Reinforcing your position as the owner of your destiny - Complementary optional procedures
Sections 9.XI to 9.XIII




9.XI - Manipulating the foregone conclusion borderline - Breaking the rationalism of your brain :


An additional specific and important variation of the process of breaking your rationalism and your terrestrialism is manipulating what you may call "the foregone conclusion borderline" : situations involving this very kundalinic shell of your beloved one and elements apparently near to the point of denying (but not denying) what he/she has told you inside your heart. The goal is to anticipate possible future maneuvers of their characters (during the relationship) and dissipate any doubt that your brain can still have regarding his/her love for you.


I'll say it again : your beloved one is NOT a horse (if he is a man) or a mare (if she is a woman), he/she NEVER judges you, NEVER rewards or punishes you. So if he/she says inside your heart that that kundalinic shell is promised to you, and that that kundalinic shell won't have a relationship in the Stage World with another guy or girl, and that that shell will approach you in the Stage World, that's because it's true.


So in order to break the rationalism of your brain, he/she may be forced to make you witness this shell of him/hers living situations that are on the edge of a relationship with someone else. He/she is inviting you to abandon your brain and to avoid the foregone conclusion.


Let's take a look at some practical examples.

So never judge your beloved one, because he/she will never judge you. Just believe in his/her love for you. It's as simple as that.

[NEW] - This is another passage from the movie "Crossworlds" :

(in the end of the movie)
(Joseph) "I guess I must be missing something, because ... we won".
(A.T.) "Forget about winning. We only won because you chose to fight. Fight never stops."



Finally, in the process of throwing your brain "in the garbage" and breaking its rationalism, you may need to face a new type of speculation : the nagual phenomena cover-up.


Here THEY first simply produce artificially a nagual phenomenon right under your nose, and then THEY explain this nagual phenomenon through tonal descriptions of reality. And if you presume a nagual explanation for the phenomenon, then they accuse you of having a "foregone conclusion"...


They want to anchor your perception in the apparent naturalness of the events around you. They want your brain to believe that at least some things are natural, and they want you to believe that their characters have the values of the Stage World. They want to terrestrialize your brain.


So they first create artificially a problem, and then they just describe the reality of this problem as being "natural".

"The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy"
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")



Example #1 - Traditional cover-up :


You're seeing a cloud in the sky moving to the opposite direction of the others. All the clouds are moving in a certain direction and this particular cloud is moving to the opposite direction. So you comment on to somebody else : "Look over there. That cloud is moving in the opposite direction of the others. Interesting ,isn't it ?".


So the person says : "It must be an atmospheric low pressure zone" ... YOU KNOW it's not, because it's happening inside your perception field, and your perception field is controlled... remember ?



Example #2 - Ordinary life cover-up :


At work, you're using the computer of your workmate to print out your work. You insert your floppy disk, open the word processor software (MS Word, Notepad, etc.), open your file within the diskette and try to print it out, but the printer doesn't work. Everything is OK, lights on, paper position, etc.. So you close your file and call your workmate to help you.


He comes to you, tries to open your file in the disk, but he can't find the file. "You must be mistaken", he says. "The file is not here". You are watching him, and when you go check it out for yourself, the file is really not there anymore. The file has simply vanished from the disk. So you take the floppy disk to your computer again and try to save your file once more from your computer's hard disk to the floppy disk. Then you see the message : "Error : disk full".


And then your workmate comments on again : "Hmmm..., that's why the file wasn't in the disk. You thought you have saved it but the disk was full.".


Your workmate here is intentionally trying to push your assemblage point to the tonal reality position, in order to rationalize your brain and anchor your perception in the reality of the Stage World. He is trying to say subliminally to your brain : "You see ? Everything has a natural explanation. You can't presume artificial synchronicity. We're the ones who define reality for your brain. We're the ones who decide how things should be.".


In this particular case, you can also notice the manipulation of memory and the use of the "Stalinism technique" (changing the description of the past). This you could label "the Stalinist horse" : the file was there in the floppy disk, you opened it in your workmate's computer, you saw it. You've saved it before into the floppy disk.


You know very well that your workmate purposefully has used his activated crystal to erase your file from the floppy disk : he created artificially the problem. That's a nagual phenomenon. Then he describes reality denying his manipulation and using a tonal explanation that blames you for the fault : "you were mistaken".


Notice that blaming you for the problems they artificially produce all the time around you is part of the very essence of the Nazi cynical system that constitutes the core of their speculation : the lizard point-of-view.


And after that, when you go save your file again, then comes the final Stalinist cover-up : the computer message displaying "error : disk full". You know very well that this message was also artificially created - by the means of a crystal - on the screen of your computer just to "cover-up" the previous artificial movement and also to confuse your memory, inducing you to doubt your own sanity.


It's a very reasonable conclusion to say that since the beginning you were being manipulated. In other words, the first printer error that made you call him was also artificial...


Remember : question reality.


