The Trial Balloon Technique (manipulating your fears) /
The Pretended Seriousness Technique (manipulating a task they charge you in the Stage World)




It occurs when THEIR characters charge you with some task in your STAGE-WORLD, and associate this task with great preoccupations or an exaggerated and pretended importance.

And using THEIR sick second-meaning vocabulary, THEY also may try to establish a connection for your mind between the very subject of the task and something in THEIR DREAMWORLD-TO-SELL.

By manipulating the contradictory behavior of THEIR characters, THEY may give you the false impression that YOU are JUDGING THEM, and may induce you to shape your own criteria in terms of right or wrong, regarding the situation they have CREATED for you.

So, what to do ? I suggest you mentalize the words "PRETENDED SERIOUSNESS" while doing your task and use your common sense, avoiding to do anything that could be used against you. Try not to think in terms of right or wrong. If you catch an embedded dichotomy in the task they have charged you, mentalize : "FALSE DICHOTOMY : RIGHT vs. WRONG" and deconstruct it. And if a second-meaning word hits your mind, you also deconstruct it using the already known methods.

The truth is that THEIR characters don't take seriously THEIR very lives at all in this STAGE WORLD. So why should you ?

They have all access to the BACKSTAGE reality, to their HELICOPTERS, their satellite links, their BACKSTAGE technology in general, their simulated realities in 'Holodecks', their points-of-view, etc., and of course they have all their crystals activated too. THEY are all pretending around you. THEY really don't mind about the so-called "worldly" aspects of reality.

"A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view...".
Remember this song ? ("A Whole New World") It was a hit a few years ago, right after the hurricane has passed thru many places.

And don't ever forget : reality is just a description. So THEY describe it in a manner that your mind, your thoughts and your actions can be manipulated by THEM. Then now it's your time to describe reality. Just to mention another suggestive song, now it's the time of your life.

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