To rehash: scalar waves are zero-vector waves. Patterned E and B fields exist in a relationship where their summation equals vector zero. Electromagnetically, the zero EM "envelope" of a scalar EM wave is composed of a zero-summation of infolded finite EM force-vectors.

However, the internal (infolded) substructure is deliberate, macroscopic, and ordered. Vacuum is polarized deterministically by the wave, and macroscopic spacetime is locally curved by it.

These substructure components constitute Bohmís "hidden variables." They can be manipulated and varied at will. Phasing, beaming, frequency, superposition, interference, resonance, and Fourier expansion are the keys to scalar EM engineering.

To make a scalar beam, special modifications are made to the EM wave transmitter so that, effectively, the transmitter transmits multiple transmissions simultaneously, and these vectorially sum to zero. This is the same thing as transmitting multiple phase-locked EM force-field beams simultaneously, in the sum-zeroed fashion.

Standard beaming antennas and conventional circuits can readily be utilized with slight modifications.

Any radar can be converted to a scalar EM radar quite simply. Indeed, a modification kit to accomplish that can be developed and held until the scalar mode is desired. The modification kit can be quickly installed to provide the scalar capability.

Scalar radars, for example, cannot track "corner reflector" targets. However, they can magnificently track smoothly filleted corners; rounded, smoothly curved surfaces; and curved or flat metalized dielectrics. Against aerial targets using special construction to lower their cross-section to normal radars, the application of the scalar radar mode is immediately obvious.

Scalar waves pass through the electron shells of an atom and interact with the nucleus. They are continually absorbed and emitted by all nuclei in the universe.


Any large collection of nuclei -- such as a star or a planet -- is a strong absorber and radiator of scalar wave radiation.

The Sun is a particularly strong source of scalar radiation. This radiation penetrates the Earth deeply, interacting more and more with the deeper layers which, under greater mechanical stress, are more nonlinear. Most of the heat in the molten core of the Earth comes from the dephasing of a portion of this absorbed scalar radiation from the Sun, liberating ordinary EM energy as heat.

The Earth also re-radiates scalar wave radiation back to the Sun. The Sun and Earth are thus coupled into a "scalar" system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Each body in the couplet possesses both a feed-forward and a feedback loop.

The Earth also radiates scalar wave radiation to the Moon, and the Moon reradiates scalar radiation back to the Earth. The Earth and Moon also are coupled into a "scalar" system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Again, each body in the couplet possesses both a feed-forward and a feedback loop.

The Sun and Moon are correspondingly coupled into a scalar system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium, each with both a feed-forward and a feedback loop.

The Earth, Sun, and Noon thus form a triad coupled system of special importance to the stability of our existence here on Earth, and the stability of our biosphere.

And so on with all the other planets in the solar system, and combinations thereof.

The solar system is thus a very sensitive scalar-coupled system, with strong subsystems within it.


Actually this scalar coupling of the solar system provides a major check on unrestricted use of the large Soviet strategic scalar EM weapon systems. If significant scalar effects are produced on earth in a "pulse" mode, pulsed disturbance of the earth-sun and earth-moon systems results. Here a danger exists that one or more natural resonances of the coupled system may be excited. If the feedback stimulation of the Sun is not insignificant, for example, large sunspot activity may result sometime thereafter, say in a day or two. If too much or too sharp stimulation occurs on earth, the coupled resonant response from the sun could be disastrous. Indeed, a solar response could be stimulated so that the Sun would violently belch and destroy our biosphere, among other effects. The simplest doomsday stimulation would be for a violent expulsion of Solar EM energy and particles to occur. If this were due to resonance, the expulsion of Solar EM energy and particles would continue during some decay time. In that case, fiery destruction of the earth, strongly indicative of Biblical prophecy, would result. Particularly sensitive are the resonances of the sun-earth, sun-moon, and earth-moon systems.

 Note the abnormal influence of the moon on tides -- tides of both the tectonic plates and the oceans. One cannot help but point out that, if the earth-moon resonant system were overstimulated, one might expect violent earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude, and tremendous tidal waves hundreds of feet in height. (The potential connection to legends of earth-destroying floods, evidences of extreme water levels in mountains, and legends of ancient cataclysmic destruction of supposedly advanced technological oceanic cultures is obvious.)

Accordingly, use of huge scalar EM weapons is a double-edged sword. Unless carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user as well as the victim, and even accidentally cause the destruction of the earth itself. It is not accidental that in 1960 Khrushchev stated that his new fantastic weapon could -- if unrestrainedly used -- destroy all life on earth.

This appalling backlash potential is apparently what prompted Brezhnev in 1975 to make so strong an effort to get agreement to outlaw the development of "new weapons of mass destruction" more frightful than the mind of man had even dreamed of. Gromyko even introduced such a draft agreement into the proceedings of the United Nations. The first article of the draft agreement indicated that the nature of the weapons referred to would be negotiated. Sadly, the entire Western world did not even know what the Russians were talking about.

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