My appreciation goes to Gary North for his openly sharing the above important information with the public.  Human nature being what it is, one or more of his more dire scenarios is going to happen sooner or later.
        The problem becomes enormously more compounded if the hostile agent or agents possesses sophisticated scalar EM technology.
        With scalar technology, there exists the potential that the worm or virus can be implanted from a distance.  If scalar scanning devices of sufficient precision can be developed, then major software residing in a chip, a computer, or on a disk can be read from a distance.  With scalar EM methods, the ordinary software "guards" are totally ineffective.  The scalar "reader" could simply read off the software directly as the disk or device goes about its normal operations.
        After the software is read, a germ or a virus is designed to produce a particular problem as desired and upon special stimulus.  Then a scalar "imprinter" device is used to produce the necessary digital pulses directly upon the media in which the software resides.  The required code has now been .implanted.  In effect, the operating system has been injected from a distance, and contaminated with the desired "sleeping agent" -- germ or virus.  From there on, itís just like Gary Northís scenarios.
        So the scalar EM technology can probably be used (at least eventually) to place "mines" in systems in advance, for damage or destruction at a future date.  At least itís possible in principle.
        However, itís not the injection of computers and equipment that bothers me.  Itís the injection of human beings.  Hereís generally how it can be done (and possibly is being done).
        Basically, human brains have various rhythmic waves which represent "envelope pulsations" of the entire electrical system.  However, it is not the EM force fields represented by these pulsations which are important: it is the summed-zero (scalar) patterning of the entire complex of neuron firings which represents the real activity of the brain -- and represents it thoughts and
emotions.  A storage system for these patternings exists, but itís a scalar pattern storage, not an E and B field storage.  The storage system is in the nuclei of the tissues of the nervous system itself, not in electrical or electrochemical potentials.
        At any rate, the human brain rhythms are also "riding along" relatively entrained to the Schumann resonance of the earthís magnetic field.  So all the patterning of the brain is grouped together into giant overall orders, and one or more of these is normally synchronized to our natural environment.
       If a varying magnetic signal of extremely low frequency -- say 10 hertz -- bombards the brain with greater power than the earthís magnetic field, it is possible for the brainís rhythm to be "forcibly entrained" to synchronize with that signal, rather than with the normal Schumann resonance.  If a large number of brains are forcibly entrained to such a signal, and the signal is artificial, then a master coherent phasing of all the brains to the transmitted signal has been accomplished.
        And that can be utilized -- and is utilized -- by the Soviet Union.  On the Woodpecker signals, Bob Beck has detected up to 16 carriers, each with a 10 Hertz modulation, and with all the 10 Hz modulations in phase.
         Letís stress what weíre saying here.  At times, the Woodpecker signals have shown 16 carrier frequencies which contain the same 10 Hertz modulation, and which are all kept coherently sync-locked.
         If those signals and the modulations are strong enough, the  brains in a targeted area demodulate the 10 Hertz signal and phase-lock to it -- actually, to them.  At that point, the brains are entrained to a 10-Hertz driver, and 16 channels of multimegahertz frequencies are locked-in to the brain.
         Now if the Soviets have broken the genetic code of the human  brain (which they have) and succeeded in developing the ability to implant thoughts, emotions, pictures, etc. (which at least to a  degree they have), then they can simply record the proper signals  from human guinea pigs, using scalar technology and instrumentation.  They can tailor those signals and add them onto the Woodpecker carriers, using scalar EM techniques.  By using most of the sixteen carriers as a means to express Fourier frequency expansions, specific areas and functions of the brain can be targeted.
         Notice that the distant transmitters al ready "know" the correct phasing;  just use the 10 Hertz modulation signal as a reference.  In that case, phasing takes care of itself inside the captured human brains.
          The brain has a unique characteristic. If a signal arises inside it, it interprets that it itself originated the signal. Thus for the first time in history , true unwitting "robot" actions and emotions can be engendered in masses of human beings.
          But itís still worse.  The Kaznacheyev experiments (see references) proved conclusively that electromagnetic signals can carry and transmit cellular disease and death patterns into a targeted biosystem. You can rest assured that the Soviets continued on to actually measure and determine a wide variety of death and disease scalar patterns. All of that can be added on to the Woodpecker carriers so that the population in the intersection grid area is devastated. One can even test it out in advance by producing a modified pattern of a disease in the targeted populace, and keeping the percentage of brains entrained down to a small level. This lowers the number of persons "injected" from a distance to a small percentage of the populace.  Then the outbreak of the "new strain" of a familiar disease -- such as influenza, pneumonias, and something like AIDS -- can be monitored to provide targeting and effectiveness data.  Notice that a series of diseases was experienced by U.S. personnel assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, probably as a result of the so-called "weak microwave radiation" of the Embassy by the Soviet Union.
