by T.E.B.


from RapidShare Website


In addition to the "externalized energy balance" of nature, there is a heretofore unsuspected (by Western reductionists) internal energy balance of nature. This internal energy balance is of vital importance when we consider how the planet is being polluted.


The most deadly pollution of this planet is the steady and increasing pollution of the internal "rivers of life" inside the biological potentials of the planet and all its living systems. That is, we are steadily polluting the very intercommunication and intracommunication fields that sustain life as we know it. In short, we are slowly killing the living mechanism in and on this biosphere. We are slowly sickening unto death, and no one even knows it.

Environmental and ecological issues cannot be adequately discussed and completely dealt with until our science develops a sufficient knowledge of internalized EM energy, its exchanges within the environment, and the overall internalized energy balance of nature and of our biosphere.

The importance of electronic smog—of the vast and increasing multitude of individual signals that now fill our environment—cannot be overemphasized, nor can its future impact. This smog is slowly producing an artificial quantum potential on earth, one that has a most deadly and lethal "jamming noise" structure, and steadily contaminating the natural quantum potentials and bioquantum-potentials that are our heritage. This pollution even includes the internal pollution of the tri-system: the coupled Sun, Earth, and Moon. We are slowly poisoning the life mechanisms in this entire region of the solar system. As we charge-up the Earth's potential, that charge is diffused to both Sun and Moon through the hidden internal communicative bidirectional EM Whittaker structures. We are not only slowly extinguishing ourselves, but also the Triad system.

In biological systems the presence and effects of the increasing jamming of our living energy flows will be evidenced by anomalous effects, often by very slow effects for which we do not recognize a causal connection. Long-range detrimental effects from this smog are occurring now, such as extremely slow jamming of our immune systems, leading to a rise in arthritic diseases, immuno-suppressive opportunistic infections, etc. Also, such diseases as influenzas will slowly seem to become harsher and harsher. Indeed, new strains will appear, and they will be much harsher and more resistant to medical treatment. Continually stimulated, the immune system slowly begins to improperly react in and upon the body, and so the auto-immune reactions increase slowly, year by year. Leukemia— cancer (control disorder) of the blood—is increasing, as are other cancers. The sperm count of young American males has already decreased by up to 50 percent.

The real problem behind the puzzling and anomalous effects of video screen emissions that computer operators are exposed to is the fact that each electron striking the screen comes to an extremely abrupt halt, creating a very sharp individual EM potential gradient signal change, with very high frequency components. Added to the other frequency components in the tube—such as due to scanning of the beam, internal circuit operations, magnetic focusing, etc.—this means that the electrostatic potential emanating from the face of the tube is filled with a conditioned Whittaker structure from all the electronic hash inside the computer, tube, and screen. This structure has a very harsh micro-microstructure of hidden sharp signals from the rather instantaneous stoppages of electrons on the screen. This is a "Whittaker hash", and its effects continually diffuse into the vision center, brain, and nervous system of the operator.


The light from the tube is conditioned with this Whittaker structure, and when absorbed by the retinas of the eyes, it imparts and diffuses that hidden structure directly onto the nervous system and the surface of the brain. By diffusive activation (charging), this gradually spreads into the other parts of the body, particularly in and through the master cellular control system, and partially charges their potentials with the hash. After hours of exposure, kindling of the Whittaker structure in the physical system is sufficient to be expressed as physical changes such as headaches, vision effects, dizziness, etc. Very subtle blood tests should also reveal blood changes, particularly typical of weak auto-immune reactions, or typical of weak stimulation of the immune system.


The more subtle parts of the master control system are affected as well. With repeated and daily exposures, the "hash activation" partial charge is sustained in the body, continually interfering with precise control mechanisms. Thus an increased incidence of fetus defects, responsive abortions by the body, and birth defects in infants of exposed pregnant women has a causative basis.

In a radar system, there is "splatter" and noise from all the various circuits, the transmitter, and reflections in the area. Harmonics, reflections from surrounding plates, panels and objects, and the continual interference of all these signals, form a Whittaker potential with a sharpened and dynamic "hash" for its internal structure. This hash continually diffuses into radar operators and maintenance personnel exposed to it. Diffusion of the jamming "hash" leads to slow, harmful variations in the master cellular control systems of the exposed personnel. Defective sperm cells can result. A higher incidence of cancer and leukemia results in operators extensively exposed to such "non-ionizing radiation" in their everyday duties.

Powerlines act as antennas, continually picking up and re-radiating all the electronic signals that impinge upon it, no matter how weak. Myriads of television, radio, power machinery, and other electrical/electronic signals are involved. Further, the power flowing through the line carries all the electronic smog from any place along it to all the others (time-reversed components of the infolded Whittaker structure considered.) So it is a vast gatherer of electronic smog, which is infolded inside its potential and re-radiated everywhere along its length. With the criss-crossing of numerous new lines every year, and the drastic increase in communications signals, electronics signals, and electrical signals, we are slowly poisoning our entire biospheric living internal river of life. We are steadily contaminating and poisoning the entire planetary potential, and each and every year we are dramatically increasing this deadly effect.

In the modern home and office, we are particularly "blessed" with these interactions. Numerous electrical and electronic gadgets whir and operate and create EM fields and weak EM radiation signals. The electrical powerline brings to our home all the internal patterns that have been impressed from afar; literally it brings us weak electronic hash from the entire earth. The light from our electric lights and tamps carries this hash directly into our retinas, brains, and nervous systems. The Whittaker structures are modulated into the sound from our radios and stereos, entering our ears and auditory systems, on into our nervous systems and brains. Watching television, the light from the tube contains all this hash and also the internal hash of its own circuits, tube, and its screen hash.


Continual weak EM hash continually impinges on our skin by radiation from light sockets, appliances, and fixtures. If we sleep under an electric blanket, we sleep directly in an alternating magnetic field that penetrates even down to the nuclei of the atoms of our body, directly inputting the hash into our body's biopotentials. Even when turned off the fixtures and appliances in our home continue to emit Whittaker standing potential waves, exposing us to weak but continual hash. Thus the same cellular changes, etc. that occur in video screen operators and radar operators begin to gradually occur in our bodies, from the EM pollution of our environment. Usually, however, we get a smaller "dosage rate" than the screen operator or radar operator, and so the changes occur more gradually. Our unhealthy EM hash environment is already inducing leukemia and cancer, and immune system defects and diseases, gradually over a period of years.

"Hot spots" will obviously occur, where the dosage rate is increased because of particular reflections, reinforcements, interferences, etc. Such cancer and leukemia hotspots do indeed exist, without any presently known explanation.

In the "normal" weak EM noise environment that used to exist on earth, the minimum threshold effect provided security against the normal weaker background. The maximum threshold effect provided security against sudden larger "EM jamming" occurrences. In today's EM noise environment, both of these protection thresholds are becoming inadequate.