Emptying yourself - and understanding the lizard's heart

A very erudite man, PhD. in Theosophy and author of many books about God, a cultured and refined intellectual, go visit the old master in his modest cottage :

"I want to find God. Can you show me Him ?" (man)
"Sure. Come in. Do you want tea ?" (master)
"Yes, please." (man)

So the master fills up the cup till it overflows, but the master keeps holding firmly the teapot - purposefully - and the tea spills all over the table and the floor. The man can't stand it any longer and explodes :

"It's enough. Can't you see my cup is already filled up ?"
"As this cup is filled up, so is your head. If you want to find God, you must empty yourself." (master)
(oriental story)



The illusion of self-importance comes from the feedback one receives from the perception field, but this illusion won't find a fertile land to germinate if the person close appropriately all the doors of perception.

In this world of characters where we live (the tonal world), things are worse, due to the fact that - if you're a survivor of this spiritual hurricane - your perception field is artificially controlled and manipulated by foreign forces, that intentionally explore mathematical similarities in their sentences, and that deliberately create an artificial synchronicity around you.

But these characters play the role of the trickster. They apparently try to deceive and delude your brain. THey're imitating the foreign lizard's heart. You can call them lizardists.

"It's not the spoon that bends. It's only yourself."
(boy to Neo, in "The Matrix")

So whenever you let a margin for speculation, they can speculate. If on the other side you close all the doors, they won't be able to explore anything but the top of your memory stacks (through thought reading and artificial synchronicity).

Emptying oneself is not easy, but it is also not difficult. It requires discipline, perseverance and also meditation. You don't need to transform yourself into an "Avatar", but if you pay attention to every tiny detail of their actions you'll be able to detect glitches in some of your own procedures that can be avoided in order to minimize the effects of their actions over your brain.


A vital starting point for emptying yourself is first "turning off" the sensation of "military perception" that they sometimes create over your head, by producing deliberate errors, deliberate accidents, deliberate diseases, as well as constant changes in their routines.

Realize that - unless you really live in an area where the hurricane is still very fresh - there are NOT foreign lizards any longer in your city, or in your region. There are NOT invisible cameras of the Other Side anymore hovering over your head, or following your steps. The hurricane is over in your region, and probably in your entire country !

And finally, there are NOT "men in black" investigating you, no U.S. Marshalls, no Feds, no MJ-12 or Bilderburgers, no black choppers, no military intelligence, no KGB, no MI-6 or Scotland Yard, no Surete', no nothing ! After all, they're all pretending, and they have to clone your beliefs and respect your free will. See Section "Matrix rules" for more details.

And even if you do live in one of the very rare areas where the hurricane is still passing, then even in this case you can empty yourself by perceiving that in general terms their deliberate errors are not caused by a military strategy against the characters of the lizards of the Other Side : their deliberate errors are a routine of everyday life, that they create in order to empty themselves. It's an energetic strategy rather than a military one.

It is not a conclusion easy to reach, but it is the truth.

Their characters do absurd things in order to keep survivors in the prison of the military perception : they find rare fossils of extinct dinosaurs and let lions go out of the cage in a circus. They talk about using raticides or killing newts. They can make phone calls that emit nothing but static noises. They deliberately delay or anticipate themselves, and show you that they vary their itineraries and habits.

They can simulate during one or two days to be behaving differently because of hypothetic cameras in certain places. They can associate for your mind trivial and deliberate problems happening around you (like the malfunction of a coffee machine or a strange problem in the water supply) with alleged military movements of the Other Side. And so on.

The raw and naked truth is that all these potential threats are only imaginary. They are fantasies that they create in your mind. The first step to empty yourself is convincing your brain that there are no lizards, agents, or cameras around you any longer, unless you still do live in the middle of the storm, amidst Neutrals coming and going here and there.

My suggestion is : forget about potential sporadic lizards following tourists or immigrants. Although their auras can indeed transmit a feeling of hate and rudeness, in terms of speculation they are not worse than the "lizardists" of Our Side.