        But thatís not all.  Much more subtle effects can be produced in the targeted populace, without anyone getting wise. Cancers and leukemias should be relatively easy to induce.  Also, the immune system can simply be attacked directly.  If done slowly, a series of common, ordinary diseases will just seem to get "tougher and tougher to cure."  Actually itís not the disease that got tougher, it is the immune systems that got weaker.  It is my opinion that precisely that sort of testing -- against the immune system -- has been accomplished by the Soviet Union against the U.S. since about October, 1985.  A great percentage of influenza patients during the period from then until now have had complications.  So much so that multiple sessions -- as many as 3 to 5 -- of antibiotics are necessary before the patient recovers.  At least in the Huntsville, Alabama "hinge pin" area, that seems to have been the case.  This author personally experienced this, having influenza and follow-on complications for a period of seven months -- something quite different indeed for him.
        But itís even worse.
        The human scalar EM nervous system ("inside" the ordinary EM signals and functioning of the system) also has its own resident "software."  It has special storage media contained in its brain. its cells, and its genetic material, and its actual nucleons.  All of these storage media are continually telecommunicated with via scalar EM means.  The "stability" of what each of us is, is largely conditioned by those recordings.  As personalities we literally "are" what we have experienced, felt, thought, and did.  Our whole "functioning conscious system" has been evolved by our experience, and it continues to be "us" by means of continual reference to the record base.
        I hope you now realize that the actual record base itself can conceivably be altered by scalar electromagnetic means, even from a distance.  Even by the hidden scalar EM content of 16 Woodpecker carriers, locked into a captured brain and pouring in their deadly content.  It is conceivable that even what one is can be taken from him, and what someone decides he will be, he will be.
        A totally new -- and ultimate -- form of "slavery" has emerged.  
        Also, look at all this scalar EM functioning of the human system as a special kind of cybernetics.  A scalar EM computing software and hardware system.
        What if scalar techniques are used to plant "worms" and "viruses" in this system?  With hidden triggers?  What about a series of them, so that a range of "eruptive software diseases" can be stimulated at will?
        And guess what.  Such scalar EM "worms" and "viruses" can even be induced by contact with or consumption of "contaminated" water and food.  Or saliva.  Or other body fluid.
          So you can see the possibilities of  "seeding" a population with a staggering variety of time-bombs.
           I think you begin to see the point.  Now you can change Northís "Soviet blackmail" scenario drastically.  In a new scenario, Gorbachev simply announces to Reagan that a graduated series of specific sweeping changes are going to happen in our population -- changes which we are absolutely powerless to stop.  The last stages are various deaths.  The master "trigger" for this series has already been initiated.  Incidentally, the Soviet populace has been carefully "seeded" with the proper antidotes.  The Russian leader demands certain things (very similar to what Northís scenario utilized).  Unless his demands are met, a "killer virus" will be activated by a special signal.  If so, everyone dies.  The first step change in the series will start to occur in a few hours.  And it does.
            In fact, this scenario could be added to Northís scenario, and both used simultaneously.  What do you think the President and the Congress would do? Or could do?

            There are other even more diabolical possibilities, but these should be quite sufficient to illustrate the point.
            Pandoraís box has already been spilled, and the end of humanity is ticking away like a time-bomb.  Itís already nearly midnight, and the watchman hasnít even sounded the alarm yet.
             I certainly can anticipate the next question:  Have the Soviets already "seeded" the populations of the U.S. and other selected western nations with scalar EM viruses and germs"?
             The answer is, I simply donít know.  And just like Gary North, I donít know what if anything can be done about it if they have.  This researcher certainly doesnít have all the answers.  An immediate national crash program to develop scalar EM defenses is essential if we are not simply to be crushed beneath the hammer and sickle.  It takes funding, people, facilities, and time.
             In some 22 years of unrelenting struggle to convince the system weíve got a terrible problem, Iíve hardly been able to move it off dead-center (no pun intended).  This book, produced under extreme workload stress, is all I can do to raise the alarm. Iíve given it my very best shot.
            What happens now remains to be seen.  Other hands, hearts and minds are going to have to take up the task and carry it forward.  This researcher has reached his limit, and has no more left to give.

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