- More Frightening Than the Mind of Man Has Ever Imagined -

 Brezhnevís unheeded 1975 characterization of these weapons as "more frightening than the mind of ran has ever imagined" has very real justification. In a moment we shall explain what he meant. We shall also explain why the Russians may be serious about substantial nuclear disarmament.

There is now a "balance of terror" loose in the world that makes the old MADmenís MAD concept look like a sunny day in Hawaii.

Let me explain just a little of what I mean.

The scalar EM can and does use an ordinary EM beam as a medium. Many, many scalar EM channels can be infolded into an ordinary carrier. Thus the amount of energy stored in the carrier as "electrogravitational" energy has little to do with the feeble amount of electromagnetic energy stored in the EM carrier signal.

Thus in one sense, when the Soviets are employing the big "continent buster" weapons, literally hundreds of millions -- or even billions -- of watts of energy may be infolded into the seemingly weak carrier beams. All this energy is in the scalar EM channels established in the carriers.

Plus which, the scalar beams are employed in a "standing wave" node. Each scalar standing wave is like a gigantic "capacitor": It is highly charged. Under normal conditions, it has a charge and discharge time constant as well. If something were to ííshort circuit" one of these huge standing waves -- say, one with a thousand megawatts in it -- all that stored electrogravitational charge would discharge through the short circuit into whatever is on the other end of the short, and into the ground itself. In other words, the earth itself in that location would receive a mighty electrogravitational pulse (EGP). The ground in a region surrounding the discharge point would "charge up" just like a capacitor, and would transmit the EGP as a hemispherical current into the earth and spreading around it. This is where the real problem cores in.

The problem, as originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich [orgone energy was and is real, and is simply one form of scalar electromagnetics], is that radioactive material has a very great affinity for this EGP and undergoes a drastic reaction to it. Crudely, it works like this:

Imagine the vacuum as a virtual particle gas. This gas is under extremely high "pressure" or, more correctly, internal Stress. This stress is a gravitational potential.

However, the stress of the ambient vacuum is normally about the same in most localities. So a chunk of radioactive material doesnít experience a difference in vacuum potential across itself or throughout itself. In other words, the scalar EM fluxes in and out of every part of the nucleus are very high, but of equal magnitudes. The radioactive nucleus, however, is "unbalanced"; that is, it has an extra bit of unresolved EG potential which it would very much like to get rid of or discharge, by spitting out one or more particles. That is, it would like to "decay" to a more stable configuration. A nucleus that is trying to decay to a more stable configuration is a radioactive nucleus.

Remember, the radioactive nucleus is involved in a tremendously dynamic virtual particle flux exchange with the vacuum potential. And a part of it isnít quite in balance in that flux. Sooner or later the right "bobble" in the input flux will come along, and the nucleus will decay and emit a particle and/or radiation. By measuring the level of decay activity in a certain amount of the radioactive material, we can determine a "decay constant," or basically the probability that a nucleus will decay in one second. We can then determine how long it will take that chunk of material to decay away to a stable, relatively inert material. Some materials only require a few minutes to decay, while others may require thousands of years.

Now if you suddenly and drastically change the stress of the vacuum in which a radioactive nucleus is imbedded, you change the potential placed on the unbalanced nucleus. You hit it, in other words, with a strong EG potential pulse -- an EGP. That instantly unbalances the nucleus and it decays explosively. That is, it changes the decay constant and the probability of decay.

Basically thatís what happens in a nuclear implosion weapon: You hit the radioactive hunk of material in the center with a very high, imploding pressure wave, which is carrying an EGP. The EGP causes all the nuclei to decay nearly instantly, producing a nuclear explosion.

The bottom line is: strong EGPs wreak havoc if they happen to hit anything radioactive. Such as nuclear warheads, in missiles or in storage. Such as nuclear reactors. Etc.

Now do you begin to see the problem? Let me spell it out.

Suppose the Soviets have activated some of their giant scalar EM transmitters, to place a giant weather engineering grid over the U.S., or to knock down a Challenger or a Titan. Theyíve got their scalar EM beams all charged up. One of the giant Woodpecker transmitters has -- letís say -- 500 megawatts in its infolded scalar EM standing waves. Everything is going good. Theyíre socking it to the Americans and the Europeans.

