In Kaluza theory, we may take EM force fields to be the 5th dimensional "bleeding-off" of a 5-G potential. However, in vacuum alone this bleeding-off is totally within the virtual state. That is, only virtual EM force fields exist in vacuum.

By the ordinary term "EM force fields," physics has chosen to imply measureable or observable E and B force fields.

That implies that the 5-G potential gradient flows of virtual particle flux must be coupled to observable charged particles -- such as electrons, protons, ions, etc. -- before observable E and B force fields exist.

Rigorously, E and B force fields consist of the virtual E and B force fields coupled to observable charged particles. They do not "cause" a particle to accelerate; they are the product of the particle and its acceleration.

As these observable particles are themselves "spray pumps" producing virtual particle flux, then a collection of them represents an increased or decreased flux (for negative or positive charge) vis-a-vis the ambient background flux of vacuum. Nature furnishes the continuous power to drive these "virtual flux" pumps.

Normally, EM potentials are formed in natural and manmade electrical circuits by collections of these observable particle "spray pumps." Such collections of increased or decreased "spray flux" density, of course, represent 5-potentials, gravitationally.

Release of these pumps in conductors or in the vacuum itself results in creating E-fields and B-fields on and of the moving observable charged particles. But release of the observable-particle spray-pumps from the collection (the potential "pressure head" or "source") reduces the potential or "pressure" at the source.

Thus the formation of E and B fields represents the release of the 5-potentials. Hence EM force fields are the bleed-off of 5-dimensional G-potential via observable mass flow.

Since classical EM always seeks to create the force fields, it always bleeds-off and discards the gravitational effects that could be otherwise achieved.

To allow orthodox EM flow is to dissipate the gravitational effects.

Strangle the orthodox EM flows, and you can keep and use the amplified gravitational effects.

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