Specifically, we will point out some flaws in vector mathematics itself, particularly with the concept of the zero force vector. The zero force vector is a system of forces that sum to a zero resultant. Hence the components of the summation represent a patterned stress in the medium to which they are applied, or in which they are imbedded. This includes the vacuum (spacetime) medium. In classical electromagnetics, this vacuum stress due to a zero-vector summation of EM force fields has been totally omitted and ignored.

As such, the EM "zero" force-vector summation produces a "trapped internal EM flux and flux pattern, without resultant (external) force field" condition -- precisely as does the Aharonov-Bohm effect. The components of the artificially zeroed system, however, can be transmitted and still maintain their special relationship and coherence. While the AB effect has been shown to hold for the mesoscale (a few thousands of angstroms), the zero-vector scalar EM effect can hold for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

To provide a unified electrogravitation, we adapt Ka1uza-Klein 5-dimensional gravitational concepts to the idea of the zero-vector stress system in vacuum-spacetime. We also point out how simultaneously varying the magnitudes of the force components of a stress, all in phase, produces a stress wave or scalar EM wave. Scalar waves are almost always absorbed and emitted by the nucleus of the atom, not by the electrons in orbit.

The relationship of mass and vacuum, and the constitution of the vacuum, are pointed out from the viewpoint of modern quantum mechanics.

How a scalar wave resonance differs from conventional EM resonance is developed briefly. Mass and inertia are the direct result of -- and are -- trapped scalar resonance. The trapping mechanism is the spin of the particle.

Severely limiting assumptions in ordinary general relativity (OGR) are pointed out. In OGR, it is assumed that the local frame is always a Lorentz frame, and never curved. In other words, local spacetime is always assumed to be flat. This saves the conservation laws, simplifies relativity, and reduces "general" relativity to special relativity with distant perturbations and curvatures.

By re moving this ad hoc assumption, a much richer local general relativity results. This local general relativity is readily engineered. Note that, in OGR, the physicist has actually assumed that he can never "engineer" local general relativity!  Indeed, with the scalar EM approach, he can easily do so, in contradiction to what is taught in all Western universities.

By engineering a local general relativity (LGR), the individual conservation laws can be violated locally. This includes the conservation of energy/momentum, and the conservation of charge, for example.

The major implication of this startling new engineering physics is that one can engineer physical reality itself. For example, elements can be transmuted with minuscule energy input, free energy devices are possible, action at a distance is possible, communication faster than light speed is possible, etc.

By using the zero-vector approach, the virtual state can be organized and made largely deterministic, rather than statistical. This means that the probabilities of the states propagated forward by the Schroedinger equation can be engineered and changed. Whether or not a certain quantum change shall emerge or not can be determined or substantially influenced in advance. Bohmís hidden variable theory now becomes directly engineerable. This is a drastic change to quantum mechanics and physics in general.

Another implication is that this is the final engineering, for it allows the direct engineering of physical reality itself. Humans must now find a way to resolve their differences peacefully, or shortly Man will destroy himself and his biosphere by his own hand.

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