Now try the same thing while using scalar EM underwater systems. The scalar EM acquisition system is really a sophisticated scalar radar. It scans a large area rapidly, locating moored mines, bottom-planted mines, and drifting mines.
        The acquisition system is also a scanned "underwater eye ."  The operator in the surface vessel can tell whether or not itís a mine heís located.
        Once the target mine is detected, a computer computes the firing parameters for a scalar interferometry pulse to hit it and destroy it. The operator fires the pulse, destroying the mine.
        The same system that detects the mine at a distance, identifies and destroys it at a distance.
        In this way large areas can be quickly scanned and swept clean of mines.
        If a suspicious object is detected and one is still not quite sure itís a mine, shoot it anyway! If itís a mine, it explodes. If itís just a rock, nothing happens.
        So the same system can do "discrimination by fire."
        The same system is useful to destroy midget submarines, bottom crawlers, etc.
        It can also wipe out whole arrays of underwater sensors by electromagnetically dudding them.
        It can even take on a sub if it has to!  Here it would just gently kindle EM energy inside the subís controls, causing it to lose control of all its systems. The sub would then sink to crush depth and implode. The scalar EM mine sweeping system could, of course, simply "blow" the sub, but might itself get caught in the resulting explosion.

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