On the other hand, you can't ever accuse openly their characters of manipulating deliberately the elements around you with the intention of taking energy from you. Think twice before you do that : you can't prove they read your mind and you can't prove they have a crystal activated. "Crystal what ?", they'd say. They usually only produce a nagual phenomenon if they create first a tonal explanation to give you in case you accuse them of speculation.


The fact that you can't accuse them, however, doesn't mean that you don't know about their speculative intentions. Realize that knowing about the artificiality of their movements is not a "foregone conclusion" : just accusing their characters officially in the Stage World would be.


Avoid judging their characters accusing them of something, otherwise they may make use of the tracing techniques and of the self-positioning technique, generating a mini-hurricane over you mind.


Do never forget : they are all pretending, they are all characters, they read your mind, they manipulate the top of your memory stacks, they artificially synchronize movements and archetypes, they read your aura, they all have their activated crystals, fly in their helicopters, and so on.


Example #3 - Alleged misfortune and naturalness inducement :


A bank is robbed in your city, and this fact is news. You know that the thieves are characters, as well as every single person within the bank at the moment of the robbery. You know that the robbery didn't happen "by chance" : it was a calculated and orchestrated performance of characters in a stage - the Stage World.


You just don't know the nagual reason for that robbery : perhaps there was a survivor inside the bank; or some of their characters - even having an activated crystal - needed to be "tested" in a difficult situation; or maybe it was a way to "justify" one of their characters being fired from the bank, or being hired, or being transferred. There's potentially a great number of nagual possibilities to explain this robbery. One of them is the truth. You know that.


But they want to anchor your perception in the reality of the Stage World, in this Matrix reality. So you hear them commenting on the news. (Let's say that in this case the news are just narrating the phenomenon, without entering details). They simply attach tonal-based explanations to the robbery, like : "Bank security systems are not working well", or "Robberies are common this time of the year : banks have more money because of the summer jobs people get".


These are just descriptions of reality, tonal ones. You could imagine yourself dozens of them. None of them, however, would correspond to the truth. The truth is that they're trying to induce your brain to believe in the naturalness of events around you, beginning by believing in the naturalness of the facts present in the Stage society where you live. Watch out.



Example #4 - Artificial virginity - Denying your nagual past :


Another interesting variation of this technique is the tonalization of your past, principally if you're a PAN. Here they describe the reality of your past in the most possible dense and distorted ways, and then they describe the reality of your present inventing alleged "impediments", "problems", or "disabilities", and at the same time "explaining" these "disabilities" because of your past. In other words, you can't behave the way they allegedly do because of your past.


It's one of the most ingenious and sophisticated ways of maintaining your brain stuck in the tonal reality, and at the same time denying their own responsibility for certain events of your past. It is also one of the most important aspects that constitute the heart of this system based on hypocrisy and cynicism.


This is what you may want to label "PAST PROBLEMS CREATION" or "PAST PROBLEMS THEORY". You may realize that, along with the "PRESUMED EGO THEORY" seen previously, this is in the center of the psychologist approach : a sleep-inductive brainwashing, deliberately constructed over the last 120 years to cover-up the truth, put your brain to sleep, and deny the existence of the nagual reality. The ultimate goals are to convince your brain that you're not the owner of your destiny, and to induce you to feel self-pity.


Remember : the emotion is not in the phenomenon, it's in the description of the phenomenon.


One example of this is describing your vampirism as a consequence of your past. It's a distortion. As seen above, doubletalk creates vampirism. Anyone - literally anyone - under this linguistic prison ends with vampirism. And because their system is based on the structure of the memory and on thoughts reading, as seen above as well, everybody ends with the same high level of vampirism, no matter the type of past the person has lived. It will be proportional to the dosage of the doubletalk and of the brainwashing, and not to the past events of one's life.


This same technique they use to mask their decisive manipulation of events of your past. For example, if you're a virgin PAN, it means that you have had your chakras blocked, once more as seen above. This was done for spiritual purposes (going further in the path of knowledge) and also for military purposes (hurricane catalyzer, many physical lives saved, etc.).


But what you probably have never noticed is that if you're a virgin PAN then your virginity is very likely totally artificial. All your life you have been watched, and all your pre-hurricane past has been manipulated, including the time you were a neutral person. Your virginity was artificially maintained in order to preserve and prepare your aura to the spiritual hurricane that would come.


When I say your virginity was "artificially maintained", I mean literally : it has been "monitored" and militarily maintained whenever necessary. You probably have passed through half a dozen near-date or near-sex situations during your neutral past.


Use your memory and try to examine carefully these situations. Look for nagual manipulations : someone that was about to have sex with you being suddenly transferred to another city or country; the same with someone that was about to start a date with you; a phone call from your parents interrupting abruptly a moment of romance; a relative of yours - manipulated by the "OTHER SIDE" - literally sabotaging the engine of your car the very night you were supposed to kiss someone; a phone call that you make to the other person being abruptly interrupted by a third, aggressive and strange voice that "invades" the call from outside the line; and so on.


