Here we show the same interference situation, only now we think of transmitting scalar EM waves, which we model as longitudinal waves.

Again we assume two single-frequency scalar EM waves which intersect and interfere in the indicated region.

However, to an external observer, each of these waves individually appears to have zero E and H fields, hence to contain zero EM energy. That is, conventionally we seem to be transmitting waves of "pure potential," without any "force field" amplitudes whatsoever. We say we are transmitting waves of "artificial potential," since we deliberately constructed the zero-vector-summation scalar waves in the first place.

In the interference zone, a strange thing now happens. The relative magnitudes of the artificial potential of one wave with respect to the artificial potential of the other depends upon the phase relationship between the two. Further, whether the "gradient" so established appears negative or positive also depends upon the phase relationship between the two.

What results is most interesting: the out-of-phase condition now produces an EM gradient whose sign and magnitude are functions of the location within the interference zone.

Thus one now has real, non-zero EM potential gradients, both electrical and magnetic. And so real EM energy has emerged in an interference pattern within the area.

Ironically, we get essentially what we had before! Only now we have "put in the zero-reference lines, and produced the non-zero gradient (energy) zones."

In other words, we have recreated ordinary EM energy at a distance, directly from the interference of gravitational potential energy (anenergy).

And, to the laboratory observer, there has been no "EM wave" energy flow through the intervening space.

This was Teslaís secret of "wireless transmission of energy to a distance without losses."

Further, in a hypothetically perfect case, the interference represents a sort of "energy bottle."

But now recall our need to take the sign of the scalar current into account. In this energy bottle, then, EM energy emerges and stabilizes -- if and only if our transmitters are at higher reference potential than the ambient interference zone. If our transmitters are biased at lower potential, then energy is extracted from the energy bottle and re-emerges back at the transmitters, where it must be extracted and disposed of, if the transmitters are not to be burned out.


If we interfere two transmitters in a region of great energy -such as the molten core of the earth itself -- and bias the transmitters negatively, we can extract enormous energy directly from that distant source!

Indeed, a slight variation of this effect is precisely how the Soviet Union obtains the enormous energy with which to power its incredibly powerful strategic "continent-buster" scalar EM weapons. Scalar frequency pairs -- 12 kiloHertz apart -- are transmitted into the earth itself on some portion of the earthís "giant scalar resonance" frequency curve. Biasing the two transmitters differently with respect to each other produces a high potential difference (voltage) between them. At the same time, biasing them both negative with respect to the earthís molten core produces a scalar resonance current from the core to the two transmitters. In the "outer loop" between the two scalar transmitters, there appears a gigantic voltage and gigantic electrical current which can be captured by appropriate means. This electrical power is tapped off and transmitted to incredibly powerful scalar EM weapon systems. There special accumulators and switchers are utilized to provide the power of many Niagaras to each weapon.

Just before May 1, 1985 the Soviet Union performed a "full-up" operational test of their entire strategic scalar EM weapons complex. This test was detected and monitored periodically by Frank Golden. Some 27 of these giant Soviet "power taps" were locked into the molten core of the earth, producing forced (entrained) scalar resonance of the entire planet on 54 controlled frequencies under our very feet. The remainder of the scalar frequency spectrum was ablaze with literally hundreds of Soviet scalar transmitters: probably the entire strategic scalar command and control system to underwater submarines, higher command centers, distant commands, etc. was activated in the giant exercise.

For several days, the system was exercised on a mind-boggling scale, apparently as part of the Soviet Unionís highly accentuated 40th anniversary celebration of the end of World War II.

Ironically, not a single U.S. intelligence agency, laboratory, or scientist detected this monstrous exercise for the new Soviet leader, Gorbachev. Not a one of them had a detector for scalar EM radiation, and not a one of them officially believes the exercise ever happened.

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