And in a certain way, these specific lizards are somehow like a survivor of Our Side : they are alone in areas controlled by lizardists, so that they may have to face curious situations like passing through unexpected and artificial traffic jams, convenient malfunctions in buses, subways or cabs, providential problems in computers or electronic systems, etc.

But if you experience any of these situations (with the lizardists of Our Side), they may be just playing with you, or yet just emptying themselves.


You can empty yourselff just by imitating their modus operande. as a natural consequence of this, your brain will stop looking for occult expalnations for the deliberte aerrors produced by their characters, because you yourself ared also creating these same errors. You'll see that in a good number of situations what they do is precisely emptying themselves - - just like youu, and nothing else.

YOu do not need to exaggerate in producing these errors, because in some cases they can try to tyurn your own errors against you.

And when you feel that their errors are intentinally created because of you, my sugestion is that you - immediately after perceiving their error - create another one of your own. This will erase their error from the top of your memory stack, placing yours over theirs.

It is recommended that you create daily a large number of e0rrrors in ordr to empty yourself. It is also suggested that you alternate between several different types of errorrs and avoid repeating the same exact errors in a sequence, in order to create an appearance of verisimilitude and naturalness for your errors, otherwise it will appear artificial and that's not strategic.

Use your imagination. YOu can drop your keys constantly, for instance. The point is that it is better that you do this before they do it, so that when they drop their keys, nothing will happen in your brain. You won't start an undesirable whirl of thoughts about your alleged "problems".

The raw and naked truth is that there are no problems. The only real problem is they saying that you have a problem, is they trying to control your destiny and your life.

This is a passage from the book "Journey to Ixtlan", by carlos Castaneda :

"Look at the shadow of that boulder. The shadow is the boulder, and yet it isn't. To observe the boulder in order to know what the boulder is, is doing, but to observe its shadows is not-doing. (...) Shadows are like doors, the doors of not-doing."

"Shadows" here are an euphemism for their very linguistic speculation, doubletalk and artificial movements in general. Instead of looking to find something on the top of your memory stacks that presetns a similarity with this or that element, you analyze the mechanism of speculation itself, and/or you deconstruct the malice behind the element : the element is just the element and nothing else.

And if they drop their keys first, you can drop yours in the next moment, in order to clone their errors.

Examples of other ideas :

The possibilities are immense. You just have to use your imagination.

Sometimes, you can produce an error that causes damage or harm, like for instance dropping a cup of tea in public and consequently breaking the china.

Anotehr important type of error is forgetfulness. You can forget practically everything, from an appointment in your dentist to your car keys.

You can forget taking your umbrella in a rainy day and therefore create the archetype of "being soaked". Literally. "But I can get a cold", you could say. Well, you can. Never mind. They get colds deliberately, so why couldn't you ? Do you see how important it is to abandon the terrestrial rationalism ?

In an office, you can produce a large amount of errors. When writing or typing, you can invert letters, etc. (see examples above in red). You can staple a paper upside down. You can store documents in the wrong folder, and so on.

These calculated errors are necessary in order to empty yourself and also in order to nullify the effect of their errors over your brain. Observe what they do, and imitate they errors whenever possible.

"They are the gatekeepers. They are holding all the keys, they are guarding all the doors".
(morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")

Deliberate errors are part of the routine of their characters, so why couldn't they be a part of your routine, too ?

However, you will realize that you can't imitate everything they do, because you don't have your crystal activated, and nor have you developed your paranormal powers yet. You don't have the complicity of other persons as well.

As a consequence of this, it's not reasonable that you deliberately break your leg, for instance, or that you crash your car seriously, although you know that they sometimes do these things purposefully. But they manipulate the elements, they can suppress the physical pain using the mind, they can be replaced by clones, and they can make use of the foreign satellite that orbits Earth to dose very carefully the damages in a deliberate accident.

Another important point is that you can create linguistic errors. In other words, errors that produce archetypes. See examples above : umbrella, glasses, dentist, etc. Additional example : you can combine a long sock in the left foot with a short sock in the right foot. Or you can change colors !