All those multiple scalar EM frequencies theyíre using to form the patterns, etc. have to all be absolutely phaselocked.  Therefore all the transmitters have to be rigorously phaselocked, too.

And suddenly something goes wrong.  A major amplifier/transmitter controlling or stabilizing the phaselocking malfunctions.  The phaselock is disturbed, and begins to quiver.

Emergency circuits react instantly, trying to stabilize the situation and restore the quivering phaselock. Little "shorts" are being applied to the circuitry and to the "giant capacitor" that is the scalar EM standing waves. Dumps and discharges of EM energy are beginning to flash in the transmitter and associated circuits -- and into the ground. These make the situation more unstable. Feverishly the emergency circuits struggle to contain this thing -- and Wham! they cave in, all at once.

Now you get a mighty and continuing discharge of the scalar EM energy in that standing wave back into the transmitter and into the ground. It burns out the transmitter. And the discharge continues as the "capacitor" drains all its EG energy into the earth in a giant pulse.

Around the transmitter site, the EGP is transmitted radially away, still very much like a standing scalar wave. It reaches the first nuclear facility. Letís suppose itís a nuclear reactor. Specifically, letís suppose itís a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl.

If youíll check Soviet Military Power, DoD, 1986 youíll find that thereís a big ABM radar site not far from Chernobyl.  And Canadian sources verify that one of the large Woodpecker transmitters seems to be sitting in that general location. Now check "The Soviet Nuclear Disaster," The Wall Street Journal, Apr. 30, 1986, p. 24. Check the small drawing in the lower right corner of the bigger drawing. Here you can see that a Woodpecker transmitter located near Chernobyl would ideally transmit nearly due west to intersect over the U.S., entering across North America from its east. Other Soviet "over-the-horizon (OTH) radar transmitters" go over the north polar regions, to enter the U.S. from the North. The two then form a giant interference grid over the U.S. (You can see that in Soviet Military Power.).

Suppose you were in the field in the U.S., measuring the Woodpecker signals. Suppose the stronger beam was coming from the east. You would be able to see this with your instruments.

Now suppose the giant transmitter near Chernobyl got into the type of failure weíre talking about. The emergency circuits panic and cut down the EM carriers, trying to drain away the standing scalar waves in a controlled fashion. Then your instruments would suddenly record the "new" direction as coming from the north, since the east carrier is gone.

Thatís exactly what engineer Bill Bise detected out in California, about the time it appears the reactor at Chernobyl began to get in trouble.

Letís continue with our scenario. Suppose the emergency circuits at the discharging Chernobyl transmitter contain things for awhile. The standing scalar waves are steadily draining into the earth. The EG potential starts to rise at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

In the nuclear reactors, the decay constant of the uranium in the fuel rods changes. Additional radioactivity begins to pour out of the uranium. The reactor alarms go off, and the crew takes measures to reduce the problem. The control rods go further in, to slow it down.

But the EG charge keeps increasing. The radioactivity of the uranium continues to increase. The control rods go further in to counteract this. The electrical controls begin to act up, showing anomalous indications. The radioactivity increases. In panic, the controls are fought until the control rods go all the way in. The reactor should in fact now be shut down completely, in normal circumstances.

Things settle and hold a bit. The scalar EG charge increases. Finally the "shutdown" reactor starts to increase in radioactivity again. The control rods canít handle it. Everything is heating up, including the graphite moderator. Back at the transmitter, the emergency circuits finally are overwhelmed and give in. They fail all at once. The dreaded "uncontrolled short circuit" now exists between the collapsing standing wave and the earth. A gigantic discharge of EGP into the earth occurs at the transmitter site.

In the desperate reactor, suddenly a great EGP appears. Instantly the uranium goes intensely radioactive. A gigantic pressure of heat, steam, graphite and radioactive materials bursts out of the reactor, breaching the building and erupting violently into the atmosphere. The core melts down. The graphite moderator ignites. Youíve got the realization of the nuclear engineerís worst fears: core meltdown and reactor out of control. Itís afire and spewing deadly radioactivity out by the gobs. And the heat! Itís like hell itself opened up for business in this spot.

At any rate, something very similar to that seems to have happened at Chernobyl.

