual downfall, is a lack of creativity, which gives them a need to incestuously breed, copy and repeat contrite old lies in order to steal the truth. This fatal flaw is best illustrated by an ancient analogical story about a monkey which was trapped and enslaved by its own self-negating greed, as follows:

A young man was attempting with no success, to capture a monkey in a jungle. Along came a wise old man, who kindly consoled the discouraged young man. and said, “In order to trap a monkey, you must first understand the basic nature of a monkey, and “think like a monkey”. I will show you how it is done.” Whereupon the old man took a glass jug, filled it half way up with nuts, and tied it firmly to a tree. The young man asked, “How do you expect to trap a monkey with that?” The old man, with a smiling, wry twist of his wrinkled old mouth, said, “Just wait, and you will see.”


The two men hid in nearby brush, and remained quiet for an hour or so, when finally a monkey descended toward the jug from the dense foliage above. Seeing the nuts in the jug, the monkey extended his skinny hand into the jug, grabbed a large handful of nuts, and attempted to pull them out, except the mouth of the jug was too small to allow the passage of the monkey’s hand full of nuts.


Nonetheless, the monkey tightly gripped the nuts, refusing to release even a single nut. He stupidly continued to tug at the nuts to no avail. The old man came from his hiding place with a rope, and simply walked up and placed it around the alarmed monkey’s neck. The monkey allowed himself to be captured, rather than to release his grip on the nuts in the jug.

To the stupid monkey, stealing nuts was more important than his personal freedom, which he never missed, until he didn‘t have it anymore. Then he sadly became a mere toy for the amusement of others, who kept him at the end of a leash when not in his cage, for the rest of his life. The monkey was sold to an old CIA organ grinder, and learned to dance at the end of his leash, to a collection of redundant Old Tired Tunes, monotonously ground out on the old man’s whining organ, as the monkey begged for money on the streets of Washington, D.C. Just across the street from the Pentagon.


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The “nuts” are hidden truths. The “monkies” are “UFOlogists”, on the CIA payroll, and the “Old Tired Tunes” are the same old CIA “alien” and other disinformation scenarios. The problem with the hidden truths, is that they are poisonous to the CIA, and therefore incompatible with the CIA Big Lies, which they will ‘contaminate’, compromise, and destroy.

All compromise leads to corruption, an attempted mixture of immiscible or incompatible things. Most UFOlogists are indecisive, mediocre, unoriginal, muddled thinkers without spines, the great majority of whom are “second-handers”-literary piranhas who feed in a frenzy off the ideas of others—and mix stolen ideas together until they are as clear as mud. They often make exaggerated claims to be ‘first’ at something, in their hasty and greedy attempts to steal the thunder of those who realty were the first at some things.


They are required to avoid the ‘poisonous’ ideas (which they seek to obliterate). They usually conceal their thefts, by combining many dissimilar things as a smokescreen—selectively adding a little more here and there—to conceal the fact that their original core of ideas are stolen In their greed and haste, they miss the point entirely, which is the CIA’s intent, since “misinformational reverse-engineering” is realty what the CIA wants UFOlogists to do, to create confusion where before there might have been clarity.

The CIA-inspired books are obvious attempts to confuse and use shallow minds, to avoid the rational and clear thinking required to understand the subject at hand Brilliant intuitions are just not the province of hackneyed CIA dupe writers. It must be very frustrating to be one of them, knowing that whatever acclaim they might be ‘allowed’ to achieve by their bosses, is meaningless and hollow, based on “discoveries” pre-conceived by committees of CIA Ph.Ds.

There is a lot of CIA garbage out there, often purporting to be “great revelations” about such subjects as “Nikola Tesla’s work”, “anti-gravity”, and “free energy”. I have never seen so many books, pages, and words so totally devoid of originality, perceptiveness, enlightened consciousness, or any significantly real knowledge about the subjects purportedly covered. Some of these people are literary vacuum cleaners—“brain suckers”—of the ideas of others.


They lack the special knowledge to comprehend the material they are purporting to deal with, so their books are little more than bundles of dissimilar ideas packed together without coordinated or integrated editorial comment or design, propagating collected-from-others, self-neutralizing concepts, often claiming that “the author discovered” or “the book reveals” this or that, or ‘exposed’ something or other, which it never did anything of the sort.


Not a single novel revelation or concept is placed in them by the bureaucratic committees which write them in haste. The most this trashy stuff can do for the Illuminati oil, energy, banking and transportation cartels, is to buy a little time. It makes me wonder, for example, how much time can be bought for say, $10 million in false propaganda costs (which we ultimately pay for)?

I don’t believe that the public can continue to buy into these hoaxes forever, because there are many intelligent, technologically gifted and discerning people in our society, who have remained in the background, because the CIA garbage has never significantly attracted their interest. These people have held their opinions and conclusions in abeyance, until a more reasonable explanation comes forth, such as that already provided in this book.

One of the my basic concepts is how great ideas have been lost throughout history, by having fallen into the hands of evil and cunning, fraudulent sociopaths, barbarians, destructive religious fanatics, liars, charlatans, and hucksters, or in this case, coercive monopolists. One of the greatest examples of this in ancient history, was the destruction and looting of the great Library of Alexandria, now in Turkey.


Had the keepers of the library not collected so much of the ancient world’s greatest knowledge in one place, it could not have been destroyed there and lost to history and humanity, in one catastrophic event Given the extent to which documentation shows that ancient conspiracies have been connected to the concealment of illuminating knowledge, just as in our own time, it would not surprise me to learn that the fall of the Library at Alexandria was engineered by an ancient Mystery School cult, with the fall of the city to the Turks being either preceded by the documents being carried away to... the Vatican Library... or spirited away to the Alhambra.


Perhaps that is why the medieval Moors in Spain maintained much of the lost knowledge, while the Dark Ages descended on Europe. The similar accumulation of such knowledge in the secret vaults of the national security establishments of the world today, suggests the possibility of a repeat of ancient history, which could set the human race back yet another 1500 years. Though there are some who may relish this idea, a millennium of ignorance or the black plague do not sound so enticing to me.

This book is dedicated to the idea that individuals in free society should take control of their destinies, beginning with the apprehension and use of flying saucer technology right now, in order to set the human race on its natural path, onwards and upwards to a higher level, free of Illuminati exploitation. The Illuminati cannot have it both ways. They cannot steal from us and continue to hoard secret technology to use on us, without our eventual discovery of the sham, and the use of lies to suppress advanced knowledge.


Ultimately, they cannot steal my thunder without revealing their dishonesty and motives. At the risk of being a deluded optimist, I still believe that We the People will eventually prevail, that you will know the truth, and that we will all eventually be free.


Until that time finally comes, “I told you so”.


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