You can also clone one of their errors producing a different one. For instance, someone drops a hat. You don't have a hat, but you can drop your glasses, or your keys. Someone talks about the "terrible disadvantages" of playing football shoeless. So you can tear the side of your sneakers. And so on.

And - last but not least - it is important to observe here that there is a simple way of controlling their praises and at the same time emptying yourself, just by manipulating your own deliberate errors : when they talk about games, sports, competition, contests, etc., or when they praise someone else for your ears (or even when they praise yourself directly), you may produce a deliberate error - anything - immediately after their sentence.

In this case, you'd be saying sublimminally to your brain : "they win, they compete, he is the best, she is a genius, etc." and "I commit mistakes, I err, I'm fallible, I'm human, etc."

The brain work with images, symbols and with the association of ideas. Because of that, a variation of the method above would be to mentalize specific images and/or a combination of images and words in order to empty yourself, right after their sentences or movements.

Let's now take a look at some examples. See the four pictures below, and draw your own conclusions.

Picture 1.


Picture 2.


Picture 3.


Picture 4.


Note : Pictures 3 and 4 are of the physicist and Nobel-prize winner Stephen Hawking, author of "A Brief History of Time", considered to be a genius. On the other side {, Stephen King is a novelist of horror stories. And the noun "king" is a praise.

Some of these combinations may be ridiculous for your brain, and that's why they work. The brain may need something to conterbalance the effect of doubletalk. Using puns may be helpful.


Sometimes their characters force the situation using absurd or implausible elements in order to affect your brain. They imitate the point-of-view of the foreign lizard of the Other Side, the point-of-view of the trickster.

Someone around you may use sunglasses in a cloudy day, for instance, or a coat in a hot day. They do this because the lizard does. They are "lizardists" : they imitate in many aspects the behavior of the foreign lizards operating on the surface of Earth. And foreign lizards of the Other Side in general have the habit of manipulating exceptions. So do they.

So from times to times you can make use of this technique as well. You can go to work carrying an umbrella in a sunny day, for example. The exception is that you could be bringing the umbrella to leave in your workplace, or you could be returning it to another person, or taking it for repair.

You can turn on the headlights of your car in a sunny day ("by mistake"), or yet you can do the opposite : turn off the headlights when entering a tunnel (in this last case it is recommended that you reinforce your attention and keep distance from the vehicle ahead of you; and don't try this in a dark tunnel. Remember : they can only use against you what you first give them. That's one more of the "Matrix rules".)

Note that you do not need to give them explanations about your life or habits. Do they give you explanations about their eccentricities ? No, they don't. But even if they did, you do not need to.

Sporadically you may be absent from your work without necessity. You can invent a cold, a headache, a problem in your stomach, etc.. That's what they do all the time in their routines. There's not a military reason for this anymore, it is just a way of behaving like a "nagual" and emptying themselves being "natural" in the Stage WOrld.

In this case, you just have to be cautious so as to corroborate your version of the facts with your actions or with elements that you present. For instance, if you say you had a cold, the next day you can take some medicine to your work. If you say you have a high fever, you can't leave home otherwise one of your workmates (or someone else that knows you and also knows one of them) can "coincidentally" pass you in the streets.

You can also make questions already knowing the answers. You can manifest "doubts" about something trivial. You can ask for directions that you already know.

For instance, you can ask someone in the street what are the directions for your own address, your own street, avenue, etc., as if you didn't know the place.

Observe that in this last case you're also asking for directions to "go home". It's an archetype. In reality, you're doing what they want you to do : to "get lost" and find the way "to go back home". Literally.

You can also ask for directions about places where you do not intend to go (at least not this day). Remember that places in many cases have linguistic names that can penetrate your brain subliminally, especially if they synchronize the elements with aspects of your life. New York City, for example, has a neighborhood called "Queens". And San Francisco in California has the "Golden Gate". Florida has "Palm Beach" (a phallic symbol). One of the subway stations in Paris is called "Charles de Gaulle/Etoile" (etoile = star) which is located precisely under the "Triumph's Arch". And so on. Names of streets, avenues or squares can also be suggestive, like "the obelisk square".