You'll probably find out two types of situation : either the other person was neutral - and therefore has been manipulated by one of the two sides (sometimes both) to get away from you or to enter one of the sides and stop being a neutral - or the other person was already on OUR SIDE in such a way that he/she was not really interested in a relationship with you. In this case, the person was reading your mind, and trying to evaluate and judge your thoughts. He/She was not acting as if he/she was neutral. On the contrary, he/she wanted to control and manipulate your aura, and nothing else.


Realize that when the person was neutral there was always a mini-hurricane around this person. And this was because of you. Your virginity was so important for both sides - for different reasons - that all kinds of nagual military movements used to happen around you and around these persons whom you have had a chance of having any kind of close relationship with.


Regarding this subject, try not to dichotomize reality. This was not "wrong" in the past and is not "bad" in the present, either. This was necessary for the reasons explained above.


Artificial virginity versus taking initiative inducement - If you're a virgin PAN, by now you must be feeling like if all your life could be summed up into a single "quantum horse" movement : during your neutral past, every time you had a concrete chance of losing your virginity, something artificially happened to impede the situation from happening.


A symbolic example of this can be seen in the comedy movie "Spaceballs" (written and directed by Mel Brooks), where the virginity of the princess is controlled by an aparatus called "the virginity alarm" : a device that turns on a siren every time something more intimate happened.


Well, it was not exactly a siren, but you bet that some kind of alarm really sounded inside the Operation Center(s) dealing with your case. Your virginity was something very important to maintain, for the reasons already explained. It could never be classified as a "horse movement". It was just a spiritual maneuver wisely conducted by the masterminds of OUR SIDE.


In the present time, however, their speculators may try again to play the lizard role, terrestrializing your mind and explaining your nagual past through tonal descriptions of reality : everything was "natural", everything has always been "natural", you have now a "disability", and if you don't consider it this way so now you have to "prove" us that you don't have it : you have to take the initiative to flirt and approach somebody else, either your beloved one or another person.


There's really nothing that you cannot do today in the Stage World. Just remember that they're all characters and that therefore they're all your potential puppeteers. And regarding your beloved one, the type of approach, which shell is going to be used, and who is going to take the initiative is something that it's up to you and him/her to define, and to nobody else.


So every time they try to distort the reality of the present time distorting the reality of the past, you can simply mentalize something like : "PAST PROBLEMS INDUCEMENT". And if you're virgin, you can add : "ARTIFICIAL VIRGINITY".



After repeatedly "braking the world" through the use of the two-level technique showed above and after breaking several times the rationalism of your brain by manipulating the borderline situation together with your beloved one, now you can just feel the kundalinic shell of your beloved one that is going to approach you.


Look into his/her eyes, and say to yourself : "Yes" or "No" ?


Now you can abandon your mentalization and just feel his/her kundalinic shell that is promised to you. The mentalization of your archetypes is a useful tool that you must use whenever necessary to sustain the position of your assemblage point. However, after a certain period of time, you will notice that the mentalization - at least when you're in his/her presence - is not necessary any longer.

"Use the Force, Luke."
(Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi whispering to the ears of Luke Skywalker in the end of the first movie "Star Wars", and urging him to abandon the instruments of his vessel in order to destroy the "Death Star")

Realize that the other guys or girls that have been manipulating the borderline situation together with your beloved one are not horses or mares : they're your friends. Feel that they're your friends. They're just characters and they're really not interested in your beloved one. Feel this truth. Your beloved one belongs to you, and you belong to him or her. It's as simple as that : to live is to be happy and nothing else.


The amount of time that you took to realize this truth has nothing to do with your past, but only with the structure of the human brain : rationalism is the only problem here. So you just have to abandon your brain.


Notice that when you change, the world changes. In other words, as the boy in "The Matrix" would say, "It's not the spoon that bends, it's only yourself".

"You're the weapon. Find the will"
(A.T. to Joseph, in the movie "Crossworlds")

"There is nothing that you can do that can't be done. All you need is Love"
(The Beatles)

Just "let it be". Now that you trust completely in your beloved one (after the exercise of manipulating the borderline situation), you may just need to trust yourself. Feel that you're One with your beloved one. You're the owner of your destiny. Love creates reality. You're in love to each other. You want each other. Forget what you have learned. Reinvent reality. That's your life, your destiny, your reality. It's up to you, and to nobody else.

Learn to feel instead of thinking.

"How can I know who I am when I'm all this ?"
(don Juan to Castaneda, pointing to the world around him)

To this, you could add :

"How can I have expectations when my love is an eternal love ?"

If you can't stop mentalizing totally your archetypes, you have an alternative. Instead of concentrating on your archetypes, you may visualize yourself making true love with your beloved one, for instance, or dating him or her. Or playing with him or her.

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