by T.E.B.
February 9, 1993
(slightly revised March 23, 1993)

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This paper contains the real secret of tapping the vacuum energy very simply, using almost any source of potential (battery, electrostatic generator a la Swiss electrostatic device (the Testatika), elevated wire wire/250 V/m in the earth/ionosphere potential, etc). The objective is for the moderately technical reader to understand how to build and understand not only a single device, but also hundreds of different kinds of them. While it is quite simple, the "magic principle" contained in this paper only took me some 30 years to discover.

The precise definitions necessary to understand the free energy rationale are included. Also included are some very simple pseudo equations for the process. Do not underestimate these simple pseudo equations -- they tell the tale that’s needed.

Also, there has been little or no time to "dress up" the paper. It’s simply written down very informally, to get the necessary points across.

Nearly everything fundamental that we’ve been taught about EM energy is wrong or incomplete. Even the definition of energy in physics is wrong! Let me summarize a few of the things that are wrong with the classical electromagnetics (CEM) model as follows:

CEM is still utilizing a model based on a material ether. Although the Michelson-Morley experiment destroyed the material ether assumption in 1887, the classical EM model has never been corrected. It also contains no definition of charge, and no definition of potential. In many cases, algorithms to calculate a magnitude are boldfacedly and erroneously advanced as "definitions." CEM still prescribes the force fields as the causes of all EM phenomena; it has been known since 1959 that forces are effects and not causes, that EM force fields exist only in and on the charged particles of mass in the physical system, and that the potentials are the primary causes of EM phenomena.

The lack of definitive definitions of mass and force in mechanics is carried over into EM theory; there is no adequate definition of EM force or of EM mass. The magnitude of the electrical charge on an electron is not quantized. Instead, it is discretized, being a function of the magnitude of the virtual photon flux (VPF) exchange between the vacuum and the charged particle.


When the charged particle is placed in a potential that differs from ambient, then the magnitude of the VPF -- and hence the magnitude of the electric charge on the electron -- is altered. The CEM assumption of an "empty vacuum" is totally falsified by modern quantum mechanics. The CEM notion that EM force fields and force field waves exist in vacuum is totally false. Only potentials and potential gradients exist in the vacuum. EM waves in vacuum are not force field waves as CEM prescribes; instead, they are oscillations of potentials and potential gradients. Potentials have a bidirectional EM wave-pair structure, where the bidirectional wave pairs are phaselocked in a harmonic series. In each wave pair, photons and antiphotons are continually coupling (into spin-2 gravitons) and decoupling.


This is where gravitation and electromagnetics are unified. The CEM notion that singular EM forces exist in either matter or the vacuum is false; Newton’s third law requires that all forces exist in oppositive pairs. Not a single one of the equations universally taught as "Maxwell’s equations" ever appeared in any book or paper by James Clerk Maxwell; instead, they are Oliver Heaviside’s equations. Maxwell’s actual theory was written in quaternions, which is a complete system of mathematics. The Heaviside/Gibbs vector version:

(1) has a lower topology
(2) is not a complete system of mathematics
(3) actually captured only a subset of Maxwell’s actual theory

Tensor theory does not recapture that which was lost.

There are even more errors in CEM, but these should suffice to make the point: Classical electromagnetics theory is seriously flawed, with archaic foundations, riddled with errors, and it should be completely redone. Until this revamping of CEM is accomplished, the present model solidly blocks free energy, antigravity, a unified physical field theory, and a unified theory of mind and matter interaction.

A second paper this year will detail the exact long-term causative mechanism for cancer and leukemia, and the exact mechanism for essentially 100% cure of terminal tumors in laboratory animals, demonstrated by the Priore team in France in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The same mechanism can be used to cure AIDS.

Throughout the world, humankind is suffering. In the poor populations of the world, early death is the norm, as is frequent famine. One third of the human race goes to bed hungry each night. Protein starvation of children is common. One third of the human race is infected with worms. Many other diseases ravage the far-flung poor peoples of the world. They have little or no industries. They have no abundant electrical power. They have little education, and little modern knowledge. They have little or no medical treatment. In short, they are born without hope; live in misery, filth, disease, and poverty, and die without dignity.

Meanwhile, the factories, cities, and enclaves of the "developed and developing" worlds belch forth fumes, toxic and hazardous wastes, and pollutants. They also spew forth weaponry which for one reason or another is used to arm the poorer nations, for use in destroying themselves and their impoverished neighbors. Warfare, terror, banditry, despotism, and all the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are truly loosed in the earth.

We simply must do better than that. And we can do better than that! But to do better, we’ve got to make the basics available to impoverished nations, cheaply and easily. Primary among their needs are energy and medical treatment. Given those, populations can be stabilized, people educated, development begun, and the living standard drastically elevated.

So that is the immediate goal. In this paper, I am freely giving away what required me an arduous 30 years of my life to discover. Shortly we will also detail the new methodology for a new therapeutic science, hopefully to cure the diseases that ravage humanity.

God willing, this paper will trigger a thousand, or even ten thousand, scientists and engineers to develop overunity energy devices. If so, shortly we can rid our biosphere of noxious automobile and factory exhausts, radioactive nuclear wastes, and massive oil spills. We can remove many of the hydrocarbon combustion pollutants from the air, stop acid rain and the destruction of our forests, and stop the steady rise of carbon monoxide in our air. If that truly tends toward a "Greenhouse" effect, then we can halt that effect as well.

The Creator has always given us bountiful free electrical energy, everywhere, easily and readily for the simple taking. It has only been our own blindness and folly that have prevented us from seeing and using this free energy bounty.

So here is the final secret of abundant, free electrical energy. Please use the knowledge well and see that its benefits also accrue to those impoverished ones who need it so desperately. Remember the adage, "Inasmuch as you have done it to these little ones..."

This is for those little ones. You are our brothers and sisters. We want you to live. And we want you to have a better quality of life, not just bare existence. We care.

Tom Bearden
February 9, 1993


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