Alien presence on Earth - the Sun Microsystems ad


This is the scanned image of a one-page ad placed in the mainstream media at the beginning of the tribal year of 2001 by a terrestrial company known as "Sun Microsystems, Inc.". It deliberately associates - albeit in a disguised manner - the reality of the alien presence on Earth with the existing situation of 98 percent of the Earth population already having an alien crystal activated inside their minds : "now playing everywhere", "wireless web".

This is an example of an intentional mathematical similarity between the world of characters on the surface of Earth and the reality of the Backstage. They cannot talk openly yet, about what is going on in order to respect the free will of Neutral individuals.

When Neutrals lose their souls, they have to make a choice. If they follow their hearts, they are then taken by surprise, have their brains unexpectedly operated by spiritualized alien entities, and receive within their minds what is called "an alien crystal" (a "wireless web" that enables the mental communication to any other person also "in the know").

These persons begin to have access to the new reality. Now they're no longer Neutrals : they're transformed into characters that cannot talk openly about the alien reality to the other persons, because it wouldn't be fair with the free will of these Neutral persons.

An alien crystal is a spiritual tool that enables the gradual, progressive and secret development of paranormal powers, among other things. A person who did not follow his (her) heart after losing his (her) soul does not deserve to have this tool inside his (her) mind, otherwise he (she) would take advantage of the new situation and use these paranormal powers in his (her) own personal benefit.

As of the tribal year of 2001, characters comprise about 98% of the Earth population.

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