They do this near you : you can hear them sometimes asking someone else for directions, frequently using linguistic names in the questions. So you can clone the question and also ask someone else for directions using the same archetype.

Note that every time you clone their archetypes producing similar archetypes of your own, you're erasing their acts from the top of your memory stacks and placing yours on top of theirs.


This is a very important topic. Their technique of subliminal control is based among other things on the idea of fishing your observations about certain things or inducing you to answer things that they did not ask.

To do this, their characters rarely ask something directly. They insinuate to be talking about something, but they do not talk about it directly, inducing you to answer more than it was asked.

This is a very powerful technique of subliminal control that hits your brain in a disguised form and takes energy from you. They want to control your life. They want to control your destiny. Do never forget that that's what this is all about : control. They want you to have the permanent sensation of feeling compelled to give them explanations about your acts and about your life, as if you should ask for permission to live your life.

"Do you believe in fate, Neo ?" (Morpheus, in "The Matrix")
"No." (neo)
"Why not ?" (Morpheus)
"Because I don't like the idea that someone is in control of my life." (Neo)
"I know exactly what you mean." (Morpheus)

For a better understanding, it is now necessary to look at some practical examples.

You are at work. During your lunch time, you usually have your meal in a restaurant or snack bar outside the workplace, but this specific day you decide to order something by phone to be delivered at your desk. Your desk is practically in front of your boss's desk and there are no partition walls between the desks, so that if he (she) turns his (her) head slightly to the right, will see what you're doing.

So you're there in your desk, calmly chewing your lunch for about forty minutes. During all this time, your boss is there seated in his (her) chair, silent. For three times, he has circulated round your desk and even stopped once beside your desk to talk to somebody else.

After you finish your meal, he (she) asks you politely : "Hey, are you going to order something for lunch today ?".

He (She) wants you to explain to him (her) what he (she) already knows : that you have already had your lunch.

In order to counterbalance this subliminal control, you have to concentrate on answering exactly what they ask. Do not say a word about something else. Control your eagerness in revealing details about yourself that they didn't ask and/or that they already know. After all, they didn't ask it !

In this case, a correct answer could be simply : "No." or "No, I'm not." or yet "No, I'm not going to order something for lunch today".

A more sarcastic answer could be : "No, I'm not hungry today", or ""No, I'm on a diet". A more elaborate answer could be : "No, I'm not hungry today. Are you hungry ?".

You're in your gym. Your gym has several different types of equipments for aerobic exercises. One of them has only one of that type. So you're there using this equipment when it presents a sudden and unexpected malfunction that forces you to stop. Then you change equipments, continuing your exercise in another type of equipment.

The gym has trainers that periodically check the heartbeats of its users. When you were using the first equipment that broke, a certain trainer checked your heart. He (She) was not present when the equipment broke. Now that you're using the other equipment, this same trainer approaches you and asks you about the first equipment : "How long did you use there ?"

He (She) didn't ask you directly about the malfunction, so you just answer exactly what he (she) asked : "Twelve minutes" (for instance). If you don't know how long you have used the first equipment (because your program was interrupted by the malfunction), you can invent an approximate number : "Ten minutes", "Fifteen minutes", etc.

But do not be imprecise : if you say "I think it was about ten minutes", the trainer can say : "What you mean, "you think" ? Don't you know ?". This would force you to avoid answering what he (she) wants for the second time : "No, I don't remember".

In other words, when I say that it is very important to be exact in your answers, I mean in the shape of your answer, but not necessarily in the content of the answer. The content can be invented.

He (She) wants you to specify details (about the malfunction) that he (she) already knows. In this example, due to the fact that the question is not a common question that happens every day (in 99% of the times, the trainer only checks your heartbeats), the sensation of artificiality regarding the malfunction - a deliberate malfunction - penetrates your brain deeply.

You know that their characters have all the means necessary to produce deliberate malfunctions everywhere. Again they're cloning the foreign lizard's behavior. A foreign lizard of the Other Side could also produce a deliberate malfunction in the equipment through the use of invisible foreign technology. So do they.

