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THE MATHEMATIZED FEELING TECHNIQUE - Trying to inculcate a new "love" in your mind





THEY may also try to take energy from you by manipulating the fact that THEY are characters and you are NOT, because THEY have their crystals activated and THEY act together like bees. And you do not.

THEY may enter a conversation WITHOUT using their sick intended second-meaning keywords. For example, just describing the PAST of THEIR characters as if THEY had played this or that in the past, things that you couldn't do without an activated crystal.

Things like pretending to use drugs, or pretending to abuse from alcohol, or pretending to participate in sex orgies, and so on. To pretend any of these things without losing energy you would need the help of an activated crystal. THEY KNOW.

In this case, THEY want also to make you lose energy by inducing you to feel the sensation that you have lost the opportunity to participate in a military mission against THE OTHER SIDE, either before or during the HURRICANE. Oh, but THEY have not lost this opportunity, of course. So THEY have had something that theoretically you'll never have (at least, not in this STAGE WORLD). In other words, had you been contacted before, the time you were a neutral, you would probably have activated your crystal before the hurricane, and thus would have had the chance to participate in such missions, pretending all these things, or other things.

"I'd like to be an explorer like the great Magellan" (young Truman at school);
"Oh, you're too late. There is really nothing left to explore".
(Truman's teacher showing a map) (from the movie "The Truman Show")

Well, first of all you need to know (and probably know already) that the hurricane is not totally over yet. As of March, 2000, as said in the Introduction, there are about 2 to 5 per cent of the total STAGE WORLD population still in a neutral person condition, in areas so dispersed as Seattle (USA), Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Central Asia or some corners in the interior of India, for instance.

However, you very likely will NOT participate in any of these military missions in any of these remaining HURRICANE places, due to problems of training and availability. THEY usually take the nearest characters to help, acting as naturally as possible.

But you have no reason to feel self-pity. Remember : you probably have already helped THEM a lot fighting the OTHER SIDE during the HURRICANE, albeit without an official invitation and without your crystal activated. In other words, you played already your role in the WAR. Now, there are no roles to be played anymore : you're NOT a character, remember ?

So in the example above I suggest you mentalize the archetypes : "ART OF STALKING VERSUS PIGEON-HOLES" and "ART OF STALKING VERSUS HOLODECK". ("Art of Stalking" is Carlos Castaneda's definition for "behavior skills in the stage world"). If you prefer, replace "ART OF STALKING" by "BEHAVIOR SKILLS IN THE STAGE WORLD" or "CHARACTER SKILLS IN THE STAGE WORLD".

As explained before, your brain may well have been periodically stored with all sorts of encoded information, the so-called shelves or pigeon-holes. You must know that most probably THEY have been inserting (or will insert) all a category of information about your "behavior skills", ranging from the capacity to pretend all kinds of emotions to the art of flirting and seducing, for instance.

And keep in mind that, even if the so-called "GLOBAL D-DAY" arrives before your crystal activation and before you access this encoded information, even so you can practice these behavior techniques in the so-called "Holodecks" in the BACKSTAGE reality.

The "Holodecks" are simulations of the STAGE WORLD within the BACKSTAGE reality, and these simulations may also include ALLIGATORS and THE OTHER SIDE, so as to train you in the military abilities, if you want to.


For more information on this, take a look at the section "Deconstructing the sensation of having lost the 'train of history'".



Through the association of ideas and the use of INTENDED second-meaning keywords, THEY may try to inculcate in your brain the idea that you're in love with someone else other than your beloved one.

This may sound ridiculous to you, but certainly not for THEM. Manipulating your so-called "vampirism" and also THEIR artificial synchronicity and brainwashing techniques, THEY may induce you to THINK you're attracted to someone else. THEY mathematize reality to its last consequences.

Well, YOU KNOW it's just an illusion. LOVE cannot be reduced to logic terms. LOVE cannot be mathematized or rationalized. LOVE is NOT in the field of thinking. You have not time to think at all. LOVE has no size, LOVE has no shape, LOVE has no name. LOVE is.

Now ask yourself : if this person THEY want you to be attracted for changed his/her shape and used another shell, would you still have this illusory sensation of being attracted by him/her ? Of course you wouldn't even recognize this person under a second shell.


Another derived speculation is using shapes that present a good physical resemblance to one of your beloved one's shells. This THEY may do to confuse your mind. Beware of twin brothers or sisters, as well (if one of them has a shell used by your beloved one).

In any of these cases, I suggest you visualize something like : "FORCED RESEMBLANCE IN THE STAGE WORLD" or "SHELLS RESEMBLANCE".

And remember that most likely your beloved one is also using (or have used for some time in the past) other different shells. So recall these other shells. Mentalize them. FEEL them. Talk to them inside your mind. Use them to deconstruct the illusion of a mathematically induced feeling.


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