This author believes something similar happened in 1957 in the Southern Urals. (See Zhores A. Medvedev, Nuclear Disaster in the Urals,  Translated by George Saunders, W. W. Norton & Co., 1979, p. 150.).  In the Kyshtym area, an explosion of nuclear wastes stored underground occurred in the winter of 1957-58.  The area for miles around was contaminated, and is still contaminated to this day.

Recall, Khrushchev spoke of a fantastic weapon in development in January 1960. Early prototypes of the weapon would have been in development and testing in 1957. Probably at that time there were no emergency control circuits to handle standing wave collapse, or only primitive circuits at best.

If the failure of a transmitter occurred in full-power experiments, the unrestrained collapse of the standing scalar EM wave would most certainly have produced a large EGP in the ground, and instantly activated the nuclear wastes stored nearby.  Eyewitness accounts reportedly stated that the wastes exploded, and that is totally consistent with our thesis.  It is in fact a scalar EM accident signature.

Any nuclear facility at all is an incredible and monstrous risk whenever scalar EM weapons are active.

Of course, oneís nuclear facilities are at risk if oneís enemy has scalar EM weapons and fires at them, as we covered earlier in this book.

However, they are at terrible risk even from oneís own scalar EM weapons. The consequences ot a relatively simple electronic failure can be catastrophic; not only for the local nation, but for the earth as a whole.

To show what we mean:

Suppose a similar scalar EM accident -- such as seems possibly to have happened at Chernobyl -- occurs at some other giant Soviet "radar" facility. Further, suppose this particular transmitter is not too many tens of kilometers away from a Soviet missile silo complex. Just to really throw in the grit, suppose these missiles are the "big monsters" with--- say -- a 50 megaton warhead in each missile. Suppose there are 10 of them in the complex.

Letís say this accident occurs "catastrophically" -- that is, the emergency control circuits are overwhelmed immediately and a discharge of all the scalar energy begins at once.

A giant EGP strikes the earth, spreads in all directions, and strikes the waiting monster missiles. In their implosion trigger warheads and in their fissionable and fusionable payload, everything goes at once. Actually, it goes better than when normally triggered. So each one goes at about 100 megatons.

Youíve just had a monstrous 1,000 megatons of nuclear explosion in the earth. You get a giant earthquake. If itís not too far from the ocean, you get a tidal wave also. You get incredible amounts of lethal dirt and debris, radioactive and deadly, hurled violently into the air.

This is just about the equivalent of a "normal all-out nuclear war!"

And what about the other sideís detection and early warning systems? Whoís going to alert whom, and for what? How many missiles get launched?

I think you see the point.

And I havenít even covered what a giant EGP can do to humans. If itís truly a catastrophic failure, you can get an EGP that can wipe out half a mighty nation in one burst!

And if the discharge happens to tickle the Sun and Moonís feedback loops the wrong way, youíll get convulsions of the earth, mighty burps of the sun raining fire and brimstone on the earth, and a violent increase in the interior heat of the earthís molten core, with a concomitant eruption of that core right up though the mantle.

In other words, it could be "back to the beginning" for the earth, and start all over -- if, that is, some semblance of an earth survived.

The Soviets know full well the implications of their giant scalar EM weapons. (Remember, I estimate they have over a hundred of these monsters, based on Frank Goldenís detection of their full-up exercise in April/May 1985.).

Scalar EM weapons have added a totally new dimension to the meaning of the word "terror". If one develops them and his adversary does not, nothing on earth can stand against them. So in Manís present state, the temptation to develop them is nearly irresistible.

On the other hand, if oneís adversary already has developed them, one is already totally defeated unless one also develops them. Again, the need to develop them is imperative.

Yet, whenever one activates a large scalar EM weapon, one immediately places the entire earth in deadly peril. The slightest misstep, and itís curtains for everyone. And itís curtains for the earth as well.

So one is damned if one does, and damned if one does not.

We have reached the final turning point in human history. The clock is ticking away the last years -- or days -- of the lives of all humans on earth. There has never been such a threat.

We simply have come to the crossroads. somehow, all Mankind has to change.

Infatuated with the thirst for ultimate power, we are facing two doors. Behind one is a beautiful lady, and the fulfillment of all manís dreams: control of physical reality itself. Behind the other is the deadliest tiger ever dreamed of in our wildest nightmares.

Which is it to be, the lady or the tiger?

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