You're in the classroom in your university. The teacher announces that the long-awaited examination will be on October 15, Monday. You write it down. After a few minutes, a latecomer enters the classroom and sits beside you. He says : "I like his tests. Do you like his tests ?". Then you answer (for example) : "Yeah, I like his tests. The questions are easy to understand".

Realize that your classmate is trying to fish from your mouth an observation about the coming examination. So keep quiet. He didn't ask you about the date of the examination, did he ?

The next moment he says : "I have difficulties with this subject. I'm gonna screw myself up in the examination."

After a short while, the person insists. He picks a pocket calendar and whispers to you : "I'm going to spend four days in Florida" [marking the calendar] "from October 13, Saturday, to October 16, Tuesday".

In this case, you can simply keep quiet, smiling politely with monosyllables.

As it is obvious, your classmate is trying to induce you to alert him about the examination. He is a character in a Stage World. He already knows about the examination, in spite of the fact that the teacher has announced it for the first time to the class just five minutes before and he wasn't present at that moment, and nobody else left the classroom during this interval.

He is not really worried about the examination. As a matter of fact, he doesn't give a cent to this examination. If he wants, he deliberately passes in any subject, and if he wants, he intentionally fails in any subject as well. He already has access to information much more advanced than that subject. He knows everything about the subject already.

He does not believe in the continuity of reality, and his acts are not motivated by the terrestrial rationalism. He doesn't believe in the society values about the importance of the university, career, job, and so on. He just pretends to believe, and he does it only when it is convenient.

What is important to emphasize here is that you must avoid answering what they want, unless they ask you what they want to know very clearly. Insinuations should never be considered.

They want to control your life, but they cannot violate your free will, so that everything they can do is insinuate.

Remember : in the language of the foreigners of Our Side, there are no second meanings for the ideas. Symbols or "ideograms" express exactly what they mean. There is no doubletalk in the foreign language : everything is mathematically precise. There is no other way of protecting a language from a trickster, or from malice or misunderstanding : everything has to be exact.

Once survivors of the spiritual hurricane do not have their crystals activated yet, and therefore do not have direct access to their language, the only way of protecting the brain from the malice and insinuation of their characters is being precise and answering only what they ask.

You're in a bus heading to your workplace. This day you're experimenting a great wave of kundalini energy, so that your kundalini is very sensible to external stimuli.

The person sitting beside you in the bus suddenly asks you : "Where is the Fire Deparment ?".

As you know already, they do this all the time : they synchronize their sentences with your life. But remember : Kundalini is no fire. The person is just asking you where is the Fire Department, and you know that there really exists a Fire Department facility a few blocks ahead.

So what you do ? You do NOT provide the right answer for the question. You can answer something like : "Fire Department here ? I don't remember" (or "I don't know"). You can add something like : "Isn't it near that Obelisk's Square ?".

As you can see, this case is different. If you answer exactly what the person wants, you can lose energy because of the artificial synchronicity between your life and the sentence. Do not be naive : they're are all characters in a Stage World, there's an Intelligence behind their sentences, and the artificial synchronicity produces a sensation of external control. In this case, they're also repressing your kundalini.

You may choose to clone the question, returning to the person the same idea or archetype.

In this case, the "Obelisk's Square" mentioned above is a generic example that may be found in many cities. Obviously you can substitute it for the name of any other street or place of your city presenting the same archetype of kundalini energy. In other words, anything resembling a phallic symbol (see keyword BANANA in the "Dictionary of Keywords"), like for instance the "Palmtrees Avenue", the "Stephen Hard Street" or the "Cockle Road". You can use something resembling a related keyword as well, like for instance the "Liverpool Drive" (keyword POOL).

So if there is a "Liverpool Drive" in your city, for instance, you could answer the question this way : "I think there's a Fire Department in the "Liverpool Drive". Realize that their characters are not serious, so why should you be ? You can invent things in order to clone their speculation if you want.

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