Shown here are some representations of various very simple zero-vector systems. As can be seen, the stress magnitudes and the spin and dynamics of all of these systems are very different.

Further, their "stress potential" substructures are not composed of a huge collection of little random force vectors. Instead, their substructures are deterministic. If the components being put into the zeros are varied in direction and magnitude, but always sum to a zero resultant, then highly complex substructure dynamics may be created and utilized, infolded (Bohmís term) inside the zero vector.

In theory one can establish "channels" of communication and power (magnitude) transmission without ever surfacing a nonzero EM force field. In practice one can do this with very little EM spillout. Thus one can establish electrogravitational channels and energy transmission inside normal EM potentials and/or ordinary EM carrier waves.

One can use a conventional system of EM potentials, force fields, and waves as a special kind of "wiring circuit" in and through which to transmit and produce electrogravitational effects. By distant interference, EM effects at a great distance can be accomplished, yet no "ordinary EM energy" has passed between the transmitters and the distant interference zone.

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